The Gazette from Montreal, Quebec, Canada on April 28, 1913 · 17
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The Gazette from Montreal, Quebec, Canada · 17

Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Issue Date:
Monday, April 28, 1913
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'A VOL. UAL.11., rsu. iur THi: gazette, Murs iKKAU jiu3LAr, avihl, zs, itra. 17 antmi FEATURE EVENT WON BY TEN POINT Showed Himself? to Be One of the Best Three-Year-Olds Out ; LEXINGTON TRACK OPENED Phoenix Hotel Handicap Won by Flora Fina in, a Shifty. Style From a Good Field , . , .1 : Havre de Grace, Maryland, April 26. Ten point left no room for doubt today that he is one of the best three-year-olds of this year, if not the very best. He not only won the Philadelphia handicap in the easiest kind of way from older horses, but ' gave all of them weight and then equalled the track record without being extended to his utmost. Butwell sat as confidently in the saddle as if he was taking park exercise. G. P. Eustis sent Shackleton after the' race and he was in superb condition. Mr. Hallenback also tried out Aste's star with Adams Express, but both were beaten as badly as cheap selling platers. Every horse that finished behind Ten Point was worn out, while Ten Point trotted up to the judges showing very little distress. That he will be the favprite for the Kentucky derby to .be run on May 10, is positive, if he keeps in his present condition, though the Westerners still have great faith in Hawthorne, their representative. Outside of the handicap the sport was not of the highest order from a class (b'tlandpoVit,. though some of the finishes were close and the result in doubt until the end. Double Five beat a fair lot of sprinters in the first race. This little horse seems, to be fascinated with the Havre de Grace track. He runs faster and stays further than ever before. Gainer won the two-year-old race from a nice lot of youngsters and shows that J. L. Holland has at the least three good youngsters in Gainer, Gordon and Gallop. The former created a new track record by covering the four and a half furlongs in 64 2-5 seconds, clipping a fifth of a second off the time made by his stable mate, Gordon, four days before. Pommette Bleu and Executor performed creditably n . the race, both coming from far in the rear. El Oro and Mary Ann K had a ding-dong race from beginning to end Jn the mile and a sixteenth event. ' While El Oro won only by a head It was due to Fairbrother not caring to show his mount up any more than was necessary. The summary: First race, three-year-olds; five and half turnings iDotble Five, 107, Halsey, 8 to .1, won; Spohn, 105, Der-onde, 9 to' 5, second; Trifler, 90. Wolf, 3 to 1, third. Time, 1.C6 3-5. Patrick .S. Mo.icrief, Popgun, Votes, Striker, Thrifty, also ran. Bectind .race, two-year-olds: four end a half furlongs Gainer,, .110, Wilson, 3 to 1, even, won; Trade Mark, 112, Robblns, 8 to 1, second; Pomette Bleu, 110, Wolf, 5 to , third. Time, t z-b. I'reston i.ynn, iiorln, Master Joe, Spearhead, Willie Wad-dell, Maxim's Choice, Executor, also ran. ... r, Third race, three-year-olds and up; (mile and a sixteenth El Oro, 116. Falrbrother, 7 to 10, won; Mary Ann K, 88, Ford, 7 to 2, second; Floral Day, 105, Sklrvin, 10 to 1, third. Time, 1.47 4-5. Irene Gummell, Eddie Gran-. ey, Madriilian, also ran. Fourth race, The Philadelphia Stakes); three-year-olds and up; $1,-500 , added; six furlongs Ten Point, , 113, Hutwell, 3 to 5, won; Shfkle-ton, 111, Wilson, 6 to 1, second; Adams Express, 124, Musgrave, 3 to 1, third. Time, 1.11 3-5. Everett, Sir Blaise, Kelburne, allso ran. Fifth race, two-year-olds; five furlongs Ruby Hyams, 101, Skirvin, 8 .to 5, won; The Urchin, 109, Butwell 2 to 1, jiecond; John Marshall, 108, Hoffman, 15 to 1, third. Time,. 