The Gazette from Montreal, Quebec, Canada on May 26, 1903 · 10
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The Gazette from Montreal, Quebec, Canada · 10

Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 26, 1903
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to i THE GAZETTE, MONTREAL, TUESDAY, MAY 2G. 1903. MARTELL'S Something; akin to 1 n n n n n n Electric linemen and men wish-ing to learn the business of electric linemen; Good positions' open for experiencedmen and early ap- plica, its. : AppSy by tcicpBionc,, telegraph, mail, or by personal , ''. ''... ..... application to THE MONTREAL LIGHT, HEAT & POWER COMPANY. MARITIME MATTERS Gaspesian Detained at Quebec-Will Arrive Tomorrow. 7RITONIA AT FAME POINT tYlcides T&aaes Malln Head Bouthwark Shpuld Eeaoh Que-beo Today and Montreal Tomorrow. i -The Gaspe Steamship . Company's tteamer Gapesjan, Captain Bouchard, has been' detained at Quebao discharging, coal, and will arrive in port tomorrow evening. ' ?lie steamer will sail from Montreal on Thursday -night (Or the Gaspe ports. . ' BULGARIA IN DISTRESS. j i nfoir ok Tih Atlantic ffTausport line steamer Mtavetonka, Sre.port'&d. today that on May 20, dn lat-ltuOo 41.10, long. 30.53, she spoke the German etemer Bulgaria not under command. The Bulgaria did not require assistance. The Bulgaria carried 2,900 steerage passengers bound trom Hamburg to Halifax. ' WILL. LOAD DEALS. The steamer Holmlea, Capt.'J. Luke, from Swansea, arrived In Montreal yesterday, after having discharged her cargo of coal at Quebec. The steamer berthed at Hochi'laga wh're she will load deals for the Unlteu Kingdom. Messrs. McLean, Kennedy & Co. are her agents. - sailors-Institute. Mies Marie Holllnshend has kindly oonisented to be present and sing at the weekly concert at the Sailors' institute tonight. A, special feature of the entertainments wlHi be a Welsh cihorun by a choir of Welsh Bailors from the steamship Ottoman. A fine concert is promised. MOUNT TEMPLE IN PORT. The Canadian Pacific Atlantic! line steamer Mount Temple, Capt. T. Oweniv from Liverpool, arrived in Montreal with general cargo yesterday morning, after having disembarked her passengers at Quebec. t AbflANTI ARRIVES. The Elder-Dempster line titeamer Ashanti, Capt. Owen Jonce, from Barry in ballast,- arrived in Montreal yesterday afternoon. The steamer will load general cargo for East -London, South Africa. BOUTHWARK DUE TOMORROW. The Dominion line steamer South-wark from Liverpool, passed Oape Roflier at. midday yesterday, and is due at Quebec about noon today, and Montreal tomorrow morning. MAT ARRIVE TODAY. The Donaldson lln-s steamer Aleid'-s, from Montreal, May 15, for Glasgow, passed Maiin'Ilead yesterday, and is due to arrive today. .. TRITONIA HERE TOMORROW. The Donaldson 'line steamer Trito-nia, from Glasgow, with a general cargo, passed Fame Point inwards for Montreal yesterday, and is due to air-rive tomorrow. ! OVIDEA BRINGS RAILS. The steamer Ovidea. Capt. V. iNor-din. from Rotterdam, with a cargo of rails, arrived in port yesterday afternoon and berthed at Houhelaga. NOTES. The Allan line steamer LivoniaiV from London, for Montreal, passed Cape Rfice at 11 o'clock Sunday morning. , The Head line fiteamer Malln Head', from Barrow, passed Cape Race Inwards for Montreal on Saturday even--ing. The Donaldson line Bte-nmer Lako-n!a sailed from Glasgow with a gen AND CHWEPE THE ENCU3H