The Gazette from Montreal, Quebec, Canada on March 5, 1927 · 16
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The Gazette from Montreal, Quebec, Canada · 16

Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 5, 1927
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f r V 16 THE GAZETTE, MONTREAL. SATURDAY, MARCH 5, 1927. VOL. CLVL No. 55 C. D. SCHNEBLY LED' A. K. HUTCHISON IN " SINGLE RINK PLAY Montreal West Team Beat Thistle Curlers, 10 to 5, in Championship Tourney ' T. M. SCOTT VICTOR Beat Dr. R. H. Angrove, 15-40. W. C. Tyre and S. H. ,. Ward, Jr., Also Beached ( Tmi-Finals ' T. M. Scott, St. Lawrence, plays S. H. Ward jr., Pointe Claire, and C. D Schnebly, Montreal 1 West, ' meets C. W. C. Tyre, Boyal Mont real, at Thistle tonight in the semi-' finals for the single rink curling championship of the Island of Munt-'real. Preliminary and first round play last night at , Thistle and Boyal . Montreal produced a brilliant display of the roarin" game, the eight games of eight ends each being closely fought in the majority of the series. T. M. Scott's St. Lawrence team were the high scorers of the even, ing, their 15 to 4 victory over, a strong Ste. Anne de Bellevue rink directed by Dr. R. H. Angrove be- ing the best margin. Mr. Scott out1 curled his opponents and held the balance of play with consistent ease. C. D. Schnebly, Montreal West, came through with pwo good vicpr-ies. His men first defeated ' W. S. Johnson, Lachlne, 9 to 6, and then went on to beat a formidable Thistle team skipped by A. K. Hutchison. This match produced keen curling and was one of the best played, al-, though the winners mostly led. The Montreal West card included a four end. Mr. Hutchison, who skipped a rink? to win the Royal Victoria Jubilee trophy this year, was competing with three men all Of whom have at some time figured as jubilee final-';, ists. In their first game they beat A. A. Sharp, Heather, 8 to 5. C. W. C. Tyre's Royal Montreal rink, curling in fine form, went into the first round by way of a 7 to 3 lead over C. N. Molsan, 'St. Andrew's, Later he eliminated H.J. Roffey, St. George, 9 to 6, the last-named rink having previously ousted W. C. Burpe, Outremont, 10 to 6. S. H. Ward, jr., of Pointe Claire, had a close call from J. H. Robert-Bon, Caledonia, 6 to 5, the 'Lake-shore curlers winning out on the last end. . . The semi-finals will be played, at Thistle tonight, games to commence at 7 o'clock with the final later. Supper will" be served at 5.30 o'clock, to which the presidents of all local clubs and members of com-' peting rinks are invited. The Canadian Branch oi the Royal Caledonian Curling Club will be represented by A. S. Findlay, president, and A. ' ' S. Lalng, secretary. Twenty-two local rinks and their supporters left Montreal last night ,' for Toronto, where they will play today in the annual Inter-city match ' for the Birks' Trophy, an affair ' which came into being with the introduction of the Montreal Granite Curling Association. Montreal won the trophy last year, andToronto the year before. St. Andrew's entertained two rinka from' Buckingham yesterday when the first half of a district medal match was played, the visitors winning by 27 to 23. They will thus enjoy a lead of four points In the second half of the match which will be played at Buckingham prob-' ably next Wednesday. Dr. R. H. Angrove's rink had an easy victory over'Dr. A. S. Lamb's team at Ste. Anne de Bellevue In the final for the Kallis Trophy, 18 to 7. R. C. Binning and W. H. Duthie are the finalists for the vice-presi dent's prize at Outremont. Mr. Binning beat H. G. Reid, 11 to 9, while Mr. Duthie eliminated J. Yelland, 8 to 6. Both games were ip-and-tuck affairs from start to finish. Sir Herbert B. Ames, an old member of the club, will be the guest of ' honor at Royal Montreal's luncheon today, Mr. Justice E. E. Howard will be In the chair. The final for the Hugh Paton Trophy will be played at 3 o'clock. E. L. Wilson Is to play Mr. Justice Howard. . F. J. Evelelgh will preside at Cale. donla's luncheon today, a spoon competition to follow. Dr. Dunstan Gray will be , the speaker at the St. George luncheon today. ( Rev. Father Gerald McShane will i epeak at Heather's luncheon today. A. S. Findlay, president of the Canadian Branch of the Royal Caledonian Curling Club, will also be a guest. v D. II. Ross will preside at Thistle's luncheon today. Mulr points will be ' played this morning and ttfla after- noon. - iSt Andrew's will 'hold the custom-, ary luncheon today. At I oclock W. : J. Bethune and J. M. Bethune will play In the final for the Vice-president' prize competition. Announcement Is made from St. J.awrence that points will be played this afternoon, a competition for cut-glass prlzee to be played tonight, SINGLE RINK CHAMPIONSHIP. ' Preliminary Round. Thistle. Heather. C. C. Fraser . F.W. Norman A. H. Milne W, D. Smith J. I. Rankin H.W. Munday j A. K. Hutchison A. A. Sharp (Skip) 8 (Skip) I Lachlne. Montreal West. J. J. Sophus D. A. Murray" W.R.Evans L.L. Evans W.J. M actio wan W. & Richardson W. 8. Johnon 'CD. Bchnobly (Hklp) ( (Skip) t Royal Montreal. Bt. Andrew's. A.B.Wood A.J. Kelly E. L. Wllnon W. D. Lawrenca F. P. Btorkln F. Marcll CW.C.Tyre C.N.Molssn (Skip) 7 ' (Kklp) I BU George, Outremont, W.L. Clarke W.Woodhull man. tampwu v. wmart P. B. Korxunon II. F. Di'ttmeri If, 3. Roffy W.CBurpa .c-l:p)-:q (S!:!p) t First Round. Thistle. C. C. Fraser A. H. Milne J. I. Rankin A. K. Hutchison (Skip) 5 Royal Montreal. A.B.Wood E. L. Wilson F. 8. Stocking C. W. C. Tyre (Skip) 9 Pointe Claire. A. Munro v i W. Teudall O. S. Cornish S. H. Ward, jr. '4 (Skip) 6 St. Lawrence. A. E. Light J3. W. Sayer Dr. Harding T. M. Scott (Skip) 15 Mont. West. D. A. Murray L. L. Evans W. C. Richardson C. D. Schnebly (Skip) 10 St. George. W.L.Clarke MatLCampbell P. S. Ferguson H. J. Roffey (Skip) 6 Caledonia. W. R. Robertson J. M. Simpson E. H. Copland ' J. H. Robertson (Skip) 5 Ste. A. de B. G. G.Archibald H. G, Worsnip V.H.Oraham Dr.R. H. Angrova (Skip) 4 DISTRICT MEDAL MATCH. At St. Andrew's. Buckingham. Lewis Rowe H. A. Barends A. MacCallum , A. MacLaren (Skip) 17 M. A. Cochrane St. Andrew's. J. J. Brophy A. R. Roberts C. W. Schnare D. A. Bethune (Skip) 11 J. M. Norton F. A. Todd W. J. Bethune J. Brady (Skip) 12 J. A. Bryant A. i. Anderson J. W. Surtees (Skip) 10 Total , 27 Total. 23 At St. Andrew's. Pat-Lid Trophy. G. Williams ' A. D. Ross W.-C. Bryce M. J. Ryan B. Y. Spencer F. L. Lowls J. M. Bethune C. Hartley (Skip) 15 (Skip) 10 C. L. Robertson T. C. Thorpe J. R. Bourassa H. J. Heasley J. F. Hall H. A. Condie W. P. McVey H. C. Fortler (Skip) 7, (Skip) 12 AT OUTREMONT. Vice-I-resident's Prize. Semi-Finals. H. K. Gibson H. Sloan F. J. Turnbull R. C. Binning (Skip) 11 J. B. Rees C. L. Marlon W. H. Martin W. II. Duthie (Skip) 8 A. H. Gray W. M. Matthews W. Kilgour H. G. Reid (Skip) 9 P. Fltzpatrick ' A. Tandy H. W. Winter. J. Yelland (Skip) 6 AT ST. GEORGE. Green Singles. G. Tartsley C. Petrie 8 5 Green Doubles. J. Pritchard G. Ban G. T. Cuttle F. E. Rejall 6 - 8 AT STE. ANNE'S. , Fallls Trophy. Final. Dr. J. Lattimer E. C. Hatch R. O. Bayer T. F. Ward R. L. Lamb A. Davidsdn Dr. R. H. Angrove Dr. A.. S, Lamb (Skip) 18 7' (Skip) 7 St. Lawrence Rinks Won Lady curlers from St. Lawrence club scored another vlGtory in the competition for the M.A.A.A. trophy when they defeated four rinks from the Royal Montreal Club by 19 points. St. Lawrence. Royal Montreal. Mrs. Williams Mrs. Mussen Mrs. W.H. Paul Miss Johnson Mrs. R. H. Paul Miss Macdonald Mrs. Anderson Miss Brown i , (Skip) 12 (Skip) 8 Mrs. Wlnterson Mrs. Darling Mrs. G. Roy Mrs. R. Clagett MrsJ Findlay , Miss Dunlop Mrs. E. A. Relpert Mrs. Jamleson (Skip) 14 (Skip) 6 Mrs. Emslle Miss McCombe Mrs. Strachaln Mrs. W. W. Scott Mrs. Tench Mrs. Cornell Mrs. Murdoch Miss Tyre (Skip) 17 (Skip) 4 Mrs. David Mrs. G. Ross Mrs. Reynolds Mrs. Walker Mrs. Clemens Mrs. Smith Miss Metcalfe Mrs. Tooke (Skip) 9 , (Skip) "7 RUMOR OF OFFER DENIED C. A. Stoneham Will Not Sell Club Stock ' New York, March 4. Charjes A. Stoneham, who owns a majority of tins stock In