Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 10, 1957 · Page 12
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 12

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 10, 1957
Page 12
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Twelve Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Ann Landers Fiance Wants to Blow $500 On Drunken Toot With Boys Dear Ann: Th'e fellow I'm engaged to marry has just presented me with a proposition. He wants one Jast fling before he settles down to marriage. (He's 22 and I'm 21.) He wants to take a three-week I my life- on a no-good bum. Divorce trip with two bachelor buddies, is against my religion and I don't way because he's v having a drinking problem and feels I'm the only one who can give him the will to stop. My folks are dead set against it and say I would be throwing away They plan to drive wherever the mood moves them, get drunk every night if they feel like it, and have a real gay time. This vacation will cost him about $500 the way he has it figured. He needs my signature to get the cash out of our joint savings account. We've been putting av/ay money for furniture for alnlost three years and have about $2,000. My father thinks the s screw loose and says if I O.K. Ihe trip I'm nuttier than he is. Please hurry the advice. I honestly don't know the answer to this one. — LINDA want to take, any chances. I really think I'm in love and that my folks don't want to .give him a break. He drinks a lot less when I see him regularly. Wher I went on my vacation last summer he was stiff every night and even :nissed four days of work I'm in such a confused state 1 don't know what to do. I KNOW I! V o2?ie22za* Kitty on the Bed! I'm with pop. With talent like that at home, you don't need me, Linda. The boy frip,nd isn't ready for marriage or he- wouldn't want to blow 25% ot a savings account on a drunken toot with, his bachelor buddies. Split that bank account and let him spend his half on lolly-pops if he wants to. Tell him to make the trip, by all means. Never let it be said that you spoiled his fun. In £he meantime, postpone marriage plans. Perhaps in a few years the fun-lovin' kid will grow up, in which case, look him over again. could straighten him out if my; , ' folks would cooperate. I'm very , y _ ,. i unhappy at home. Please help a mixed up girl. — LL'-ANWE If you tihink you're unhappy NOW, just go ahead and marry a 23-year-old rum-bucket and see what life is like. Your folks aren't plottin? against you. They only want to keep you from making a tragic mistake. Your boy friend needs more help than just your company. Tell him to prove his good intentions, by joining Alcoholics Anonymou.; or surrendering himself to. a E.eha-j bilitation Center. Don't marry him until ne proves .he can .stay off the grape for at least a year. Then keep in mind that ONE drink could put him back on the booze for kueps. * * * . CONFIDENTIALLY: WIS H Dear Ann: My husband is thejBO\E: You oon t need a million Janitor in a large apartment build- dollars to go to Europe. Quit 5n» I've always helped him with! drearr.mg and drooling over travel •his work. In fact, I do more of it than he does. Many a time I have shoveled a half ton of coal while he napped or went down to the bowling alley to enjoy himself with the boys. I've hauled trash, fixed plumbing and washed the windows, without coir.plamt. Last year around Christmas time I expected some little gift of appreciation because he never gives me any money of my own. On December 25th he handed me a card and said, "Merry Christmas." I have a feeling he's going to do the same thing this year. What folders and. start to save your 25 INCHES (•Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problems. Send Delight the youngsters with this cute kitten! It is fun to make and a wonderful hiding-place for pajamas. (Or stuffed, it makes a lovable toy!) Pattern No. 5545 contains pattern pieces; material . requirements; sewing and finishing directions. Send 25c cents in COINS, your them to her in oare of this new.5- [ name , address and the PATTERN paper and enclose a stamped self- addressed envelope.) Copyright 1957, Field Enterprises, Inc. shall I do? - TIRED "Merry Christmas," eh? Tell him "Happy New Year" and make sure you have one by insisting on a shake-up in the labor-management relations. To pinch-hit in an emergency is all right, but a woman who would shovel coal for her husband while he lives it up at the bowling alley is just plain brainless. And while you're negotiating a new labor contract, insist on an allowance—and don't be bashful. "Merry Christmas," indeed! a * * Dear Ann: I'm a girl 18 and. going with a boy 23 who says he loves me more than life itself. He wants me to marry him right a- Sew It Easily, Quickly SUPERMARKET ROBBED BLOOM1NGTON (UP) — The Gods«y Supermarket was held, up and robbed of more than S2,0(iO Thursday night by two bandits who out clerk so