Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 11, 1957 · Page 14
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 14

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 11, 1957
Page 14
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Fourteen togansp'oi-t, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Bartender Lends His Ear to Many Problems NEW YORK (UP)—When a dust in their toes, blear in their, man has troubles, he sometimes eyes, heaven in their souls, and unloads them, according to relia-'solace in their product, able reports, on the nearest bar-. ''when a woman has troubles,'AFL-CIO Leaders Wa she often dumps them, s° cio !°-|That They Will OppOSe °ists state into the nearest de- . t ,. ' . rr _ and emerges! Ikes New Labor Laws PATTERSON SAYS partment store wearing a new dress and feeling; ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. lUP)— much better. :The AFL - CIO high command When a department store has , serve( 3 notice Tuesday it will troubles, it holds a mammoth kgy £eatures oE President sale. • • Who Tends to the Bartender? Eisenhower's proposals for rew labor legislation. Federation President George Meany said he was "very skepti- But when a bartender has troubles, where can he turn, to •.vhom can he pour out his agony? ___ _ ^ _ = No one. He just has to— it you t | le AFL-CIO convention last week will permit me to use the word'. an( j warne( j that some proposals —bottle up his woes inside him- j wou ]<j i e t government interfere too self, flick away an incipient tear, I (j ee piy ; n union affairs. .v i. „.. H. ^ ^^ criticism of the Eis..... , , . f .enhower plan was made after the Now, m addition to having tO| Bak Workers Union was given endure his own sorrow in silence | ^ hours to clear itself of cor rup- this great man is being saddled;.. am , after acceptance of clean.., ....,„ „„ ,„ K^,- deman(Js b the United Textile Russ Building Satellite To Jam US Radar WASHINGTON (UP) — Rep. James T. Patterson said Tuesday lie had information that Russia was. building a one-ton television satellite designed to jam Ameri ca's radar warning network and control the world's communications. The Connecticut Republican, a member of the Joint Congressional Atomic Energy Committee, quoted "reliable and authoritative sources" as' say:ng the Soviets also were making Sputniks for use and smile through the cigarette haze. with a new burden. He is being enjoined to ladle out advice, wporkers words of social wisdom, as welli as drinks. After listening, he's supposed to talk back. Leo- Perlis, director of community activities for the AFL-CIO, is quoted as saying his depart- msnt will begin soon a nation Meany warned that the Baliers would be expelled unless they agreed by noon Thursday to get rid of President James G. Cross, charged with enriching himself from union funds. The AFL-CIO bartenders! chief said the Executive Council might issue a charter to a rebels' in the field of social work. , "Bartenders," he says, "see j group opposed to Cross, more people with personal problems than social workers do." Granted. At least, they see more talkative people with personal problems. But? Perlis continues: .,..,... , (t ,JPeru, construction foremai., "Instead of just listening to the; , ' Tools Worth $1000 Stolen From Shed Lewis, route STICKUP IN LOGAN Dutch Families Flee Indonesia First Plane - Load Leaves Tuesday Night JAKARTA, Indonesia (UP) — Scores of wives and children of Dutch businessmen left Indonesia Tuesday night, aboard the first special airlift operation since the beginning of the anti-Dutch campaign in this cour.lry. The Indonesian government^ hadj MrSi Lillian Terry, of 927 Wheatland avenue, told police officers that at 4:30 p.m. a bareheaded man with dark brown hair entered the Seek Man Who Held Up Same Shop Twice "A dark - haired holdup man robbed .the Long's Cleaners establishment at 628 North Third street of about $35 Tuesday afternoon. The clerk on duty said that he looked like the man 1 that he'.d up • the same shop on Oct. 25. car of the program revealed to as "bomb-carrying vehicles." — — _,!._ i_.i ....,„!, j-jc called for a "super-accelerated crash program in all research and weaponry" to meet the Soviet threat. He blamed Air "''orce and' atomic energy "perfectionists" and the economy bloc in Congress :or delaying U.S. entry into space. Patterson said the Russian TV Sputnik would be shot into., an orbit 22,000 miles above the earth, mak'ing a revolution of the globe every 24 hours. He said i'. was at first refused to let the planeload of Dutch families leave. But it relented at the last minute and permitted the chartered British Overseas Corp. airliner to take off for' Singapore with 54 persons aboard. The airlift plane landed in Singapore and most of the Dutch refugees transferred to Britannia aircraft to continu-e their journey. Singapore dispatches . said the Albert Kelley Expires At Local Hospital Albert E. Kelley. 