The Gazette from Montreal, Quebec, Canada on December 6, 1941 · 18
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The Gazette from Montreal, Quebec, Canada · 18

Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 6, 1941
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THE GAZETTE. MONTREAL: SATURDAY, DECEMBER 6; 1941. VOL. CLXX. No. 292 Quebec Beats Royals, 5-4, While Flyers Top Ottawa to Take Lone Lead 18 JULES BLAIS FIRES WINNINGGOALHOME IH OVERTIME PLAY Quebec Forces Way Into Triple Deadlock for Second Place in Q.S.H.L. RALLY IS WASTED Eoyals Come Back to Tie Score After Beinjr Down 4.1 Raymond Collects Pair of Tallies Qjbee. December 8. B Slim Jjlct J5!aii fired in an overtime f .al tonight to give Quebec Aces a 5 4 victory over Montreal Royals in faat and rough Quebec Senior r ; A rul Raymond Dkk Kowelnak Hxkey League same. The victory lifted the Aces Into a second-plact t;e wsth Ottawa and Royals In the lenrue landing, behind the pace-iKctiing Cornwall Flyers who defeated Ottawa 4-3. t!y the goal. Blaia made up for the r-naltv he took in the third perifd which allowed the Royals to make th score, 4-3. The tie-breaking tallv came soon after South-wick, of Royal, took a penalty for durrpinc Walt Nicholson. renal: ei played a large part In the scaring, nesidri the goals that Fnnk Currle and Dick Kowelnak g-; to cit into Quebec' 4-1 lead vh.le Dials was off Paul M.irrl Raymond got the tying m:.rker while Quebec's Butch Sta-hin served a penalty. It was Ray-mrrd s second goal of the.night. .S'ahan opened the scoring for the Acr early m the first period when Y pifked up a paw from Mike McMahon to tx-at Bill Durnan on an a-s shot. Bobby Lee got the Que-barkers' next gal srnrccly a minute b'fTf Raymond collected his firs'. t:iy of the right and the first for i-.t- Royals N;?holon and Albert Caudreault put the Ace 4-1 in the second frame, but the Quebeckera saw that margin quickly vanish through pen-slues to their players and the eff c.rrcy rf the Royal power-plays. Tr-a earns: Royals Purnjn goal . . . fume . ,, defence ,Vi,!nwl' drfrnce K-crik centre . , Harratty wnf .., V u lan , . , wind , . . P.val uh: MrCurry. Quebec . . Bouvrette ,.. McMahon Stahan Lee .'Csudreault Nicholson Davies. flay- mrmi, nroom, jvitrin. Manaty, Car- rt;er, Ward ubs- Lahrle, Brennan, Ha rtiH, Ror.lnl, nowipnol. Blait, Robert trr. Grarwill. r.runeteau. Anderson. Peferees: lledscs and Jones. Flrat Period, 1 Quebec Stahan (McMahon) 2 Q.whrc le (NirhoUon. Caudreault) ... 1 Rival Raymond (Haecartv. Kowelnak) Pena.itn. Carraglier, Stahan, fa-'ty. Second Period. 4 Qi'ftwf Nicho)on Hahan, Leci , S Q'irlwc C.audreautt 1.35 1723 IS 49 Hag- an (, Nirholion 13 05 Prnaitirt: Hamel (2: Southwick. JUcraity. Third Trrlod. nr.jal Currio (Kaymond) ., 9 43 7 Pnyain Kowcmak (Haggartv) 0 20 i HnvaU , Ravmond (Kowelnak) 14.02 rrna'tien: Hamel. Southwick, Ward, Ulai. Stahan. Overtime Period. - Quebec Blaia 3.48 Penalty; Southwick. PLAYERS RECALLED FOR MILITARY DUTY Red McAtee and Woodward Leave Springfield Indians When Summoned by Army Toronto, December 3. B Called up by Canadian military of fiCials for four months' training, two 24-yair-old professional hockey players have returned from the United States and reported yesterday at Chatham, Ont., for duty, it was learned here tonight. The players are Phil (Red) Mc Atee and Hill Woodward, goal-tend er und forward, respectively, with r ridie Shore's Springfield Indians of the American Leaaue, rroressional turkey leagues h.'id Riven assurance t!it player with Ameneun ten ma abject to Canadian military laws would be sent to Canada when call ed, McAtee