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The Gazette from Montreal, Quebec, Canada • Page 21
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The Gazette from Montreal, Quebec, Canada • Page 21

The Gazettei
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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THE GAZETTF. SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 5, 1353 Four Aces, Lou Daley Top Bill at Seville ON THE SCREEN The Four Aces came Into the Se By Harold Whitehead KsAcY-V SS-fT KvT I Aivw in ville Theatre on Thursday for a week, to be greeted by a ready-made audience, built for them by their Decca Records; and on top of that they showed that they have a lot of stage presence, in addition tc musical ability. At the show caught there was a preponderance of juveniles in the audience, which joined with a will in the rythm accompaniment to the Aces. Off their repertoire, the group has recorded just about all of the top hit numbers over the past several months, and when they whip them into a medley, they all but stop the show. A "sleeper" is Lou Daley, impressionist and master of ceremonies.

His take-offs on some of the top singing and screen names are excellent, and he too gets a big hand from the audience which even though juvenile was quite perceptive. Phil Ramone, who varies classics and swing on a tuneful violin, also "sends the audience. Cleopatra and Co. are a trio given to magic and the old but always baffling routine running a number of swords through a box containing a pretty girl. The Barretts open the show THIS WEEK'S STARS: Rhonda Fleming, left, has the leading role in the latest of the 3-D films to be booked into the Princess.

Called Inferno, the picture also stars William Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, the film version of the musical now at Loew's. At the right Kirk Douglas and Pier Angeli co-star one of the episodes of Story of Three Loves which LAindisan. iwaniyn Monroe, centre, as Lorelei Lee, ogles a male friend in a scene from is at the Palace. A rather ordinary stage musical, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, has been turner! into a very bright film and may currently be seen at Loew's. Once one has recovered from the initial shock ef seeing Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell in the same film, one reaUzes that both girls turn in very good performances.

The Sea Around Us, at Her Majesty's, comes next on the list of new productions around town. About all that is left of Rachel Carson's superb book is the title but the film, in its own right, shows some spectacular scenes of life under the ever-changing surface of the sea. The Story Of Three Loves, a quite pretentious triple-story affair, the screen at the Palace while Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis dish up some more of their particular brand of comedy at the Capitol in an item called Scared Stiff. Rhonda Fleming and William Lundigan co-star in Inferno, a 3-D adventure story at the Princess and Rock Hudson and Yvonne Be Carlo supply the romantic interest in a swashbuckler called The Sea Devil at the Imperial. Other new films are Turn The Key Softly, at the Avenue, My Wife's Lodger, at the Kent, and Man From The Alamo the Outremont, Snowdon and Strand.

The only two hold-overs are Riz Amrr, goin2 second week at the Alouctto. and The Seven Deadly Sins which is entering rerord-breakjng 11th week at the Avon. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes A couple of years ago while In New York, we went to see Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, then Just winding up a long run at Billy Rose's Ziegfjeld Theatre, and what we law, to our mind, not at all impressive. We were not prepared, then, to be any more Impressed by the screen version of the musical, but the film producers had a very pleasant surprise In store for us. Though the atmosphere of the Roaring "20'.

which was the big thing in the stage show, has been completely ignored, it has been replaced by some good smooth comedy and a couple of excellent eharacterisations. Who ever thought of co-starring Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell as Lorelei and Dorothy deserves baskets full of awards, citations and medals for inspired casting. The cameras gloat over the ample proportions of the two toothsome beauties and they In turn gloat over their parts and have, a wonderful time changing costumes for every sequence and nut-doing each other in undulating about flirting with every male In sight. All the steamy doings, however, are lightened by the attitude the girl's take to the film. Right from the start they play the siren with a dash of healthy humor.

They, at times, seem to be satirizing both the characters they are playing and their own screen personalities. The one or two memorable tunes from the stage score ret a good play with Miss Monroe romlng through as a fine vocalist (he does her own singing). The Sea Around Us After U'O read Rachel Carson's documenlary on the sea and the struggle for life under its waves we heard that a Hollywood studio was going to make a film based on it. At this point the thought came 'to mind that it would he all but impossible to translate Miss Carson's lovely prose-poetry to the film medium. She had in her book the whole rhythm of the sea the mother of life) and her simple, almost frugal style, caught the sweep of her subject as neatly as a painter's brush might catch a shaft of sunlight on a wave.

