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The Gazette from Montreal, Quebec, Canada • Page 19
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The Gazette from Montreal, Quebec, Canada • Page 19

The Gazettei
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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M. i I Widely Heralded "Snow White" Lives Up to Expectations Here, Children Attend First Showing Walt Disney Full-Length Cartoon Acclaimed at Palace Miriam Hopkins in Greenwich Village Comedy at Princess Fanny Brie Scores in "Everybody Sing' at Capitol Montrealer in Film at Loew's VOL. CLXVII. No. 49 (Centre) Dwarfs and animals chase the wicked queen.

(Above) Anticipating Snow-White's cooking, Grumpy pretends he is not amused. Scenes from Walt Disney's first full-length cartoon, "Snow- (. White and the Seven Dwarfs." (Above) Dopey searches under X. Happy's beard. 1 Hj Mohammedan, Kuda Bux, the comedy of Fritz and Jean Hubert, and the singing of Carl and Leone Bonner.

have Snow White sing some of the songs Walt Disney created for her in the film now at the Palace Theatre. Other plans include entertainment for the youngsters featuring the dance routines of the Ashburns, the mystifying performance of the MUSIC GUIDE ing to the general fun are Guinn Williams, Walter Abel and Ivan Lebedeff. Marianna Strelby and Betty Philson, as the children involved, do not, however, favor the Greenwich Village type of upbringing. MUSICALE AT CAPITOL. "Everybody Sing," at the Capitol this week, is an encouraging musicale.

Except for an over-elaborate scene at the end of the picture, the songs are introduced in a simple and even logical way. It is the story of a family, the familiar combination of temper-mental people found in many film and stage plays. When the backer of the father's plays drops out of the picture, ruin stares them in the face. The children and the servants rally to their assistance and by simply putting on a revue arranged for the happy ending. The family consists of Reginald Owen and Billie Burke as parents, Lynne Carver and Judy Garland as children, and Fannie Brice and Allan Jones as servants, Reginald Gardiner is almost one of the family as the actress mother's leading man.

Of all these attractive people, Fanny Brice and Judy Garland come in for the highest praise. Fanny Brice, in particular, has some good moments. Chief of these are her solo numbers "Baby Snooks" and "Quainty, Dainty Me. Snooks is already a prominent member of the radio nursery that includes Betty Lou and little Mr. McCarthy.

"Quainty, Dainty Me" pokes fun at the Quality Street girls. Judy Garland is geting to be one of the biggest little girls on the screen. Since the short picture they made together a couple of years ago. she and Deanna Durbin have gone far. Miss Garland seems to have cornered the juvenile 'swing' market much as Miss Durbin has cornered the juvenile opera field.

ENGLISH FILM AT LOEW'S. An English thriller appears on the screen of Loew's Theatre in "Non-Stop New York." Though the direction of Robert Stevenson is not in the class of Hitchcock there is a well-sustained excitement and a careful attention to the details of character that 'are features of the Brifish best in films. The action is divided equally between New York and London, that is, the opening scenes are set on the American metropolis and the middle scenes in London, while the remainder take place on a trans-Atlantic air liner. The leading parts are taken by Anna Lee and John Loder, with young Desmond Tester, seen here in "Nine Days a Queen," Francis Sullivan and- Frank Cellier all in good parts. Of particular interest here is the presence of James Pir-rie, a former Montrealer, in the cast.

Mr. Pirrie has an important part as Billy Cowper. and turns in a good piece of work. He proves to have an effective screen personality and there is every indication that his Career on the screen will be as satisfactory to civic pride. H.

W. W. The fact that "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" has arrived at the Palace Theatre can surely have escaped the notice of no one. The songs of Snow White have, for some time past, filled the air-waves and reproductions of Snow White fill the shop windows. Snow White "in person," with her seven little escorts, greeted the guests at the theatre last night.

Mr. Disney's publicity department is certainly of the same high standard as the rest of his organization. But all the trumpeting proves to be only the just deserts of this unusual screen accomplishment of Walt Disney. The delight which greeted the film during its first screening yesterday seemed to be shared equally by the children arid their accompanying adults. There is a restriction that the children seeing "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" must be attended by adults.

