The Gazette from Montreal, Quebec, Quebec, Canada on September 4, 1879 · 1
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The Gazette from Montreal, Quebec, Quebec, Canada · 1

Montreal, Quebec, Quebec, Canada
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 4, 1879
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SSnSS&aBnSSKSOnmmWnmWmnmmWnmtSSt HT eontraet wits th eorsriunant of Canaja for wto ooavsyacoe of Cnauiaa and Uolteo States Mails. 1879 Esmmer Arrangement, 1879 This Company' IJn ara Bompowd ofttj sxdernotcd Flrst-elase, Full-powered, Clyde-kulit, Double-en gins Iron St m. hips : Sardinian 4100 Capt. J. E. Dutton. Polynesian -41 rf B. Brown. WUu " A.D. Alrd. Circassian..... SHOO " Jes WyuA. j-m-wimr. vm " Jnhn Qrahana, Panvlui 3800 IA, W. H. Smith, K. N.B. Kova8eotian....0 Capt. W. Ktsbardian. Hibernian. .3300 1A. r. Arohs-r, K. it. 14. r nan 1JI O Austrian ....2 Hatorlan......3M0 Pruseias ruin - 1 "" Mnalutn.....S1W Canadian. .. 20 Fo?niclan.......2J0 Wajdanslan..... .3600 Corinthian. .... ..3J0 I iwtsi lis .lilfl Asadlaa. 1500 Hswann11and...l.;g) " tt 8. Walts. J. Q. Btapban. js. luunia " Hash Wylta. " HaDoonU Sail McLmb. " James Seott, LaGallsis. O.J. afanalaa. Karr. " Cabal. Myun. OF Liverpool Mail Hdnef aalUof from Liverpool arwry THTJTMDAY, and from Quebec every SATURDAY (calling at Lough Foyle to receive on board and land Mall and Passenger to and from Ireland and Scotland!, are Intended to be as.patcried FROM QUEBEC : Moravian.. gatnrday.Aug. 16th P.nTl.n ' aSrd Polvnesian " 80th Sarmattan... " Sept- Circassian " " Sardinian... " Moravian-- ....... 6th 13th 20th 27th Satm OeesmTassagts Cahia .$70 and 180 AJording to accommodation. . rnt-mdiate.. ,.. f Bleei ago--- ..-..--- . -- h sttaamjtea nf th GlasMUW Une wlH Bail tram Quebec on or about each T. ursday. , Lucerne Au. IS Canadian .......... la ...... ...-..-....- - is Corinthian... .. M 22 Pha-nie;an-.. Manitobaa The steamers of the Halifax Wall Line will save Halifax for BU John's, Nfld., and Llv- TpooUaa follows: - Hibernian ...... -Sept. J Nova Scotlan..-.. ......... Is Bates of Passage betwsea Halifax and 3t. Joiin's: Canto ........ S3D.00 Btasrags.....".....""B"","" An axperiasossd Snrxeon aarrlad on aaeh fterlha not aecnrwi antll paid tor. Thrrmah Sal Lading aiiaaw f a Lmrpcol and at Cvruiuml Part tBaUpotmU a Ounatln mtdOtt WaUmatatet. For Freleht or other partlfulirs apply In Portland to H. 4. A tan, or to J. I Farmer ; In Quebec, to Allana, Rao Co. I It HaTTe, to John M. Qnal Bpr-leani; In Parle, to Alexander Hunter, Rue Scribe ; In Antwerp, to Aug. Schmlth A Co. or Richard Bema ; In Rotterdam, to Rnya A Co.: In Hamhnra, to C. Hnco ; in Bordeaux, to James Mom A Co.; In Bramen, to H. Rup-pei A Sona ; In Belfast, to Charley A Malcolm : tn London, to Montaomerle A Green borne, 17 eracechnreh Street ; In Glasgow, to James n 1 Alex, Allan, 70 Great Clyde street : In Liy- rtjocl to Allan Bros., Jamea street; In Chl-- aao, to Allan Co-, 73 La Pal le street Jn N ew Tork, to Lew A Aluen, an Broadway. W A A. ALLAH. Oor. Yoaviiie and Common sts., Montreal. Angnst 9th, 1879. " oominiori line Of Steamships Runnlng in eonneellon with the Grand Trunk Hallway of Canada. Tons I Tons Ontario 8.3TO Qnebee.. ........ .-JJM Mississippi 2,2 I Borossla. S,lrf TentonlaT. 2,10 1 Brooklyn SCO PU Lonis... A0O0 Bulldlns Dominion 3.310 Montreal J. Texai- X-U 1 Toronto MLO DATE OF 8AILINQ. Steamers will sail as follows TBOX ttUXBSJO. rg MI3SIS5TPPI -. Hh AngnsL BROOKLYN... 3rd BepU QTJEBEO W fepL TEUTOvL4, th Sept. TEXAS -. rth 8ept DOMETIOir U October. abin Quebec to Liverpool, 50 ; return, 30. Bates of Passage for the Sommor Kontiis Cabin Quebec to Liverpool, (30 and f60 ; Re-nrn do, $90 and $100. No Steerage take - Throoeh Tickets can be had at all the principal Grand Trunk Bail way Ticket OfOees in Canada, and Through Bills of Lading are aranted to and from all parts of Canada. For Freight or Passage, apply. In London, to Bowlin;, Jamleaon A Co., 17 Cast India Avence: in Liverpool, to Funa, Main A Montgomery, 24 James Street ; tn Quebec, to W. H. Mwpherson ; at all Grand Trunk Railway Odices ; or to DAVID TORSAJTCE A CXX, Exchange Oourt. T-A-TE LINE From NEW TOHK r Glavsgstw, UTerpeol,lHiHS- town, BllsMt. IndB. drrj or Krlsnol. PALACE STEAMERS , OF THIS LUTE Leave Kyery Thursday. 'lit tf AlaXama ThnnwiaV. 8eot.4.9s.m. ttateof Kevada. -Thursday, SepU 11, 13 am. Stite of Indiana Thnraoay, aept, u, s a. m. AMO.v CAnrjrS, $00 to $75 srrmcil. Secomo Cabis, inolnding all requisites, $40. &xenrsion passags at reduced rates. Passenger accommodattons nnsurnassed for -rance and oomfort. All staterooms on : 1 1 H Sr u ml oAlnrm amidshins. V'-sr book of information, puans, ate. apply to the following Agents : E. LICHTEifHEIS', 130 St Franeois 7airlMr BtniflL the old Post Office. MontreaL R. E. O'COITwob CO., Ottawa ; B. a W.MoCOAlG, aO Bparksstreet, Ottaw AUSTLTf BALD"WTir & 00-, &KSJKKAX Anna, : 73 Broadway, New lork. NTEBN ATIONAL CTEAMSHIf COMPANY. East port, Calais, S(w John. N.B., Annap Oils, winaeor ana iuuiiax, rj Charlottetowxi, PJLL SZTMMEB A&RA NGRXXXT. THREE TRIPS FEK WEE -4. On and after Mond-tTnne 30th, the steamer C W M UI ss.f s. cata x, J iuvuc-.t . aaansi vij of Port lan a, Capt- S. H- Utte will leave Rait- I road. Wharf, foot of rftate street, every Mod- I day. WetioesclHy and Friday at 6 p.m., lor I Efwtport and fit- John. Kelurning, will wave Kr inhn and IrtDurt same duvi. jCoDoectioas made at Eastpurb for Bobbin- I Oil. nU owa wuu si.. tnnectian raade at Ht- John for I1?bj, A n narsTsi ih. vtfndsor. Kentvlle. UftHfax.N.t.: Bhediac, Amherst, Flctou, Sanameratde.Char tottetowii f".B-I-; Frederic to q, N. B., and all ataimniioa the IntereoLonial Hallway. -f-Kreigit received day of SAlJiixs until 4 o'clock: p.m. For circulars; with maps of Ron tee. Tickets, 8&aia Boooii and any farther Information Dply at the Company's Office, No. 4 Milk sixU (oppoaite Ocean Xnsnraace Co.) or of A. R. HTLTBE3, A rent, R. B. Wharf. CANADIAN fcXPRESS C 0MPANI General Exoress Forwarders. Shipping Agents and Costam Houm Brokers vrwarr Merchandise. Money and Packages of every description; collect Bllla with Goods, I otes uraita ana sawuauM miuuguwu, uuo C&nadan, Unites States and Europe. Running dali v (bundays excepted) ever the lines of the Grand Trunk. St- Lawrence and Ottawa, Brcckville anl Ottawa, and Port Hope and Peterborough railways ; also, on the Montreal and Ocean gteamship Company's Mall Steamers to and from Liverpool weekly to al- Agents fit London, Mna-t Montreal Qufbtr. and Portland, He. Goods in Bond promptly attended to, and Inrwsrdfld with deaDatch. inviocee are requisite for all goods going to - tne-t.'nuea states uuower rrovinees aormg snm er route na irorliaiitlj ana ,urope. PE15CIPAL OFFICES. Liverpool, Bug, Montreal Toronto, Quebec, Kingston, Ottawa- Portland, Maine i-ertn, iietroiL, si inn. , Peierboro, And all Towns and Stations on the lines of the ttove Hallways, riuri and Insnraaeat "saved. Consignment f"V . UHEfiEY. i'H tr. EJTEENATIONAL ALL7AY STEAK SAYISATIQa GTOXDE Published semi-monthly , aontatnrng the TlJHJS TABLES AND MAPS of all CANADIAN aad the principal AXXBIOAS BALL WAX io ETSAH NAYIGATIOS LIS38. tor sal by Ksws Scalers and Booksellers as kyiews Agents on Trains and Steamers. rmiaM as omrm, a K. GHIHHOLM A HBJOS Jrltsfcsn s Pitpristcm, lassMviMsWitsktwirsta VOL. CVm., NO. THE BEST REMEDY TRADE M! CAMOMILE PILLS are confidently rteommmdtd as a simple Remedy fir Indigestion, which ii tht cause of nearly all tie diseases to which we art tuiject, king a medicine so uniformly grateful and ienefidal, that it is with Justice called the " Natural Strcngthener of the Human