Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 10, 1957 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 10, 1957
Page 3
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Tuesday Evening, December 10, 1957. For Heaven's Sake, Be Alert in Holiday Travel Public Forum I was'quite interested in .your editorial which appeared in the November 3 issue of the Pharos- Tribune. I agree with you in that the proposed road numbering project is certainly worthwhile; however, I feel that there is a problem connected with our county True Life Adventures thousands more NEW YORK (UPi—We Americans do things efficiently, includ- Ci. p-, ; n « killin- each olher on the "> lar ^"7 , -- hi"hwav ° ' Emma Borders has moved, 1 roads that is far more important. Last "year 40000 of us were | '^°.'^f hom « of llc , r daughter and] Within the past several months, rmu-dered in traffic accidents;; son-in-law, Mr and Mrs. Vernon Cass county has had its share of murdered irait^ mflimed : jNewell^near _ Plymouth.^ Mr. andlserious traffic accidents at unmarked county road intersections. millions. This year^ these record u "; u ; I1BU ; ™ me Ior Mrs - "orders. In most cases, had the right-of-way been established by the posting of slop signs, (hese accidents probably could have been prevented. It is not uncommon to be driving on a strange county road and find yourself at an intersection before you realize it due to its obsecurity. The posting of county road intersections with stop signs should help eleminale this hazard. Assuming that such a project would require an estimated 60 signs per township, this involves a total of 840 stop signs for all of Cass county. The Indiana State Highway Be- partment ha.s quoted the following prices for various stop signs: 0) 24" x 24" red steel sign (plain) .. S2.48 (2) 24" x 24" red steel sign (with red background refleclor) NOY-S5O- DUMB AN IM Al- figures may be equaled, or even A daughter was born on De<:. 4 excelled with the aid of seriou.s, to Mr - an d Mrs. Howard 3on:.iell planning. i at lhe Carneal Hospital in W.'.na- For far too long now, motorists ma<: ' have been haphazard in their A son was born on Nov. 28 to. manner of motoring mayhem, j Mr., and Mrs. John Degner of What is needed, if more lives are i Spooner, Wise. They formerly lived to be taken and more damage southwest of Star City. done, is more method in our mad- Mrs. Kathryn McFadden, Mr. nc?s. With this thought in 'mind, and Mrs. Darrell McFadden and here are "four rules to die by, family of Crown Point visited here over Ihe Christmas • New Year's Sunday with Mrs, Delia Strong, holiday." . Miss Edna Stephens and olher They have been pre-tested and| found fooi-proof. If your year-end Mr. and Mrs, Bell Cooper anri celebrating drags a little, try j daughter Carol Both visited or several, of these suggcs- Lexington, Ky. with Mrs. Cooper's parents. Mrs. Cooper remained i'or a few days extra visit speed Mi ' s ' s Barbara Batty, 5 year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bill one, tions. They will send you rightojt of this world. 1. Pay no attention to limits, especially if the weather WISHFUL. THINKING: THE ELEPHANT U.OOKS L-ONSIKkSL-V UP 7 AT THE SUCCULENT FtOLIASE OUT OF TRUMK'S F5EACH, ' ACTION/ HE PUTS H\S SHOUL-tTER TO THE TREE P BRINK'S HIS PISlhJISR PCWSI -:a HIS OWM I.EVEU./ L/ ^_ A :• ,' t Deaths in News f,OS ANGELES, Calif. — Fred S. Meyer, 66, industrial relations and personnel chief at the Twentieth Century-Fox Studies, died at his home here Monday following a coronary attack. Born in Germany, Meyer came to 'the United States as a boy. PHILADELPHIA — Jules Falk, violinist and former musical director of the Steel Pier at Atlantic City, N.J., died at his home here Sunday. Falk organized the Steel Pier Opera Company in 1928. A MERE PAL.M TREE IS SIMFT-W FUSHEP CVEK V-riTH ONE FOOT. ftMO DJtttlMcd bj King PtuuM SfnjKJM. Jllllilo, 1-op^t.iullJ IL L.IU *YUC1llll-_i _, ( , . ,,. is bad. Keep the accelerator downl Bafty - ;lnderw ™l a toasillectomy = to the floorboard all the way to I on Frlday at the Memorial Hospi-. (3) sign post $3 to $5. the morgue. tpl ! n transport. Using the $3 posts with t 2. Toss down several double shots on-the-rocks before leavin. Miss Blanche Cain of Chicago came there to visit her mother, the plain and ref'.ectorized signs gives a tola: uffit cost of $5.48 and S8.72, re- that party. Go for dead with an: Mr!1 v Hcttie Cain and Mii!s Mae : spectively. Consequently the total alcohol and gasoline cocktail. i Wcntz 3. Start a long holiday drive ! when you are dog - tired. Drive s steadily without stopping for coffee - breaks and rest along the way. Doze off behinu the wheel. Have a big sleep. 4. Ride the bumper of the car in front of you, no matter how and , . - . P ent Saturday in Peru with rela- sign cost for such a project would Dwight Surber amount lo $<i,(i03.20 for the plain The Van Buren Jolly Homemaker's Home Demonstration club will meet Thursday, Dec. 12, for a Christmas party in the Methodist church. A covered dish din- fast you both are going. Always ner win be served at noor " Secret pass on a curve, or at any other P als wil! be revealed and gifts point where you can see no farther ahead than 10 yards. Visibility is bad, too, from six feet under. Every word up to this point in this column was written by a publicity man. Here is where I take over. The man sent me the preceding eight paragraphs of eloquent periods, sermonizing semi- pals will be exchanged. Hostesses for the meeting include Mrs. Wayne BonneU, Mrs. Jack • Copper, and Mrs. Harlan Haselby. Entertainment will be in charge of Mrs. Argyle Gerlock and Mrs. Alfred Heater. signs or $7.324.RO for the rcflecor- ized signs. I feel that the post cost cou!d be reduced substantially through quantity buying. This project presents ilself as a tailermade community do-it-yourself job. I am certain that if the county commissioners could see their way clear to furnish the necessary signs and posts that each township community through its service organizations (Home DC-' monstralion clubs, 4-H club, Grange, Farmer's Union, Farm Bureau, e'.c.) would bo more than willing lo accept the challenge of Death and Funerals CHARLES Funeral services for Aforam A. Charles, 74, of 1926 Spear street, • were held Tuesday afternoon at | the Fisher funeral home, with the Rev. Raymond Skelton and the Rev. Harry Rea officiating. Burial was in the Miami Baptist cemetery. MILLER Final rites for Mrs. Delia Miller, 75, of 1530 High street, were held Tuesday afternoon at the Kroeger funeral home, with the Rev. Har- LONDON — William Mendes, 66, general counsel in the United States for underwriters at Lloyd's, London,.died here Monday after a short illness. A native of New York, Mendes was senior partner of the law firm of Mendes & Mount. old King officiating. Burial was in Mt. Hope cemetery. GUTHKIE Last rites for Earl F. GutTirie, 66, of 527 Brown street, were held Tuesday afternoon at the McCloskey-Hamilton funeral home, with the Rev. Walter Davis Jr. official- ing. Services were under the auspices of Tipton Masonic Lodge No. 33. Burial was in Mt. Hope cemetery. NEW YORK — Abraham Horowitz, 57, executive vice president of the Federated Council of Israel Institutions, died at his Brooklyn home Monday of cancer of the lungs. Horowitz helped found the council in 1940 to centralize appeals to the United States and Canada for independent religious, .educational and welfare institutions in Israel. Rap Ike On Postal Pay ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (UP)-A report blaming President Eisenhower for stunting l.he pay of postal and federal employes in the face of rising living costs was adopted unanimously '..oday at the AFL-CIO convention. Read the Classified Ads DELAY PAYING OFF LOANS INDIANAPOLIS (UP) — The Gary-Hobart Water Corp. petitioned the Indiana Public Service Commission today for authority to delay paying off a million-dollar loan for two years. Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Three CROSSWORD PUZZLE An ' w " to •"•«<"«»*'• *•<•«'• ACROSS 1—District In Germany 5—Trinket 3—The urlfll 12—Rijn 13—Old preposition 1*—Writins Implement 15—More temporal* 17—Indiiflnlt* article IS—Rodent 19—Direction 21—Undergarments 23—Splash 27—Pronoun 28—Rot lip 29—Cut off 31—Weaken 3t —RolioJd! "n—-"Eccentric 38—A state (nbbr.) 39—Scottish can 41—Everybody'* uncle 42—Attempted •H—Prefix: not 4t5—Prophesies 4S—Morn sagacloun 51—Want 52—Abstract beinc 53—Babylonian uclty G5—Prepared for B rint orn CO— Dry 62—Ripped 63— Spr'iaa for dryinp €4—.Su'ordsman a litimmystakoa 65—Observed DOWN 1 —Dry. as win* 3—Bu«lo 3—Time prone br // 4 — Lot KO 5 — Explodrt 6 — Printer's inoasuro 7 — Imloiu^ian tribesman 8 — Puts on, aa clothes 9 — Spars in— Pile 11 — 1-nimetat 16— Diners 20 — Hrotlier of Polcus 22— Cl-.inesc mU« 23 — Se..-,onln« 24 — M:i'ny cano* 25 — "The poor Indian" "G— Decay 30— Marlicd with holes 32— Jniil.-Lted 3" — Oushioni 35— Knoi-li 37— Aunl'ii author 40— Overlooked 4:: — Preposition 45 — Pronoun 47— MiiMlrnl tllbtrmiirnt* 43 — Departed 43 — Arrow poison SO— Harvest .14— Kxisi B5— Pcilal 'tilTlt 57 — Beforo 5S— I, air 61— Prefix: not to TO FIGHT CUTS WASHINGTON (UP)—Rep. John D. Dingell (D-Mich.) says he will fight' any attempt- to cut government "humanitarian programs" next year to save money for satellite and missile development. Dingell said in a stalemenl it would be "false economy" lo reduce such programs as old age assistance, school lunches, disabled veterans benefits and other "humanitarian" projects. PLANE READY FOR SERV'CE LONDON (UP)— The turbo-prop | Bristol Britannia will go into non- Istop transatlantic passenger scrv- i ice between London and New York Dec. 19, British Overseas Airways Corp, announced today. The scheduled service had been delayed for months by icing and olher minor faults in Ihe big four-engine "whispering giant." The flights are to be once weekly in each direction 'at the start. David Corts, z. student at Lin- pro perly and speedily erecting coin Bible Institute. Lincoln, 111. j such signs. colons, and righteous commas I spent Ihe weekend here with hisj Few of us would be unwilling to with the appended note that here grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Chris'give one day's effort lo carry out was an "off-beat" idea for the holidays that might help halt public self-slaughter. The man who wrote this is getting paid to publicize a product. Take a look back over his composition. See anything'? No? All right, look again at rule No. 3. The publicity man has succeeded. His job is to get the word "coffee" before the public. That's it, pure and simple. Sell coffee. I like coffee very much. I Corls. such a project if we fell (hat it Miss Betty Holt and Mi;;s Carol!would help avert the intersection Parker, employed' ' in Chicago, tragedies we have winessed this spent the weekend here with relatives. Mr. and Mrs. John Markley left pa.st year. If stop signs at each, county intersection would elemi- na'.e but two of the intersection last week for Camp Hood, Tex. i wrecks that Cass county had in where Mrs. Markley will be stationed. He has enlisted for another three year term. Mrs. Mary Waughn of Cleveland, Ohio, returned home last week after spending several days here drink three containers of it every | with.relatives, morning out of our office vending, Mr. and Mrs. Don W.rick of machine, black, ur sugar, no I Indianapolis spent the weekend cream. And furthermore I don't here with .Mrs. Maud Wirick and objejet if the man's eight paragraphs of safety preachment appear under my signature. I en- Miss Alma Wirick. The Methodist's Men's club wil'. be Monday night at the church dorse every word. Let