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The Gazettei
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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if HOME DELIVERY SUNNY, DRIER High 75; Low CO ll mot coHvtnit nt end ceils mor, Ht Th GoxeM delivered your door vif mornini. Call UNivcrsiry 6-3561 Circulation Department 1 1 CANADA LIFE BEACON 'fvjw HfOM OFFICIAL FORECASTlliLijlN My FINAL MONTREAL, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 4, 1959 36 PAGES 182nd YEAR PRICE FIVE CENTS Ill I r- yinicypD City CO JDD Paris Talks vNo War'- Ike By RELMAN MORIN Paris! Srpt. 3. MV Presidents Eisenhower and de Gaulle tonight wound up (wo day of "very friendly" talks ranging from Tip From Citizen Leads Sleuths To Vaccine U.S. Bill On Labor Approved Summit conference possibilities to the Algerian rebellion.

A communique on meeting of the American and French leaders, was issued after President Eisenhower told his Western allies that! i i $: i Is. ii-i I A III U'gahirtfflnn Cnnt 4 tPI Tho peace is assured if the West remains firm in principle, flexible ins A i Intml eA (a I MA Vai-IH A llnntin A1Iia 'compromise bill aimed at ending I aCUl.3 OilU pall imitaiij uctihvu inn ui nun mil. miidiitc. "Then there will be no war," Eisenhower said. Although the communique said By AL PALMER An unfurnished St.

Hubert St. apartment yestpr-day yielded Montreal's stolen emergency supply of precious Salk vaccine. No one has been arrested. The recovery does nothing, however, to ease th desperate shortage of the serum in polio-stricken Quebec. The 75,000 shots of vaccine, found in their entirety, will have to be subjected to a series of tests which will take two months, medical authorities said.

A four-man Provincial onlv that North Africa was dis cussed by the White House Press Secretary James Laotian Reds Set Hagerty later disclosed they had taken up a new policy toward Algeria. Hagerty said de Gaulle is to disclose the policy after racketeering in labor unions. The vote was 95 to 2. 1 The compromise was sent to the House of Representatives which plans to act on it tomorrow. President Eisenhower is considered certain to sign the bill the first major labor legislation in 12 years.

In its final draft, the compromise came fairly close to the stringent form in which the original bill parsed the House. Its main provisions seek to safeguard the rights of union members and protect union treasuries from misuse by unscrupu- Police raiding squad, head- ed by Deputy-Director Leo Off pold Trottier, swooped down on the unlocked, unoccupied three-room apart ensive Ice Block Chilled Eisenhower leaves France tomorrow for a Scottish holiday. "It may be expected that Gen. de Gaulle will make a statement on this subject," Hagerty said de Gaulle apparently will outline a new approach. Summit Meet 'Useful' Eisenhower and de Gaulle agreed that a Summit conference ment as it followed through on a series of tips.

Sam Neua, Laos, Sept. 3 UPI Communist rebels were reportediious labor leaders. The payoff tip the twentieth to reach police since the vaccine massing 27 miles north of here The bill also applies bans I nAi Fri mri Provincial Police Director Hiloire Beauregard (second LVUI rVUIIU. from eft) diSCUSSes recovery of 75,000 shots of Salk vaccine with Institute of Microbiology Assistant Director Lionel Forte. Beside Beauregard (left to right) ore Germain St.

Jean, Asst. Dir. Leopold Trottier, Det. Lf. Albert Bisaillon, ond Fernand Proulx.

The latter four were in on the raid on a St. Hubert St. apartment yesterday afternoon' when the vaccine was recovered. (Geiu phoio srrvin). was stolen earlv Monday morning today, and this royal army head-la8ainst sucn labor Practices as led the raiding party to the secondary boycotts and restricts quarters for northern Laos pre wou be useful in principle, dui fourth floor of the apartment (said one should be held "only block.

Police refused, as a measure of Salk Loot protection, to identify the tipster. organizational picketing. Leaders of organized labor, who attacked the original House bill as punitive, dislike the compromise as we'l. It took all day and into the evening for the Senate finally to approve the compromise. Senator Wayne Morse (Dem.

Ore.) sDoke for four hours and pared grimly for a last-ditch defence. Army officers issued sub-machine-guns and ammunition to government workers and school teachers. A handful of paratroopers were moved into the thin outlying delences. Citizen Saw Voccine It was learned, however, that By TOM TELFER i An apartment raided yester me lniormauon came ti'om a private citizen who saw the boxes day by police who recovered the Indian Army Controls Calcutta Rioting Mobs Communist advance units re 1 35 minutes urging its rejection. of vaccine being unloaded on St.