Stomach." " Norton's Hlls act as a powerful tonic and gentle aperient; are mild in their operation, safe tinder any circumstances, and thousands of persons earn now hear testimony to the ienefits to he jerhed from their use, as they hone teen a never-paling PamSy Friend for upwards of '45 years. Sold in Softies at 1. IJd., 2a. 94-. tout lis. each, ty all Medicine Vendors throughout the World, CAUTION. Be sure and asl for NORTON'S PILLS!' nd do not he persuaded to purchase an imitation. Richelieu & Ontario Navigation Co'y. STOKES AESAJIGEMEHTS. The Steamers of this Company between Montreal - and Qnebeo ! EFT IMirLlBLT AS Ij'HDEK: The "Quebec on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and the Montreal" on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, at SEVEN o'c oek pan. from Montreal. Steamers from Montreal -to Hamilton I connecting at Toronto with the steamers for Niagara Falls and Buffalo, and with railways for all points west, will leave dally (Sundays vtedl from the Canal Basin, at a.m.. and Lachin on the arrival of the train leav ing Bonaventnre Station at noon, and Coteau landing on arrival of train leaving Montreal at S pun. SOUTH SHORE USE For Alexandria Bay and Thousand Island Park and Camp Meeting Grounds leave dally (Sondaya excepted), and for Oswego, Charlotte and Rochester on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. ' Steamer u Bohemian," Capt. J. Rankin, for Cornwall every Tuesday and Friday, at 12.00 noon, from Canal Basin, and Lac nine on arrival of the 3 o'clock train. Steamer Tmis Rivieres, Capt. J. TJnval, leavea for Three Rivers every Tuesday and Friday at t p.m., connecting at Sorel with steamer " Sorel," for BU Francois and Tarn- Steamer "Berthler." Cant. T- R. Roy. leaves for Berthler everv MONDAY at 3 a.m.. TUKSDAYS 111 p. m., and THURSDAYS and MlUKUAlK at 3 p.m., eonnecung at utno- raie wltn Hallway 'or jolleue. Steamer " chamblv." CanU Frs. Lamonr- enx, leaves for Chambly every Tuesday and Friday, connecting at Lauoraie with the cars HJTJOUMMb Cheap Excursions at Low Rates by Steamer " Terrebonne," Capt, La force, dally (Sundays excepted), leaving at ir. 00 a.m. I for Boncherville, Varennes. CTTSHING'S GROVE and DESCHAMP'8 GROVE, and for around trip at 4 p.m., arriving in Montreal at 8.00 p.m., affording unequalled facilities lor picnics. Ticket Offices, where State rooms can be se cured, from R. A. Dickson. IgS St James street, and at the Ticket Office, Ricbelien Pier, fo'4 Jacques Cartier Square, and at the Freight uince, lasnai "-' J. B. LAMERE, ALEX- MTLLOY, Gen'l Manager. Traffic Manager. General Offlees 2U St. Paul street. Montreal, June 7th, 1S78, 107 Ota Biifsr . Navigation Co'y, MAIL STEAMERS ' UTiior MONTREAL & OTTAWA. PASSENGERS LEAVB BY THE T.15 a. m. Train for Lacbine. to connect with Steamer. First-class Fare $150 from Montreal. " " Return.. 4.00 " Second Class LSO EJCCTJKrSIOIVS. rnr T1AV TRIP UimBSh LAITE OF TWO MOUNTAINS to Carillon, returning OVES KAPITJS in evening, take 7. IS a.m. train for Lacbine, to connect with Steamer. Fare for rouna trip, si-xi. For Excursion OVER RAPIDS, Steamer leaves Lacbine on arrival of 5 p.m. train from Montreal. . fare zor rouna trip ouc Excursion Tickets for the CELEBRATED CALEDONIA SPRINGS at Reduced Rates. Tickets at oal Hotels and Grand Trunk Railway Office. Company's Office IS at nonaventurs street, jauntreui. Freight forwarded daily at low rates, from Freight office, 87 Common street. Canal Basin. R, W. SHEPHERD, President. 133 1879 Ferry Service Between Longueuil and Montreal, From a. m. to 10.30 p. m. TTntil furtsjer notice, the service between Longueuil and Montreal will be, as far practicable, as follows : From Longueuil to Foot of the Current (on wsec day From Longueuil 6, 6, 7, 8, , , 10, II a. m. nmrn. i. 2. 3. 4. s. .". . t. 8. ana iu o. m. From Foot of the Current-oJ, BJ, 7J, Si, 8, J, Wt and Ut a. m. : IK. U. 2i. Si. ii. Si. Si. 64. 71, i, a) ana iuj p. m. enaaays. Front Longueuil (J a. m 1, a, 8, s, S, , T, 8, 1p.m. From Foot of the Current a. m, 1, 7i, 3i, ,5j,,,7i,8iand9ip.m. i'roia Longueuil to Jacques Cartier Wharf every day (Sundays 9 a. at.) From Longueuil ai a. m. From Jacques Cartier Wharf U p. m. Mosilreml and St, Belexi's Inland Ferry. Until further notice, the service will be. as far as practicable (weather permitting), beginning on the 31st Inst : rrom Jacques earner wnaxt vt, w, m a. m. ; iz.du, lj, , j, ot p. ill. r Tom trie isiana in, ii a. m. ; noon, s, a, a, s, 5 and 6 p m. onnaays jFTom Jacques uarusr wnan vt i. m. : 1230. 11. 24. St. 44 and S n to. From the Island 91 a. m.. Litis and ft n.m. Fare thither and back, 10s ; children under 10 years of age. So ; under 3 years of age, free. THE HWOLl ROCK CRtLL. . e E S " 4 B S Cast 8teel FOB, STEAM DRILLS, fruit I In, lyiiuiuite, Matterl s Ac , Ac. RAILWAY A iOONTK ACTORSV, GENEI) AL BTJPPLIEa, C00PR,FAI&MAN&00., 44 xTouaaung street MONTREAL. JulyS. 1 IIVIi PIPES WITH ALL CONNECTIONS. CEMENT ! PCRTLAKD. ROMAN & QUEBEC, ALSO linseed i'l', Turpentine, and WbUe and Erd Lead. FOB SALE BY COPLAND & McLAPJBN. Cor. GREY NUN A WELLINGTON Bts. THE CANADA FUEL, PEN TIMES MORE DURABLE . CHEAPER THAN COAL. Burns Brilliantly for Sixteen Hours Can be relighted and burned over again for equal periods with a small addition of fresh fori ; will be submitted to any test to satisfy purchasers. I'riee I roan $3 tn 9 1 per ton. Delivered in any part of the city. Orders to be left at ;.ts St. Mary street. Or 80 St. Maurice, etrr -t. X7 3 W Best pi j HiT if 2LI FOR INDIGESTION. MARK, BOTH IKS8BME CO'I CAPITAL - T . $10,000,000 LIABILITY OF STOCKHOLDERS . L'i LIMITED-FUNDS INVESTED- $18,000,000 Firs TBssraneet aecepted on the most favorable terms. Life business transacted in all it branches. M. H. SATJLT" ( Chief W. TATLET. Aeents. Royal Canadian Insurance Co. All dssenpticcs of Risks aaoeptsd by thl Company on favorable terms. Marlxa looses eayable in Loailon whan nqnlrad. I 6s. James Btrcasi MOBTTRXA I Head Offlca, Province of Quebec, at 119 St. Francois Xavier St., MOJiTBEAX . JOHN F. XOTT, -"' CHA8, D. HANSOW, Joint General Agents, 155 GUARDIAN PIEE AST) LIFE I ASSURANCE COMPANY OF LONDON. E8TASLISHED 18 2 1. Bunscrlbed Capital Capital Paid Up. ......... Total Invested Funds .3,000,000 Stff .. 1,000,000 M np- warns of. 3,M4,0OO " FIBE BlnSK Accepted at equitable rates, and O lms paid as soon as established. ROBERT SIMMS A CO., GEO KG E DEN HOLM, General Agents for Canada, No. 13 St. Sacrament StreeL BRIIISH ASVItRICA FIRE AND MARI E ASSURANCE COMPANY. Incorporated - - 1833, ASSETS fl.IOO.67e. LL DESCRIPTIONS OF PROPERTY . Intmred ae&inct Fire and Perils of Navi gation, at current raxes. uoean iroiiciee (England) en Ocean Policies made payable in London en required. M. H. GAUL.T, I Agents for Prov. W. TATLET. I oxtueoeo. COMMERCIAL UNION ASSURANCE COMP'T OF LONDON, ENGLAND. FIBE AND LIFE. No. 64 St Francois Xavier St., CORNER OF HOSPITAL STREET. ; FSKD. COLE, Gssinax Agknt. Jnn:a. testes Cads. BQILEB INJECTORS. XXTE ARE NOW MATJUFACTURING IT TVTpfrYiRfl nf th followiiiar well- known American standards never patented In Canada, o Supplying Water to Steam Boilers Of any description : Friedman's Injectors. Sellars' Injectors. The wnrkmiuiHh.D im nn snr passed . and I these machines are guaranteed to give entire ausiacuon at 'Greatly Kedu?eI lAricee These are not the only Injector and electors manaxactarea;Dy as. I Robert Mitchell &CoV t Montreal Brass Works. g. mmm jg&cg, Victoria Seiar Montreal, U I r E I TVS. KElt S ELECTRIC LIGHT. i The undersigned is prepared to furnish. moaerau) prices, DTSiJlO ELECTKO M1SSETIG MICHISSS tor producing Light, also all the accessory .ju uiiuuis ii- up