The producers of the film with dance numbers. Len Howard's pit band is good as always. F1TZ. Awarded Scholarship Gilles Potvin, of the Press and Information Service of the CBC, has been awarded a Provincial Scholarship to study opera management in Europe Comedy Highlights Down Beat Show Looking at Hollywood By Hedda Hopper Mr. Potvin is leaving for Paris in Two very funny people, Ceha Cabot and Dusty Brooks, co-star November.

Mr. Potvin is founder and co-director with Noel Gauvin of the the current show at the Down Beat and are rnaking it one of the better Minute Opera Theatre which last revues to play the club. Miss Cabot, who was here a few months ago, once again displays the new personality that has command- led so much attention in the showj business world of late. She Is an uninhibited clown, who mugs and! Igags her way through a song like few other comediennes can. Nothing is too wild or mad for her to do land the unexpected is always the i expected thing with her.

i Mr. Brooks played the now shut-, fcred El Morocco some four or fie i years ago and this is only his sec-: year presented Gian Carlo Menotti's The Medium. He has also written many music reviews for The Gazette. This is the first time in the 40 years the scholarships have been awarded that one has been given for opera management. Wcllman's Pressure Burbank, Calif.

Filming a "squeezed-in" scene in a small office for Island In The Sky, the Wayne Fellows production for Warner Bros, starring John Wayne, had Director William Wellman puling pressure on his large cast of actors. Walter Abel, as the Colonel in charge of an air transportation group during the Second World War, is supposed to call his pilots ond engagement in Montreal. Since his first trip he has im-: proved immeasurably. His material is now of the best and he has gained tremendously in stature as I an entertainer over the past few i years. A dancer, Jack Lester, m.c's the; ON ROAD TO RECOVERY: Paul Christian, who plays an atomic scientist, has a final medical check-up before he is discharged from the hospital where he has bcon sent after crossing swords with a prehistoric monster.

Mr. Christian plays a leading role in the film. The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms, the feature at the Orphcum. MARVELS NEVER BEFORE FILMED and their crews together to brief them on a search for a downed airplane. But finding places for the players in the tight quarters of the briefing room posed a problem for Wellman.

Lloyd Nolan was okay at one end of the Colonel's desk and Allyn Joslyn seemed to be in pretty good shape squatting on the floor. James Arness on a chair next to Nolan was all right, too. But placing the crew members around the wall tightened the room up a little more. Now came problem number one. Where to put the Colonel's orderly, Regis Toomey? Wellman finally AC MEL CAOSON 4 TTT 4.

proceedings and offers some impressions of the greats in the tap dance world in his own spot on the show. Kings And Their Ladies, one of the best dance outfits travelling the circuit these days, appear twice during the revue with their smooth, inspired productions. Nick Martin's Orchestra plays the background music and the Michel Sauro Quartet alternates with the Martin outfit for the betwecn-shows dance sets. Lovely Laura Berkeley and Jerry Van sing with both bands H. W.

Hollywood, Sept. 4 Ty Power is the busiest star in town. After finishing King Of The Khyber Rifles, he will go on tour with Anne Baxter and Raymond Massey in John Brown's Body; then come back in November to do The Long Gray Line, a West Point story at Columbia with John Ford directing. Following that he has a picture to do for Darryl Zanuck before going to Italy, where I'm sure he'll buy a home. Meanwhile, he's to became a father for the second time.

Dorothv Lamour will be delighted to hear that Marion Curran of Boston "has written a movie script for her, a rugged one for 3-D. Dorothy would have to play an Indian girl who throws herself over a cliff for love. It's titled Cork Boots, and is about salmon fishing on the Penobscot river. Gordon MacRae finally got his release from Warners. The same day Bill Wellman met him on the golf links and asked if he wanted to play the young pilot in John Wayne's picture, The Hish And The Mighty- Gordon signed a new contract for the Railroad hour in radio and is talking a TV Show.

Since Joe Schenck. Mike Todd, and Arthur Hornblow rerted spare in M-G-M's executive building for their new Magna productions, a little speculation is in order. This means that the Schenck brothers, Nick and Joe, will be under the same roof, although Nick spends much of his time in New York. It could mean that Metro intends taking over the new process, which includes the property Oklahoma: Ironic that Arthur Hornblow, who was taken off Quo Vadis, moves back to the studio in better quarters than he had before. This situation bears watching.