69, of 522. Twenty-second street, died at 12:30 p.m. Tuesday at the Memorial hospital! He had undergone surgery three weeks ago. The retired employe of the Pennsylvania railroad was born in Union county on Jan. 5, 1888, the son of James and Frances (Lee) Ke-lley. He recently was a ticket taker at the State Theater. Wednesday Evening, December 11, 19ST. Car, 2 Trucks In Collision East Of City Three vehicles were damaged in a traffic mishap sever; miles east of Logansport on U.S. 24 at 5:15 p.m. Tuesday. A semi-trailer truck driven by Paul F. Lendman, 33, of 709 Wash- Survivors include the wife, Stel-1 j ng { on street, Logansport, was go- la; a son, Robert, of Wichita, mg wes t Q -^ 24 on the curve near Kan., three grandchildren; one great-grandchild; one sister, Mrs. Ethel Miller, of Richmond; ar.d two brothers, Jasper of Indianap- Plate carried 17 Du^ women, 36 The car drove off down the alley, children-including 6 imants-and Mrs. Terry^telephoned the.police shop with a sweater over his hand O jj s an d Lon, of Peru, and arm. "This is a stickup," he Funeral services will be held at said and reached across the counter to open the cash drawer. Taking the cash he found in the drawer, he ran out of the shop and down the alley west of the Tap Tavern to a car parked in the alley 1 man. Many of those aboard the plane were dependents of Dutch business men whose firms have been taken over by Indonesians in a campaign growing out of _fallure of Indonesia's demands fc." control of ..... . , j .LlJUUlltJC let O UC1I1CU1U3 n,. U.U111LU1 VI designed to broadcast propaganda w t N & ; (W t "/\T» omr fw oh a tin al aninirViQTn ._.•>-'<••>•>-" ».«,, 'on any TV channel anywhere in the world." Needs "Fantastic" Power Scientists questioned by the United Press agreed that a satellite going fast enough to stay in orbit at 22,000 miles >vould circle the earth every 2-1 hours. But they questioned whether a one-ton satellite at that height could jam radar and radio - TV stations on earth and broadcast on all TV channels. ' One radio expert said this would Irian). Cold Wave Hits Plains; Heads For Mid-East A sub-zero cold wave, the biggest and bitterest of the season, engulfed the northern Plains Tuesday and spread rapidly across the Midwest. Temperatures dropped 40 to 50 degrees in Montana, South Dakota and Nebraska. Mid-day lows in the North included 7 degrees below Terry said that this man closely resembled the first holdup man. The manager of the Marion branch of Long's Cleaners reported that that shop had been robbed on Dec. 9. After a telephone conversation with Mrs. Terry, he said that the description matched and it appeared that the same man had held up the shop there. instead ot jusi usiemug lu ""= i_. r .i_j t n ,,,,ijpn that eovmi rai-wpr' one radio expeiT saia mis wouiu worm JHUIUUCU i ucsicca uciuw customer with a problem, these j?°; ed „" P°" c ° ™ i c drills wortV ^e a "fantastic" amount of I zero at International Falls, Minn., trained bartenders will be abl» to f " ana two elijet. ic di ills w jrta ^ ^ exp]ained that the sa!;d . 4 below at Grand ForkS| N . D>) and refer them to the proper coiyoiu- nity agency." Customer Shuns Advice There is one factor in this devilishly cute scheme that Perlis is overlooking — the customer. Does he want advice? I think not. He will rebel at advice, however nicely proffered. What he wants is to.talk out his woes, and not be told what to do about them. For. as the Wail Street Journal points out in a thoughtful editorial: "advice from the bartender actually is the last thing in the world a man wants. He knows very well that he will get all he < m had been olen from a P^er. Si tool shed sometfme Monday lite would have to transmit as ----- 1- i ----- 1 — i. — . _„.