The Gazette from Montreal, Quebec, Canada on April 23, 1923 · 19
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The Gazette from Montreal, Quebec, Canada · 19

Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Issue Date:
Monday, April 23, 1923
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V VOL: Ctll. Nor -97 Till GAZETTE, MONTREAL. MONDAY, AI'ICIL L'.T. 1!) EXTERMINATOR IS MOW $1,409 BEHIND Veteran Added $3,350 to His Tola, by Winning Maryland Feature EARNINGS ARE $248,056 Famous Gelding Beat Paul Jones by Narrow Margin Under Hard . Stretch Drive .(Sipe.dal to The (iazette.i Havre Ac (Jracr, Md., April 21. );:.. -rininsitur. W.l-.s Sharp,. Kilmer's Mid old campaigner, came into his cm ig;i;n this afternoon when the . ,gh I - e,ir-nld sou of JU-Ow and tin-pi' - i i ( si gelding in the history of the iu;f en ptund tin eleventh renewal of sliv Phila.b lphia heating J. IS. Codeit's l';inl Jones, Hi' Auoiey Kiiin's I'.v.r Plninton and 'r..-h K.s.-., Co. up- Song and Rouleau. By ih.s victory Bxt.'rnii or added ?.i;.ia.. to hit money-winning total, b'jiglng it np to 5.'l(jr,, which is jusi $1.4(K). lf-s than the total if .Man ' War. tl)e ehani I'iou money-winner i f Hi,. American turf. Man o' War's total stands at $24.'.i.4'i".o and one more roe of any size will put the much-lovi d "did IV'iiis" in the lead and hot :iI'it i hi' w. n-M's reeord of $J'.1,37;. lo'ld by the great English nurse, lsiti-'...-.. UipApr; 1 tl Bxt. : m.n itor ran third in li e Harford H ind; -ap here, trailing I'd iv. and (.'iriful. a length behind lie' laiier Tin- old fellow was i losing right up to llio last siride, hut the I' m'' inclini-d to -be-licvc he Mas ivt fiie horse t hut lie w:;s, and that fiiy his siip.-rh eovir-nge and h,s wonderful class arriid liim thriugh. rn-f.lily he was not ipnte read-., hut today Shield; had 1:1111 fit to go the journey of a mile and a sixteenth and he made orr of those grand finish's tliat tiring the spM tatO'.s cheering to their f"ct the l.ind of f.nish which has endeared the leg eln st nut to thousands who have s' i n him rare. In the desire to see Ivx or vim and in 'he hop;, that h Mould win :11:0th' r of his sl-i-hing e lories. Mime twfiiiv thousand spountors fir. k' d to 'lie track. They chered v. In n h" cam" out and 1 l.u ndcrr d their :n.j rovil lien hp cnnie.b'ick to the s! and . . f T just such a let ry by on', a nek as they had wished to Wit i:( '.-'-. six co to Tin: rosT. S '-; v. 'd to in" post. Sot 1 1 ag Sun. a lid em i - a- 'i' !i" !. They si-ven minutes, I.'x- ili second pl.'C'e, , ..villi K.mleau on Tiny fin-illy wire od start. Bxtir- 1 r. a : I lie pn t "i am nal mi h''::1,-rext to Ke the other sid". S"ni awav to a :i!K i: a Uv 1 first, to show. I: him b o !;. i-:t f . d A ' Mil- una rt''f was in f n:"ii i" -:;;e;i and wi rniirg idnng lit"1 ' a' f. ' i ill leililld Comic Song. P ' r I'ii ;.;(. ni aivl 1'aul .lones in ti at leal. r. (' '!i1i' soi'u- sliovs'pd a lot fit' ear'e ia'ol a' ' "eok- aii liip pohis en to '!." '!, li. where ih,. nelflim; w." -I! !hre"ai', S'ol'.a, . h.i '! I he ii'-e all Ihroiich w h I 'a r riaia'ia:), h'lt t he filly 1 r- I fveo tiv foreilo,', Taul .lories I. 1 ill 'herd d a' e end saved eraund c-nt'Tintr the hoviiestreteh. M'-intinie .MeAtee hesan to ride, and 1 ixrerroina r or niovpd up stout-on rotimKrts th" turn into the 'e "nip-tre:eh. In th" drive to the w.p- it was ,i duel lietween Kxter-. 'a'or aiid ul .Tones, the former infills Ho younqpr hors-e to win '' a in"!i in 'he final s'rides. Paiti J'-!, was two ipnih- in front of i :. t.reii l'"a:r I'iiantom, lyhieh -d tin" i-how i.ioiipy Vy only a i ' ' i; from lrNh Ii.