iur uie iigoung oi large open areas. Lighthouses, Harbors, Ships, Public RoadS. KailwaV DeDOta. l'llnrllP Mnunmd I Concert Halls, Theatres, Hotels, Workshops, J. A. J. CRAIG, 472 Banavoniure Street, Montreal IB7 SPABHiSi'S CEHEXT R0OFI.G composed of plambac, mic .nil amp-atone. the mobt economical, durable and fireproof now in use, roofs having been covered for over six years. It Is impervious to water ana not an-eiea oy climate. It has been well introduced In Toronto, where over 100 roofs have been covered, and a number covt-red in Montreal. Alex. Buntin, Jsq., has bis roofing on his large paper factory in Valley-field, lhe Montreal Cotton Company have alo adopted it for their Large Factory in the some ptHt-". neierences t me principal arcnl-tects iu Toronto, also architects in Montreal. Parties can obtain satisfactory information as w our rovnog wing ail mat we Claim lor It Inevery resnect. by callina at mv offic. No. 773 Craig street. AS. H4LL, Montreal, juiy 13, unv, sole Agent, THE GAZETTE, Zx&ftt ami Cammrrf f . FINANCIAL. Gazstts Ornos. Wednesday Evening. The indications are that, ag the point has been reached when gold shipped to New Tork must be taken from the Bank of England, the discount rate is likely to advance in the nnfrvmnlji fnfnr. On this calcula tion the rate for demand sterling; bills in New Tork is firm at 4.83 to 4.83, the post ed rate being 4 84. The market for sixty. day sterling is only steady at about 4.81, the posted rate being 4.82. Stocks were qniet and the only change, comparing the closing prices with those of yesterday, was a decline of per cent on Western Union, f per cent on Jersey Central ; an advance of f per cent on Wabash and St. Paul com., per cent on Bock Island, J per cent on North West com, I per cent on Erie. The Gallia, from Liverpool, yesterday, brought $300,000 in gold bars. The Frisia, from Europe to-day brought $1,466,000 in specie to New Tork, The London Financier says in con sequence of the movement of the Paris and New Tork exchanges in favor of London, gold from the East intended for transmission to New Tork was kept back and sent into the Bank of England. John Mackintosh, of CornhiU, E. O, London, whose cheques were returned on Friday, and who was declared a defaulter on the Stock Exchange yesterday, has failed. Liabilities, 11,000 sterling. Judge Papinesn delivered judgment this morning in the case Woodie vs. the Mechanics' Bank, which was taken en idihen on Friday last. BU Honor ordered the petitioners, to call a meeting of the shareholders to decide on a definite coarse of action preferred by the majority. Mr. James Court, official assignee, was constituted chairman of such meeting when convened. Fifteen days must necessarily elapse before the meeting can be held, as the chairman obliged to notify the public in two con secutive issues of the Canada Official Gazette. Ko further action in this matter is anticipated until the decision of the majority Of the shareholders is obtained. David Wangh, trader, has been attached for $219.28, A. F. Biddell, assignee. B. Eistwood has taken a writ against David and Albert J. Corriveau, botchers, for $203. Mifael Halde has issued a writ of at tachment for $425 against Olivier Degnise, trader. L. Dupny, assignee. . Oride Dufresne, proprietor of Sonth Durham flour mills, and wholesale flour merchant, has been attached for $300 at the instance cf Louis Perrault. L. J, Lajoie, assignee, is now in possession. At the Stock Exchange the market was again firm to-day, although there were indi. cations of a reaction from the late consider able advance, and the only stocks which moved forward were Bank of Montreal and Toronto. The market is described as a brokers' market," the shorts being cornered and compelled to pay top prices to cover. Merchants' opening per oent lower at T9 accepted, moved up to 79, and then fell off again at the close to 79 bid, 79 asked. Commerce, on a dull business, declined per cent to. 111 and 112. Toronto found a buyer at 113, closingfirjner at 112 and 113. Bank of Montreal, which has lagged some what of late, took an upward bound of 1 per cent from 131 to 132, and closed at 132 for buyers, 132f for sellers. Ontario declined per cent to 56J bid and accepted, 57 asked. Peoples' steady at 44 and 45. Telegraph was offered at 91 and sold at 91, buyers bidding 91. Bichelieu Navigation Co, ex-dividend, closed at 37 and 37, City Passenger By. was offered at 80, and sold at buyers' price 80. City Gas Co. quiet and unchanged at 116 and lie. The transactions were : MOESISQ BOARD. 61 shares Bank of Montreal. 25 " . " 131 . .at 131 42 at 131 13 " " at 131J 25 " Ontario 57 9 Toronto...... 113 31 u Merchants' at 79 120 " " at 79 110 " at 79 37 " Commerce... ..atuz 150 Telegraph .. . 91 j AFTIBSOOS B0ABD. shares Bank of Montreal . . . 20 .at 131 .at 131 .at 132 .at 132 at 56J 25 50 5 131 100 Ontario ... People's..., Toronto Merchants' . at at at at at 45 113 39 15 25 79 78 92 37 100 Telegraph 25 10 39 Bichelieu A Ont. Nav. Coat 37 City Passenger Bail way. .at 80 The following were the closing p'ic- B to- day : STOCKS loSSS I Bank of Montreal. 0 6 p.c 132 132J jatarlo Bank.. 0 P C. 5tij 57 British - Jnsolldated Bank.... 60 4 4J rlmque de peuple-.xd a p e. 44J 4i Jlson's Bank. SO 8 p.c. 6S 68 ank of Toronto W p.- 11" rianqne Jan. Cartier... 25 ii 5"i MerohanU' Bank 1K S p.0. 59 7S Exchange Bank IW 20 40 Quebeo Bank 100 8 p.c. .... Mi Banque Nationals. 60 ?Jp.c 7XJ East'n Towus'ps B'k.. 60 3j p.c 9o ( Union Bank 100 2 p.c. 47J 62J Mechanics' Bank 60 Can. Bank of Com W 4 p.e. Ill 112 Ville Marie ' p.o. 4u 41 Federal Bank 100 6( p.t Hi 102 Imperial Bank 100 H p.e Dominion Bank....... au . p.c. Bank of Hamilton.... tW p.e. .... 87 Maritime Bank UU Intercolonial Coal Co.. 100 M.AC. Big. per W Montreal Teleg. Co,.. 40 4 p.c 91 t-2 Dominion TeloK.. SO 2tp.r .... 7" Quebeo Fire Ass. Co. . 100 5 p.c. 7 fa Rich. A OnL Nav. Co. . luu 2 p.e. S7 S7t City Passenger R. ... SO .... 80 fcoj City Gas Co 40 5 p.c. 116 11SJ Merchants' Exchange. 400 4 p.e Royal Can. Ins. Co.... 100 Span 43 46 Kugine A Mach. Co , Globe Print. Co 500 8 p.c Mont. Loan A Mort Co. 60 4 p.c. 95 100 Credit Foncier 80 Dominion 6 P.O. Stock 100 Dominion 6 p.e. Stock &H ml Mon. Har. 6 p.o. Bonds 103 101 Montreal 6 p.c Stock 105 .... Montreal 7 p.c fcttoek 119 12f Montreal Corp. Bond 1(4 105 Montreal W.W. Bonds. L4 Montreal Mining Co. Montreal Building Association 40 45 EXCHANGE. Bank 60 days sight or 75 days date 8 prem Drafts on New York 1-18 prem MACDOUGALL BROTHERS, Brokers St. Franeois Xavier Street The following were the closing prices of Montreal Stock to-day : & m s& & s-a S? 9 c f s 200 All. 132eUS2 285. CO .. 0 40 5ft 57 22 70 100 80 SS)5 2.40 50 All 43 0 45 22.00 60 " 65 0 68 33.25 100 " U28113 112 75 25 " 57 O 58 14 37 100 " 79 S) 79 7.t0 50 .. a 60 " 110 112 55.50 100 " .. 100 M 20 30 25.00 40 " 91 0 92 36.80 40 - .. 0 60 .. 0 100 " 87 0 37 S7 .00 60 - 80 a 82 40 50 40 " 115 0116 46.20 .. 50 '-Op.' 95 0100 48.75 '. 0p.a ii D 46 4.00 .BANKS. Montreal. .... Do ...xd Ontario Consolidated Du Peuple Molson's. Toronto Jacques Cartier.. Merchants' East. Townships. Commerce... Hamilton... Exchange... ..xd M I SU K 1.1. A N IG US. Montreal 1 el. ..... . " " Xd Dominion Tel i : ich. A Ont- Nav. . City Passenger K. B City Gs ' " New Stock. Loan Mort. - , Royal Canadian Ins. Notional Ins. ..... I FRANK H. BURNETT CO., Stock Broken I S3 Hospital Street MONTREAL, THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 4 The following were the closing prices of greenbacks and exchange : Greenbacks. American Sliver - . RTfthanpAnn New York. par par Sterling In New Tork.-.. 