the New York Giants Kaseball Club, said today he had no intention of disposing of his holdings ana denied knowledge or a purported offer made Jy Tex Rlckard. boxing promoter, to purchase a controlling interest. Mr. Stoneham, who owns 65 per cent, of the stock in the club, waa emphatic In his statement that ha bad not been approached by Rlckard or anyone representing; him. GREEN BOXERS' TOURNEY Annual Event fat MXA-A. Next Week " The annual green boxers' tourney will be held at the M.A.A.A. gymnasium. Peel street on Friday and Saturday of next week. Entries are being received at tha association headauarters. Tha ovonta nnn to all city boxers regardless of their MarBhall'i First Win New -York, March 4. Frank J. Marshall, United States champion, coed his first victory In the inter- ratlonal' rhesa masters' tournament trday by tlafeatlng Dr. Milan Vldmar of Jugoslavia in an adjourned game from the eighth round. Tha lutter resigned after 47 rnovos. Prior to Mm victory Marsliull tnet witir defeat after 48 moves in his ninth, round match with Dr. Alex ander, -Alckhlne of Paris, i THE STANDING Won, Lost Capablanca ... .. lift 2 V Nlmzowltsch 6 i'j Alekhlne 4 4 Dr. Vldma .. ,-. .. .. . (ft S',i Knlalmann.... I 6 htfarshall I ' t U.S. Checker Players Won New York, March 4. American checker player further lnoreajted their advantage over the 'English Scotch team by winning 11 (nines and drawing 85 others, out of 48 duels lu their International series today. . The victory atrfnH of 'tha home player thus was nrtraaed to 41 tame a against 11 for tha Invading team, tha remaining contests having been drawn. Orange Defeated Hoppe Washington, D.C., March 4. Felix Grange, fapsatlonal French biillurdlHt, I on Ik lit sprang an upset In th 11.2 balk line world' billiard rhamplonohlp tournament by da featlng Willi Iloppa, of Nw Turk. proaent. ehnmplun, 409 to 84. DARTMOUTH LEADS IN WINTER MEET Has 24 Points to New Hamp-. shire's .16 and 9 v for McGill . - Dartmouth winter sports team assumed a commanding lead over the representatives of the other flve'col-leges In the international Intercollegiate winter carnival in the fife events held yesterday. ' The green team piled up a total of 24 points while their nearest rival New Hampshire was able to garner hut 16 with McGill coming third with . U. of M. by virtue of Roussel's win in one mile ski race has five points and Williams one. Loyola have not entered a man as yet while Bates has failed to score. McGill did well in the figure skating vent-and took seven of the eleven possible points, but were topped in all the other events by the Dartmouth and New Hampshire representatives. Bolton won the figure skating contest at the Winter Club last night and Johnson added two more, points by coming third. McGill'8 other two points came when Bill Thompson, the red and white captain, took fourth place In the skl-profiolency and Maxwell finished fotlrth In the downhill ski race. This afternoon, the ski-jumping contest held on Cote des Neiges hill, when several representatives from each of the seven colleges will compete. Other events on today's programme include the snow-shoe dashes and the cross-country snowshoe, which will be run off this morning. The results: Fancy Skating. Bolton, McGill, won; North, Dartmouth, second; Johnson. McGill, third; Sears, Dartmouth, fourth. One mile downhill ski race: 1 J. M. Roussel, U. of M .. 2.43 2, T. T. Brlttan, Dartmouth.. 2.51 3, C. Nj Proctor. Dartmouth 2.54 4-5 4, H. S. Maxwell, McGill .. 2.59 6, W. Brown, Williams . . . . 3.02 6, W. B. Thompson, McGill 3.07 7, E. O. Pederson, New Hampshire 3.07 440 yards speed skating: First heat: R. E. Tatley, New Hampshire, won; W. Klamroth, Dartmouth, second. -Time 45 3-5. Second heat: S. I. Harris, Dartmouth, won; F. E. Smith, New Hampshire, second. Time1 45 2-5. Final: S. I. Harris, Dartmouth, won; F. E. Smith, New Hampshire, second; R E. Tatley, New Hampshire, third; W. Klamroth, Dartmouth, fourth. -Time 45 1-5. Two mile skating R. E. Tatley, New Hampshire, won; A. Ryan, Dart- outlv second; J. H. Quebman, Dartmouth, third; J. D. Wendell, New Hampshire, fourth. Time 6.52 215. Ski proficiency 1 C. N. Proctor, Dartmouth . 