Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 9, 1957 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, December 9, 1957
Page 5
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Monday Evening, December 9, 1957. Ad Libs Biggest Fear Of Video Producers United Press Staff Correspondent NEW YORK (UP)— TV fears the ad lib. Television writes jokes for its quizmasters and panelists. It cans laughter for its comedies. It manufactures in advance jolly-type banter for its emcees and singers. It's safer that /jay. Jazz is the art of the ad lib. And for the most pan, jazz and TV are strangers. Jazz buffs, like winter sparrows, feed on crumbs. Sunday, "The Seven Lively Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Young and Arts" threw out a whole loaf of son, Joe, are at home here recup- bread. H was called "The Sound' crating from injuries received in °' >)azz ; _ I an automobile accident near Con- Working with some light and j verse on Thanksgiving Day. rehearsal s until Feb. 18. Wild, man. I dig Shirley MacLaine who was on Nan Fabniy's "Chevy Show" Adolph Menjou will star in an adventure series. "Target," for Ziv, an independent outfit. Sunday, but I don't get the message of Rowan and Martin. . .DuPont's March spec on CBS-TV will be "A Tale of Two Cities". . . Burlington shadow and a minimum of props, the CBS-TV hour staged a studio jam session. Coleman Hawkins wore his hat and Jimmy Rushing sported a plaid shirt. Thelonius Monk, a weird cat from way back, brought his sunglasses for the occasion. Well, let's get the bad news out of the way first. Musically, it wasn't too satisfying. For one thing, there were just too many musicians, around 30 of them, ranging from two-beaters like Pee Wee Russell to modern beater:; like Monk. There was also Billie Holiday who just looked beat. There were a lot. of cold horns. I said cold, man, not cool. Count Basie is a great bandleader, but he has never played particularly interesting piano and didn't Sunday. Roy Eldridge indulged in some of the unfortunate trumpet pyrotechnics that are his specialty in an early solo, but he did re- &tek True Life Adventures FAIR WARNING. _... BRAZIL.) AM HORNED FROG.... "* ...BARKS A NVARMIN& T<D A NOSV . WAORNINtS LINHEEPEP, THE MOl_EST<OK FINPS OUT THAT IT'S A (CASE OF THE BITE BEINS WORSE THAN THE BARK. THIS 6-INCH PROS HAS SHARP TEETH. ; Mr. Young was hospitalized with chest injuries. Mrs. Young's ankle was brokon and her leg is in a cast. Joe had evils and bruises on his face. Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Taylor were called lc Indianapolis recently by Ihe death of his aunt, Mrs. Will Kelsker. The Golden Rule class of the; Christian church met at the home ot Mrs. Mabel Morrison. It was a surprise birthday party for Mrs. Daisy Reavis— her 86th birthday. At a business meeting, the following officer.5 were elected: Mrs. Hazel Beck, president; Mrs. Bessie Fogelson, vice president; Mrs. Mary Freeman, secretary and treasurer. The Burlington tire department was one of five that fought a big blaze at Michigantown recently. They were Uyjre about four hours. About 22,000 (jailors or water were Charles Noble, a teacher at the deem himself on a beautifully con-. oeived flight behind Miss Holiday ,,.,.,,. , , later on. Miss Holiday still phrases '° cal scho01 1S K*chmK classes for well, but the voice and vitality arc!young farmers every Tuesday gone. I n ig ht f° r 15 weeks, -at 7 p.m. There If all this sounds harsh, I don't ;is no mean it to. I enjoyed the show. And it did avoid one pitfall—the tendency to become pompous about jazz. "Arts", thank goodness, presented music — plain, unadorned. I'm for it. Francis Poulenc is one of the Mrs. Harry Maxwell has been a patient at Memorial Hospital in Logansport for treatment and x- ruys. Carl Overholser's class at the Methodist church will meet Saturday night at the church for a carry-in supper. The class will then most witty of contemporary com-j go to the Charles Draper home posers. Witness his "Concerto for ' ~''"~ """'" J Two Pianos" and "Le Bal Masque." But a deeper current runs through his work, too. Witness again his violin sonata dedicated to the memory of Garcia Lorca. for a gift exchange and a business meeting. Ed Michae'. is still improving at his home. The Loyal Hustler class of the Methodist church will meet Sunday night at the church for a pot- Sunday, NBC-TV unveiled this luck supper and gift exchange, second side of Poulenc, his "Dia-| Mr. and Mrs. Dale Macurdy, logues of the Carmelites," an ! Mr. and Mrs. Veaux Bowman, Mr. opera that has been received fa- j and Mrs. Howard Garrison, Mr. vorably at Milan's La Scala and and Mrs. Dale Pullen, Mr. and ' Mrs. Lloyd Rusk, and Mr. and in San Francisco. It is a study of a group of Carmelite nuns, an order devoted to contemplation, who