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The Gazette from Montreal, Quebec, Canada • Page 16

The Gazette from Montreal, Quebec, Canada • Page 16

The Gazettei
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Issue Date:

THE MONTREAL, FRIDAY, DECEMBER 5, 1915. yOL CXLVllI. No. 291 250,000 men, largely foreigners, who another upheaval came. If out of the chaos society settles into socialism and unbelief the next two or three geherations will go with their faces blem he says which can only be solved by mass construction. He praises the virtues of wooden hoiMes, condemns official -prejudice, and maintains the ability of British Columbia to supply, the timber. Several samples of British Columbia mill cut houses will, he states, arrive in London shortly to demonstrate their excellence. The Times, in a short leader, warmly supports Mr. Wade's policy and proposals. LAYMEN'S TASK IN ONWARD MOVEMENT SAYS MENTALLY DEFICIENTS 40,000 Less Than 2,000 Receiving any Care in an Institution in Canada Tramways Co. Motion to fix facts for the Jury; dismissed with costs. Bessette vs Ashby Limite, petitionerPetition for winding up order: granted. Eugene Prevost appointed provisional liquidator, meeting of creditors fixed for the 9th instant at 10 o'clock a.m., room 31, court house. The Perfect Shoe Co. Limited, in liquidation, vs A. H. Tanner, petitioner. Meeting of creditors. J. G. Duhamel appointed liquidator, and C. Ernest Perras, Jules Payan and Pierre Blouin appointed inspectors. F. Perras vs F. X. Perras et al. Sale bv liquidation. Parcel of land nartlv of the parish of St. Constant Giles vs. Adams. Cote vs. West bourne Land Co. Tudor vs. Pullman Co. Sasseville vs. Murray. Eastern Shore of Virginia Exchange vs. Ward et al. School Commission of Bernadin vs. Societe du Boulevard Pie IX. Duquette vs. Forest et al. National Cash Register Joseph Paquette. Hampson vs. Ballon. i Roy vs. Laniel. Goyette vs. Goyette Succession. Dupre vs. Architects' Association. Valtyuette vs. St. Pierre. De Beaujeu vs. Dessau tea. 1 Just received from New lork creation Velour Hats. A considerable overstock allows us to also offer a large assortment of high grade, latest style Felt Hats, at the very low price of worked on railway construction ana in lumber camps and who might just as well have been put in darkest Africa for all of Chrjstian influence brought to bear upon them. They had been asked and pressed to come to Canada, yet were shown no Christianity. How could it be expected that a Christian civilization wodld be built up under such conditions. What was being done for the colontes of returned soldiers who" were being settled in northern Ontario to aid them in hewing out hornes of the wilder ness as tti forefathers of the people 01 the older districts naa Deen aiuea by missionaries to hew their homes out? Bishop Farthing presided, and Introduced the subject and speaker. Jas. S. Brierlev. chairman of the lav- men's committee of the Forward Movement inMontreal, spoke hopefully of fhe prospects for the campaign. The boys' choir of St. George's church was present under Dr. lllsley to lead the musical part or the programme. Canadian Pioneer Aground T.ondon. December 3 The British steamer Canadian Pioneer has gone aground near Point India, according to a cable message received here to day from Buenos Aires. Assistance has een sent to the it was The latest maritime report on the Canadian Pioneer gave her arrival at Buenos Ants from Montreal on November 2. MASS CONSTRUCTION Agent-General Wade -Praises Wooden House Idea- London, December 3. Agent-General Wade, of British Columbia, again in a long communication to The Times.x urges the adoption of wood as used in Canada to meet the house shortage In England, a pro- in that direction, out, it out or me chaos society set its face God-ward then will tlio world go forward God-ward. It would be history repeating itself. It was for the laymen to see that the work 'was not left to the bishops and priests. Some one had told him that the cause of the unrest was because the world was looking for Christ. TASK FACING CHURCH. Mr. Nicholson dealt specially with the task which faced the Anglican church in taking over the work among the Indians fiitherto carried out by the Church Missionary Society of the English church in the vast regions of northern Ontario and im ffrpBt TInHsnn'a Ttav districts gen erally. He told something of what had been accompnsnea in me last ao years by the church missionary among