Attica Independent from Attica, Kansas on October 8, 1908 · 6
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Attica Independent from Attica, Kansas · 6

Attica, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 8, 1908
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OFFICIAL CHOLERA FIGURES AMERICANS HAVE LITTLE TO FEAR IN PHILIPPINES. In Seven Years Only 225 Cases and 119 Deaths In the Islands. Washington, D. C. During the past even years of American occupation of the Philippines there have been 225 cases of cholera among Americans, and 119 deaths in the entire archipelago. This information comes from the governor general of the islands, who had the figures compiled at the request of Secretary Wright. The number of cases is regarded by the officials as relatively very small and they think the figures presented ought to allay the not unnatural fear on the part of families of officers and men of the battleship fleet of any danger to which they may be exposed during their visit to Manila. There were two deaths from Asiatic cholera among the troops in the Philippines reported in the last mortuary list received from General Weston. They were those of William II. Cutler, company F, Twenty-ninth infantry, on September 24 and Howard Hare, company I, Ninth infantry, on September 17. The report of the number of cases and deaths of Americans, it is pointed out, Includes American soldiers to the number of from 10,000 to 15,000, who nave been in the islands at all times. American school teachers scattered throughout the Islands, and all classes " of employes, including custom house inspectors, health inspectors and policemen, whose duties have particularly exposed them to the disease. Manila, P. I. Four cases of cholera were reported Friday, including that of G. D. Mitchell, an American dentist, whose wife died of the disease two weeks ago. Taft's Greeting in Kansas. Topeka, Kan. Never before In the klstory of Kansas have such crowds greeted a presidential candidate as came to see W. H. Taft in his trip through the state Saturday. From Syracuse, where he spoke in the cold gray dawn, until he said good-Lye at Topeka, it was a constant, continuous ovation. If crowds and enthusiasm are ia index, W. II. Taft has conquered Topeka and' Shawnee county, lie came Saturday night and amid fireworks and torchlights he passed be tween a double line of more persons than probably ever gathered in the capital city before. ' A Dowle Receiver Report. Chicago, 111. Gus D. Thomas, re-civer for the estate of the late John Alexander Dowie, founder of the re-Bgious community at Zion City, 111., Friday filed a report in the federal court showing the assets of the estate to be $1,709,647. Against this are se cured claims of $326,327 and unsecured claims, including a number still In dispute of $4,903,725. St. Louis Germans Celebrate. St. Louis, Mo. The allied German organizations of St. Louis Sunda) celebrated the anniversary of the firsl landing of Germans on American soil 225 years ago. The feature of the day was a monster parade Sunday afternoon in which 25,000 persons took part. Ridder to Arbitrate. New York. Herman Ridder, treasurer of the Democratic national committee, appeared before the Central Federated union at its meeting Sunday and asked that his disagreement with the union be left to arbitration. His suggestion was adopted. Gas Causes Big Blaze at Pittsburg, Pa. Pittsburg, Pa. An explosion of gas atNhe plant of the Tittsburg Plate Glass company's works number two at Tarentum, a suburb, early Sunday resulted In a loss by fire of $500,000 and threw 800 men out of employment. A St. Louis Rabbi Dead. St. Louis, Mo. Rabbi Solomon . II. Sonncnschien, one of the beat known Jewish rabbis in the Mississippi valley, died at his home here Saturday night. Death was due to the bursting of a blood vessel in the brain. Aged Attorney Burned to Death. Minot, N. D. Col. J. C. Marcy, aged 77 years, once one of the most prominent attorneys in (he northwest, was burned to death at his home in thlj city early Sunday. Catholic Bishop Stricken. Hartford, Conn. Rt. Rev. Michael Tierney, Catholic bishop of the diocese of Connecticut, was stricken with apo plexy Saturday night and is in a critical condition. To Use Steel Passenger Cars. Chicago, 111. The Ilarriman lines, ft was announced here Thursday, have decided to adopt steel constructed passenger cars over their entire systems. THE PARAMOUNT PROBLEM. X lfci .iwl season t IL .Jip- , ' HUNGRY SCHOOL CHILDREN t STARTLING REPORT TO CHICAGO BOARD OF EDUCATION. More Than 10,000 Pupils of the Public Schools Insufficiently Nourished. Chicago, 111. Ten thousand school children in Chicago are Insufficiently nourished, some live constantly on the verge of starvation and many are not sufficiently clad to keep them in a healthy condition, according to