Hubert St. Most were clearly probing our lines only 18 miles when there is some possibility nf definite accomplishment." Their ommuniqu said they were in complete agreement on the question of Berlin. It also said they reaffirmed the importance they attach to the resumption of negotiations on general and controlled disarmament and to the problem of assistance to underdeveloped areas. Another subject discussed was de Gaulle's desire to give France a place equal to that of the United States and Britain in dealing with world strategy. On this point the communique said de Gaulle and Eisenhower said Amkha marked "Connaught Laboratories," the Toronto institution Soukhaving, commander of north But other Senators praised th measure, although some said they considered it went too far and others said it didn't go far enough.

I where the vaccine was produced. ern military headquarters. Part oi the vaccine was found Salk vaccine stolen Monday showed tell-tale signs of an apparently elementary and clumsy method of refrigeration. Two blocks of ice were found melting in a sink. It was not known how, by this method, the delicate serum could be kept at a temperature of 40 degrees fahrenheit, which offi "They will attack within 10 days at the most," he predicted.

The general said the Laos in a refrigerator and a kitchen Calcutta, Sept. 3. OWThe In- ready to take over completely if mob of about 1,000 and his throat cupboard. The balance was in rebels and regulars from Com the living room. Little of the vac the Bengal State police forces cine was disturbed.

munist North Viet Nam were gathering in the jungle clad But, while 19 boxes had been dian Army was called on to restore order today after Communist-led mobs surged through out the riot-ridden, strike-bound cials claimed was necessary ta mountains 27 miles north of this stolen from the University of town of 2,500 population. Senator John f. Kennedy (Dem. Mass.) said he had no apologies for the compromise. He said, too, he believed every Senator could vote for it in good conscience.

Kennedy said the measure went further in some areas than he considered desirable or necessary. But, he asserted: "I will say frankly it is' the only bill it is possible to obtain in all the circumstances." cut, police reported. In Calcutta, rowdies barricaded the streets during the day. Most fled when police came to clear the roads, but sometimes they threw bombs. Police opened fire on at least 14 occasion in Calcutta.

Five policemen were injured. Police arrested '200 persons. Af The general gave no figures. preserve the scrum effectiveness. A frightened caretaker told The "also examined the means ot organizing better co-operation between the two countries in the world as a whole, especially thrnnnh the expansion of consul Montreal's Microbiology and Hygiene Institute, at Laval des Rapides, the shipment had been redistributed into 23 cartons, in fail to suppress the noting.

For the first time in this week's fighting, major battles developed at police installations on both sides of the Hooghly. During the apparently synchronized attacks on Howrah police stations and other clashes, police gunfire killed seven and wounded at least four. Calcutta area, attacking police stations and patrol squads with But earlier Defence Secretary Phoumi Nosavan said at least a Gazette the apartment was rented from him Monday night about battalion of Communist Vietnam cluding the 19 original containers. tations on all major problems, guns, bombs and knives. Ten or more persons were kill ese regulars were in the field an well as military.

11.30 p.m. by a dark-haired man on the Sam Neua front who paid a week's rent of $23 in ter the army was called in to There was no mention in the of de Gaulle's desire ed bringing the death toll this week to at least 19. More than 170 persons were injured, many advance. The apartment In a two- A policeman injured by a homh take over Howrah, only sporadic explosion was surrounded by a trouble was reported. to have a voice in any possible year-old building at St.

Hubert One of the new containers was a cardboard beer case. Deputy-Director Trottier said police had established that the apartment was rented at 11.30 a.m. Monday, roughly six hours after the theft. The man who rented the apartment was described as tall and of them policemen. It was the fourth straight day and Boucher Sts.

consisted of Bank Rate Jumps, future decision to employ nuciear weapons anywhere in the world. Nor was there any indication that Eisenhower had promised to co-operate more closely with a bedroom-living room, bathroom and small kitchen. The kitchen refrigerator was much too small to contain the in developing hulici. France Frondizi Battles To Quell Revolt arge amount of stolen vaccine. weapons.

Hsfwtv said de Gaulle Money Still Short and Its only contents were a dozen bottles of beer. Beside the ice blocks was an empty butter 'Peace1 Bid New Delhi, Sept. 3 I Reuters! The Indian Army tonight prepared a bid (or the "peaceful" reoccupation of a northeast frontier outpost seized by Chinese Communist soldiers late last month. Indian troops were moving to forward areas of the Northeast Frontier Agency, where the now-Chinese held Longju outpost was set up in April. about 40 years of age.

