Logansport Pharos-Tribune from ,  on December 11, 1957 · Page 17
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from , · Page 17

Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 11, 1957
Page 17
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Wednesday Evening. December 11, 1957. Ann Landers 16-Year-Old "Cuddles" Sees Nothing Wrong With Kissing Dear Ann: I'm a girl almost 16 and frankly admit that I like to kiss. What's so wrong with cuddling up with a nice guy and exchanging a few friendly kisses? If "a fellow is good enough to take a girl out and spend his. money n her, she should show him that she appreciates it. I've been dating since I was 13. I'm . attractive and have a swell figure. This year I've kept count of my dates and I've gone;out with 37 different fellows and kissed ali of them but two. I'm very popular and have a good reputation. You are 50 years behind the time.", Annie. Why don't you give some REAL help to the girls who write to you and moan about staying home night after night? Tell them to loosen up and not be so prissy. Wise up, Granny. — NOT ASHAMED A lemon that's been squeezed too many times is considered garbage. Any 16-year-old girl who brags about having kissed 35 different boys since January and thinks she has a "good reputation" is laboring under a delusion. It's nice to be friendly, but you sound as if you don't have an enemy in the world. The fact that you've entertained such a parade of guys is proof that '.hey don't ask you out a second and third time. So why don't YOU wise up, Child? '— GRANNY LANDERS » * « Dear Ann: My husband's mother came to "visit" us for a few weeks. The "few weeks" has de- 9 **r en bottles, toys and junk all. over our once-lovely lawns. The little ones themse'.ves run around half naked in chilly weather and are always filthy and | have sores on their faces. We are mothers, too, and we'd like to know what we can do to help. Since ours is a small village, there is no authority we can speak to. What can we do for these children? How can we keep this block from looking like a tenement district? — B and B You gals have the right idea. Not only are you interested in your property, but you want to help the children. Apparently this family is the victim of the twin curses which so often walk hand in hand -- poverty and ignorance (or in Landers language, "no dough and don't know.") Go to the mother and explain that you didn't come to mak« trouble, but to help her. If you have some warm clothing that you.r own children have outgrown (or can spare) bring them along. Ask if she will accept help from an agency. Call the Salvation Army or the Family Service. When you make a friend of the mother suggest that she should train her children to respect the property of others. Poin: out that this is for their good as well as that of the community. If you gals are as smart as you sound, you can educate this mother and perform a real service. iveexs. me icw wvcn.o ..«o ~* (Ann Landers will be glad to reloped into a four-month stay and' help you with your problems. Send -i,« uir-n't rviontinnprl I(*avin2. Ihem l.n her in care of this news- she hasn't mentioned leaving. She doesn't interfere in our business and tries to be helpful with the cooking, but it is STILL another, person in the house all day long. x Last June my husband and I planned a trip up north to meet with three other couples. We've been looking forward to this little vacation with much pleasure. Yesterday when we were discussing it, my mother-in-law said, "It sounds divine. I've never been up' in that part of the country." I know sTie'd love to come with us but I don't want her on this trip. Our friends would resent it, and to be honest, I'd like to be alone with my husband for a change. Would it be a terrible insult if we just went ahead with our plans and didn't invite her? I'm leaving this up to you to decide. — THE DILLY A person who stays four months loses the guest-status. Don't stand on formalities. Go ahead with your plan's and for heaven's sake don't feel guilty about it. Your mother- in-law doesn't belong in this act, particularly since you have arranged to meet others. Continue with your plans for two and tell Mom you'll send her postcards. Dear Ann: We are two young . Ihem to her in care of this newspaper and send a self-addressed stamped envelope.) Copyright 1957, Field Enterprises, Inc. Debate Team Wins Matches At Lafayette Logansport h:gh school's debate team won three matches from Lafayette Jefferson high school Monday and lost a fourth match by one point, 53-52. Four squads particioated in Ihe debate, the subject of which was: Resolved — That direct United States Economic aid to individual countries should be limited to technical assistance and disaster relief. Negative squads