and Woodward are the f.rt to be railed. MeAte. formerly of Stratford. Onu, and Woodward, native of Hejirnt, Ont,, have been companions frr the lnxt four neajonn and form rlv prrf'irmed in the Michigan-On tarrt League. McAtee with Windsor and woodward with Stratford They DISTILLED, BLENDED AND CASUAL CLOSE-UPS I By THE CHATTER-BOX: There's a difference of eight to 10 degrees in the temperature of the ice used for hockey games and ice shows, with the performers in the latter spectacles skating on softer surfaces. . . . Bert Newbury, the Forum's superintendent and an expert on making Ice, says: "The skaters in the ice shows would break their necks on the fast Ice the hockey players like, so we give them 'warmer' ice." . . . The lighting power required for the Ice carnivals is vastly more than needed for hockey games. ... A hockey game at the Forum is brilliantly lighted by about 83,000 watts; a show like the Ice-Capades, with its colored lights and spots, has about 00,000 watts shining on it during perform ancet here, almost double the power necessary for hockey. . . . There are 73,000 watts directly over the ice; 20 Strobe lights bird's-eye lamps which total about 6.000 watts and 100-ampere carbon spot, lights, the equivalent of about 13,000 watte. . . . (Up in Toronto's Maple Leaf Gardens, they're equipped to give an ice enow 123,000 watts, but Bert says that's unnecessary).1. . . Coloring of lights and of the ice pattern for such shows always depends on the costumes, ao everything will blend. . . . Installing the lights and decorating the ice are the two most difficult assignments for the rink crew, but Newbury has a skilled and experienced crew; the basic members of which are eight ice-men, three engineers and Foreman Jim Hunter. . . . For the blue and white checkered diamond design on the Ice with the red border this time, about 1,200 pounds of paint 130 gallons were required. . . . That Job took about 10 hours, from the time work began until the first water was sprayed on the paint. . . . Subsequently, 10 flooding were applied to build up the surface and protect the pattern. . .' . Most important part of this tack is mixing the paint with a good binder ao the colors won't fun. . . . Setting up the ecenery for a show like the Ice-Capades takes only four to five hours, and is the easiest part of the preparations for the production from the standpoint of Newbury and his crew. Canadiens have called up Paul Bibeault from Washington to relieve the harried Bert Gardiner In the nets, after that 9-2 thrashing the club took at the hands of the usually low-scoring Chicago Black Hawks on Thursday night and Bibeault's return to the N.U.L, will be against the usually high-scoring Maple Leafs right in Toronto tonight, which is not such a pleasant outlook for a young goaler to face behind the weak defence that has characterized Canadiens this season. . . . It's been enough to give any goalie the jitters, with Red Goupille the only rearguard who has played consistently well for the Habitants to date. . . . We personally were never very high on Gardiner as a goaler last season we still think there are better netmind-ers but he started out not too badly this season, but has gone from bad to worse behind that "gates-ajar" defensive system. . . . Perhaps, too, it has not all been the fault of the defence, either, because in the main the forwards have not been skating two ways; they haven't been back-checking except in spurts. , . . The whole club needs to be tightened up and show more drive and spirit . . . True, it has suffered some tough breaks this season through injuries