4.83 8 " in Montreal. . . W. MACKENZIE, Broker, SS St. Francois Xavier street. The following were the closing prices of New Tork Stocks on the days mentioned : Sept.l. Aug. SO West. Union. mi 87 18 26J J6 "81 971 65j 96 si si 20 139 7 S9f 73 931 91 871 17i 23J 75 1 97? Oil Lake Shore.. Pac. Mail Erie 17, 14: Ohio A Miss... 16 Nor.-West Do. Pfd . 7o( 97; St. Paul Do. Pref. Mich. Central. . 85; 98 - 80: Jersey Central. N. Y. Central.. 62 117 54 43 18 3ef Del. L'okAWest 58 DeL A Hudson. 4 II St. Joseph Rock Island. ... 13Sj C A I. G . 7- 3: Tol. A Wab.. Union Pacific 78f A. A P. Tel... Quicksilver... tixcnanize..... 4.82 43 4.81 "t - Gold Money MACDOUGALL BBOS Stock Brokers, 69 St. Francois Xavier street. RAILWAY NEWS. A despatch from Chicago says : " The ex tension of the Grand Trunk Bailway to this city is now a settled fact, the contract having been finally closed for the construction of the link between Valparaiso and Thornton, and through trains will, it is expected by Manager Hlckson, be running from this city to Portland by a route exclusively owned and controlled by the great Canadian company by the first of next December. Yesterday a meeting was held at the Grand Trunk office, at the corner of Clark and Washington streets, of the stockholders of the State Line Bailway and the State Line Extension Bailway. After full consideration consolidation was agreed upon, and to the new organization wag voted the name of the Northwestern Grand Trunk Railway Com pany," and this afternoon the organization of ths company was perfected by the election of officers. In an interview last night with the representatives of the Grand Trunk at Tremont Hotel, they expressed themselves thoroughly satisfied with the arrange ments made, and enthusiastic over the sub ject of future business with this city and the jNorthwest. The line to be constructed is less than thirty miles in length, and no portion presents anv difficulties in the way of rapid construction. Messrs. Hickson, Bel!. James Beed and Meddaugh left for Can ada last evening. Mr. Peck will take charge of the operations of the constructed road of the Northwestern Grand Trunk Company. There is a great feeling of congratulation among Chicago shippers at the final accom plishment of this enterprising step on the part of the Grand Trunk Company." The Globe this morning contains the following special cablegram, dated London, September 3rd : Sir Henry Tyler replies to Colonel Grey's proposal relative to the fusion the Great Western and Grand Trunk Bailway companies. He agrees with Colonel Grey upon the main question of the desirability of a joint-purse arrangement, but refuses to guarantee the Great Western a minimum of net earnings, because practically this would amount to an absolute lease of the line. Be declined to accept Sir Edward Watkins as arbitrator, because his services would be unnecessary. COMMERCIAL Gasstti Omcs, Wednesday Evening. Western wheat markets were stronger to day at jo to 1c higher figures,. bat the situation in England remains quiet. Fine wea ther continues, and prices there show no signs of an immediate rise. The grain mar ket here was ' very dull, and values were nominal as follows ; Canada Spring, $1 to 03 ; Milwaukee and Chicago No 2 Spring, $1 to 1.01; No 2 Bed Winter, 1.07 to 108. In coarse grains no change was reported. Oits were easy at 31c for new ; corn, 45c to 46c ! pease, 79s to 80c ; barley, 60c ; rye, 60c to 61c. The Sour .market was fairly active at yesterday's quotations, a great deal more business having been done than reported. The demand is from Quebec, the Lower Provinces and the local trade. Sales mentioned on 'Change to-day were as follows : 300 bbls Superior Extra, $5.05; 200 do, $5.00 ; 1,600 do, $5.00 ; 400 do Spring Extra, $4.75 ; 100 do, $4.77; 100 do, $4.72. Yesterday and to-day 5,000 City Bags changed hands ai $2.45 to 2.59. Oatmeal is scarcely as firm as it was last week, sales hiving been reported at $4.80. We quote $4 80 to 4.90 ; cornmeal, $2.50 to 2.60. (Provisions remain as about last quoted. Mess pork sells in jobbing lots at $12.75, and lard at 9o to 9c in pails. Smoked hams, uncovered, lOJo to 11 Jc ; bacon, 8o to 9c. Eggs were quiet and in small demand at 10c to 101c for held stork, and 12c to 13s for fresh iu cases. A good trade continues in fine grades of butter at full rates. We quote creamery, 15c to 16c for fine stock ; East ern Townships, 10c to 12c ; Brockville and Morrisburg, 90 to 12c, and Western, 7c to 9c. A sale of 100 selected Townships at 12c was reported to-day. In cheese dealers are divided in their opinion as to how the mar ket really stands. While some contend that prices on the other side will cot warrant what is being paid in the country, others maintain that a better feeling is experienced in Liverpool and London, and that an ad-vance has taken place there. Sales are reported of 100 bsxes of August make at 5c, and 400 boxes at 5c. , Wheat in Chicago closed yesterday at 85 c for September, 85Jc to 86c for October, 86 jc for November, opened at 86o for Out and closed at S6c bid for September, 86 J) bid for Oct, 86c bid for Nov an advance of fc for Sept, f o to c for Oct, o for Nov. Corn was stronger and higher, clo-ing at 32c for Sept, 32c for Oct, 32s for Nov. Otts were o higher at 22c for Sept, 22Jc for Oct, 23jc for Nov. Barley was steady at 72c- Pork opened pretty stiff and prices advanced to $8.07 for Sept, $8.15 for Oct, but subse qently fell off to $7.95 for Sept, $3.02 to 8.05 for Oct. Lard was steady, closing at $5.62 for Sept, $5 67 to 5.70 for Oct. The New York wheat market was firm at $1.02 to $1 03 for No 2 Chicago spring and $1.03 to 1.04 for Milwaukee. No 2 red win. ter $1.10 to 1.10. Corn was quiet at 46c to 46Jc. Wheat sales, 200,000 busb, corn sales 75.000 bush. Oits quiet and firm Pork, $8.60 for Sept and Oot, $3.70 for Nav. Lard, $5.97 for Sept, $5 07 for Oct, $5.82 tor Nov. Wheat in Milwaukee advanced 1c for cash. f c for Sept, c for Oct and Not, closing at 88c for cash, 88o for Sept, 87c for Oct,87jc for Nov. The following were to-day's prices for flour f Superior Extra.... $5 00 to 5 05 Extra supemne 0 0) to 0 t o Fancy 4 80 to 4 90 Spring Extra, new ground 4 75 to 0 00 Superfine 4 50 to 4 60 Strong Bakers' 5 10 to 5 25 Flue.. 4 10 to 4 20 Middlings Pollards U.C. Bags, per 100 lbs. 3 35 to 8 50 2 90 to 3 10 2 30 to 2 35 2 45 to 2 50 City Bags del Lelivered w. J. rairrairns Aaverpooi cable re cable ports : Wheat quiet, firmly held ; business small ; to effect sales of any amount hollers would be compelled to make concessions. w earner is more lavoraoie to the growing crops. Heerbohm's English advices report: Floating cargoes Wheat, rather easier ; corn a turn dearer. Cargoes on passage and for shipment, wheat very inactive ; corn, quiet Mark Lane Wheat anl corn slow. Chicago or Milwaukee, wheat, off coust, 43s to 42s 6 Corn, for prompt shipment, 233 to 23s 61 Artiv;ils off, for t'tir-r, and corn moder..te.j KugHs'l and Ff'IKM tor:U Wheat nurt-ts nnali-re '. livespool, Spot, wh&,t Bt-aiiily ttld ; tern, firm. Prime Eastern dues fctk, $38; Western, -47s. Weather in England fine, and more settled on the Continent. The Imports into the United Kingdom were as follows : Past week. Previous week. Oyrs. L Qxs. Wheat.... .855,000 to 880,000 895,00010 400,000 Corn 126,000 to 130,000 255,000 to 2ll,O0O Flour 65,000 to 0,0(JO 100,000 to 105,000 The following were the receipts of produce at Montreal via the Grand Trunk, Q., M., 0. fc O. Railways and Lacbine Canal for the last twenty-four hours : Per Rail. Per Canal 8800 135,5.90 637U0 1000 . 25 350 11 21 13?S . 67 6311 3140 250 .... 118 . 