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The Gazette from Montreal, Quebec, Canada • Page 21
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The Gazette from Montreal, Quebec, Canada • Page 21

The Gazettei
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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JL THE GAZETTE, SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 1952 21 I I Films VOICE OF BROADWAY Jy DOROTHY KtLGALLEN "jaw 1 vl GOSSIP IN GOTHAM Margaret Tmman's chum say she' keeping1- romantic secret, will reveal it after election day. Mickey Jelke's brother Johnny, who was in Europe when the: headlines 'broke, is back in New York. He returned very quietly to put in National Air Guard. Showgirl! mav start another sold -in5 rj: in Ml ment-nungry territory is otienng salaries as high as 5400 a week for Broadway cuties. (But before you trade in your wedgies for snowshoes, 'girls' take a look at some of the prices up there.

a dollar apiece!) -fr I hill ENEMIES: Rod Cameron and Ruth Hussey play the parts of two warring iron mine owners in The Woman Of The North, the adventure film on display at the Imperial. 6.20; Three-Dimension Shorts at 2.45 p.m. Entrance will be through I the Marlowe street door. APPEAL: Thomas Mitchell, as an influential man in a Western town, appeals to the citizens for help for the marshal, Gary Cooper. The two appear in High Noon, the film featured at the Capitol.

TOP FLIGHT High Noon', at the Capitol, Stars Gary Cooper in One of Best Films of Type in Years; Theatre Satire Showing at the Avenue I li muck vmm By HAROLD WHITEHEAD A wonderful Western, a rare item any week, turns out to be the best films we have seen in years. It is High Noon which is Dlav ng at the Capitol. This Is one film piovie-goer, particularly those discriminating souls who usually run for rover if a film looks as if it is going Also oi top quality, but lor a more limited audience, is the British mm Vr Vwtr A-" aaeHamant atrial II BM II rj0 -Vi3 I fi WESTERN one that can be recommended to every to be a horse opera. the Avenue. The other new films at the ImDerial: Bride of The Be Sin, at the Snowdon and shal is left alone to face the four vengeful men.

This marshal is no typical West err, hero. He is afraid to be alone and tries every argument he knows to persuade someone to stand by him. But even his new wife will have nothing to do with the prob lem. Seldom a film built up such tremendous suspense and done so with such honesty. As the clock ticks away Ihe minutes left before the marshal must face the criminals, me tension Decomes almost unbear able.

Gary Cooper, as the marshal, does tne best job of his career. The sun porting characters are all extremely wen piayeo. "CURTAIN VP" AT THE AVENUE Characters Players Harry Robert Morlev Catherine Margaret Rutherford Maud Olive Sloane Avis Joan Rice Daphne Charlotte Mitchell Sandra Kav Kendall Norwood Liam Gaffney Mary Margaret Avery Jackson Lloyd Lamble Jerry Michael Medwin George Charles Lamb, "scenic Artist Diana Calderwood Vicar Davies Landlady Joan Hickson Sarah Stetobings Constance Lome Mr. steooings John cazabon small repertory theatrical companies come in for a merciless ribbing here. The film, we believe, will appeal mostly to those people who are either in theatre or closely associated with it.

At least these are the people who are going to get the most satisfaction out of it. We think, though, there is enough slapstick comedy during the run of the production to keep everyone amused. The characters in the play are a director, a playwright, a stage manager, a leading lady, an old character actress and a leadina man with a star complex. The director is one of those talkative, amusing but very useless theatre types who has been assigned to the small company because, we suspect, no one else can stand him. The stage manager tries desperately to be grim, efficient and professional but he is beaten down all the time by the director.

The character actress spends a good deal of her time dreaming of past glories. The leading lady one of the few in the company with any real talent and her husband, the one with the star complex, imagines himself to be a big potato in a small field but would be pretty small potatoes anywhere. The playwright is an old maid who has spent years manufacturing the most fantastic piece of garbage imaginable and has used her influence with the theatre's board of governors to have it produced. The whole bunch get together and the result is complete mayhem. Robert Morley, Margaret Rutherford and Kay Kendall lead the excellent cast.

"IF THIS BE SIN" AT THE SNOWDON. OUTREMONT A United Artists film produced and directed by Gregory Retoff from a screen-play by Margaret Kennedy and Ilya Surgutchofl Characters Plavers Lady Cathy Brooke Myrna Lov Sir Brian Brooke, K.C. Roger Livesey Monica Brooke Pefigy Cummins I BARRY II fiwotwuTO.nn I III I -BA ll Extra Showings In answer to requests, the management of the Kent Theatre has arranged to have special late showings of the three dimensional Technicolor films today and tomorrow only. The last complete showing of the films will start at 11.15 p.m. The Gold Coast of British West Africa is second only to Soviet Russia as a producer of manganese ore.



l.S. 1.13. 22. 2.25. 1 S9.