Trottier told The Gazette it Is I probable an arrest will be made) "in a short time." A self-styled medical student, held since Tuesday, was released following the raid. Undisclosed Location Two hundred vials of the vac packing case that apparently was used to bring the ice into the thought to have been arrested Buenos Aires, Sept. 3 (1 Angentine President Arturo Fron building. Eisenhower had a general discussion of how to keep touch. "This is to be informal." Eisenhower's words on assuring peace were spoken before the 15nation NATO Council in a surprise visit sandwiched between talks with de Gaulle and other Western leaders.

'NATO is a matter of spirit, ot j-L-inoHnn in work as partners apparently managed to escape. Unofficial sources said Gen. Pieces of cardboard boxes were dizi struggled today to put down Ottawa, Sept. 3 CPi The Bank of Canada interest rate bounced upwards again today as tight-money problems continued. The rate climbed by .31 per cent from last week to 5.89 per cent with the sale of less-than-normal $100,000,000 in 91-day Treasury bills.

In a move apparently aimed at avoiding fresh demands on the money market, Finance Minister Fleming announced that again next week the Government will borrow a below-normal amount by means of the short-term bills whose selling price determines the central bank interest rate. The Bank Rate is set at one- scattered on the living room floor. a military rebellion over the ouster of the Army Commander- Rosendo Fraga had reached the Army post at Cordoba where he was conferring with other rebel There was no personal furni in-Chief, Gen. Carlos Severo cine seized in a Pont Viau drug Toranzo Montero. store Tuesday prior to the stu ture in the apartment.

The bed consisted of a bare mattress. Frondizi conferred secretly dent's arrest were added to the and to preserve the ideals we all Neighbors in apartments across with Toranzo Montero. Gen. 75,000 shots recovered yesterday cherish, he saia quarter of one per cent above Elbio Anaya, the Secretary of the hall were unaware that the stolen vaccine was in the build and transferred to an undisclosed location. lious militarists.

Cordoba is the site of last July's rebellious movement which the government managed to quell by shaking up the army's top There were rumors Anaya might fly to Cordoba to try to negotiate a truce. War, and senior officials. of open battle against the West Bengal state government. Prime Minister Nehru's central govern ment also is being drawn into the fight. Communists declare they are fighting for proper distribution of food and against high prices.

After a day of shifting but ap ing, even after the police raid. They could not recall seeing the Anaya's removal of Toranzo Montero rekindled the smouldering feud in the army that has the average yield on the weekly issue of bills sold at tender. Last week the rate dipped to 5.58 per cent following a two-week decline from the record high of 6.41 Aug. 13. lessee nor hearing any strange noises.

Director of Provincial Police Hilaire Beauregard and Lionel Forte, assistant director of the institute, said the vaccine will be placed under "heavy police plagued Frondizi since he took Commanders of the Army divi office lfi months ago. 'Eccentric' London, Sept. 3 Wi "There's nothing quite like monetary policy for producing eccentric passions and absurd situations. Take Canada, for example." The comment comes from the New Statesman, which points to what it calls "open conflict" between the Canadian Government and the Bank of Canada. his orderision in Cordoba laler issued a Anava backed no to restrict clinic operations, Dr.

guard during the test period. The central bank's interest rate minimum charge made parently systematic attack by the mobs, the Indian army moved in to restore and keep order tonight in the industrial slums of Detectives remained uncertain as to the origin of the 200 vials firing the commander-in-chief by communique saying the Cordoba ordering the. arrest of 17 generals garrison had lost confidence in who had proclaimed their refusal the leadership of Anaya. They on loans to chartered banks generally reflects conditions in Howrah, across the Hooghly River from Calcutta. to accept Tnranro Moniero's demanded that the general ar-mister.

jresled by order of Anaya be One of the generals who was released. the short-term money market. I This week prices of short-term government bonds declined following last week's short-lived Other Indian troops were held Charest declared. Enough vaccine is left in the city only to administer second shots to persons under 20. Detectives had been working around the clock on the vaccine robbery ever since four men surprised Watchman Aldoris Beland in the institute, Jorced a padlock on a refrigerated vault and fled in Belstnd's car with the Salk supply.

Ten persons, Including a Pont confiscated at Pont Viau. It was believed police would await instructions from the Quebec At-torney-Geneiai Department before taking further action in the Pont Viau seizure. Forte said he believes the vaccine recovered on St. Hubert St. is "still in good condition." A sampling of shots will be rise bringing bond yields higher.

Foreign Capita Tightening Apparent Meanwhile there was an ap parent tightening in other areas. injected in Rhesus monkeys at Week-old figures made public determine the: Viau druggist and his staff, were the institute to Diefenbuher Lays Down Ground Rules today showed that last week effectiveness of the vaccine, quizzed during the investigalion. for the first time since mid-July The recovery came at a tune. Director Beauregard said we the chartered banks cut back when the polio epidemic in Prime themselves In the best in Canada "would do well an increasing part in manage Montreal appeared at a stand Chicago. Sept.