1. 01 4-5. Slellfita, bcarsdale, also ran. Sixth race three-year-olds and up; six furlongs Ardelon, 95, Snider, 20 to 1, won; Lad of Langdon, 112, lut-'wejll, 6 to 1, second; Mrgazine, .115, Mathews, 10 to 1, third. Time, 1.14 1-5. Coming Coon, Clem Beachey, Nello, Ppin, Nimbus, Emily Lee, Chlilton King, Productive, also ran. TODAY'S ENTRIES. t First race, three year olds and up, Belling; six furlongs Horace E., 112; Liltle Pal, 110; Rod and Gun, 108; xChilton Queen, 115: Blue Thistle, 110; Cowl, -120; Garry, 111; -xRock Fish, 8fc; Nimbus, 112; xCherry Seed, 111; xRfilph Lloyd, 94. Second race, fillies, two year olds. Conditions, four find a ba-K" furlongs Veilchen, 10J; Galaxy, 105; Stake and Cap, 102; Molma, 102; Mater, 102; Sanctuary, 102; Polly H., 102; Vega, 112; Florin, 10u: Thiid race, three year olds and up. fuelling; handicap; six furlong Prince Alimed, 115; Spohn, 110; Judge Mfinck, 100; Yolthorpe, 107; Montresor, 106; Royal' Message, 106; Sherwood, 114; Sir Penrah, 104. Fourth race, two year olds; Aberdeen; four and a half furlongs-Preston Lynn, 117; Flitter Gold, 107; Cante, 107; PunchDowl, 107; Garl, 111; Gainer, 111; Fathom, 107; Trumps, 114; Enver Bey, 111. Fifth race, three year olds and up; rolling; mile and seventy yards New River, 112; O'Em, 110; xO. U. Buster, 107; xTroy Weight, 107; xSetback, 115; Oakhurst, 112; Townton Fieid, 115; Font, 112; xAdolanto, 107; xMycenae, 107; xEmily Lee, 105; Marietta, 93; xstairs, 110; xMary Ann K., 88; Futurity, 105. Sixth race, three year olds; maidens, five and a half furlongs Battery, 102; Arran, 102; Burning Day-Jlrht, 107; Fifty Five, 105; Recom-pmse, 110; Bclray, 105; Mohawk Girl, 100; L'Aiglon, 105; Firbal, 105; Pigie C, 106; Lohengrin, 105; Brynllmah IV; Miss Brush, 100; Petetus, 107; recovery, !!'!; La Sainrella, 100. . Fixe pouuds apprentice allowance claimed. ,Weather clear; track fast. I LEXINGTON WEEK .OPENED. Lexington, Kentucky, April 26. The opening of the racing season here attracted a large attendance, the feature event, the I'hnenix Hotel Handicap, being won by Flora Fina, the mutuels paying $11.70 straight. The following are the results: First race, purse J500, for three-year-olds and upward, 54 furlongs 5, Miss Thorpe, 105, McCnhe, $22.80, place $3.30, show $5.10; 2, Cason Delivery, 101, Hopkins, $9.70, $4.40; 3, Casey Jones, 110, Klrchbaum, $3 30. Time, 1.09. Sebago, Jim Basey, The Cinder, Klva, Joe Stein and Amoret bIfo ran. Second race, two-year-old colts and foldings, 4 furlongs 1, Little Nephew, 109, Callagharo, $9.20, $4.90, $3.60; 2, Harwood, 112, Hanover, $3.90, $3.20; 3. Brig's Brother, 100, Hopkins, $4.80. Time, ,49 4-5. Single, John MacGinnia, Sir Caledore, Tiktok, John Gund and Dick Dodie also ran. Third race, three-year-old fillies, purse $400, 6 furlongs 1, The AVtdov Moon, 112, Kederis, $3.30, $3, $?.50; 2, Daisy Piatt, 104, Buxton, $21.20, $6; 3, Floral Park, 112, Peak, $3.70. Time, 1.16, Bennett, Gowell and Etta Ray also ran. Fourth race, Phoenix Hotel Handicap, three-vear-olds and up, 1 1-16 miles 1, Flora Fina, 102, Buxton, $11.