The Gazette from Montreal, Quebec, Canada on October 29, 1915 · 13
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The Gazette from Montreal, Quebec, Canada · 13

Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Issue Date:
Friday, October 29, 1915
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VOL. CXLIV. NO. 239 THE GAZETTE, MONTREAL, FIUDAY, OCTOBER 29, 1915. GERMAN PRISONERS ' OF POOR PHYSIQUE Mount Temple's Quota of 1, 200 Did Not Average ' Up Well DEATH ' OF JOHN ADAMS Familiar Figure on Waterfront Passed Away Yesterday r Steamers Still Pressing Forward to Montreal When those on board the Mount Temple, which arrived In port yes terday, surveyed the J,20( German priBonera carried from France to England by the Canadian Pacific vessel after the Franco-British drive towards Lens, they came to the conclusion that It was the equipment, the organization and the preparation of the Germans rather than their men which are maintaining their success at this stage of the war. An" ex tremely large proportion of the pris oners were or poor physique, and many of them wore spectacles. " It may , nave Been due to the circum stances that they appeared to be in. a spiritless mood, but the impression given the observers was that such men could not possibly stand against tho Kind of 'men' the vessel had been carrying over to France since the war began. Wherever it is a question of men again men, the French and the Uritish will always win, according to tne Mount xciuple officers and crew who saw these German prisoners "The outdoor Germans, who were line men physically as well as good Germans, have gone long ago," said one of the officers yesterday. '-"What remain are the town-bred "Germans of the factory and office, who have never had the exercise habit beyond : the military training. The physical examination, which let many of them through, could not have been very strict." The Mount Temple, among the tens of thousands of soldiers which she has been the means of transporting to France, carried the 13th Battalion (5th Royal Highlanders), whiqh afterwards had so many, casualties , . The men were brimful of enthusiasm, and glad that at last they were being sent the front. DEATH OF JOHN ADAMS. -to In . the death of Sir., John Adams, 88 Sherbrooke street west, yesterday morning - from heart failure, there passed a man who has been a familiar figure along the water front from his position In charge of .the wharf office 7 of the Shipping Federation. In his sixty-odd . years he had had a very wide and varied sea experience before coming to Montreal more than a decade ago. He had been employed . mainly with .the States Steamship Company and the Orient Steam Navl- eation Company during his life at sea, irec the httfp4i!g,"-F(ievlrtion Was opened here in 1903, Mr. Adams , has been connected with the organization, except for the first few years. He was a Scotsman and unmarried. His funeral will take place from Armstrong & Company's undertaking establishment, on Park avenue, at 2.30 o'clock Saturday afternoon. STEAMSHIP MOVEMENTS. River - reports continue to show a number of ocean steamships making their way towards Montreal. In addition to the Canadian Pacific steamships Medora and ' Mount Temple, which arrived, as well as the Manchester Merchant, Statesman and Pailiki," there were due late last night or early this morning the Waiwera and Ormidale. Such vessels as the Borderdale, Harmatris, Lord Strath-cona and Wayfarer will be here with- . in a day or two. The Canadian Northern steamship Principefllo is at Louis-burg, and the Rosa at Bridgewater. The White Star liner Adriatic arrived, at New York at 4 o'clock yes- . terday afternoon. . . ".,......,.. Gulf and Eiver Reports . . . , . . . , ' October 28. Crane Island (32) In 12.05 p.m., Harmatris. ; .. Cape Salmon (81) -Cloudy; southwest wind. Out 10.80 a.m., St. Andrew's. 4 Martin River (260) Clear, strong -west wind. In 11.80 a.m., Berwick Law. Out 12.80 p.m. Lingan; noon, Hose Castle. ; - . Fame Point (325) Clear, north-west wind. In 10.30 a.m., a steamer; ,10.40 a.m., a steamer. Out, 10.15 a.m., Gaspesian. Money Point (537) Clear, strong north-west wind. In, 11.30 a.m., Stigstad. ' . ; Cape Ray X553)- Clear, north-west "wind.-. - In 10.30 a.m., a steamer. : Flat Point (575) Cloudy, west wind. In 3,00 a.m, McKinstry; 6.00 a.m., , Turcoman; 8.00 a.m.. Wayfarer; 10.30, Sandefjord. Out, 1.00 a.m., Sygna; 6.30 a.m., Stigstad; 7.30 a.m., New- foundland; 8.30 a.m. yesterday, Shad-well. In yesterday, 4.80 p.m., Beatrice; 8.30 p.m., Stormount. Chatham Arrived 9.30 a.m., Loren. W ..'