The Gazette from Montreal, Quebec, Canada on March 4, 1935 · 21
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The Gazette from Montreal, Quebec, Canada · 21

Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Issue Date:
Monday, March 4, 1935
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VOL. CLXIV. No. 54 THE GAZETTE. MONTREAL; MONDAY. MARCH 1935. 21 FLEET OF FREIGHT LJUERS PURCHASED Eleven Italian Vessels Well Known Here Change Hands in Deal LONG IN ATLANTIC TRADE Increased Travel to Scandi-pavia Results in Extra Summer Vacation Cruises Being Planned Announcement of the sale of the fleet of the Societa Italiana dl Navigazione Lloyd Mediterraneo of Rome and Genoa, to another Ital ian firm of Giovanni Gavarone, has more than passing interest to the port of Montreal, owing to the close connection which the vessels Involved have had for a number of years with trade to and from Montreal. There are 11 vessles in the fleet of freight liners, and they have been engaged mainly in the Atlan tic trade, plying between eastern Canadian ports and Italy. During the past few years these ships have felt the pressure of tariff and quota barriers, but tprior to the development of the self-sufficiency principle in matters relative to the growing of wheat by France and Italy, the ships carried substantial cargoes of grain from Montreal throughout the open season at the local port. The ships are well-known to men along the waterfront. Agents at the local port and in Saint John, N.B., are the Montreal Ship ping Company, and the names of the Italian freighters have always been connected with that of the Montreal firm. The Giorgio Ohlsen, one of the ships forming the fleet and a fami liar freighter in St. Lawrence waters, is due to sail from Saint John, N.B., this month, and is ex pected to arrive at the eastern, port some time next week. The vessels included in the deal are the Val eavoia, Vallarsa, Valdirosa, Val fiorita, Vallescura. Valrossa, Val verde, Valcerusa, Valleluce, Val- prato and Giorgio Ohlsen. Viking Cruises Planned The increased travel trend "to peaceful Scandinavia; Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland, has resulted in the Swedish American Line having scheduled four summer vacation cruises to these Viking lands. The first to leave will be the motorliner Gripsholm from New York May 15, calling at Halifax May 27, on a 35-day cruise to Baltic ports, visiting Gothen burg and Nynashamn, Sweden Klaipeda, Lithuania; Zoppot, Dan zig and Helsingfors, Finland. This will also be the only direct sailing from Canada to Lithuania and Finland, whence the Gripsholm proceeds after calling at Gothenburg, Sweden. S.S. Drottningholm sails from New York June 12 on a 33-day cruise to the North Cape, Norwegian fjords and Sweden, calling at Gothenburg, Sweden; Trondhjem, Svaritsen, Hammer-fest, North Cape, Lyngseidet, Aan-dalsnaes, Merok, Olden and Bergen, Norway. This will be a popular priced cruise at cabin and tourist class rates. Motorliner Kungs-holm will make a 42-day cruise leaving New York June 29. Her itinerary includes calls at Reykjavik, Iceland; North Cape, Ham-merfest, Lyngensfjord, Svartisen, Trondhjem, Aandalsnaes, Merok, Oye, Bergen and Olso, Norway; Gothenburg, Stockholm and Visby, Sweden; Helsingfors, Finland; Leningrad, Russia, and Copenhagen, Denmark. The Gripsholm sails again July 26 on a 33-day cruise calling at Gothenburg. Stockholm and Visby. Sweden; Eidfjord, Norway; Copenhagen, Denmark; Helsingsfors, Finland and Leningrad. Russia. Shore excursions will be arranged at the principal ports of call. Normandie's Metal Cabins When the new super-liner Nor-mandie clears from Havre on her maiden voyage to the United States next May, she will be equipped with 12 completely metallic zabins which will enter at once upon a protracted but entirely friendly competition with the great number of other cabins whose interiors and fittings are largely built of rare and beautiful woods, to find out which in the course of time best endures the wear and tear of travel and gives the best satisfaction to passengers and ship owners alike. The question has never been settled and there are strong arguments on both sides. Some expert contend that flreproofed woods of finest texture and most beautiful natural design, serve best in constructing and furnishing demi-luxe cabins because they are more pleasing to the eye, stand surface wear the longest, while showing fewest abrasions, and are by all means the most economical for the steamship company which must keep them in repair. Other experts have pointed out that metal is stronger, permitting of lighter construction, can be beautified even as wood .and will last the longest. The metallic cabins now receiving their final touches from the decorators working on the Nor-mandle, belong to a deml-luxe group- built under the direction of A. C. A. M. Noreal. Not only are the walls, floors, ceilings and doors completely metal in this instance, but the