The Gazette from Montreal, Quebec, Canada on October 30, 1900 · 6
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The Gazette from Montreal, Quebec, Canada · 6

Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 30, 1900
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THE GAZETTE, MONTREAL. TUESDAY. OCTOBER SO, 1900. UMTAHLIUHKO 177S. Tin SnufH Rirriow to Tub Gaicttb Ii COe a mouth, or 00 00 a yar, payalil In advance dullvered by carrier throughout Ui. city and en uburban train, or by mall In Canada and U.S. Tn AnvKnTiaiMn Rati U 10a. per apiata Una (U Unci to tha Im Ii), for th flint Insertion, and So. per Una tot aaoh aubaa 6unt tneertlon ben consecutive. Special fatal fur aarlal order. Reading notloea too, per Una. " Want " advertisements la. word. Tub Giimn la tb only Eng-ll.h morn-Ing dally In Montreal, and tba oldeat new, paper In Canada, Telephon; Main 3.JQ. Tub Job Phintino Dkpahtmknt or Tub OacKTTB la tlie large.t In tha Dominion, and Ita equipment for One printing la uneqimllud In Canada. Teli-phoii i Main 1W7. jus uazkttb iiiwnKRT naa every (acuity for blank book manufacturing, Llgu-cln. binding, eto. Telophonti Alain lis. RICHARD WHITE, Man. Din Caiatte Prlntln0 Company, MONTREAL MONTREAL TUESDAY. OCT. 0. meaning, which cause scandal and 111 feeling In private a well aa political life. It In Air cry . from "every Government sat losl would be regard-ed by the Horn, a a gain to Uiem-e.lvoa" to "a vote for a Liberal waa vote for the Boera, but whan we have the Intermedial pliraa "Every mat loat to tha Government la a se4 gained to the Uoer" tb transference, la easily undeiolood. It obviously aroae from carelee repotting, and not from any evil Intent. - rUTTINQ IX IJIUEKLT. The records of Parliament ahow that before 1(11 the Liberals were a party which, fa voted economy and a rtJve-tlon In the rat of expenditure. The records of the publio account, how that after Inns they bocam the moat extravagant Bputider In the hU-tory of Canada. Kr la a record of the expenditure! on ordinary or Consolidated Fund ac. count alnue MM, the year In each caae ending with June M: 17 lH'.lg. .. There baa to tttf tlie tnill' coal aupiriy, diaaod tha mayor out of the town and atoned the mllllla, vhould be willing to agree to thla, Jt will give thwa a breathing um-II and aa opportunity to fix ui alibis. , , The Attorney-General of tbe province, whan told by the chlof niagta-trat of Vanoyflel that the raw a bulug diflt-d and could not b enforced, declined to take any step to re-eotabltali ordr. There must be a great deal for the AtUorney-aeneral pulltleal party depending on Wte flattering of the toughs who atupiied Uia tiggt tiJUa la Canada and aton4 the tullilia, , t t been, In ,3Mt9,Ha 4t.70O.34J the four year i, ANOTHER WITNTS68. I Tbe Saturday Review, probably the knofft Influential of the Urltlaa week- Ilea, baa com out with the declaration that the preferential trade policy of !.. Blr Charles Tapper bi not only prac- 9T .leak., but la steadily gaining ground ,l a .nina. h poini out mat th Imperial free trade ldoa of Blr Wilfrid Laurler la not belhsved In, even by It own advocate, for they all acknowledge that the colonlea cannot Uo without protective dutlea. The (Whole article, which la printed in another part .of thla laaue, la well worth . reading, and the following paragrapn ideaervea .pedal attention: They who apeak of any uh Idea a uiopian or alarmist (according to , ven million, a year. The two ourcea nrchrn',".1 o thouVht o ?h'. mit! MraX U"Uon lh' Cui,t' ter. that la going o In th. Sn? if " dutlea. the flr.t collected the younger generation. The opinion Of politic-Inn prominent at thla mo-irient doe not cloee the question. They ,Wer brought up undt-r different poll- alnce the Laurler Uovenunent ciuno Into power, an Increaae In the ordin ary expentea of the admlnlatratlon of all million a year. In the other department of expomll-ture, that on "cpitT account, the outlay .how the aame peculiarity. Here