.'.:' .... Chicoutiml Fred Mercury left 6.00 a.m. . , QUEBEC TO MONTREAL. J Longue Pointe (5) Cloudy, west i wind. In 12.80 p.m.. Prince Ito. Out, 2.10 p.m.," Batiscan. - Cap St. Michel (14) Cloudy, south west wmo. In, 2.25 p.m., Ethel, - Vercheres (19) Cloudy, south-west wind. In, 2.15 p.m., Nathalie and Emma L and tow. Out 1.55 p.m., t. A. Gordon. ; Three Rivers (71) Cloudy, southwest wind. In 1.55 p . m .. Waiwera. P. Citrouille, (84) Cloudy, west wind. In 13.50 p.m., Ormidale. Portneuf (108)--Cloudy, south-west wind. In 1.50 p.m., John Rugee. Quebec (139) Cloudy, southwest wind. In 12.15 p.m., Borderdale; 12.30 p.m.. Lord Strathcona. . MONTREAL AND ABOVE. Lock No. 2 Cloudy, south wind, Eastward, 12. SO p.m., Senator Derbyshire; 12.45 p.m.. Advance. Cascades (21) Cloudy, calm. Eastward 11.2 a.m.. Thrush; 12.30 p.m., Hamilton. Up, 1.45 a.m., Rockferry. Coteau (33) Cloudy, south wind. Eastward, 9.15 a.m., Frank D. Ewen. Up. 1.10 p.m.. Saskatoon. Cornwall ( 62 i -Cloudy, calm. Up. .8 a.m.. MeVittie: 10.15 a.m., Fairfax: 1.40 a.m. Cadillac. Galops Canal (99) Cloudy. southwest wind. Eastward, 10. JO a.m., Mary P. Halt Up, 8.45 a.m., Simla; 10.15 a.m.. Keyvive; 10.45 a.m., Florence and Gladys H. . Port Dalhousie (2)-Llght southwest winds. Eustwtrd, 10.30 a.m., Key west. ' Port Colborne (321) Clear, southwest wind. Eastward, 10.00 a.m., Imperial; 1.10 p.m.. S.O. Co. No. 41. Soo (820) Clear, south-weit wind. Eastward, 1,30 p.m.. Port. Colborne. Steamship Arrivals ; Steamer At ' From Adriatic. . ...... .New York. Liverpool Dwlnsk New York. Archangel Carthaginian. . .Glasgow ... Montreal Inland Navigation LACHINE CANAL. " . Up Saskatoon, Port Colborne, light; Nicaragua, Oswego, light; Westerian, Port Colborne, light; Keynor, Port Colborne, light; Iocoma, Cleveland, light; Senator Derbyshire, Port Colborne, light; City of Ottawa, Hamilton, general cargo; Omaha, Wadding-ton, pulpwood; Advance, Port Colborne, light. Down Nicaragua, Oswego, coal; D. A. Gordon, Lorain, coal; Westerian, Port Colborne, grain; Keynor, Port Colborne. grain; Senator Derbyshire, Port Colborne, grain; Advance, Port Colborne, grain; Iocoma, Sarnia, oil. Port Colborne, Ont., October 28. Up Waccamaw, Quebec to Niagara Falls, pulpwood, 10.40 p.m.; Inland, Montreal tc. Ashtabula, light, 5 a.m.; Shrigley, Oswego to Sheldrake, light, 8.30 a.m.; Veronica, Kingston to Toledo, light, 10 a.m.;, India, Montreal to Port Colborne, light, 4.15 p.m.; Burma, Montreal to Port Colborne, light, 7.20 p.m. Down Yague, Detroit to New York, light, 5.30 a.m.; Fleetwood, Erie to Welland, stone, 8 a.m.; Imperial and barge, Sarnia to Montreal, oil, 10.40 a.m,; Wahcondah, Fort William to Montreal, oats and flour, 3.15 p.m.; Keefe, Duluth to Montreal, wheat, 6.45 p.m.; India, Port Colborne to Montreal, wheat, 8 p.m. .. Wind, south-west; fresh. ArrlvedMartian, Pennington. ; .Cleared Martial)., Rob Roy. " t Sault Ste. Marie, Mich., October 28. Up E. L. Wallace, Bopo, 8; Arc-turas, Denmark, Gary, 10; Huronic, 11.80; Lasalle, noon; HaVgarty, 2; Albright, 4.30; Norton, 5. Down Weston, Phipps, 9; Phelitus, Sawyer. Atikokan, Thunder Bay, Bessemer, Corless. Duluth, 11; Argo, Dinkey, noon; Yuma, Port Colborne. 12.30; Olcott, 1; Wright, 1.30; Keewatln, S; Lagonda, 6,30. HAGKMAN TRIED , ON TREASON CHARGE Austrian Says He Was Taken Across Border After . Paying $15 'Albert Harden, a hackman of Point St. Charles, . was placed on trial in the Court of Sessions yesterday, before Judge Bazin, on a charge of treason, it being alleged that he aid ed enemies of the King to escape from Canada to the United States. Harden was first arrested"" early in the summer, but at the preliminary enquete was discharged by Judge Leet, who held that there was not suf. ficient evidence to commit him for trial. Security was then given for' costs to take the case before the Grand Jury in the Court of King's Bench, and at the September term of the Criminal Court a true bill was returned against the hackman. When he was called for arraign ment in the Court of King's Bench a few weeks ago, Harden made op tion to have his trial before the Court of Sessions, and It was commenced yesterday. Judge Bazin, after hearing the principal witness for the prose cution, adjourned the trial until Tuesday. Michael Scrlpka,. who claims - to have been one of two men whom Harden aided to get across the border into the United States, told Judge Bazin how it was done. He said that he and another Austrian, named Pe ter were employed In the G.T.R. yards at Point St. Charles, but were thrown out of work early In the (summer. They decided to go to the (United States, if it were possible for (them to get there. They had met (Harden six months previously. (through attending his dance hall In (Point St. Charles. One day they talk ed with him about leaving the coun try, and he agreed to take them across the line. Scrlpka said that he and Peter, accompanied .'