furnishings which have been specially built to match each lovely stateroom, are metal as well. Floor coverings may not be metal In the case of these 12 cabins, but beds, chairs, wardrobes, mirror frames and tables are of the finest metals obtainable. Coward Off to China Noel . Coward, famous young f lobe-trotting dramatist, will board the Canadian Faclflo liner Km prom of Canada, when she stops at Honolulu on March 28, en rout to the Far East. Coward's latest play, "Polnte Valalne" closed last week on Broadway after a comparatively short run. He will probably leave the United States at Pan Francisco or Los Angeles, and after visiting Honolulu, will board the white Empress of Canada with Hong Kong and China a hli destination. Shipping Official Retires New York, March J.H, C. Plnrklnton, director of Furness, Withy and Co., In the United mates nd Canada, today .confirmed reports that he would retire April 3D from the company with jvhlch h PASSENGER LINER MOVEMENTS. Dates Furnished by the Agents. - Ship. Agents. From. Andanla. Conard W.S. Ilalifax Lady Drake, C.N.S Halifax Lady Nelson. C.N.S Halitax tierolsteio, Bernstein Antwerp Am. Banker, Am. Met London Fr.d. VIII, and. Am. . .Copenhagen Be:engaria. Cunard W.S. Southampton Paris, French Havre Transylvania, Cunard Anchor Glasgow Duct ess of Bedford,. .C.P.R. Liverpool Aurania, Cunard W.S Halifax Caledonia, Cunard Anchor Halifax Roma, Ital Trieste Scanyork, Scantic Gdynia started his career 45 years ago. He will be succeeded by Henry Smurthwaite, who has just arriv ed from London. Long an outstanding figure in International transportation circles and one of the best known Am erican shipping men, Mr. Blackis ton's career covers a period In which the Furness Company has grown from a small line to one of the greatest British shipping combines. He said he was convinced the time had come to turn over the direction to a younger man. Born in Kent County, Md., in 1872, Mr. Blackiston joined the old Furness Company in New York as a checking clerk. Canadian Warships' Visit Port of Spain, Trinidad, March 2, Canada's four naval destroyers were here today for a fortnight's stay in Trinidad waters. H.M.C.S. Vancouver and Skeena, of the Pacific squadron, and H. M C. S. Saguenay and Champlain, of, the Atlantic squadron put into harbor last night for holiday from their yearly manoeuvres with the Royal Navy in the South Atlantic Numerous balls and other en tertainments for the Canadian officers and men have been planned tor their stay ashore. Wild Crossing Made Plymouth, England, March 2. After what passengers and crew described as the wildest crossing in many years, the French liner Champlain arrived here today from New York. Among the exhausted passengers was Charles Laughton, film star returning from Hollywood to dis cuss plans for making a film in England this summer with British producers. He was accompanied by his wife, Elsa Lanchester. and said he expects to return to the united States in about two weeks. Visits Lourenco Marques Lourenco, Marques, March 2. First Canadian Pacific liner to visit Portuguese East Africa, the 21,000- ton Empress of Australia, on a cruise to South Africa and South America from New York, is due here tomorrow morning with some 300 tourists. The whole of Sunday will be spent here by the visitors, who will lunch at the Polana Hotel and en- Joy sun and sea-bathing at Polana Beach. The Empress is coming from Majunga Bay, Madagascar, and will leave early Monday morning for Durban. Scandinavian Trips Five summer tours of Scantfina-via from five to eight weeks, with sailings from New York on the Bergensfjord and Stavangerfjord to Northern Europe, are announced by the Norwegian America Line, represented here by the Canadian National Steamships. Cruise No. 1 by a sailing of the Bergensfjord from New York on June 12 lands the visitor at Bergen, Norway, from which point a c;apt-wlse steamer is taken through the fjords of the Norwegian coast to North Cape, in reality an inside passage, sheltered by islands. Re turn to Isew York is made on August 5. Three other cruises commence aboard the Stavangerfjord from New York beginning July 3, and include tours of Norway, Sweden and Denmark on cruise vessels of the company. The first of these three tours includes trips to Ber gen; steamer and motor vessel journeys; excursion by horse and carriage, in addition to rail trips through valleys and over moun tains, with return to New York August 5. Another cruise of seven weeks also covers many centres in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. No. 4 cruise of seven weeks in cludes Norway's fjords, Sweden, Finland, Russia and Denmark. Tour No. 5 of six weeks dura tion commences by a sailing of the Bergensfjord from New York on July 13. Collision Case Today Buffalo, N.Y., March 2. Federal Judge Harlan W. Rippey's hearing of claims resulting from the collision of the gfreighters E. E. Loomls and W. C. Franz will be resumed Monday after a week-end recess. The