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The Gazette from Montreal, Quebec, Canada • Page 7
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The Gazette from Montreal, Quebec, Canada • Page 7

The Gazettei
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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FOLLOW THE BOYS GLORIFIES TROOP ENTERTAINMENT the direction of Jos. L. Gariepy, THE ANDREWS SISTERS LEAD THE BOYS will play the following program: March, Fhilarmonique (Kinguet); Nabucco Overture (Ringuet): Nos Universal's Many-Starred Film Proves Rich in Specialty Acts But Poor in Connecting Story Belles Valses (arr. Gariepy); Promenade Polka (Ringuet); J'atten-drai toujours Mon Soldat (Lesieus); 8 Romance de ltsperance (Gariepy): At 'Tessa from Odessa' Perhaps the next song hit will have been found on The Gazette's editorial page. Billy Eckstein, veteran pianist and composer, certainly hopes so becausa, that's where he found his latest song, Tessa From Odessa.

A Gazette 'editorial writer, who prefers to remain anonymous until the question of royalties comes up, filled in a corner of the editorial page about six months ago with a query as to why, seeing Gertie from Bizerte was such a hit, nob- Gloire a Ringuet (Contant): Succes de Tino Rossi (Scotto); Valse Caprice, Nini (Pratt); M.S.L. on Parade (Laurent). At Jarry Park, the concert will By HERBERT be played by the band of the Garde Civile, under the direction of G. Agostini. At Fletcher Field, the band of iuj Le Regiment de Maisonneuve, conducted by Capt.

Eugene Chartier, body had written one called Tessa From Odessa. That was enough of a challenge for the prolific Mr. Eckstein. He phoned The Gazette for permission to use the title and soon had a new tune called Tessa From Odessa on the market, writing both words and music by himself. It has now been published by the Parnasse Musical Co.

The Gazette only supplied the title, however. The lyrics are decidedly not in the editorial paje style. The chorus runs, in part: "Tessa From Odessa "She can wigglesky, wagglesky. wigglesky woo "Itsky bitsky, boo "And from Odessa comes Tessa." Navy Cuts Honeymoon Jacksonville. July 14 JPi To the Navy's postponement of their honeymoon for 10 days by confining Lt.

Arnold Dean White to bachelor quarters at his Miami base, wife Gail Patrick of th screen tonight added mora. Tha honeymoon, eh Mid hr. will have to wait" until eha completes her tour of icrvicemen'a hospitals in this area. most glamorous "Pin-Up" girls, Penny Edwards. For 18 months Miss Edwards danced and sang in the Zeigfeld Follies.

After that she joined the Broadway show, Lets Face It. Co-starred with Miss Edwards will be Roberta Velsh, the singer from the Viennese Room of Fifth Avenue's St. Regis Hotel in New York. The dance team of Harry Day and Delia will bring streamlined ballet to add to the show, which. It claimed, will be light, tay and breezy in the best tradition of summer revues.

will play: March. Paving the Way (Slater); Overture, The Scarlet Mask (Zamecnik); Beautiful Blue Danube (Strauss): Midnight in Paris (Magidson); March, the Progressive (Goldman); March, The Footlif ter (Fillmore) Overture, The Gulls of Gaspe (Hildreth); Popular Music: March, World Events (Zamecnik). Samovar Tin Up Girl' Th new rrvufl Pin-Up Girl, scheduled to open at the Samovar on Monday, will star a young lady described as one of New York's WHITTAKER, abroad, it is completely uninteresting. Mr. Raft is a ridiculous and pretentious little man and Miss Zorina, thinly exotic, is not actress enough to handle a dramatic solo.

Eddie Sutherland's direction, in all the non-theatrical sequences, is pretty dreadful. But. when Follow The Boys starts rounding up the stars, then it gets, in the vernacular, groovy. The story of Mr. Raft and Miss Zorina and the death of vaudeville leaves you absolutely cold, but you find the vision blurring when Jeannette MacDonald sings I'll See You In My Dreams to a blind soldier.

You'll get a kick out of young O'Connor and little Miss Ryan when they cut a rung in front of a whole hill full of soldiers. Those two are Just loaded with live talent. More subdued but sure are the laughs for Orson Welles when he saws Marlene Dietrich in half. There's a real revival when W. C.