When I wrote that Jack Palance should stick to his character parts because he has a face that only a mother could love, I reckoned without his fans. I've been insulted by females from here to Maine. Let up, girls! I admit he a fine actor, and you've made me feel real motherly about his face, too. A cable from Italy says that Anthony Quinn had a real life adventure on location in the Sicilian mountains for Cavalleria Rusticana. After weeks of negotiations, a Mafia chief agreed to teach Quiiin to duel with knives for a scene with Italian Star Ettore Manni, on condition that his presence be kept secret until the lessons were over.

Afterward the chief took his cash and disappeared, and not even Tony knows his name. And if you believe this, you'll swallow anything. Diana Lyrm, who went to London for The Moon Is Blue for four months, has been asked to remain a year. If she does, she'll make the picture The Silver Ring, about the composer, Chaminade. Since Diana is an accomplished pianist, she'll he a natural.

George Maurier, who produced Monsieur Vincent, would make the film with Diana. Antonio Moreno, in picture 45 years, figures he's learned enough to produce one. And he will in Mexico after finishing Saskatchewan. Milton Sperling bought a new story about Broadway called Dream Street. Haven't we heard this one before? This I saw.

Lucille Ball, one of the most famous women in America, stood alone at the Del Mar race track bar, ordered a drink, downed it, and paid for it. In any other place except here, a thousand men and women would have jostled her in buying her champagne. Betty Grable, looking like a school girl, left the track after she won a packet on a long shot. Mrs. Lee Armer, from Texas, had $200 on the nose of a big winner.

1 didn't exactly lose. But Jack Love, sitting with Liza Wilson, Franz Harshbarger, and me, made a killing. The sly little guy from Des Moines got tips and never told us. I met Johnnie Ray, who was luckier on the horses than he was with love. I bet five bucks on Lolly Dear, and she let me down.

I was certain she'd win. Bet Louella never will speak to that horse again. George Raft has an indoor pallor. He's been having eye trouble, but he doesn't miss anything when the ponies run. The Women's Consumer's league has been working overtime to get Ben Hecht's stories off TV.

I'd sure hate to have these women against me. They picketed a TV sponsor who announced 11 Charlie Chaplin films. Only one was shown. The league has members throughout the nation, and they refuse to buy the product of any sponsor who has a leftist or Jcftist sympathizer on a show. (Copyright: 1953: By The Chicago Tribune) ACADCMV AWARD WINNER found a spot just over Abels HER MAJESTY'S fT Continuous dailv from t2 nonn Mat.

Sr Kven. Sal. Sun. Holiday 90c all day SKF THR RARE FISH EXHIBIT IN THK I.OBBT AQUARIUM Powell Will Direct Hollywood Dick Powell, who shoulder. At this trying moment Wayne turned to Wellman and said, "Bill, I hate to tell you this but we've, overlooked one of our pilots, Andy Devine." Wellman shuddered.

"Andy, you've got to get into this picture," said the director, "but where?" "Either rewrite the script so that I'm out flying around somewhere," suggested the bulky Devine, "or i heads an independent production limit at RKO Radio, is taking a tfive weeks' eave-of-absence to di-rect the next Paul Gregory-Charles Lsughton stage production, Caine Mutiny Court Marshall. Thei deal has been signed and Powell' I take six guys out of the shot and let me and my 300 pounds in." But Wellman had a better idea: I "Everybody take a deep breath, please, and let Andy slip Into the reports for opening rehearsals on I I 'ricif fj 1 rTrHPr.Mi-pi!f V- sept. is. Henry Fonda. John Hodiak and Lloyd Nolan will head a company of 15 players in the drama which was adapted from the court room scene of the best-seller, The Caine Mutiny, by the Book's author, Herman Wouk.

Wouk arrives here this week to sit in on rehearsals, Fonda planes in September 8. Gregory and Laughton, whose Don Juan in Hell made stage history, plan to send Caine Mutiny Court Marshall on a 16 weeks' tour scene. Theatre Guide (Saturday Only) Loew'a "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" at 10.35, 12.50, 3.05, 5.20, 7.35, 9.50. Capitol "Scared Stiff at 10.00, 12.20, 2.40, 5.00, 7.20, 9.40. Palace "Story of Three Loves" at 9 55, 12.10, 2.30, 4.45, 7.05, 9.25.

Orphetim "The Beast From 20.000 Fathoms" at 10.25. 1.20, 4.10. 7.05, 10.00; "Kid Monk Bardni" at 11.50, 2.45, 5.35, 8.30. Princess "Inferno" at 10.35, 12.50, 3.05. 5.20.