and dropping close decisions we can think of three games they lost by a whisker that they might easily have won. . . But when they get walloped 9-2, it's bad. ... It probably means that the team has lost confidence in Gardiner and Gardiner has lost confidence in the team, with disastrous results. . Maybe Bibeault's appearance on the scene may help, but the club will have to give him more protection than it afforded Gardiner if the kid or the team is ever to win. . . , New defensive strength would be as much to the point as a new goalkeeper. . . . They say Legs Eraser, of the amateur Canadiens, was asked if he would turn pro and play for the N.H.L. club in Toronto tonight and this is the reply he is reported to have given: "Frankly, I wouldn't. Not the way they're playing hockey and leaving the goaler at everybody's mercy. I don't blame Gardiner, and I wouldn't like to be in his shoes. I don't claim to be the greatest goalie in the world, but those kids with the Q.S.H.L. Canadiens make me look good; they give me real support because they're always skating back. If I went to the N.H.L. now, I'd Just be the next goat" Hector Racine, president of the Royals, just back from the minor-league convention at Jacksonville, Fla Is enthused over the local I.L. club's prospects for 1942, and over the training-camp set-up at Daytona Beach. The Royals are going back there to train after about a 10-year absence. . . . Hector says the tentative lineup is pretty well set for next season, but he can't name any namea yet. . . . The Royals president added that everybody worked hard In Jacksonville, but had a good time. . . . Every night at six o'clock all members of the Brooklyn organization met in Larry MacPhail's auite and reported on the day's doings. . . . Hector and Lt.-CoL Romeo Gauvreau, vice-president of the Montreal team, flew from here to Washington to Join the rest of the Dodger party, and continued the journey south by train in a private car. . . . The team of Racine and Gauvreau beat the team of MacPhail and Leo "The Lip" Durocher at bridge, by eight points on the very last rubber of the trip . . Commented Hector, "MacPhail and Durocher play a very tight game; they're conservative bidders and won't run risks. But I'm glad we beat 'em or Durocher would have been broadcasting his bridge prowess all over Jacksonville on his own private loudspeaker system." . . , Racine, by the way, has a good word for Burleigh Grimes, newly-appointed manager of Toronto Leafs who piloted the Royals in 1939. . . . Said Hector, "I think Burleigh will do a good Job at Toronto. . . . I saw him in Jacksonville and talked with him. He seems to realize the mistakes he made in this league before, and altogether, he's a different man." Paul Haynes, coach of the Q.S.H.L. Canadiens, may move Glenn Harmon back to the defence when Smiley Meronek recovers from a knee injury and returns to action. . . . Defence i Harmon's natural position; he starred as a rearguard for Baldy Northcott'a Memorial Cup winning Winnipeg Ranger Juniors last season, but has been play- (Continued on Page 20.) Olympics Rout Gulls, 5-0 Atlantic City, N.J., December 5. (D Vic Polich, Boston goalie, virtually inoozed tonight as the Olympics whitewashed Atlantic City Sea Gulls in an Eastern United States Amateur Hockey League game here, 3-0. All the scoring came in the third period through Chaisson, Desrosiers with two. Sullivan and.Gronsdal. also were teammates on Stratford Midgets in the Ontario Hockey Association Junior "A" series for one season. Woodward was with Hamilton in the Senior "A" Division of the O.If.A. lant sea