a report made to the board of education Thursday. Specific instances of poverty, noted In a house-to-house inspection, are given in the report which is regarded as reflecting a bad social condition in Chicago. Many parents were found to sleep so late that their children went to school without breakfast. In one house where the father was out of work and the mother sick, five children were found to have lived three days on dry bread and tea. In another house six children reported they had lived on one meal a day. Another mother employed as a seamstress said the supported her four children on $2.60 a week. Numerous pupils reported inability to attend school because of insobriety of their parents. "Every afternoon I have to hurry home from school to get the dinner," declared a pale-faced little girl of 12 years. It was discovered she was burdened with the household duties for a father and five other children. The inspecting physician reported her physically exhausted from overwork. In the poorer sections of the stockyards district the most heartrending conditions were disclosed. Children deserted or left by parents who had been sent to jail, were some of the Instances. In one home the children were left unsupported by the father having committed suicide. The inspection was made by the child study branch of the compulsory education department and it Is expected that the school board will take action on the conditions. Col. Goethals in Washington. Washington, D. C Lieut. Col. George W. Goethals, chairman and thief engineer of Hie Isthmian canal tommission, called on President Roosevelt Thursday and made a report on the progress of work on the Panama canal. Col. Goethals intends to remain here until November in order to secure a much needed rest. He informed the president that the digging of the canal is going on in a satisfactory manner and that it would be ready for opening on January 1, 1915, the date planned. Irrigation Congress Adjourned. Albuquerque, N. M. The sixteenth national irrigation congress in this city completed its work Friday with the adoption of the report of the committee on resolutions and the election of officers. The officers elected are: President, George I. Barstow, Texas; vice president, II. B. Loveland, San Francisco; second vice president, I. D. McDonnell, San Francisco; secretary, B. A. Fowler, Arizona; foreign secretary, E. McQueen, Gray, New Mexico. Six Dead In Ohio Wreck. Cleveland, Ohio. Six lives were lost and a number of persons were injured at eight o'clock Thursday night when a Toledo & Ohio Central passenger train carrying an excursion crowd from Bowling Green fair into Toledo was run into from the rear at Sugar Ridge by a freight train. WORLD'S COAL PRODUCTION. United States Furnished 40 Per Cent of Entire Output. Washington, D. C. The " United States produced 60 per cent more coal than Great Britain in 1907, over 10C per cent more than Germany, and ex elusive of Great Britain produced more coal than all the other countries of the world combined. The Geologl cal survey In a report Sunday on the world's production of coal, estimates such production at 1,209,184,109 short tons, of which the United States fur nlshed almost 40 per cent. More than PS per cent of the total world's pro duct ion of coal Is from countries north of the equator, the countries south of that line producing less than 20,000,-000 tons annually. During the past 40 years the percentage of the world's total production by the United States has increased from 14.32 to 39.73 and since 1899 this country has held first place, having distanced Great Britain so far that that country can no longer be considered a rival. KANSAS COLLEGE BILL READY. I 1 The Spheres of the State Schools Will Be Prescribed In the Measure. Topeka, Kansas. The. special committee appointed from the regents of the three state schools to draft a bill limiting the work, of the three schools has practically completed the work assigned it. The committee completed the rough draft of the bill which It will present to a meeting of the regents of all the schools. When the bill is finally decided upon by the regents it will be presented to the legislature for enactment. Gov. Hoch will complete the wording of the bill and have it ready for the meeting of regents which will be called by the governor shortly after the election. Carried Over Niagara Falls. Tucson, Ariz. Brewster Cameron, who was carried to death over the Niagara Falls Saturday night, was one of the best known men in the southwest, having large property , interests in Arizona, Texas and Mexico. He became prominent a number of years ago, when assisting his uncle, Attorney General Brewster, to prosecute the Star Route cases. He was formerly United States marshal for Arizona. He is survived by a wife, a son, Brewster Cameron, Jr., now of Kansas