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The Gazette from Montreal, Quebec, Canada • Page 7

The Gazette from Montreal, Quebec, Canada • Page 7

The Gazettei
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Issue Date:

VOL. CXLV11I. No. 200 THE MONTREAL, THURSDAY, AUGUST 21. 191fl BELIEVES BODIES BIRTHS, ENGAGEMENTS, MARRIAGES AND DEATHS ftOe Ter luaertlun Prepaid. lot No. 153-86. village of Cote Visitation, measuring 19 118 feet, with buildings thereon erected and fronting on Paplncau street, In Delori-mier ward, for $4,000. main until Sunday. She Is supported by a Russian ballet and will be seen each evening at 9.30. This attraction is free of charge, and has attracted large crowds every evening. FELL OUT OF BED AND WAS KILLED Congress and out of it that Washington was never full General of the Armies. This is an error. He was formally appointed to that place by the Continental Congress on June 17, 1775; held it throughout the Revolutionary War, and resigned it on December 23, 17S3. nearly four months after the peace was concluded. Later the rank of Lieuten-ant-General was created for him. and he continued in it from 1798 until his death in 1799. In the meantime relations with France had become strained. In -March, 179'J, Congress uassed a bill abolishing the grade of Lieutenant-General and reviving that of General military rank in its gift. It creates the office, but limits Its duration. So. on account of the size and the distinction of the company of men who have been General of the Armies of the United States it is the most desirable of all military honors. Farmer Found Dead in Yard (Special to The Gazette.) Brock vi'lle, August 20. Joseph aged 45, a farmer living in the township of North Crosby was found dead in his barnyard by his son. During the night previous he had complained of not feeling well, but got up and went out. to look' ult ter his stock as usual. AT THE THEATRES His Majesty's Will Re-open September 1st Painters and decorators are giving the finishing touches to the toilet of His Majesty' Theatre, which will have undergone complete renovated, when it re-opens for the season on Monday, September 1st. While the management was doing everything possible to make the patrons still more comfortable, booking business was not overlooked. First choice has fallen on "John Ferguson," which has made the hit of the season in New York. "John Ferguson," is one of the few New York productions not affected by the actors' strike, but even before the strike, it had reached its fifth week, and it was necessary to move from the Garriek to the Fulton, where there 400 more seats. AT THE PRINCESS. A feature of unusual lnrit Fireman. BrazeauL Victim of Peculiar Accident at Drum-mond Street Station CITY AND DISTRICT NEWS Patient Taken to Hospital in Semi-Conscious Condition a Puzzle to Doctors Falling out of his bed in the Drum-mond street fire station early this morning, Fireman Edmond Braeeau, 26 years of age, who lived with his parents on Gertrude Btreet, Verdun, suffered a fractured slfull and died a short time later at the Western Hospital, where he had been taken. The fireman went to bed with his companions a short time before night and he spoke to some of them before going to sleep. The noise ot his failing out of bed woke up the oi her' firemen and they at once gave the man first aid. It is thought he was dreaming, and was so restless that he fell out of the bed. He was rushed to the Western Hospital In an ambulance, borrowed for the oc casion from the Drummond stree military hospital. A few minutes after his arrival the man died. He was a widower and had been several years in the fire department. Chief Lapointe was notified and Captain Burke of the Drum mond street station went at once to notify the man's relatives. The body win be sent to the morgue today and an inquest will be held. SAILORS ENTERTAINED. 