50 Wheat, bash Corn, bush Flour, obis Meal, bush Ashes, bbls. Butter, pkts Cheese, bxa... Pork, bbls , Leatber,rolls. Spirits, casks. Ocean freights on grain declined 4d to-day in New York, being quoted at 4S 8d per quarter to Liverpool. Lake and canal freights for grain were Jo lower to-day, at 5c wheat, 4c corn, from Chicago to Buffalo ; to New York, wheat 13c asked ; corn, life asked. The visible supply of wheat in the United States and Canada, according to returns re ceived from Chicago to-day, is 15,374,849 bushels, and corn 12,494,480 bushels. The Chicago hog market was easy at a de cline of 5c ; light grades, $3.50 to 3.65 i mixed packers, $3.10 to 3.35; heavy ship ping grades, $3.35 to $3.50. Official receipts yesterday, 11,470 ; shipments, 3,663. The production of butter and cheese in the United States is said to be four times greater in value than the total yield of the gold and silver mines. . The grape crop is reported good iu all lo calities except in Northern Ohio, where much rot prevails. Wine manufacturers hope to get a full supply this season at living prices. Ocean freights from this port to Liverpool and Glasgow for grain are quoted steady at 5s 6d to 5s 9d, and to London 5s Sd to 60s. Flour, 2s 3d per brl. Sheep and Iambs are still being purchased in different parts of Quebec and Ontario for United States markets as well as for Great Britain. At New York on Monday last 68 Canada Iambs, averaging 74 lbs, sold at 5c per lb ; 15 Canada sheep, averaging 80 lbs, at 4c per lb ; 15 do, averaging 100 lbs, 4c per lb; 219 Canada lambs, averaging 60 lbs, 5 l-5c per lb, and 1,700 do at prices ranging from 6c to 5c per lb. It wa-s reported to-day that the steamship Qiebec, of the Dominion line, inwards, was ashore off the point of Prince Elward Island, and wss likely to become a total wreck. Upon making enquiries at the office of Messrs. D. Torrance ft Co., our reporter was informed that they had received no direct Intelligence of the occurrence, although they had heard the vessel in question was ashore off Prince Edward Island. They discredit the rumor, however, and state that if there was any truth in it, they would be the parties most likely to receive the first intimation. THE TEA TRADE. What tbe Hatloaat Policy has done. We learn from the circular of Comes & Co, dated Yokohama, August 12th, that the direct shipments of tea to Canada this season have been 1,500,000 lbs., against 200,004 lbs last year, a result due entirely to the new tariff. The S.3. China, which has just arrived from Japan, brought over 1,102 packages of tea for Montreal, 256 packages for Toronto, and 126 packages for Kingston. The total export from Japan this season, to July 28th, was 13,338,034 lbs., against 11,050,259 lbs. in the corresponding period last year. Messrs. Cornea & Co. report on August 12 th ; " Our tea market continues most active, and all supplies are eagerly taken on arrival. Prices latterly have advanced fully $1 per picul, and we see no chance of any decline taking place, as the bulk of the crop has already been purchased. Settlements to date amount to about 21,000,000 lbs. at both ports. The total export, we estimate, will be about 27,-000,000 to 28,000,000 lbs. ; consequently, there are only some 7,000,000 lbs. to be bought between now and the opening of next season. Later on shipments will begin to fail off very materially, which will, no doubt, cause your markets to rule firm towards the end of the year." COXTISESTAL, CHOP PRuSPECTS AD GKAI.f MARKETS. From latest foreign mail advices regarding harvests and grain markets on the continent ot Europe we note that harvest work was being actively pushed forward in various parts of France, although in some sections frequent thunderstorms had interfered with operations. Threshing had commenced and samples ot pretty fair quality wheat were being forwarded to the different markets. Owing to harvest pursuits being vigorously engaged in, farmers were generaMy in thin attendance at tho markets throughout France. The imports of foreign wheat were increasing in noraeaux, which Induced a more quiet feeling in the trade there. At Nantes, Havre and Marseilles the markets were quiet and unchanged. In Belgium the wheat supply was on a more liberal s aile, but all arrivals , had been previously pur chased, in consequence of which immediate delivery was in fair demand at full rates, while more distant p-riods were comparatively quiet and less steadily supported. In Holland the weather wis unsettled, which hindered the ripening of the cereals. Bains were frequent, and fears were expressed of the failure of the potato crop. The wheat yield it was thought would be only an aver age one at the best. Wheat and rye for for ward delivery had advanced, and a tendency in that direction was apparent in Rotterdam. From trustworthy reports we learn that the condition of tba German grain crops is be. coming better. Even in those districts where incessant rains have prevailed the rye and barley crops will give unexpected results, and in S uthern Germany it is now stated that rye ill prove a good average yield Whrat prospects were also said to be improv ing daily. In the northern wheat regions of tbe empire the prospects were much better under the ameliorating influence of more propitious weather. The new grain crop in Austria was held at a considerable advance in prices for export, which checked sales. The aivance was from 85 centimes to one franc With the exception of o its, all grain crops in Hungary will show, it is stated, a deficit in yield. At Pesth the wheat market opened firm but not dearer, but during the week va lues moved up in consequence of a limited supply. Flour was also dearer. Advices from Boumania reported the weather fine and hot ; maiza having suffered from drouth which, there was little doubt, would pre- cluie tiie possioiuty oi a large crop. Tnroagh a demand tor maizs for Italy, prices were being rapidly advanced. THE SHORT CKEOIf SVSTEU. The system of giving short credits is be ing generally adopted in Chicago and other Western trade centre-, many wholesale firms there are working upon a purely cash basis Dry goods, hardware, boot and shoe, hit, cap and fur houses which until lately extended their credits to three, four and six months, are now invoicing at 30 and 60 days, and such has been the successful working of this plan already, that well-to-do firms which were wedded to the old system, and averse to the least innovation, ara cow foliotcioj the eximple of thusa who fiist reaped the btrnt-fit o' the much needid reform. There nre ot1! ts w'.o i re cultivating a sltictly ca-h business b allowing the usual discount, which, rmny buyers are availing thftaaelres 1879. of. If short credits were more generally practised here, it would undoubtedly go great way towards furthering the revival of business which now appears to be drawing upon us. Til K HOP BaARK.Es. Speculators have thrown up the sponge, and left the hop market to the legitimate operations of the trade, having become satis fied that there was lio "big bonanza" in hops after all. Shippers who consigned them to the ether side at low figures have been advised not to repeat that sort of thing, as there was no money in it. Prices here are steady at 6c to 8c per lb for fair to choice qualities of 1878 growth. A sale of 18 bales was reported to-day at 6c. Some country holders have set their affections upon 10c for last year's crop. In some distriots hop-pick ing hag already commenced, but it will not become general before the 15 th Instant, and it will be well into October before much of the new crop finds its way to market. A good yield is promised In Prince Edward county, and if the weather continues favor able for picking a good