„ — — .. night. The tools were the property of a construction company building some 680 housing units at the Bunker Hill air force base. Lewis said that the tools had been taken from a tool box which had been pried open. The box had been left in an unlocked tool shed near the housing project, needs on all his problems just as soon as he gets home." . u ome No, it is not the customer who i _ .1 needs to be helped. He's helping' himself. It's the bartender who needs help. And what he needs, specifically, is someone who will shut up and listen. Right here and now, a movement is being launched to educate customers to pay attention to bartenders and encourage them to spill their grief on sympathetic | ears. Quiet, now, and let 'em talk. And here's a toast to them — those brave, understanding, friendly, sympathetic, humane, warm - hearted beings with saw- HUBCAP TAKEN • E. J. Steinwedel, 715 Spencer street, Tuesday reported to police that a hubcap had been stolen from his car, parked in front o;: his much broadcasting power over 22,000 miles as TV stations do over a relatively few miles. The only "remote possibility" of packing such power in a satellite, this expert said, would be to sand up a nuclear power plant. At -the present time, he said, that seemed impossible. Patterson, in a speech prepared for delivery at a meeting of the Middletown, Conn., American Legion; also said the failure of the first U.S. Vanguard satellite rocket to get off the ground apparently stemmed from insufficient insulation resulting jn over-heating the engine. 1 below at Fargo, N.D., and Duluth, Minn. Minnesotans and North Dakotans bundled up for termperatures which were expected to dip a'.! the way down to 20 to 25 degrees below zero during Ui6 night. the McCloskey-HamiRon funeral home at 1:30 p.m. Thursday with the Rev. Harold King officiating. Burial will be in the Walton cemetery. Friends may call at' the funeral home after noon Wednesday. rom the Tap Tavern and officers ollowed the man's tracks to where he car picked him up. The same establishment, had )een robbed on Oct. 25 and Mrs.. An application recommending tlie __-... Dr. E. L. Hollenberg Named to Hospital's Active Staff Here Bell's cabins. As he rounded the curve the truck began losing traction on the slippery pavement and nearly stopped. A soft drink truck driven by Donald ShaVc-r, 27, of route 2, Stoney Pike Territory was following the ' trailer truck and was unable lo stop. The truck crashed into the rear of Ihe trailer. According to car east on the highway and saw a two wheel cart that had been thrown from the soft drink truck, lying on the road. Mistaking the cart for a child on a slc>d, she applied her brakes and" crashed into the left side of the truck, damaging the left side of her car to an estimated extent of $200. The semi-trailer suffered damages estimated at S200. No one was injured in the mishap. Deputy Roy King ar.d State Trooper Larry Wagenknecht investigated. CAR ON FIRE City firemen were called to 510 West Wabash avenue at 6:05 a.m. Wednesday, when the wirins on the motor of a 1951 model car ow» ed by Bob Shepherd caughl fire, causing minor damage to UK' wir- FIRE RUN The Logansport fire department officers investigating, the softi was called to West Melbourne drink truck was a total loss. Mrs. Loretta May O'Neal, 22, of Macy, was driving a 1958 model street late Tuesday afternoon when a fire was discovered in a flue. No damage resulted. COWS ELECTROCUTED SOUTH DAYTON, N. Y. — Four valuable Hols-tern cows from one of western New York's largest herds were electrocuted by a short circuit in the motor of a milking machine. The owner said the cows apparently died when they attempted to drink from containers mounted at each stanchion. PLEADS GUILTY Vincent Flushoiir, 53, route 1 Lucerne, pleaded guilty to a chargi ot failure to yield the right o way and was fined $10 and costs in justice court Tuesday. His arrest stemmed from the auto collision Monday morning at the intersection of SR 16 and the Harri:;on - Bethlehem township line road. Miumn addition of Dr. E. L. Hollenberg, Winamac, to the active staff al Memorial hospital wffs approved Tuesday night by the hospital board of trustees. Dr, Hollenberg has served on the hospital's courtesy staff for a number of years. The trustees deterred action on ;he new cornerstone for the hospital until a decision is made on ;ow, it should be Inscribed. The board also made minor changes in contracts 'with pathologists and decided to hold the iast meeting of the yoar Dec. 26. The trustees will not meet in January. CAR HITS STORE Fannie Rogers reported to city police Tuesday .night that she accidentally backed her car into the front of a jewelry store, 41G East Broadway, while moving into an apartment over the store. 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