7.35, 9 50. Imperial "Sea Devils" at 10.00, JANE Russell Monroe Gentlemen SrliA ft Dresident of Frontier Films. the U.S. about the middle of New Film Trend tti1 i -i nfnKnr a RrnaHurav oneninp XPrpfer Blondes jt-aum vuitiaia jl me ICiCVlilVIl v. i ui.

i -1 a The trend of Canadian advertisers stations, and advertising the first week in February, and their agencies to turn to the possibility of cutting costs Caine Mutiny Court Marshall will i have kept very wisely away from any attempt to put this on the screen. Instead thry have done a wonderful editing job in putting together a film on life under the sea from a large number of clips from documentary shorts on the subject. The film, then, serves more as a complement to the book than an adaptation of it. The first part of the production deals with microscopic life under the sea and the second section concerns itself with the life cycles of the larger inhabitants. Many of the sequences are extremely exciting, particularly a fight between a shark and an octopus and one between a man and a moray eel.

The hejt clips, by the way, came from a Canadian film, Newfoundland Scene, produced by Crawley's of Ottawa. The Story Of Three Loves Three romances, all rather heavy-handed In the treatment of heir subjects, have been woven Into one film that is Interesting only In spots and, in our opinion, over-long. The first story Is about a ballerina who has been ordered to atop dancing by her doctor because she has a weak heart, and a ballet producer who ran get hi inspiration only from her dancing. The girl's love for her art and for the producer prod her Into dancing again. The second story Is about a young French governess, Inordinately fond of Verlalne'a peotry, and her rebellious charge, a young boy who dislikes Irregular verbs and the girl who teaches them.

The boy visits a witch, Is turned briefly Into a young man and falls In love with the governess, an affection which she returns enthusiastically. The Third story deals with a trapeze artist who has a nasty hahit of killing his female partners by making his routines more and more dangerous. He romes across a young woman who doesn't rare whether he lives or dies and he figures he has a winner until love enter the picture. Good performances are offered by Molra Shearer, as the dancer, and James Mason, as the producer In the first story; Leslie Caron, as the governess In the second, and by Kirk Douglas and Pier Angeli In the final tale. Man From The Alamo This is better-than-average western sparked by a good job of acting from Glenn Ford.

The plot deals with a man who is regarded as a deserter and coward because he was the one chosen to leave the doomed fortress at the Alamo to look after the families of the men trapped there by th Mexicans. Working undercover he tries to clear himself by doing his best to break up a gang of renegade Texans who have joined forces with the Mexicans for their own gain. The action is swift, violent and to the point with not a gunshot wasted. Julia Adams plays the part of girl who believes in the hero. Beast From 20,000 Fathoms A science-fiction melodrama that doesn't come off nearly so well as many of the productions that have gone before It, presents us with a prehistoric monster that drscends upon lower Manhattan and pushes over buildings as far north as Herald Square.

The monster, a huge lizard, was awakened from a long sleep by a group of scientists who set off an atomic bomb near the North Pole. Resenting this intrusion, the beast seta off en a revenge campaign which leads it to New York. A good deal of the dialogue and production is primitive. Some of the story has to do with Canada and Canadians and the strange race, of people that represent us In the film show comically that the producers know little or nothing about us. The Sea Devil A routine swashbuckler has Yvonne De Carlo acting as an English spy during Napoleonic Wars and Rock Hudson as a Channel Island smuggler who owns a very pretty lugger.

The two make innumerable cross Channel trips in the boat and alternately fight and cuddle ss the plot backs and fills around them. A collection of other gay dogs and double-ernssers do their bet to see that the lovers don't really get together until the final scere when they sail away into the sunset together. Scared Stiff, Inferno Martin and Lewis fans, and you have to be an ardent an to he able to take them, have turned up In another of their wild comedies, called Scared Stiff. This time the singer and his comic friend end np rattling around a haunted castle with Llzabeth Scott In low. It is an average production of Its type; no better but no worse than usual.