I ATT, YOt'AO A (;Oq WM 1 ERaPLOYlUiENT eral cargo for Montreal last Saturday, The Head Hire steamer Cardigan Head, from Montreal, passed Cape Race outwards for Dublin yesterday antornling. The Allan IlnV steamship Pomeranian, from Giasgow, for )Motnitirl-riii!, passed Oape Race at 9 o'clock Sunday imorning. - The Thomson line steamer Jacona, Capr. W. Linusiay, will sail from Montreal this morning with general cargo for Newcastle and Leith. The Leyhind line steamer Belgian, Capt. J. Stammers, tailed from Montreal yesterday morning' with a full general cargo direct for Antwerp. The Head line eteamer Torr Head, passed Father Point inwards for Montreal yesterday morning, and is due to arrive in port tomorrow evening. , The Hamburg-American line eteamer "Westphalia, Cnpt. F. Blermann, Balled from Montreal yesteiday afternoon with general cargo for Hamburg direct. . The eteamer Aqulla, Oapt, G. Andersen, sailed from Montreal yesterday with a cargo of deals for Hull. The steamer will call at Sydney to bunker. The Canadian Pacific Atlantic- line eteamer Mount Royal, Capt. T. Webster, sailed from Montreal yesterday morning with general cargo and cattle Xor London, - The Allan, line steamer. Numldiun, from Glasgow, for Nw York via Halifax, salted tfHom Glasgow Saturday evening with 20 first, 140 secondi, and 660 steerage passengers. . , PORT OFMONTREAL Arrived May 25.-, , Steamship Mount Temple (Br.), m T. Owens, from Liverpool, .with generail cargo, to Canadian Pacific Atlantic Steamship Company. Steamship Holmiea (Br.), 1143, J. Luke, ' from Swansea, via -Quebec, -with eoul, to McLean, Kennedy & Co. Steamship Ovidea (Swed.), 1907, ;.V. Nurdln, from Rotterdam, with rail to McLean, Kennedy' & Co. Steamship Ashanti (Br.), 2186, Owen Joneti, from Barry, light, to Elder, Dempster & Co, - Cleared May 25. Steamship Jacona Br.), 1951, W. Lindsay, for Lelth via Newcastle, with general cargo, by R. Reford & Co, Steamship Westphalia (Ger.), 1976, F, Blermann, for Hamburg, with gen- ei;j cargo, by Jtumes Thorn, Steamship Mount Royal (Br.), 4599, 1. Webster, for London, with general argo and cattle, by Canadian Pacific. Atlantic Steamship Company. Steamship Dominion . (Br.), 2581... H. Dawson, for Sydney, light, by Dominion Coal Company. , f. VESSELS IN PORT. Manchester Engineer (Br.), , 2813, L, Morton, Furiiess, Withy & Co., Jacques Curlier plSr. Michigan (Br.), C118. S.' Watkin3, F. Leyland & Co., Windmill Point. Hampstead (Br.), 1483, F. Pet-rain, R. Iteford & Co,, Limited," AVindmlll Point. - - . i Chicklade (Br.), ,i 1548, J. Sanderson, McLean, Kennedy & Co.; Wind, mill Point. . . .. f. Toronto (Br.), 2746, T, Foley, Can-adlan Ocean & Inland Line: Hochelaga. Monteagle (Br.), 4392, H. Parry, Can- adlan Pacific: Atlantic- Steamship Company; King Edward Pier. Cervona (Br.), 2373, C. Stooke, R. Re-ford & Co., Ltd.; Victoria Pier. Roman (Br.), 2847," J. Parry, Dominion Steamship Company, below Sohmer Park. Norman (Br.), 1155, L, P. Gunrmriison, R. Reford & Co.; Hochelaga. Esealona (Br.), 1175, D. R'tehie, R. Re-ford & Co., Victoria Pier. Knstalici (Br.), 2562, J. Webb, R. Re-ford & Co., Jacues ' Cartier Pier. Glenarm Head (Br,), 2527, W, Brennan, McLean, Kennedy & Co., Hochelaga. Bens-ore Head (Br.), 1619, F. Eyers, McLean, Kennedy &. Co., Hochelaga. White Cloud (Br.), 99, D. Mabe, J. G. Brock Co., Canal Basin. Carl (Nor.), 1557, J. Oisen, If. A. Rcuth & Co.; Windmill