consisting of Nancy Van Allen and Janet Tallman, and Bill Kimberling and Joann Pasquale won their matches 52-50 and 73-57. Squads arguing for the affirmative side consisted of Susanne Smith and Bob Wfiarton, who lost 53-52, and Jean Liming and Warren Hickman, who won by concession. The debaters were taken.to Lafayette by Jim Welborn, debate coach, and Mrs Francis Van Allen. They are scheduled to compete against the Peru high school debate team Wednesday evening and will take part in an invitational tournament Saturday at Delphi. • Welborn said about 35 teams would participate in the Delphi debate. Josephine LowmQn Radiomatic Method Is Best For Removing Excess Hair Indianapolis Man Killed in Crash Superfluous hadr is a most distressing beauty problem. I do not believe that there is any problem in beauty more distressing fluous hair which is more widely distributed than others. Practical- Local Man Retires From U. S. Air Force After 21 Years Duty Lloyd C. Stewart, retired Air Force technical serges.nt, is residing at 130 West Ottawa street with his mother, Mrs. Kstherine Stewart, following his release from duty with a reserve unit at McChord Air Force Base in the state of Washington. Sgt. Stewart retired from the Air Force on May 31, 195«, after 21 years and six mon':hs of service, but remained on duly with the Air Force reserves until recently. He enlisted in the Army in 1919 in this city and is a veteran .of World War II, in which he saw action with the 303rd Bomber Group in Normandy and northern France. An airplane and engine mechanic with the 8th Air Force, he also served in Ardennej.-Alsace and the Rhineland in the central European air offetisiv-s and the European-African campaign. Decorations received bv Sgt. Stewart include Ihe Middlfe East- INDIANAPOLIS (Ur? — J.C.! to women than superfluous hair. ] ]y all women remove the.hair from Cable, 30, Indianapolis, was killed i Tuesday night when his car skidded as he tried to pass another car on ice-covered U.S. 52 north- State police said the driver of an oncoming truck, Everett Lee Mains, 31, Williamstown, Ky., applied his brakes but the truck skidded into the side of Cable's r. Mains was injured and taken to Methodist Hospital. housewives who are terribly con- ern Campaign medal, the Ameri- cerned over a neighborhood proti- ; can Defense Service medal, the lem. A n«jw family moved-on ouri World War II Victory medal, both block. Their children scatter brok- the Army and Air Force. G-ood BEER The Gift Idea for There are few as embarrassing.! their armpits and legs. Some'wo. Neither are there any about which j men have a more unusual distribu. I. U. Alumni Club to Get Charter The Indiana university Alumni Logansport, Indiana. Pharos-Tribune Seventeen club of Cass county receive ts charter at a dinner meeting to held at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday at the Logansport Country club. The •presentation will be made by Joe Ricke of the Alumni office. Officers will be elected by the ;roup, and the program for the coming year will be outlined. Approximately 601) residents of Cass county are eligible to join ihe club. Fenwick Reed, secretary of (he Indiana-university board of trustees, will be the guest speaker. ' Air Force to Try Again for Soeed Record EDWARDS AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. (UP)— The Air Force today planned a new assault on the British-held world speed mark I even though it failed to qualify I a record-shattering performance Tuesday because of malfunction of a camera. A swepl-wing, F-101A Voodoo fighter-bomber, piloted by Maj. Adrian E. Drew of Bergstrom AFB, Tex.. Tuesday flashed at nearby 1.200 miles an hour over a 10. 1 mile straightaway course to break unofficially the 1,132 mile-an-hour world man:. the failure of a cam- recorded part of the However, era which jet's smashing vented official performance pre- recognition of the Danny Collins at Camp in Korea 7th Dis., KOREA •(AliTN'Q—Pfc. Danny V. Collins. 18, son of Mrs. Martha Collins, 1900 Roger St., Logansport, Ind,, is a member of the 7th Infantry Division in Korea. Collins, a fire direction chart operator in Battery C of the division's 8'h Artillery, entered the Army in September 1956 and arrived I-Te completed basic Fort Jackson, S. C. Collins attended Royal Center High School and was a farmer in civilian life. flight by the National Aeronautic Association. "Another flight will be made, possibly on Thursday or Friday— weather pormitlins — in an attempt to belles the record," an Air Force spokesman said. L. P. Twiss set the presen'. world speed mark in March, 1956, in the Fairey Delta — a British-built research ship. GIFT HEADQUARTERS FOR CHRISTMAS WONDERLAND OF CHRISTMAS GIFTS SEASONS GREETINGS YOUK M£RRY CHRISTMAS STORE WOMEN'S AND GIRLS' SUPPERS