us not kill j for their annual Christmaii party, each other with stupidity on the This is "ladies night." highways. But there is a nag ;ing and dis- "Child Guidance Mothers" of the Melhodisl church met at Ihe church on Thursday night. quieting voice in my makeup that keeps muttering, "what is the morality of our times?" I am not MCINTOSH HEADS LOAN FUND capable of answering. I believe, WASHINGTON (UP) ' — Demp- How To Hold FALSE TEETH ._ . More Firmly in Place help us, we all need. I believe the economic aid to our allies. The Do your falae te(:th ann oy and em- program authorized by Congress bnrrass by slipping, dropping or wob- is r ubtitutes loans ° U ' morality means, "right conduct." Think it over, includin; essence, the man's inverted advice which, God ster Mclntosh, U.S. Ambassador to Venezuela, Thursday was ap- poinled manager of Ihe new development loan fund to provide 1D57, the sign costs would be erased. The lime to act is now! Sincerely Patrick A.- Pow'ien Route Xo. 2, Box 159 Logansport. "MUG SHOTS" USED FORT WAYNE (UP) - Police said "mug shots" led to arrest of Robert E. Harris, 25, Fort Wayne, Sunday in connection with the shotgun holdups of two service stations Saturday night. One of the victims of Ihe robberies which- totaled nearly S700 identified Harris as the bandit after he was shown pictures of suspects. man is motivated by the highest motives, including the profit motive—and that his advice wil! do .humanity some good this Christmas. Please- be careful on the highways. And pour coffee all over yourself, if you want to. earlier this year, substitutes loans ^ s JSJ°Yttie for outright grants in the foreign • ~' — aia program. Read the Classified Ads your plfUcs. This Eilk.'illnu (non-ncid) powder holds false teoth more flrmly and more comfortably. No gummy, cooey, pasty tnste or feeling. Docs not sour. Checks "plate odor" (denture breath). Get PASTBETH today at any drug counter. f ff The Packard Hawk... most distinctive car on the American road. So high in fashion...So superb in good taste New Studebakers and Packatds for 1958 Brand-new and luxuriously styled from road to roof! Thai's the brilliant new line of Studebakers and Packards for "58. They're hi^n in fashion.; low in silhouette — and t hey come to you in a large variety! Each is precisely crafted, beautifully siylcil, meticulously engineered for unequalled performance plus solid economy of operation. There's out. to match your needs and purse. And remember, extra craftsmanship assures lowest upkeep while you drive— highest va'iue when you trade. Before you buy any car, see these new Studebakers antt Packards:-the thrifty Scotsman... the hiifh-spirited Golden Hawk and Silver Hawk, the handsome Commander and Charnpior.i...the powerful Packards . . . sedans, station wagons, new panoramic Starli|fht hardtops. These ar« new cars, great cars, styled and engineered to perfection. Visit your Studebaker-Packard dealer for a guest- drive ... Today! Sludebaker -Packard, CORPORATION comet West Broadway & U. S. 24 T TTTTTC TV/IYVTrVDC I west uroaaway e.-u. a. z* LU 1 ho MU 1 OKb, InC,, logansporr- Phone 2634 O1957, Stvdebaker-fockord Corporation As tlie I label I says... "served wherever quality counts" Where there's good taste, there's refreshing Stroh's beer.It's been that way for over a century. Stroh's means good taste because only the finest ingredients go into Stroh's. And Stroh's is fire-brewed to create a flavor unmatched for lightness, for smoothness, for quality! Enjoy Stroh's in bottles, cans, and on draft... The beer "Served wherever quality counts!" You'll like America's only ( fire-brewed beer .. f fire-brewed at 20OO degrees! it's lieiiter! THE STROH BREWERY COMPANY, DETROIT 26, MICHIQAM See the exciting adventures of JACK LONDON come to life in CAPTAIN DAVID GRIEF (Thursday 9:30 PM, Channel 59) ______ ,

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