147 2 E. O. Pederson, New Hamp shire .. 112 3 S. N. Weston, NeV Hamp shire 99.64 4 W. B. Thompson, McGill . v89.09 a j. iv. Bannorn, uarimoum u.js S J. G. Scammon, Bates .... 69.82 7 G. G. Harper, Williams .. 52 Standing of teams: Dartmouth, 24; New Hampshire, 16; McOiU, 9;. U. of M., 5; Williams, 1. NEW EDINBURGH WON Defeated Pembroke in Play off Hockey Series Pembroke, Ont., March 4. Ot tawa New Edlnburghs will carry a one-goal lead lntq the final game of the series for the Ottawa and district hockey championship and the right to enter the Allan Cup competition At Ottawa on Monday night: Playing before a crowd that Jammed every Inch of space in tha Arena here tonight, the Ottawa City League title-holders defeated Pem broke intermediate champions In the first game of their two-game series by two goals to one. The Lumber Kings put up a hard game and wens always In the hunt, but the brilliant work of Billy Beverldgo In the Ottawa goal held them down to a solitary counter. In the first period by Lome Wilson. This was tlilj Initial tally of the game and the homesters held their margin until late in tho seconi stanza when Harold O'Nell sailed In off light wing to slash Fleming's rebound back Into the nets. The teams battled along until Ave and a half minutes had elapsed in the third period when Johnny Munroe, on a brilliant Individual rush, skated through the entire Pembroke team to whip the disc behind Jones. Despite Pembroke's mightiest efforts to draw' even, they were baffled by the Burgh defence. The game was as hard fought as the score would Indicate. There was very little difference between the two teams and the outcome of the match was In doubt until the finish. ' Pembroke. New Edinburgh. Jones .......... . goal . , . . Be verldgo Kenny ..defence . . T. O'Nell Anderson defence .. ..Fleming Armstrong. ... ..centre ,, .. Burnett Ledgute. . . .'. ... .wing . . . H. O'Nell Wilson. '..wing Munroe Ludgate tpb Stilt O. Anderson. .. .sub Reid Referee: George Malllnson, Montreal. ;," ' j Joe Stecher, Won Phlladolphla, March 4 Joo Stecher, clulmunt of the world's hcuvywelght wrrstllng champloniihlp, threw, Dick Duvlscourt tonight after one hour and fifteen minutes of rough and tumble grappling. Stecher, who weighed 195 pounds, pinned his opponent's shoul. ders to the mat with a head scissors hold, Duvlscourt weighed 210. QUEEN'S ARE CHAMPIONS Defeat 1 McMaster Arguing . Against Fascist Rule Toronto, March 4. Queen's Unl veslty ure the Intercolleglute debut, i Mr champions of Eastern Cunada as a result of their double victory on Ilia tlnul round tonight. Supporting l ho affirmative of the rmiolutlnfi. "that the dictatorship of Mussolini ir detrimental to tho hr-nt Interests of Italy," the tricolor debaters, J. A. K, Bruadunit and J. V. Mwn, defeated a McMaster University team consisting of It. A. I'rlca and W. J. Vlnmer, In Toronto, while a Queen's loam, upholding the ncicatlve of the snma r"olutlou In a debute at Kingston with Loyola College, waa also awcesitul, A itvnd McM'uttor tmim lost tha (li'dslon at Montreal In a dobata with layout, tha rrtmr Inking tha ufflrmutlve and tho luitur tho nvfii- tlve. : - ' McMaster had previously elimin ated Western University and Ontario Agricultural College; Queen's, the university .or Toronto and McUJii University, and Loyola College, the University of Bishop s College, ana the University of Ottawa. In thfl debate&Jn the semi-final round held a fortnight ago. Victorious Over Loyola Kingston, March 4. Queen's won the- final Intercollegiate debate from Loyola, of Montreal, here tonight, taking the negative side .of the subject: "Resolved, that the dictatorship of Mussolini is detrimental to he best interests of the, country." FLORIDA IS RECOVERING Tender Crops Ruined by Recent Wintry Onslaught Jacksonville Fla., March 4. Florida tonight was recovering from a revived and unseasonable onslaught of winter. Tender , truck crops