Point. Effda (Nor.), 1010, T. T. R. Mc Carthy; HoeSielnga. Dunnwre Head (Br.), 1458, C. Bingham, McLean, Kennedy & Co.; Hochelaga. Birmingham (Br.), 2612, J. Felkins, Furncws, Withy & Co.; foot of Heaudry street. Brazilian (Br.), 1916, J. Williams, H. & A. Allan; Alexandra Pier. SCOTCH WHISKY TM OF LONDON. SODA WATER. Agent fur Cnnadn, Hurona (Br.), 2156, J. Do"rwar1, R. Re-ford & Co.; King Edward Pier. Sicilian (Br.), 3970, J. FairfuU II. & Allan; Alexandra pier, Aboukir (Br.), -4148. W. B. Knagg, Th. Hurling; Maisonneuve. Ottoman (Br.), 3610, T. Howell, D Torrance & Co.; Customs House wharf. Frisia (Ger.). 2412, Von Leuen, Fur- ness, Withy & Co., Victoria Pier. Mignonette (Br.), 139, E. Menard, C. A. Boucher, Wellington basin. Manchester City (Br.), 3727, M. Forrest, Furnesa, Withy & Co.; Jacques Cartier Pier. Parisian (Br.), 3385, J.' G. Braes, H. & A. Allan; Allan wharf. Tampican (Br.), 3128, T. Harrison, F. Leynd & Co.; below Sohmer Park. Bellona (Br.), 18C4, F. Rollo, R. Reford & Co.; Windmill Point. Mount Temple (Br.). 4S9, T. Owens, Canadian Pacific Atlantic Stim--ship Company; Klnig KJward Pier. Ovlclea (Swed.), 1907, V. Nordin, Mc- Lean, Kennedy & Co.; Hchelaga. Holmlea (Br.), 1H3, J. Lhke, McLean, Kennedy & Co.; Hochelaga. Ashanti (Dr.), 2186, O. Jone, Elder, Dempsiter & Co.; King Edward Pier. PORT OFjpUEBEC Quebec, May 25. Steamship Arstlen pasaed up at 2 p.m., and Britannic at 0.30 p.m. Down Belgran, at. 5.30 p.m. GULF AND RIVER REPORT. Quebec,' May 25. L'Islet (41)-Clear; calm. Inward this afternon, one Black Dlacnond steamer. River du Loup (94)-Clear; ' south-east wind. Father Point (157)-Clear; west wind.' Outward at 10.35 a.m.. Hungarian;. kJ. noon, Hermod; at 1.05 p.m., Moun? Royal. wmdrtln RiVBr' (258)-clear: northwest Cape Magdalen (292) Clear; strong northwest wJnd. Outward at 1.30 p. m., Marina; Inward at 12.15 p.m., Peter Jabsen.- Farne Point (322)-Clear; strong northwest .. wind. . Outward at noon, Dominion. Iniward . at 1.10 p m Loulburg;at 2.10 p.m., Southwark. Cape Rosier (346) Cloudy; t'trong northeast wind. North Shore Clear; strong west wind. Clarke City, Douro and schooner Florence anchored. Antlcostl Clear; northwest w'nd. English B3y Savoy anchored. STE A MSH I PM O VEM E NTS New York, May 25. Arrived -Min-netonka, from London; Ryndam Rotterdam; Georgia, Algiers; Vaderland. Antwerp. -.ul;bourfr' May 25.-Arrlved-KaIser Wilneim aer Groese, New York. Bremen, May '25. Arrived, 24th Koenigln Luise, New York. ' Gibraltar, May 25. Arrived, 24th Lahn, New York. 1 Liverpool, May 25. Arrived Ivernla New York; Barbadian, New Orleans. Moville, May 25. Arrived Ionian, Montreal; Mongolian, New York. Hamburg, May 25. Arrived, 22nd Furst Bismrack. New York; 24th, Nieo-media, New Orleans. Rotterdam, May 25. Arrlved-Rlot-terdam. New York. Queenstown, May 25. Arrived Car-pathia, Boston. London, May 25. Arrived Minnehaha, New York. " Boston, May 25. Arrived Columbian, London. CAN'T AFFORD IT. 