The Gazette from Montreal, Quebec, Canada on April 21, 1925 · 7
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The Gazette from Montreal, Quebec, Canada · 7

Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 21, 1925
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VOL. CUV. No. 95 TUESDAY, -APRIL 21.' 1923. rs THE GAZETTE,' MONTREAL; r 'CHAUYE-SOURIS' AT HIS MAJESTY'S Balieff and His Russian Com pany Present Entirely New ) Programme HIGH LEVEL OF ART Strong Appeal Is Made to Aesthetic Senses, Though Humorous Side Is Not Forgotten A "Chauve-Souris " in- "which every programmed item is new, but with all the oddity, tihe rich humor, the intuitive sense of 4orm anil color and light, the (haunting 'beauty and the underlying Slavic 'metoh-clboly of the old, as at His Majesty s Thea ; tre this weelc, having oipened last night before an audience &emm strat'ive in Ita appreciation, thoug-h in numbers illustrative of the in-ourablo . propensity . of Montreal t heatregoers to stay away from even the meat of attractions until the week ds far spent. While he pro gramme ds new, there is one fea ture of the performan'ce whi'ch. da unchanged and which no ipatron would consent to have changed and that is tHe originator and in- npirer and master mind of it an, the rotund Balieff, with his moon-like countenance, his quizzical smile, and the fearful and woodertful melansre of English, French and ether languages dn which he fore casts each number, leaving 'his ' h-earera in a -state of expectant "be wilderment. To pronounce any verdict to the effect that this year's bill is more, or less, enjoyable or meritorious tnan than o last 6eason is not the purpose of the reviewer, for such a dictum must varv with the taste of each in dividual beholder. To most critical observers it will seem that in the new programme there ds more insistence placed upon tne artistic ana roman-. tic asnects of entertainment, and ti;at a greater effort has been made to nroduce effects that appeal to the aesthetic senses, instead of an at tempt to merely amuse. This does not mean that the humorous element has been altogether eliminated, for three or four of the-new numbers are as mirth-provoking as any in the, previous repertory o the company, while the measure is fully made up to those who prefer the hilarious note by the rendition as extras of the best ft the old favorites. The first number, "Stenka Razin ' is a living tableau in those vivid colors beloved of the Russian paint-trs. To the spectator who has not previously studied the playbill wltn its synopsis of the action, the sug gestion of the scene is that of t Slavic variant of the dance of S& lome before Herod, and later he discovers that he is not so far wrong, even though the basis of the production is a famous legend of the Volga, with a marauding Dancui, his jealous mistress and a captured Persian princess as the chief figures. The number is , instinct with barbaric feeling. "Tho: Rendezvous rof Love," a ciuaint nolka and pantomime pe formed bv Mme. Karabanova and M. Gorodetsky before a drop bear ing their painted counterfeits, is followed by "A Winter Evening, an exquisite duet by Mmes. Birse and Krshova. with t rttz jireisier s oeau- tiful "Caprice Viennois" serving as the burden for a song of sentiment. The first of the humorous con ceits is "Love in the Ranks, in which a damsel is wooed in turn by drummer, sergeant-major, lieutenant, colonel and general, each nlorA vavfnreti trt Vila tttnpr'- 1 V i 1 1 ijv. vv - - - 1 ior officer'.' To some few unregen-crates in the house it must' have recalled a highly indecorous effu sion libellously attributed to a very great poet and dealing with a similar happening in the Anglo-Indian army. "An Ancient Cameo" is as gem-Sike as its (name suggests, 4n the nosing and rhythmic movement of its graceful figures dn eighteenth rentury gart) before a black velvet background. . "The Shepherdess Interlude" is another beautiful .bit of pantomime and dancing, but in a lighter mood, to the accompaniment of the "Shepherd" song from Tschaikowsky's "Pique-Dame." Another animated tableau follows, Ilya ' Repin's famous delineation of an incident from Gogol's "Taras Bulba" being utilized for an effective picture of Cossacks of the Dneiper concocting a defiant land Insulting letter to the Turkish sultan