of widely separated sections were damaged, whiie others apparently were untouched. Leaving the potato belt of the Hastings section all but untouched, though the temperature at one time dropped to 30 degrees there, frost hopped far down the peninsula to wreck tender truck crops In the island section as far south as Homestead, south of Miami. NEW PRINCIPLE IN FLYING UNDER TEST Italian Engineers Working on Basis Used in "Big Bertha" Guns Rome, March 4. Application to aviation of the principles used in the shelling of Paris by the long-range "Big Bertha," of the Germans, is being studied by a group of the most prominent aeronautical engineers in Italy. ' They hope to evolve an entirely new type of aeroplane of unprecedented speed. They think It even possible for it to fly from Rome to Buenos Aire's in ten hours. Great secrecy surrounds the expert n.ents, which have been going on foi several months. It Is stated, however, that the basic problems have been solved, although many technical details must be settled. Like the shells of the "Big Bertha," the projected 'plane is to fly at enormously high altitudes. A catapult start is to enable It quickly to soar to a height of 8,000 metres or more, after which Its gigantic motors are expected to hurl It through the rarefied air at record speeds. The needs of both men and motors for air at high altitudes are to be met by apparatus on board the plane.' The engineers refused to explain ffything beyond this brief outline of their endeavor. "The world Is en-t'tled to scoff, as it always does, on the eve of a scientific discovery such as ours," said one. WINDSOR DRIVER IS HELD Woman Dies of Injuries After . Struck by Auto Windsor, March 4. Struck this afternoon by an automobile driven by Louis Tepperman, of Windsor, Mrs. Elizabeth Crouchman, 60 years of age, wife of Harry Crouchman, former Walkerville councillor, died tonight c-t the Hotel Dieu. Tepperman u being held on a charge of criminal negligence. Mrs. Crouchman lived att Walkerville. HON. MR. MURRAY TO SAIL Will Represent N.B. at Emigration Conference Frederlcton, N.B., March 4. Hon. James A. Murray, ex-Premier of the provinca, and now commissioner of immigration and Industry, will attend the coming conference at London on emigration from Great Britain to Canada, Premier Baxter announced today. - He will sail on March 12, and will represent the Maritime Provinces. PERSONAL INTELLIGENCE Sir William and Lady Wiseman arrived from New York Cltx yesterday and registered at the Rltz Carlton Hotel. Nurse Committed for Trial Windsor Ont. March' 4. Mrs. Mary- Yanltlca, 43 years bid, Ford City nurse, this afternoon was com mitted for trial by Magistrate W. X fcimlth, on charges of performing an ,illC'gal operation and manslaughter. Ball of 11,000 in two sureties was continued. The Crown alleged that Mrs. Yanltlca was responsible for the death of a Ford woman's in fant. Closed Season in Alberta Edmonton, March 4. - Alberta sportsmen will not be able to shoot either prairie chicken or partridge this year. Today the Legislature de dared a closed season on the "sharp- tailed or pinnated grouse, commonly called the prairie chicken," following action taken yesterday In declaring a closed season on tho "ruffed grouae commonly caned partridge. Clarence Jamieson Married Ottawa, . March 4, The wedding took place here today of Mlsa Anna Macdonald. of Alexandria, Ont., to Clurenca Jameson, former member of Purllument for Digby, N.H., and former civil servlco commissioner. They will rosloa In Ottawa.' Wounded by Chum's Oun Oukvllle, OnL. March 4. -William Unit, aged 16, 'win accidentally wounded here this urternoon when a .22-callbra rifle In the hands of his chum. Curry Card, discharged. Al though the bullet entered Izutt'a left shoulder In. front and went through his body, coming out at lh6 shoulder blade, ha walked a quarter of a mile to his home after the accident. Dr. Gomery Coming Home Dr. Minnie Gomery, a forme.