-s. Comic Son, a 'd up l.y ins early efforts, finished i fi.'iii. six lensths behind ! . ii Ki-s and a Ir-nKth and. a half front of llouieau. wnieh wa? i in tie' limit and wis pr.vcti-' ';et f:a..'o '"t to wire. 'x'Tiiiiiuinr pave away ail kind.-' A'dpht io i:..- opponents, from ' y pounds to ni Jones, his dai'serous eonipetitor. to t y-three pounds to Comic Sons. Tie- oid wonder, of course, was the' "w rwhelmin;; favorite in th" Ivt-1 He., i he odds hein" 4 to 5 asainsi' l-'air 1'hatitoni wa.s the second i h'oce in the imli ;,' etiiiiation. til" til!;.' heill'.J eou'pied Willi fiou- l'.ia a- the A id ley Kami entry and hefd :ir, li io ,j in the lietti:ig. Paul Jojies v.i -- fpio'ed at a little less than !' V) 1. pn.vah'p JU KI lor the place end ,A to show in the rtiiituels. Th' l ie" wa- run in 1.4,", one 'Hi more thin the truck record fer the distance. UIMJOMSTUU WINS I!V A HEAD. Thrre were increased purses in Severn! of the races on this afternoon's curd. Next to the big event InletV-at centred In the Climax Handicap, a six-furlong dash fourth on the programme. Eight went to the post, but only seven sot iiway. Carmandale being left. and Charlton Retting off badly. The race brought $1,000 to Harry Payne Wh'tney. whose Hroomster carried off. the lonf end of the purse by a head in a driving finish with J!. T Wilson jr.'s Tall Timber. Jiroomhter set a fast pace for the fiest half of the sprint, but was tiring at the end and just lasted. Tall T.inber moved up stoutly on the outside at the stretch turn, but hung after getting to the leader. I'inna Care was close to the leaders a II.- ! lu a.igh. but alo laired in the lait K'xiecn'h. although the son of Siip"rn:.-i u had a long enough lead own- l.ady MhUlinorc to tali the Mtyrt riu- of' the purne with ease. The inner Van the favorite, while It.iiomMer'-'wii.s held- at a little het-t T than 3 t.o -1 ll.WKJ., rU OIIACI5 TtESLXTS. I'u st race. Ui" Blue Irass .l'mse, in-o-ye.i!'.oh!"i. $B!oO, four ftirlongg June Flower. U4.' Sclilittlnger. lid . ',n, $1. $3 won; Ju-ledon, idif Finn. ?12, $6.10, second: Dazzlw, 108, Afc-A.teo, $3,' W,.ird. T-ime, .48. MuslneM "ik". Pawiilfrokeir, SHgo, W'ainlng, Iinp,,s...,ii,,.. jt.r a n: Siliiayr, M,irile B ison. Run Chlnf. FiMnk .Man. Chief Clerk and Firuisslo .-lous 1mo rn.n. Bnennd race, Bhe i HcWer Skter S'leeplechase, handien.p, pure $1.,VI0, fi)iir-.i'!ii'..old nnd ni, nhori tours iibout iivo ntllefl Tell M, 130. Ttir- ner.s $24.20, $5.20, $3.30 won;. Ireland, Hi.. Kennedy. VI. .'. sfeond; Cav- 132. i amid,"!'. s:i-j t.iir-1. Time. 4.1v B.ui.n-t. Bryan O'M nn. A ":. I'.X'.eiieiiee and Krait als-i ran. Third rap-, the Coml-.Tt Put -e, three-yi purs- ?l."0o. six ltf.lones xViai!. lv Miriielii. $-1.-J :. ?IO.i'.i. m :. . ..n: Jmnkin. Ilv Kiiiniiin. $4.1". !'i. sp' onii, r'ty Py Day. Hit. M.-At-e, Sl'l'i. -hird. Time, l.l S:. 'aaf"itiiie. S.'. i'i- ld"r, Daniel. Snasii i. X.Mark Twain. Plueney-, j'.e'.'er Tim .-. le'dygua'd. i'l- ran.. W. ,1. S.i!ni"n "ii'try. 1'ourtii r:o ". the Chin ix llandi- cip. ti'ire--vi. i r-o'ds and up. ;u is" !. 30". fix furi..'1-.s-itro'ini.-tr'i . , I 3. .HcAlee, Sv2'i. J3.3H iu.i: Tail Timber. 1 04, i;.-p. (... s"e-ond: Pinna Ca .-. 113, Div,"s. f. 30 tli'itd. Time. 1.12 3-3. Surf Kider. P.ahy Crand. Carniand i;p. I.ady I'.ai-tieipre and Chariton ao ran. lf4. 11-11. ..-.. Mln Kifth l-ice. t!o' lhihid.'l"'iia II. in-' diiap. S3, 0011 a.Ml. I lire --yen r o! :. e-e and a sixfenth uui -' - lOMf-r niMPit' 12!i. Mi-.M.-e :!". S::.lii, S'-MH irin; Paul .lours, lot'. La :rs up iiig. V' '!r ' ' '7?:" ,d. fim". -'!. 