Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 9, 1895 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 9, 1895
Page 3
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B^^Jjt^if!^^ WE LEAD THE IMITATORS! SESTESCE IS PASSED OS ELLIS. But never imitate. Let us impress this on your mind so that you wont forget it:—All job lots, old styles, shelfworn goods and odds and ends are not Sample Shoes. We are the Only Sample Shoe Company! Every pair of shoes in our store is a Sample Pair. The best that can be made. We have a buyer in the market all the time—he knows how and where to buy—for cash only—we know how to sell. By offering Honest Goods. Your money back if you want it AXotlee of an Appeal to ihe Supreme Conn Will be Filed Mond.y. Judffa D. B.- McConnell yesterday morning sentenced EUey Ellis ;o four years' hard labor at ;he prison north. He will probably betaken to Michigan City Monday. Ellis' father was with him when the sentence was passed, and spent the afternoon yesterday at the jail In his son's cell. The fight for Ellis ie not yet finished. Hla attorneys have Ml along battled for the young man's release on technical grounds, and next Monday they will file notice of an appeal to the supreme court. The Dlieortry S»«d Her Life: Mr. G. Callloutte, Druggist, Beav. ersvllle, III., sajs: "To Dr. King's New Discovery 1 owe my life. Was taken with la grippe and tried all the physicians for miles about, but of no avail and was given up and told I could not live. Having Dr. King's new Discovery in my store I sent for a bottle and began its uea and from the first dose began to get better, and after using three bottles was up and about again. It ia worth Us weight in gold, We won't keep store or house without it. Get a trial bottle at B. F. Keee- ling's drug store. THE FAMOUS ASTI-TOXIN 1 For Dlptherla In Being lT»rd bjr Dr. J. L. Souder of Barrows. Dr. J. L. Souder of Carroll county has secured the "Eellaorum Diptherla Anti-ioxia ron Aronsons" the new antiJ.ne for that dreaded disease dip- Iberia and will operate with it at once This is the firss opportunity to use it in this vicinity. It ia the much talked and read of specific. The cases are In the families of Parker and Milroy Justice and are far advanced, one of ae-jen and the other of fourteen days duration, and unless the new antidote will counteract it. they will counteract it, they will surely prove fatal cases, as the disease has Invaded the trabcea or windpipe and the lungs Tha medical profession will watch the result with considerable interest though the fir advanced stage of both cases does not afford a fair test Dr. Souder invites any and all phy, slclans who feel interested in the new remedy to visit the cases and note the effects. The remedy arrived yesterday morning by .special messenger and was immediately used. COLLARS AND CCFFS that arc waterproof. Never wilt and not effected by moisture. Clean, neat and durable. \Vlicn soiled simply wipe off with a wet doth. The genuine are made by covering a linen collar or calT on both sides with "celluloid" and as they arc llic only waterproof goods i;:adc \vilh such an interlining, it follows lh:»t they are the only collars and c;: "~ •/. ;t will stand Uic wear and give sn'.isf.v:- tioa. Every piece is stamped as follows: TRADf Patroiioao Curl, nig-ht duty. Smith ia sgatn on Ladies' Patent, Leather Oxford Slippers, ulwaya sell at |2,Sy, Our price uru. $1.23 Men's Congress, or ball creased Vump shoes, warranted solid ~AQn throughout, worth $2. Our MQ(I price uww Boy's solid ciilf laeo shoes. Sell Everywhere at $1.50. Our rice... 75C We've got inore Savinpg Banks for the Children, and some little Photograph Cameras that will take pictures, for the older ones Come in Saturday tind get one, Thev're Fine. Infants* Patent Leather or Dongola kid button shoes... lOc Misses' line kid, heel orspring heel dress