-70, $4.80 and out; 2, Anyport, 102, Mc-Cabe, $4.80 and out; 3, Princess Callaway, 106, Karrick, out. Time, 1.49 4-5. Donerail also ran. Fifth race 1, Birdie Williams, 104, Buxton, $6.80, $4.70 and $3.20; 2, Aunt Mammte, 112, McCabe, $4.10 and $2.90; 3, Penniless, 102, Taylor, $11.70. Time, .49 4-5. Mary Michaels, Bracktown Belle, Notoriety, Gypsy Love, Lavel-letta, Parcel Post and First Choice also ran. Sixth race Selling, three-year-olds and up 1, Flying Feet, 112, Borel, $4, $2.50 and $2.40; 2, Bonanza, 112, Dugan, $2.50, $2.60; 3, Marshon, 97, Martin, $4.20. Time, 1.43 2-5. Bally She, Automatic, Earl of Savoy and Loveday also ran. TODAY'S ENTRIES. First race, selling, 3-year-olds and up, six furlongs Lauretta, Steel-worthy, 98; John G. Weaver, 100; Bermuda, 100; Imen, 100; Senator James, 103; Cedar Brook, 103; Lady Nute, 107; Alcfha, 107; Rose of Jed-dan, .107; Rash, 109; Allen, 110; Wil-hite, 112. Second race, purse, 2-year-olds, maidens, four furlongs Walters, 109; Korfpage, 100; Jumelia, 109; Banjo Jim, 109; Father Riley, 112; J. Nolan, 112; Art. Rick, 112; Bradley's Choice, 112; Bestino, 112; Moshach, 112; Du-rin, 112; Manners, 112. Third race, selling, three-year-olds and up, six furlongs xLamod, 94; Volita. 99; Silk Day, 100; Billy Holder, 101; Time's Nightmare, 104; Automatic, 107; Startler, 107; Alberek, 108 ; Merryck, 111; Winning Witch, 112; Betty Sue, 113; The Reach, 113. Fourth race, purse, three-year-olds, mile Hawthorn, 112; Usteppa, 106; Lord Marshall, 103; Strenuous, 103; Weyanoke, 103. IFifth race, purse, two-year-olds, 4 furlongs Penniless, 102; Age, 105; Barbara Lane, 105; Brace Gun-arder, 105; Nash, 105; Osaple, 108; Otrant, 109; Gladys Y., 109. Sixth race, 3-year-olds and up, selling, Mile and seventy yards Harry Lauder, 93; Marshon, 93; ' Madame Phelps, 106; Usala Emma, 106; Bonne Chance, 108; Tom King, 108; Supple, 110; Rossini, 111; Apialer,1 111; Sir Gatesby, 112; Jack Laxson, 112; Supervisor, 112. xApprentice allowance of five pounds claimed. Weather, cloudy; track, sloppy. PADDLERS HOLD MEETING Lake St. Louis Club to Be Made a Subdivision A meeting of the Eastern Division of the Canadian Canoe Association was held in the Windsor Hotel Saturday -evening, a which it was decided to make the Lake St. Louis Clubs a sub -division of the eastern division. The St. Johns Yacht Club was designated by the meeting as being the best and only course to be had for the final meet of the Canadian Canoe Association, and all lubs present were instructed to have their .(legates cast their vote unanimously for the St. Johns Yacht Club at the annual meeting of the Canadian Canoe Association, which will be held In Ottawa May 3. The eastern division ttieeting will be held in about three weeks, .when the course will be selected for the eastern division meet, and In all probability it will be held on Lake St. Louis. The question as to whether a club sending only one delegate to meeting should have the privilege or the full club representation of two votes was taken up, and discussed at length. The representatives from St. Lambert were strongly in favor of it, using as an argument Oiat if a club did not cara or couldf not afford to send two delegates to a. distant meeting, then the one delegate would have power to fully, represent his club equally with a larger club sending two delegates. It was the general opinion of the delegates at the meeting that the C. C. A. should take a negative stand against the overtures of the Amateur Athletic Union of Canada for affiliation with the latter and strxmger organization, the general sentiment being that the A. A. U. of C. would absorb the executive power and independence of the canoeists, the popular feeling being that they were fully able to "paddle their own canoe." Delegates were present from all of the ten clubs in the eastern division, with Vice-Commodore William Jennings presiding. Delegates were as follows: Longueuil, A. M. Carter; Valois, H. Walsh; Woodlands, Mr. Leger; Pointe Claire, J. M. Lomer; Lachine. Mr. Lawson; St. Lambert, C. McGregor and S. Sproule; Cartierville, G. E. "'idford; Grand Trunk, C. N. Marshall; L. C. Church secretary