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The Citizeni
Howard, Kansas
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WEIED SUPEESTITION. HOLLAND'S LITTLE QUEEN. Hanson's jtlasie Bnlv-. Warranted to cure. sroncr refaadsC Ask year tlrusiftst for it.

Price 15 ifnu. A STRANGE BELIEF AMONG RHODE ISLAND NATIVES. The English language is beiriq: ruthlessly pillaq-el by young people about to commit graduation. Chicago News. Health, Tid-IJits av weak, ecivotj men, 81.

Trial loc. uUo cnt-mltiJ Oliio. The whole or the Jewett farm mile track will bo unJe. cover before next fall. consumption a Vampire That Fastens Itself Upon a Family and Suoks Blood From First One nd Then Another.

She Is Only Twelve Years Old, Kut Is Already Betrothed to a Prince. One of the most interesting sover-eign3 in Europe is the Queen of Holland. That is a very dignified title; but its bearer is only a little 12-year-cld girl. Wilhelmine Helena Tauline Marie, daughter of King William and Queen Emma of the Netherlands, was born at The Hague, August 31, 1SS0. She is a pretty child, fond of all the little things that other girls of her age love dolli, You Can Secnre a OooI ISasincss Position by learning bookkeei'lor.

ehort hand, etc, by mail, Bryani Ct ege. Bufialo, N. V. CCPYRiC'-JT iS5l fairy tales and candy. She also has a Fixed hist rhhl ueciaea tasie ior me oui oi ooors.

has not been taught more than most children of rich parents knov at I2i Caraza, a yeirling owns by Fashion Stud Jt'arm. paced a quarter in ob seconds recently. TKZ KEHUEY CURE. The Keeley Company of Kansas, which controls the riprht to ue Dr. Leslie E.

Remedies for Drunkenness and the Cipiurn and Tobacco Habit? in the -tate ct with a view of covering their territory more and causing the benefit of the Remedies to be more widely spread have opened institutes for the Keeley treatment at Topeka, Leavenworth, Kana City, Wiafield and Marysville. These institutes are so located as to rentier them easily accessible trom every part of the itate" The Keeley company of Kana have "cen unusually succeslul in tiieir practice, having treated over 409 eases of alcoholism and or.ium Inhitues without failure. Their stall of physic-jails are well kno wn practitioners who have practiced the cure of nervous and narcotic diseases under Dr. Keeley at Dwhjht. Charle? Friel, of Pittsburg bas 18 head of trotters and pacers at Lexington, Ivy.

all choicaly bred. Rev. cT. W. Berke, Macon, fix, s.rrs: I nave found Bradycrotiae an infaliiLle and litest instant cure for headache.

Liver, Stomach, and BtnvcK by Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets. They do it in just the right Tray, too by usin Nature's own methods. That's vrhy they're better than tho dreadful, cU- fashioned with their crripin and violence. But" they io better in every way.

In for instance, and doss. They're tho smallest and the easiest to take only one little Pellet is needed for laxative three for a cathartic. They cleanse and regulate the system thoroughly but itV, done easily and naturally. Sick Headache, Bilious Headache, Constipation, Indigestion, Bilious Attacks, and all derangements of the Liver, Stomach and are prevented, relieved, and cured. They're the cheapest pill you can.

buy, for they're guaranteed to give satisfaction, "or your money is returned. You pay only for valuo received. SoxnctLinj clre, that pays the dealer may be offered as just as ool" Perhaps it is, for Aim, but it csu'l be, for you. Both ths method and results -whan Syrup of Figs 13 taken it is pleasant nd refreshing to the taste, and acta fently yet promptly on the Kidneys aver and Bowels, cleansed the syS tern effectually, dispels colds, head. "Khes and fevers and cures habitual constipation.

Syrup of Figc fs the only remedy of its kind ex er produced, pleasing to the taste and acceptable to the stomach, prompt in its action and truly beneficial in its "effects, prepared only from the most healthy and agreeable substances, its many excellent qualities commend it to all and 'have macla is the most popular remedy kncTTn. 'Syrup of Figs i3 for sale in 50c anti CI bottles by all leading drug- gists. Any reliable druggist who may not have it on hand will procure it promptly for any 01? wha wishes to try it. Do not acceu, anv substitute. CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO.