shoes, fine and OAn dressy. Made to sell at $2. AMI] Our price wuv» Ladies' flneDongolakld shoes soft and flexible and war ranted. Hard to get 'ein at $3. Our price We have a superb line of Ladies' Slippers at just about price. Everything guaranteed as represented. half Loner Distance 'I'hoiie Three hundred and fifty Invitations have been issued by the Central Union Telephone company to the grand opening of their long distance telephone lines, which will be given March 13th, from 2 to 5 at the rooms of the Potta« watomie club. It is a fact that nearly all reliable proprietary medicines were flrst used and thoroughly tested in practice by physicians ol more than usual ability. and yet some physicians snPer at such medicines. The reason la plainly seen by taking Brant's Balsam for illustration, known everywhere as reliable and sure to cure every sort of lung and throat trouble, except last stages of consumption. Why is it not just as good for your case as a physician's prescription, which might cost three or four times as much, though no surer to cure. Large 25 and 50 cent bottles ai Ben Fisher's drug 6 tore. Ike Oppenheimer, Manager. 322 Fourth St., East Side. a combination of Wheat and Corn! id is absolutely pure Do not t ike an inferior brand Always ready. RYSTAL WHEAT FLAKES ABE THE BEST. Asfc list on having CRYSTAL. RBSH FISH! tf you want a Quo fresh FISH leave your order with F. W, KINNEY, TELEPHONE, 172.— A fine variety of fresh hike fish received daily. No cold storage goods. We dress and deliver without extra charge. H. E. TRUAX, M. D. | Special attention gfren to Nose, Lang, Irrer 1 Cluonlc Dlwases. | Office and Rwldenee over State National Bank. 110 to 12 ft. m., 2 to 4 p.m., and 7 to S p.m. 1 ealls prompt!/ attended. DR. F. M. BOZER'S >ENTAL PARLORS. >rer State National Bank, Logansport, Ind. MTED! REAL ESTATE. I, Cheap Cottage For Sole. I Lot* and Acres For Sale. I Wanted Small Farms For Sale. (Wanted Business Blocks For Sole. I Wantfld to .Exchange farms for City Property. £.1 MerctiaiidUie to Trade Cor Farms. .. M, CORDON. Spry Block .Loxansport.'Indlana. IOSEPH GILLOTT'S STEEL PENS i xxnu nxr. run: AAD BROAD poms 10 SUIT ALL iUSOS. MOSTPEmCTOFPZNS. KKOEGEK & STRAIN, Undertakers and Embalmers, 613 Broadway, DAILY JOURNAL. SATURDAY MORNING. |MARCH 9. Overworked women need ZoaPhora. Natural gas bills for March now due and payable. Garden and flower seeds at Kreis' Mfg. Co.. 414 Broadway. To maiden, wife or mother, Zoa fhora IB a trusty friend. Insurance and Loans—A few hundred dollars of local funds; also Eastern money in any amount, to loan on mortgage security—S. M. Closson, No. S19 Pearl street. Mrs. M. F. Arnold, of Indianapolis, :cok five bottles of Lemon Laxative and is permanently cured of Headache, backache and Constipation. She advises ladies to try a fifty cent bottle. A Cronnlng Success. C. B. DeVus. editor of the Cooper- vill.e (Mich.) Observer, is a worthy example of what pueh and energy, with keen business propensities, will accomplish. la a conversation with your correspondent, Mr. DeVos said: '•I was born in Keene, Canada, in 1850. In 1857, I migrated with my parents to Pelle, Iowa, received a common school education, Drifted Into the printing business, and removed to Battle Creefe, Mich., where I became foreman in the large printlcg house of Gage & Son. I recently purchased the pipar of which I am now editor. My life work has been very confining and exacting and, as a result, my health gave out and I broke down with nervous exhaustion and sleeplessness. i was in such a condition tbat I could not sleep until completely worn out, my appetite failed me and I had to choke down what little I did eat. Abou two months ago my attention was directed to Dr. Wheeler's Nerve Vitalizer and I concluded to try it. It bad a wonderful effect on me; in a few nights I was able to get all the sleep needed, my appetite