It may well be stressed that this ruling does not hold in reverse, and the lack of child escort need keep no grown-up away. For this film, as in the case of all the other Disney pictures, contains its full quota of enjoyment for all types of audience. The picture has already been reviewed on these pages, but no amount of printed appreciation can quite sum up its special attraction. It is not without faults, but they are none of them important. Its outstanding features are the typical Disney animals, the additions to the Disney picture gallery of characters in Grumpy, Sleepy, Bashful, Happy, Doc and Dopey, and the expert "dubbing in" of the music and voices.

GOOD COMEDY AT PRINCESS. The film at the Princess Theatre this week, "Wise Girl." may not be an important addition to screen comedies, but it is a most enjoyable one. With Mariam Hopkins and Bay Milland in the leading roles, it is concerned with life on the Greenwich Village front. It is the same Greenwich Village that sometimes creeps into magazine stories, quaint but clean. Its Bohemianisms startle not, nor do they strike the casual observer as being very unusual.

The story tells of the fight for guardianship of two orphan children, between their millionaire grandfather and a penniless artist uncle. In an effort to help him, the millionaire's pretty daughter descends to the Village and, her identity unknown, ingratiates herself with the children and the artist. Thus she discovers that the unconventional educational methods of the artist are not without worth. She also finds the artist not without attraction. The problems are solved by the inevitable combining of forces when the pretty aunt marries the artist uncle.

The amalgamation is reached after an amusing seven-wav telephone conversation. The stars play the comedy for all it is worth, Milland showing further evidence of the talent for this sort of role that was evinced in "Easy Living." Others contribut ABOUT ITS about ny XA1 NV7 ''XT' iW CGIMlr THEATRE AND TODAY'S PICTURES. Capitol "The Jury's Secret," at 10.00, 12.40, 3.25, 6.10, 8.55; "Everybody Sing." at 11.05, 1.50, 4.35, 7.20, 10.00. Palace "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs," at 9.35, 12.00, 2.30, 5.00, 7.35, 10.00. Princess "Crashing Hollywood." 10 05, 12.45, 3.30, 6.10, 8.55; "Wise Girl," at 11.25.

2.10, 4 55, 7.35. 10 20. Loew's "Prescription for Romance." at 1.00, 3.43, 6 25, 9.05; "Non-Stop New York." at 11.45 ,2.10. 4 50, 7.35. 10.15.

Orpheum "The Hurricane at 10.1U. 12 25. 2 40. t.00. 7.15.

9 35. Orpheum "Nothing Sacred." at 11.15. 1.25. 3.30 5.40. 7.50.

10.00; "Disney's Revue," at 10.30, 12.40, 2.50, 5.00, 7.05, 9.15. Amherst "Awful Truth" and "Thunder Trail." Belmont "Madame and Ali Baba Goes to Town." Cartier "Stage Door" and "Westbound Limited." Cinema de Paris "La Cltadelle du Silence." Corona "It's All Yours" and "Life Begins With Love." Empire "Lost Horizon" and "'One Mile From Heaven." Empress "Merry-Go-Round" and "Man Who Cried Wolf." Francais "Heidi" and "Submarine-D." Granada "It's All Yours" and "Life Begins With Love." Imperial "I'll Take Romance" and "Park Ave Girl." Laval "Music for Madame" and "Slave Ship." Mount Royal "Double Weddins" and "Nauphty Marietta." Monkland "Firefly" and 'Tootloose Heiress." -HERE TO GIVE YOU THE MOST FUN YOU EVER' HAP IN THE THEATRE' WHO'S WHO IN FILMS ft (i.aM Ml Alfe 1 year i v.u I uulittlt tr nn ri T. a 1 I SmU itr ,7., nay "'J at the lifflmnmmmiramKmmmtnmiiiiimiMi i i ii ISii i Siia ill I' II Theotre At Snowdon Observes First Year Commencing on Sunday afternoon for one week only, the Snowdon Theatre will celebrate its first anniversary with special film and stage attractions. For the first three days of the week the management has augmented the usual screen entertainment with a stage-show comprising five acts or vaudeville and an eight-piece stage-band under the leadership of Billy Eckstein who will also offer piano novelties and his own arrangements of many new and old-time favorites in popular song-hits. In connection with this stage show the management wishes to draw particular attention to a really novel presentation in which a real old-time "silent mo vie' (vintage of 1912) will be shown to the ac-companyment of a special (and appropriate)! musical score played by Mr.