Who has demanded itheir surrender. The jovial ferocity and gross humor of the life and time are inimitably conveyed by the participants. The deepest note iof the performance is s'truck in "The Arrival at Bethlehem," dn which the Biblical incident is treated with a blending of reverence and naivete which recalls the spirit of the old mystery plays. The postures and singing of he characters, and the settling and lighting, combine to create an atmosphere of awe and faith which makes the number impressive and robs it of all suggestion of the theatre. "The King Orders the Drums To Be Beaten" is a visualization of an old French ballade, in which the reiteration of the refrain of "Kat-a-plan, rat-a-plan" dramatically rendered by the singer has something of the same oppressive effect as is given by the throbbing drum in "JJmperor Jones" and creates the suspense which finds its climax in the tragic denouement, "Slclliana" and "The Four Corpses" are amusing travesties, the first of early Italian opera in all its stlltedness 'and unreality, and the second of mld-nlnetoenth century opera with its wholesale slaughter and excruciating death-scenes. "A Country Picnic," the last of the scheduled items, is well worth waiting for, in its agreeable picture of a pleasant outing and the charming songs rendered by some of the most talented of the women vocalists of the company. The extra generously thrown in 1 by Balieff and his artists were the always-popular "Parade of the Wooden Soldiers,' 'the sprightly "Katlnka," the rollicking "Chastou-I shki," or workpeople's songs, and Mme. Birse's "Katerlna," all given ! in response to demands from the audience, which perhaps were not as spontaneous as might be Imagined t,y the unsophlstlcates. To some at least among the audience It would have been a rare treat to have beard jc-aln "A Night at Yarr's." with Its alternately sad and stirring gypsy 1 innM, culminating In the wild, tierce ' strains so unforgettably sung last year by Mme. Sylvia Dlanlna, now ! regrettably absent from the eam-i pany because of a serious illness. WEATHER REPORT Toronto, April 20. A ipronounced am of high ipressure ts centred nofth of the Ottawa Valley, while lo .pressure covers the eouthwest states. Snow (has fallen in Nova Scotia and light scattered showers ha occurred in the west, while in OnlaHo and Quebec the weather has been fair end quite cool. .Minimum and maximum , tem peratures: - Min. Max. 34 56 40 &2 SS 56 34 ' 62 30 50 30 44 34 56 GO . . - 60 35 54 30 64 28 .60 30 65 36 48 80 46 24 50 32 48 30 40 8 38 24 ' 46 16 36 , 22 32 2G 33 Prince Rupert Kamloops . . . Calgary . . . Edmonton. . . Sw-itt Current BaitleforA . . Prince Albert. Medicine Hat Moose Jaw . . Saskatoon. . . Reigina . . . Winnipeg. , ,. Port Arthur.,, Parry Sound . London . . . Toronto . . . Kingston. .. Ottawa .. .. Quebec .. . St. John. .. FORECASTS. Lower Lakes and Georgian Bay: Fresh to strong southeast and east winds; fair and cool. Ottaiwa Valley, Upper and Lower St. Lawrence: Moderate (winds: fine rand tpoo-1. juairttiime: Fresh northerly winds: fair and cold. Lake Superior: Fresh easterly winds; ipartly cloudy ami cool; showers in' western districts. Manitoba: Unsettled with Showers. Saskatchewan and Alberta: Part ly cloudy and somewhat coaler; scattered showers. Northern New England: Fair. Tuesday and Wednesday, winh. slow-ly rising' temperature. tStrong north winds. ADril 20. Abstract from Meteorological records. McGIll University, Montreal. Height above sea level, 1S7 . feet. Barometer reduced to Wind General Weath-jf Hour, sea level. Tlier. Ulr. Vel. CondlUona. Sp.m. 30.01 .'14 KB 16 ltp.m. 30.00 83 NK 21 , Ja.m. 30.0t! ;io NK 27 3a.m. 30.11 27 NK 26 5a.m. 30.16 154 KB 24 7a.m. WI.S4 23 NK27' 0a.m. 80.30 2H NK 26 Fine and cold: 11a.m. 30.30 2! NK 22 1p.m. 30.40 35 NK 17 3p.m. 30.40 38 NK IS f.pjin. 30.40 41 NH 10 7p.m. 30.43 39 'KB 8 Max.. 41.0: rain.. 23.0:hum.. SO: sen. 11.894. Sun rises 5.01 a.m.; sun sets 0.47 p.m. SHOWED GRACE IN VARIETY OF DANCES Successful Exhibition by Pu pils of G. W. Shefler at Windsor The "Misses Terpsichore'"" made foirmal and graceful 'bow Jast evening to ever 300 admiring parents and dance devotees at a recital of the pupils of George W. Shefler in the Windsor Hotel. Apart from .physical daintiness and Charming rhythm "evident through all