Algoma Steamship Company seeks $250,000 for loss of the Franz. Relatives of four sailors drowned when the ship sank In Lake Huron last November 21 are asking $25,- 000 from the Iranz owners and the Great Lakes Transit Company, owner of the Loomls. The action before Judge RIppey, brought by the Great Lakes con cern, is to secure limitation of liability. Bernard J. Stevenson, wheels man of the Loomls, testified yesterday the Franz failed to answer danger signals of his ship just before they crashed. He said he first glimpsed the Franz when he saw her range lights on the starboard of the Loomls. He received an order "hard to starboard," he raid, and the Loomls blew both danger and alarm signals. No answer came, Stevenson testified. Joseph Lamontague, witness be fore Stevenson and first mate of the Loomls, said he believed the crash could have been avoided If the Franz had continued on her course. He related the Canadian. freighter swung from her course and crossed directly in front of the Loomls. Capt. Charles J. Autterson. mas ter of the Merton L. Farr. and Capt. William F. Gardner, master of the James McNaughton, testified on courses generally travelled by the Orcat Lakes steamers. Heading for Banks Lunenburg. N.S.. March I. An Increase In activities alon the Lunenburg waterfront can be noticed these days the Lunenburg bankers are preparing to null an chor and head for the Banks. The uemwana II, pan American. Mary E. Hlrtle and Gilbert Walters have been outfitted and will sail early next week, while It or more others are expected to follow soon after wards. Noronio Sideiwiped Rarnlll. Ont.. Marrh . Ira In the Ht. Clair River, sot in motion by a shift In wind, broke four vrs-! of the Bin Mac Llm-s away from their, moorings here Saturday Date. February 21 February 3 February 10 February 18 February 23 February 22 February 27 February 27 March 1 ... March 1 ... March 3 ... March 3 ... February 22 , February 18 . Due Date. Liverpool, today . Saint John, tomorrow ... St. John, March 12 . New York, tomorrow New York, today New York, today . New York, tomorrow . New York, tomorrow .... Halifax, Saturday .... Halifax, Saturday Plymouth, Sunday Glasgow, Monday next ... New York, Thursday .. New York, Thursday and caused one of them, the Maple Court, to sideswipe the S.S. Nor-onic, flagship of the northern division of the Canada Steamship Lines fleet. The Maple Court tore a hole in the upper plates of the Noronic, causing damage estimated at $5,000. The four Sin Mac vessels, all tied together, were carried 300 yards downstream before they were brought" under control and moored to the dock. Missouri Docks Safely Milwaukee, . March 3. The steamer Missouri, reported disabled in Lake Michigan, arrived here safely from Muskegon, Mich., this afternoon. Engine trouble was experienced during the cross-lake trip, but repairs were made without assistance. Halifax Ship Report ARRIVED. Montrose, 2, from Saint John. Boston City, 2, from New York. Cyrus Field, 3, from Sea. Aurania, 3, from New York. Montclare, 3, from Liverpool. SAILED. Beaverford, 2, for London. Vardulia, 2, for Glasgow. Foundation Franklin (with steamer Hurry On in tow), 2, for Saint John. Lord Kelvin. 2, for Sea. London Corporation, 2, for Manchester. C'homedy, 2, for Bermuda. Montrose, 2, for Glasgow. . Montclare, 3, for Saint John. ' St. John Ship Report ARRIVED. Manchester Division, 3, from Manchester. Junius Schindler, 3, from Liverpool. SAILED. Nordkap, 2, for New York. Vancouver Report ARRIVED. Noumea, 1, from Legaspi. SAILED. Tosarl, 1, for Bombay. Jevington Court, 1, for Osaka. Sheaf Holme, 1. for Melmourne. Roxen, 1, for Australasia. Rocliclie, 1, for San Francisco. Vessel Movements ARRIVED. American Merchant, New York, 2, from London. Empress of Britain, Penang, 2, from New York. Kungsholm, Cristobal, 2, from New York. Champlain, Plymouth, 2, from New York. Lafayette, Havana, 2, from New York. Olympic, Southampton, 1, from New York. Volendam,- Barbados, 2, from New York. Mariposa, Melbourne, 1, from San Francisco. Annam, 28, Yokohama, from Vancouver. Boxhill, 28, Plymouth, from Port Al- bernie, B.C. Lehigh, 1, Manchester, from New York. Anniston City, 1, London, from San Francisco. Graveustein, 28, London, from New York. City of New York, 1, Port Natal, from New York. Cingalese Prince, 1, Hong Kong, from Ardenvohr, 1, Dunedin, from New 1 UII. Ingertre, 1, Hartlepool, from Boston. Lorhgoil, 1, Rotterdam, from San Francisco. Gateway City, 1, Hamburg, from Mobile. Sllverpalm, 1, Beira, from New Orleans. Port Auckland, 1, Auckland, from New City of Worcester, 1, Bombay, from New York. California Express, 28, Antwerp, from ban Francisco. President Harding, Now York, 3, from Hamburg ' " Empress of Britain, Singapore, S, from Empress of Australia, Lorenco Marques, 3, from New York. Resolute, f'nl Samaria, Haifa. 2. from New York miiurnia. Algiers. 3, from New York Kuropa, Bremeo. 