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"Aim nl at once they gave me relief, and before I had liriisihtd one tax, I was cund." . Yfm can't find a Dyspeptic who ihas UB..'d DckWs Dyipnpei..i, Tablet To Explore Labrador. Albany, N.Y., May 24. Colonel Wll. lard Glazier, who b?d a recent expe-ui'tion .to llrt Intsrlor of Labrador, vrltt-s friends In Ibis city that ho has 3e. lvK'd to make nnnther attempt, nnU will tart from Botiton the latter part of June, . Fine Music, Beautiful Delightful Scenery, A home decorated with some of our '.."WALL PAP 2111-211:! Ht. NOW RIPEFOR ACTION Rev. Dr. Munro Gibson Speaks on Church Federation. UNITY OF SPIRIT NEEDED HeAoouses Anglicanism of Holding Aloof, but Believes Other Churches Can Now Make Movement Effective. "The times ere -certainly rTpe for federal -urakm, so as to take council together and aict together. We think mee'.lng on seine common ground will ibe tlhe way to organic union; but we cannot have it all at OJice." It was doirlng the course of a lecture delivered In Bmmanui Congregation al Churcih last night, o.n "Church Fed eration." that the above words were used by Rev. Dr. Munro' Gibsom, of London, Eng. He commenced by saying that he thought all were agreed that the time (had wine for a mwtmenit towards the reunion of the churches, and went on to remark that since bhe founding of the Evangelical Alliance In th tarllcr (half of the las- century, great progress had been made toward mutual rrOOignK'lon amongst the different churcln. with, he sorry to suy, one exception, or one portion of It, That was the Chttrch or Jniana, which had bocome wore and more ex clusive and less and Uss d'i,-ios'-'d to acknowR'dige otSei-ss as on the same platform of broil) erhcod. All the oi'Jher churohes hdbeen grow ing more broilherly. Bind thy were now gen erally agred thmt the time had really come for action. While he ddtilored exceedingly the di:vilon et Chtiiiitendom, ha did not t'hlnk that the Ian thait It nttfi Deen divided wais . wholly rtripkira-ble. , He thought that hlle it . was a great pity thalt those whcJ had been eo near fiach othftp - had been nwmns iiuaik apart, yet so taman the establish-' nwnt ox tne grout icnumnes umi come from the parent stem was concerned, he beltevsod hut not omly were itihesa serpairatlorw Justifiable, but that they were absolutely necessary, iney were the outctime of loyalty w uoa and Hla truth. But because tnese separations were Justifiable and called for, that was no reason wny dhurch'es Hhould continue separane and soparated from each other. TWO METHODS OF UNION. In what form. then, was union to be expected, and in what way was it to be worked for? There were two great ideas of church union. One was that of absorption, where one church thought that all the rest should Join it. That was the idea of the bigot. It waa :th hleh Anglican idea and the Roman idea.-not the Evangelical idea. It was the idea that the omy way to union was to get all into one vast organization. It was, the outward and formal conception of. church unity, as distinguished from the in ward and spiritual; it was tne wea.oi the fold, and not of the flock. Rut -th real Question was rot one of wihpthfir (led should be worshipped according to a certain liturgy, or whether the affairs of 'the Church should be managed by deacons or church wardens, or that sort ot tiling. wnem waa :that heard ol in tne riew Monument? The real Question wan that of one spirit, and the whole of,Scrlpture supported this view. Rev. Dr. Gibson then went on to explain the working of the Free Church Unicn in England and Wales, and to the progress that it .naa muae, aim subsequently remarked, that the Anglicans had done a great deal tospriad the idea that the real conception of the movement was hos-tUlty to the Anglican Church. There was, be declared, no oTiDOsition to the Anglican