of the eastern division. LACHINE GUN CLUB Good Scores at Opening Shoot on Saturday The opening shoot of tile Lachine Gun Club wag held on Salairday afternoon, the fine weather bringing out a large attendance of memoem. Two events were on the programme, a shoot for the silver cup, given by Mr. Reid, of the Bank of Montreal, for the highest scgre made in three out of four Saturday afternoon shoots. The other event was for a silver spoon, one of which win i given every week to the best elml . The new club grounds and club house, with traps which has been erected, on the latent approved plan, is rapidly nearlng completion and will he ready in the course of a week. Tim club wiir be glad to welcome any trap shooter at any of their shoots, wlilrh take place every Saturday afternoon. Following are the scores: Reid Cup, Handicap, 25 Birds. Hdcp. sicore. Howard 0 2,1 Maher 6 2.: Parker 6 Boucher 2 ill Reid 2 si Lyall 4 is Lucas , . ... 3 17 Oliver , 6 16 Wurtele 1 14 Robertson 4 ' 15 Watson 4 : Hell 4 13 Sthalhy ... 2 11 Spoon Shoot, Handicap, 25 Bird. Howard 23 Maher 20 Itobprtson 19 Reid u Boucher; l.i I'arker IS Watson 17 Lyall 15 Lucas 15 Oliver 12 Bell W SOCCER SEASON IN FULL SWING Sons of Scotland Successfully ' Defended Shield in Opening Match Saturday nrvy, TCflRIC DDAPTIPCn iiu i imvio i iinunuLu Good Workout Indulged in on Newly-Acquired Grounds on Delorimier Avenue Old Country Games In glorious weather, and before a large attendance, soccer made a start for another season on Saturday at Alexandra Park, the ground of the Grand Trunk F. C. The combatants were the Sons of Scotland and La chine; and the trophy fought for was the Rosemount Shield, which the "Thistles" have held for twe succ slve years. Saturday's match was the result of a challenge sent out by the plucky Lachine boys to the pres ent holders. The teams were lined up as follows by Referee James Rose: Sons of Scotland Smith; Campbell and Dor nan; Caie, Robertson and J. Mc Kenzie; Gordon and Ambler; Craig; F. McKenzie and McLean. Lachine C. Wilson; Stafford and Gordon; Bull, Flannigan and Lloyd; Wall and Dennis; Cameron; Whyte and Merry The Lachine lot kicked off and It was early evident from their deter mined rushes that they meant to get to business right away, and relieve the Scotchmen of the much coveted trophy. Every man of the eleven was eager for the fray and very soon tne fc. u. S. defence found them selves In difficulties, so strong was me onsiaugnc or tne opposing auln tet. The spectators were not kept long in doubt as to the result of such determined raids. Flannigan, the Lachine centre half, sent in a beau tiful high punt which deceived the Scotch custodian, when It struck the cross bar and meeting the rebount ucmeron rushed in and gave Ida side the lead, an effort which was award ed with a hearty round of aDolause. This early reverse put more life into the Sons, but their attack was weak at the other goal and not much diffi culty was experienced in repulsing them. Flannigan was certainly a power on the held; he was continually in the lime-light and his fearless tackling, his breaking up tactics and his eagerness to shoot were all qualities which were seen by the crowd and vociferously applauded. It v-us he, who, by dint of hard work kept feeding his forwards to the con tinual worry of the Sontch defence At this Juncture a well directed kick by Gordqji at the Sco.tch forwards away, and Ambler made Wilson look alive in the clearing of a hard ground shot. Once again, however, the Lachine "five" took up the running and after a scrimmage forced Dornan to concede a pprner, which was not con verted. A surprise plumper from Flannigan was cleverly manipulated