solo, and "enseimible" presentations several talented pupils were outstanding among the thirty-two dances on the varied 'pro gramme. Naomi Winter in "Rosita," ipupil whose remorkaJble advance is the source of amazement to her master; Edythe Zift in an Arab dance; Baby Esther, the child syn- coipater; Pansy-Hoffman dn popuJar songs and dances ana me Valse Coppelda" iby Mr. Shefler and Ms pupil, Doris Vallance, were fea- tures of the evening. At intervals In the recital the assembly danced to music by the Society feynco-paters. Corsages, ibooiquets and norai baskets were presented to many of the pupils during the venlng. Mr. Shefler and his secretary. Miss Mary Beetles, were both recipients of expressions of esteem from the chi-M. The 'programme was as touows: Overture, Shefler's Trio (Mary Beetles, Bert and Jtillict LaFrance; grand anarch, students; arm exer cises. Juniors: Bar -work, Betty Greenslade, Marjorie Iord,- Una Lamont, Louise McLea, ,'Sydel Radovsky, IShlrley Ripstoin, iNaomi Winter,. Doris. Vallance; floor technique, ensemble; Welh dance, juniors; gavotte. Juniors; syncopated specialty. Baby Esther; bye-lo-dollie, juniors; peeJt-a-boo, Guyla-Mae Baittbitt; elf dance. Pansy Hoffman, Nancy Ruibln, Rose Norris, Thelma Levey, Ella Leon; aragonaise, en- nmble: little flower girls, Cluyla- Mae Babbitt, Pearl Cleghorn, Marcla Dumionit, Oracle Moner, Lois Mcoilp, Marilyn. Smith, Elise Wyndham; Russian, 'Majorie iLord, Tony (La- France ; Anna Meighon, Laura Heig-ler. Isabel Superior, Doris Vallance; springtime, (Lots MoOilp; song and dance, Pansy Hoffman, JSancy 3tu- bln, Thelma Levey, Marilyn Smith, Ella Lon nosegay, hirley Rlpstein; tulln lime. Una OLamont. tfSydel Radovsky; rosita, Naomi Wint?r;'( rose dance, ensemble; valse dain? Rose Norris, Arab dance. Edythe iff: mtouet, Una iLamont, (Peggy Slater, Evelyn Kosenreld, isnlrley Rlpstein, Sydel Radovsky, lietty Greenslade, iMurlel Bald, Rita Ven ters; tarantula, illarjorle Lord; valse coppelio, Geo. W. fiheiflo-r, Doris allance: nifties, ttose morris and girls: ijlarla Marie, Tony LaFrance: panih rhapsody, Dorothy Flher; Egyptian dance, .uetity viney; Elysdan fields, ensemble. $1 Conscience Money The Montreal Tramways Coiwpany acknowledges, having irecelved the sum of $1 as conscience money. One ton of. coal is equivalent to two cords of wood for heating pur poses. INSURANCE H I I U 138 "otrt Ddm Sl VV- Mont"al Phones Main 245 62452 P speal SPLENDID MUSIC BY SHIP'S ORCHESTRA SS. Leviathan's Entertainers and Spanish Clown Features at Princess DANCE REVUE AT IMPERIAL Programme Also . Includes Bright Comedy Act, "In China" Dance Act and Orchestra at Loew's. At the fag end ef a vaudeville season the devotee naturally looks for a depreciation in the fare provided, but the Princess management this week belies the theory that the season's good things have all been exhausted. Not only is the programme on a whole thoroughly entertaining, but two acts of headline calibre are .presented. First honors easily fall to the orchestra of the S.S. Leviathan. While from the repertoire it presents it might be classed among jazz organizations, the manner in widen It plays this Jazz is so distinctive as to at least partly convert these musically inclined who And- little that is appealing In syncopation. In the ensemble work of the orchestra there is evidence of real musical skill, and there is a noticeable lack of stridency that marks the playing of too many jazz orohestras. The organization is excellently directed, and even the selection of the programme shows sense of discrimination. In addition to the instrumental repertoire the orchestra presents Mr. Emmet O'Mara, who has -a charming lyric tenor voice, which he knows how to use effectively, and his singing of . "Irish Eyes" was especially pleasing. He also shows his versatility by singing another number, " Honest and Truly," in French and' English. The excellence of the orchestra's offering is "further en-hnnced by the scenic investiture and lighting effects. With the stage set to represent an ocean liner and by the use of a back drop showing the shore, the illusion of the steamer leaving port and .passing out of sight of l;inrl and into the open sea is most effectively achieved. Altogether the act is one of the best seen this season. Second in point of merit to the