City, and two daughters, one the wife of Capt Briggs of Fort Riley, Kan., and one the wife of Capt. Brady of the Pre sidio, San Francisco. Mormons Favor Prohibition. Salt Lake City, Utah. Having heart their president expound the revelatioi of the words of wisdom which pro hibits the use of all Intoxicants by th faithful 15,000 members of the churc of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint Sunday proclaimed their faith in th practical application of the ecclesias tical law by voting unanimously ap proval of a resolution pledging the en tire membership of the church to sup port Prohibition legislation. Papers Have Raised $84,994. Chicago, 111. At Democratic nation al headquarters Thursday an itemizet statement was made public showini that campaign contributions fron newspapers to date have reached t total of $84,994. To Compete With Americans. Valparaiso, Chile. A Belgian syndi cate with a capital of $1,200,000 is be ing organized here for the purpose o competing with American dealers ifl the sale of canned meats in the ni trate region. HURRICANE IN MANILA BAY. Battleship Fleet Safely Outrode the Storm. Manila, P. I. The Atlantic b-ttl?-shlp fleet has safely outrode a hurricane which swept Manila bay fr i. hours and did much damage aabore. Typhoon signals were displayed eai ly Sunday morning but the storm broke over the bay suddenly and unexpectedly at noon. It was impossiblu to hoist the cutters and launches belonging to the fleet because of the danger of smashing them against the steel sides of the battleship and the little craft were sent scurrying Inside the breakwater Into the Pasig river where they remained all night. The storm quickly Increased in Intensity and tho torrential rains shut in the ships. During the storm all the battleships had steam up ready for any emergency. Rear Admiral Sperry finally ordered the flagship Connecticut and the Kansas, Minnesota, Vermant, Virginia and Ohio under way. They were close to the breakwater and Admiial Sperry feared they might drag anchors. The six vessels - steamed down close to Cavite where they anchored. At times the wind blew at the rate of 100 miles an hour, all communication with shore was cut off. WORK OF KENTUCKY MOB. Enefre Family of Negroes Shot Down and Home Burned. Hickman, Ky. Dave Walker, a negro, his five-year-old daughter and his baby child were killed outright, the mother, who was holding the babe in her arms, -was fatally shot, and three other children will probably die, as a result of a mob's visit to the Walker home, near here late Sunday night. In addition, the oldest son is nisslng, and is supposed to have been ourned with the negroes cabin, which as fired by the mob. Walker had cursed a white woman, and threatened a white man with a pistol. When the mob of about 50 men ordered him to come from his house, he replied with a shot. The torch was then applied to the house, and as the occupants came out they were shot down. STANDARD SUIT DATE SET. Final Hearing Against Oil Company February 23, 1909. St. Louis, Mo. The final hearing of the suit of the federal government to dissolve the Standard Oil company will take place before the United States circuit court in St. Louis on February 23, 1909. The order setting the date was filed with Circuit Clerk Gray Friday. The suit will be heard before Circuit Judges Vandeventer, Hook and Adams. The Standard Oil company is given until December 1 to complete its testimony before the referees, Franklin Ferriss and Thomas .Sklnker, and the government Is given until January 1 to close Its rebuttal. There will be no witnesses at the final hearing, the depositions to be filed by the referees to answer Instead. All His Time to G. A. R. . Trenton, N. J. That he may be in a position to give all his time to the duties of commander-in-chief of the Grand Army of the Republic, to which office he was recently elected. Henry F. Nevius Thursday resigned as prosecutor of Monmouth county. To Reform the Cooking. Chicago, 111. With the avowed intention of reforming cooking in the United States, the Associated Clubs of Domestic Science, organized by prominent club women and pure food experts from far and wide, held Its first meeting here Thursday. Thomas W. Lawson Injured. Egypt, Mass. Thomas W. Lawson, the well-known financier, was thrown, from his carriage while driving ner.r North Scituate Sunday 'and severely Injured by the fall and by being Kicked by the horse. Another Ohio County "Dry." Delaware, Ohio. Delaware county Thursday by a majority of 2,148 went "dry." The "drys" carried the city of Delaware by 528. Two years ago the city went "wet" by 600 majority. Resigned a Canal Zone Position. Lincoln, Neb. Advices received here Thursday afternoon say that D. C. O'Connor, superintendent of education of the Panama canal zone, has tendered his resignation. May Have Cured a Leper. Honolulu.