Eckstein at the piano and Armand Meerte at the drums, the same duo who played the music to thousands of pictures in the "good old silent era' and were heard by millions of movie-goers in the past two decades. This and many other surprises will be presented as part of the forty-five minute stage-show in conjunction with Jeannette MacDonald in the musical film, 'The Firefly." This special stage and screen programme will be presented for three days commencing tomorrow. Seven Dwarfs Visit Famous Roof Today Special guests of Lloyd Huntley at the Saturday afternoon luncheon dance on the Normandie Roof of the Mount Rnval Hntol tnrf Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in person. The folks from fairyland arrived here yesterday and after a ceremonious greeting were taken to the Mount Royal Hotel where they are guests of Vernon G. Cardy during tne duration of their stay.

This afternoon at 1 p.m., they will be the centre of interest on the Normandie Roof as ringside guests of Huntlev. In aHrfiti nn in iha Seven Dwarfs, Huntley promises to iAT UNITED THEATRES VSU -V Tht mut farfaona blond through tht ytmr'i trmndttt 2nd Feature "LIFE BEGINS WITH I.OVE" with Jean Parker and Douglass Montgomery, Today "Conquest." Blonde." Shorts. "Adventurous sT 7' STARTS SUNDAY. KTT'jII YA CHARLES BOVER RKTA GARBO In "Conquest." "ADVENTUROUS BLONDE," Glenda Farrell and Barton MacLane, Today "The Barrier," "The Great Garrlrk." See this complete program tonight after 9.30 for ZSc. urn STARTS SUNDAY.

JEAN PARKER in Rex Beach's The Harrier" with I.eo Carillo and James Klllaon. OLIVIA DF. HAVILLAND and Brian Ahearne In "The Great Garrlck." Today "The Firefly," "The Footloose Heiress." Shorts. STARTS SUNDAY. KPLTIAf.

JTIn KT III BIRTHDAY PARTY! La NOW SHOWING lunMsofrBaiMija ii Orleans "Live, Love and Learn" and "Bad Guy." Outremont "Merry-Go-Round" and "Man Who Cried Wolf." Papineau "Ebb Tide" and "Danger, Loe at Work." Plaza "Lancer Spy" and "Angel." Regent "Conquest" and "Adventurous Blonde." Rialto "Ebbtide" and "Danger, Love at Work." Rivoli "Firefly" and "Life Begins With Love." Roseniount "Barrier" and "Life Ber-gins in St. Denis "Mirage" and "La Fessee." Savoy "Tovanch" and "Daughter of Shanghai." Seville "Barrier" and "Great Gar-rick." Snowdon "All Baba Goes to Town and "Madame Strand "Tovarich" and "Thank You, Mr. Moto." System ''Prisoner of Zenda" and "Life of the Party." Westmount "Conquest" and "Adventurous Blonde." TODAY'S STAGE SHOWS. His Majesty's "Whiteoaks" with Ethel Barrymore, at 8.30. Matinee at 2.30.

Corona Barn "Out In the Curtain rises about 10.15 p.m. West Hill High School "H.M.S. Pinafore." at 8.15. Trinitv Hall "Chapter by the Trinitv Plavers. At 8 30.

Parish Hall. St. Matthias Church "Mr. Prohack" by the Guild of St. Matthias, at B.IO.

TODAY'S MUSIC. Plateau Auditorium Les Concerts Symphoniques, directed by Sir Ernest Macmillan. Arnold James Desmond Tester Mortfmer William Dewhurst Billy Cowper James Pirrie Hugo Brandt Francis L. Sullivan Ma Carr Drusilla Wills Steward Jerry Verno Aunt Veronica Athene Seyler Miss Harvey Ellen Pollock Abel Arthur Goullett Spurgeon Peter Bull Harriga'n Tony Quinn "PRESCRIPTION FOR ROMANCE." Directed by S. Sylvan Simon.

Story by John Reinhardt and Robert Neville. Photography by Milton Krasner. Characters Players Count Sandor Mischa Auer Dr. Valerie Wilson Wendy Barrie Steve Macy Kent Taylor Lola Carroll Dorothea Kent Smitty Frank Jenks Kenneth Barton Henry Hunter Dr. Paul Azarny Gregory Gaye Major Goddard Samuel S.

Hinds Frank Reicher Feodor Hugh S. Sheridan Officer William Lundigan Officer's sweetheart. Constance Moore Conductor Christian Rub AT THE ORPHEUM "NOTHING SACRED." Directed by William Wellman. Story by William Street, adated by Ben Hecht. Photography by W.