-Mont realer. who for a number of yeurs has uaen engHgod In medical mlsalon uy work In Kashmir, India, la among the passenger on tha Empress of Russia, due this week-end In Vancouver. lr, Oomery la returning home on furlough, accompanied by Iter follow. worker, Ml Newnhmn, und will arrive In Montr! about t lit und of thg month, SIR GONAN DOYLE DEFENDS 'MARGERY AGAINST ATTACKS Exposure of Medium by Rhines Called "Colossal Impertinence" AFFIRMS OWN BELIEF Says, in Letter to Boston Herald, That Trained Observers of All Sorts Endorsed Phenomena (Special to The Gazette.) Boston, Mass., March 4. Sir Ar-thur Conan Doyle has come publicly tn the defence of Mrs. L. R. G. Cran-don, better known as "Margery" the medium, about the authenticity of whose phenomena so much contro-. versy has raged. The most recent exposure of "Margery," by Dr. and Mrs. J. 3. Rhine, is branded by the British author and spiritualist as "colossal impertinence." The counter-attack' by Sir Arthur is contained in a communication received today by the Boston Heralti, entitled) by the author "The Cran-don Circle.;' Not only does he denounce the conclusions of the Rhines, but he affirms his own belief in "Margery,'' and pays tribute to her and to her husband for patient pioneering. Recounting how he once experi mented with the Crandons in his own apartment in London, Sir Arthur writes: ' "We certainly ha? phenomena and I have no doubt that they are cenu- e ones. It was largely my advlcel which led to Dr. Crandon laying the remarkable psychic powers of his wife before the public for the unselfish purpose of broadening our knowledge. Had I foreseen the Btu-pidity and malignancy which he was destined to encounter, I should hiyre hesitated to urge him on. "I read this mofntng in your columns a so-called 'exposure' of Dr. and Mrs. Crandon. (Margery) by a Pr. Rhine. I afterward wrote to my friends to say that I thought Job was a hot-blooded and Impetuous person compared to them," wrote Sir Arthur. 'Consider the colossal impertinence of this attack. The Crandon circle has been attended by hundreds of inquirers, some of whom have sat lot a great number of times. These sitters have included professors, doctors, conjurors, trained observers of all sorts. The vast majority have en dorsed the phenomena. 'Where there have been doubts, no reasonable explanation of the results have been forthcoming. When any objection has been raised, the procedure has been moamea in or der to meetthlB objection. "And now comes Dr. Rhine with his eagle eye, and on the strength of a single .sitting, he broadcasts the opinion that all these years of ceaseless labor and contention have I PACKARD I The Best Place to Buy a Used Car OUR used cars are fairly priced, because each one was bought on a good business basis. In buying used cars we pay every dollar that the cars are worth and no more. We are not tempted to offset over-allowance by inflating prices on used cars. We price our new cars right, , buy our used cars right," and treat our . used car customers right. We are just as jealous of our used car reputation as wc -w are of ourjiew car standing. , NASH BROrOHAM--lto-eondlt1oiud mi i . PACKABD TWIN SIX, 1-Fumocw To.rtnr- perfect erdor. Ory body. A iplenuld ear that powerful and handsome. lias Terytnlns one ju would be nroiid to own. deslro in the wny of comfort, , ' mZZ '.iv &tE2r. "'-.' " I MritwrT"T' ' .""'ii'j'iaTiaw'." j' nu -v,-rrr ",U n ;nns.. n ,rm . -!, ', n, i. fnM-"" ' ' m:r1 -.' tJt'y'''ww,w: v4L-r v -' -: -- .- . t..'tdiii" nm-WftU4 PACKARD I.IMO! IB EI)AW. t3, - . . HTITDfCHAKEK SUDAN, B.Pan(f A .1 wintoi PnlnUd rich I'u-knrd blao. teH ' , (owl m Hw. Kconomlrnl and dpmUbl. ' tnooo Pwkard ra yoa before tho , ., would utility the mo particular euatomer, moat fiwliloaabla club, and homes la Montreal. ' ' ASK THE MAN WHO OWNS ONE ' , " . Packard-Montreal . Motor Co., Limited 307 University Street ' LAncaster 4151 L. ' . ' - ' " . : : : ( been founded upon senseless fraud, a"nd all these sitters incompetent dupes. ' "I have kept a close record or the Crandon case from the beginning, as I might well do considering the remarkable psychic powers