-Dr. W. P. Brinckerhoff and Dr. J. T. Wayson have notified the city health board that they believe they have succeeded in curing a leper by the Nastin treatment. The Hyderabad Flood. Allahabad, British India. The latest reports from Hyderabad estimate the flood casualties at 50,000. Order is being gradually restored and bodies buried. 4 IS RECIPE OF FAMOUS CHEF. New Salad That Has Caught Popular Fancy In New York. For several years there has been served at the Waldorf-Astoria a salad called. the Waldorf salad, which was a Joy to the appetite of the bon vlvant, but a new salad has been introduced that eclipses it. It is called the Salad Astoria. Not only is it a Joy to the appetite, but so attractively put together In its mosaic arrangement of colors that one hesitates to demolish 't. Once broken and served it proves so delicious that every woman who partakes of it at once determines to learn how, to make one just like it at home. Oscar says it is the simplest and most healthful of luncheon salads. It is made by splitting a head of romaino salad lengthways, laying one-half on a plate with the heart side up, then closely placing alternate quarters of orange, grape fruit and Bartlett pears on the romaine until it is fully covered, finishing off each end with half of a pickled walnut, decorating the top with tiny strips of green and red peppers, making it look as if tied with narrow ribbons. - Then, last of all, pouring over the whole a dainty French dressing and serving. New York Press. BAKING-DAY QUERIES. Here are answers to every "how much" question that can arise on baking day: One cup of sugar will sweeten one quart of any mixture to be served chilled or frozen. One teaspoon of extract will flavor one quart of custard or pudding. One tablespoonful of extract will .flavor one quart of mixture to be frozen. One level teaspoon of salt will season one quart of soup, sauce or vegetables. The ordinary French dressing (three tablespoons oil, one and one-hali tablespoons vinegar, one-fourth level teaspoon salt, one-eighth level teaspoon pepper) will moisten one pint of salad. t One tablespoon of water or mils should be allowed for each egg in an omelet. - Allow four eggs to each quart of milk is making cup custards. Allow from four to six eggs to each quart of milk in making a custard to be turned from the mold. Rice will absorb three times its measure of water and a larger quantity of milk or stock. , , , One ounce of ' butter and one-half ounce of flour are used to thicken one cup of liquid in making a sauce. Allow two level teaspoons of baking powder to each cup of flour when n eggs are used. Devil Cake. Into a small saucepan put yolk oi one egg, one-half cup milk tnd twe squares chocolate, shaved, or two heaping tablespoons cocoa. Cook until thick as cream, stirring all tha time. Put in a piece of butter as large as an egg as, you remove it from tho fire and let it melt. Then pour it into the following mixture: White of one egg. one cup sugar, one-half cup milk, one-quarter teaspoon clove, one and one-half cups flour, one teaspoon soda. There is no cream tartar in this recipe. Bake in a sheet and frost wfth a white frosting, one teaspoon butter, five teaspoons hot water, ono teaspoon vanilla and enough confectioner's sugar to spread. Irish Moss Blanc Mange. One-third cupful Irish moss, one quart milk, one-fourth level teaspoon-ful salt, 1 teaspoonfuls vanlla. Soak the moss In cold water for 20 minutes, then look it over and discard the discolored pieces. Add it to the milk and cook in double boiler for 30 minutes. Add the salt and vanilla and strain into a mold wet with cold water. Chill thoroughly, turn on to a glass dish and surround with sliced banana. . Serve with sweetened cream. Almond Balls. Whites two eggs, one-fourth pound almond paste, powdered sugar, blanched and finely-chopped almonds. Add the unbeaten egg-whites to the almond paste, working it in thoroughly; then add powdered sugar to make a paste stiff enough to knead. Dredge a board with confectioners' sugar and kneal the mixture until it can be easily shaped. Break it into small uniform pieces. Shape Into balls; dip in white of egg slightly beaten and strained ; then in the almonds browned slightly in the oven. Marmalade for the Children. Sa all nice apple skins, wash and put on to cook or simmer. Take orange skins that are left after eating your oranges,, wash them, put on to cook in water. When cool cut up fine, strain your apple skins, sweeten to suit your taste, add orange skins, etii up. Cook ten minutes or until thick. Throw water orange skins were cooked in away. My children like this on their bread Instead of butter, as ther Is more apple than erange to what 1 make for them and It is a lovely ret) color.

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