Howard Greene. Characters Players Hazel Flacg Carole Lombard Wally Cook Fredic March Dr. Downer Charles Winninger Stone Walter Connolly Dr. Eggelhoffer Sig Ruman Master of Ceremonies Frank Fay Orchestra Raymond Scott and His Quintet Max Maxie Rosenblum Dr. Schoenberg Dr.

Vunch Monte Wooley Dr. Marachuffsky Alex Novinsky Mrs. Bullock Aileen Pringle Soviet Film Released At the 1937 Pari Exposition, the highest motion picture award went to "Peter the First," the Soviet-produced film about Russia's most famous Czar. The film, which was three years in the making, and employed a cast of over 8,000, broke all attendance records in the Soviet Union, where 800 prints were released at once. Its American premiere took the form of a simultaneous opening on Christmas Eve in the ten largest American cities, a record for any foreign film in the U.S.A.

In several of these cities, the film is how in its fifth week. According to report "Peter the First" will be released in Canada some time in February. HIS MAJESTY'S LAST TWO TIMES TODAY AT 2.30 .8.10 ITHEL BARRYMORE In "WHITEOAKS" With STEVENS HAGGARD Mat 50c to ft .50. Eve, 50c to $2.50. Plus Tax, Second Week PBNAHD UMfRfT mi I i.w i 11 fc mi Contributor Reviews "Saint Joan" of Shaw God that madest this beautiful earth, when will it be ready to receive Thy Saints? How long, Lord, how long?" These are the words witfi which Bernard Shaw brings to close his famous play, "Saint Joan," which The Everyman Players will present in the Church of the Messiah on April 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, and 10.

Thus in such simple language Shaw's sainted maid of France touches at issues so deep and near to the heart of mankind in that period. But while the, whole problem as the maid saw 'it was to be solved by "Raising the siege of Orleans, crowning the Dauphin in Rheims Cathedral and driving the English out of France," the solution was more complex as seen by the dominating forces of the day. In the year 1409 the French countryside was overrun by English armies and the appearance of the "young girl who believes, herself divinely inspired to lead the French armies presented another trouble to those dominating forces. The menace to the Church then was heresy, and the menace to the feudal aristocracy was nationalism. Taking onto herself the mantle of sainthood, and thereby leaving herself open to charges of heresy, and at the same time intensifying the national spirit of the suffering French people, Shaw's Saint Joan takes the form of a twin, menace to these two forces.

Against the background, Saint Joan's via dolorosa to martyrdom if shown in Shaw's chronicle play. With his ever powerful pen, he follows her steps from the opening scene in a chamber of the Castle of Vaucouleurs, where she explains 1 1 1 1 1 aOC ') ih. I nil is I 10 ill her plan of campaign to the English, through her trial ior heresy in Hie ambulatory in theT cathedral of Rheims, after she is finally sold by the Burgundians to the English. (Contributed.) Festival Will Open In Montreal Shortly With slightly over two weeks left before the Quebec Musical Competition Festival begins, final preparations for the event are in pro gress. In its second year the festival can boast an entry list of 1,156.

Almost 10,000 people from Montreal and about forty odtsiae points will participate -as contestants and listeners, it is estimat ed. The festival this year will be inaugurated March 14 and continue for nine days. The distinguished group of judges who are expected to arrive here shortly from Europe include Sir Hugh Roberton, Steuart Wilson, of London; Maurice Jacob-son, London; Malcolm Morley, well-known to Canadians through his work with the Dominion Drama Festival, Leon David ano) Henri dinger. Competitive classes cover almost the complete field of music, with competition planned for instrumental and vocal soloists, choral and orchestral work and original composition. In a cycling tour of Great Britain Billie Dovey is giving lectures on "Cycling for Fitness." Hotels of Singapore are jammed with tourists, commercial travellers and refugees from China.

Ml 9 i AT THE PALACE. "SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS." RKO-Radlo release of Walt Disney's production. Adapted from the story by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm. Supervising director. David Hand: Supervising animators, Hamilton Luske, Vladimir Tytla, Fred Moore, and Herman Ferguson.

AT THE CAPITOL "EVERYBODY SING." Directed by Edwin Marin. Screenplay by Florence Ryerson and Edgar Allan 'Woolf. Musical director. Dr. William Axt.