Inferno, a 3-D adventure tells about how William Lundigan and Rhonda Fleming left Robert Ryan for dead out In a desert and how he survived to track them down. The atory is an ordinary affair and even 3-D can't make anything novel out of it York for their television and corn-land maintaining quality by mak-imark Powell's first attempt in mercial films is about to turn veryiing the films in Canada. Frontier guiding a stage offering, although CHARLES -A' V'Y 12.55, 3.55. 6.55, 9 55; "Look Who's Dinho. Co.AAnev 1 4 hlnlin.t I nJ WATS, 75c EVES, 1 00 ai fpjVA VMiwii iiKtler Films, told a group of advertis-tional TV commercial film award proved beyond a doubt that he has 7 is ins,jing men at an informa luncheon with their brief film for CIL.

flair for the megaphone side of the n. i i 'a' th Mount Royal Hotel this' "Mr. Jarvis promised them that business with his direction of the 'T 8 Man week. films equally as good will be made RKO film. Split Second, for which from ine Alamo.

Have York between R. .1. "Dirk" Jarvis, Sweeney. CJ I A THl THIIf rOUt XMD0H0VEI SstokyI or 7 SI STOPS THE SHOW THREE leslie CARON Kirk DOUGLAS Farley GRANGER lames MASON AfK MOM-Mora SICAfO Showphce and "Man From The From The Alamo" at 3.20. 6.40, $10.00.

Strand "Duke of Chicago" at 10.20, 1.00, 3.40. 8.15. 8.55: "Man From The Alamo" at 11.25. 2.05, 4.45, 7.20. 10.00.

Westmount "The Girla of Pleasure Island" and "Serenade of Love." Kent "Mickey's Birthday Party" at 10.30. 12.40. 2.50; "Dark Secret" at 5.35, 8 40: "My Wife'i Lodger" at 7.00. 10.05. Avenue "Mickey's Birthday Party" at 10.30, 12.35, 2.40; "Turn The Key Softly" at 5.30, 7.45, 10.00.

Avon; "Seven Deadly Sins." York "Stars Are Singinf" and "Destination Gobi." Seville Stage Showi at 1.30, 4.00, 7.00, 10.00. Monkland "Young Bess" and "Code i IU ,1 1 1 I) of the STARS was Jr- r-'W Two. Empress "Quiet Man" and "Big Frame." OX RTAGF. Mountain Playhons 'Tonight at! 8.30" at 8.45 m. i Gesn Theatre "Light Up The Sky" at 8.30 p.m.

Cabortt Guid rh Normaadl Two loewi nightly. Ruby Foa'a Continuous entertainment Continental Cat Two shtwi nightly. Thea Farce Two show nightly. Belle VU8 Cafe Casino Two shows nightly. La Salle Hotel Continuous entertainment Down Beat Cln Two ahowi nightly.

Monterey Candlelight Room Con proudly present the ''j 'Veorest oct in show business" Bk I i vl Mastin Tr' SAMMY DAVIS, Jr. I iim-myiit-LBiiiHig Sleeping on Job Akim in Plaster Hollywood Star Akim Tamiroff broke his writ w-r. unuous tnienammeni. Droke his wrist just before OOBglowXwo hows ni ght tinuous Entertainment. Hollywood Actor Paul Douglas on location in Scotland for the new comedy Highland Fling was caught sleeping on the job by Director Sandy MacKendrick.

ly. YVONNE ROCK iing to Pinewood studios to star with Donald Sinden in the new lop Hat Club Two show nightly. Venus De Mil Room Continuous PLUS! glamorous song star i Technicolor comedv. You Knn Paul who insists on Riving realism DE CARLO -HUDSON to nis appearance in turns was sup- wnat bailors are. entertainment.

posed to look dishevelled from His arm was in Blaster un tn the Penthouia Continuous Entnaln, pi MAXWELL REED TECHNICOLOR m4 DENIS Vt A LEE MARKS UN.6-6666 firry Carman 4 sleeping in a small ship's bunk, elbow, and some rapid re-writing! ment. fully rlad. jon his sequences was necessary. Asi All the cameras and lights werejAkim plays a visiting foreign dip-1 Appointment tn Honduras Is the set up and ready to shoot but no lomat. the explanation for the (final title for the film Alpine Pro-Taul Doug I plaster became that he had to duetiems ha made under th work- F.ventually be was found sleepirg shake so imnT hanH tht it ti -i Zmmwmiimu r7 I LrSS- SPEND WHAT YOU LIKE I a ship's bunk fully clothed nd 'broken some bonea Ht's a Ford.

Ann Sheridan and Zacharv MEMBW OF CXNEJCsaUB looking very dishevelled. Isf'er all). IScort are surred in the picture. 1.

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