the store manager feigr.'d an argument with a check- would appear and they could force him to take them to the office where the money was kept. Read the Classified Ads NUMBER to ANNE CABOT, (PJiaros Tribune) 372 W. Quincy Street, Chicago 6, Illinois. ' Have you a copy of 1957 Needle work ALBUM? It contains fifty- six colorful pages showing many pretty designs; plus directions for making 3 crochet itmes and a quilt. Only 25,c a copy. NEW WORKS HEAD GARY (UP) — Thomas W. Josephine Lowingn Proper Earrings for You Depend on Your Features Mother Faces Charges in Death Of 8 Children PARK FALLS, Wis. ('UP)—Authorities said today they will file child neglect charges against a mother whose eight children burned to death while sh» allegedly was out with another man. The charred remains of the chil- The fire, apparently caused by an overheated oil burner, aroke out in the frigid, pre-dawn darkness Sunday in the family's small Irame home west of this northern Wisconsin community. The mother, Mrs. Ardeta Xlein, 38, was taken into custody by Price County Sheriff Andrew The earrings with the upward sweep is good for about every lace. My husband says that I am absolutely merciless because whenever I meet people with an idea I back them into a corner and wring it from them for my column. I must admit that I sometimes do this. As a matter of fact I •met Judith McCann at a small Tuesday Evening, December 10, 195T. Muu-Muu Taking Its Place In U, S. Fashion Circles NEW YORK (UP)— Well, men. Imiius for the patio, the pool, th« you thought the chemise robbed i dormitory, and (or formal vat- us females of curves. Wait'll youj home occasions. And Shahccn see us in a muu-muu! I f do^sn.Tw Sre^n wardrobes I happily report that so far, tin- eatures a "mamma nmu-muu- «* those expecting." M rs - Shirley Konhcim, boss o£ a New York firm which special- like the chemise or sack, the j izcs in sub-teen wear, found her muu-muu isn't for street wear. j se if ; n (j )e muu-muu business be- Only for our leisure hours. But muu-muu is a native of Hawaii, is ankle or floor length, cut full and completely unfitted except at the yoke. cause of daughter Barbara, a coed at Western College, Oxford, Ohio. Barbara was one of 16 coeds There are various theories on i who last summer made a col!ege- Iren, the oldest only 10, will be j how the-muu-muu migrated from sponsored tour of the Far Kast. buried Tuesday in one casket. | native £arb in the islands to at- En route home, the group stopped home fashion on the mainland. off in Honolulu, where Barbara Gloria Buchner, fashion coordi-, b °usht a couple of muu-muus. nator for Alfred Shaheen, a Hon-j "She got off the plane at Idle- olulu manufacturer, said this firm'wild in one of the things," her has been featuring muu-rnuus for j mother said, "and I was morti- six years at least. But it suddenly'tied. My daughter traveling in caught on after a promotion by a | something like that! California store. Sha'heen's muu-muus all i "But after I watched the dress _.. are : in motion around home, I realized Pilch who found her running down,made in Hawaii and shipped to,how wonderfully comfortable and a rural road toward the flnming lome. The father, Harvey, 40, a logger, was at a lumber camp in nearby Butternut, Wis., a; the .ime. Dr. Frank Booth To Be Speaker at Kennel Club Party Dr. Frank R. Booth, E'.khart, prominent veterinarian and dog breeder, will be the principal speaker at a dinner meeting of the, Logan Kennel club to be held at 7 p.m. Wednesday at Purcell's cafe. Dr. Booth will show pictures of dog shows he attended in England and _Europe while he anc. Mrs. Booth toured several countries last summer. This will be the annual Christ, mas party of the club. Holiday decorations will prevail and there will be a gift exchange among the members. domestic stores. There are muu-'versatile it is." ture is large, the eyes or the nose : for instance, she can put on large, dashing designs and not be overwhelmed. • For a face that is not wide enough at the eye section she | not keep these ornaments on bethinks the dome shape is most! cau.?e of the shape or size of their fortable, and women who could flattering. She differs with the past •met Judith Mcuann at a smaa, (i = n Olat „ woman wit ' h a dinner party in New York not long:'. . ., . moar „„„ , did some I asked Judith McCann which Hunter, 48, was named superintendent of the Gary Works of the United Slates Steel Corp. Monday. iyp es of earrings she advises for Hunter started with U.S. Steel in; certain types of faces. Since the "- : ~ "- —' ""- f need for upward lines is almost 1936. He is the second youngest man ever to hold the job. TONIGHT: "/AflHOUSE ROCK" with Elvis Presley STARTS WEDNESDAY-2 BIG HITS : NEW PATT-0-RAMA Here's a simple, well, styled Jumper for juniors that can be completed in no time. As a companion, a bow-tied blouse with sleeve choice. No. 8161 with PATT-0-RAMA is In sizes 11, 12, 13, 14, 16, 