tho Indians when they had come in a sailing vessel Into Hudson's Bay, and baptised all the Indians. DUTY OF WHITE MEN. He spoke ot the duty that devolves upon the white men of Canada to look after the Indians. Some people said that the Indians were indolent. and Immoral. He denied that as regards them all, pointing to many instances to snow me unw traits among the Indiana, of their aid In T.rnv. DKll If th In- dians were Indolent, dishonesf and immoral, it was oue to me wimeimra, God, he believed, would judge the man Pfinnfln St thfiV dealt with the Indians cannot tynm tVia xvhitg men. who 1, tVJ 11 WH HI. were everywhere. They had forced the Indians Into a civilization lor wnicn their instincts and training had made them unsuitable, and it was the task of the white men to aid them in a proper way. Mr. Nicholson's experiences has been largely among Indians, and he told of intimate things of their conaitions wnica iwero ui interest to his audience. Mr. Nicholson also referred to the thousands ot men, from 175,000 to Expressed at our eipense on receipt of amount aTSove-mentioiied prlceB. Money immediately refunded if not satisfactory. Mi; THE FIltST TO CHOOSE CE' Nifty 0ockt look-riVCiCi 1. given fr with each hat. SIR JOHN Time to Stop "Dime and NicK-el" Business Says 6. B. Nicholson M.P. AN OPPORTUNE TASK As Society Solidifies Out of Present Chaos fa Will it be For Generations "So fcfr as the lay body of tha church is concerned, we have been doing business in a tea-spoon fashion," said Mr. G. B. Nicholson, M.P, for East Algoma, in addressing a large gathering at the Windser hall-last night in connection with the Anglican Forward Movement. Mr. Nicholson's plea was for1 a greater and a wider conception of the duties of the laymen of tire church, a call to cease the "dime and nickel" policy. Hitherto, said Mr. Nicholson, "onlv the fringe of the wealth of the church had been touched. Some people referring to the forward movenjent said the time was not opportune, that if should have been before the war or some other time. He believed that notv was the appointed time, for the world had never been in such a state of unrest as today. No one could venture to say what the next week or next month would bring forward in regard to the, social and economic conditions of the world. Society today, said Mr. Nicholson, is in a molten state, and In whatever condition society solidified so it would remain tor some generations to come, until unite cases low suit. granted; costs to foi- N. Alphonse Sirpss Bernier. Defendant's ys. Adolpr motion to amend plea; granted on by defend ant paying costs of motion, L. G. Cluxton -vs. Dorchester Realties, Limited. Plaintiff's motion to open rogatory commission; granted; costs to follow suit. M. Wolman vs. Montreal Tramways Co. Plaintiffs motion to fix facts for tho jury) granted; costs to follow suit. C. J. McCuaig et al. vs. Nesbitt Thompson. Defendant's motion for particulars; granted; eight days' delay; costs suit. Dame Alice Owens vs. Patrick Mc-Guire. Plaintiffs motion for particulars; granted: day's delay; costs to follow suit. and partly of St. Phillip, No. 45 and 81 of the parish St. Constant cund Nos. 354 and 356 of St. PhllMp, for $4,510. Adjudicatory Is Stanislaus Blsson. Dartnell limited in liquidation, -vs H. J. Webb, liquidator Petition for authorization to sell the assets; granted. Lueien Morin, insolvent, and Vinet and Dufresne. curators Petition by enrators for authorization to settle case; each party paying Its own costs; granted. Dame Georgianna Desroches vs Cyrelle Auge. Plaintiff's petition to sue In separation as to bed; granted, costs to follow suit. o. P. Segum va E. and W. Belair. Plaintiff's motion' for rule nisi vs Elphige granted, returnable the 22nd instant. Dame Diana Milnes vs. The City of Montreal. Defendants' motion for peremption d'lnstanee; granted, with costs, La Commission des Ecoles Catho-liques" de Montreal, vs. H. R. N. Viau. Defendant's motion for particulars: granted; five days' delay; costs to follow Price Brgthers Limited, vs Clark Brothers, Limited, et and Montreal Trust mis-en-cause. Petition for writ of interlocutory injunction; granted; the security on interim injunction applied on the interlocutory injunction; costs reserved. C. Gour et al. vs. Hector Dor-ion, et al. Defendants' motion to withdraw deposits; dismissed, with costs. Hector Deschamps vs. Dominion Park Limited. Plaintiffs for particulars; dismissed, with costs. Samuel McKinley, petitioner