Songs by Gus Kahn, Bronislaw Kaper and Walter Jurmann. Other songs by Kalmar and Ruby. Characters Players Ricky Sabonl Allan Jones Olga Chckatoff Fanny Brice Judy Bellaire Judy Garland Hillary Bellaire Reginald Owen Diana Bellaire Billie Burke Jerrold Hone Reginald Gardiner Sylvia Bellaire Lynne Carver Hilary's Secretary Helen Troy John Fleming Monty Woolley Boris Adia Kuznetznff Signor Vittorino Henry Armetta Madame Le Brouchette Micheletta Buranl Miss Colvin Mary Forbes "THE JURY'S SECRET." Directed by Edward Sloman from story by Lester Cole. Screenplay by the author and Newman Levy, Photography by Milton Krassner. Characters Players Russell Kent Taylor Linda Fay Wray Mrs.

Sheldon Jane Darwell Mary Norrii Nan Grey Sheldon Larry Blake Marrow Fritz Leiber District Attorney Leonard Mudle Williams Samuel Hinds Judge Bates John Halliwell Hobbs Butler Edward Broadly Page William Davidson AT THE PRINCESS "WISE GIRL." Directed by Leigh Jason. Story by Allan Scott and Charles Norman. Photography by Peverell Morley. Characters Players Susan Fletcher. Hopkins John O'Halloran Ray Milland Karl Walter Abel Mr.

Fletcher Henry Stephenson Derment O'Neil Alec Craig Mike Guinn Williams Joan Betty Philson Katie Marianna Strelby Mrs. Bell-Rivlngton. Dumont George Joan de Briac Prince Michael Ivan Yobedoff Prince Ivan Rafaol Storm Prince Leopold Gregory Gaye Detectives Richard Lano and Tom Kennedy "CRASHING HOLLYWOOD." Directed by Lew Landers. From play by Paul Dickey and Mann Page. Photography by Nicholas Muscuraca, Frank Redman and Vernon Walker.

Character! Players Michael Lee Tracy Barbara Joan Woodbury Horman Paul Guilfoyle Goldl Lee Patrick Wells Richard Lane Darey-Hawk Bradley Page Al Tom Kennedy Peyton Ceorge Irving Decker i Frank M. Thomas Dickson Jack Carson Receptionist Aleo Craig Crlsby Jamti Conlln AT LOEW'S THEATRE "NON-STOP NEW YORK." Directed by Robert Stevenson. Adopt-from novel "Sky Steward" by Ken Attlwdl. Screenplay by Roland Pert-wee and J. O.

C. Orton. Photography by Mut Greenbaum, Characters Plavere Jennie Carr Anna Ie Inspector Jim Grant. John Loder Sam Pryor Collier Doily 9 to 1 25cif The of Your Life wn-STOP LODER Jomw titnt kDDF.O It's Gay! OMOUftSTAOt Radio's Romantic Sparkling! Troubadour SfiODD Jf" VI 1 iv LTiiKTJKNH550y. LOMIIARD 7 Female MAIICI1 I lffTXHAIill WINNINtMl A WAITU CONNOUT tiSaMiliftMMsssssHH 7 EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA OFFICIAL MOVING PICTURES OF THE LOUIS-MANN FIGHT THE FASTEST 3 ROUNDS THE PRIZE RIN6 HAS EVER SEEN ui VIM 1 mm 'GO yiliZti GO GQvr fr WITH 7 BIG, riraJ cti Del nurit DAILY: 10 a.m.

to 1 p.m. 25c Km I XAniwmjtoM'v OeMeaWMsW, ii Hp Allm Jonei JgElf I tl "Mtytimt'i" raaf star. "Showbomt't thrilling ttnor. Singing eve fangs by thm composer oj "Rit Mtrit," special State Show WILLIE Ff KSTEIN A NO HIS OHCHKHTRA plus AN EXCELLENT STAGE, SHOW Today "All Baha Goes To Town," "Madame Cartoon. UltllUllIilllUIUUIllllIUllllUl fbsa Mischa Atifr and Madeleine Carroll In a scene from the romantic comedy "It's All Yours." which opon a three-day engagement at the Westmount United Theatre on Sunday, francii Lederer ha the leading male role.

AMARD fUVUf Now Sfiowinj.

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