10. t''.40 s-a-ond ipi. s'aii'ii', ...!", tnii'i. i on". '-i. xi;piiI"iu. ( mine S'i;ri and tnaii Kiss aio ran. Audiey r'aian a'tr-. Sixth rare ehiinci'-. : ' : ree -yen r-idds and tip, $1,200. mde and seventy ;vnid----F.pwod". 11 11. Mall T,.-St. 30 won; P.i-V"ial Sfiiin, 113. Sninl'neod. Sl.iP., s'apnd; Ve!- ''. 112, i',n-r. 3.s Mind Time. 1.-43 2 -3. (trntleinan .l"up't. I'.idy l; ir-t-an. Ramkin nod C'ra' l o' Huvn also ran. Sp-fi"'h rai-' fieir ipir -'hls and (in. p'aiininu. pur-- Si""", one iniie a"d ;i quart'-' -Aire. " ' Muir. I'-fi. Abel. SII.T". ? t.-lll. S . s . 1 C' I ' - r-iufay. 101. CI iv"i' 3. f! 7" :P'-n'id; S'i'"ir'. 103 M.i rt z $2 7. tiiifl. Time. 2.0S 1-3. biii-v Kit-. A'inivera.irv. Dr. P. Well.s. flvmiB-eli. King Ti-'-ja an 1 Bravo also ran. HAVRE PK flKACI! BNTRIKS. First race, el aiminu. two-ve r-od T'tirsc, $1,200. s - furl"iiLrs--.l,,.-ksom IIC: xaMoon Dream. 1 'is; xFriday Thifteenth. 107: eniis. nn; s.'iraii Cinser. 113: xCohl Pendant, l".v xPramton. Pel; A. .1. p,ij.i,,. :, Humble. ln7: xBady Audrey. Pi". aSalnion and Wilson entry. Second r aee. maiden. three-ear-(dds. Jl. 'Mil. six' 110. Philip (odd. 1 1 1; ; chii-f Curry. Il'i: Knsa Y. la. Ill-' Sun Quest. Ill: p,l,,e Torey. li;: Ton Minutes. 11't; 'aniiim, IIH; Kv,.vn Ruth. Ill; Pjia. 11); s.inilov, I 1 '1; ; Ontario. 110: Primus. 1M'.: Dorothy Pop. Ill; Spartina, II": Sarsaparill.i. 110. Third race, claiming, three-vear-olds ami up. .n.2'0). six furlongs --Mustard Seed, left; Diana. l'i:i; xPurl 110; Manna, lmi; Copyright. I"S; Fluff, 107; xTa'-Uess II.. ':i'; Hold.e,') Hair, 10.3: Sir Adam. 10S; xSun Turret, 110; Candy, IDS; Protocol. !u ; xDiadi, 103; xlna Kay. US: xaWreck-er. 102. Also eligible .losephme C, !U; xFusec. lo(j; xalheuus, l"l; xSantana, 1"1; x.Iosejdi Brant, 10,3. aCooper and Coodacre emry. Fourth race. The Susqueh.-i una Pennsylvania Purse, tiirf e-year-ohls, $1,300, six furlongs Better TJnics, 112; Admirer, in; Good Night, KUi, nesting Time, 103; Thessaly, 101; Fine Hawk. IDS; Bodyguard, lmi, C'.dden Kuh H O; Comixa. 103; Demijohn. I'.'O; Xew Hampshire, Hit;; Baffles, JOCj; Prince B'gent, loti; KU10! Clayton, 103. Fifth race, The .Newark Purse, four-year-olds and up, purse, .$2,000, mile and a sixteeiith--llermis Kcin-ble, 11.3: Trajauus, 11)3; aSuiei Pi t ive, 100; Primo. 107; Bi knelt, 10.3; .Maryland Hel'e. ion; I',;-. me Days, 107; aSedgpfp'hl. 103; Dr.-, m 'of Allah, 100. liiL.ii and Wilson 01, !ry, Sixtli rape, piaimiii-, t hree -yea r-olds, $1,2"", one mile and sevenly yards xl'oer Sport, loll; xBesfue Deighton, 1"7; Water Cirl, l'M; x Bonfire, 1"S; Zfiis Las.i.'a, 104; liel-piirizonia. F'3; xPapillon. I'i2. Seventh race, claiming, three-year-olds, $1.20", mile and a sixteenth Johnny Dundee. 113; :;.Moody, 111; Clean Gone, 11"; -llciio 1'ardnei, 1",7; Our Betsy, loO; xDehadou. Ill; Picnic. Ill; t-nal Joy, 110; Antilles, 103; xStauncli. lirf.; x'i'he Lamb, 111; xJacques, 111; Joaipuna, 1)3; xJohn Morrill. 103; xSwn-t and Pretty, HI. Also eligible Cork Kim, U3; xThe Boll Call, Bis; xllelen Atkin, 1UU; Frank Moniv.-, 110; P.uuiiyoi, lu3. Weather, clear; traik. f.-st. ' Huntington Results First race, .rpJ". iwo-year-oids, three and a half turnings vidua V., 112. Barham, :ii."0, S2.4H. $2.2U, won; April, 117. Marl In, 2.u, S:M0, second; Big Wig, 112. Bajer. .?J.'i. third. Tiioe, .41 4-.j. Ziinello. Nauo Bofian, liap. Mabs II. also ran. Second race, claiming. .;3"0, maiden Uirec-ycar-oids and up. ::vc fur-iongs Bast Brush. luT. Jl.irlin. ?4.1o, f3.40. 