Church or any other Church. What was de sired was the union ot ine oiurara, but objection musk be taken to the xclusivcness ana Eaceraoianmn wuuuu was found in i judkimjuu luuiui. The Free Chttrrn' union siooa iur sv,nraiir-n.iutn. snafilt was in the ruu- st sympathy Whi the Evangelicals of the Church of England, and wished they would Join it; wut uney wem usiu apart from doing eo by the influence of otheas. , The" union had noi objection to minor diffiencesi. It had no objecit''oii to the episcopacy, r .it he liturgical services' so tiiat it was not these things that 'prevented thai Airgllcans- from ccimlng in. If the Anglicans would only lay aside thelR-excliwiveness and lay aside t"rlr tampering with Rome, there was no refiHon why the Protestant churches sWuW not all be. unit-id in England Mhdcr the evangelical banner. . , Itev- H O. Rlceof Zlon Congregational' Church, In aid of the debt fund of which the lecture was given, presided, and at the close a hearty vote of thank was accorded Key Dr. O.b-son, on the motion of Rev. Hugh l'ed-ley, seconded by Rev. Dr. hhaw. CANADA JAPER CO, Conference of Manaarement and Salesmen at Windsor Mills. Windsor Mills, Que., May 25 (Hpe-cial) A thTte days' succeBsf'iil convention of the manseemam and saloa-rncn of the Canada Taper Company was brought to a ctas tciiight. Amongst these present were V 3. Campbell, general manager; Win. Oiildwetl, inaniiger of the Montreal branclh; II. II. Donovan, manager of the Toronto branch; II. M. Thorne, ac-ciountant, Toronto; Norirnin 11. 'Jennings, Joseph Taylor, (Iccirge Murciil and Allan Toyc Dminsr tiio confer-nc an inape'.'tl'Hi w:ia liiada of the Poetry -AND- Catherine Street. new mill, wblch has been erected on ths St. Francis river, to replace the one destroyed by fire about a year ago, The 'mill' is' the' largest H its kind In Cunuda nnd lis fully equlinped with tbo most Tnod-ern machinery.- -The newsprint inadblne Is one-Milrd Jarger than any other-machine of Its kllnd in the Dominion, and one of the largest machines of Mm. kind .In. th. world. It Is capable of turninir out thlrtv tons a ctay of coinplete news print, making a eneet ot paper fourteen feet wide. The bottom calendar roll alone weighs fifteen tons. Asia result of the conference the company hopes to extend its lines very considerably and possibly to And an export market for some news print. ENDEDJHJS LIFE A Prominent American Doctor Committed Suioide in Paris. I'arls, May 25. Dr. E. Charles WendtT of New York, shot and killed himself with a pistol in his ' apartments ere today, during temporary aberration of the imlnd'. He Heaves a wmow anl two childireii. New York, May 25. Dr, Wendt pro? meed medMne in New York until eevtin years ego, wlhen he married and went to Kutope. He wais an authority on sanitation and devoted much tlime In Europe to the study of the subject. He was associated with Dr. George sr. 