.by Harden, went to Knowlton, Que., by train, land were driven from there into the United States. .The witness said that Ithey had paid Harden $15 for get ting them out of Canada, Peter, he (said, was now in Boston, nut he had (been induced to return to Canada and (was brought here to give evidence In (the case. - - - When the case Is continued on ITuesday morning, Detective Crowth-ters, who arrested Harden, with two br three military, men, who were working on the case, will be called las witnesses for the prosecution. METALS New York, October 28. Copper, steady; electrolytic, 818.00. Iron, steady and unchanged. Metal - Exchange quotes tin firm, - $34.00 to $34.60. Lead offered $4.75. At London bpot copper, 72 2s fid: futures, 72 12s 6d; electrolytic, 88. Spot tin, 156 5s; futures, 156. Lead, 24 2s Sd. spelter, 70 10s. . LONDON WOOL SALES London October 28. A mixed assortment :of 8,400 bales was offered at the wool auction eales today. Fine grades were firm and Americans bought several parcels. Lower grades Were easy and they were frequently withdraws . SUGAR New Tork. October 28. Sugar, futures closed irregular, 4 points lower fo. higher; sales 550 tons; December, 8.14c; March. J.99c: May, 8.10c; July. 8.18c. Raw sugar, steady; centrifugal, 4.26c: molasses sugar, S.49c. Refined steady. ' "Lemme get those umbrellas hidden before you let them W," Binks hastily interposed a9 Mrs. Binks moved toward the door in response to the bell. '.'-, "Do you think-our gae3ts will steal umbrellas?" Mrs. Binks demanded contemptuously. .. .. "Maybe not but they might recognize 'em'." Binks replied. Judge. DAIRY PRODUCE v RULES QUIET At Brockville Cheese Sold f c Lower and at Kingston jc as Compared With Week Ago CABLE WAS UNCHANGED Business Over Cable and on Spot in Butter and Cheese Quiet Undertone to Market Easy Thursday Evening The receipts of butter today were 1,245 packages, as against 2.558 for the same day last week and 920 for the corresponding date a year ago, The trade was without any new feature today, business being still rather quiet owing to the somewhat limited demand from both local and outside buyers, which would indicate to some extent that they have ample supplies on hand for the present The receipts continue very fair and in excess of a year ago at this period, consequently stocks are accumulating some and the 'undertone to the market- is easy, but there is no actual change in prices to note as yet. We quote prices as follows: Finest creamery .. .. 320 to 33c Fine creamery.. ... .. 31V4C to 32c Seconds .. .. .. .. Sic to 81 Ho Dairy butter ... 26o. to 27c The receipts of cheese today were 7,581 boxes, as compared with 6.975 for the same day last week, and 6,354 for the corresponding date a year ago. The tone of the market is no doubt much easier than at this day last week as prices In the country today were all lower, the offerings at Kingston selling at 15 13-16c, which shows a decline of He per lb and some lots were sold at Brockville at 15c, which is c lower than a week ago. There was no Improvement in- the demand from English importers- and - business generally was very quiet. We quote, prices as follows: Finest colored cheese 1614c to 1640 Finest white cheese . . .ISftc to lo Finest eastern cheese... 15c to 16c Undergradoa ... ... ...1514a to lofto Country Cheese Boards (Special to The Gazette.) Brockville, Ont., October 28. Prices sagged a little at today's meeting of the cheese board, the market, on the whole being very irregular. The offerings totalled 3,173 boxes, a large make for the latter half of October. This, however, causes no : surprise In view of the prevailing ideal conditions tor grazing. High values have also stimulated the farmers to produce every pound of milk available. Colored continues to hold sway over white. 