53.20, won; Old Blue. 102, lle-vic, $20. ti". $13.60. second; Dons, 108, Harrington, $0.40, third. Time, l.ol 2-5. Mammon. Irene Walton. Aji. Uugnia. Gomez. Nouish, Caliiian and Nylorac also ran. Third race, claiming, $300, four-vcar-olds and up, o'j furlongs ilnhokus, 113. Ball. $13.4". $...00, $3.40, won; Brown Cheek, 113, Bogan ouski. Ti.20, $3. SO, second; Oraloirgo, 11,7, Martz, $3. so. third. McMurnhy, Flaxey Mae. Tlatlie .Will I.10, Old Pop. Seaboard. 11 airy (ilovcr, Arthur Mid. dhiton, Whippoo-. will and Kinden also van. Time. 1.07 2-3. Fourth race. Cliamber of Commerce handicf'P, $000. three-ycar-'ilds and tip, six furlongs Guv'nor, 104; Gregory $12.20, $3.00. 2.30. won: Kdgar Allan Poe. 119. McMaiipy, $3.40, $2.00, second; Merrimac. 107, Bell, S3. 30, 'hird. Time, 1.12 2-3. -Parry Shannon. Lucidm. and High Cost also rap. Fifth race. West Virginia Derby. $2,000 added, three-year-olds, mile and a furlona Tender Seth, lis, Kronk, $3.00, 3.8. $2. SO. won; Wildcat 118, Bell, $3.40, $3,o. second: Glabella. 113. Buraer, $3.00, third. Time, 1.54 3-3. Ttockabye, Kent L., Ileelfoot and Irish Pat also ran. Sixth nicn, fmifr-year-olds. claiming, purxe $500, one mile and seventy cards IBiitler. 112. Harrington, $5.40. $3,00, $2.40. won: Jake Fold. 12. Martin, .$4.00. $2 80, second: P.urkboni'd. 112. McCrunn. $2.60. third. J Time. 1.47 -". Mo'o, Pi", Wreck- ; less and Perfect I ady also ran. Severdh r're". three. year-olds nnd tin elainiim.'. '"(Ml, one n'ile Cliln-enteanu", Hi'-. Primrose. $12.80. $6.''0. 300,. won: Vorlek, 101, P,'. $5.00, $4 20. second: Ree's Winir. 102. Frnnk. $4.nn. third. Time. 1.41 3-5. Vordrrk. British Bluer and fjeorg" W. nlsn rin. Hr'Tlvl"TO RN'TIilBS. Ft'rit race. $5110, claiming. Iwn-vnnr-id.l mold. n. foil" fnrlonei x-Virr'n- t.i p. KIT- Old Pa're. 115; ln!t, 112 T . Mo Cri pie, 112; Lunelle, 112; Rap, 111 "eenpil rare. 300, claiming, three- DR. R. TESSIER. "V,?,:" Kd'uht Order Iopold If. With' CBinidlnn Mllltnijr Hmpltnli. Krnnea nnd KiibIhikI. Kpeelnltlea i Venereal, Kkln, lirlmiry (Hludder, Kidney, Iiriilit'. liliilwteiil. lthcuiiiiiliHiu, Kcu-ralgia. Women' lilie, moat inodern treatment. Klrnt CoiimiliHlluii Kiec. l'j llilifl, Cor. fcl, Uriili, year-olds and up. fix fuiljngs As- siiniption. m; xKl.ixey Mae. x - ' i.:ie. Iu7; Bob Giles. 11-": Whii'P r - will, 11; Yoiick, lv.".: NCoish. IK, Kt-nttK l;y ismil'.s. K': Oraleg-o. . T,ng,r,ji,-, H2; Oakland B. Ho. JM: i.',m consul. 112. 1'hiril race, $iiO0, thiimini, tlirce- year-ilds lip, one mde Bees Wirg. l'.di; Hoover. 113; llena. 5a: V'ly-paper, 106; Jloores'iue, lifi; Aiven-tuie, 111; Aleso, 10s. Fourth race, claiming. $300, Country Chit). 3-ye:ir-idd.- up. mil.' and 70 yurds -Uei.i. Sinker. Itev llhih (Jear. pj i v -l-'ar li.i9t, 103; Mt.-s Prosper- V -.1 oi'd i o 7- rl'h.. lie j x'.!,,,rter 707 i.-j,-. 1, ,-in ,.!',; 11,., . vear-ntds :,n',l .,, m'l ', ,,7l' n v. eehth L.;ttle Ed., 112; Phelan. 112; x-Kine'inst II. 1 07 : "i c-dy. '.:,: x-Bal-'phelle, 107; Capital City. i:2; Harry M Stevens, 112; x-Le Balafw-. Hi"; Hiiitlev. 112. Six'h t-aee. el liTlin.'.. tlliee- year-obls un.-ojie mile Fed Kilmer, 113: Fiibbertv Oiblvt. 113: Mildri d ritll. Papid Stride, IIS: K.i 1. C ,1 P - 95; Horeb. Ill; Brown Ch- ck. 111 Weather cloudy: tracii f;si. Tijuana Results First race, for friir-year-olds and upward, ciaimitig. purse $500, six! fii' longs Onwa, 113. Smith , S3 L'O. j $3 00, $2. so won: Tiwlane, 113 Mj-liii"-. S4.0O. $4.20 second: Canvi:;-baek. 113, Creery. 3 SO ihird. Time, I 1.10 Stirrirps, Sen P.eaeh, B-nl Saate. j San Stef,i,n.e Wnna Girl, Mahinei;,-,. Dewey h'ield, ('mini ry and Pat C.1,1- fer a .so ran. S'erp'nd race. fur fioii'-ye ana upward. pa,.iiin---. pur.-e 1 . . ....... ." -"'" riu-.jr.H. oil. ii". .Martinez. 5..; . x-t. :;.vi wa-u, Siiiie Carter. 110. ! I urn, '$37. On. $14-20. seioiid: Frnd.l'ie Fear. 10.1. Smith. $0.