Petition to 4e appointed commtsslonet of the Superior Court for the district Of Mnntreal; granted. J. W. Pauze vs. D. Marcotte et al. Defendants' motion for peremption d'instance; granted, with costs Eastern Trust Co. vs. Montreal Debenture Corporation; Limited, et al-and Turcotte Merrill and Eastern Trust petitioner. Petition for authorization to proceed as defendants; granted. Stanley Haydock, senior, petitioner, vs. Montreal Tramways Co. Plaintiff's petition to sue under the Workmen's Compensation Act; granted; costs to follow suit. A. Denis vs. La Compagnie des Jouets Bruyere, Limited. Defend- ants' motion to dismiss action; motion dismissed, with costs. Hartford Fire Insurance Co. vs. C. P. Ry. Co. Plaintiffs' motion to 1 1 FIRST DinSION, JANUARY DIS TRICT ROLL. The First Division Justices De-mers. Panneton and de Lorim'er which intended to sit on the 39th and 30th of December, hns changed the date of the session, and will take up the rural roll on January and 31. The following is a. list of cases; January 29th. Cabana vs. Boute (two cases) and ist.iette vs. Raymond, from the dis trirt of Francois. Bonin vs. Champagne and Descot eau et al vs. Chasse al. from the district of Richelieu. Letang et Hi vs. et al and Dame Proulx vir vs. Dame Rives frcm the district of Ottawa. Girard vs. Dame Gilmore -ei vir, from the district of Bedford, January 30th. Knox Hickev surcpshinn. and Dame Lamothe vs. Dame Chi latin, from the district of Ottawa. Fernet vs. Corporation of Berthier, Garby vs. City of Sorel, and Dame Rousseau et vir vs. Dame Nolette, from the district of Richelieu. Rosenberg vs. Smith, from ths district Tf St. Francois. Merchants Bank of Canada vs. Boyer, from the district ot Iberville. City of St Hyacinths vs. Sisters of the Precious F.lood,' from the district of St. Hyaclnthe. January 31st. Larivlere vs. Corporation tf the County of Two Mountains, Leduc vs Lavioictte vs. Ethier (three cases) from the district of Terrebonne. Dame St. Sauveur vs. Gatien, from the of- St. Hyacinthe. Desruisseaux vs. Dame Desruisfe-aux (two cases) and McCrea vs. Bel et a from the district of St. Francois. SUPERIOR COURT PRACTICE DIVISION. December .4, 1919 Judgments were rendered In the following cases: The I. J. Clarke Pub'ishmg Co. vs. L. J. T. Decary Judsment for $110. W. F. Robertson et al vs. E. Du-pont Judgment for $423.74. Phoenix import Limited vs. S. Levin et al and Acme Hat Manufacturing Limited, T. S. Judgment on declaration of T. (5. Joseph B. Bcrnrd vs. p.ime Geor-gina Lebeau Judgment for $115. Gs L. Darlow vs. C. W. Lindsay, Limited Judgment for $350. Dame E. E. Itaza et nl vs. J. II. Potter Judgment for $424j The W. It. Hroek Limited vs. Alexandra Garneau et Judgment for $419.23. Dame Marici Ohalska et al vs. G. H. Perras Judgment for $143.48. T. Sozontovitch vs. V. Poplansky and Sinclair Bros. T. Judgment as to costs on -arret vs. de fendant. J. E. Jeannotte vs. V. ArchambmK and La Sauvegarde Compagnie d'As-surance Vie T. S. Judgment declaring seizure tenantc. A. Roux vs. Dame 3. Gagnon and A1. Roddick et al T. S. iJudgme.nt on deslstment. P. Ambrosfo vs. La Neva Ita.Ua and Dominic de Santig mis en cause and Banque 1'HorheIaga' T. and Brassard el al destrayants Judgment on declaration of T. S. O. L. Kcrner vs. Jacbb A. Besner and Mefisrs. Gauthler et destray-ants and Perfection Clothing Co. Limited T. S. Judgment declaring seizure tenante. Rachel Darahaucr (American Small Ware Co.) Insolvent, and Paquet and Bonnier, curators. Petition to authorize public auction sale; granted. Drummond Realtlps Limited, (on voluntary liquidation) Petition, for winding up order; granted. John J. Robson appointed provisional liquidator, meeting of creditors fixed for the 12th instant at 10 o'clock a.m., room, 31 court house. Rt. Hon. Lord Shaughnessy et al vs John Mlddleton. Judgment for $251.37. O. Vlncelettl esqual vs Montreal Great Sale OP Velour Hats AT FRIDAY, SATURDAY and MONDAY more than 800 superior quality latest 2 ST. CATHERINE ST. EAST 420 ST. PAUtt ST. WEST VILLISON writes Reminiscences: Political and Personal all other Canadians interested in have led to the present crises in $4.50 1 rTtjq Stewart, united Toronto the inspection GOING back to his first political meeting, Sir John Willison recalls speeches delivered at the country crossroads. He sketches with the hand of a biographical artist intimate word pictures of the many men who have left their stamp on Canada. He gives a chapter to "The Old Man and His