ion, while McAtee played goal with Pittsburgh in the American League. The two played their last dam" with Sprincfield against Cleveland Wednesday night Woodward played for two seasons in the English National League with Streatham. McAtee has two brothers, Jud and Norm, playing with Indianapolis of the American League. They formerly were with the Oahawe Generals when the Generals won the Canadian Junior Championship two years ago. BOTTLED IN SCOTLAND Amateur Hockey Results O.H.A. SENIOR "A". Hamilton 6, Toronto Mirlboroi 2. Niagara Falls S, Kingston 1. CAPE BRETON SENIOR. Glace Bay 8, Sydney 2. E.U.S.A.H.L. Boston S. Atlantic City 0. 600 Ski Enthusiasts Are Present ForOpenFunctiononMountRoyal Under normal circumstances, the ParkfTohoggan and Ski Club up on Mount Royal can hold about 300 persons, but somehow last night nearly double that number managed to wedge their way into the building for tha first open skiers' party of the year. To entertain these 600 enthusiasts an elaborate program had been arranged which started promptly at 8.30 o'clock and which featured the great new skiing film of Hannes Schneider. "The Ski Chase." Schneider's movie had been widely publicized as the last word in ski film production, and judging by the enthusiasm with which it was received by the packed crowd these advance notices were not exaggerated. Other offerings included a movie entitled "Skiing in the Laurentians," as submitted by the Canadian Pacific Railway, along with a few glimpses of last year's Quebec Kandahar as taken by Ben Sauriol of the Totem Club. And just so everybody would keep abreast of world affairs at the same time as they were enjoying their skiing, a brief newsreel also was shown. The purpose of the skllng-bec was not purely diversion because all roceeds taken in at the front door y Charlie Black will be devoted to the Laurentian Zone first-aid committee. Charlie is the chair- jman of that committee and he had GOME FROM BEHIND TO RECORD 4-3 WIN Cornwall Strikes for Two Fast Goals in Last Minute , of Second Period . MAUNDRELL SETS PACE Oets Goal and Two Assists as Flyers Crack Tie for 1st Place in Q.S.H.L.'s Close Race Cornwall, December 54$ Cornwall Flyers came from behind here tonight to pin a 4-3 defeat on Ottawa Senators and take sole possession of first place in the Que- Cliff aUnndrrll George InUaeta bee Senior Hockey League standing. The win put Cornwall two points up on the Ottawa squad, Montreal Royala, who were defeated at Quebec by Quebec Aces, and the Aces, who now share the runner-up spot A brilliant second-period rally aced the Cornwall team to its trilling win. Trailing by 2-1 with less than a minute of the middle session left. Flyers rapped in two foala to take a lead they never ost Each team scored in the hard- filayed third frame featured by Ot-awa's desperate offensive to try to get ba6k in the fight. While there were no two-goal men on the night's play, Cliff Maundrell led the snipers with a goal and a pair of assists. Cornwall's other markers went to Punch Im-lach, Lloyd Allsby and Jimmy Drummond. Don Grant, Stan Pratt and Gordic Poirier were the Ottawa marksmen. Ottawa gained an early lead when Grant sped in to take Albert Le-may's pass to beat Dion at 4.34 of the opening period. Less than three minutes later Imlach potted home Maundrell's rebound to knot the score. Z GOALS IN IS SECONDS. Senators went in front again at 3.18 of the middle session. Corn wall finished the frame with a great drive, picked up two goals in 13 seconds and walked off with a 3-2 lead. Ailsby got the first tally of the rally at 19.15 and Maundrell scored on a solo