of his wife, befpre the public for the unselfish purpose of broadening our knowledge. ( "At any momnF.they might have been free from their troubles by abandonhg their altruistic work. Far from doing so they have with quiet persistent courage extended Its nela, and met with fresh dispositions-every reasonable difficulty put forward by a bona-fide inquirer. In all America I can see $0 nobler, braver work than theirs.' ' i To Discuss Unemployment Halifax, March 4. A representa tive of the provincial Government, probably the deputy minister of mines, will attend a conference to be held In' Sydney Mines on Wednesday next for the purpose of dealing with the unemployment sit uation In that vicinity, it was de cided tonight. Upwards of 800 men are out of employment, it is stated, owing to slack times in the coal mining industry and a concerted ef fort will be made to relieve any distress that may result in conse quence. Germans Want Ocean 'Phone Berlin, March 4. The German Post Office Department has opened negotiations with British authorities for the extension to Germany of the wireless transatlantic telephone service recently inaugurated between England and the United States. Under the proposed arrangement, the messages between Germany and the United States would pass through London. '. British Communist Held Santiago, Chile, March 4. Nathan Cohen, claiming to be a British sub-lect, was arrested today on a charge of acting as an intprmediary agent between Communists in Chile and in Moscow. The police declared that Cohen admitted having sent information concerning the Chilean Government to Moscow. Suicide, by Hanging Toronto, March 4. Edward Johnson, aged 35, committed suicide in his home here today by hanging himself with a clothesline from a beam in his cellar. He was found by his wfdow. Police learned he had been drinking and had become despondent. Besides his widow, he leaves two small children. Commissioner Appointed Ottawa, March 4. Arthur McDonald, of Sydney, N.S., has been appointed a commissioner to investigate charges of political partisanship preferred against certain Government employees in the province of Nova Scotia. Appointment of Mr McDonald Is gazetted in this week's issue of the Canada Gazette. 1 Boy Slayer Is Sentenced New York, March 4.- Michael Ponkraskow, 12, today pleaded guilty to murder, and was sentenced to confinement intthe House of Refuge until he is 21. The bey shot to death Marcus Gold, a Richmond Hill storekeeper, whom ha tried to bold up. Marie Recovering from Grippe Bucharest. March ; 4. Queen Marie Is recovering from a severe attack of la grippe and will resume audiences in ten days. Princess Ileana has recovered from a light " YOUNG BANDIT IS CAUGHT IN WAGON Was Forcing Men He Had r Robbed to Drive Him to . ' Station (Special to The Gazette.) New T6rk, flfarch 4. Patrolman John J. McDonald, of the Parkvllle, Brooklyn station, who four years ago wonhe honor medal of the Flat-bush Chamber of Commerce for capturing a negro who had shot a woman, arrested a youthful 'hold-up man this afternoon, who a few minutes earlier held up the chauffeur and helper of an R. H. Macy and Company delivery wagon. McDonald saw the waggon at 17th street and Beverley road, Brooklyn, and noticed that the driver, and helper seemed worried. He stopped them and asked if there was any trouble. "Trouble," yelled Dykus Niccolls, the driver, "there's a hold-up man in the back of the wagon. He has just taken $190 from us and he has his gun drawn on us now." McDonald drew his own pisfcol and dived Into the back of the wagon. After a short tussle he emerged, grasping by the coat collar a youth who said he was Pas-qual Fischettl, 19 years old, of 2058 West Fourth street, Brooklyn. Niccolls and August Schegolis, his help&r, said that Fischettl held them up at 35th street and Farragut road, and, after robbing them, clambered into the back of the wagon and ordered Niccolls to drive to the Beverley road station of the Uristliton line B.M.T. at Beverley road and 15th street. Fischettl was locked