1.13. Tax jlncl. No Phone Orders BECAUSE YOU'RE MINE DOR ETTA MORROW mj anHAaa CMAMeN(ua ca. ii CHEZ PAREE That great entertainer Georgie Price is the itar of the fine new show at the Cbei Faree thia week. Mr, Price, who started of! in show business uith Walter Winchell, Eddy Cantor and George Jessel, takes the audience back into the old times He sings the old songs, dances the old dances and gives impressions of his colleagues when they were just getting the breaks.

Mr. Price has a wonderful stage presence and a very engaging personality. He is one of the best acts the club has had to date and he should prove a very big attraction. Christine and Mall have some clever comedy tap work to offer the customers. Their act, which combines humor and energetic footwork, goes over extremely well with the customers.

Jack Morleyt sings the production vocals and m.c's the show. The Boots McKenna Girls appear twice during the performances at the Chei Paree. Bob Harrington's Orchestra plays the show music. THE CONTINENTAL The French singing Var, Tohama, has the lead in the bright new show at the Con tinental Cafe. The charming little lady has a very sweet singing voice and a personality to match.

Good Appearance, fir.8 voice and excellent stage presence make her oik ot ihe top vocal acts in the business today and she will undoubtedly prove one of the best drawing cards the club has had to date. A star of French Decca Records, Tohama has an enviable reputation as an artist in her own country and is rapidly building up an impressive following over here- Here is an act that should not be missed hy lovers of fine cabaret entertainment. Second act on the show at the Continental Cafe is a team going under the name of the Villenaves. They do a novelty cycle turn that will prove popular with the customers. Roy Douglas, ventriloguist has a clever act, climaxing when he and his dummy sing a duet in harmony.

A new chorus line, the Nine Lovely Lassies, dance the production numbers, Johnny DiMario's Orchestra plays the show music. WONDERBAR Expecting one star, patrons at the Cafe Society Room in the Wonderbar this week have two before them "Vith top billing is Joyce Bryant, a gifted and colorful singer of songs. With second billing but star rating equal to Miss Bryant's is Roger Ray, alleged marimba player, and comic. Miss Bryant has added a couple of new numbers since her last appearance here, but still closes and socks with Love For Sale. She opens with Everything I've Got Belongs To You, does Porgy and a French medley con sisting of Pigalle, April In Paris and La Vie en Rose- Miss Brvant's appearance is enhanced by striking gowns.

Doctor Mar cus is billed as the world i greatest comic magician and is proving so popular that he is being held over next week for the new show which will star Luba Malina, the lovely singing star of Mexican Hayride and other Broadway successes- The Max Schaffer group backgrounds the show and plays for dancing, with the Peter Barry troupe playing for Oancing in the Bon Soir Room. NORMANDIE The famous Mercury Records star Jan August is the current performer at The Norroandle of the Sheraton-Mount Royal Hotel and he is proving one of the biggest draws the room has had for a long. time, Mr. August's nimble fingers spin some beautiful musical patterns on the piano keyboard and audiences are responding most enthusiastically to his work. He runs the gamut from a Liszt Hungarian Rhap sody to Piano Roll Blues and doesn miss out anyDooys iav-oril along the way.

His style is one of the best in the business and his choice of numbers covers practically the whole popular repertory. Max Chamitov's excellent orchestra the background for Mr. August's shows at The Normandle. The Bill Moodie Trio plays the alternate band spot for the dance sessions between performances. On Monday the singing team of Betty Jane Watson and Jerry Austin takes over the show with Dancer Gerri Gale.

BELLEVUE CASINO The Romano Brothers, a tumbling and acrobatic team, head the line-up of talent at the Bellevue Casino this week and the comedy team of Elsa and Waldo bring up a very close second. The three Romanoa have a wonderful time bouncing about the stage and balancing on each other's shoulders and the audiences have just as wonderful a time watching, them. The pantomime and comic dan cing of Elsa ana waiao nas to be seen to be appreciated. They are both very accomplished clowns. The Karpis Trio come up with some heavy acrobatic and muscle work which goes over well with the house and Nina and Valdei carry the leading dance assignments on the show.

The big news in the Natalie Komarova productions this week is the Ballet of Foun tains number which features a real fountain on stage. Court and take over the vocal work for the productions while, the Bellevue Casino chorus and Kelly and Tricov dance in the background. Bix Belair's Orchestra plays the show music and the Buddy Clayton Quartet, with Ann Sorncrs, plays th relief band spot. some more flying time with the rush to Alaska. The entertain! ting stares with the beard he's raising.