SAN FRANCISCO. CAL. LOUISVILLE, KY. HEYJ Y0ML RECOLLECTIONS OF MARSHALL TVIien OCT tlie "Bench He Liked to Joiu iu Small Boys' Sports. A gentleman, long a resident of this capital, says the Louisville Courier-Journal, used to relate that his father, a practitioner at the bar of the supreme court, once sent him.

when a smali boy. to the house of the chief justice for some legal papers. He appeared before Marshall with something like that feeling of reverence, with which the Ibo prostrates himself before his fetish, with something of that awe with which the barbarian Gaul approached the Roman senate, sitting amid the ruins of the Forum. He presented the note and the chief, justice was not slow to detect the bashfulness of the lad. He read the nota selected the papers, tied them up in a bundle and thn said: Billy.

I believe I can beat you playing marbles; come into ths yard and. we will have a game." The boy assented, and soon he was engaged in that childish play with the foremost intellect of the Western Hemisphere. All his embarrassment was gone, and the game proved to be exciting and closely contested, both being skillful plaj-ers. When chief justice of the United Marshall, used to spend much of his fine at his home in Richmond. The court had comparatively a small docket then, and the vacations were more frequent and longer in duration.

Ho would bundle up submitted cases, go to Richmond for the vacation and write his decision's there. He had a spacious mansion on the outskirts of the city, and in his grounds was a noted spring of pure water, surrounded by splendid elms and giant oaks, and in pleasant weather the great jurist would retire to the spring to read and ponder the legal records upon which he was to adjudicate. Nearby was a school-house, the pupils attending which got water at his spring. No boy or girl ever -went there for. water that the old man did not.

have kindly greeting for him or her and words of advice or encouragement He often engaged in their games at playtime, and it was a common sight to see the boys chasing him after he had hurled at them that greatest of all! affrbns to the schoolboy of fifty or. eighty years ago -school the old fellow was almost certain to do every day when it rvas about time for the boys to return to their studies. And yet as this man was. full of animal spirits as he was. it was said of him by William Writ that had a flower of fancy sprung up in the train of his thought he would have crushed it a3 he would an -adder.

On the bench he was hu-. man reason incarnate: in private station he was the kindest and mo5t playful of men. Tli at Accounted for It. "You say.11 said Judge Sully Mc-Dutiio. "that the accused sought to bribe you with forty dollars? 1 Yea sir.

replied the officer. "And when I took him out to search his premises, he tried to slip a five-dollar bill into my hand and'1 "And you did not take asked Judge McDuffie. incredulously. No. sir, I did not" calmly replied the oiiicer.

How long have you been on the force?" inquired his honor. "Since the tenth of last On 6Sif OTP 1(Y lf II ill only we wiU I end our El-ctric ft Helts nJ CJJ fir -jiiiuiiuu Crit Davis i3 tra'nin? 51 horses. Amongr tiiern aro Bonnie vVilaiore, Nellie 2.14$; and Katherine S.f Dr. C. R.

Jndd's Electric Belts will cura in nearly, all cases where medicine fails, bold on six months trial. Judd Electric Omaha. Neb. Suspender, ths Winner of the Royal Hunt Cup at Ascot, bo a gallus goer." Miss Mary Abar is city elitor of the Appeal Avalanche at Memphis, and is a mighty smart oae at that. II Yea Wish HeaUh Try cr.s Oar CclS.

I simply state thatll am Druggist 1 i Xatcro should fce "Satcr Those interested in oik-lore should know of recent developments of the vampire superstition in Rhode Island. Rhode Island is a 'thickly settled and civilized state. Along the great watercourses and along the rsh ores' of the Narragansett Bay it is one great village, hut back toward the Connecticut line one can find forests which never have bowed to an ax, and a race of people who preserve ail the superstitions and traditions of another age. Among the curious superstitions among the people living in these isolated regious is that of the vampire. It is not the belief in the existence cf a human vampire such as Byron told oi when he curdled the blocd of his hearers with the tale of Lord Kuth-veh.

or such'as forms a part of the folk-lore of certain parts of Europe, but one which seems peculiar to these and the origin of which would repay investigation. They believe, many of them, and believe it thoroughly, that consumption is not a disease, but a result of the operations of a mysterious creature called the vampire, which fastens itself upon a family and unseen, and therefore indestructible by ordinary means sucks the blood from rt one victim and 'then another. They believe that from the lonely grave-yard on the rocky farm an inlluence' steals for death as long as the body of the dead consumptive has blood in its heart, for there the vampire is at work and is draining the blood of the living victim into the body of the dead. To get rid of the vampire it is necessary to exhume the body and burn the parts, generally the heart, where the vampire lives, and administer the ashes in some manner to the living and aHicted ones. There is a strong element of mysticism in the minds of these people, and it is not, 1 perhaps, strange that the dread scounre of consumption which baTIes medical science and sweeps away so many of the sturdy New Kngland race should be invested by them with the weird superstition of the vampire.