by Smith. This was followed by a proper 'stinger" rror Dennis, but he missed, the desired haven by six inches. A splendid individual run by Merry, culminated in his shooting high over the bar, much to the chagrin of his followers behind the ropes who confidently expected him to score. Give and take football then followed and at the interval Lachine still retained their lead of one goal, A 'much needed improvement was seen in the play of the Sons of Scotland when play was resumed in the second half. The combination of their forwards was much better. and it came at the proper time, as the Lachine defence was showing signs or tiring, especially at right back. Ambler got possession of the ball , and taking up the running on his own hook, tricked the Lachine bticks and tjien gave Wilson no chance with a hard shot. The finer points of the game were unfortunately marred at this period, when too much temper crept into the game and a word of caution might here bV given to the Sons' right half. Iu seemed' to be Ambler's day "on" for) not long after he had found the net for the first time he was again on the dot. This time he snapped up a dandy well judged cross pass from McLean and he had the honor to notch a second goal. Lachine were not going to take defeat lying down, and in a most commendable manner they made tracks for the Scotch citadel to try and ;et on even terms. However the punishing game they had played in the first half began to tell on their defence, and unless forwards are fed in the proper way their every untiring effort often proves of no avail. Such was the case with the Lachine lads, and although every man stuck to his guns as best he could their want of practice caused, them to flag and taking advantage of this the opposition were not Blow to hasten to their vulnerable spot, which, after some pretty hard pressing was again penetrated by the artful little Ambler, who scored for a third time. Undaunted, even by the scoring of another goal against them the boys from Lachini rallied again, and reigned a fusMade of shots upon Smith, but the Scotch goal keeper was both lucky -ind clever, and he accounted for j ey shot than came his way. The opportunists won the day, and when the whistle sounded for the last time, the Sons of Scotland found themselves holders of the shield for yet another year, winning a well-contested game by 3 goals to 1. At the conclusion of the match, "Mr. Craig Campbell, president of :h P. Q. F. A. presented the shield when Captain Dornan accepted the custody of the handsome trophy on behalf of his team. PROFESSIONAL SOCCER. Mascotte Park, the recently acquired grounds of the "Pro" soccer association, was the scene of activity on Saturday afternoon. It was lape on Friday evening before the deal for possession of the land was finally fixed up, consequently the executive in charge, had . little or no time to put their pitch in proper playing condition. The officials of the respective city teams were out In full force, and a hastily arranged match was played. The Rangers were at top-notch strength, but the city team were not go fortunate, how-ever, the bunch that took the field gave a very satisfactory display, and with the addition, mid Inclusion of plnyers already signed on, there will be little to choose between them once they meet In scheduled games. The game consisted of two thirty, the city team, with the assistance of the wind, opened well. At the other end SheMnn and Cnllver stood UP manfully against the severe attack of the Jilues front rank, and everai times Clapp disposed of hot shots halt was called without either side having registered a point. With a slight re-arrangement m hnth tenma the