orchestra is Pepito, the Spanish clown. Fepibo In make-up and methods is original; his buffoonery has all the comedy of the traditional clowning, but he 'uses different methods. His imitations of birds and animals are realistic, and his travesty on ventriloquism is novel and highly entertaining. His company includes a man and a woman, who render a cornet duet in a pleasing way. While these acts are the outstanding features, the bill also includes other good material. Marguerite Padula in an act she calls " Sonc Studv of Boys," by personality and aibllity rather than by brilliance of theh material she uses, succeeds in providing several minutes of good entertainment. Other acts on the bill provide roller skating, introducing some new stunts, by Beege and Qupee; comedy song and-danclng, by Block and Dunlop; novelty in acrobatics by the Five Avalons, and t humorous skit by Mallon and Case. COMEDY ACT AT IMPERIAL Modern and Old-Time Song Offering Also Scores Hit It is safe to predict that those who attend the Imperial Theatre this weeK will be amply repaid Dy one or tne best vaudeville programmes that theatre has shown for several months. "In China," the headline act, is the reverse or heavy, Deing a comeoy plot woven about the flirtations of a fickle sailor and the quaint supersti tion that an -untruth, told before a certain native etatue will cause it t6 he shattered In a thousand pieces jit Is given a scenic touch of the ex- ouc atmospnere or tne tast and a peculiar charm ds lent by the Ma- oame uunerny .Type or Chinese girl Who Is introduced. . The dance revue of Ann Frarfcls, appropriately called tne sunshine girl, is a swiftly changing number which has the charm and shapeliness of Its lair deader mainly to-thank for .Its success. "The Hick ana tne Chick," the Frank and Bir-low offering, -is one Of those old hav- seed-and-pretty girl numbers, which. If ably handled, never fail to score a hit, and the ancient rustic, in this case, orings aown the house with laughter. In the modern and old-time songs of Helen Brennan and .Mae winne dt Is hard to tell for which type the audience has a preierence. Dressed In the pantaloons and hoops of the olden days, the girl exponent of the sones of the past is probably the more popular of me two. . aiacKae and Clegg give a bicycle act which is perhaos the cle verest seen here for a long time, the female partner exhibiting most of the skill and the man most of the comic antics of the act. Bert 4Jwor is a oiacrerace comedian who takes the professor of human anatomy role and uses it to strong advantage, being rewarded 'by roars of mirth from his hearers, although he almost mars his offering -at times by clinging to some of tire oldest Jokes whose appeal lias long since passed. Mrs Wallace Reld 4s to be seen in the feature film, "Broken Laws," in which she is ably supported by Percy Marmont. It is a story of mother love of the kind which seldom falls to touch the sentimental side. COMEDY ACTAT LOEW'S "The Book Shop" Is Bright Sketch Ably Presented Laughter In generous qimntity is Retain the Charm 'A dear Sweet Skm Cuticura Wffl Help You CJYauter Scott V2f provided at Loew's Theatre this week, where the feature picture, "Excuse Me," kept large audiences vesteraay and Sunday vdriually howling with glee. "Excuse Me" was a stage farce by Rupert Hughes, and he adapt ed his Dlav and sunervised its pro duction. Perhaps the familiarity of the audience with expenencas on a Pullman car made the misfortunes of the character seem especially funny, but certain it is that the locale of the story a train speeding acroes the . continent seemed vary opportune for developing comedy. "Excuse Me" is swift. Joyous farce, and It is deftly acted by an excellent cast, headed by Norman Shearer and Conrad Nagel. The vaudeville bill moves ,swiftly, with Miss Vie Quinn assisted by Palmer Young and Harry Quinn and the "Sunnybrook Orchestra," who have a bright little dancing revue. Interspersed with band selections and songs. Jimmy Lyons goes merrily through a smart monologue in a character vein which kept the audience in chuckles.. "The Book Shop" proved to be a 'bright little skit, ably presented by Jacksjn and Mack. The best part of the act of Menetti and June are the acrobatic falls done by the male member of the team, which seemed to please the