up and 'will be arraigned tomorrow in the Flat-bush court on a charge of assault and robbery. BROKE WORLD'S RECORD English Auto Racer Achieved Aim Before Smash Special Cable to the New Tork Times and Montreal Gazette. London, March 4. Harry Thomas, the English automobile racer who was instantly killed on the Pendine rands yesterday when his huge car Babs overturned, apparently succeeded in breaking the world's record before he paid for his performance with his death. At the inquest today it was stated that the speed of his car before the accident (which, occurred after ha had completed a measured mile) was checked officially as 17D. Seniles an hour. The former , record was 174.8S3 miles an hour for a kilometre and 174.224 miles an hour for a mile. Babs, the huge racer, was buried this afternoon in a sandy grave on the dunes, behind the scene of the tragedy. Rough Hockey at Windsor Windsor, 0t March 4. Playing much better Hockey than they have since Rollle Huard Injured his shoul der two weeks ago, Windsor tonight won a well-deserved victory over London in a Canadian League fixture by 2 to 1. Bellemer and Jackson mixed it In the third period and Referee Rodden sent them to tho penalty box for major penaitles where they continued their fistic argument. The London team rushed In front of the press box and menaced both Windsor players and spectators with their sticks, but they were soon cuwed and driven back by a squad of husky firemen and policemen. SAINTS-BEAURIVAGE Meet in Mount Royal Hockey Play-Off St. Anthonva and Rentirlvaca ih.. two rivals for the championship ot the Mount Royal Hockey Leage, meet tomorrow afternoon at the Mount Royal Arena in -the first of ine nome ana norne scries for the title, and one which nrnmior.u tn ... a tight tussle. Against the speed of the Beauri-vase Dlavcrs and the wiarHiv nni t-necking of their flashy forward line, tne Saints are xnecteri tn nit scoring punch of Martin Barry and vie iapomie, oacKea by a sound defence and the steady goaling of Rowan, who euarda their nofa 'R...,, heads the league's goal-getters, while .apoinie trans mm. The weak link In the French team is their defence, which has 'shown a tendency to buckle unden severe strain. The teams will probably line-up aa follows: St. Anth fernan. Nohln. TtamAi- Tni. O'Connell, Devenny, Roche, Jesssop! uBuuvagc, ueaumont, iapolnte, Gratton, Emard, Lafrance, Page, Ha- mei, jjavery, uoain i Prairie Schedule Ended Saskatoon, Sask., . March 4. Saskatoon Sheiks wound up 1 their games in the qualifying rounds of the Prairie Hockey League by losing their last scheduled fixture to Moose Jaw here tonight by a score of 3-1, Moose Jaw combined and played better together than the locals and to this factor can be laid their winning margin. ... Edmonton, Alta., March 4. The final game of the Prairie Hockey League schedule here tonight resulted in an 8 to 7 victory for the Calgary Tigers. There was nothing at stake, and the teams did little more thaneo through the motions. The game was close enough, iiowever, to be Interesting, and it was anybody's battle all the way through. ARRESTED FOR THREATS Girl Turned Over. Spurned Lover's Letters to Police Toronto. March 4. Alleged to have hreatened to kill Nora Bcadoine, of Poterboro, Ont., because she refused to come to Toronto and marry him, Michael Kiely was arrested here today. Klely f el in love with Miss Beadoine on a recent rip to Peter-boro and on his return to Toronto 's alleged to have written her three threatening letters. - The young woman turned them over to the Peter-boro police, with the result that Toronto offiqers effected Kiely'B arrest. He will be taken to Peterboro for trial. - Betting House Charges 'Thirteen men were taken in raids last evening on alleged betting houses ly constables under Lieut Archam-bault of the Morality Squad. George Beauvais was charged with being the keeper of a betting house, on Dor-, enpster street, and a similar charge was laid against Thomas Jordan, Bleury street.

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