E"me was renewed. and fully fifteen minutes was gone before the JBiues round me net, me point was secured from a neat com- VilnaHnn th rlp-ht -aHne- flnd hulf back, and the parting shet" from Rey nolds, numoer six, was Deauiuuny Wnnlr.rl Iw T3pnnftt finrT with lightn ing rapidity sent ' past Goalkeeper Clapp, From tne kick-oii (narne Cnrnivnll. who had been transferred fr, th. flt.v tpam made ' immediate tracks for the Blues' citadel, and was only stopped on the goal line, tnap- leton, who was Deing wsji jea Dy Timmv Rna. made freauent excur sions Into the Blues' territory, but, Harry Nelgbor, and his pal Butler, gave Woodside no uneasiness for alarm. From midfleld Reed, with neat and artistic touches slipped the ball on to Duff and sped down the fioM ntirt rlcrht almost from the corner flag, he squared beautifully. and again Bennett caugnt on ana am the needful. riiirinn. the, remainder of time, the City teams made gallant efforts to reduce the leeway, wunout. eneci, a spiritedly contested game ended in favor of the Blues by two, love. Teams Rangers, Woodside, Butler," Neighbor, Reid, Bingham, Cornwall, RcvnniHa Ana-ell. Bennett. Riramer, and Duff. City Clapp, Sheldon, Collyer, Thorburn, SmVth, Ross, Collins, Edwards, Bell, and Chapletra. Referee Mr. w. v. Moore. SUCCESSFUL SMOKIJl. a -wnVinir pnnrrt. the first nf ft D.v....0 - .Tit.rtainm.rtR to be urivon this season by the Windsor Hoirl Association Football Club, was 1ield Saturday night in the banquet, room of the Windsor Hotel befre a large attendance. Mr. J Costello had 1 charge of affairs, and among tiiose present were J. P. McLaren, president of the club; Mr. W. Wilson, M. Hicks, A. F. Leggett, G. Howard, .1. Blain, A. Uetara ana a sirong '-on-tingent of friends from the TAU-Carlton Hotel. a in nrncra.mmA of vocal and In strumental music contributed much toward the success of the evening. Among those taking part wem George Stephens, J. Dawson, J. Innocent, W- Eckstein, Mons. lieiatti, Monn. i;ainne nd the Leverance quartette. OLD COUNTRY FOOTBAIL. Tha frtilnwtnc ar results of tho soccer games played In the Old Coun try on Saturday: English League Division I. Bclton Wands, 1; Sunderland, 3. Bradford City, 8; Tottenham, 1. Chelsea, 5; Notts County, 2. Everton. 8; Sheffield Wednesday, j. Manchester City, 1; Derby County. Newcastle United, 2; Aston Villa, 3. Oldham Athletic, 0; Manchester nlted, 0. West Bromwlch, 1: Blackburn Rov ers, 1. Woolwich Arsenal, 1; Middlosboro, English LeagueDivision IC. Birmingham, 2; Grimly Town, 1. Rristol City, 1; Bury, 5. Burnley, 8 Stockport, 2. Clapton Orient, 1; Bradford 0. OIojsop, 1; Wolverhamptrm, !. Huddersfleld, 1; Leeds City, 0. Hull City. 2; Leicester. Lincoln City, 2; Barnsley, 0. Notts Forest. 2; Fulham. 4. Preston North End, 2; Blackpool, 1. Scruthern League. Crystal Palace, 1; Queen'g Park, 2. Southampton, 1; Gillingham, 3. Watford. 1; Mlilwaij, 1. Exetor City, 1; Stoke, 0. Coventry, 2; BristoJ Rover, I Beading, 2; Norwich, IS. West Hani United, 2; Portsmouth, 1. Brigthon a-nd Hove, 2j Swindon, 0. Scotch Leacuo. Rangers, 2; Falkirk, U JjtfliJlA my . ARE NOW MADE IN CANADA For the past twenty-eight years we have supplied the Canadian market from our Cairo factory. The enormous demand upon our factory in Egypt to satisfy the growing consumption in all civilized markets of the world has overtaxed this factory to such a degree that we have been compelled 1 to open a factory in Canada in order to better satisfy the growing requirements of the Canadian trade. . Mr. M. Melachrino, whose experience in the field of tobacco and cigarette manufacturing covers a period of thirty-four successful years,. will superintend the blending