rush at 18.30. Jim Drummend put Flyers In front by 4-2 early in the third and Senators got desperate and threw all they had at Cornwall. Gordie Poirier gave them hope when he scored at 13.30 but the challenge ended there. Senators played five forwards in the final five minutes, but they could not get the equal izer. Tha teams: . Ottawa Cornwall St. Denis goal Dion Pratt.. defence ...Drummond Grant ..defence ....... Ritchie Cheyne centre Imlach urunmng wing Shaw Inglis wing Thibeault Ottawa subs: Van Daela. Trainor. Carthy Nicholson, Crelghton, T. Le- may, A. Lemay, Poirier. , Cornwall subs: Maundrell. AUsby, Latoeki, Saunders, Bellinger, Read, Le- mire Referees: Contact and Denneny, Cornwall. First Period. 1 Ottawa Grant (A. Lemay).. 4.34 2 Cornwall. .Imlach (Maundrell) - 7.21 Penalties: Grant, Thibeault. Second Period. 3 Ottawa ... Pratt 3.18 4 Cornwall. .Ailsby (Lcmlre. Maundrell) 19.15 5 Cornwall. .Maundrell 19.3Q Penalties A. Lemay, Maundrell, Crelghton. Third Period. Cornwall. .Drummond (Latoskl, Saunders) 4.58 7 Ottawa .... Poirier (Tralnor, T. Lemay) : 1330 Penalties: Tralnor, Van Dael, A. Lemay (misconduct). When a Chicago promoter tried to match Jimmy Johnston's .light heavyweight. Tommy Tucker, with Booker Beckwith, Jimmy wired: "My Tommy Tucker stopped your Johnny Colan. This, after what my Bobby Pastor did to your Booker Beckwith, makes me the greatest menace Chicago has had since Widow O'Leary's cow." hoped at the best that 100 or maybe 200 supporters would come out for the function. Instead, he sold exactly 551 first-aid buttons during the night and he's still sure that some slipped by the front door without him s Dotting them. This means that this year the first aid committee has the best sendoff it has had in years. Last season, by means of canvassing on the trains, about 4,500 badges were pinned on various people's arms while this yeVr before the season has even properly begun 551 have already been sold and there are possibilities of more functions of a similar nature later on. Black , also revealed that this money could not have come at a better time. Just yesterday word came through from the uovern ment that the Laurentian Zone could put signs on the highways this year warning motorists about ski trails, and the cost of these signs must be borne by the Zone. While the hich noint of the even ing was Hannes Schneider's ski manoeuvres in the movies, Jack Houghton, the chairman of the Laurentian Zone, made a brief address. As did Doug Mclntyre. chairman of the ski patrol committee, and Black. The affair was sponsored by the Park Toboggan and Ski Club, the Totem Ski Club and the J. B. Ski Club. aMaasSBaMsMSMBMnas lSHBMSaMBiiWaaiaiMI Orphans Quintet Opposes Pats In Inaugural Senior Cage Clash Ronnie Rutherfprd will make his debut as a senior basketball coach tonight with a team called the Orphans, the name finally being decided upon for a group of players, several of whom are attending McGilL The Orphans are scheduled to face Bobby Sullivan's Pats in the opening game of the Montreal Basketball League Big Five double-header at the Sir Arthur Cur-r i e Memorial gymnasium. In the j.ightcap the Bob Irwin Jimmy McKlm- mie-Frank Starr sponsored Oilers will engage Mount Royal. Coach Rutherford. w(ho starred for McGill Intercollegiate teams for several seasons and last year performed for Nationale. has gather ed together a likely looking ag gregation. Bobby Sullivan is coaching Pats and the new Irish entry plans to make its start an auspicious one. Sullivan purchased a record for the public address system, an Irish song THREE TEAMS LEAD MT. ROYAL LEAGUE