2,240 boxes of today's registration were colored. Proportionately, the regulars show the same high percent age. The best .price . off ered. was 15c, which failed to tempt the salesmen, notwithstanding that repeated calls were made by the buyers. Viewing the prices established at other mar- ketS tne hoWel.a Aid not eel uke part. ing with their goods at the even money, and no ealea were made. On the curb the regulars, it is thought, went . into the usual channels, and while 15c Is reported to have been bid, the general feeling may jnot warrant settlements being made as high as that figure in the case of lots going through on consignment. These will be matters for buyer and seller to tussle with a week hepce. Kingston, Ont., October 28. At Frontenac cheese board meeting here today 530 boxes of colored cheese were offered, 353 boxes sold at 1514c. Vankleek Hill., Ont., October 28. There were .789 boxes of white and 218 boxes of colored cheese boarded here today. A 11. sold on the board, white for 15 13-lOc, and colored for 15c. There were eix buyers- present "New Tork, October - 28. Butter, barely steady. ' Receipts, 7,969 tubs. Creamery, extras, 92 score, 28o to 29c; higher ecoring, 29He to SOoj firsts, 27e to 28c; seconds, 240 to 27c. Cheese, firm. Receipts, 2,237 boxes. - State, whole milk, flats, held, specials, 15c to 16c; do. average, fancy, 154c; do. fresh specials, 15?ic; do. average, fancy, .lalsc. Liverpool, October 28 .-.-rCheese, Canadian finest white, new, 82s; colored, S4s. - - . . . - COUNTRY PRODUCE Eggs Fairly Active and Firm . Demand for Potatoes Fair-Other Lines Steady , . Thursday Evening Owing to the continued mild weather the receipts of eggs are liberal for the season of the year, for which there is a good domestic demand, and In consequence the undertone to the market remains firm for all grades. The receipts today were 8,300 cases, as against 474 for the same day last week, and 1,286 for the corresponding date a year ago. We quote prices as follows: S':.'ct!y fresh stock .... 00c to 40c Stamped selected stock, . 00c tc 32c Nn. 1 eanriled ntnpk . ' flflp trt 9Ro No. 2 candled Stpck 00a to 25o There Is m important change in the condition of the market for maple product to note, prices for all lines being well maintained under a steady demand and small offerings. We quote prices as follows: Pure maple syrup. 8-lb. tins ,. .. .. .. ..$0.90 to $0.95 Pure maple syrup, 10-lb. tins ., ., 1.05 to 1.10 Pure maple syrup, 13-lb. - tins .. .. .. .. 140 te 1.50 Pure maple sugar, per - lb. ..:.... .. ,. 0.12 to 0.13 A fair trade continues to be done in honey, there being a steady demand for some grades and the market on the whole is moderately active with no change in prices to note. We quota prices as follows: White clover, in comb 14c to 14e Brown clover. In comb 12c lo 13c White extracted ., .. 11 ic to 12c Brown extracted . . .. 10c to lOljc Buckwheat honey . .. 8c to 8c The condition of the market for beans Is unchanged owing to the continued limited supplies available on spot, for which there la a f a r demand st firm prices. - We quote prices as fellows: . Car lota, 1 -lb. pickers .. .. $3 49 to $3 45 Car lots, S-lb. pickers. . 3.S0 to 3.35 Car lots. 5-lb. pickers .. i 19 to S 15 Undergrade .. ,N 'v.i ,. 2 95. to SOO There was no ttnpor:ant change In the condition of the market for potatoes today, but the feeling la still easy, with supplies ample to fill all requirements. The demand is fair for Green Mountains In car lots at $1.05 to $1.10 and . Quebec . grades at 95c to $1.00 per bag ex-track, while in a wholesale jobbing Wiy the former are selling at to $1.20, and tho latter at $1.05 to fi ll) per bag ex store. New York, October 2S. Eggs firm, Receipts 7.870 cases. Kreh gathered, extras, flue, 87e to 88o; extni firsts, 85c to 36c; firsts, 30c to 34c; seconds, 27o to 28c; nearby hennery whiles, fine to funcy. 53o to 67c; do., browns, 40fc to 43c. Liverpool. October 28. Hops In London (Paciflo Coast), 3 10s to 5. THEPR0ViSI0N MARKET Hog Trade Quiet Owing; to Mild Weather Smoked and Cured Meats Fairly Active Thursday Evening There was no. further change In the hog situation today, but the undertone to the market cuiuinuus easy on account of the liberal supplies coming forward and as the heavier giaues are in excess of the requirements Miey are having a depressing wfm on the general condition of the market. Owing to the continued iiuld weather for the season of the year the demand for dressed stock is only fair and principal for small lots to fill' actual wants, consequently the volume of business doing is not as large as It should be and the market Im rather quiet, with sales of abattoir fresh-killed at $18.50 to $13.75 per 100 lbs. A fairly active trade continues to be done in all lines of smoked and cured meats for botn domestic and export account, and as supplies ure not excessive