'The Daughters of Erin" social club entertained the sailors last night at the Catholic Sailors' Clnh. The programme was directed by the Bernard McDonald sold to Boris Katz lot No. 15-878. St. Jean Bap-tiste ward, measuring 20 72 feet, with buildings thereon erected, bearing civic Nos. 683 and 683b and fronting on Henri Julien street, for M.200. The Sheriff of Montreal sold to Adeodat Chauret lot No. 148-2027, Hochelaga ward, with buildings mereon erected and fronting on Brown street, fur $3.500 Joseph Versailles sold to Louis Rlckner lots Nos. 90-240 and 241, town of Montreal East, with buildings thereon erected and fronting on the public road, for $3,306. J. Elie Lemyre sold to Mrs. Jos. Alfred Deguire lot No. 489-73. village of Cote St. Louis, measuring 25 107 feet, with buildings thereon erected, bearing the civic Nos. 2468 to 2470a and fronting on Chateaubriand street, in St. Denis ward, for $3,500. J. Arthur Laurent sold to Henry Hand lots Nos. 177-152 and 153, parish of Montreal, measuring 50 90 feet, without buildings and fronting on Girouard avenue, in Notre Dame de Grace ward, for $2,700. Mrs. Alphonse Lamy sold to J. W. Gauthier lot No. 76-120. Hochelaga ward, measuring 25 120 feet, without buildings -and fronting on Prefontalne street, for $2,000. Edmond Miller sold to Mrs. Ed-ouard Laliberte lot No. 65-477, parish of Montreal, measuring 4.800 feet in superficies, without buildings and fronting on the public road, In Notre Dame de Grace ward, for $2,400, U. S. MILITARY rank Special Army Titles Proposed for Pershing and March Ncw York Herald.) hen the bill now before Congress providing for the appointment to the permanent rank of "General of the Armies of the United States" of John J. Pershing and Peyton C. March with precedence or constructive seniority to the first named becomes law, it will mark an interesting innovation in our military history. For the first time at a single creation we shall have two Generals of the Armies (or Army) of the United States. These officers will rank with the Admiral of the United States Xttvir alin.iM Un -i iiiav graae. wnion nasi not PXiHtpH clnio tha miral Dewey, be revived. As far as allied services are concerned Generals Pershing and March will rank with a French Marshal or a British Field Marshal, and, like one of these will remain technically In active service as long as they live. Under the War Risk Insurance law of October, 1917, the President received authority from Congress to appoint temporarily, as full generals tne commander of the United States forces in France and the Chief of Staff at home. It would have been highly inconvenient for General Pershing to have been not onlv of lower rank than Field Marshal Haij and General Diaz, but to be outranked by some of their subordin ates. Foch ranks by himself as Generalissimo, so his case does not count. General Pershing Is to be reward ed for winning the victories In the field: General March for organizing the forces which made those victories possible. Quite naturally the public Is more Interested in the man who struck the actual blows than in a soldier who had to foresee every neea ot millions or men. Still the Allies have no doubt as to the value of the work done here, just as they have no doubt as to the work done in France and Flanders. So we should have none. There Is a common impression in president, cissie McMahon, BIRTHS HOOPER nn Aiisust 20. at 4.10 Gtoa-wnor Westmount, the wife of A. V. Hooper, a son. (Toronto and Humilron papers please copy.l I' ETCH At Hemmingforrt, on the Kith instant, to Mr. and Mrs. C. IS. l'ftrh, daughter, DIED. CROSS xadeiiil. Lafce. on August l'ltb. from pneumonia. Hon. Alexander Gporire Cross. -ludse of Court of King's KcTich. In his 2nd year. Funeral from his lute residence. Srt9 Metcalfe Avenue. Westmount, on Thursday, August 21f, at 11 a.m. HOtE At his late residence at Bordeaux, P.Q., August 20. after a brief illness, Alexander Hope, a native of Londonderry, Ireland, in his 63rd year. Funeral will be held on Friday. 22, at 2.30 p.m., from his late LANDERS in New York City, on August, lite Lawrence Landers, formerly of Montreal, dearly beloved husband of Helen Cluin. Funeral will take place Friday morning; at 8.1.1 from his brother-ln-law'a residence, 7M City Hall Avenue, to St. Patrick's Churcb ami theuee to Cote des Neijjes Cemetery. Friends and acquaintances are respectfully' Invited to attend. ef Xork papers please copy.) MILLIGAN At 104 Iladley St. Cote St. Paul. Jennie, dearly beloved daughter cf Mr. and Mrs. Mllligan, aged five months. Funeral from above address at 2.30 Auirust 21, to Mount Koyal Cemetery. Private. FLORISTS. Corner St. Catharine and Oaf Street Qab9 Brunch St. John 8trl bay it with blowers from Phone Uptown 490T St. Catherine and Peel FLOWERS For Every Oceunloa At Popular Fricot. Rubin Brothers MM St. Csthsrlne St. W. Cp. 174S and Cp. 8040. UNDERTAKERS. TEES CO. XaL trr. Mtt (UNDERTAKERS and EMBALMERS 912 St Catherine St. West 