Mt. Royal, Wheelers Juniors Win to Tie Clearpoint St. Lambert Scores, 3-2 Three teams are tied for the lead in the Mount Royal Junior Hoc key League as a result of last night's trlpleheader at the Lachine Arena. Mount Royal moved into the three- team tie by beating worm tna Eagles by 4-1, while the Wing Wheelers moved to the fore with a 3-1 decision over R,ed Wings. Clearpoint, the only undefeated sound in the loop, was idle last night The last game on the bill saw M. Lambert edge out Pointe Claire, 3-2. in what proved to be the fastest game of the night The losers held a 2-0 lead until the last period but a nnwerful St. Lambert drive re sulted in three goals, Hugron net ting the puck twice ana Maruneau banging nome the clincher. The teams: Mount Royal. Alnwick goal ... Eagles. , Jones ..St. Amour , .G. Walker .....Malfara Thompson...... defence King oeience Oellneau centre T.mnl.lnn wlnff .Rowe Boosamra wing Mount Royal subs: Bird. Tyler, Griffin. Ambrosi, Shaver, Doherty, Wood-side. , . North Ind Eagles subs: Levac, Mor-rlsey, Faraveau. Balktis. Charboneau. Referees: Robert Lebel, Luclen Sen- ral. First Period. 1 Eagles E. Walker (Malfara) 12 n5 1 Mount Royal. .Doherty 13.38 Penalties: Thompson, Morrlsey. Second Period. . No score. . . Penalties: Malfara (minor, major and match). St. Amour. Doherty, Morrlsey (10 minutes misconduct), Balktis. Third Period. 3 Mount Royal. .Thompson (Boosamra) 8 4 Mount Royal. .Templeton f rclnaii) 10.40 5 Mount Roval 110 Penalties: Boosamra, oi. Amour, am brosi. Rd Wines Wheelers Marshall goal Shapiro smith defence Wener T.nnohurnt defence .... Hodkinson Potter ....centre ...... naaaow wine Ryan Wilson.... wing Bowles Red Wings subs: R. Kiroyson, a Kirbyson. Foley. Coleman, Joynt, Mai- Wing Wheelers subs: Rogers, Fine, Leach, Brophy. Seltzer. Gossack, First ferioa. No score. Penalties: Malfara, Potter. Second Period. 1 Red Wines. .Malfara 3.10 2 Wheelers. . .Haddow (Bowles, Ryan) .aa Penalties: Seltzer (10 minutes mis- conduct). Fine, Rogers, Bowles, Ryan Malfara, Wilson. rnira rerioa. 3 Wheelers. .Seltzer (Hodkinson) 8.05 4 Wheelers. Bowles 14.10 Penalties: Ryan, Potter. St. Lambert Pointe Claire Sauvageau goal Norman Inns defence Boileau Bourke defence .... M. Brunet Martlneau centre Corcoran P Camerlain. .. wing Allard C. Camerlain. . . wing Pilon St. Lambert subs: Jodoin, Turcotte, Hugron, Poirier, Weirs, Higgins, Ra-Jotte Pointe Claire subs: Sargent, Davies St. Martin, Deschamps, DeBellefeuille, L. Boileau. First Period. 1 Pointe Claire. Davies 8 40 2 Pointe Claire. .Sargent 14.10 Penalties: Inns. Corcoran. Second Period. No score. Penalties: M. Brunef. Third Period. 3 St. Lambert. .Hugron 1.13 4 St. Lambert. .Hugron (Uieglns, Weirs) A. 33 5 St. Lambert. Martineau 14.35 Penalties: Hugron,- M. Brunet, C. Camerlain. GLACE BAY WINS BY 5-2 Beats Sydney to Score 10th Straight Victory Glace Bay. N.S.. December 5. KB Glace Bay Miners widened their Cape Breton Hockey League lead to six games tonight by lacing Syd ney Millionaires 5-2 for their 10 th straight victory. Playing Coach Walter Monson and Boots Baird led the way to the win scoring two goals apiece. Allan Fos ter contributed the other. The luckless Millionaires, now in the league cellar, managed to hang on for one period, but after that they were left well behind. The; emerged from the first session wit: a 1-1 score, but Miners went right to work in the next period and got three without a reply. Each team got a single in the last period. Jack Atchison and Lude Check accounted for the Sydney goals. Barrow, Alaska, is the northernmost town on the American continent ... - iv