Fields repeats that famous pool-table routine he did 'way back in one of his very first pictures. It still pulls the laughs. For novelty, if you can team them, there's Artur Rubinstein making his first film appearance and Carmen Amaya doing a passionate hard-heel dance. rit eino-ers Dinah Shore, the Ml A jXMiiUJ These are, unmistakably, the Andrews sisters and they contribute some of their unmistakable singing to Follow The Boys, now at the Palace, against a background of gobs. Andrews Sisters, Sophie Tucker Three Band Concerts "FOLLOW THE BOYS" AT THE PALACE Universal release of Charles K.

relsman production. Directed by Eddie Sutherland. Screenplay by Lou Bres-low and Gertrude Purcell. Character Players Tor.v West George Raft Gloria Vance Zonna Nick West Charlie Grape win Kitty West Grace McDonald LouJe Fsixweather. Charles Butterworth Wiiter Bruce George Macready Elizabeth Patterson WiT-ara Barrett Theodore Von Eitz Dr.

Eencerson Regis Toomey Laura Ramsay Ames Martha OT5riscoll. O'Driscoll Maxie Rosenbloom. Rosenbloom Jiir-iOT Spooks Follow The Boys Is the entertainment industry' pkt on the back for its own work in supplying shows to the fighting-men. It's certainly a well-deserved salute, even if it needn't have gone on quite so long. Cast your eyes over the list of j-erformers (in the order of their Here it is: Jeanette Orson Welles, Marlene I.etrich.

Dinah Shore, Donald O'Connor and Peggy Ryan, W. C. Fields. Sophie Tucker, the Andrews' Sisters. Artur Rubinstein, and Carmen Amaya, they each do an ect in the show, some of them two.

Others, including Louise Allbrit-tcn, Evelyn, Ankers, Noah Beery, jr. Turhan Bey, Louise Beavers. Nigel Bruce, Lon Chaney, Alan Curtis. Andy Devine. Susanna Foster.

Gloria Jean, Maria Montez, Samuel Hinds and Robert Paige alto mill around, but you have to 2ook auick to see most of them. Then "there's a story, too, which j-vo5ves George Raft. Vera Zorina, Charley Grapewin, Grace Macdon-Eld. Charles Butterworth and Elizabeth Patterson. As you've probably guessed.

Fo; 3ow The Boys is what is generally referred to a "a cavalcade of entertainment." Like most things which have to do with the American entertainment world, it all starts in the Old Palace Theatre. The Palace, you might as well know, was the home cf vaudeville and presumably vaudeville is buried on the site. George Pait tries to wring a tear for the vanithing two-a-day at the opening cf the film, which takes place at the closing of the Palace. Even retired vaudevillians will find it hard to spare that tear for Mr- Raft, for vr.e sequence is pretty weak. Next Mr.

Raft heads for Hollywood, and there makes good by marrying a reigning star, a role interpreted by Miss Zorina. When War Comes. Mr. Raft is re BOYfZM0RGt Under the terms of the will of (NMWtTOQ- (1 A At the late C. S.

Campbell, three free band concerts will be given tomorrow night as arranged by the Royal Trust Company, trustee. At Uafontaine Park, the band ol La Societe Philarmonique, under -w" rT- mum su i -wvrvtc dm i wp. mf and Miss Mact-Knaia get xne Dig breaks. Miss Shore gives us just what the servicemen want, sad songs sung in that special Shore-leave voice. The Andrews well, the Andrews beat out their own brand of three-way rhythm.

Miss Tucker proves she can still blast her way through a hot number. Miss MacDonald's style looks a little artificial for troop-work, but there's that sick-bay scene to her credit You can take your pick, but these seem to be the big bargains. On the other hand you might even believe all that business about Mr. Raft and Miss Zorina, and then you get two shows for the price of one. times, and easily the best performance is that of the chimpanzee.

"PARDON MY RYHTHM," AT THE PRINCESS Universal production directed by Felix Teist. Screenplay by Val Burton. Characters Players Jinx Gloria Jean Tony Page Patric Knowles Julia Munsen Evelyn Ankers Dixie Marjorie Weaver Michael Walter Catlett Ricky O'Bannon Mel Torme Doodles Weaver Patsy O'Connor Bob Crosby and his Orchestra. Universal has found itself a substitute for Donald O'Connor now in the army and presents him here in a typical Donald O'Connor musical film. His rrame is Mel Torme and he seems to be something of a virtuose drummer.

The film is built around young Mr. Torme's ability to beat the liv Ziegf eld Follies and success. Experts differ on its versimilitude, and if you have opinions on the subject you can argue it out later with your friends. But if you just take the film on its face value, you'll come to no harm. It's another of those backstage stories, with plenty of old songs and Ann Sheridan looking at her well-rounded best in the costumes, as they say, of the period.

Boiled down, it tells the story of this singer and this song-writer and how they went places and got happily married. But a manager (symbolizing the Keith vaudeville circuit) tried to break them and almost did. They split apart and start to go down the ladder again. Friends bring them together again and they wind up in the Follies, with thousands cheering. Perhaps you recognize the plot? Think nothing of it.