0. A. COLLINS Mb I UNDERTAKER 66 Wellington Streak 'Phone Victori Progressive Business Men Place tbelr Printing Ordera In the bands I an absolutely reliable Printing Concert "Deliveries Whea Prosalsed" PRINTERS LIMITED kL Ml. For All Electric Motor Repairs TELEPHONE MAI 4D0O Fred Thomson Co. LIMITED i-9-11-13 bt. uenevieve St. ELECTRIC FANS Department of Railways and Canals, Canada, HOl'LAMiKM CANAL. rDNDERTAKERS AMBULANCE HCADQUAJTUS A ONI Office ONLV 3 Wirirg.Repair3,Lijhfin3 Fixtures I Contractors for everything Electrical I IMeln 8663 07 BleurySt. of the Armies, and it became law. The chance of War having decreased. President Adams, who was jealous of his own authority as Commander. in-Chief of the Army and Navy, did not send Washington's name to the Senate, as was expected. The rank of Lieutenant-General lapsed with the signing of the Military 'bill of March, 1802, which provided for a peace establishment. In the Wir of'lS12 and the Mexican War Congress did nothing on the subject, but by an act of July. 1866, the title and rank of General of the Army was revived and Lieutenant-General U. S. Grant was appointed for life. On becoming President, in 1869. Grant resigned his armyrank of full General and William Tecumseh Sherman was promoted to the place, which he held until his death, in 1S91. when it lapsed. In the meantime Grant had been appointed General on the -retired list by an act of March, 18S5. This honorary office came to an end on his death In July of the same year. By a law of June, 1888, the grade of Lieutenant-General of the Army was revived and merged in the grade of General of the Army, "to continue during the lifetime of the present Lieutenant-General." The Jank of General was then conferred on Lieutenant-General P. H. Sheridan and ceased tc exist on his death, on August 5, 1888. After the disappear ance of Sheridan and Sherman there was no General until the law of October 6, 1917, came into operation to meet a temporary war. need. So there have been in all Just four soldiers to hold the rank of General of the Armies of the United States-Washington, Giant, Sherman and Sheridan; and but two of them. Sherman and Sheridan, held the rank at the same time. In nothing is Congress more cautious than in conferring the highest I Buy Now in Strathmore Gardens On Lake St. Louis. ft Only 55 nifnutfV mm-fnrtnble Jniimry from tv rntre of the city. Ilun-rirerlft of fin i hoiiKPii fit rady erpolfd. It 1h hti Ideal finrnplnnd playground. Rullriinir restrictions prevent the erection of all nndeslrnhle Mriirtarcit, nhncks, fne-torlen. etc. Title perfect. PreHent price, Be per ft. np. Cannot remuln Atu-tlonary. Term: $10 ch. $5 per month per lot. For a limited number of client we will finnntfl I I i ti k. Descriptive booklets free. I f. AccnH i. arcn i rui t. jm (Realty Dept.) St 1Mb Tear. Main 7t aniiimWitltMBiUllllilSiMtliHii NOTICE. Pursuant to The Innranre Art, 11)17, notice Is hereby given that Tnlon Aumir-anre Hociety. I.lmltfd. hlH nbtttlnt'd lii-enae to curry on the business of Automobile IniMirttnre. T. MOKRISET, Resident Mnnnger 2(K) SI. Street. Montreal converted into Apartment House. Simnsnn fnmnanv STREET MONTREAL Mortgage Loans MAIN 7756 Lawrence Boulevard and Street square feet in the heart of the site ror laciory or warenotise. ur be provided a-t the Princess Theatre' uexi week, when Winston's Water Lions and Diving Nymphs will be seen disporting themselves together in a six-thousand-gallon tank. Two gifted girl swimmers will oerform aquatic feats which the sea lions Imitate. Their trainer declares that no routine Is followed, but that the 17, ily wnat tllejr are going to do. Indoor Sports." a new one-act playlet which has won high praise in New York, will be presented by W. B. Frledlander, who has engaged a thoroughly competent east. "A Specialty Dancing Revue" Is promised by the Maglevs. two darners whose high standard will maintain ii-B quamy ot tee exceptional series of dancing acts that have been provided for the Princess. "Fun on Deck" Is the latest vehicle in which Billy Wayne ajid the Warren Girls will entertain. More fun still will be provided by Ben and Hazel Mann In a "nut" comedy skit, and by McAvoy and Wilson. Foot-Juggling, another novelty this season, will be exhibited by the Worden brotheiis, and Pietro, the wizard of the accordeon, will perform some remarkable musical feats upon that instrument. AT THE ORPHEUM. The attraction at the