The most recent case of the outcrop of the vampire superstition occurred last March. George T. Brown, a respectable farmer of Exeter, lost his wife about eight years ago. his daughter Olive two years laer. and his other daughter.

Mercy, last January, all dying from consumption. Mr. Brown's son Edwin, a young married man, is also a consumptive. He went with his wife to Colorado Springs, having heard of the curative properties of that place in cases like his, and stayed there for eighteen months, but got no better. Then a longing came to him and his wife to see again the pine trees ana the old familiar faces in Rhode Island, and he came back to Exeter, his native town.

On March 17. shortly after his return, it was decided to dig up the bodies of his' mother and sister and see if the vampires were still at work. A physician was -sent for' from the villiage of Wick ford, a considerable distance away. He came and made an examination of the exhumed bodies. In the heart of Mercy, the last of those who had died, was found blood.

The heart and lungs of the dead girl were thereupon burned. How the ashes were disposed of was kept a profound secret Only a few people were allowed to be present at the cremation and-no detailed-account of -it can' be obtained, but it must have been a "weird- ceremony on the bleak New England hillside with the March winds blowing over the desolate country. The Gleaner, a paper published in the Pawtuxet Valley, gives an account of another case of similar nature which occurred in the town of Foster. R. some years ago.

Levi Young, who lived on a farm in the south-west assisted ed to thrcvr ofTixapnritles cf lli3 2 blood, xiotiiinr: LITTLE QULKtf, -'(- but she is fully conscious that she is a Queen and has already decided to be gracious and kind to her subjects. She has been Queen since a short time after her fathers death, in 1SS9; but until she reaches the age of IS, in 189S, her mother will rule as Queen "Regent. It was only a short time ago that the betrothal of this tiny sovereign was brought about Her fiancee is Prince Frederick Albrecht, Iiegent of Brunswick's oldest son. He is now IS 3-ears old. Opening: the Canal.

Ths most acceptable proposition that can be made to parsons troubled with cbronio constipation, is to open that important canal the bowels. That proposition can be carried oat by the parties interested if they resori to IIos-tstter's Stomach Bitters, the most effective, most genial alterative extant. It is the mistake cf many otherwise sensible people, that they resort to drastic, or in other words, violent purgatives. Without exaggeration, this is highly injurious, since such medicaments weaken the bowels besides convulsing both them and tbe stomach with piin. Relief sought from the Bitters comes freely enouja, but they never produce pain, excessive action, or subsequent weakness of the Liver and kidney trouble, malaria, dyspepsia, lack of stamina and a tendency to rheumatism, are remedied by this substitute fur drenching cathartics.

Patrick Egan's Accuser. Dr. John Trumbull, of Valparaiso, in whose letter to Congressman William Breckenridg-e, of Kentucky, serious charges are made against Minister Egan and Council McCrcery, has a number of 1'riends in New York City, who describe him as a man whose veracity it would be impossible to question. Dr. Trumbull is a cousin and not a brother of Ricardo Trumbull.

He graduated from the Harvard medical school and then went abroad to complete his studies. He was born in Valparaiso, where his father Rev. CURES 'and Postmaster here and am therefore in a position to judge. I have tried many Cough Syrups but for ten years past have found nothing equal to Boschee's German Syrup. I have given it to my baby for Croup with the most satisfactory results.

Every mother should have it. J. H. Hobbs, Druggist and Postmaster, Moffat, Texas. We present facts, living facts, of to-day Boschee's German Syrup gives strength to the body.

Take no substitute. does it so rrell, go BALfitUAL promptly, or so P01S0J! safely as Shift's SpcciRc f) 0 Free Advice nl Treat- tinxTJIV nfEt roent trial. aii'- (nr new iirprr th1 ee'ric Veils ar eratea suEcIcst Ectr cltv to produce a fW.c. In jr'ce of 5.00. ti3 I5.C0), meuro, sad full partjculars.