the tone of the market remains steady, with sales of 10 lb. hams at 18c per lb.; 13 to 14 lbs. at 17c, and heavy weights at 154c to 161&c, while English breakfast bacon is selling at 20c; Windsor selected bacon at 2So, and Windsor boneless bacon at 24c per The trade in lard continues fairly active and the condition 0f the market Is unchanged, with gales of pure leaf grades at 13c to 13ic per lb in 20 lb. wood pails, and at 12c to 12Wc in 20 lb. (in pails, while compound lard is selling at 10o In 20 lb. wood pails, and at 1014c i 20 lb. tin palls. The receipts of provisions today WT 4,arrel8 pork' 2 785 Parages LldV2,787 Packa8es tinmd meats, and 439 boxes hams and bacon. , Chicago, October 28. Buying, as-scribed mainly to nark.r v,,,v,. about a sharp upturn In nmvlin. Some speculators Invented nn t,L channs that European develnnmnnt. would favor a larger trade. PrW. dosed varying from 7yje to 65c ad vance. Future quotations were: . Open. High. Low. Close Mess Pork, per bhl. Dec ..$18.65 $14.12 $18 50 $14.12 Jan, .. .. .. 18.07 16.55 15.95 16.45 Lard, per 10 lbs. Jov 8.70 . 8 7 2 8.70 8.72 Jail. .. .. .. 8.85 9.10 8.87 9.05 Short Ribs, per 100 lbs Oct. .. .. .. ;9.80 ;... 9.30 9.60 Jan. .... ., ,8.95 9.05 8.87 9.02 Cash prices were Pork. $14. Lard, $8.7$. Ribs, $9.62 to $10.25. ,i Liverpool, October 28. Hams, short cut, 26 to 80 lbs., 77s. Bacon, Cumber land cut, 26 to-S0 lbs., 89s; clear bellies, 14 to 16 lbs 75s;, long cle,ar mid dies, Iight,28 to 34 lbs., 85s 6d; long clear middles, heavy, 35 to 48 ihs., 85s; ehort clear backs, 16 to 20 lbs., 71s; shoul ders, square, 11 to 13 lbs., 69s. Lard, prime western, in tierces, new, 40s 6d; old, 60s 6d; Ameriea-n, refined, 56s 9d; In o6-lb. boxes, 55s 6d. LIVE STOCK MARKETS Cattle Prices Steady With a Light Run at Toronto Toronto, October 28. Receipts at the Union Stock Yards today were 841 cattle, 67 calves, 1,552 hogg and 2,452 sheep and lambs; Trade was fairly active and with a light run of cattle there was a good clean-up et practicafly unchanged prices. Quality was but poor to medium, there being no choice butchers . on the market. The stocker trade continues moderately active, with prices steady for good choice quality dehorned feeders. There Is a fair demand ; for choice light stockers for export. Lambs were easier today atid 10c to 15c lower, except for anything extra choice. Calves were about 60c easier.. Hogs steady. Quotations: Choice export steers ., $7.75 to $8.00 Butcher steers, extra cholcis . 7.15 to . 6 85 to . 6 25 to , 5,50 to . 5.75 to . 6.00 to . 4 50 to . 6.00 to . 6.60 to , 5 00 to . 6 30 to , 4 SO to , 6 25 to . fi.75 to . 5 00 to . 3 25 to . 8.75 to 750 700 8.10 6.00 8.25 5.50 4.75 6.50 6.00 5 r.O 6.75 r.,51 '0 6 11 fi.75 3 41 440 Do. good .. . . Do. medium Do. common . . . . , . Butcher cows, choire Do. good , Do. common , Butcher bulls, choice Do. good . , . . Do. medium . . . Do. feeders . . Do. bulls .. .. . Stockers Do. medium . . . Do. light . , . . . . Tenners . . . . . . Cutters .... . . . Milkers, choice -. Springers Co'ves veal choire Do. medium . . Do. common . . , . Lambs, yearlings . . Do. culled . . . , Do. bucks .... Do. springs . . fin.OO to on io , 50.00 to (10.00 . on to 11 M , 7 00 to 8 00 , 5 SO to . 7 00 to 7 00 jo 6 OA to 8 SO to 6 2S to 300 to SM to i 8.90 6 no 72- 7 9-..0 in 6" A.r-n 9,65 Do. ewes. li?h rFfceep, heavy and bucks Koes, weighed off or. Do. fed and watered. Do. f.o.h BUFFALO. East Buffalo. N.Y., , October 28. Cattle Receipts. 6M head, slow and easy. Veals ReeIns. ?0 head. Active and steadv at $4 to $11. Hogs Receipt!", fryO heart. Active: heavy. $7 SO to 87 T5; mixed, $7.60 to $7.70: yorkrs. $7.2 to S7.60; nle. $7; rousths. $8.40 to 86 60; stsars, $r. to $6. : Sheep and lamhs Reetnts. 4 MO head. Active; lambs, $5 to $3.25; ethers unchanged. CHICAGO, Chicago: October "5. Cattle Re- ceintd. 4 000. Market steadv: beeves. So. ti $1 50; cown nd heifers. $2.r0 to 88.25: calves. $7.25 to 811 . Hogs Receipts. 18.000. Market weak: tight. $6 45 to 87.40: mixed. (M? to 7.65; heavy. 80.2 tn $7 50: rough $ 25 to 8.4;' plgc 3.50 to $7: bulk of sales, $6 55 to $7 20. Sheep Receipt. 14 0CA Wtr'.set unsettled; naf!v. 6 to $6 65; lambs, native, $6.75 to $9. Writ dtrnn Wnfti.