which will be played while the Irish-clad outfit is on the floor. Coach Sullivan has Earl Carney, Tiny Koren. Ronnie Blackburn, Ronnie Gibson, now a Flying Officer In the R.C.A.F., Cliff McClay and Seymour Miller, from last season's N.B.Y. team. Doug Jonas, Frankle Forbes and Ed Mackisoc are from Central Y. The sponsors of the Oilers will be i J u v sentatrvesT who "will be a alignt! favored .entry. Johnny Ferraro, the I playing coach, Bob Irwin, last year's most vaiuaDie piayer awara winner, Pat Griffin, Lenny Hutton, Joe Richman, Busher Jackson, Jim Courthwrlght, Ted Edwards and Bob McAdams are among the men on the roster. Coach Jimmy McCormick has the majority of last year's champion Rockland squad lined up for his Mount Royal quintet. The Mount Royal players will be using white shirts tonight while awaiting their new orange and black outfits. The likely starting team for Mount Royal will be Joe Waxman and Ben Hockenstein, forwards, with Norm Segalowitz or Bih Kossy at centre and Abe Ditkofsky and Dudey Bloorr.field, guards. The opening game is called for eight o'clock with Frank Ulley and Ralph Harrison the referees. "Buff" Horton and "Chuck" Malis will handle the nightcap tilt. HABITANTS ENGAGE QUEBEC TOMORROW Q.S.H.L. Club to Visit Aces-Cornwall Invades Ottawa Tonight Only one of the three local Quebec Senior Hockey League teams will be in action tomorrow with Canadiens playing at Quebec. The Habitants will be meeting the Aces in a return after last Wednesday's affair when the local squad scored its first shutout of the season, 2-0. The Aces had won the two previous clashes, 10-1 and 4-1. "Legs" Fraser was expected to accompany Paul Haynes' club to Quebec for the game deite the reports he might be signed by the N.H.L. Canadiens. The starry net-minder had reportedly turned down offers to join the professional club. Canadiens will present one new player to Ancient Capital fans for their second game in Quebec this season, Les Ramsay, who will centre a line made up of Alex Smart and Irving McGibbon. With Canadiens playing Quebec tomorrow. Cornwall will visit Ottawa tonight in the only other league fixture this week-end. The Flyers now hold first place in the standing as a result of their 4-3 victory last night over the Senators and the 5-4 overtime defeat suffered by Royals at Quebec. Royals, Ottawa and Cornwall had shared first place prior to last night's games. WHY,3URCIDO,ITPUTSTOFl!GHT THE WORST OF THIRSTS BECAUSE ITS LIGHT I'M sure that you as WELLAS I I . PREFER A BEER THAT'S TRULY PRY- i r ' T A GRAND APPETIZER if "V " BECAUSE IT'S DRY jj ytW6 m ' A GRAND THIRST QUENCHER " f 1 rJ BECAUSE IT'S LIGHT 0 SC LABEL I f Uglwjj" ill Pi . i- fc ,, , .,.,.,..iim i ii..!,..,. Ml..,iiiiiTni-Tiiiaaawawi -' -- PICTURE ON HOCKEY IS GIVEN PREVIEW Q.A.H.A. Film, Produced by Morrie Bruker, Proves to Be Interesting Project The Quebec Amateur Hockey A ccnpla t i nrt urmt a 1 rry tf Mrnv In lt --- - --o j when it decided to produce a film on the important fundamentals of the game. Hockey Fundamentals, the moving picture produced by Morrie Bruker, with Eddie Gronau, vice-president of the Q.A.H.A., as co-producer, is an instructive and interesting movie showing outstanding players in the various phases of the sport. The 400-foot film was previewed last night before members of the press and the "world premiere" of the picture indicated that this instructional medium should be a beneficial one for the younger players of the province. Numerous showings are now being planned. It was estimated that it required 165 hours to make the film. Coach Dick Irvin appears in the movie