Apents sauted. feciTJS Cur. Kont Jaa. tfi, 131 Just eizhta wsiitts w-twiui isn in over SJ.OCOfcr Judi Electric Uflif- and T-usics. ci never h-d t.cslc crap'aint.

he. Lave bi litany psrfd them. I Id. Njwejo Pnre Co. Cures Lame Back, Kidr.ev snd Livr Cjnip aint InciirKii ju.

Dvfcp Lo of Viiluj jad all Fenikle VVeaktesf. Judd Electric Company, Omaha. Nea. THE GREAT SOUTHWEST! LIFE HAD NO CHARMS. For three years I was troubled tvith malarial poison, v.hich caused mv appetite to fail, and I greatly reduced la flesh, and life lost all its charms.

I tried mercurial and potash remedies, but to no effect. I could getno relief. I then decided to try A few bottles cf this medicine made a complete and permanent cure, and I now enjoy better health than ever. J. A.

Rice, Ottawa, Kan. Our book en Blood and Skin Diseases mailed free. StTlFT Gpecifio Atlanta, Ga. COLORADO! TEXAS! ARIZONA! KANSAS! OKLAHOMA! NEW MEXICO! i TUBE PERHANEHTLY CURED OR NO PAY! was the officer's answer. Well, that accounts for it 11 remarked his honor.

"You may step aside." Texas Sittings. No operation or detention from Consultation free. Correspondence solicited. Unexceptional references from those treated. Fi-liLnctul reference, First National Dank.

Brown Drag fflnfield, Kan. a wrr- TZZ." taccc ty notspr ti It li perpiritica, cauue iuttuse itctin when wdra Vhia form and BL1.1U, RELIEVES all Storhacb. Distress. REMOVES Nausea. Sense of Fullness, Coxoestiok.

Pain. REVIVES Failing ENERGY. RESTORES Normal Ci reflation, and Warms to Toe Tips. BR. BARTER KEDICIKE St.

LosjIs, Unparalleled Senlces of Climate, Pro- duels and Markets. Write to Ehvard Ilarcn, Special Im-mifxralion A pent, Santa Fe Koutc, 1050 Union Ave, Kansas City, for latest free pamphlets. THE ATCHIFON, TCPilKA A SANTA FE R. K.t passes through twelve ttates and territories, and, havintrno lands of its own t0 6ell, hae no object in unduly advancing the intereets oi anv particular locality, or in giving other than perf tlv reliable information. Its rroeperity being dependent cpon the pros-peri tv of the farmers of the Great frouthwefct, it is naturallv willinz to aid tho deserving and industries Immigrant pekSnr to establish anew by jriving him all the facts and data at its disposal.

ii tii mm Of time comer. Dutcher's Fly Killer. Sure death flies, destroys their eggs, prevents reprcxluction and rids the house of the pests. Get Dutcher's and secure best results. Freak.

Ditshgr Drug Cg St. Alla.Tt, YtrXD AT oxen TO Drf. 5AN KO KiLt KtKECT, ITIanairini: Hubbr Wife: -I shall -need $10 to-day." Husband: "Good gracious! I gave, you $10 yesterday, 10 the day before. and $10 the day before that'1 1 need the 10 or I would rot ask it I wish to get a new dress." Husband: Oh, well, you do need another dress, that's a fact Here's the GOT PILES HE rtiijh acts direct! 7 on parts aflecteo, tb3orb turaora, cUaysitenjEg. effecting, a permtn-utctire.

I'rleiiCe. Dru(ffrlts or mail. rr. for summer complaints Perry Davis' Pain-Killer best medicine in the world I money. Can you get a dress for 10?" "No.

butthisten and the other three tens make forty. Good-by. -New York-Weekly. TASTE AND ETIQUETTE. 3 nflly BMOKI5PG Connecting the Commercial Centres and rich 8 fJ I tr-fi I ounces for 5 eta.

A CJaolco ional. loss herbal r'r. to lbs. rr montr. by liar til I 'n'i'l rn hed cr'TocTs.

Strictly .25 to 23 lbs. ier month by harm cornor of the town, had a large family O'W "'Ide. Chic63 Id. mention this Pap-r. DR.