2, from New York President Roosevelt, Hamburg, 2, from New York. MatrH. Phllnrinlnlila 9 i.... Seringa, Philadelphia, '3. from Buenos Aires. Mikitaa Roussos, Philadelphia, i, from Cydonia, Portland, Me., 3, from NicnlHlpff Adderstone, Baltimore, 3, from Huelva Dago, Baltimore. 3, from Saint John. Monstella, Baltimore. 3, from NlrolaW-ff Cold Harbor, Baltimore, 8, from Liverpool. Markland. New York, 3, from Liverpool. N.8. Tela, New York, 3, from Trinidad. SAILED. Majestic, New York, 2, for Southamp. Du.-hesi of Bedford, Liverpool, 1, for ja ii ii in a. fif vt h In r.lrftrnsiM 9 V xy-i. Conte Dl Savola, Port Said, 2, for New Eastern Prince, Buenos Alrea, 2, for Beaverburn, 1, London, for Halifax. Herlpllc. 2 Khii.1,1. I..- u.i. Myrtlebaok, 28, Algiers, for Saint John, Kota Inteo, 1, Rangoon, for San Francisco. Baron Saltoun, 1. Shields, for Boston. j.uIB waru, zs, xokobama, for San b m tic I sen Somcrville, 28, Manila, for San Fran- Cisco. Norfolk Maru, 28, Kobe, for Lot IrlHllAIllr 9S pAf (3 a let 4m ( ItV Of Flint 9fl riii.ife.lln Abrnham Lincoln, 28, Autwerp, for Notice To Shipping Agents Applications address-ed to the undersigned will be received by the Harbour Commissioners of Montreal up to 12 o'clock noon on Wednesday, March ISlh, 1M.'. for Wharf Sheds, Hpsees and Privilege! Navigation, 1038. after which date all the anullratlona will h ,i.i, u. togethar. Uf vratt, U H. A. ARCHAMBADLT, ecrtry, rforriniip rnmitilaalniinpa c u,nt,..i Montreal, Msrch (.V. The Halifax Harbour Commissioners operoft a modern COLD STORAGE TERMINAL ' Rafrlgeratetf end Dry Storage 1,025,000 cubic fast Fireproof For full Informollon, rotes, etc., please oddreti , The Trofflc Monooer, HALIFAX HARBOUR COMMISSIONERS Georeie. New York. 3. for Lasualra. American Merchant, New York, 3, for London. Conte di Savola, Piraens, 3, for New lork. Scythia, Cobb, 3. for New York. Washington, Cobh, 2, for New l'ork. Deutscblaud. Cobh. 2. for New York. Bremen, Southampton, 2, for New York. American Farmer, London, 1, for New lor. Maruto Maru, Baltimore, 3, for Yokohama. Cliffwood, New York, 3. for Copenhagen. Montrollte, New York, 3, for Cartagena, Tekoa, New York, 3. for Brisbane. Arizpa, Tampa, 3, for Havre. THREE PARADERS KILLED Shots Fired During Protest March in Mexico Guadalajara, Mexico, March 3. Three persons were killed today and eight wounded when shots were fired Into; a group of more than 3,000 persons marching through the streets in protest against socialistic education. Leaders of the demonstrators charged that "Red Shirts" and pol ice disguised as civilians fired Into their closely packed ranks as they were passing the Municipal Palace. Many women and children were among the paraders. As the shots rang out, three men, a lawyer, a student and a farmer, fell dead Two men and six women were wounded, some seriously. Police then arrested 38 persons 22 of them women, as organizers of the demonstration meeting, which they said was held without a per mlt. A crowd estimated at more than 15,000 attended the meeting in front of the university and listened to attacks by many orators on the educational reforms of the local and National Governments. Then a part of them started to parade toward the palace. LIQUID COPPER IS MADE Two Chicago Scientists Have Discovered Process Chicago, March 3. Another of the scientific world's "problems" dis solved today with the announcement by a pair of Chicago scientists that they had perfected a method of pro ducing liquid copper after eight years of private research. Noted metallurgie chemists had held, they said, that there was no solution for the task of breaking down elemental copper into an amor phous form suitable for mixing into a paint-like substance, of value in resisting corrosion. But L. D. Pangborn and Harry Sweney emerged from their labor atory with a process which will be used in the manufacture of non crystalline "copper dust" as soon as a factory can be completed here. Submarine Reaches Shelter (Canadian Press Cable.) Valletta, Malta, March 2. (Via Reuter's) The big British submarine Oxley with a fire in her engine room succeeded in reaching shelter in the lee of Tunis Bay today. Vancouver Market Vancouver, March 2. Coincident with the spectacular rise In the price of gold in London and generally firmer tone in all metal markets, the Vancouver Stock Exchange Saturday enjoyed by far the most active session it bas seen for some months with sales totalling 376,938 shares. Premier Gold and Dentonla led the rally and were both In heavy demand, the former- gaining 9 cents at 1.70 and the latter up 8 ai bo. sneep creek, ud 5 at 1.13, and Wayside with a 2-point gain at iz were also active traders. British Columbia Nickel was tip a cent at 4 ( Big Missouri at 36 and Uolconda at 33 were each un 3 The oil sTiares were quiet. Calgary and Edmonton gained 5 at 70 and Home Oil firmed a point at 61 Commodities in New York Commodity prices in New York, furnished by Abbott. Proctor & Pnlne members of the New York Stock Ex- cnauge: Prer. High. Low. Close. Close. Cocoa- May . fill tins WW f!12 .lulv . MO But MR n4 Sept. . 