choose martyrdom during the French Revolution. In particular, it pretends to be a study of one who joins their group out of fear of life, who deserts them out of fear, but who returns to choose martyrdom, too. Dramatically, the text by Georges Bernanos suffered from a confusion of focus — a secondary Mrs. Richard Davis are in charge of the meeting. The MYF will meet at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Arlie Irby. Carl Overholser has been a patient at the Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis. The Burlington Music club will present a sacred music concert at the Christiar. church on Dec. 15. It will give the same program at the Logansport State Hospital in character, Mother Marie dominat-1 the afternoon. ed its center and then was quietly A bridal shower for Mrs. Claudia abandoned. Too, the motivation for the deserter's climactic . decision to choose martyrdom was lacking. Poulence's music was properly lean and spare and in the closing moments of a "Salve Regina" se- renly majestic. But somehow the whole thing never seemed to soar. Maddox Smoker will be held at the Christian Church on Dec. 9. Read the Classified Ads Benson Praises Proposed Year Wage Hike Ban Agriculture Chief Favors Moratorium. To Help Curb Prices AMES, Iowa (UP)—Agriculture Secretary Ezra Tail Benson has praised a union leader's proposal for a one-year moratorium on wage increases to hold inflation down. "It makes sense," Benson told an all-agriculture banquet sponsored by Iowa Slate College Thursday night. Benson was referring to the wage freeze proposal of Richard J. Gray, president of the building trades department of thc AFL- CIO. Although Labor Secretary James P. Mitchell said the idea deserves "serious consideration," Gray has come under attack from other union leaders. George Meany, AFL-CIO president, came out against the recommendation and said labor should ask for further wage hikes. Benson said the proposal is "sound economic policy in this period of inflation," and mentioned that farm machinery prices went up again recently. A considerable part of increased industrial profits and higher wages "have been siphoned from the economic bloodstream of the nation at the expense of agriculture" for several years, he said. The Cabinet member also said th Midwest has lost its natural leadership in feed grain production. He attributed this to federal farm price supports and their "inevitable production curbs." Benson said he looked to Congress to put across his proposal to cut corn price supports below the present 75 per cent of parity anc to eliminate corn acreage controls, sturting in 3959. His proposals, the agriculture secretary said, would result in a >etter balance between feed supplies and livstoclj production. Cass Court House Will Close Early Before Holidays The Cass county courthouse will be closed at noon on both Tuesday, Dec. 24, the day before Christmas, and on Tuesday, Dec. 31, by order of the county commissioners, it was announced Friday by Auditor Richard Gohl. It has been customary for the offices to close at noon on December 31 so various officials can balance their books for -the end of the year. The annual courthouse Christmas party will be held at 2:30 p.m. Monday, Dec. 23. There will be a 50 cent gift exchange and-refreshments will be served. • Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Five MISTER BREGER JUST ROUTINE! TOLEDO, Ohio ('UP)—The state riigh Patrol's Sylvania post here delivered a child Ear Mrs. Bernard STasbaum Thursday 'vhen she and :icr husband saw they wouldn't make it to a hospital and drove into the patrol parking lot. The patrol dispatcher, and two patrolmen are becoming experienced midwives. It was their second delivery in a weeJ<. Delphi School Board To Hear Building Plans DELPHI—The Delphi School Board will meet Dec. 11 with architects to hear plans and costs for enlarging the Monroe Street School. Tentative plans for the building include a gymnasium, band room, Junth room, and special classrooms. The board decided at a recent meeting not to buy the old Armory for use as special classes. Horsemen Plan Annual Dinner The annual dinner of the Indiana j Trotting and Pacing Horse Associ- : ation will be held next Tuesdayi evening in the cafeteria at thej state fairgrounds. ^Indianapolis, it was announced Friday by Cass county Commissioner Delbert Smith of Young America, president of the organization. Almost 400 persons have made reservations for the dinner. The master of ceremonies will be Attorney William Welch of Indianapolis, formerly of Logansport. II. K. Beaulieu'of this city is a member of the board of directors. ; president; Joe Herd, secretary; "Accident? What accident? I'm just changing a tire—." Elect John Cotner Shrine Club Head John C. Cotner was elected president of