It's standard equipment for a back-stage musical and serves as a well-tried peg on which to hang a generous supply of 1 JrV KtV 1 1 1 ift 1 ifw-f" Temptreoraterne I oHerror. ing daylights out of a piece of "SHINE ON HARVEST MOON" AT LOEWS Warner Brothers release of William Jacobs production by David Butler. Screenplay by Sam Heliman, Richard Weil, Francis Swann and James Kern. stretched animal skin. A A It seems that there's anamateur 'A i Dana contest aDOut to De aeciaea The character played by Mr.

Torme has his own band and a good chance of winning. There Is an Players Ann Sheridan Morgan Jack Carson Manning Characters Nora Bayes Jack Norworth The Great Georgettl Blanche Mallory Poppa Karl effort to get him under contract, for some reason and Bob Crosby 1 6ets pretty Manorie Weaver to lure 5. Z. Sakali Mr. Torme into a complacent it1 :1 stupor.

This is where Gloria Jean comes in. Castina her usual singing to the Margl-s Marie Wilson Dan Costello Robert Shayr.e Polic Sergeant Bob Murphy Dance Team The Four Step Bros. Dance Team The Ashburns Tim Donovan Davidson A Drunk Will Stanton William Fowler James Bush wind. Miss Jean plays a little Miss Fixit. She nominates her handsome playwright father to run against Harry Miller Joseph Crehan Soubrette Betty Bryson guuu rar.

Torme ana miss weaver trans fers her affections. Then Evelyn Ankers, who Is en Dancer Don Kramer mm jected and this rankles. He turns to the organizing of troop entertainment. Miss Zorina is about to have a baby but can't get Mr. Raft's attention' again, so she can tell him.

They drift apart. Around about here, the picture really starts. Let it be said that Follow The Ecys is successful as a variety show pure and simple. When it thinks -t's giving you a moving drama of gaged to Gloria Jean's handsome playwright-father oh, what's the Jusgler Harry Chas. Johnson Acrobat Walter Pietilla Shine On Harvest Moon purports to be the true life story of Nora Bayes and her husband, songwriter Jack Norworth.

and their joint careers up to their arrival at use of trying to explain a plot that gets so tied up that the screen-writers had to resort to a miracle to straighten out? show people at home as well as It's silly but mildly entertaining. Mr. Torme lacks the vitality of Don EDGAR BAWlg I ''KS Moroni OlwSomu 1 5f musical numbers. And generous that supply is. In addition to the original Bayes-Norworth numbers, like the title tune.

How Can They Tell That I'm Irish (sung with great verve by Miss Sheridan), San Antonio, Looks Like A Big Night Tonight and Be My Baby Bumble Bee, there are some new tunes, like Time Waits For No One and I Go For You. And between times there are strains of such old-time hits as Every Little Movement, Apple Blossom Time In Normandy and Take Me Out To The Ball Game. Perhaps lists of musical numbers do look like padding in a film revue, but they are very much part of Shine On Harvest Moon. People sing every few moments, probably to take their minds off the Miss Sheridan sings (in a certain sandpaper fashion) and Dennis Morgan sings. Irene Manning sings and so does Jack Carson.

Marie Wilson sings and so do the policemen in the night-court. Only S. K. Sakall doesn't raise his voice. Mr.

Carson and Miss Wilson, with Mr. Sakall, supply the comedy and do it quite well. In fact they are the bright spot of the film, Miss Sheridan's torso excepted. Miss Wilson, that dizzy, dizzy blonde, hasn't been around for a while and it's nice to welcome her back. The film, by the way, is well-photographed in black-and-white until the very end.

when it suddenly bursts into technicolor just like one of the early talking films. That's for the Ziegfeld Follies scene when the title tune, which has been on the tip of everybody's tongue all evening, suddenly bursts into one big, happy, production number. ald O'Connor and finds in Gloria Jean no Peggy Ryan. Patric THE WAYS OF WOMEN NOW SHOWING Knowles seems to have taken to graying his temples and playing to. lalners at a very early age.

French Aerial Troupe Is Starred at Belmont Les Kimris, noted French aerial stars who came to America just be fore the outbreak of war, supply the free outdoor attraction at Bel mont Park this week. nil. sM hL yZMtxzL The rigging used by Les Klmrls is reported unique in every respect. It supports a miniature aeroplane rrom whicn a trapeze is suspended fie tv6o fa flow fe At the opposite end of the rigging another trapeze is susnended and the whole rigging revolves rapidly as Les Kimris present their aerial feats. i i ii liiii NOW SHOWING V'V I 1 it', LZ- t(.