average'erop may be expected. The London Timet of August 21 says: "The first pocket of this year's growth arrived in the Borough this morning, and, considering the almost total failure of the crop, wag of fair quality. It was grown by Mr. A. Bartholemew, Staplehurst, and consigned to Messrs. W. H. k H. Le May, hop factors, Borough, and sold by them at j28 per cwt to Mr. W. H. Teuton, who had spe cial instructions from the Mnrree Brewery Company, Murree, India, to whom it has been forwarded by steamship Dsccau. The New York market continues to lose strength, and the situation according to latest advices wag in buyers' favor. EXGLISH CATTLE MARKET. A private oable received to-day from Lon don reports the cattle market improving at slightly sdvanoed prices. Mail advices just to hand are also more encouraging, prices in Islington being quoted at 4s 6d per stone rj 8 lbs, and at Deptford, where American cattle are slaughtered, 3s ed to 4s per stone as to quality. PETROLEUM. The Petrolia Aiceriiser says : The princi pal feature of the oil market at the present time is its quietness. Nothing whatever is doing in the trade to make it worth record ing. Quietude reigns -supreme throughout the whole district, and the oil trade of Canada may be said -to be taking one good rest. In the developing line very little is doing, and it we except an occasional hit of some lucky operator, this branch of the business is really not worth mentioning. During the past week the fortunate one if he can be termed such has Dean Mr. James Lawson, whose efforts have been rewarded by a good hundred-barrel well. It hag been variously estimated at from 100 to 500, but it cm be truthfully put at 100 barrels a day. It is situated on lot 12, In the 12th concession, near fithole, and may be reckoned as one of the best strikes that has been made for some time. Messrs. Bolston, Isbister A Co 's well keeps at to barrels a day, while that of Messrs. Gurd Gillespie 11 good for 30 bar rels. Several other ventures are on the way, and will receive due notice according to their worth when completed. The market may be said to be firm at 63 cents, and will, we tninn, ere long reacn 7u. JXOIAXA'S WHEAT YIELD. The Indianapolis Sentinel, after earful omputations, estimates the wheat yield of Indiana this season at 55,000,000 bushels. Assuming the population of Indiana," re marks the Sentinel, " to be 2,000,000, and that six bushels per capita is required for hoaie consumption, our figures show that the State will have for export 43,000,000 bushels, or something above 17 per cent, of the entire foreign demand, and more than 23 per cent, of the entire available supply of the whole country for exportation. These estimatrs, based upon the most reliable data that can be obtained, brings Indiana into the boldest prominence as a wheat-growing State. This will be still more readily seen by a comparison with other States. The wheat crop of Minnesota is estimated at 40,000,000 bushels, 15,000,000 Dusnels below the crop ot In diana, and the crop of California is estimated at 33,000,000 bushels, or 22,000,000 less than the crop of this State." JVF.ItPOOL PROTISIOX .MARKET. (From Messrs. Hodgson Brothers1 Circular e August ZSra ) Bacoi has met with a steady demand, and holders have been able to show a little firmer disposition. We quote Staffordshire, Stretford, and Birmingham cuts at 27s to 33s ; Irish Cut, 26s 6d to 27s 6J ; xorkshire, 27s to 30s ; Cumberland, 26s to 30s ; Clear Bellies, 27s to 31s ; Bib-in Bellies, 27s to 29s 61 ; Short Middles, rib-in, 27s to 29s ; Long Middles, rib-in, has been well enquired sftor at 31s to 35s 6d ; Wiltshire Cut, singed, 33s to 35s ; scalded, 30s to 33s. Shoulders, 21s 61 to 23s. Long and Short Clear has been in fair demand on the spot at 26s to 27s 6d for Long, and 26s Si to 27s 61 for Short. Hams. There is scarcely any demand, and holders are very anxious sellers. The ueuil summer demand, which comes usually with summer weather, not having as yet put in an appearance, arrivals are liberal, and stocks are accumulating rapidly. Quotations for all excepting tbe few f tncy brands are qnite nominal. Sellers would be willing to accept a reduction if buyers offered. We qsote medium to average quality of Long Cut 30s to 42s, finest parcels 44s to 46s asked, but few selling. Staffordshire Cut are not so plentiful, and are saleable at 40s to 48s, according to quality, bhort Cnt dull, and dimcult to sell quoted at 35s to 40s p cwt. There has been too great a difference in value lately between bacon and hams, and this is now being rectinea. Laud, There is not a strong deniaud, but with firmer American advices, holders iu some cases ask 6d per cwt more money. We quote to-day prime Western, in tierces, 31s 61 to 32s per cwc. Pose goes on slowly at our quotations which are unaltered. We quote finest prime mess, 50s to 56s per 200 lbs ; medium brands, 40s to 50s. Bisr. Choice parcels continue scarce and are firmly held. Extra India mess is quoted at 82s 6d to 92s 6i per 304 lbs. Lower grades aie not so readily sold. Cbeiss. mere has been a Quu marset this week all holders aie anxious sellers but buyers hold of, and the few operating are looking for nnest, rich clean navored. and good conditioned goods, at 28s to 30s, and this quality is not easy to find at this season of the year at any price. We quote up to 30s for tinest quality, and 24s to 28s for next quality below, ot which description nearly 90 per cent ot tbe imports consists The efforts which are being made in many towns in England to bring on a better con sumptioneven selling a good cheese in re tail at 4d per lb should bring on a better wholesale enquiry, but up to the present the country demand is disappointing, not even eq nailing the present lighter receipts. Bcttkk. Only the finest creameries attract attention, and the demand is not strong for such, but owing to light stocks, folders are firm at 75s to 80s. Fine quality, at 60s to 70s, is difficult to sell, the quality offering at this price being below buyers' requirements EXPORT. ST WATER. Steamship Cybele, lor Glasgow, B Eeford 4 Co. aeents Crane A a 19,318 Dusn wneat W Laurieico 73 sacks spools; B Beford&co, 197 head cattle and 1191 sheep; G T By 180 sacks oatmeal 6 do wheat 7 bxs mowers 432 do cheese 600 brls and 5,585 sacks flour: Lord, Magor A Munn 7520 bush barley; Job Smardon 2 Dxs soap. Ship Glencairn, for Glasgow, EtA Allan, agents u. McLennan 3S,ui7 Dusn com 16,-832 do wheat and 4,795 do corn; A Mitchell 500 brls flour and 19,424 bush wheat; Lord, Mill, 2,727 bush barley. S S Lake Winnipeg, for Liverpool, Thompson, Murray A co, agents H McLennan 20,362 bush wheat; A Girard 34,004 do; A G Mi Bean 2861 bush oats; D Bees Aco 100 brls pork; J T Warrington 1244 bxs cheese; A J Brire 470 do; Hodgson A son 612 do; Ayer A co 914 do; 04E Hart 105 brls spples; Thompson, Muiny Si co 1148 sheep 51 heal cuttle 17 cs woodenwere; GTE 979 bxs cheese 20 rs wringers 400 bags flour 10 brls starch; Yiro-d i Hi Bride 10 brls apples. liaiqifj Ossoinack, for Queenstowo, for or-(i ri, Gi .nelli A co, agents W Gunu k co 23,497 bush corn. Barque Heitar, for Cork, for orders, G.anelu 4 co, agents W Gunn4co 29,193 bush corn. SIX DOLLARS PER ANNUM. SINGLE NUMBERS 3 Cents LATEST Si A RUE Its. Lobdos, September 3, 5 p.m. Consols, 97 13-16 ; bonds, new 4's, 8; new 5's. fi; Erie, 26 : preld, 48 ; Illinois ventral, 19. JbivxarooL, Kcptemoer i, a p.m. s.d. s. d Flonr. Tier etl... 9 6 to Spring Wheat - 8 8 to iwa winter H , m v w White Winter....... 8 6 to Wintar 0 0 to Club - 9 S to Corn 4 8 to Bar ev o to Oats, per etl - S to r-eas, per ll .m... w u u Pork -48 0 to Lard 10 9 to Bacon. -. 