Orpheum Theatre next week, "The Naughty Wife," will be played here for the first time, although it has enjoyed long runs both in New York and through the United States and in London, England. It is a farce built upon highly lines. The story deals with a husband so engrossed In his daily work that ho neglects his wife, who, resenting what she deems his unwarrantable treatment, decides to amuse herself in her own way, and eventually falls in love with a man and decides to elope with him. By a mere chance the husband discovers his wife's Intentions, and sets himself the task of thwarting them, but not in the conventional way. Instead of tears, recriminations, threats of divorce and melodrama, we have deeds of kindness, tnougnttuincss. wants foreseen, desires anticipated. Everything we do not expect to happen does, and what we do expect does not. Eventually wife and husband are reconciled, and the play ends as happily as most. It Is sound comedy throughout, without a dull scene. AT LOEW'S THEATRE. A bill of all-star vaudeville attractions will be presented at Loew's next week. Mr. and Mrs. Norman Phillips will be seen in a dramatic playlet called "Sweets to the Sweet" The Five Avallons, described as wire-walking wonders, will give an entertaining act. A pleasing number will be the appearance of Lillian Calvrt "The Quaker Girl," in modern song numbers; and the Gorman Brothers in another musical offering. On the picture end of the bill Ethel Clayton will be featured in "Men, Women and Money," a story of a girl who was lured In high society ii um ner norne in tne West, and the action of the story is wound round what happened to her. A comedy and Loew's British-Canadian News will oe among tne other offerings. GAYETY REOPENS MONDAY. The 1919-1920 season of the Gavety Theatre. St. Urbain street, will commence next Monday afternoon with Hip Hip Hooray Girls as the opening attraction. The show is said to be one of the best on the Columbia circuit thisoseason, and everything lias been prepared by the management of the theatre to make the opening of the new season a successful one. A new manager will be in charge of the theatre this season in the person of M. Garfield. He comes from Chicago and has had many years' experience. He is known as one of the most strict managers In th hnr. lesque circuit and will. always insist on clean shows, The house has been redecorated and made Into one of the most attractive meaires in tne cits'. It is finished In Ivory and gold with new earner, on draperies. Every corner has been cleaned and the house is now as bright as a new dollar. The reserved seat sale for the, Ing will start today at 9.20 a.m. AT DOMINION PARK. Mile. Lubowska, who is anne.irinn-1 at Dominion Park this week, will re- I Properties IN RUINS OF FIRE Detective Continues Weird Search, Convinced Extent of Tragedy Not Yet Known NO WOMEN MISSING Mystery Regarding Party Who Failed to Return For Photographs Cleared Up Detective Constantin following up energetic search for additional witnesses and information about vie tlms of the fire which destroyed the Mystic Rill and part of the Scenic Railway, at Dominion Park a week ago last Sunday afternoon, when eight persons are known to have been killed, continued his work yesterday afternoon and evening. After the inquiry held by Fire Commissioner Latulippe, the detective went to Dominion Park and looked over the ruins once more. All the debris had been carted away, and every spot where the Mystic Rill once stood had been gone over carefully by the park employees. Every piece of cloth and buimt or charred wood was examined and nothing in the way of a body was discovered. At the south end of the plant, where the ground is considerably lower, a washout occurred when the water of the Mystic Rill flowed from its artificial canals and dragged debris, bodies and other material into the hole. It was here that the body of young Ferland was on Tuesday found buried in sand over a foot deep. It was in this hole also that the majority of the seven other bodies were discovered. In the course of his exam r.avon yesterday afternoon, Detective Constantin had in view the posslbi.ity that other remains might have ben buried as a result of thfi washout. He accordingly asked Mr. Hannaford, superintendent of the park, to have a trench dug along the south end of the place in order to place all the earth in one place, and give the searchers a better chance of