TKUJlBULr- David Trumbull, was one of the rsz missionaries. lie went to New Yo'k when a boy and returned to Chili in fome of them died of bovs and girl- Fk i HJS i tv. ii is. a FULL GQUHSE FREE In order tof jrttr popularize our College, we will give a thorough course of in Bookkeeping una Cmncrcial by mail, free ol churp-e. 'iiils course will be completed in forty let-sous.

Diplomas free to all successful students. Join our class. ai.d proit bv our experience. Acren F. J.

Vsn-d'Tberg', l're -i heaven worth Uusinc-ss College, i-ock Box 1S. IHervorth. Kansas Successfully Prosecutes Claims. fi U.S. ir'eLisiori Bureau.

One of the employes of a St Louis brewery is said to receive fifty glasses of beer as his daily allowance. An English fashion of eating strawberries from the stem with fingers is beginning to obtain in this country among the ultra fashionable. After all, the true and most genteel way to eat asparagus, says the Mail and Express, is to cut off the tips with knife and fork, conveying said tips to the mouth by means of the last mentioned article of tabie furniture. To talk the stalk in the fingers, or convey it in its entirety on the fork to the mouth, is considered ''vulgar' by those quoted as highest authority in matters of correct table etiquette. HE AND SHE.

1 arms 01 MISSOURI, The Broad Corn and Wheat Fields and Thriving Towns of KANSAS, The Fertile River Valleys and Trade Centres of NEBRASKA, The Grand, Picturesque and Enchanting Scen-- ery, and the Famous Mininjr Districts of COLORADO, The Asrricultural, Fruit, Mineral and Timber Lands, and Famous Hot Spring3 of ARKANSAS, The Beautiful Rolling: Prairies and Wood lands of the INDIAN TERRITORY, The Suear Plantations of LOUISIANA, The Cotton and Gram Fields, the Cattle Eangsa and Winter Resorts of TEXAS, Historical and Scenic OLD AND NEW MEXICO, And forms with its Connections the Popular Wirter Route to ARIZONA AND CALIFORNIA, For full descriptive and illustrated panpMet of any of the above States, or Hot springs, atk. Antonio. Texas, and Slexiso. sddress Company 3 Agents, or H. C.

TOWISEND, Gszl rassssr ST. LOUIS, "KO, La 3yriu, ally CEXTS pays lor an AJuminum LoH'f PrtTe; Jf boavtrii.r unl coj'j ol our i y. T. i.

O.ive M. Li-iii. f'J nrnnnlingr 3 3 SV MEItlf A.N, STEaru ZXs Easton, Pa. ena lor prices. G.

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tore tib3 "CSffSu iL72 any time, lake EiE5rs Iot. laaemird. orlar rriRt all taeriti of the Western Normal in oh men I PA I LI I may tert the i coiiego. we will ill pay your R. R.

fare from yonr home tr LincoJn, X-b. Fullj.rirtiriilnrs, pr.t togueg tuid cin-L FREE. yT ZtZZZ, I'll. -5 A Fi S'XiYJ'SrrY. 4 Ijsm OFSMOISPS.IA.

'J "VN. Vol. 5. 'Then ansverinr any of thtse aivertisemenu pleaeo mertion this pajer. 0 departments cmtrs-ia: 7 lail 5 1 S'i'J tiew endovrmtnt.

lor young from consumption and the others- showed signs of the disease, when Nancy, one of the- girls, had been dead three months her body was exhumed and burned lo kill the vampire.1' while the remaining members of the family stood around and inhaled the smoke. These things took place in the most densely populated state in the union, but among a people living in isolated regions, among whom all ancient traditions and superstitions are tenacious of life. Old-Fashioned. Old-fashioned names that are again the style are so much prettier than the that are nearly always used. Dorothy is certainly prettier than either Dot cr Dolly.

Elizabeth seems to have no connection with Lib or Lizzie. Katherine has a dignity about it that Kitty can never reach and Kate only appro ximate. Margaret is sweeter than Maggie or Meg. though Margie often seems to fit some girls perfectly. Mary and Jane, in their simplicity, are good names." and a girl who bears the name of Patience or Faith to live up to is blessed.

Slve Understood. Steward (on Atlantic liner) You can't goon deck now. Ma'am; its raining. It's bio win great guns. Mrs.