$o. third. Time. 1.50 4 -5. "I'a Day. Jay Mae, Senator Donian and il: -,i-z-ar alv ran. three-year -oids Third race. f"i and ujAvard. ciaimlng. purse ,$',"". one ni:!e aa.l se- en-ty y irds-i ;i :o 1 -"1 P..WIL'. 11". Pa.'ks. '$54.2".' S 1; 11". fio.2". won: 'Mrs. Pat. I'M. 1 ';,n; r... S3 00. $I.Sij se, on,d; Pink Twniy. i"S. K'-nsing .-. $lN.2o, third. Tune, 1.47-Silx II.. Fizir. (irif-.itis (i;rl. Mr. Kl!lt-r, Peerless (me. Marion l-'l :i k . C'dirilj. Madrono and Dim ro aiso 1 an. I'Virih race. fe,r three-i eair-oid" and upward, claimine. p.ivo. Sip.n. ae r j 1 1 1 - - ami t'iiree-s'ixteenfiis- P;n-' '." '. 1 "2. II urn. $0.2". 1. $ ';. in W'la; I.-iiliani, 100. Kri'-ksnn. ai":.'" $5.00 s-'c.-iid: DaLwood. l"J. iBi.n. f2.Si.i third. Time, 2.03. P.uth lli.ri-g:":i, Misi'ik", Sir. X.. ll;gh Olympus and Pukev B .also nin. Fifi'n race, for three-year-olds rind iwcvard. liaimin". pivse $000, n,.,. mi'e and llvree-sixteenths D.oia -tello. ll j. (ilasf, $5. on. ? 4 . '2 ' ( . .-:! .'0 won; Martha I.. ti5. linn. $0.o, s4.-40 see-.e.d; At W'yek. 107. Parke, t:,.. 4" third. Time. 2.01 4-5. n..-kiiir .vi im. ( aamano. uonpli. itnjiii' r. witi'e i.iTiK. i ar. .Anna i. anu'nson also ran. (P.eeau:'e of wire conditions .he resulas of the four other rao'-s weje nut received). EXTERMINATOR'S RECORD Veteran Campaigner Drawing Close to Record Earnings New York. April 22. --Willis Sh.arne Kilmer' Wvt erm tm. I,.,- I. , y oi i ..ipiji.'iior iMinngs M-a Tii i, i winning the Philadelphia handicap tuna,:, ;,. giant returned ve" te , " at Havre do Grace Saturday drew morning. Kim a ppc.i ,. ' , .'..' up within $1,400 of.'Jlan o' War's I Kans.'ni ini'ijianted the i.npission of money-winning record,. The Riddle '".an ryjiu nnted from ih stand-wonder horse won $24f,405 in his two j l"1'"1 "f phisical a.pp.Mrance, and years on the turf and with Satur- e"nip!etoh ' hanged as to personality, day's winnings included Extermin- "'l'lel an.! ready for action w.i- titur brought his total to $21.s,o50. One more winning race will give the old gelding the honor of leading the i mnnoy-w inners of the American turf, lixterminntor is now eight ye irs old. His record to dale follows: ar. Age. St. 1st. 1. 3d Won. BUT.. ..2 4 2 0 0 $ l.r.ij j R'18. ... 3 15 7 4 3 30.1 17 ! I'.MO.. ,.4 21 0 0 3 20,40.: ! 11120. . . . 7 17 10 3 2 52.403 I B'2B. .. 6 10 .s 2 5 5C.S27 1922.. .. 7 10 10 1 1 71, "75 123. .. . 8 2 1.01 3,S50 Totals (7).. SI 47 llj 15 $248,Ui j RICH STAKE RACES Three Events With Value of $10,000 Cleveland. April 21. Tiie second Grand Circuit meeting of the season at North lt.tnda.ll track, the. week of August 20-25. has attracted ji, great list of stake- horses, as iudiettted by the. entry Bus just closed. Secretary Win II. Kinnan announced today. The meeting will be unique because for the first time in the history of harness horse racing there will be three stakes contested for during the "week, each having a value of $10,000. They the the Rainy Day Sweepsuikes, for two-year-'jjld trotters, with forty-two entries; the Championshtu Stal lion Stake, for three-year-old trot- ! tcr-J, with fifty-four eligible; and the "First Ever," for two-minute trotters, .the first two-minute trot ; ever staged, with fourteen of the world's fastest record trotters entered. ' Satisfaction ITiere is no gamble in selecting a PETERSON'S, and you can buy Peterson's Pipes no matter where vou are! Every PETERSON'S made is guaranteed a promise that you can rely on. In the PETERSON Pipe range you will find the newest and the staple, and no matter your individual V whim, you'll find a shape to Buit andplease you. ORIGINAL PETERSON'S $1.50 to $7.00 AT DEALERS EVERYWHERE ! ' Manufactured by KAPP & PETERSON, LIMITED, DUBLIN, IRELAND Sble Canadian Representative! GENIN, TRUDEAU & CO., LTD., MONTREAL, QUE. T ATTITH AT IT A TiAV ! ( I H N SI I N III Kill 1 Villi U Ull IV WA FULTON TONIGHTi Opponent Selected to Meet Willard Will be Given " Severe Test New York. April 22 The inter st of hnxiihg fans here and 'hrough ihe country g. i.