26 0 to Beef UU to Tallow ...2 ? to Cheese - 2 u to Receipts of corn for the past three days, 16,000 cental. Xtsw XOBK, Deptemoer a. 12 30 p m Pork, $8.60 for September; $8.60 for October. S8.70 for November. Lard. 5.97 for September: ae.ui jor October : S5.82 for November. Beceiots Flour. 15,601 oarreis: wneat, 263.000 bushels: com, 176,000 bushels; oats, 64,000 tushels; rye, 19,000 bushels; pork, 201 barrels; laid, 877 barrels; whiskey, 23 barrels. 1.05 Din Wheat firm : No 7 Bed, fl.lOJ to 1.10 ; No 2 spring l.'Ji ; new, Corn arm : no. i, 4to: ircignis, io. 2.15 p.m. Wheat steady; sales, 225,000 bush; Chicago, $1,02 to 1.03; Milwaukee, 1.03 to 1.04: No 2 red, Si. lot to l.lo Corn quiet; gales, 75,uuu posneis ; jo. a, 46j to 46c. Oits quiet and firm. Tallow, 6c Dressed hogs, 4s to 6e. Whiskey quiet ; sales, 50 barrel at $1X6. Chioaso, September 3. 9 31 a m Wheat opens at 86c for Oct- obtr. 9.38 a.m. Cora opens at 323 to 33a for September; 33c to 33fo for October. 9.43 a m Wheat, asc lor oeptemoer; ooto for October; 86o for November. BeceiDts Flour. 7.S58 oarreis ; nneat, 208,000 bushels; Corn, 322,000 bushel; Oats, 63,000 bushels; Bye, 18,000 bushels; Barley, 30,000 bushels. Shinmants Flour. B.iJaa oarreis: wumv, 185,000 bushels; com, 85,000 bushels; oats, 50,000 bushels; rye, none; Barley, j.uuu bushels. 9 55 a.m Oats, 21ic asked for S;ptemCer; 22c for October. Wheat, 86 3 bid lor Depiemoer, eogj oiu for October. Pork, $3.12 to 8 15 for October. 9 56 a m Loose meats, c, $1.70; s r, $4.55; Ic, $4.45; shoulders, $3.00. D. S. Meats S C, S4.85; a r, 4.iu; l c, -pi.ou; shoulders, $3 20; 8 p b, 73. 1 05 n m Wheat. 860 Did lor oeptemoer-, 86is bid for October; 864c bid for November. Corn, azfJ lor oeptemuer , aoiw iw ww ber; 33 asked for November. Oats. 22c for September, aaic oiu tor ucw ber, 23ic for November. Pork, $7.93 lor oeptemoer; -.vj fcu o.uu for October. Lard, $5 62 for September, 5.67J to 6.70 for October. 2 13 pm Wheat, 86c to 86Jfor Sep tember; 8SJc to 86c for October. Pork. 17.92 bid Je.UO asaea ior dt- ber; $8.10 to 8.12 for October. Lard, S5.62 bid, 9.6IJ asasa iui oepveui- ber; sales, $5.70 ; now, $5.72 to 5.75 lot October. 2 25 p m Wheat, 86o bid for November. Cora, 32 Jc to 33a for September; 33 Jo to 33c for October. Oats, 22o tor September, zzai wi vhj- ber. Dstboit, September 3. 1.00 D m. Wheat stronger; extra, $1,02 ; white, 99: for cash; 98 c for September; ?9o for October; 99 Jc bid for November; milling, 97c; amber, 98 o. liecelpts, wheat, 63,000 ousneis; suip- ments, 76,000 do. lOLBOO, oeptemoer a. 12 00 m. Wheat firmer ; No. 1 white mix ed, 98 c; amber mixed, 98o cash; 8c asked, 93c bid lor September; No. 2 Bed, 98c asked, 98c bid cash; sales, 93c for September; 98c asked, 97c bid for October. Cora quiet : No 3, 36C asaeo, 33o ma v r cash; 361 asked; 36c bid for October. Oits dull ; No. 2, 2340. Receipt Wheat, 154,000 bush; shipments, 79 000 bush ; corn, 31,000 bush ; ihipmenta, 1,000; oats, 13 000 bush; shipments, 5,000; cars on track, wheat, 420. Milwaukee, September 3. 2 43 p m. Whaat, 88c for September : 87ic for October ; 87ie for November. OHTARIO SEARKETS. Toeonto. September 3. Market a (hade better on flour, with sale of Spring extra today and yesterday afternoon at $4.50, and xtrayesteroay at equal to .ezt; wuoas stui inactive; No. 2 fall might bring $1.01, and No. 2 spring 95c, but holders are not offering any ; oats weak, new offering at Sic on track; barley and peas nominally nncnangea ; rys has sold on street at 50o ; butter unchanged; sbiooinz lots could probably be bought at 7c, but the only bid is one of 5c; choice for local use S3 to 10c tn small parcel; egg no- changed at 8? for round lots, and 9s to 100 for choice. - iiST. GBASD TStJSX WIST. H Dabfllico 3 brls ashes; order Canadian Bid i of Commerce 6 do;T LeemingAco 2 do; C T Gibbs 200 brl flour; J E Hunsicker 100 do: T W Ripbael&x 100 do; Gsvia Hume, GU-tow, 100 sack do; Gilchrist Hurn do, 100 do: A Bell, do, 400 do; Heath A rime- more. Liverpool. 800 bush wheat; Blieham Sandy, do, 800 ao; H Huntington, do, 2000 do; order B Warrenco 250 brl pork; J W BrockwellAco, Liverpool, 700 nag oatmeai; T Watkin Liverpool 150 bxs cheese; order Liverpool 976 do; order London 580 do; Dominion SS Co 250 do;J T Warrington 936 do; T Shaw 100 do; J O'Connor 319 do; A Ho4g-son 4 Sou 220 do; Coffee Bros Liverpool 310 do; M Hannanico 751 do; order W B Mar-shall 472 do; Molson's Bank Liverpool 255 do; W Kendall 150 do; H k A Allan 82 G W Stone Liverpool 482 ao; Dominion S 8 Co 100 barrels butter; Bell, Simpson&co 13 do; A A Ayer&co 663 do; Order 367 do; J Oliver 25 do; W Kendall 6 1 do; A A Ayerico 75 do; M Laing 39 do; H Chapman&co 50 casks highwines; W DavUi co, Liverpool, 292 boxes bacon; P Delorme 1 rolls leather; Uuas: Richardson 1 car do; J DousrullA-O 16 do; G W Stone 200 bxs tal low; BuokuallAco 1 car 250 bags oatmeal; A Uell&co600 Backs tljur; Helliwell A co 400 do; Sanderson&co 100 do; O J Gibbs 25 brls fljur; GardnerAco 16 tierces beef; Lyman S intAco 33 casks; T Pringle 1 box; Mrs C J Thompson 3 bxs. 6BASO TSCSK EAST. C A C iverhill 1 cs and 1 coil cordage; J Taylor 1 bx; J B Hendricks 7 bxs 2 piece ma binary; Morland, WAoo 6 cska; Benny, McI'Aco 2 cs; H A NelsouAson 36 bxs ana i nkas; Baylis-Wilkes co 5 cs; F 4 Workman 2 do! W Butterfield k eo T bx and 3 cs; H ChapmanJtco 53 hf chests tea; D Masson&co 50 bags tapioca; J A Converse 115 bales; J Taylorico 13 bdls pips; Benny, MxrAco 4 bx-; H A Melson4son 15 dos trays. VSBHOHT JCSCTlOE. F k Workman 2 cs; G Brush 1 bxs; Mor land, W kM 4 cs; Canada Mfg Co 3 do; W & SI Mfg Co 246 bdls; C W William Aco 1 bx: J Corestine co 4 bales; J W Tester Aco 5 csks 3 bags; Jno Watson Aco 2 bxs 1 brl; Benning fteo 50 bales; H Haswell Aco 1 brl; N S Whitney 3 cs; B M.Kenzie 8 bale. bouss's roiar. M Kicks ico 4 pianos; T Bobertson 7 kgs; A C Tabb 2 crates; Lyman, Son Aco 1 bag 2 cs 1 bale; Lesser A W 10 cs; W Mel n to. ft 1 do; J W Brayley 1 do; S H May kco 3 do; S Greenshields Aco 2 cases; Jones A B 5 brls Gault Bros 1 case; 8 G'Cobben 1 do; J Rob ertson 1 do; Perry Davis stco 15 do; M Davis 7 do; Boyd, Egsn A co 4 do; W Johnston 50 do; Goodyear Robber Co 37 cs; Green A Sons 1 do; S Carsley 3 do; Hodgson, a Si do, Prince Peter of Oldenburg has just had a somewhat exciting experience. He is at the head of the Imperial Bussian Colleges for irins and is very diligent in perlormlcg bis duties. He lately decided to see for himself whether there were any gronnds for the nu merous complaints of the poor food furnished at the Smolling Convent where 800 girl are educated. Proceeding to the institution just before the usual dinner hour, he avoided tbe main entrance and walked straight toward the kitchen. At its door he met two sol diers cerryicge a huge steaming caldron "Haiti" he called oat, "put that kettle down." The soldiers, of course, obejed " Bring me a spoon " ad ted tbe prince. The spooa ws at once produced, but one of ih s d tiers ventured to begin a Btamin-iing re monstrance. " HuM jonr tongue," ciieil :he I iin'-t: tnke off tbe li.l. I iusist on it." N'i fun Iter ol j -rUon was rtiseti, and bis hijlioess tot.k a luge spoonful. "You vll this siup 1" he exclaimed : " why, it is dirty wit I" " It U your highues,"' replbd 'be s, Icier ; we have just been cie niog out the laundiy." MARINE INTELLIGENCE. , Ktw To is. September 3. Arrived. Labra dor, from Havre; Wisconsin, from Liver pool; Fnsia from Hamburg; Nsderland from, Antwerp. . Litjspool, Septemtsr 3. Arriv.d, Bpiin, from New York. QrniiSTOws; September 3. Arrived, At , sona from New York. i Glasgow, September 3. Arrive d, Dovonls, from New York. SorrniiipTos, Sestember 3. arrived, Neckar, from New York, for Bremen. Loaooa, September 3. Arrived, Vfcfc-rl", from New York. PORT OF HOSTREAE. September 8. Weather fine : wind northeast : thermometer, 75 c above in tbe shade at nroa. Depth of water In Lake St. i'eter, 22 feel. ARRIVALS. Steamship Tourmaline, from Quebec, Oaptala BMKobertP Denistouu, 2HiV,Governine.')t btenin.hlp ClrcaH.Inn, from Liverpool, 4S"P- taln James Wylle, 2365, general. H A Allan, agent. CETAHTUasS. Steamship Consul, for Plcton, Captain Edward Andrew, 851, ballait, H Dobeli A co, agents. Steamship Brooklyn, for Liverpool, Captain V J Landell, 2165, general, D Torrance A uo, ag nts. Steamship Lucerne, for Gla-sow, CaptiUoi John Kerr, 1262, general, USA Alliui, agents. Etesmshlp Osalan, for London, Captain Gee) Butcbart. 