Oshkosh Mercy! Why don't they stop it? Artillery will only make more rain, my good man! Texas Siftings. nil a IT A youoeyur-eifand litmily to ret the best value lor yonr money. Kcoho-tnizc in your footwfrxrby V. rihoe. which represent the bet MM 4 1 ii rosiumntsves and peorie p.

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A jrenuine iieTvet! Iioe, that r.ot Hp, fine ca'f, searrdess, tmoutu flexible, iore eumf l'-i durable tL.u acy otnr-r hfe ever sold at tan pneo. E'liizds c-c-toia uiic cost 1C3 from it to $5. SA and srhoes. The rat Ety.ish, tif easy aud Quranic suoes ever taM r.t ti.ea prices. 1 hey Drake Universitv, Dos "Moines.

Iovra. is rapidly becoming one of the great educational centers of the country, iiee adrert-iscnient elsewhere. The rarest thin? ia all Arizona, it is said, i3 a thnndarstorm. Sometimes there is not oa3 a year. The Only One Ever frinted Can Ton Find The "U'ord.

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Sweden enumerates over 100.00D head of reindeer among her domesticated animals. te Irr.j-ortc-l srots 43 t- 'You don't call that a joke, do "Certainly; if that ain't a joke it's so near one that there ain't no fun in it" Fidgety Lady "Bat what am I to do? I can't ride with my back to the engine." Sarcastic iouth "Better speak to the guard. He'll turn the train round." "It seems to me that young Toney Knob in the drawing room is a long time saying -Good night' The cable cars have already stopped." "Ue can't go, pa. Sister's sitting on him." Ethel "Have you asked papa yet?" George "No, not yet" Ethel "Why don't you?" George? "I'm going to write to him: it seems more businesslike to send in a sealed proposal." First Letter Wife (writing from Wildbad) "How I long for a couple of lines in your (Xo reply.) Second Letter "I feel anxious about you; do writ-el" (No reply.) Third Letter "I am quite in distress about you; this dreadful suspense is killing me" (No reply.) Fourth Letter "If I do not hear from you by-to-mdrrow, I shall set off home at once!" Telegram "Keep calm; I am all right Your h-usba-' iiEiiy SRA.IM -KS --1 a gocvi i thr-e f.htJ, exiention eti0e tLoc, lvlJrr- to -w-cuJc la, tad kep the st-t dry a ad warm. i I Z(i Fine aud t-hiu3 men's SSom V9' '-'ijri'-i -J Hmm will pr ore wear tor tue- n.oney n.un acvo'htrrrst.

Thy ere ma- lor n-rrice. Ti-e tscrt-ailus tiits suotv iiz.t wtr. XS-riy-. Iceriea have this o'lt. I'--5 Yi iL.7 I ar-j Vonths' Sl.T- Phoe era C.

WEST'S NERVE AND ERALN TKEAI31ZNT, ri Zj win Irrtte Uj5 evt-rj' v. r.eie. it IIiot itx forRy5teria. Pizzinees, Fits HeacU-ne. Nervous Prostration caused by alcohol or totiaccoj W'akef'-ilness.

Mental Depression, Voftemrg' of Brairj Causing ir. sanity, misery dev'ay, death. Premature Ol 1 Agre.BarrennessI Loss of 1 ower in either stx, Irr.pot-ency" LeucorrhorJi. and all Female Weaknesses, 'involuntary, caused by over-cxertion of brain' able hnec cr.M rz tliese rri.n. a A ri rr Q.

3 Ii.tud--ev-ed, -0, cnJ 01.73 i4' iU5 thoe fvf ct the tst L-on-roh or See Cal, as tefirei. Ti.ey are ry, 1-1. lortaule ani darat'Ie. Tre khu: tgue: ctistoin Brce 6fioes costing fr $4 to ISeries howiia toecono in tb'r footwear tre tiiis ovt. C- C'A UTI(N.

Beware of ieai-rs ruijstitctirgshoesTs-ith-oct'w. L. Louxias came and tLe lit it. rr.r.t en bottom. -iHn'crif ir ft tn 7: fr.cir- to refandlf rotevrei.

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She Then take them along, by-all' means. Herald. Si 4 ASK FOR W. L. DOUGLAS SHOES, tlon by tnr obtalafnz money wn-ter frt'w

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Write tsr Caiaire. L. Uouilas. Urscktoa, 21. the Famous Little for Cocstipationick Tlead-6Che, Dyspepsia.No Xausea.Xo Snail..

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