Ways." You view the political battles, long since past, in the light of history, free from passion and prejudice. You see him a struggling young journalist, on the first rung of the ladder, endeavoring to secure a foothold In his chosen profession. He shares many confidences and briefly but vividly reveals personal during these trying 'You see him established as Editor of The Globe, then Editor 'of The Sews, and later, as always, Canadian gentleman, keenly Interested in his own land. all, a charming book of intimate sketches of Sir John and'tne other men who have contributed so largely to our political life LUNCH AT BRV-SON'S DR. A. G. MORPHY SAYS Urges "Ellis Island" at Que-bee Where Immigrant Might be Detained and Observed Statistics prove beyond doubt the intimate connection between crime and feeble-mindedness, and they also show that a largo proportion at the feeble-minded and delinquent are foreign-born, said Dr. A. G. Morphy, lecturing last' night, before the St. James Literary Society on "The problem ot the Feeble-Minded." Feeble-minded immigrants, said the speaker, are infinitely less desirable than those suffering from physical disease, for the latter naturally tend toward extinction, whereas the former tend to perpetuate their kind. Consequently the first of the several measures which he urged should be adopted to meet the situation as set forth in his paper was tne cre-iition at Quebec of a Canadian "Ellis Island," where immigrants might be. if necessary, detained and kept under observation by trained and fully qualified psychiatrists. After giving an account of the characteristics of mental deficiency, and explaining how it differed from insanity, he 'remarked that public Interest in the question had lately been aroused by the placing of the whole subject upon a scientific basis' through the establishment of certain tests by which it is now possible to measure the mental powers, a fortunate thing, for the question is vital to the whole Dominion. 40,000 IN CANADA. There are In Canada, said the speaker, 40,000 mentally deficient persons, and less than 2,000 of these are receiving any care in an institution. In the province of Quebec there is only one institution for the purpose of looking after the mentally deficient, and in Ontario there is ako only one. 1 statistics for New York State and snow that one in every 250 is mentally' deficient, and in England a Royal Commission has established aooui jie same percentage. StartlinC WerA tha fifrnrAa eumtaA In order to establish the connection mime anu leeote-minuea-ness, and they were still further enforced when the speaker said that in any municipal court if 10 per cent, of the offender wpm that 10 per cent, was responsible for 50 per cent, of the crime committed. A survey of the Jails, maternity hospitals for unmarried mothers, reformatories and homes for offenders, showed that on an average ttt least 25 per cent, were ieeoiemmaea, ana some were insane. The feeble-minded are in great need of supervision. for they we easily influenced, for good or for evil, and especially for evil. Besides a Canadian "'Ellis' Island," Dr. Morphy advocated compulsory education. and special classes or schools for the feeble-minded; compulsory education for the reason that I Uui teeDie-minaea escape detection, special classes fori "lo icanun inai WltnOUt them both teachers and nnrmni erVinir. compelled to take the place of the ueiecuve children. He also advocated proper inspection Of schools hv trains and the co-operation of the juvenile i.uri wun expert psychiatrists; while. for UitSt'S, whether adult r)r juvenile, he urged ine formation of proper institutions Prisoners, a'so, whether adult or Juveniles, should always receive a 'uuruuKfi mental ana physical ex amination. THE CIVIL COURTS COURT OF REVIEW Judgments in Second Division Saturday The Second Division of the Court jLeXlf wKting Chief Jusoe Archibald, and Justices Eruneau and Hackett will sit in Room 24 and deliver judgment at eleven o'clock tomorrow morning in the following Allard vs. Montreal Tramways Co. Poliquin vs. Lupin. Hoy vs. Reid. Mallett vs. Reid. Tasse vs. Ouelette. Paquette vs. Desjardlns. Marcotte vs. Altny's. Pacaud vs, Harrison, and Harrison vs. PacaucF. Grace vs. Ologg. BOVRIL The great "key food" that makes other foods more nourishing. Tmwt ml mrnnVi Mkaa DINING ROOMS A Cozy Home. Baby plays on the floor safely when the Perfection Heater is lighted. 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