-n (Rler $300. R. HtmjleT. Limit! J. 255 St Jjoiea aU. DECLINE WAS CONTINUED Cotton Market Closed With 20 -Point Slump New York, October 28. The market has been weak and unsettled today, with prices breaking Into nw low ground for the movement. The foreign political news seemed to unsettle svntiment at the very time when the nude w a already more or less nervous and a break of 10 or 12 points in prices uncovered stop loss orders. Later the selling seemed to be based more on improving crop accounts from the south-west and talk of un easier spot situation than upon t lit foreign news and it was late tn the afternoon (hat prices reached the lowest levels of the day. The market opened steady at a decline of T to 8 points, rallied 2 or 3 points and then broke under liquidation, local, foreign and southern selling. Open. High. Low. . 12.08 12.16 11.85 . 12. 32 12.38 12.06 . 12.46 12.47 12.20 . 12.50 12.50 12.25 . 11.95 12.00 11.70 Close. 11.91-94 12.12-14 12.24-25 12.29-80 11.79-81 Jan. Mar. May July Deo. N'ot, unchanged. Liverpool. October 28. Cotton, spot, good demand; prices, steady; American middling, fair, 7.9Sd; good middling. 7.44J; middling. 7. lOd; low middling, 6.6:d; good ordinary, 6. 22d; ordinary, 5.92d. Ths sales of the day were 12,000 bales, ot which 1,200 were tor speculation and export, and included 9.900 American.- Receipts were 12.000 bales, including 1,500 American. Futures closed easy; October, 6.85d; October and November, 0. Solid; November and December 6. Sod; December and January, 6.85d; January and February. 6.8?d; Febru ary and March, 6 SSd; March and April, 6.8:.V,d: April and May. 6.8'ul; May and June,; June and July. 6.HJd; July and August. 8.78d; Au gust and September, 8.61'd; September and October, 6.47d; October and .November, 6.42'd. WOOL, HIDES AND TALLOW Wool Quiet and Easy Beef Hides Have a Lower TendencySheepskins Slow Toronto, October 28. Wool is quiet ana easier, in keeping with the United States and English wool markets Washed fleece wool as to quality, 40o to 44c per lb. Washed rejections (hurry, cotted, chaffy, etc.), 33s to 85c. Unwashed fleece wool as to quality, 30c to jieerniaes are easier and show, a tendency towards a lower range of prices. City Butcher Hides green, flat, ISc per lb. Country Hides, flat cured, 17c to 18c per lb. Part cured, 16c to 16Hc per lb. Calfskins are unchanged and good supply. City skins green, flat. In 15c per lb. Country cured, 18o to 19o per id. ran cured, 17c to 18c per lb. according to condition and take off. Deacons 'or Boh Calf, 75c to $1.10 each. Horaehides are In a fair demand at unchanged prioes. City take off, $4 to $4.50. Country takeoff, No. 1, $3.75 lo $4.26. No. 2, $2.25 to $3.00. Sheepskins are slow and draggy with lower prices prevailing owing to an easier wool situation. City Lamb skins and Shearlings, 75o to $1.50. Country lambskins and Shearlings, 65c to $1.30. Tallow is In good supply, the lower grades are a drug on the market. City rendered solid In barrels, c. Country stock, solid In barrels. No 1, c. No. 2, 5ic to 5c. Cake' No, 1. HMO to 7c. No. 2, 6V4C to 6c, Horse Hair is quiet and In fair supply. Farmer pedlar stock, 33a to ins per lb. RAW FUR TRADE Outlook for Season Exceedingly Good Prices Paid Trappers Higher Than Last Year Toronto. October 28. The outlook for raw furs durlnj the cotninar sea son is exceedingly good considering all conditions, and the indications ate that the prices paid the trapper will in practically all cases be higher than last year. The results of the Oetober Lampoon London sales as cabled are ns follows. The following furs sold at the percentages Indicated higher thsn lant March: Racoon, 78 per cent.; Musk-rat, 40 per cent.; Skunk, 60 per esn-t.: Mink, 20 per cent.; Marten, 10 per cent.; Silver Fox, 15 per cent.: Red Pox, 40 per cent.: Cross Fox, 50 per cent.; Beaver. 27 per cent,; Otter. 10 per cent.; Lynx. 80 per cent.; Wolf, 60 per cent., while Bear and White Weasel brought the same price us last March. Not only 'has a very satisfactory business been done by the retailers In the sale of fur sets and fur garments during the pat few weeks, but the use of furs of all kinds for trimming of ladles' garments, has used ur a large number of odds and ends of skins, sll of which combines lo maks the outlook for a very nroc-pero!:s season, which Is exceedipelv RitlFfactory to all Interested In the fur trade. NEW Y0HK CURB Closing quotations furnished by K St C. Randolph: Bid. Asked. Jumbo ........ H4 1H Hiker .... .... .. BVi 5 Can. Lite , I Amcr. Marconi , . " 4f 414 Can. Marconi .. 1 2 B. C. Copper .. 1 lioliinger , 24 26 Int. S:ilt 34 39 Kerr Lake Si 3H La Rose .. .. .. 7-16 " H Kenn. Cop ' Mti 514 McKinley Dar. ..2$ 30 Midvalr 88 8Si Steel of Can. .,'-,. 34 8 Can. Car 105 J07 Do. pfd 118 120 Yiiion . . , 2'4 - 2 Bmden ........ 10 11 Stand. Motors.. .. 