finding traces of other bodies, should there be any. On the east side of the plant, there is a gully about seven feet deep and another washout occurred there. Here also Detective Constantin dug into the ruins and asked that another trench be dug so as to move the accumulated sand and. debris that was washed down into the hole. Several old papers and old cloths were found, and there is a possibility that parts of bodies may yet be discov ered. In the other parts of the ruins there are no signs of any bodies, and little possibility of any having been overlooked. NO WOMEN MISSING. Detective Constantin reported last nieht that he had discovered the ad dress oft the two women who had their picture taken by a photograph er in the park before the fire, and who had not returned for the prints, Last night he went to the home of J. F. Howell. 380 Victoria avenue, Westmount, and inquired for Mrs, Howell and Mrs. Hutchinson, the two women whose pictures were Mr. Howell, however, said there was no member of his family miss ing. He, with his wife and his sis ter-in-law. Mrs. Hutchinson, of bas katoon, went to Dominion Park on the fatal Sunday afternoon. The two women and two children had their pictures taken. They were toid the pictures would not be ready for half an hour. Whereupon they said they would go into the Mystic Rill. "We were through the Rill." said Mr. Howell, "and while there we saw no fire or even smelt smoke. The ride seemed to be long, however, and one of the boys remarked about it I myself felt uncomfortable and de cided I would never go into the place ttgaln. We came out, went to the photographers for the pictures. and he told us that they were not quite ready. As we turned from his booth we saw flames in the Mystic Rill. We were lucky to have escap ed the fire." A BOY MISSING. Detective Constantin on his return from Westmount, called at the residence of Mrs. Patrick Reid, 74a Mansfield street, whose son, he had heard, had been missing for two weeks. Mrs. Reid said the boy was the eldest of seven children. He left home a few days before the fire and had not been heard of since. When shown a picture of the boy who had his photograph taken at the park on the day of the fire. Mrs. Reid said it was not her son, so while Detective Constantin established that the two women and their children are safe, he has still to find the two boys who told the photographer they were go ins? Into the Mystic. Rill while wait Ing for their pictures to be develop ed. and who never came hack. No In qulries were received either at the morgue, the fire commissioners office or photographer's booth vesterday In connection with the boys, and Detective Constantin would be glad to clear up this point. September in Algonquin Park September is one of the most de lightful months of the year In the Highlands of Ontario and Algon quin Park offers attractions that are not found In otner districts. Situated at an altitude of 2,000 feet above the level of the sea. it assures the visitor of a pure bracing air that rejuvenates body and mind. A few days here Is better than ounces of tonics and saves doctor bills. The territory Is also easy of access via the Grand Trunk. 200 miles north of Toronto and 170 miles west of Ottawa. "The Highland Inn," a charming hotel, affords most comfortable accommodation at reaaon-able rates. The Inn Is heated by steam. Grate fires for cool evenings add cheer to the Indoor pleasure. The cuisine Is all that can be desired. Good fishing in the many lakes In close proximity to the hotel. A fine clay tennis court offers means of, physical exercise. "The Highland Inn" is operated by the Grand Trunk Railway. Make your reservations early. Illustrated descriptive literature, telling you all about it, from any Grand Trunk agent, or writ Mr. N. T. Clarke. Manager. Highland Inn, Algonquin Park. Ont'. "Is your husband a man of high ideals?" He hopes some day to earn lary that will meet thu cost of living." Detroit Free Press, AT FILM THEATRES Good Mid-Week Bills at Movie Houses Include: "Nugget Nell," featuring Dorothy Gish, and being shown today, Friday and Saturday, at the Imperial, deals with a girl of romance who runs a boarding house In the wild west. She has for a guest a mysterious stranger from the "east," who gives her no attention, although he flirts with a vamp who happens along. Nell is almost broken-hearted she has become infat uated with the city chap. She de cides