'Mhrudy as an editor of ths Medl cal Ad'voicate. After going to Eu rope Dr. Wendt contliwed to contrl- luite valuaible papers to medical pub lloatlons in the United States. Ten ycaiw igo Dr. Wendt wrote a buok on chc.ha-a that was accepted as an authority at the time of the scare In New York city. Dr. Wenidt was 45 years old. ATTHECAPITAL Viotoria Day Passed Off Quietly at Ottawa. Ottawa, May 25 (Special). Viotoria lay in the Capital' passed without Incident of any kind to mark It. The weaitiher was . ideal and advantage of it was taken by the citizens to enjoy aw outing- in , the parks. The Street Car Company reports having earned 45,000 passengers during the day without a mishap of any character to mar tha pleasure of its patrons. Hath Houses of Commons and Senate will' resume business cm Wednesday after the frxAWliiy. The Railway Committee of the House will meet at 10.30 to consider the Canadian Northern bill. The Orand Trunk Pacific bill will be taken up again on W-ndneactoy. There are now 67 bllCs on the order paper of the Railway Commlititee. MELCHEK S BED CROSS GIN STRIKES INWEW YORK Nearly 200,000 Men Are Now Idle in That City. New York, May 25. It is estimated that there are close on to two hundred thousand men idle today in Greater New York as a result of strikes and the lockout by material men and contractors. On Saturday the number of men out of work waa upwards of one hundred and seventy thousand and to those were added today ten thousand men forced to lay down their tools for the want of material with which to work. Work on most of the big buildings and in the saw mills and brickyards Is practically at a standstill. MANY ICEBERGS Heavy Floes in the Traok of Ship-ping. St. John's, Nfld., May 25 The Allan line st'eamer City of Bombay, which arrived here yesterday from Liverpool, reports having passed an unusual number of Icebergs on the Grand Barks. Bhe sighted eighteen bergs In one fleet. The Brltis'h steamer Silvia, which arrived today from Halifax, passed 47 lieeibergg off Cape Race. Severiil sailing ships re'port similar condition's, and tlhe presence of heavy iloe iij the track of shipping. ' THE KINGVS THANKS For the Greetings of Royal Society of Canada. Ottawa, May 25. L.iflt week the Royal Society stnta table to the King congratulating him on hl coronation. Today Sir James Grant received the following; reply: "I have had tho honor of submitting your telegram to the King and I am commanded by His Majesty to expresa his thanksi to the members of the po-ciety for their royal congratulations. : "(Signed) KNOLLY'S." That Alberta Storm. To the Editor of The Gazette: Sir, I have today received a telegram from our manager at Maclaod, Buying that the foreman hud Just come in from the Cochrane Ranche, wh.'ch Is some forty miles southwest of Mac-lfod, and reported no losses from the lata florm. It would seom that (list 'reports were much exaggerated, and it la to be hoped that the loss to ranchmen will prove but slight. M IT. COCHRANE. Hillhurst, Que., May 23. Blair's Pills Great Eagktah Remedy for Oeut & Rhsu.itatfsin Silo, Sj.-i, tffect'w. 41HrjuiMo.pi?1.00 ivuinn SONS 4 CO, .-dm , rye A J m ll! m known llnn.lnrl to the FIRE RECORD IN THE CITY. Fire broke out In a shed In rear of Etlenne street, between Forfar and Britannia streets, at 9.11) o'clock last evening. An alarm was turned in from box 87, and the western division of the brigade responded, The blaze communicated to the other 'sheds in the block, six In all, and It took four WELL CLEANED Tlinfc In TOhftf. vnn Dot if Tour inftfc- suit or other wearing apparel is left here to be dyed or cleaned. R. PARKER & CO., llycrs ami 'leitners, Montreal. Vne. 2410 Nt.4'ntlieriiieNtreet, li0 ftotre Iknuio Hlriwt. Phone (Hell) Main lr,97. i'houe (.McrcliucJ 23. " Uf 04t. TARPAULINS ON HIRE Merchants Awning Co. 1477 Notre Dame St. Tel.ltell Main 30. i J. GDSH & CO., HI LONDOW, Sugar Colouring Unequalled for Strength, . brilliancy will remain bright and clear under any test. MONTREAL DEPOT I ,0SE & UFLAIYIIlflE, 400 Ht. Paul Ht., Montreal. THE WEW FRENCH REW8EQY. 8 V::eTrr ". 