11 11 4 Wee. BoM 40 41 Mother Iide .... 33 35 Marine Com 123 12314 Do. pfd 43'i 48H OILS, ETC. L'verpoorT October 28. Tallow, prime pity. 3P; Australian In London. i1) ld. Turpentine iiplrits. 40s 6d. Roain. common. 12s 6d. Petroleum, refined. t6. Lin"eed oil, los d. Cotton seed oil, Hull refined, spot, 33s. London, October t. Ca'cutta linseed. October and November, 6.'s 9d. Llneeed oil, 3" 9d. Sperm oil. 130. Petroleum, American, refined. OH'!; do. spirits, lflHd. Turpentine spirits, 36s -Rosin, American, strained, 15 d; type O. IS 6d. Savannah, Oriober tt. Turpentine, firm, Ke; a!e, i9; receipts, 116; Ph'tmcntg. 9, stock. lfl,2S. Roisln, firm; saloe, 1,475; receipts. 89$; stock, 59.38. ' -'Quote: A, B, C, D, K, t, U. H, I, $ 6:,i; K, $:.; M, $.".Ti; N, ttl; WO, $6.25; WW, $6.50. LONDON RESERVE LOWER Bank of England's Gold Holdings Down $13,250,000 London. October 8. The weekly statement of the Hank of England shows the following changes: Total reserve Dec. 2.876.0.00 Circulation Inc. 222.000 Bullion Dec. 2.6M.861 Other seour Dec. 2.053.000 Other deposits Inc. 1,29, (KO Public deposits Deo. Notes reserve Dec. 2.SSl,ftn0 Government securities, unchanged. The proportion of the bank's reserve to liability this week is 30.00 per cent.; last week It was 30.97 per cent. Hate of discount, 5 per cent. Russell Motor Board (Special to The Gaaette.) Toronto, October 28 The annual meeting of the Russell .Motor Company, held today at West Toronto, was a purely routine affiiir. The annual report, recently published, was passed by (he shareholders, and the board of directors wis re-elected. At (iangow raxvnacr and Freight SrtM. Steamers Mnrked ( Freight Only. Fritm ilaaiv Prnt Montreal Oct. 14. .IKiRrEniALB . . .About Nov. 2 About Nov. 3 Op. ;S,.ATHI-:xIA A houl Nov. ft Oct. 30. . CASSANDRA Miout Nov. HI .UK UOULKV REITOKD CO., LI MM Ml UE.NERAI. AGKNT8 to Hospital street fleers Orsaeh. It St. Snrrntnent t Aay Ticket Af.nt. FREIGHT SERVICE TO I.F.ITII From .Mrttttret! S.S. KKVONA About Nov. II S.H. PKKMONA About Nuf. W the RoncHT nrrnHn co., limited, aurn rs. FRENCH LINE Comprnl llnffili Traneatlauttqu POSTAL 8KRVKB Sailing from N.V. lo BOROEMJX ROCHAMBEAU .. Nov, 6, 3 p.m. LAFAYETTE .. .. Nov. 13, 8 p.m. LA TOURAINE. , .. Nov. 20, 3 p.m. The New Quadruple Aorew S.. LAFAVKTTK Malriea Trip from N.V. Nov. It. KOn INFORMATION AITIA Jnbo Torrnuce, Freight Agent, 118 Notrs Dnme West. Oenln, T -udeau A 'Co., Llniiud, U. P. Agents, 22 Notre Dams West. Jules non Travel Agencies, t Boulevard Ht. Laurent W. H. Uesry, Ht. Jnmea St Tboma Conk A Hon, (so 8t." Catherine Wert. MontreaL MONTREAL TO LONDON. g.S. Tropes -. .Alx.ut Ort. 3Ut H.N. St. Creills , About Nov. lllh 8.8. Monadn.xk About Nor, 13th Steamers marked () Freight Only. For luforuinllon apply to TflE ROBERT RE FOR II CO., LIMITED, General Asanta, 30 tloaplisl street. Steersts Rranrh. tS St. sacrament Htreet. Montreal - Quebec Liverpool tWe!nhman..Nov. A! tlrlnhman. ., ..Nov. 13 t,Mli hlan. ..Nov. 10 tKnll--limnn. . Nov. 17 Thurso, o oriauo. AMERICAN LINE Neutral Flag Steamers NKW YOKK MVEHPOOIj New ork Nov. Vhllmlelplila. ..Nov. 13 White Star Line XKW YOKK-UVKRPOOLi Ad rial lo Nov. I tCj-mrle Nov. It ft utilH and 3rd ( Iun Paaaengvra only. For Rstea a 8pae apply Company's Office, 111 Notre llama at. ., Montreal Tel. M. 7T0O. Australia and New Zealand EASTERN CANADIAN SERVICE. From Montreal. S.f. BERWICK LAW.. October 2.1(11 8.8. WAIWEHA Novemhor 20th Stenmera call direct at Melbourne, Sydney, AnekloDA", Wellington, I.vttelton, and Dunedlu. Cargo Irnmliliiped for other port. For frelclit rates and other particular! sptlj to THE NEW ZEALAND SIIII'I'INO CO, LIMITED, til Hoard of Trade ilullillns. Montreal. PATENT8. INVENTIONS PATENTED Dealgna and Tra.o Marka Rrclatered. OWEN N. EVANS ft" Urmfttt ''hartrfe' tfiom't iv.n:t'.n Phone Main 198. Montreal. 50.1 SI, .Tames St. TatAnta. Trad Hark. Ae. FETKERSTCHHAI G?5 a SO. Tbe Old I'XnblUhcd Kirm Ered B. Felheratnnhansb, K.C U.K. Cba. W. Taylor, B.Se., Eiert Rrldrnl. CANADA I.IKE RMII,., MONTREAL. P-'ll ei 1ft 1 3 R IW f. f? : In sll countries. Ask for our INVENTOH'B Al'ls;a. wlilc-h will lie sent frae. MAklON MAKION, H Cnlverally St., Cor. St. talh.rine SI. 'fhone I'p. H414. Patents of Invention Designs and Trade Murks. WILLIAM P. TlcFEAT Value of P.itenla InvefisitnL Phone II. tW MONT B KA Iv I'aner Bl.l. PIGEON. PJGLON & DAVIS. Kulte MS. ( Bnlldios. Tel. MOVIKKAI. - Main siJ saaaaiaa lnwl iLiuawn laumwilmw Jiaiias PATEMTS WM. S. BABCOCIC Lawyer (C . I B.'1'rt. falenl Attorney, IS yeara exeerlenea In Canada ond U S. Patent. Patent Canaea, Trade Slarka. rtr. M t Jtmn St., Montreal. 