process, etc., the same as at the home factory. We are now ready to manufacture Melachrino Cigarettes in our Montreal factory, located at 71 and 73 St. Alexander St., and we will be able to supply all orders from the trade by May 1 st. j NOTE THESE CHANGES IN RETAIL PRICES Due to the Saving of Duty No. 8 Mince, Plain tip, retail price 15c, Formerly 25c No. 9Cork tip, retail, price 15c, Formerly 25o Non Plus Ultra Cork tip, retail price 25c, New No, 4 Plain tip, retail price 35c, Formerly 55o M. Melachrino & 71-73 ST. ALEXANDER MELACHRINO CIGARETTES are sold Queen's Park, 3; Clyde, 0. Alrdrieonians, 1: Hibernians, 0. St. Mirren, 4; Ralth Rovra, 4. Hamilton A., 0; Celtic, 1. Hearts, 0; Motherwell, 1. Mid-Week Results. Rangers, 1; Clyde, 0. Hearts, 0; Celtic, 0. Hibernians, 3; Hamilton A., 1. Clyde, 1; Partick T., 0. GOLF SEASON USHERED IN Good Attendance of iJembers at Dixie and Outremont The advent of spring has been welcomed by no body of men more warmly than by golfers, and the opening of the season in and near Montreal has been unusually early this year. The Royal Montreal Golf Club at Dixie and the Outremont Club do not calculate as a rule on, opening their courses before the beginning of May, but the sudden arrival of a spell of weather more lite summer than spring has tempted forth the golfer, and while the Outremont players hive been playing for two weeks tho members of the Dixls club ushered in their season last Saturday. Golf (oes not enjoy the same popularity in Canada as in other parts of the world, the climate being, of course, to blame for this, for the fact that the game can only be enjoyed for half the year renders the game that even in the most favorable circumstances Is not remarkably cheap, a luxury that can only be Indulged in by the prosperous. There is also still a feeling in Canada that golf is an old man's game and that the pursuit of that innocent-looking little ball is not worthy of the attention of able-bodied young men. However, there Is no doubt that in Canada that same little ball is making conquests as it has in other countries, and that each year sees a longer list of men enrolled for its pursuit. The number of players on the Dixie course on Sat urday was certainly evidence of this Increase In keenness for the game, and the fact that two new courses are ieing opened in the summer, one at Kcnawaki and one at Hudson Heights, are further signs of encouragement. Golf is a game that appeals especially to the busy man, for besides giving him a means of exercise that is pleasantly strenuous wunout Deing too much so, it has an undoubtedly restful effect on the nerves. The exccl'rrt. condition that the Royal Montreal course Is in is full justification for opening the season a week before the usual date, and the grass Is growing strongly both on ins tairway and on the greens. At present the regular greens are not In use, but it Is evident that they will soon bo In. a settled enough condition for them to be used without fear of damage being done. Except for a little casual water still to be found in some of the bunkers and ditches, the course is wonderfully dry for the time of the year. A large turnout of members took advantage of the opening and the course was as full as at any time In the season. At Outremont the course Is in an ldvanced condition and members have been playing for two weeks already. The temporary greens are In use still. The K-nawaki club will, it Is expected, be ready for play early in July. While the Amateur Championship of the Dominion is to be played ' at Toronto this year, the Professional Championship nwting will be held oq the Dixie course In August, and the Ladles' Championship will