( raiiy will !vr centred on Jersey City tomorrow nigh', when Fred Fuiton, Minnesota h ivy weigh:. and Floyd Johti.-on. Iowa's aiifbil ions contender for Jack D' mp-".. 's ron. ex' hange I. lows in a twelve-round "l '" " ' ' ;"K-" Aj''' 1 eoi.'i.eo' holds bout at the Anna AC, the lotirtn mory, Jersey Ci'y. The more than the usual Fuitot. and ..0.0100 1.1 .-,.,.00 ao. ., . Johnson are silted to clash in what earnha 1. a rri . ed "' Ho, amnunts 10 an elimination bout to Hamilton eoHe.-,.', , ,M , d. lermiii" an opponenl for .I-'ss Vv f- Ha milt.ofi, Ont S'.xi . . ' ,, v' lard, as a climax to a situation which j ed by Captajn R ,,.,.,,; at one limr threatened to twir asun-ij,, ,h p.lriy n,, -,. ... der Hie friendly relations which ex- won th- iiitj-'.-rhoia IV i-ied bpf.vp. n Hie boxing commissions . ri.Uy .,,, '0'( ;u',, of New York and New Jeisey. reay races, and Captnai'c., originaiiy this contest was ached- j declared toniaht thai h,- l,..-ui'-d for last Monday :ii;h'. The IJUt , r,...,i. Th, ,'',, ,i ruling of the "iv York SLile All-. - ,tered thr- in Ihe '.',-,.-'.,. h tip Coiumi-:sion that Johnson could .tie me. Bey rcl.iv not :n a ring I eo 1 1 : of'toie nis Is. Ii- rDi r. .1 biMie with Wiliard 'm Oinadians hue h.n i,u. hM.iv 12 'au-.'l a po:-: pon-nn nt of "'outdoor train n" in,l ', nd pr.'dU'-ed sli'aiie 1 i.,rt,.pi , , x : m; a ut horn ic- of : his Slate and New Jersey. Tne V 11 nion was sat isfi'-ioriiy adjusted list w""k when ihe lem on Johnson's a : ivit i-M j was removed. An ouiurowtii of the ii ' umsta nee -, nowevir. (was ih.'1 aiinouu.n meet lay the Miik i-'imd l.nxii." committee I ha: :he win ner "f 'Ii" I. .-nt would be matched to li s Wi.i.'id on May 12. Tins .'iiiniiiin.a ni' iii ;nvn tit" (am -': "! an .mpoi't.iii.e a,bove that whi.ti ordarirji' would be ailaehc'l to the nrii.h. As a n.-uit in I 'a-.-; in th t'Ollt ill la-'l-aal. I'.d'c'lt i'.l'S liOi.ll to a re 01 I crowd ai'.udiiig t:a- mat'-h. Tlie bi.x. 1 -s .11. I' povtid to !. in line ' "li'li'l'ill and r. a !y for 'in bp;;. . Boh man is h wth win ai, I w in dec.s.veiy. Th. mi'i'li is one of ih" mo t im P"C am oi h.- iMi'c. r for Johnson I yoimg lowan ha.- n-vi r !..,x"d I Fitit'c ml I:.'-, r i iicoun,' ' e.p ;. i m rival of the ph -n al proportion'-' o; the fall M i II Me-i. ,la 'Up ,n P; tMVr. biV a'Baiila"es in hiight, w.ighl and p"i"lv J"hn-on, howevr, is c-ti- li'l'llt le will overcome the idv.lll- i. .!;(.- Fiii:. .! ( njoys. A "cPovy f ..' J'.hn.-on v. hi iie r. a-e th- Iowa-i's I "iili'b upp hi his .ability to df-f -a' u;...-ird wli.-n they . lash, for pi the j jt..,v j lit. too, Johnson w.ll i; work. ii ur.d' i' ihe handicaps of U'ii- , ,,,- s tremendous height, reach and Weight. WILLARD AT TRAINING Former Champion Created Good Impression by Work 'special to The Gazette.) 1 oi h. A or: " ... I u i ii . former world's heavyweight chain." Pioii. is back Bast again, a new man I i .-..'... u , . "l 's,x ''Cks li.ii'i uiniisjics a surprising spctach-jCOiitpari'd p, ii,e Will,,-, I of tw., i months ago: tiie Wilt-n-.i ,, -c-.'.. i f"Ui' jeais back, or the Willard of sp-:i years ,u,,, jn . nf ., ."" .i..ii- '...iiteii against Frank M".ani. In appearance ,-,, .,,v V1. lard is the in-arcs: a.pproaeh to the boxer w..o hf:ed th" world's heavv-w.piht trie f.