there are more misconceptions, j lion of this unwanted hair, such as I a ' good"Tde"a"toTeiect"onVwho lias With this in. mind, I recently about the nipples or on the thighs,! gained a reputation for good work FBI ARRESTS WOMAN HAMMOND (UP)—FBI agents Tuesday arrested Mrs. Bea -ice Williams, 60, East Chicago, on a i federal indictment accusing her of I transporting a woman across a' state line for prostitution. had a talk with Mr. Garo Artinian, Director of the Kree Institute in New York City. Mr. Artinian is the outstanding authority ir. 1 the United States on superfluous h'air and its permanent removal. This is a universal feminine problem. Every woman who is well-groomed must take it into consideration. However, those women who have not been harrassed by this difficulty to an extreme degree have no idea how much suffering it can cause. Superfluous chest or abdomen. Around middle age most women discover a few new hairs on their chin. Facial hair may become a trial. It has been established conclusively that the only way to remove superfluous hair permanently is by the electrolysis method or the newer radiomatic (short wave) method. This latter is much faster. All other • methods are temporary. I asked Mr. Artinian from whk areas superfluous hair can be successfully removed by one of these Conduct meda's, the Army of Occupation medal with German clasp, the Berlin Airlift Device medal for humane action, the European-African Middle East Campaign medal with a silver and a bronze service stars, and the World War II Victory medal Distinguished Unit badge. hair could be a real affliction were .two techniques and he answered it not possible to remove it or have "From all areas except the inner it removed. I am quite sure, that j nostrils. Also, those who have dia- in many instances, It has actually! betes should not have these treat- affected happiness and the course ments because they may not heal of lives. Women Differ Women differ greatly in this matter. Some are heavily haired while others are not. Some have very dark hairs while others have light. .Some women have super- in a normal manner." If you are going to have any superfluous hair removed permanently, the important thing is to be sure -that you have a well-trained operator who uses good equipment. I asked Mr. Artinian how one can in the Holiday Packages SIX-CAM WUC FM« CITY iMWING COMPAHV. tOtUSVHU II, KT. Pasteurized... Bitter-free, too ADDED FUN TONIGHT IWed.-Tlbrs. An Ideal Gift For His Christmas 65% Wool 35% Acrilan • Regular and Ivy league Styles Opin 1 p.m. SOcTII't "GET MORE OUT OF LIFE-GO TO A MOVIE" , with Tommy Stetil* Nancy, Wiiikm Fri. - Sot.—"Slaughter Of T.nlK Av.." and "Unholy Will' ,.5ot. Midnight . Sun,—"Armored Attack" and "BallU litript" Slimmer, trimmer smartly styled slacks. Perfect wear for now through winter. Dressy enough to wear anywhere. Deep down pockets, Tailored details. Beoutiful maferiol | n grey, brown and charcoal. NOW! In Time For Holiday Giving Materials Usually Found in 12.99 to 14.99 SPORT SHIRTS FAMOUS BURMEUION with a worsted type hand. PIMA COTTON with rayon.challii and •ilk trim. , CEIAPERM AND COTTON Open Beautiful, completely washable sporl Friday i ' nirls '" c ' c "' c p' 0 '*'*- Itr 'P"- multi- J color over plaids, controlling panel Salurdoy fron)I and ,. Ma ,_ Modified >har« point Til 9 collar. SYRACUSE, N. Y. — President Chester Fuller of the Svracuse Astronomical Society said he had to change the scheduled topic for top!c: stars. It was changed to stars anymore." Fuller said. Now—2 Features 35cTil6 Fun At Night Open 1 p. m. be sure of locating an expert elec- trolysist and he said to be certain "Desert Sands' 7 that she or he is a graduate, of a well accredited schoo! of electrolysis. He suggested that it is also with RALPH MEEKER in your neighborhood or city. (Released by Register and Tribune Syndicate) Mim-WHftf LWtlKK PUT® warn SCK 4TOW : : NOW thru SATURDAY TYRONE AVA MEL ERROL EDDIE POWER • GARDNER • FERRER -FLYNN- ALBERT Give Him ROMEO'S The gun-sllnger and the blonde I Box Office Opens At 5:30 p. m. MOHLMAN'S MEN'S SUEDE BLOUSE 16.99 • Knit collar wrists* ^ \waist • Sizes 36 to 46 Pint quality top skini. Dupont Quilton dry clean finish. Panel front. Colon buck, rust and charcoal. our made-for-each other W«d-lok »eU that join to look as one ring on the finger - that will never slip or twist. In each, the small gems in the wedding band are set identically with those in (he engagement ring for maximum, effect. Price* Include Federal tax lilustrttions slightly ta.liTt.et USE MOHLMAN'S BUDGET PLAN Small Down Payment—Balance Weekly or Monthly MOHLMANS 309 FOURTH STKEET Quturr fm arc** ywmreK "KAl WESTERN STYIH". -jrw! «block AMERICA'S GREATEST SWOE VALUES!

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