5.'l.1 527 B28 B38 rnffee It lo May . Kil B42 t42-3 R.'3 July . ,W, B.17 Sr.3 IWW'n Sept. . 572 564 564 573 Coffee (Santoai May . 802 862 Sfl2 Sfi. Tuly . 8Wln 8."i7 Sept. . 850 8i3 815 852 Copper-May . 6M 631 fl.1flt 627-8 July , 644 644 645-8 626-8 Sent. . 655 054 655 n 647 Cotton-May . 1246 1241 121.1-6 1247-0 July . 1253 1249 1252 1 12.14-5 Dec. 12.15 1240 1204-5 1255t Cottonseed Oil May ... hmi-3 1183-4 July . 1105 11!)3 11(12-5 1102-5 Sent. . 1203 1203 1200-03 1199 Hides .Tune . 062 fl.M n5.1t Sent. . 089 883 8S5-8 802 Lead-May 339 83on iulT 845n 845n Oct. 303n 353a it ubber-May . 1270 1263 j;7 1270 July . 12R4 1275 1278-80 1284 Sept. , 1298 1294 1294 1298 Silk MV m-M l"1 133 w1 132 'A hugar " May . 210 210 208 9 208-9 July . 215 214 214-8 214-B wool Uopfr . .. .. 73 2-75 0 73.2-75 0 3aT .. . . 71.0-75.4 74.0-74.5 'V !'.. 8Rnb 74n July , ., , swt,, aw,, , 8f,Pt- .. 892n 380a Notice To Stevedoring Companies In accordance with By-law No. VI, which regulates the entry anil tin in the Harbour of all plant, machinery and appliances for loading or unloading veiaela, application! ad-dremcil to the under signed will be received by the Harbour Commlialoners of Montreal np to 12 o'clock noon on Wed nesday. M11 run 13th. 1935. for Derail!- loa to una l'lnnt, Machinery or Appliances In the Harbour of Montreal during ths tkaion ot Navigation, 1935, - y urner, L. II. A, ARCHAMBATJLT, Seoralary, Rnrhnnr Comtnlmlonirn of Montreal, Montreal, Mnrch 1f, 11135. EGGS FEATURE OF PRODUCE MARKETS Further Advances in Early Part of Week Wiped Out by Close Eggs were the feature of Montreal produce markets last week. Top grades advanced as much as four cents per dozen i.i the early part of the week, reaching new highs for the recent upturn or. Wednesday. On Thursday prices held barely steady and Friday a three-cent reaction occurred. On Saturday top "Trades were down another cent, with graded shipments quoted at 29-30c for A-large, 27-28-3 for A-medium, 25-26c for A-pullets, 20-21c for B-large, 19-20c for B-medium, and 18-18 &c for C. Small lots to the retail trade followed the carlot trend, the list, as quoted by wholesale jobbing houses, being as follows at the week's clooe: Grades Cartons Loose A-l large ........... 40c A-l medium ....... 37o ... A-l pullets ......... 36c A-large 35c 34c A-medium 32c 31c A-pullets 31c 30c B-large 25c 24c B-medium 24o 23c C 23c 22c The butter market regained the ViC reaction of the previous week, becoming again 25c to 25 YiC per lb. for carlots or l.c.l. lots of No. 1. Small lots to the retail trade were quoted by jobbers at 26c or solids and. 27c for prints. The cheese market was steady at ll'io to 11 c for late-fall or current receipts ot No. 1 Ontarlos, and 124c to 12V4c for summers. Receipts were posted at the Board of Trade, with comparisons, as follows: Eggs Butter Cheese Cases Boxes Boxes Last week. 6,376 2,863 408 Week ago. 5,543 970 395 Year ago.. 7,603 7,973 689 Potato market quotations were 45-50c for No. 2 Quebec whites; 50-60c for No. 1 Quebec Green Mountains; 55-65c for No. 1 New Brunswick Mountains, and 60-65c for Prince Edward Island No. 1 Mountains, per 80-lb. bags, while P.E.I, stock in 90-lb. bags was 67c to 70c. New potatoes are moving slowly at $2.90 to $3 per 50-lb. crates for No. 1 Florida stock. The poultry market was unchanged. Quotations to the retail trade on small lots of dressed poultry were as follows on A-grade stock. B-grade being two cents per lb. less: Per lb. Turkeya .... 22-23o Milkfed chickens 23-25c Selected chickens 22-24c Fowl 16-1 80 Brollen 24-28o Geese 13-16c Brorne Lake ducklings .... 24.26c Domestic, ducklings , 17-19o Toronto Produce Market Toronto, March 2. Wholesale prices on produce delivered at Toronto Is supplied by the United Farmers Co-operative Co. here today were: Eggs (quoted nominal ly) grade A-large, dor., 24c; grade A-medium, doz., 22c; grade A-pullets, doz., 20c; grade B. doz., 17c; grade C, doz.. 15c; churning cream N"o. 1, lb., 25c; No. 2, lb.. 2.1c; butter, No. 1, solids, lb., 25 He; No. 2, solids, lb., 25c. Ontario cobbler potatoes, bag, 55c. Ottawa on Eg? Market Ottawa, March 2. Egg prices on Montreal and Toronto markets dropped threa cents per dozen the latter part of this week, says the weekly review of the Department of Agriculture. The stimulus ot last week was a little late In arriving in order to last long, the report states, as it coincided with Increased receipts at western provinces, and there are now several cars rolling to eastern markets. These included two cars from Manitoba and one from Saskatchewan, and one from Winnipeg. There have also been liberal deliveries of British Columbia eggs, Including one in Toronto during the week. Improvement was shown in the storage situation, when Ottawa, Quebec and several points In west ern Canada were reported entirely sold out of storage eggs. Prices increased during the week in British Columbia, but the feeling on