-m i-,row of Jack g'-1' VMM ago il ..e,n I pie-.-iblo to attain. l-aaaiini; ins s itisfn"t;on on - the multitude gree'cl him; tanned !, hr::!-llv hiown after his work in tin- outdoor--; his movements reflecting contentment and perfect health, and his every ao:ion indicating and assurance. Willard arrived yesterday morning at Youkers. N.Y., from Cbha"o. incomplete the course of training which, he is sure w,l! fit him for the important lout u hi'-h promises to be one ! of the most significant events In his li'e tne titieep-round clash against Floyd Johnson Fred Fulton at the Yankee Stadium on JLv 12 for the benefit of the Milk Fund. No more docs superfluous flesh tell-tale signs of advancing years hang; heavy on Wiliard. Tiie generous girth has disappeared after hard road work ami serious gymnasium exercise, to be replaced by a waistline which is slim Tor M illard. Indications of muscular fhibbines.s still exist i.l out the "iioulders and to a FOR DYSPEPSIA USE HARTE'S Stomach liMin c. St. I'eter and Notre T)ame. Mn:n 110. lH?.1a Hlierhrooke .. near Victoria I Ave. W. 7X01, 13 SSz!:"t 1 hut the , face ha drawn appearance Z"lvX,VTZ:t lete: tive eves and the thiglis OXFORD TEAM READY Athletes Worked Out at Franklin Field, New York I 1 Philadelphia. April 22. M'-mbi .. ui uie ovioiri i niverf v tra- K " im j ui Keo oil i io .r s- a : .. ! 1 a a' ' Franklin l"i id vv here p. x; l-': ,,a and Saturday thy Hi,! , ,i.p. 1'.. against the pi, k of the Cm:. 1 S:.r college runners at the Per:,: -. ivar . . relay carnival. The British runners. Capsa.:; W. I;. Miiligan, B. R. Mi'.ir-v, K. I'. 11 son, C. B. B. Moigan and ';. I; :, -,-wick, arrived yesterday. 1'an'ai:. Mi., iigan said his men were 1:1 tin,- ,-dition. They are rnicred hi tam e nieibey relay and th- tu...i, individual raeis on Fiidav and I'p two-mile relay event on S-iiUi...n . Another s(juad of a'hiei jog iKHlor- ,'H the Owin j ha v.. pl.unie, ., 1,,, ... , . j t hooi. Sta rtiic- o''..w sj id, !h"v wouhl we h ; Franklin Ficid Iciii in.'..,, I a f I ernoon iinh! Thnrdi 're l 1 . , ,. rale, , ; y I,,,,. ,. . the Lni'.e,,,ty Eleventh Game Drawn ClevePn,,!, AJ ;, , game between pi.,, I; New York. l'n;!", st , -Th" .1. :i pi. ni, and Bdwnrd!:.., ca2o, . n.e I in a 0, au h. ,. Th" u., ,,,e la--p.. I ,,; ,,,-.,., befil t.Vl'-e adjourned. Ii the first play in in. ;,lv l. ., ins in til" match. ;.( ,; his lead ov "i- Ii; ohalb ,u- n.a i 1 . p. game. P. J. McDonald Dead N'ew York. A in ;I-2I. - Pi'i , ,eph Mc lonaM. ehamp.oi, ,,,: runner and w. ll know n a'h'.pe V.II1 at.i, d.ed to.!.,-. .-,) Oil. Ill INT'i and 1 en hp . or, mug elm mpioiiships at ..,c . i , three miles, amom- , ; "tie om r Walter f: t.:i. .. . .l. vu eh i.opion. For Athletic Fund .Melbourne, April 21 A ii" a s;e, p.-.r fund has f.een p. ned io ... ; . 00" to ensure ad'apia'.- j .,,., ,.n ,. ti'.n of Australia a' In" i;...' ;vm. !! games to be "i.;!,l in ',,:,, ;il Bi24. It is proposed la s.-nd a team j of 40 athlei.s. ; There are no autoinobilc p-i.-kin-;' regulations and no spin d ,., v, s 'n Japan, The ir.ffic officer ., .;) h' man. m-ver u;t"r'ng a sound p. . - 1 low ing a iiiia'l", but car: ',"-; i n lis duties through an i l.i'no: a I aai of signals. (rtdin E r7it,i n i til i' .'.7r?, w v k rr- r-r: s r - n i i i i l vji - -.ur ii.giia itf iwi iuii v i- nrj n i v-n-tutt'ie 'IlllllllnlliriljlitWrtffli DIRECTORS UPHELD OnflDflTIDV ADMUMiShcrbrooke Not Granted Sen- -Statement Prepared toru",' Sharchoidcrs of Connaught Park Jockey Cli'b a! to The r;., '.pi'il 22. Tin : :e i - following Slied by Ihe . Club tins Of- off..': I 'A . elpeii m is ;s ' '01, naught P.i; !' e ven ,0" : A t 1 II, ep ne i f Me hoard of lie ( '-.nn III he'd .11 ; daj I'',; ii re. .ort fl'. 