Jv 'v I -i. Vcta Zorin Artoi Bdbfciteia Cannea Jbuyt and Km Ceotpany SepKIe TbcIou Catlt MK ia th fr El lit ii s. si Jeaaettt KacDoiuli. pejtj EvtKa Onon WeDei' Uonard Cautiei'f Mercury Wtadet tttw EricLlavert The climax of the whole performance comes when they hang by their toes from the trapezes as the rigging continues to twist. These "flying as Les Kimris are known, execute their stunts 100 feet in the air without benefit of safety net.

The female member of the team. Vera Kimris, has been called "the most beautiful of all serial stars." Les Kimris appear twice daily, at 5 and 11 p.m., except on Monday when the park opens only at 7 p.m. Stan Wood and His Gentlemen Of Swing supply the dance music nightly, an well as every Sunday afternon, in Park's special dance pavilion. Today picnics are being held by the Canadian Car and Foundry Ltd. and the R.C.A.F.

No 1, Wireless School with the Customs and Excise Officers' Association outing taking place tomorrow. i. Mailese Dietrich ud linn baMi trtturm Dinah Short Ttd Lewi jti- i I i m. a Ik -it-J" Jfl r. Xitik Slack Pegjy Byaa Crieldi sm a Chailie tpUtk tat kk Onkwtit Looii lordaa tb Sisters GLORIA JFam ud iit OrtlkMtii WtlYNANWS PATRIC KNOWI re WALTER CATLETT Ma none WEAVER 8 UtJ "HIS BUTLER'S SISTIR" with Deanna DURBIN.

Frar.chot TONE and Pat O'BRIEN "GIRL CRAZY" with Mickey ROONEY and Judy GARLAND LATE snOW TONIGHT AT 9 Cy- NOW SHOWING "COBRA WOMAN" AT THE CAPITOL Universal production directed by Robert Sidomak. Screenplay by Gene Lewis. Characters Players Tollea Maria Montez Neja Maria Montez Hamra Jon Hall Kado Sabu Martok Edgar Barrier Queen Mary Nash Veeda Lois Collier Father S. Hinds MacDonald Moroni Olsen And Lon Channey as Hava. The popular features of Flash Gordon, Robinson Crusoe and Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs are dished out in Technicolor, and served with a generous gollop of sex appeal, in this latest of the Universal film fantasties starring Maria Montez, Jon Hall and Sabu.

The series probably the most frankly escapist, all motion picture products today, leaves no field untouched in its search for non-realistic, colorful subjects. For this story they probably dug back into some schoolboys annual, added Maria Montez, and came up with the one about the beautiful Princess on the tropical isle. Nothing, as far as we could see. is missing. There is the volcano, which all the natives worship, and which blows its head off at scattered intervals.

The volcano, by the way. has all the instincts of a ham actor, only erupting when the moment is nicely dramatic. Then there's the mumbo-jumbo about the sacred cobra; the old woman who is half-queen, half-prophetess; the usurping High Priest; the powerful faithful and tongueless retainer; the intrepid hero and his agile Boy Friday And motion picture's own contribution to the legends of the jungle the comic relief chimpanzee. And just to show that the studio really knows what its audiences really want, it throws in two Maria Montez. One is the beautiful but good sister loved by Jon Hall; the other is thoroughly evil, though beautiful.

This cunning device enables the plot to reach unprecedented heights of stately corn. From Miss Montez the Good, Hall gets scenes of simple bliss and a quotation from The Book Of Ruth. From Miss Montez the Bad, he gets a kiss that has to be kept under-water. The color is lair on in treat gobs and threatens to engulf the audience at times, as the senses swoon at so many dazzling hues. It's like wading in one of those colorplates in the National Geo-graDhic, only more so.

The acting is embarrassing at a 1 IRENE DUNNE SPENCER TRACY i i i a 4 v. "A GUY NAMED JOE" Added Feature "SLIGHTLY TERRIFIC" fr tVr i A AS fcw VSA-A KZAk 4 i i i 11 NONE SHALL ESCAPE" Added Feature SWING OUT THE BLUES" 1 i mi "i-rriTi run -Trim i a with Grace McDonald Char! Butterworth lit ill I 1 :4 4 tt JLiliS tW II I I I I I I dlttHW Martha OOriscoil Charley Grapewia Elizabeth Patterson Regis Toemay nrnmrm i 'i 4 0 a Different ways to handle a man are illustrated in these slides from rurrent cinema. At the top, Ann Sheridan true to the spirit of tr.e ISOO's, makes Denis Morsan look ud to her. This ic NOW SHOWING NOW SHOWING il Yffff On Moon. But Evelyn Ankers is more modern in Pardon Rhythm, at the Princess.

She believes in using force on Patrick xlr.o-Ies. 0mfmu. jmtm.

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