Paul Hartman. retumine from Europe after a picture-making stint Munich, will give the news photographers plenty of picture material when he arrives at Idle wild next week. He's fallen for tht Bavarian costume lederhosen, embroidered braces and feathered Tyrolean hat and that's what he plans to travel in. The bookstalls are due for a flurry of new books with a Holly-wood-in-the-silent-era background. One tagged The Magic Lantern, by Robert Carson, is bound to have the movie colony guessing about the identity of the central char: acter Cosy twosome at the Polonaise; beautiful Ann Blythe and Film Executive Charles Sim-onelli.

One of the biggest extortions ever pulled in this country will be revealed when the victim an oil man past 80 and in Door health dips Night club owners are hoping for Doom iana ao thev need one!) in December when 16.000 dentists con vene New York. They think the fellas with the novocaine may take care of the usual Dre-ChHstmnt siump. Sign in a 7th ave. bookstore: "Daleengs we have Tallulah in stock!" Ethel Merman heads for Denver in a few days to powwow with Bob Six's family. Vivian Blaine's new fad is a chin-tickler.

She wears fur bow ties made of mink, chinchilla and fox with her tailored suits and Phil Moore, the talented pianist-arranger who coached Lena Home and Dorothy Dandridge into stardom, has whipped up an intimate Negro revue called Phil Moore And His Flock. It features nine youngsters and will open at La Vie En Rose in mid-November. (Copyright by King Features Synd.) THEATRE GUIDE (Saturday Only) LOew "Because You're Mino" 10.10, 12.25, 2.45, 5.05, 7.20, 9.40, Capitol "High Noon" at 10.40, 12.55, O.IU, a.ZD, 7.43, 10.00. Palace "The Quiet Man" at 12.05, 2.25, 4.40, 7.00, 9.20. Orpheum "Bride of the Gorilla" at 11.40, 2.20, 5.00, 7.40, 10.20; "Tornado" at 10.10.

12.50, 3.30, 6.10, 8.50. Princess "Rainbow 'Round My I Shoulder" at 10.40. 12.55. 3.10, 5.30, 7.45, 10.05. imperial "Woman of the North Country" at 9.50, 12.50, 3.50, 6.55 9.55; "Bal Tabarin" at 11.25, 2 25 i 5.25, 8.30.

Alouette "Le Petit Monde Hp Finn Camillo" at 10.25, 12.40, 2.55, 5.10 1.40, Snowdon Outremont "Without Warning" at 1.05, 3.45. 6.25, 9.10; "If This Be Sin" at 2.25, 5.05, 7.45, 10.25. Avenue "Curtain Up" at 1.00, 3.15, D.JU, 7.43, 10.00. York "Son Of Paleface" and "Young Man With Ideas." Seville Stage Shows at 1.30. 4.00.

7.00. 1000 Monkland "African Queen" "Macao." Van Horne "African Queen" "No Room For The Groom." Westmount "Jumping Jacks" "Deadline U.S.A." Empress "Scarlet Angel" "Captive City." Kent "Magic Box" at 1.00,' HERE SHORTLY The American Yiddish Laugh Fesr On Our Screen Michael iitOnilCELLO I'ND HIS FAM'-LV CHOIR LAumRcrtPARKAVEhJol, TODAY AT UNITED THEATRES Your Guide Tht Beit Shews In Tswn I YORK BOB HOPE In "Son Of Pilefare," Color by TECHNICOLOR with Jane Russell and Hoy Boners. "YOUNG MAN WITH ideas." with Glenn Ford and Ruth Roman. WESTMOlJNf DEAN MARTIN In "Jumping Jacks," wnn jerry i.ewis ana mona Freeman. with Humphrey noun ana mm tinnier.

MONK LAND HUMPHREY BOGART In "The African Queen." Color by TECHNICOLOR with Katherlne Hepburn. "MACAO." with Robert Mitchum and Jane Russell. VAN IIORNE HUMPHREY BOGART In "The African Queen," Color by TECHNICOLOR with Katharine Hepburn. "NO ROOM FOR THE GROOM," with Tony Curtis and Piper Laurie. (Empress) YVONNE OeCARLO, ROCK HUD.