returned and became as ravenous a? a wolf's, my weight increased twelve pounds, my mind became clear and active, in'fact, I was restored to health and I look and feel an entirely different man." Inquiry and observation has proved Dr. Wheeler's Nerve Vitalizer to be a truly wonderful cure for all nerve troubles, such as nervous pro itratlon, spasms, fits, mental depression, ex. nauitei vitality,despondency and general debility. For sale by Ben Fisher, Druggist, All tne Bid* Jtcjeeted. All the bids on the erection of the >roposed St. Vinoent school building tave been rejected by the building committee. Free Fram Debt. Tbe Home for the Friendless has been freed from debt. At a joint meeting of the trustees and managers Wednesday night it was shown that enough oath had been subscribed to do away with the indebtedness, and tbe Home is now unhampered. In the fall of 1893, a son of Mr. T. A. McFarland.a prominent merchant of Live Oak, Sutler Co., Cal., was taker with a very heavy cold. The pains in his chest were so severe tbat he had spasms and was threatened with pneumonia. His father gave him several large doses of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy which broke up the cough and cured him. Mr. McFarland says whenever his children have croup he Invariably gives them Chamberlain's Cough Remedy and it always euros them. He cocsiders it the best cough remedy in the market. For sale by B. F. Keesling, Druggist. itcsolnllon* Sent by Telegraph. Tba citizens of Galveslon sent res- olutiods by telegraph Thursday to Senator M. W. Collett concerning the Nicholson bill's passage. The Senator's position with regard to the measure has always been well defined, and the Galvestonians went to an unnecessary expense in expressing their sentiments. Care for Ilcudache, As a remedy for all forms of headache Electric Blttera has proved to be the very best. It effects a permanent cure aad tbe most dreaded habitual sick headaches yield to its influence. We urge all who are afflicted to procure a bottle, and give ibis remedy a fair trial. In cases of habitual con. stipatlon Electric Bittern cures by giving tbe needed tone to the bowels, and few cases long resist the use of this medicine. Try it once. Large bottles only fifty cents at B. F. Keesling's drug »tore. Xotlce. Logan Chapter No. 2 R. A- M., meet tonight in'special session to con- er degree. Backien'a Arnica. Salvo. '/be beet salve in the world for cuts, raises sores, ulcer?, salt rheum ever sores, letter, chapped hands, hllblains, corns, and all skin, erup^ ions, and positively cures piles, or no ay required. It Is guaranteed to ive perfect satisfaction//^ money re- unded. Price 25^ceots per'bor. For ale by B. F. Keesling. Blind For an floor. Earl, a four-year-old son of Mr and Mrs. Joseph Stringer of the West Side, was placed under Dr. Thomas' care yesterday morning for treatment for blindness. For one hour the child was stricken utterly blind. It is a peculiar case, and is rarely noted, except in cases of over-study. Jle-n-are of Ointment* for Catarrb That . Contain 9tereury. As mercury, will surelj destroy the sense ol smell and completely derange the whole system when entering It through the mucous surfaces. Such articles should never be usrd except on prescriptions from reputable physlcuns. as the damage they will do Is ten fold to toe good TOO can possl- blrderlTA from them. Sail's Catarrh Cure manufactured by F J. Cheney * Co.. Toledo, 0., c»n- tains no merearj 1 , andlstalcen Internally, acting directly upon the blood and mazous surlace* ot the system. Inbuyi"* Hall's Caiairn Core be lore joacet the (tittine. It Is taken internal!? uui made In Toled*. Ohio, by F. J. Chmer 4- Co Teitiinniali free. VStU ki 4roalrti, prio* 7S*. »«r bottle. Have Yon Kidney Trouble? Have Tou Throat Trouble? Have You Rheumatism? Have'You Bladder or Urinal Trouble? TRY "SAN-JAK." Sold by IIKX PINHKK. Druggist. if anything else is offered you it i? sn •.