audience. Frost and Morrison have a repertoire ' of smart qpnSs and sing them well. The MacDonald Trio open the bill with a bicycle act which is distinctly out of the ordinary in merit. ENGLISH COMEDY WELL PRESENTED "Eliza Comes to Stay'.' Enjoyed by Big Audience at-Orpheum It would be difficult to' conceive anything more thoroughly English than H. V. Esmond's amusing comedy," "Eliza Comes to Stay." which was presented last night by the stock company at the Orpheum Theatre. It is an English play of the most satisfactory kind, brimful of sparkling lines, well said by the interpreters. "Eliza Comes to Stay" is the essence of English modern comedy, written 'by a play-wplght of considerable note, igrceted with tremendous hilarity by the large audience which turned up for the first night. The action is perhaps not extremely original: but there is a certain charm difficult to describe, so wholly dyed-in-the-wool Anglo-Saxon that if must be seen to be fully appreciated. The action is light and full of esprit and there is no tiresome. lagging and the sentiment that un HEMSLEYS Jewellers to His Majesty King George V. Best Value in Diamond Rings 255 St. James St. Loofc for the clock on the sidewalk -a food for brain and body Pish is a splendi4 food tasty; digestible and nourishing to a marked degree. 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The .character of Montague Jordan, with is affected manners and his nenohant for birds eggs, is excellent, if somewhat overdrawn by Mr. Harry Green. The two central figures of Esmond's comedy are Eliza and Hon. Sandy Verrall, with Miss Alison Bradshaw and Murray Klnnell in the respective roles. Miss Bradsha is extremely droll in her caricaturish part of the "cherished child," and her change to the "dangerous" is most charming. Her admirable restraint from making the part one of burlesque deserves more than a mere passing compliment. As for Sandy, Mr. Kinnell is all that can be desired. In a notable study of the impeccable butler, Mr. Leo G. Carroll, has achieved another good thing. Although the part is y no means' one of the major, it is extremely well done, and fits into the frame-work o the English atmosphere. Miss Betty Murray deserves a notice for her depiction of Vera Lawrence, and the other parts are in excellent hands. Boston Pastor Here Rev. Dr. J. C. Masses, of Boston, delivered the first of . series of four sermons laist night at the newly opened Westmount Baptist Church. The ilarge congregation present was delighted iwith the keen intellect and splendid grouping of facts shown 'by the preacher in the course of the sermon. BRONZE SCREEN CLOTH Rustless ! Will give long years of service Wo also make Galvanized Cloth The Johnson Wire Works LIMITED Telephone: West. 0996 Dacenais Street - - - Montreal FIRE EXTINGUISHERS I Protect Your Home and Family I Price up tn SIMM) I HARRY K. MARTIN I Bit Board of Trade Rid. I Main 4120.1 Alexander Craig Limited Expert Auto Painters Cars Called For and Delivered Eatlmatea Cheerfully Glvea Telephones: Lancaster 102t and Main t33S Morrow " MORltOW " Drills arc a-ootl Drill, your Jobber Jan supply you. INGERSOLL John Morrow Screw nd 'nt Co., LH KoatreaJ Office I 489 bt. Paul St. West Telephone Mala i41S. 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BASSEIT On April 19th. 1923, at the Medical Arts Hospital, to Mr. and Sirs. Thomas W. Bassett, a son. BOYD On April 19th. 1925, at the Ilonwopatlile Hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Gordon Boyd, Chateauijuaj' Heights, a daughter. t'CTTLE At the Medical Arts Hospital, on April 20tb, 1923, to Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Cottle, of Grand Mere. Qae. (nee Margaret Trenholme), a daughter. DOCEI,ET On Sunday, April 19tn, ' 1025, at 74flb De 1'Epee Avenue, Ontrf-mont. to Mr. and Mrs. J, M. Dourley, daughter. MARRIED. LCNDBIGAN LITTLE On April 16. 