SON "SCARLET ANGEL" in "THE CAPTIVE Added color, also JOHN F0RSYTHE i Hie "CONFIDENCE SIRl" and "ACTOR'S Storting Sunday BELLA HO'JLE AT THE ORGAN. hi tt9 Kightly as wtll as nny Satarday and Sunday AfterMtat RICHARD CONTE hi 'THE fei no Roberto Rossellini Is in another tangle this time with a titled Englishman who claims he gave Roberto money to star his American wife in a picture that never came off Dorothy Collins, the Idarling of the Hit Parade, is bed-1 ded with an infected throat The Barones De La Bouil-lerie, the former Elinor Marcus of cafe society, will give her young Baron Henri the legal brush-off after several attempts at a reconciliation, He' in California at the moment; she's toiling "here as a fashion stylist A young woman who worked back stage at the Stevenson Rally in Madison Square Garden is readying a suit against the city. She'll claim a police- man at the event gave her a beating. The Warner Brothers are reported to have flipped when they saw the rushes of Peggy Lee in The Jaz Singer. Just wonderful, she is Marianne O'Brien Reynolds, the pretty-puss, who became a millionairess via one quick swoop of the divorce court, is wild about W'oolie Woolworth Donahue, that is.

Her playmates bet that if Woolie asks the big question, Marianne will be a bride again pronto. Comedian Jackie Miles is so ill he is living at the Pratt Diagnostic Hospital while appearing at Boston's Latin Quarter coming out only to do his shows. He left New York's Polyclinic Hospital Sunday right to fly to Boston for the en gagement. Depressed pals wish he would forget the show must go on" tradition and obey the doctors Billy Reed, owner of the Little Club, celebrates his 30th year in show business tomorrow and it's his birthday, too. Lilly played the Palace as a song-and-dance man 14 times.

THe most startling scientific news of the year should make ti-e front pages before long. It concerns the discovery by an Indian nuclear physicist, a member of India's Atomic Commission of cojmic particles with energy greater than anything heretofore known Apparently its producers felt the title, The Quiet Man, didn't carrv too much zing flicker is now be ing billed as The Fightin" Man. TOPS IN TOWN: Candido, the terrific bongo drummer-man, at Le Downbeat The way Sarah Vaughn croons My Tormented Heart on the Columbia disc The Three Suns at the Raleigh Room Guenther ileinhardt'a stranger than fiction expose, Crime Without Punishment. (Hermitage House) Johnny Windhurst's trumpet tricks at Eddie Condon's Jan spot. Phil Silvers is being plagued by Doubleday to do the story of his life.

But he's refused. Says he hasn't lived it yet Vivienne Seal denies and vehementlythe report that she and Harold Long are feuding -Barbara Hutton's 'teen-age son, Lance Reventlow, has a crush on a Hollywood Actress Dawn Addams Gary Merrill, who startled the natives some time ago by wearing plaid shorts on the street, is now get- Michael Barclaigh Greene Lady Sybil Allen Dr. Thorvald Gerard Heini Selby George Curzon May Drummond Margaret Withers A forced and contrived piece about a famous lawyer who has spent so much time making him self famous that his wife has turned to a younger man. i Of course, in the best soap opeta tradition, the husband falls ill (he goes temporarily blind) and the wife rallies round bravely and stands by like Florence Nightin-: gale. The vounz man.

lelt Kicking nis heels, finds solace in the woman's step-daughter. Jheir youthful affair becomes serious enougb fori matrimonial notions and the older woman Is faced with the situation of watching her husband's child run off with her boy-friend. The lawver finds out what is going on and there is a big melo- dramatic scene In which he denounces everything and every-; one in sight and runs off to his! room to sulk. After this a surprisingly tame de nouement comes along to close the story. Myrna Loy plays the older wo man, Peggy Cummins tne younger, Richard Greene the young man and Roger Livesy the lawyer.

"WOMAN OF THE NORTH COUNTRY" AT THE IMPERIAL An ordinary, not too badly pro duced Western which has iron mining as its background rattier than ranching, cattle-rustling, the Civil War, or Indian shooting. a very nign-spiriteo damsel. Rie head of an old iron-mining family, meets up with a young man who is determined to break in on the field. The sparks fly and of course the young man falls for his enemy. She pretends to fall for him, marries him when he appears to have the upper hand in iron mining and then attempts to ruin him because she has hated him all the time.

Meantime the good little girl has oeen standing about waiting for ner.cue. wnen a railway track blown up to prevent delivery of some ore, she figures things are not quite all right and dashes to her man's rescue. All very hectic stuff. have the leading roles. Auditorium, St.