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CROSS Canadian Gin for medicinal use, because it is the Only Gin ana guaranicca o va ausuimrj thorouc-hlv matured for years in u.-arohnil1J. 1 1 IN Soft and mellOW palate and has not that burning- , 1 - V. I . ft CllCCt anu Qisagrcc-tiuic mini tasto of imported Gin. Quality age and purity guaranieeu on every bottle by an official government stamp. BOIVIN, WILSON & CO. Distributing ApnU. Hontriil, Cis. streams to extinguish the fire. The firemen were called out at 10.4rf last evening for a fire in the roof ofl a house at 172 Ottawa street. The blaze was extinguished before mucnt damage had been done. j A pile of lumber, at the corner 'ot Guy and William streets, took fire at 9.35 o'clock last night and communicated to a telegraph pole. The blaze was extinguished with two babcocks, Wlart-on, May 25. J. P. Newman's' saw mill was totally destroyed by fire this morning, about 4 o'clock. Most, of the lumber was saved. The loss isf partly covered by Insurance In the Commercial Union and Norwich1. Sparks were carried over the town byi the high east winds. Several buildings tvok fire including the Methodist Church, but the flames were ex tlngulshed by the promptness of th firemen without much damage. Insurance. Scottish Union; ' And National Insurance. Company of F.dinbllrh. ESTABLISHED 1824. Total Aftwts 44.222.472. S lUTeatesl t'ands S3.S55.47K. S7: Invested In Canada -J,2S,U40.80 Montreal Offioe 117 St, Francolt Xaviei Street, WALTER KAVAKAOH, Chief At. a So. Montreal Advisory Board Hon. L. J. Forget. Senator, Charles r. Hmith, Esq., Thomas Mo Sougali, Esq. $1,00000 to lend at low rates for satisfactory security. Liverpool and London and Globs! INSURANCE COMPANY. TEMPORARY OFFICES at 87 St. Peter Street, opposite Recollect Street, j I ntil Mar, IMS. Daring rebuilding of the Company's New Offices at old address, corner St. James and Place d'Annea. Montreal Board of Directors A. F. Gaplt, Esq., Chairman. WlKTWOaTH J. JJUCHAXA.T, )., Deputy Chairman. fUMum, 'ilt, Yiq. owaaD 8. Cloustow, Esq. Hok. bia Alixakois Lacosts. Invested In Canada a S,3AO,000 Available Aesets 61,187,219 MERCANTILE accepted at the lowest Current rates, Chnrohee, Dwelling Houses and Farm Fropertiot insured at lowest current rates, Hpeeial attontlon irlven to nmillciu Hosts inadedirect to tlie Montrenl otlieee a. f. c. sniTH. ) Joint J. GARDNER TMOHPSON. M.n.".e. WILLIAX JACKSO.V, Deputy 3Iniiajce Sub-Agents : THOS. HIAM, JOHN C. R. DRISCOLL, ROBERT HOWARD, SSolK. 1 1 CYBILLE LAURIN Telephone Xo. 133. Phone Haiti 981: i "THE.PROVIKCIAL" Mutual Fire Insurance Company. Room 507 Guardian Building, Montreal. Cnr ratea ott Comnierrlnl Risk ara 20 per rent below tlteAsso ! rinlion In rill. ! A0F.STS WANTED throughout tlio Province, DALE & GO. Marina and Firs Underwriters 30 ST. FRANCOIS X&VlER ST., MONTREAL Chief Agents for Leading British and Continental Marino-Companies, ElpIS,l3plUi5ll3!!BliM FIRE HlSURflliCE. UNION AS5URANCH SOCIETY THE OAZETTK i rt'lnloJ mid published fo Th UAyrrru I'litSTifii tnxrAUT hf liit ltAKi) WlltTK, renMlns; la Modtrfljii, nt the offioe. uoriMr b. irauu'Jla X&vlot nu I Cmlj btreuts.

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