the whole there and in Alberta was not very strong. In the Maritime Provinces severe storms checked deliveries and prices continued firm. Advance or- Manchester Liners Ltd. Manchester Prem From West Manolwfter Saint J0I10 Feb. 16 tM. Dlrtilon Mar. 1(H) Frb.tStM. Hesiment Mnr. 14(11) Mar. it.M.CHIun Mar. I(H) Mr. M. Brld Mnr. Mill) Mar. latM. Produetr Apr. 4(li) Mar.lltM. Oora'erM Apr. 11(11) accommodation for paiuogeri, Cairn -Thomson Line (Calm Lin of Rttamsblpt Ltd.) Newcastle and Leith From Bast From Wnt Coal I'nrli Halnt John FrU. lit t('nlrnlfn Mnr. 1(1(11) Mar. II H.lrorou Mar. XO(II) Mar. ZS talrimk Apr. 1SIII) Accommodatloo for Fasaengtrt, tColcl Storair. "Alio Loads for OuDde. Ill) From HALIFAX I Uiya La nr. BRISTOL CITY . DOMINION LINE Joint 6crrlce Te OANUirr, HRIITO& and SWANSEA From Rrlitol From Chsnnrl Itallfat tllrlatol City Mar, II Mimlrrnl city Apr. 10 U'ao Vtnlllatloa. SWEDISH AMERICA Ej MEXICO LINE "Canadian Service To Scandinavian Ports From tlalirai M R. Stsiwhnlm Mar. II U.I. Koraholta Apr. I 111 li laeraiaal It. MA. Ittl 3T ders for chicks to breeders and hatcheries for early delivery were considerably heavier than on the corresponding date last year. B.A. Oil Debenture Issue Is Planned Toronto, March 3. To retire bank indebtedness "and for other corporate purposes," a debenture issue of $5,000,000 will be issued by the British American Oil Company, Limited, if the annual meeting of shareholders here on March 13 approves, It was announced tonight in a letter to shareholders. The debentures, at four per cent. Interest, will be issued in place of a $5,000,000 proposed and authorized issue, approved by shareholders in 1932, which was not issued. U.S. Treasury Plans Refunding Operation Washington, March 3. The Unl ted States Treasury tonight follow ed the Roosevelt administration's desire for lower Interest rates by announcing two refunding issues 01 securities at the lowest yield since long before the Great War. The Treasury proposed to exchange an offering of 20-25 year bonds bearing 2 per cent, interest for $1,850,000,000 of Liberty .fourth 4's called for redemption on April 15; and an issue ot five- year 1 per cent, notes to be offered in exchange for $528,000,000 of Treasury 2 per cent, notes which mature on March 15. It was estimated the swap would save about $30,000,000 in interest annually. Week-End Fire Calls Tire rnllft rpnnrtori In t,nu.ln..n. during tlie 24 hours from midniirlit '"raj 10 miamguc sunuay as follows : Snturrlnw 11 51 am n,nn..(l. i 1X47, MarVil Trust Company, 614 St. .lames street west, for fire in foundry; a.m., teiepnonn call to a;09 Jeanne tVArn (ftp firo in h.a,nn. , 2.48 p.m., box 748, Demontigny and uviuut, iur cuimney lire; z.oj p.m., bnx 4!i!l, ilaplewood and Pear, no fire; for chimney fire; 6.16 p.m., telephone call to 2009 Jeanne d'Are, no fire; 6.19 p.m.. uox nil, iTince Arthur and De- ltlllltnn fnlio nlaFiti- 1111! n , 10B, Notre Dame and St. Henry, for fire in bat factory; 10.10 p.m., box 61, .iii(.ru aim ie. famine, raise alarm; 11.44 n m hnr Qft5 ttt TTI.A. ""i ijuuc, i. auu Jarry, for fire in cellar of dwelling. ouuunjf. . a.m., DOX Oljl. ue- montigny and Sanguinet, for chimney fire: 122 nm hnr 07 Tta,.i.inn , waui.icn ami Alma, false alarm; 1.58 a.m., box 0K17, xiim .juiien ana neiiecnasse, false amrm : 2.00 a.m.. box 216, Wellington flnri Phnrrnn faloa .ln.i o AI . - u....Uf .,- oiaiui, .ii a.m., box 0146, St. Hoch and Champagneur, j.uMt; ainriii; inxi a.m., DOX 44, St. Catherine and MeGIll College, for fire in kitchen of restaurant; 12.25 pm box 943, Park and St. Joseph bonle- niu, wins aiarm; i.n p.m., DOX U35, ChnrlevniT Burl Mulling -1,1 " " "j",.o iv, iiiiuiuev fire; 1.34 p.m., box 951. Paplneau and Itellechasse, for fire in dwelling; 7.49 ii.iii., ii-it'ifiiuiie can to ztz ar. jouia Square, for fire in furnace room of llVeltnfrr R OH nm lulonhnn. nll n " " ' ........ i, tL,uuiic aii 111 1800 Sicard, for fire in dwelling; 9.25 p.m.. teiepnone can tn 0263 DeLan-audiere, for fire in shed. Security Price Index A decrease of more than one point was shown in investors weighted index numbers of security prices for the week ended February 28, compared with the previous week, the Dominion Bureau of Statistics reports. The index is computed on the base 1926 equals 100. The index for all three groups of common stocks combined was 88.8 as compared with 90.3 for the previous week. The index of Industrial common stocks was 128.7 as compared with 130.6. The Index of domestic utility common stocks was 48.1 as compared with 49.6. The index of common stocks of companies located abroad In which Canadians are heavily interested was 106.2 as compared with 107.1. 