to exchange her cowboy at tire for stylish clothes and goes about it with characteristic energy holding up salesgirls, until she has enough clothes to equip tier self, A gang of outlaws conspire to rob the stranger, and- -Neil ae fends him at the peril of her own life, only to discover that he is an arrant coward. Cesare Nesi, tenor, sings at three and nine o'clock each day. AT THE MOUNT ROYAL. Today and Friday, the feature wi! LIC lllCUd DHIA 111 I.IIUCI nw Til i KlTJnn fnrA Flags" and "The Avalanche," clev- eriy featuring Elsie Ferguson. While there is one ruling trait, an acquired one, an effect of association developed into a passion for gambling, and while "Chichlta," "Helene" and "Madame Delano" of the story dif fer in appearance only as a mother and daughter might ordinarily do in real life, they axe diftinct women each clear-cut as a cameo, each a creation of her environment, all three Impersonated by an actress so accomplished as to rank with the best of screen interpreters. The story, In brief Is a mother's sacri fice to save her daughter from the terrible consequences of folly. AT THE NEW GRAND. Mary Pickford in "Daddy Long Legs has been attracting large au diences all week at the New Grand The love story of an orphan which is depicted this photoplay is picturlzation of the famous play by Jean Webster and is one of the most compelling roles in which Mary Pickford has ever appeared. The gradual humanization of the trustees of the orphan asylum constitutes funny series of incidents, while the pathos and sweetness of the story are in themselves a major attrac tion. The picture will be shown un til Saturday. Coming Sunday and showing all week Is Tom Moore in "The City of Comrades." AT THE ALLEN Today closes one of those excep tional "family days programmes with Bryant Washburn in "A Very Good Young Man" and Rex Beach's stirring mystery story "The Crim son Gardenia." Tomorrow the Allen will show ''Comradeship." Elsie Lilly, who won fame in "The Merry Widow," Gerald Ames and Teddy Arundle, well known actors, are its principals. Its story one of appeal ing tenderness with here and there a vein of comedy rich in its humane ness. In photography and settings with glimpses of "Dear Old London there is all that can be desired, and the acting very natural. THTrEALTY MARKET Property in St. Ann Ward Sold For $18,000 Joseph Ward sold the National Breweries. lot No. 1841. St -inn wara, measuring 4.uo feet in superficies, with bulldinps thereon erected and fronting on St Maurice street, for $18,000. Richard Collins et al. sold to J. Steele lots Nos. 138-65 and 66, and 139-302 to 304. town of Montreal West, measuring 2 lots each. BO 120 feet, and 3 lots each, 50 90 feet, with bulldlnsrs thereon erected, bearing the civic No. 88. fronting on uieiy avenue, ior $10,000. Ludger Brien sold to Alberic Gel lnas lot No. 102, town of Polnte aux 140 91 feet, northeast line, and 85 feet, south west line, with buildings thereon erected and fronting on Notre Dame street, tor ixeorge H. Robert sold to Louis Nahuet lot No. 161-545, village of Cote Visitation, with buildings mereon erected, vnearlng the civic Nos. 2086 to 2090 and fronting nn Cartler street, Delorlmier ward, for i.uuu. Mrs. Irenee D. Handfield sold to n. Mcwart Ross lot No. 198-146, parish of Montreal, measuring 32 83 feet, with buildings thereon erected, bearing the civic No. 419 and fronting on Northcliffe avenue, Notre Dame de Grace ward, for J6.700. Michel Lombardi sold to Mrs William A. McCrea lots Nos. 140-289 and 290, parish of Montreal, measuring 100 88 feet, without buildings and fronting on Ballantyne avenue. Notre Dame de Grace ward for $4,400. Arthur Payette sold to Hector Lamontagne. northwest part of For Sale Six rooms Real Estate Department SWIMMING RATHS and TURKISH LAURENTIAN Cor. Craig St. E. and Beaudry Private Baths. 35c. Turkish Baths. overnleht. $1.50. Tel. E. 3503 BODEGA CAFE Ilcened TRANSPORTATION BCILPIXO RrenkfaM Lunch ft to tl a.m. 12 to p.m. Quick Rerrice f4THpdqttarters for the down-town Business Mao. Special Dining Room For Ladle. BAR IRON FOR SALE Approx. 250 tons of V'. and Round Mild Steel Bara, Alao Flat Steel Bara in different, sues. Write or "Phone NORTH-EASTERN IRON SALVAGE CO. 129-133 Narareth Street Tel. M. 6405 CENTURY COAL CO. LIMITED 810 Dominion Eprei RuDdlng Montreal, Que. YVlfphon Main 730ft I EXTENSION OF TIME Notice Is hereby glvn that the time for the reception of tenders for "Kiver St. Charles. Quebec, aale of contractor's plant," Is extended to Friday, August 29. 