•Citation. Refuse any but l!ic g.'in;- i:-c, aud if your dealer docs ::ot have •..hat you \tant s?nd direct to us, ca- ricsiug aniotiut and r>tali:.j; si:c and \v!:;lbcr a sia:;d-up or !-/r:i-.-,-:-down collar :s wanted. Collar:; ^^c. cucli, Cf.iTs 5OC, pair. The Celluloid Company, •2T-429 Broadway, New fork. THE KATDRAL GAS CASE. , Ifiirch 7, )S9t. DK BOKILVAN. CaiCAfiO. MY OEAH MR—.My intention wns llrst called to tiAN-JAKhWy«irln the caso of Cuptiiln J. M Broslus.tr Torre H.'iuifl, Kid., who w:ts uttacked In tli s City with ucut« nephritis and cystitis (la IlanmiHUon ol ibe bladder and kidneys). After prescribing tbe Ustnl remedies without avail San- Jak Wius sui« sled, and ttin Improvement was so marke-J utter tL'H llrsi do.se,and a complete care followed so i-ixwllly. tlmt I at once commenced an Jnvast.'inulo or its merits und tiHVe since pre- scrlbcn Kin almost every known form of kidney bladder, uretliril. mgliiiil uriucalarrlial troubles, followed Hi e-icli Lnsuir.e-i by the Iwpplest results. A case of cnnresl- (Involuntary liuw of urine) In myown r.'imliy wa* very mucb Improved by a few doses, and radically cured In lesn than a wei-k IToni practiwU experience In u number of bad cafes of toicorrhooa 1 nm free tosiiy tn«t i have found no remedy that Is equtl to SAN-JAK. And while I Imve never before given a professional Indorsement to a proprietary remedy, I say unhesitatingly and <lthont reserve that i consider dAN-.JAK a veritable boon to humanity mid after applying It to the surest proleshlonal tests, !»••> «n' «-i»h confidence, It Is better than it Is recommended to be. 1 »iiajJ continue to prescribe It In nil cases of genlco-urlmiryorcatwrciU troubles, In profer- eniaj to all otber known remedies, .AS a NKRVK TONIC, SAN-JAK can be relied upon fully and cntlrsly. The delicious tnste of the medicine Isnlso In its favor. In prescribing It for children, I am at present usInR SAN-JAK as an alterative In sKln dlseasas. and in several cuses of chn nlc eczema have yielded so readily to Its In- Ilnpnci» that [ shall continue to use It In similar cases, feellne confident that It will meat all the Indications In such ca,-W9. Ycurs sincerely, (Signed} HKO W. S.STDKR. 51. D. Chicago, riL BEN FISHER DRUGGIST T day ilic l>ftle For a Baling on the Demurrer loillie Complaint aft he Plaintiff. . The hearing of the judgment on tbe demurrer .to the complaint of tbe city of Logansport vs. the natural gas company, will come up In tbe Miami circuit court at Peru today. J. C. Nelson and M. B, Lairy will be present for the gas company while A. G. Jenklncs and M. Wlnfield will probably be on hand for the city. Harvey Strahletn entertained the J. C. P. club last night at hie Market street home. Bye and Skin Ointawt Is unequalled for Eczema, Tetter, Salt Rheum, Scald Head, Sore Nipples, Chapped Hands, Itching Piles, Burns, Frost Bite*, Chronic Sore Eyes and Granulated Eye Lidt. For sale by druggists at 25 cenls per box. TO For putting a horse in a fine healthy condition try l)r. Gidy's Condition Powder*. They tone up the system, aid digestion, cure loss of appetite, relieve constipation, correct kidney disorders and destroy worms, giving new life to an old or over-worked horse, 25 cenls per package. For sale by druggist!. OVER A MILLION 1 NOW IN USE PISOS CURE FOR _ The Best Cough Syrup.! iTustcs Good. Use In ttmo.| Isold by Pruggteo. CONSUMPTION I presume we have used over one hundred bottles of Piso's Cure for Consumption in my am continually advising others family, and I to get it. Undoubtedly it is the Best Cough Medicine I ever used.—"W. C. MILTENBERGEB, Clarion, Pa., Dec. 29,1894. 1 sell Piso's Core for Consumption, and never have any com-, plaints.—E. SHOBET, Postmaster, Shorey, Kansas, Dec, 21st, 1894.

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