1934 Mineral Production Ottawa, March 2. Substantia Increases were shown in the production of copper, nickel, feldspar and salt In the calendar year ended December compared with the previous year, the Dominion E.tabllibed im Tel. MA. 8264 BlaiklockBros.Ltd. 299-307 Common Street CUSTOMS BROKERS and FORWARDING AGENTS Complete Customs Service and Cartage to your Warehouse Storage In Bond or Free 140 TO EUROPE AND RETURN Cabin ('Ian passage on liners sailing ri-guiariy irora acw loric n'turn tickets good for one year. Excellent culalne. Only two beds to a cabin. For full particular) apply CANADIAN TRAVEL LEAGUE 410 Ht. Mcholaa St. HA. 14. FROM ST. JOHN BELFAST S.S. "Fanad Head" Abt. Mar. U DUBLIN ft.fl. -Melrooro Head" ... Abt. Mar. II 8.8. "Kmmd Head" ..... Abt. liar. 19 Alto Calling at Cork. McLean Kennedy, Limited lit Corittln BldgH Montreal. Ellermon b Bucknall S.S. Co., Llmitad FROM SAINT JOHN. N.B.. TO Manila, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Dalny S.S. City of KimberleyJWar. 10 Cargo accepted tor transhipment to other Chinese and Japanese porta, also Htralti lettleoientl nd Dutch East lodlea, CANADA INDIA f rtOM 6AINT JOHN, N.B., TO Alexandria, Port Sold, Aden and India Ports City of Perth March 18 City of Wellington.. March 27 Caro accepted tor tranehlpment to Levari! forte, Kiel Africa, I'erslaa (lull aad Itraltl iettle-enentt. , McLean Kennedy, Limited CorUtlaa Jlldc, Jul, JUA, WU. Bureau of Statistics reported today. Copper output amounted to 365,-646,739 pounds, a gain ot 21 9 per cent, over the 299,982,448 pounds in 1933, while nickel produced in 1934 amounted to 128,815,575 pounds, compared with 83,264,658 pounds in the preceding year. An Increase of 48 per cent, was shown In the production of feldspar when it was 15,860 tons against an output of 10,658 tons in 1933. Production of salt amounted to 195,-060 tons in comparison with 175.-375 tons in the preceding year. SUGAR AND COFFEE New Tork, March 2. Raw sugar was firmer today and while demand was not aggressive there was nothing available in any position below 3.05, which was 8 points above the last price paid for spots. Futures, after showing advances of 1 to 4 points on the more active positions, encountered considerable realizing and partial reactions occurred with the market closing unchanged to 2 higher in the old contract and unchanged to 3 higher in the new. Sales in the former were 2,150 tons and in the latter 10,550 tons. March, 2.05b; May, 2.09b; July, 2.15b; September, 2.20b; December, 2.26b; January, 2.18b. Refined was unchanged at 4.30 to 4.50 for fine granulated. Coffee futures: Santos closed 1 higher to 7 lower. Sales, 35,000. No. 7 closed 8 to 11 lower. Sales, 7.000. Closing quotations, Santos: March 8.73; May, 8.64; July, 8.50; September, 8.45; December, 8.45. No. 7: March, 5.30; May, 5.42; July, 5.53; September, 5.64; December, 5.73. Spot coffee quiet. Santos, 4s 9'ifc Rio, 7s 1. METALS, OILS AND GUMS Savannah, March 2. Turpentine firm, 50; sales, 44; receipts, 22; shipments, 101; stock, 11,507. Rosin firm; sales. 120; receipts, 149; shipments, 1,649; stock, 67,-390. Quote: B, 3.75; D, 4.00; E, 4.20; F, 4.60; G, 4.65; H and I, 4.70; K, 4.7214; M. 4.75; N, 6.15; WG, 5.60; WW and X, 6.20. New Tork, March 2. Tin barely steady; spot and nearby, 47.60; future, 47.30. Zinc firmer; East St. Louis, spot and future, 3.90. Other metals nominally unchanged. London, March 2. Closing: Calcutta linseed, 11 6s. Linseed oil, 23s. Turpentine spirits, 48s. Rosin, type B, lis 7d; G, 13s 3d. Tl-low, Australian, 25s 6d. Shellac, spot, 71s 3d. London Money Bates London, March 3. The stock exchange was closed yesterday. The Bank of England yesterday bought 22,000 in bar gold. Money, per cent. Discount rates, short and three month bills, 9-16 to per cent. Bar gold went to a record high for the second successive day. An advance of a shilling, 5 pence brought "it to 146 shillings, 10 From Halifax To rljmonth, Havre and London AUSONIA Mar. 10 Apr. 14 ALAUNIA Mar. 24 tApr. 26 ARCANIA Jlar. 31 tMay 3 AtBAXIA Apr. 1 tMay 10 tFrom Montreal To Cobb and Liverpool ANTONIA Mar. 10 Apr. 7 ANOAXIA May 24 Freight Only from Saint John ANCHOR-DONALDSON LINE Mar. 14z Sulalrla .... to Glasgow Mar. 28i Norwegian ... to Glasgow DONALDSON-DOMINION LINE Mar. x Salads . . to Bristol Channel Mar. 28x Norwegian to Bristol Channel iCalls it Halifax 2 days later. Refrigerated. 230 Hospital Street - - - MArquette 5651 Or 1312 Sherbrooke St. West - PLateau 6935 ot any Steamship Agent NORTH GERMAN LLOYD mm 'Mr' yist? U Joint Carfo Service)J From HAMBURG From West Hamburg- and Saint John BREMEX Feb. 27 Anmbnrf i Two days later from Bremen. From ROTTERDAM From Wnt Rotterdam Saint John Brant County Mar. 13 Grey County Apr. 8 From ANTWERP From West Antwerp Saint John Brant County Mar. IS Grey County Apr. 8 tApr. 1 HADA COUNTY... Direct galling to Halifax. From HAVRE From West Havre Saint John Brant County Mar. 18 tirey County Apr. 8 Special Direct Sailing From Bordeaux to Montreal S.S. Kvancer April 2nd For information, apply to CANADA STEAMSHIP LINES CANADA AFRICA From West Saint John, N.U. tS.S. CLUNEPARK.MAR. 18 S.S. CALUMET.. . .MAR. 27 Catling at Sierra I .eons, Caue Town, Port Elisabeth, East London, Durban, Lourenco Margoes and Belra, 