1919. By order, R. C. DESROCHERS, Secretary. Department of Public Works, Ottawa, AtigUHt IS, 1319. Canadian National Railways KASTKKS LINES Halifax Ocean Termlnala. HALIFAX, N. S. SEALED TKNOKHS, addressed tn C. B. Brown. Chief Kngineer, Mnncton, and marked on the outside, "Tender for will be received up to 12 o'clock noon Wednesday, August 27th. 1019. for the Construction of Docks Marginal and other Paved and Mac-adnmjzed Roads and Streets at the above mentioned location. Plans, Hperlflraflnns and blank Knrm of Contract, innr be seen en and after August 12t h. MID, at the Offices of the following: Chief Engineer, Eastern Lines, Mnncton. N.B. Superintending Engineer. Halifax Ocean Terminals. Halifax, N.H. Division KiiBlneer, C. N. Tunnel Station. LauaHchetlere Montreal. Q. Tenders for alternative nronnnltlnm in be considered if received from bona fide Paving Contractors, provided such alternative tenders are accompanied bj complete spec illcatlona. Kach Contractor tendering must submit with bis tender a security deposit In the form of an accepted cheiiue' on a Chartered Bank of Canada and made payable to the "Canadian National Hallways" for ait amount of Ten Thousand Dollars i Jlo.lXKl HI). No revision of any tender will he sldcred If received by the Chief Engineer at Moncton at a date later than 12 o'clock noon, Wednesday, August 2-tb, 1919. a si Lowest or auy Tender not necessarily accepted. r. p. BKADr, General Manager. Eastern Lines. Montreal. P.ti, August 11th, 19I. Antikor Laureme Best Coin Cure Safe, Reliable, Permanent, Sold Everywhere, fee, J. LAl'KENCB Pnarnasual, Heatraal, fgl "fit I Detached House and Grounds For Sale 149 Durocher Street Lot SO 12(1 ft. three-storey and basement; solid brii'k on tone bihio ruor. can lie eatilly iinmeuiHte possession. The Cradnck 120 JAMES while the chair was taken by the nev. Kooert Callahan. The sailor talent, under the direction of Mr. AlcC.reeor, Included Mr. Briarcliffe Mr. Shepherd and Messrs. Rigby and Leonard Vernon (ladv imoersona tor), of the Megantic, and Mr. Mul len, of the Corsican. The following also assisted: Miss Logan, Miss Nora Fyffe, Miss Irene Forward, Miss Watt and Mr. M. O'Neill (songs) Mr. Horan (recitations). Miss Mc- Cambridge (step-dancing). Messrs F. McGilly and E. Watt (instrumental selections). Mr. Kenneth McLen nan, Mr. Roy Hellyer and Miss Hilda McMahon (Jazz band). In addition, a special set of numbers was pre sented by the four little West child ren. Misses Evelyn Flynn. Feeny ana Gertrude Fyffe accompanied. DOCTORS ARE PUZZLED. Taken to the Western Hospital yes terday morning by the patrol waggon of the St. Henry police station, Duffy Lefebvre, 43 years of age, of Glen Norman, has proved to be one of the most puzzling cases which the hospital authorities have had to deal with. The man. though semi-con acinus, seemed to have nothing wrong with him. At an early hour this morning he was still semi-conscious. The police said he was picked up on Dacourcelles street on Tuesday morning as a "drunk," but after spending a day and a night in the cells the officers decided the man was 111 tnd not under the influence of liquor. He was accordingly sent to the hospital. As far as could be learned about the man, he was a special constable, but no information could be secured as to who were his employers. His condition is considered as critical by the hospital doctors, DRAWING AND TRADE CLASSES. The free drawing and trade classes given In Montreal by the Council of Arts and Manufactures will be open to the public at the beginning of October in the Monument National. Enrolment of pupils will begin next Monday. The following subjects are taught: Freehand drawing, architec tural drawing, mechanical drawing, painting, plumbing, modelling, eraphy, sign-painting, lettering, car pentry, stair building, ladies dress cutting, sewing and millinery and solfeggio. Ladies are admitted in modelling, freehand drawing, lithography, painting, cutting, sewing and millinery classes, also In solfeggio. PROVISIONS CONFISCATED. Last week the city food inspectors confiscated 3,829 pounds of meat and 236 pounds of other provisions as unfit for consumption. PERSONAL INTELLIGENCE The following gentlemen were in troduced on 'Change at the Board of Trade yesterday: A. P. Jackson, Glasgow, and W. E. Omond. Toronto, by