along with several members of his National Hockey League Canadiens, including Charlie Sands, Ray Getliffc. Jack Portland, Cliff Goupille. Terry and Kenny Rear-don and Bert Gardiner. The six-minute film covers all phases of the game including the type of stick to use, equipment, stick-handling, body checking, goal-keeping and skating, winding up with a few suggestions on sportsmanship. Norman Dawe, president. Eddie Gronau, vice-president and Al-phonse Therien, secretary-treasurer of the Q A.H.A., George Slater, president of the Q.S.H.L. and Norman MacKay. executive of the Q.A.H.A., were among those present at the preview along with members of the press. COMMERCIAL HIGH WINS Girls Senior Cage Squad Beats Strathcona, 23-11 A senior girls basketball squad from Commercial High invaded Strathcona Academy yesterday afternoon for a regular league fixture and emerged with a comfortable 23-11 verdict. Strathcona lunior cagers reversed this decision in the second game of the twin bill when they downed Commercial High by 20-8. It was the playing of Irene Hef-fernan that paved the way to victory for the Commercial seniors as she collected 13 points. Best effort for the losers was turned in by Julia Peters who contributed four points. , Niagara Falls Wins, 5-1 Niagara Falls. Ont December 3. W Niagara Falls Cataracts continued in the Ontario Hockey Association Senior "A" lead tonight with e 5-1 victory over Kingston Combine. The teams travel to Kingston for 3 return tussle tomorrow night. Lead- n kVfi Last Night's Games Q.S.H.L. Quebec 5, Royals 4. Cornwall 4, Ottawa t. MOUNT ROYAL JUNIOR LEAGUE. Mount Royal 4. Fagles 1. Wheelers 3. Red Wings 1. St. Lambert 3. Pointa Clalxe 2. Tonight's Games NATIONAL LEAGUE. Canadiens at Toronto. Q.S.H.L. Cornwall at Ottawa. , AMERICAN LEAGUE. Providence at Cleveland. Washington at Pittsburgh. Buffalo at Hershey. New Haven at Philadelphia. Indianapolis at Springfield. Tomorrow's Games NATIONAL LEAGUE. Canadiens at Detroit. Boston at Raneers. Americans at Chicago. tf Q.S.H.L. Canadiens at Quebec. AMERICAN LEAGUE. Pittsburgh at Buffalo. Indianapolis at New Haven. Hershey at Providence. Springfield at Washington. MONTREAL AND DISTRICT. .Toliette at Lachine. Shawinigan at Valleyfield. Standings NATIONAL LEAGUE. P. W. L. D. F. A. Pts. Boston 11 8 2 O 33 18 18 Toronto 11 8 3 0 42 25 1 Chicago 11 S 4 1 29 28 13 Rangers 11 8 5 0 41 34 12 Detroit 12 4 7 1 27 37 9 Americans 12 3 8 1 28 43 ' T Canadiens 10 1 8 1 23 42 S Q.S.H.L. P.W.L.D.F.A. PU. Cornwall 13 7 5 1 48 46 15 Quebec ....12 S 4 3 38 30 13 Ottawa 13 6 6 1 40 33 1J Rovals 14 S 6 3 43 42 13 Canadiens 12 S S 2 25 35 12 PaU 12 3 S 4 30 33 10 AMERICAN LEAGUE. Eastern Division. P. W.L.D. F. A Pts. New Haven 18 7 8 1 47 51 15 Springfield 14 6 6 2 35 33 14 Washington 18 5 8 3 40 51 13 Providence 18 4 9 3 61 55 11 Philadelphia 12 4 7 1 35 52 9 Western Division. P W. L. D F. A Pts. Indianapolis ..... 18 11 3 2 54 3.1 24 Hershey . 14 9 3 2 58 38 20 Cleveland 14 9 3 2 48 39 20 Buffalo 14 7 7 0 45 38 14 Pittsburgh 13 3 11 2 40 63 MONTREAL AND DISTRICT. P.W.L. D F.A.Pts. Shawinigan 8 8 O O 43 18 18 Lachine 8 S 0 45 37 10 Valleyfield 9 3 8 0 35 50 8 Montreal 3 0 3 0 10 21 0 Joliette 4 0 4 0 10 20 0 MOUNT ROYAL JUNIOR LEAGUE. P. W. L. D. F. A. Pts. Clearpoint 3 3 0 0 10 2 Wing Wheelers .. 4 3 1 O 16 i 8 Mount Royal 4 3 10117 8 St Lambert 4 2 2 0 11 9 4 Pointe Claire 4 1 O 8 6 16 2 Red Wings 2 0 2 O 3 9 0 Eagles 3 O 3 0 4 13 0 ing the scoring parade was the clever centre, Eddie O'Keefe, who blasted three goals by Harry Mc-Queston in the Kingston cage. )

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