'Limited Passenger Accommodation. tDoes not call at Blerra Leone, Lourenco Marques ot Beira, Elder Dempster Lines Limited 133 Doard of Trade Building Montreal, Que. . MA 7541 Freight Bcrvira Hetween Canada and Mediterranean Port From Medtn. From Ports taint Joba, N.B Feb, S.S. Olorgla Ohlsen Mar Subject ilterstlon without Botlce. MONTREAL f CJFi'lNa 00, LTD MAiuuette. lilt, HHil pence, or 35 37 In terms of th American 5ollar. Spot silver -spurted to 27 pence, the highest sicca October 9, 1928. Taken From List Stock of Cosgrave Export Brewery Co., Ltd., was taken from the list of the Montreal Curb Market at the close of business Satutday. This action was due to the fact that the merger of this company with Brewing Corporation of Canada, Ltd., has been approved by court order and now leaves less t.-an 7 per cent, of the stock outstanding. It is not customary to continue trading with such a small percentage of the stock outstanding. INVESTMENT TRUSTS (Compiled by Jen In, Cwjnne & Co.) Bid Askcl. Amer. Composite Shi. .. 3.30 3.40 Brit. Type lav 30 .40 Fund. T.S. "A" 8 'A Io. "B" 3 ZV t'nited Gold Eq. of Can... 2 26 2 51 g-ipsrvised Shares .... 1.17 1.27 CALVIN BOLLOCK ISSUES. Bid. Asked. Can, Invest. Fund 3 30 3 55 U.S. lec. L. & P. "A" 10 Do. "B" 1.28 Do. Voting 44 Nation Wide Sec. "B" .. 2.84 Do. Voting 1.13 Can.-America Trust 3"i 2i Can. inter. Trust 4 0 Diversified T.S. "B" .... 6Vt Do. "C" 8 75 2 80 Do. "D" 4H 4 Flrat All Can. Units ... 8 Mi 10 Do. 1945 6,j, 7?; Independence Trust .... 2 00 2.05 Grouped Income Sbs. ... 3 65 8 95 Quarterly Income Sbs. . 1 20 1.25 United Fixed 2hi United Insurance T. ... 1Z .. United N.v. Bank T. . 2 United Oil Trust 3 DISTRIBUTORS' tiHODP INC. Bid. Asked. North Amer. T.S. 1953 .. 1.80 Do. 1955 2.14 2.19 Do. 1956 2.12 2.17 Do. 1958 2.15 2.25 Cumulative T.S 8.53 3.65 AMERICAN DEPOSITOR CORP. Bid. Asked. New Corp. T.S. Accum. 2.15 2.20 Do. . Dlstrlb 2.15 2.2U Five Year Fixed T.S. .. 3' .... 01(1 Corp. T.S 1.90 U.S. fundi. N1PISSING VOTES TODAY Straight Fight Between C.C. F. and Liberal Candidates North Bay, Ont., March 3. Electors of Nipissing will vote tomorrow to choose a successor in the Ontario Legislature to the late Theodore Le-gault, Liberal, who died suddenly in Toronto last January. The election is a straight fight between J. Harry Marceau, Liberal, and E. S. Lawrence, Co-operative Commonwealth Federation. The Conservatives did not enter a candidate. In the voting last June, Mr. Legault had a majority of 6,111 over the Conservative candidate, C. R. Harrison. From New York Mar. 7 xAnsonla , Ply, Havre, L'ndon Mar. 8 xAntonia . Cobb and Liverpool Mar. 16 tScythia . (i'way, Cobh, L'ool Mar. 18 tOLVMPIO . . Ch'b'g. S'mpton Mar, 21 xAlaonla . Ply., Havre, L'ndon Mar. 22 MAJESTIC . . Cb'b'g, S'mpton Mar. 22 xAndnnia . Cobb and Liverpool Mar. 28 xAsranla . Ply., Havre, L'ndon Mar. 29 tLaronla . G'way, Cubh, L'pool Mar. 30 tBEKENGARIA Ch'b'g.S'mptoa Apr. 4 xAurania . Ply., Havre, L'ndon Apr. S xAntonia , Cobh and Liverpool tBmbark night previous. ICalls at Boston following day. xCalls at Halifax. ANCHOR LINE Mar. 16 Transylvania L'derry. G'gow Mar. 30 Caledonia Belfast and G'gow Apr. 13 Transylvania . L'derry, G'gow BLUE FUNNEL LINE JAVA-NEW YORK LINE DIRECT SERVICE Halifax to Straits Settlements and Dutch Bast Indies, via Suei Canal. Port Bald, Belawan Dell, Penang. Port Swettennam. Singapore. Batavla. Palein-bang Cberlboa. Samarang, Soerabaya and Macassar. M.S. "DOHIIS"' . . Mar. SO 'Does not call at Palembang. Penang and Port Strettenbam, direct or transhipment, shlp'a option. Throngs bills ot lading Issued to destinations In Straits Settlements, Slam, Dutch East Indies and Far Bast Cunard Whit Star Limited, Agents. FROM MONTREAL Ealllogt for Brisbane. Sydnc. Melbonrno anrl Adelaide. Also (or Auckland. Well Ingtoo. Lyttelton and flunedln For Freight Rates and other partlealarfl apply t The NEW CBALAND SHIFFOia CO. LIMITED, III Board ot Trade Building, MONTREAL. Bermuda Bahamas Jamaica Br. Honduras. From; Halifax Boston "Lady Somera" .. Mar. I Mar. 8 "Lady Rodney" ., Mar. to Mar. IS Bermuda St. Kltts Nerls Antlgna Montserrat Dominica St. Lucia Bar. bados 8t. Vincent Orensds Trinidad Br. Guiana. From: Halitax 4. Boston "La!y Hawkins" .. Mar. JO I Mar. 18 V'Larfy Drake" . . . Mar, 17 Mar, 18 j. Boston for Passengers only. St. Georges, Bermuda, Puerto Rica, Utiadaloupe, Martinique, Barbados, Trinidad and Demerara. "Colborne" Mar. tl Freight Service! from Halifax JAMAICA "Cathcart'...Mer. It ' Auitralia and New Zialand 'Canadian Conqueror' .... Apr. t Hrlnlmne, Hvdnev. Melbourne, Auckland. "Canadian Britisher" . .... Mar. 88 Auckland, Welllnnton, Lyttleton, DupedloJ Cold Storage. Consult your Travel of Rill Agent. f 384 St. Jcmcs St. MA. 4731 TUB GAZETTE Is printed and pub. Il.hert by the GA.KTi J) PHINTlMJ COMPANY, LIMITED, ft wblcb Jotia Stuart Miller Is Secrntnry, t the Cfflca. 1000 Ht, Aiitoiue BUtst, Montreal,

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