aiao be decided there. NEW LEAGUE LAUNCHED Four Clubs Entered in New Lacrosse Organization Another lacrosso league, to be known as the Montreal City Lacrosse league, was launched on Saturday afternoon, and will be composed of four clubs In National second, Caughnawaxa, Champctue and Canadians, of til. Co. of Canada, Limited ST., MONTREAL, P.Q. 4.5,. in every civilized country in trie world. " "London" Suit London the Mecca of male attire is sponsor for the style of ihis attractive suit. A model that will not stay long in our wardrobes it's taking the younger set by storm. Tailored with narrow, unpadded shoulders, has short collar and new, soft front; narrow sleeves. High-cut, six-button vest and narrow, straight-cut trousers. Clothed in a " London " suit, cut and tailored by Male Atlsire experts, a man's ready for any emergency.- 9? 690 St Catherine St W. Cor. Craig & St. Peter Sts. 15 McGill College Ave. 475 St. Catherine. St. E. Henry. The season will be opened on June 16 and will continue well Into September. The following are the officers elected: President W. L. Lebrecque, Nationals. Vive-presldeint B. Delisle. Second Vlve-presldent M. Provost. Secretary E. Groulx. Treasurer J. Cardinal. CANADIAN HORSES NAMED In Kentucky Futurity for Foals of This Year Lexington, Ky., April 27. Tne synopsis of the Kentucky Futurity for foals of this year, which closed with the Kentucky Trotlng Horse Breeders' Association here April 1, shows that 1.080 mares were nominated. The list this year Is headed by L. V. Harknesa' Walnut Hall farm, near here, which has entered 89 of its blue blooded matrons. The Patchen Wilkes farm, of Lexington, in second with 82 nominations Empire City farms, Cuba, New York, names thirty-eight, the next highest number. Of the 81 states and Canada nominated. Kentucky leads wiyi 87S nominations, while New York ig second with 190, Massachusetts 97, Illinois 7, Pennsylvania 58, Ohio BB, Indiana 35, California 26, and Michigan 22. Cannda senus 18. and the remainder of the thirty-one send lesser number Cash for Old Gold, Bllwr. riatinuri, and Dtatnonct. J. J. It cutter A Co., 9 llleury Street WHERE TO LUNCH. KRAUS MANN'S CAFE 80 ST. J A IS STRUT. High-Clama trnrmau Hooking. Imported Wureburger Hofbrau, original Pll8ener and Kulmbaciier Beers on draught .ud in bottles. (TRADE SUPPLIED). LADIES' CAFE open upstair. Breakfast. Lunch, Supper." a la carte, t a.ifl. to il p.m.; Saturdays, 7 p.m. When you feel hungry, lonesome, homesick or dissatisfied with life try a meal a,t the Dutch Tea Rooms 409 ST. CATHERINE WEST Upstairs. Between Mansfield and McGill College Avenue. WHITE HORSE WHISKY HEART TQJSG DIGESTIVE MOK-QOUTY SUSPENDERS, (Made In France.) Guaranteed for one year Sold everywhere 5'Oc Pt Aawtot B. X. rOBTB A CO, Montreal. AWNINGS TENTS, FLAGS TARPAULINS CARPETS nd CANOPIES. oi vry description. TE.NTS fOR HIRE.. TWOS. SONNE SR. 193 Commilonrs Stroot. tH T.I.Jtn. WslnUSj RUSSELL "22" Knight Motor. 1910 model. Has been put In first-class shape. Good Tires. A good riding car. Price, $1300.00. Russell Motor Car Co. LIMITED. 5 PARK AVE. MONTREAL. Antwerp Lovers' Suicide Antwerp, Belgium, April 2fi. Both the lovers who committed suicide nl such a tragic manner yesterday from the clock tower of Notre Dnme Cathedral, where they clasped hands and leaped to the ground 180 feet below, wre natives of Antwerp, belonging to well-known families. The girl was Alice Peeters and the youth Elie Wal-kow. Many of the hundreds who witnessed the suicides fainted. Mother- "Mabel, why do you take two plecs of cake?" faKl-,l,r,iiiiA ma vnll tnld mtk not to k twlc lor It." Puck. I M A

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