the Logansport Shrine club at its annual election of officers this .week. Dally Hunter was named vice- Week's Parking Meter Receipts Are $1,439.75 Parking me;er receipts for the week ended Friday came to Sl- 439.75, virtually (he same ficura as for the same period last year, according to the report of clerk- treasurer Ralph Smith. Receipts included S1.077.:>0 from street meters and $302.25 from melercd lots. CLOSE DUTCH CONSULATES JAKARTA, Indonesia (UP)—The The second largest marble dome l^onesian government today or. . | dered the closure of al! Dutch .11 the world adorns the Minnesota consulatcs and thc expulsion of the state capitol in St. Paul. The larg- jest is St. Peter's in Rome. 50,000 to 60,000 Dutch nations in Indonesia. A delegation of 30 Cass residents will attend. county Mayors Ralph Eberts of Logansport, Ralph Ferguson of Anderson, Fred Owens of Columbus, R. L. Haley, Jr., of Connersville, Robert Meyers .of Fort Wayne, Kenneth Power of Frankfort, H. Arthur Ruchey of Muncie, John Anderson of Shelybyville, and Ralph Tucker of Terre Haute have been invited jiation are held in those cities each io attend. The races of the assoc-1 summer. and George Palmer, treasurer. Ray Jones, Floyd Dillman,, Lowell Fiedler, Charles Wilkinson and Ben Been were elected to the board ot directors. The club will have its annual Christmas stag Tuesday evening, Dec. 17. Gifts will be exchanged by the members. Science Shrinks Piles New Way Without Surgery Finds Healing Substance That Doei Both— Relieve* Pain—Shrinks Hemorrhoids !««• York, N. V. (Speri.l) _ For the first time science has found a new healinij substance with the astonishing ability to shrink hemorrhoids and to relieve pain—without surgery. In case after case, while gently relieving pain, actual reduction (shrinkage) took place. Most amazinc of all —results were M thorough that mffcrers made astonishing statements like "Piles have ceased to lie a problem!" The secret is a new healing; substance (Bio-Dyne* ) —discovery of a world-famous research institute. This substance is now available in suppository or oi'nlmcnt form under the name Preparation H. m At your druggist. Money back guarantee. •BM.C.B.PU.B* The channel swim: NBC is giv- For" — "High Low" will replace it. . .I'm afraid I don't understand the appeal of Sal Mineo who sang! on NBC-TV's "Steve Allen" show I —rm convinced he should be televised from the knees down. . .Victor Borge, who's slated to do a spec on Feb. 19, has notified CBS execs he won't be able to make 3vy matt "You mean, VEEDOU 1O-3O. the4-Season Motor Oil. One grade for all-weather protection!" World famous! REALGAS, INC. Logansport, Indiana style.. . Idealgijt for every man to en joy! CREW-NECK SWEATER No doubt about it—the crew neck sweater is first in K fashion. That makes it your smartest choice to give him the best—a rich Islandic wool. Keeps it's shape. Tan, grey, charcoo-l and others. OPEN WEDNESDAY 'TIL 5 P. M. fHtllSfCUIll 313-315 E. Market St. Stop in-Jet us show you the new Big M New Cool-Power AN ENGINEERING VICTORY OVER HEAT AND FRICTION_ Mercury's entirely new Marauder V-8's dramatically cut power- wasting heat. And new Merc-O-Matic Keyboard Controls, new self-adjusting brakes, new 30% easier steering, many more new driving aids that give Mercury '58 sports-car handling ease. Marauder V-8's ENTIRELY NEW FAMILY OF ENGINES™ Marauder V-8's are completely new, down to the last bolt and gasket. Their revolutionary design takes advantage of everything Mercury engineers have learned in over 19 years of building V-8's. beat heat, run quieter, A- GREAT ADVANCES achieved in Marauder V-8's with Cool-Power Design are: In-block Combustion Chambers, Water-flow Intake Manifold, 3-stage •Cooling System, Cool-head Valves. These and dozens more engineering triumphs give Mercury '58 the most advanced engines on the road today. cut your costs! .NEW HIGH-ECONOMY REAR AXLE GIVES GREATER GAS MILEAGE— Mercury's new engines are so efficient they permit lower rear-axle ratios. The result: quieter operation, greater economy. Other advances offered: all-new automatic power lubrication, Speed-limit Safety Monitor. HORSEPOWER RATINGS 31 2 hp for the MONTEREYS 330 hp far tho MONTCLAIRS 360 hp for the PARK LANES NEW WIDER RANGE OF PRICES, zo MODELS—from budget-priced Montereys all the way up to magnificence unlimited in the entirely new Park Lane series. Dramatic, trail-blazing new beauty_the kind preferred by those who like to stay ahead in,style. Quadri-Beam headlamps standard, all models. 1958 MERCURY SPORTS-CAR SPIRIT WITH LIMOUSINE RIDE Don't miti th* big l.l.vi.ion hit, THE ED SUUIVAN SHOW," Sunday <v«ning, 7;00 fa 3:00, Station WISH, Chonn.l I. HAVENS MOTORS INC Market Street at 25th , Logansport, Ind. Phone 3507

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