1211, grain, J U Hkuey, agent. Barque Onslnach, for Queenstown for orders. Captain Joeph N Ossinacb, 6i eorn, uia- nefll A ce, agents. Barque Hilar, fur Cork for orders. Captain Ant Rand i eh, Sli6. Glanelll A CO. Agents Steamship Viking, for London, Captain R Topper, lim, aeueral, it iietbru. co, agKutr. TBSSILS IS POST, Steamers. Steamship Waldenslan, 1407, H A A Allan Steamship Bengal, 1UH5, J G Sidey, agnt Steamship Pr-a.San, 1U40, H A A Allan Steamship Jas U Stevenson, 1278, MoCulIocht A co, a-rents Steamship Navlgato", 1017, J G Sldey, agent Steamship Pollno, 521, .tC Adams Aco, agents Ships. Ship Lake Ontario, 1060, Thompson, Murray Aco Barques Barque J W, 499, JAR McLea Barque Margarette Mitchell, 650, the St Lawrence Sugar Refining Ca Barque Passover, 45, Beddall A co Baique James Kitchen, 4J9, Anderson, Mc Keuzle A co Barque Francisco Chiazzaro, 559, Glanelll Aco Barque Gerda, 407, Wnlft A eo Barque Osmlngo, 871, lie Wolff A Powell Barque Mi Ml P, 4X7, Glanelll Aco Rarque Ameer, 770, Anderson, MctCenzle Aco Barque Ivy, Ross A co Barque Zulu, 888, H Dobeli A eo, agents Barque Australia, 989,W E Boyd, agsnt. Barque Mars, 4A, JAR MoLea. agents Barque Electra, 9 13, S B Hoirard A co, agent ' ' Brigs. Brie Zlngara, 14, St Lawrence Sugar Refining Company Brig Laura, 457, H Alobell A eo - Schooners. ' Pohooner Anrore, 105, W A Charlebols Hchooner P Fortln, 78. W A Charlebols Schooner Kate, 68, Brock A co Schooner Mary Erzelie, llii, W A Charlebols Schooner John Schuette. 2S9. Redovth A Sou Schooner C Bernler, llii, W A Charlebols, agent Schooner J Savard, 138, Lord, Maor A Mann, PORT Or QUEBEC. Quebec, September 3. AJtBTVED. Ship Premier, Brunsgaard, London, Carbray k South, ballast. Barque Madras, Briggs, Port Glasgow, Hy Fry A Co, coal. Barque Clyde, Suiter, Sharpie, Wm Buddeo, ballast. Ship Nordens, Droaning, Henrickaon, Sunderland, W Simpson, coal. Barqne Lorna Doone, from Babla, for Montreal, sugar. Brigantine Attalaya, Wm Ere, for Montreal. Ship Charger, Milliken, Belfast, not entered. CLEARED. Btrqus Dunrobio, Castle, Aberdeen, B B Dobeli A Co. Barquentine M L Higgi, Chicago, DAG Maguire. Barge Georgians, Burlington, Hy Atkinson A Co. a rr aesivid. Bell A HIckey White pine, Ac, Dobetl's cove. The steamer Gatineau left for Montreal at 4 p.m. with tbe barquentine 11 L Higgto fiH itImwiia, IaiiIS,, in tn I The steamshiD Acadian arrived down at 8 a.tu,,and proceeded. Tbe steamship Cybele arrived down at 2.30 p.m., and proceeded. The steamship Brooklyn arrived down at 2 p.m. Tbe barqua Flora and brigantine Georgi an for Montreal at mlinigoi in tow ot Champion No. 2. The brigantine Attalaya ten ior Montreal at 1 p.m. in tow of the Angleza. The barque Lorna iioone arrivea up irom a rosso Isle to-day, and will leave for Montreal to-morrow. ISLAND S AVIGATIUljr. Post Dalbodsu, Bept-mber 3. i'owa Steam barge Abercorn, Port Huron to Og-densburg, lumber; barge Albany, Port Huron to Ofdensburg, lumber, Adrian, Port Huron to Ogdensburg, lumber; schooner Mary Jane, Toledo to Kingston, whaat. Co S:hooner M Smith, Oswego to Saginaw, light; Starlight, Toronto to Port Colborae, liirbt; Niagara, Kingston to Chicago, light; Lewi Boss, Kingston to Port Coiborne, light; Cavalier, Kingston to Port Coiborne, light; Pandora, Kingston to Detroit, light; M A Uuir, Oswego to Chicago, coal; Grantham, Kingston to Chicago, light; Flora Carvel, Kings-ten to Detroit, light; Albatross, Kingston to Chicago, light; Emerald, Kingston to Port Colborae, light; Laura, Kingston to Chicago, light; Hattie Howard, Charlotte to Erie, iron, ore; Nawanooh, Kingston to Chicago, light: Bival, Oswego to Toledo, coal. Wind southeast. PoaT CoLSJBSs, September t. Dosen Schoonrr Mais, Toledo to Ofdensburg, wheat; P M Sogers, Chiogo to Kingstou, wheat. Up Schooners Saco, Chatham to. Erie, light; N Y Avery, Port Coiboru-i to Cleveland, light; Nellie Hcnter. Coboorg to Toledo, light; Guiding Star, Oswego to Detroit, coal; Cortes, Osw-go to Milwaukee, coal; Jennie White, O.twego to Toledo, coal; Undine. Hamilton to Cleveland, light; Garibaldi, Kincston to Detroit, light; Two Friend. Kingston to Detroit light; Kate Kelly, Osw?go to Toledo, light; A Muir, Kingston to Detroit, light; Nevada, Fair- haven to Bacine, coil; Russia, Thorold to Rondeau, liirht: Rising Star. Oswego to uni. cago, coal; Erie Queen, Kingston to Toledo, light; Nellie wiiaer, tnarioiw ", coal. WEATHER AS I. SUIfrUB IJT TUB GULF. September 3. L'Islst Cloudy; stioug east wind; one sbip outward anchored here; one ship in ward. Gbasde Yalles Clear and warm; light north-east wind; one two-maatel steamship inward at 7.10 a.m. Ste Fslicit Cloudy and very cold: strong north-east wind; one ship outward. Fox Biveb Fair and warm; light north east wind; steamship Miramichl inward at 5 p.m. 3jrasd Etaeo Clear, warm and calm; ous two-masted steauuhip TemparleyjLina inward at 5 50 a.m. Maodalei Biveb ClouJy; lljbt east wind. Cats Bosibb Fockt and cool; thermo meter, 51; stiff norih-east wind; no shipping. Gbahos Valleb Clou'ty and warm; light north-east wind; no shipping. Fathbs roiar Foggy; light north-east wind. ' Biviebs tv Locr Partly cloudy; fresh north-east wind; foggy on the river; steamer Contest at the wharf. Era Asks des Mobts Fine, clear and warm; four ships outward and one inward. Mr. W. E. Forster, M. Pssj: "la dealing with the education of girls in the training college !t has bern found that tht-y require littla driving to work con pared witU boys, and that they an more usct-ptibie to influence of ambition and a desue to succeed. The danger in the training colieise-for elementary schools U from overwork There is no fuar that young womn will not avail themselves of the opportunities otf rtil." m' mij: is atuilCEsi Cheerfulness, courage, and great activity of intellect are engendered by Fellows' Cum-pound Syrup of Hypophosphlte, and it cap, city of imparting power of endurance to the bia n and nervous system is shown in its pro. perty of sustaining person through meutal difficulties Faexers aed MrcsAsics. Provide your, selves with a bottle of Pain-Killer at this season of the year, when summer complaints are so prevalent ; it is a prompt, safe and sure cure. It may save you days ot sickness, and you will find it is more valuable than gold. Be sure you buy the genuine Perry Davit' Pain. Killer and take do other mixture. fib R it bar Lussnt It. One of our well-known citizen was sitting in bis parlors th other evening, surrounded by his wife and i hildren, when the cnv nation tura?d up'iu lik-s and i isiikes, and tasui a'ud flavor of vari.ft c-'tdim uts. Oae person poefrrrei this, another th-t, wluu a littl blue-eyed, fo'ir yer-dl, st,ke u, atnl said uf rath' r likel Cait-r O 1. Tt.s rrai'd .ingular; but i is not s-Hpiisii.,', srbeo we ku-tw tliiii h , tatt wrr morning, had beeu taking some of C'tt A Boirnts Fahtabii Castor Oil. Price, 25 cents,

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