Laurent LAST 2 TIMES SALZBURG MARIONETTES Children's Matinee at 1 p.iw. F.venlni at I.M p.m. THE MAGIC FLUTE' T'CKETS: fl.M to 124 Reservations: Phone BY. 2444 in a ihjhh tr, parce. Curtain Up.

now showing at re Woman Of The North Country, forilla, at the Orpheum and If Putremont. Mario Lanza takes over for a5" pecond week at Loew's in Because lYou're Mine, John Wayne continues for another seven days at the ralace in The Quiet Man, Billy Jnaniels and Frankie Lame sing gain at the Princess in Rainbow Round My Shoulder and The Magic Box is given another whirl at the Kent. For lovers of fine foreign films here is The Little World of Don Camillo which is showing at the lAlouette. This film, which stars Fernandel the priest-hero of the story, we hink is one of the top productions to come from the French film- Inakers. The story, a warm human end humorous one about a priest who tangles with the Communist frnayor of a little Italian town, has to the screen Irom tne novel ntact.

It has been adapted with aste and sympathy and the result a picture that will be remem bered for a good long time. "HIGH NOON" AT THE CAPITOL -A United Artists film produced by Stanley Kramer, directed by Fred tmnemann irom a screen-play by Carl foreman. rharactern Players Will Kane Cooper onas Henderson ,...1 nomas jvmcncu Harvey Pell Bridges Helen Ramlrei juraao Kelly Otto Kruger Lon Chaney Morgan MacDonald rrry Kane Percy Mettrick Martin Howe Sam Fuller Prank Miller hmrfrd Fuller Eve Mcveagh hooper Harry Shannon lacK coiDy l- Onre in a while on the journey Across the arid entertainment des ert of the Hollywood horse opera bwe come across a production that Provides an oasis that makes tne hong trip seem worth while. Stage- nach was one. me uunngnter an- lother and now we have High Noon.

Like The Gunfighter, the film i3 brorierlv more concerned witn character study than with how many bullets can be shot during the footage. Unlike The Gunfighter. piowever, the plot Calls for plenty of movement and. at tne last mo Bnent, the fans of the conventional Western are satisfied by a gorv- Jgun battle. The plot tells about a town mar al who has cleaned up his com munity and is about to retire from the field with a new bride to keep Ihim company.

On the day he is to leave the town for good, word Ironies through that four criminals the marshal has sent to prison have been released and are out to set him. 1 Three of them are already down at the railway depot awaiting the arrival of the fourth who is the leader of the gang. The film, after setting the scene, concentrates on the last few minutes left to the marshal to raise help before the Noon train pulls in. The camera follows him from place to place as ihe tries to drum up some deputies from among the people he has saved from a gangsterridden community. Some are merely cowards, others have their families to think of, still others don't want the town to get a bad name by having another shooting publicised.

Eventually everyone, with one excuse or an other, begs off and at Noon the mar This 3.15, 5.55, 8.50 ON STAGE Gesu Theatre "Dinner For Three" at 8.30 m. Her Majesty's Barrault-Renaud Company at 8.30 p.m. Jam Session Presented in the fourth Jam Session, which is expected to be the best show yet, tomorrow afternoon at the Latin Quarter are Russ Meredith and his C.B.C. Dixieland Band, The Four Am bassadors, the Wilson Brothers and Don Cameron to M.C. the proceedings.

-The session will also include Producer and Arranger Al Cowans and his new floor show, featuring Dick Barrow, Louis D'Al-vares jsand The Great Bender along with last Wednesday night's Talent Contest winner, Baritone Johnnie Grant. Montreal elgar choir The members of the above Choir are reminded that a special re hearsal will be held in Trinity Memorial Church, corner of Mar- owe and Sherbrooke, tomorrow, at IVJv I 100 mo NEW PHONES PL. 6881 and" PL. 6882 PLUS OUR HA. 2S24 Kj T1 -f-Jk I I ROMANO NoJSS- fV COURT SAUNDERS "Courtshio in Song" 'NINftr VALDEZ "Beauty in lie- er iiMi nif i i.

Imni tht ntw tiition of pnmrp mn shrHM tCAiJlUL. mm 4rllt" I COUNTRY JLirvynZl lirra HUSSET-SOD CAMER0K1 I Sal Turing xua 1 V7 JJ 1 1 pulsing with i 0,1 the emotion den hate! i I i i i i i yv, I .1 f'Ljr g've Up i Li' AlSmWTTmn Jf daughter 1 ISYRfir" PEGGY RICHARD ROGER LOY CUIVIMINS GREENE LIVESEY iWlfrTOUf WARNlNGli is -J it h' 3 --J ill YS' ft $. fi ir 11 WISH nil REHEARSAL: The cast of a small repertory company production rehearses on stage during a sequence from Curtain Up, the British screen larce which opened at the Avenue today. T004Y 5VNOAY, UST COMPLfTI SHOW ST.rS AT 9 P.M. e..

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