18. Size 12, 32_bust. jumper, 2 yards of 54- inch; blouse long sleeve, 2% yards of 35-inch. For this pattern, send 35c in COINS, your name, address, size de.;ired, and the PATTERN NUMBER to Sue Burnett Pharos Tribune 372 W. Quincy Street. Chicago 6, 111. Send 25 cents more with your pattern order for the new Fall and Winter '57 issue of our pattern magazine Basic FASHION. Inspiring and so practical for every home sewer. TYRONE POWER AVA GARDNER MEL FERRER ENROL FLYNN ( EDDIE ALBERT! ^ DARRYL F. ZANUCK'S < most provocative production— ERNEST HEMINGWAY'S moilt tantslizlno novsli ^HENRY KINS ii *~^ III 2nd Feature KILLING WAS HIS BUSINESS... BUT THE BLONDE GUN-GIRL HAD HIS NUMBER! RORY ANNE CALHOUN FRANCIS THCHIRfD GUM* JWiM'S *' 7> : 's- u<& •Box Office Opens at 5:30 p. m. universal, she feels thnt Hie earring with an upward sweep is good ! [or about every face. The only ex- j cepfcion to this is the Jace.wilh a j prominent jaw. Long earrings that I fall from the lobe are excellent for this type because ihey soften the jaw. Features Test Judith feels that a small woman can wear large earrings just as dramatically as a tall one unless her features are too small. The features are the test. If one fea- round face should not wear round wear any shape, round included, if the earrings are flat, not domes. If ears are so large as to be a beauty liability, the earrings should be longer tlian usual. This attractive woman likes to wear enormous earrings and started designing some for herself. However, no existing device would hold them on.' That was how she hit upon her revolutionary idea of suspending the earrings, not from the lobe but from the curve of the ear above the lobe, and holding the earring in place with a little wire behind the ear. Plastic Surgery This type earri'ng has proven very .popular because it is so com- ROXY Now—2 Features 35c Til 6 Fun At Night Open 1 p. m. "Desert Sands" with RALPH MEEKER TODAY-'TIME UMIT" AND "BOP OWL AIDDED PUN WED. -NIGHT . Wed.-Thurs GET MORE OUT OF LIFE-GO TO A MOVIE" Fri. . Sat.—"Slaughter Of 7 anth Ave." and "Unholy Wif« rmored Attack" and "Battle Stripe" ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Sal. Midnight - Sun.— " MOHLMAN'S Uk fillecT $89.50 14 karal $89.50 14 karat $83.00 M vb&l the forward look in time - at modern as a new car. In Ihwe shown center and right, the wraparound crutlalt give a picture window handsomeneu to the smart dialt, in the one iihown left, circlet end pieces give a smart finishing touch to the oval case. All shock-absorbing. Price* include 1 Federal tax USE MOHLMAN'S BUDGET PLAN Small Down Payment—Balance Weekly or Monthly MOHLMANS 303 FOURTH STKEfT WKLfTY fWt Off* WKTCR Ctim ear lobes, can now do so. I had never thought before that plastic surgery and earrings have anything in common but I can see how this is true. This comparatively new type of earrinj; starts higher on the face since it is suspended from (he curve of the ear rather than the lobe. This, does away with the danger of having earrings aging because they emphasize the jaw and ciiinlinu. These actuaily give the face a lii't. AU our accessories; earrings, necklaces, bags and pins should •be chosen carefully, not only to match our costumes but t<> flatter our face and figure. # * # Tomorrow: "Radiomatic Method :'s Best for Hemovirtg Excess Hair." (•Released by The Register and Tribune Syndicate, 1S37) './.* '•'*. this christmas give ..,...' ' *£* •* •*•:>!**' EGORATEE NOTE PAPERS... . . . The thoughtful practic»1 Christmas Gift. There's one for every person and every social occasion. You can please even the most discriminating people with a design 1o suit each personality. And Hallmark Note Papers cosl so little. They're priced ar 59c, $1.00 and $2.00 a box. Choose those you want to send as Christmas gifts this very week . . . and be sure to include a box or two for your own use. 59c to $1.50 ••:-*- Also Eaton's Beautiful 'Boxed Stationery $J.OO to $3.00 'Hundreds of Boxes of Eaton's and Hallmark 'Note Paper and Stationery to Choose From. Timber-lake's Gift CHRISTMAS STORE HOURS OPEN ALL DAY WEDNESDAY FRIDAY AND SATURDAY OPEN TIL 9 FAMOUS 'PEPPERELL 1 OLORED SHEETS An ideal Gift All firjt quality All fine muslin • Beautiful Holid a y hues: pink, blue, green, yellow, lilac. 72x108 Twin Fitted 81x108 FULL FITTED 2.69 42x36 MATCHING CASES . .1.18 PR. Fine quality fabric — Well made, iturdy itl> vages — strong and serviceablft. Colon ttay bright and clear, BIB DOWNSTAIRS STORi Pre-Christmas Gift Special! Big, Thick, Thirsty CANNON CLASSIC 24x46 Bath Towels Huge 2-4x46 stie: Luxurious Furry nap. Laps up moisfur* Supsr-absorbtnt First quality. H«re ar* Bath Towels ot thtir besll Pretty, practical, 'and amaiingly low-priced. Get several for yourself —several for gift-givinjj- MATCHING HAND TOWEIS 59c MATCHING WASH CLOTHS 29c Beautiful Decorator Colors. BIB DOWNSTAIRS STORE

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