3 to give careful consideration to ment and professional tunctions still. terests of Canada first. on the total amount of general loans outstanding. It was a slight drop Of $3,000,000 in the week before Aug. 26 to a total But it was only the third in subsidiary corporations.

Local Sixteen new cases were report- offering Cpianians the oppor "Canada objects to any exer Minister Dietenbaker today reminded United States businessmen that Canadians expect the Saturday Northland Clayton Sinclair de-scribes' the transition from igloo to motel Canada's newest frontier. Lost Ride Al Palmer marks the end of an era with reminiscences about Montreal's streetcars. Nocturnal There is a multitude of sounds that go unnoticed while the city sleeps. Labor Doy T. Collier outlines the history of organized labor in Canada os the Labor Day Weekend begins.

Gardens In many ways Autumn is nvol 10 spring as time for planting. Rod explains why this is so. management should be given are very happy to have recovered this badly-needed vaccine In so short a time." Taking part in the raid in addition to Deputy Director Trottier were Albert Bisaillon. head of the holdup squad, and Jean St. Germain and Fernand Proulx.

cise of control by an American ed by Montreal hospitals yesterday, bringing the total to 619, greater autonomy in operating tunity to participate in the equity growth of their community by selling a reasonable proportion of their common stock through the Canadian market." parent company or any influence of an American law on the operation of Canadian subsidiaries business policies of U.S. subsidiaries to be based on Canadian considerations and to be in the including 32 dead. Dr. Gustave Charest, city epi the subsidiary in Canada. He said that "research instead of being concentrated in the U.S.

and the results merely communi demiologist, said: "We have not unless the effect of such control weekly decline since bank lending began a huge expansion in early spring. In early As well, the money supply bank deposits and currency declined to $13,308,000,000 on Aug. best interests of the Canadian economy and people. His outspoken reminder was iced neither an increase nur a decrease in the incidence of cated to the Canadian company could in many cases be efficient 26 after a three-week decline By KEN KELLY given in an address to a joint luncheon meeting of the Chicago ly anj profitably carried out in cases since Monday." r-'v Of the 257 cases from the city' (DflCttC proper, reported up to Wedncs-1 day, 237 had not been inoculated Bridge 35 Kilgollen 11 from the peak of $13,403,000,000 Canada as an adjunct of the Rotary Club and Chicago Asso- on Aug. 5.

The money supply now Canadian operation." ciation of Commerce and Indus- is hack to its mid-July level. In an airport interview Mr. with Salk vaccine, according Unclassified 26 Lowmon 20 or influence is completely con-. As an examole of the "Cana rMArnUT. r-intHifini Airaninr fit Cnrir 5 HK.ti il i sistent with the best interests of'dian considcrarons" tn nl-jn kv, 'i 1 1 Hnnnftmrnt Fif.

if rfmwnrH 3 Port ArrivnW 35 Canadians. management deCiMcns should ue: uj o. rcii Dnrmn Ha iqiiI tt isn't nrrpuaal'V thati. WIU.UIHM. fnimm 2 6 Rodio TV 17 has been to resist an expansion The Prime Minister is here for in the money supply.

The fear is Canada Day at the pan-American that an increase would be in-lsames which he, visited in the flationary in the light of last'afternoon. year's big money rise i "Canadians welcome the in- Ti.t,-.' ttrdt vm win in oi.i4v: vestment nf American dollars in based ne mentioned inai meit.ake Michigan into its sewage ic nated contracted the disease cononoi Gun 24 Canadian subsidiaries but only lightly. Groulx added. 'FocH, Foncie 20 Rod of processing of Cana-: system. 12 Social 'their operations to the Cfnadian dian materials belore export can' The U.S.

Senate reversed it-. City health clinics have given he increased, this should srlf yesterday and held i pass-j about. irn.0on shot Jo persons tin- 21 17, 10 JO Snort 20 Thcatrf" 3 Wrtmm Treasury Bill 'we're sold at an! industrial and resources develop- market and deliberately avprafP v.oM nf s.M ner rent Jment in Canada." he said "But Heave the world export markets done." age of the Chicago diversion idrr 20 since the epidemic started Heolth Canadian neronnrl hntild hr hill for rounder at in bv Us! seven weeks ago. compared with S.M rr rent last must he underlined that Can- free to their parent organization dians ask that subsidiaries eon- American subsidiaries and trained to take, Foreign Relations Committee The vaccine shortage continues' t. week..

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