'num. tie" "Hit tri H a Park .1 "'- I ey I " :' I''a P. I ll , . u-.'-m-a.t vith tin- v Ji" p.ank Na-he piirp.-.-... ( '"hi to" niall-.11 eollliei-: ;..'V at Monll'fll of -r chief license lice cf (j.jeh"". lion. Senatcr I r ink II I eiiin. Iiuaoi ."!!"' a,,,' I',,; thf pi'O'i Tihosi' pi . .sent were: peleo lre:l. " M r K. S. ri'.n-ti ' . cira 1- Mr. S'. w irl ,T ' - nio.i 'ee: Mr. 1. X. I' ,ie. .VI;-. h"'!.i. Mr. ;. K. Cainpi:.'!', d"!i!. Mr. All. in B'.ss. Mr. '"' Mr. W. II. M'-Aai f". I M, li, IK- ill. Mi'. .1. p.. I ni -V. f l'"V. . il. Ma. .1. K Mr .1 "in Bi n. and Mr. T. I. ! M ' ia." rl":.: c'.u.iip!!",', c a i i -1 O' c . ; up n - i ; he ii.ireh"id"i's ..f ' il- id 1 I ' ' nil' a IIU II I Apr ! :;m ii. so tha' ! " ' "I "','h Hie ca,..- I M.'iid i" pi ! I del i I'p' d" p ui. lah! P a I : n: ..III hi "I" "f Jhe l ii. -i ' ' r ,p; ' iie I ni;. a o ';,iri a- ,'s .- i u -i ;! l s n il 'at inn - :ec has always lll'l e Ulll-.S'. Collfide;, .'C and b'oiesiv "!' Mv. .P-SIIIO" fllii l'"sp"u- ii. po(iilu"L in lie: r Fend eg its con-'idera .. ivd .1 d ' ' 1 ' ' 1 ' r s and the .. .: was Mai.'.l, Hi.. '!': i ; :c in i'i p-: "He r : p' .nin ,h hv the , -h-'v iioid 1 l"d I-'- -I i ; : : . " would ! not m p pi::d:e. d. ic. dors itter l;ir:l NolP' ol tiie la ilis- us tli Referees to Meet Th" ng (if the Prov- s' A-' -aiaal Pel rivy .Pol N.ixy "il ill' IhiiP sin at Be a.:' ;.. C!iie' 1 n est , Plight at S 7 fwi. rftTnniinMWiiTminiitniTftffl ! ' onjm acrpsse Franchise Foil . K.i.-t-r If'lillIS v. .11 t Canada An eni l.a.i pa e ff .-'ill rbl ( wl."-c I le . - -VPS ijelrl (P.ei- !nr opr. ', i t) '' la psfern Town-hip Clin. n::h' liive eh.-itee f d-. !, tie s.i.iv I"'-' b for'- eriteriir tiie -color .!.-. - .01 'i'l schedule w;ll open i.n M 1 v : I w ,: ilatn-oclas hk'Piy ,!.o.i,'; ..! C.o-'-wa and Nationals : t'ani in Mon'rral. Thp'-e is si-rri" doub; of t r'f pliy. r5 on l "'h the St. HENRY MARKS Dress Up Now! Qome and make your selection from our hi&h grade stock of imported haberdashery quality is the best and prices are right. SHIRTS TvetP Blw: shirts with separate collars to ma.h, priced ol C7?.4 VA TS New importations, including Wefch Murgetson's and dcJoinvillc's, priced from. GLOVES English cope fans, washahlc chamois, H0il reindeer, ho:-,kin, etc., priced from Our No. UI. Ili.val II., I. I Mi..u New Spring Clothes Made l- Burberry Wilson Leishman Lounge Suits Sports Sails Golfing Suits Exclusive Spring Topcoats ToU-ec Mt. Royal Hotel US Zo'.'iue aad ("a u gti i a .v., i " 'eatn., I.'it it e evj.ecte,; t tJ mnl;" iif iday i.'lin the i .ji ; in . i-tripz it), th" d.-'i tloiK o. , r 'h' pe men. and 'h",'i e!,i: : hi'! I ae or St. '-'. '.' - .'I ' -' ' "l; '; fourth :rm -h Sherbr-.o;;"' ,i,)p!icat'.Oii ' , !.. I .' ,.; .; I. ... ",,p,i: of til': moor : if t i-i'. - .hog -hat 'he;r ad-no.--.. on ".'ed re .-e-ii a te. e-aecial!y f ; C. ' ., - .11 The SI. a I.rool.e ,ay-i ' a Wih o:e,-. -. ,, "ty le.jUe t f, i ; -op n. .and :r '"i,- teav-r - j-npcessfii! io' r h adnv.-!, 1 to lie- hai-ne next '' il i'-'pil '1 to tip d''i.-iip: made "t thr i.e-e it;-: of I t ip ;.. n,;: ;i-"n S-' ' n,-d-i y '''"" 'i ,. j;. Simp-en Co n;!. nil foil! til r,, !r,, ,re -jd'! t of the Ipagne. the '(.iier officer- b. 'T": Vice-j. resident , m.atenriT. Mer".'!!-'!!'-. S'pi niro ks; .-"' i etary- 1 treasurer. B. Bant. ;ne. 3 PEEL ST. SHOPS. $2.50 up $1.00 up $2.00 up llnr Nhw mi. t;...i,il II. "el -.ica Prrl Xt. .S'iop.?. Peel St. Windsor Hotel pfl feres.' i 1 t

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