Jos. Byrne; Jos. Mongeau, Na-pierville and H. Perrault, Beloell by S. Laf ranee; E. Cardinal. Ottawa, by J. C. Bisaillon. SALE OF SOILED SUITS Every Garment Soiled By Water in Boys' High School Shop For the next three days "Uncle Jack's" Shop In the corner of the Semt-ready tailor shops on Guy street will be the centre of a sale caused by the fire in the Shops on Saturday nigh: last. Every dollar of damages given by the Insurance company will foe distributed among the customers all except a sum set aside for the repainting ilf the sign of the Boys' Shop. There are knicker suits, long trouser suits and odd knickers and longs In the lot to bo sold. "I was fortunate in not all my new winter ovenoats and suits in stock," said Uncle Jack. The National Route to Ottawa The Canadian National Railways' service to Ottawa Is becoming more popular each day owing to the convenient times of its trains. Trains leave Montreal (Tunnel Terminal) .5.00 am. dally except Sunday, and p.m.. daily. Returning, leave Ottawa (Central Station) 8.33 a.m. daily, and 8.35 p.m. dally except Sunday. Parlor and dining services on all trains. Tickets and information at any Canadian National Railways' Ticket Office. SOMMER BUILDING A IG-ntorey addition to th "ftommrr fiiillritnjr" on Mayor Htrt. now In counts of ronntrurllon, ready for orrupiitlon unitary, IB'-dO. Fireproof and up-to-date tn OTrry respect ground floor partlrulurly auMable for whole Mile Jobberi, milliners, tipper floors for light manufiMJUtrlng and showrooms. For terms, apply to A. SOMMER scmmkr Walter Molson Co. Insurance Real Estate 153 ST. JAMES STREET 6 Exceptionally Low Price For MANUFACTURING SITE Notice To Contractors 'M Laurier Avenue, Between St. St. Denis Splendid property of about 20.000 wito tiding for six cars rine ukai.kd tksukii.1, addressed to the tJ undersigned and marked "Tend.r 4 for Repairs to the Koadwuy on the North Embankment of the Soulungce Canal." will be received at this office until 12 o'clock noon on Thursday, August 2S, I'lnni nn TO ll Lansdowne Avenue. Me.tmoont. Jne. Two-storey, pressed brick dwelling, nine rooms, two fireplaces. Price, "sea orica M1-J M. Catherine Street West Near St. Matthew Street, Area square feet. Stores and dwelling. Price, 7.000.00. wu No. M-f0 Henri Jullen Avennej IM-ihj Marie Anne 8treet.0S.foot frontage on Henri Julion Street; 72-foot fronts on Marie Anne Btrerr Two-storey brick buildings. (Annual Rent, l.f0.00.1, Price, m.WM.OO Anne de IWMevue Fine property on the lake front. Two-storev frame bouse, containing nine rooms aniUhathronm. concrete cellar running water; electric light, hardwood Doori and garage. Area, approximately 50,000 aqua re feet. Price, J15.000.00. iirumaieiy ther particulars on application to Box 5-11, (jasette Office. ORDERS WANTED For High Grade Gray Iron tract to be entered Into can he seen on it Chief Engineer of the Department of It.illwat and Canals, Ottawa, and at tbs. office of the SriperiMtnnding Engineer. Quebec Canals, New Blrka Montreal. An accepted bmk cheoue on a chartered bank of Canada for the sum of Isle failletn. Qn. Nlrely situated furnished bungalow, and pantry, water eonnectlona. Price. $3,000.00. $1,000, made payable to the order of the A nf rj rl accompany eecb tender, which sum will be forfelied If the party tendering de clines entering into contract for th work at the rate stated In the ofei A Chalennanay Rnsln Situated on the river front, five minuted' walk from station; eight rooms, hntb. etc. Hardwood finish, first Boor; garden, artesian well, stable and roacb house: area, about one sere. This would make a desirable house for all year round occupation. Price, 14. ooo.oo. 4R9 Lansdowne Avenue 3 storey brick house, 9 rooms, concrete cellar. Price on application. 13 Konvrntr Avenue Quiet neighborhood, central, 8 (noma, larga cement cellar. 17,000.00. so noun The clieuue thus sent In will re. i turned to the respective coutraetorl whose tendora are not accepted. A i ne cneiiue oi tne inreeesrul tenderel The Royal Trust Company will Be nelrl as aevitrlty or part security, for tbe fulfilment, of the eontrott to bi enlered Into. The lowest any tender not aecte-arily accepted. 1 By order, J. IV. PL'CSLEY. Secretary. Department of Railways nr.d Cuuala, OUouva, Auuul Li, 1U). PROMPT DELIVERY The William Manufacturing Limited 1789 ST, JAMES STREET Phone Westmount 6380 I0A T. JAMBH ttTREET

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