'Pbons ii. HHC 5 a subsequent meeting of the board of directors, the following officers were elected : J. N i-'hensaone. president; Lloyd -Harris, first vice-president; 0". A. RuKse'l, Mccond vice-president and general rmtni'Ker. SAILINGS BALANCE ST. LAW RF.NCg SKASON OK NAVIGATION. From Montreal and Quebec Stemer : forindtlan. Wl., Nuv. 8, for llavre-Lnnriftv Prftiriin Smi., Nov. S, for (tagin KU-lllnn. . , U'etl., Nov. 10. for llavre-l.ftndns 'oitirmnCn. Wed., Not. 17, for l!Tre-Lond'n ( artltagliiinn. . . .Sill., Nov. 30, for Glutton ivor turtlier information ijily to Local Ak'ents or '1 be Allan Line. (175 St. Catherine St West, M. & A Allnn. 4 Vourille Street, General Agents. Montreal. ELDER - DEIUPSTER LifE KOI TH AFRICA! SERVICE. FROM MONTREAL. (t.S. KATH NA November 20tb Coin storage flceommnrhtflon on e:i:li vrssel. Ai'etinniiodtttlon for n few Cabin P.i?en-peM, For Frelaht anil Pnswirger Itntea ami full particulars, tipply to lil.PF.R-DEMrSTER CO., LIMITED, S3 Hoard at Trade nicl(., Montreal. Manchester Liners LIMITED. SIM MICK AII.l.V(i3. From From Eatfthnm. Ort. 10. . . , Montreal, Man. Merchant Get. Man. Miller Nov. 4 Ort. 23, . , . Man. lllaen Nov. 11 Art. it Man. Spinner Nov. Ill Nov, 3, . . .Man. shipper Nov. 20 Furnesa Withy & Co., Limited Agents . MONTREAL. CU N A R.D filnbntterl ISM) ECROPB Vl LIVERPOOL CA.dRliONIA ... .KB!., WOV. 5. 4 P.M. PAXON1A BAT., NOV. 20, 10 A M, TTSi'ANlA 11(1., NOV. IMi, 4 I'.M, OHIH.NA SAT., DEC. 4, 10 A.M Kn Kollle l Uln'ffow SEW VOHK In LONDON PANNONIA AT., NOV. 13, 10 A.M, Cubta P-tia.tentiera Only. ROl'Ml TIIK WORLD llltBi Throng U uooktnK lo all prlarlpal porti of the world. COMPANY'S OFFICE, STATE ST..N.T TUe Hohert Itefurd Company, 20 Hn. pINl St. W. H. Henry, 2Ni eit. Jnuiea Kt. Jules Hone Travel Agent-lea, 9 Hi. I.iiw-renrc lllvil. Thou, Cook Son, 630 Ht, Calheriiie Kt. W'eet. FORTNIGHTLY SAILINGS ' .' Twin-Screw Mali S teamen-. . ST. JOHN (s.) HALIFAX () t tat WEST IH0IES R N S P Excellent Accommcdftlon for Ut,2nd and Ird Clau Pient? a eihtvtia rsa vovntc. atT saiMM o HALIFAX1 - R.M.S.P. Chaleur, Jiev. S. tv - The Royal Mall Steam Packet Co., J7-S, Granville It, HALIFAX (.N.3J f i.eoi tickit Acmeitt ' FACILITIES FOR Shipping and Forwarding (e avsry part of the world Blaiklock Bros, ass 41 Coxmon St. Tel. M. 4657 NOTICE TO CONSIGNEES The Allan Line 8.S. CORSICAM, Hamilton, Master, from Liverpool, is entered at Customs, Consignees will please pass their entries without delay. II. & A. ALLAN, Agents. ' NOTICE TO CONSIGNEES The C.P.R. Atlantic Line 8.8. MEDORA, Captain Gamble, from llrls-tol, l now entered Inward t tho Cualom House. Consignees will please pass their enirles without delay. W. T. MARLOW. Import Freight Agent. fntikor-laure.ica BESTSDIt CM! Ski fr, Kr Hull If, PerTnunent rla evi"'vwhrrt S)G. A. J. LALHtINO:. Phftrninclxf. Mtntre;il. . 3 L tni'll 4 late.. SYNOPSIS OF CINADIAX NORTII WKHT LAND itEGCL.TIOXS. nPIJE sole bead of a family, or any male - ovt-r U vears old. may homestead a quarfer-aectloc ot available Ooialnlon land in Manitoba, Saskatchewan or Alberta. must appear Is person at too Dominion l.iindr Agency or Sub-Agency lor the Dt-slrlot. Kntiy by proxy may bo nude at any Dominion Landc Agency (but not Snb-Aseacy), on cerwin conditions. Duties HI month; residence upon and cultivation o the l.icd in eaeU of tbrta years. A homesteader may lire witllin nine miles ot hi; iioiuostead oa a farra ol at least 30 acres, on certain conditions A habitable house is required except where realdeuce it performed In tho vicinity. In eerMIn districts a homesteader (a Rood ntsm'ing may pre-esnpt a quarter-section alongside hi: homestead. Price, $3.00 per arre. Iiutles Sii monthc residence In each oi three yeort- after earning homestead pa. tent; also f acres aitra cultivation. Preemption patent may be obtained as aoon ar hoaietead patent, on certain conditions. A settler who hac cshaatod his home-ttoiid right may take a purchased home-trtcfid In certain districts. Price, .ViM pel acre Dotlca- Must renide six loonths In ea; h of threi years, cultivate 6C acres and erect a feoure worth S3t. The area ,of cultivation te sabjecr ts reduction In ease of rough, scrnbby m tony land. Live stock may oe substituted for cultivation under certala conditions. W. W. rOPV. CM.O.. Deputy of the Minister 04 the Interior, v It: t'nauthorlaed pnbiicatioa of this advertisement will not be laid for.--Ciii

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