1923, at St. Anthony's Church, by the Ilev. Father Cormier, James T. Lundrl-(tan, son of William J. Lundrlgan, of Montreal, to Violet Little, daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. James LIHle, of Motherwell, Scotland. DIED. CLOT WORTHY On April l"th, 1023. Mrs. A. C. Clotwortby, widow of the 1st-: Capt. J. C. Clotworthy, of Glasgow, Scotland, and mother of Miss F. E. Clot-worthy, of Toronto. DUTEMPLE In this city, April 19th, 1923, Baoul Dntemple, aged 4 years. Funeral from the Chapel of Jos. C. Wray & Bro., 290 Mountain Strct, a. 10 a.m., Tuesday, to Cote des Neiges Cemetery. LEVINE At her residence, 3fi4 EJrn Avenue. Westmount, on April 30tb, 19i5. Hannah Hyman, widow of the lat Robert Leyine, of Gaspe, in her 6tli year. Funeral notice later. UNDERTAKERS TEES & CO. Tel. Vp. 1633 (UNDERTAKERS and EMBALMERS 912 St. Catherine St. West! D. A. COLLINS I UNDERTAKER I 689 Wellington Street I 'Phone Victoria 1416 SCPEBIOB COCRT ODER THE BANKRUPTCY. ACT No. M. In the matter of: EVANS BROS. Call for Tenders Dry Goods Public Notice is hereby given that by resolution of the Inspectors of the above Estate the undersigned Trustees will receive at their office In Montreal, up to the hour of noon on Monday. April 27th, 1923, written tenders for the pur chase or toe unuermentionea Assess, consisting of the following: Lot No. 1 1ATJRIER AND PARK AVE. STORE Figures as at April 13th, 1923: STOCK consisting of dry goods, clothing, men's furnishings, crockery, house furnishings, toys, etc.. . . . .J41,8C3.2S PIXTCRES AND FURNISHINGS consisting of show cases, safes. Sling cabinets, counters adding machine, electric fiitur-3, Lamson system, etc 8,913.63 Book Debts 1,200.00 Paper, Twine and Check Books 373.09 Delivery Motor Truck ....... 1,000.00 $ i Total $33,303.88 Lot No. STORE, 6716 SHERBROOKE BT. WEST, N. D. O. Figures as at April 13th, 1923: STOCK consisting of dry goods, men's fnrnishlngs, crockery, house farnlshlng9, etc. 1 7,63753 STORE FIXTURES consisting of shelves, tables, safe, adding machine, etc 1,230.00 Total $ 8,901.32 Subject to adjustment in stock as at date of purchase. Lease can be arranged for desired period with Crown Trust Co. Tenders may be made separately or en bloc. An accepted cheque for 10 of the tender value must accompany each tender, and same will be returned if tender is not accepted. No tender necessarily accepted. Tenders must be enclosed In sealed envelope, and marked "Tender for Atsets." Arrangements can be made to infpect the Assets by arrangements with the Trustees. Any further Information can b obtained by applying to the Trustees: ROBSON & FOSTER. 803 Rhaughnessy Building, 037 McGIll Street. Montreal. LAVEKTT. HALE & DIXON. Solicitors. 190 St. James Street, Montreal. t Province of Ontario 32 1 and 2 Year $20,000,000 ' Treasury Bills The undersigned will receive tenders up to Twelve o'clock noon on the 22net of April, 1925, for the purchase of Province of Ontario Treasury Bills, dated the 22nd day ef April, I9JA, of which $10,000,000 will be due the 2nd day of April, 1026. and (10,000,000 ou the 22nd day of April, 1927, bearing interest at the rate of 3 per annam, payable half-yearly on the 22nd day of April and 22nd day of Ootober. principal and interest payable in gold coin of thfc United States of America of the present standard of weight and fineness at the Agents of the Province of Ontario, in the City of New York, U.S.A.. or in gold coin ef lawful money of Canada, at the Office of the Treasurer of Ontario, Toronto, Canada, at holder's option, payment for and delivery of Treasury Rills to be made at the Agents of the Province of Ontario, New York, U.S.A.. on or before the 2Hth day of AprU, 1Kb, as more particularly advised. Saaled tenders endorsed "Tenders for Province of Ontario Treasury Bills" should be addressed to the Hon. Wm. H. Price. Treasurer of Ontario, Parliament Buildings, Toronto. Tenders must be for the whole amount offered and each tender must be accotn panled by a marked cheque for 2O0.000 to be applied In the case of tbe success f ul tenderer as part psyment for bonds. The above bonds will be Issued under the authority of 13, George V. (Ontario), Chapter 2. The highest or any tender not necessarily accepted. 7 . WILLIAM H. PRICE. Treasnrer of Ontario. Toronto, 18th April, 1W5. PATENT NOTICE TO ALL WHOM IT MAY CONCERN? Be It known that the owner of Canadian Patent No. ltC.549. Walter Sylvester, of Stafford, England, dated May 11. 1015. for Apparatus for Lifting, Hauling, Straining, etc., is desirous of selling tho Patent outright, or would be willing to grant licenses under I royalty basis. For further Information, apply to Messrs. MARION A MaSiON. Go TJai-versity Street, Montreal, I ,

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