are the figure: $3.TM,8tl 4.141231 .f,3 14i 100 I,724,:w There baa been an Inctvaae In thla department of th expenditure In tin lut year of th Liberal, aa compared with the lat year of the Conaervative Oovermnrnt, of cVwe upon lx million a year. With th party'a promlwa of curtailed expenditure were aaaoclated others that tho taxation would be reduced. It was added to, to the extent of ele- Ural condition. If the modification Of the public attitude towarda Cob- aenite vlewe goe on during the next twenty year, at the rate It baa pro-cceded during the preceding twenty, there will be no difficulty In gelling pariy .iron a; enougn to elTecl commercial union within the Kmplre by mean, of preferential rate." Practically, all the advance In favor Of pr.-f.Tcntlal trade ha been made 'during the laat half doxt-a year. lie-fore that time It waa hardly heard of In England; and tbe future period the Review set a the limit of the ucceaa of the movement jnay aafely be cut down accordingly. But, taken Jut aa It atandi, the article I a remarkable teatlmony to tha hold the Bubject baa gained on the view of the UrUlnh public. What la needed I continued agitation to force It to the front; and thl will not be undertaken by minister who hold th preferential trade acheme for a "humbug" or "Im-POMlble," It U time for a change. A HMJTOIUC PHUA8E. No alngla sentence could be choai-n more cuaraclerlattc of the "khaki" election Juet over In England than Mr. Cliamherlaln'e message to the elector t the height of the conflict, "every eat lost to the Government 1 a e.t gained to the Boena." The Oppoal-tlon. Liberal, Imperialist and LIUle Englandem alike, resented It a an attempt (to- ua Sir Edward Orey' pnraae) "to brand, the whole Liberal party aa parlahg, outcasts, and trai- i-i.-. .i were many among Mr. Chamberlain's own followera who regarded It as an unnecessary piece ot oiap-liap. Mr. Chamberlain con- ieniea nimseir ny replying that the phrase wa not his, but that of the Mayor of Mfeklng. Mr. Frank White ley. We have now lta whole history, and very ourlou and lr.tero.tlna u I. It appear that Mr. Wihlteley be longs to tn old Liberal family In York- Bin re, ana txrore he went out to Boulb Afrloa he wa a member of the Bradfoid Liberal Club. On his re turn to hi native town he frequently Vlaited the club, and dUrcussed South African affair with It mntn Dera. Tn expectation foimed In oonseciusnce of thee conversation were very ingenuously exTreaaed by the local Liberal paper which aaltf edi torially. Just before the election: "It la to be hoped that even larger ue will b made (u'.Mr, Whltelcy'a knowl edge and experience for the Inetruo tlon of the electorate during the com Ing campstgn, for, despite hi long resldenoo in Mafcklng, ha ha had the good fortune to escape the Infection of both Rhodes fever and Chamberlain worifhlp." Now, although Mr. White-ley might no be a worehlper of Mr. Chamberlain, he waa strongly of opln Ion that the defeat of the Government policy would be a national disaster, and his, friend were quite aware of his views. . They coirmvunIoatd with him, and he crysfallxed his- opinion for presentation to the elector of Itradford from a Llberal-Unlonlsl plat form In the sentence, "Every Govern , ment seat Inst would be regarded by the Tlosrs a a gain to themselves." He spoke teveral time afterward In explanation of his position, which wag not Intended to cast any reflection upon thn opponent of tha Govern ment, but to bear almply ita obvious meaning tmiit every seat lost to the Government, and every Opposition gain would serve to enoovrage a feeling of unrest In the mind of both Boor and 'BHtnn In flouth Afrloa, r well aa th loyal Dutch, Mr. Wbltulfty iv knowa south Afrloa, ,nd "6 d n yerfeot rig?ni to expre r.i opinion as n the way In which t',te detoal of ftlie uovernmcnt wouia ne rejrfvnioa in hi fellow-colonita there. For utnquent twists which bis words lvd 1i Is, ot course, not rewpatt It 1 such g'lght alterations In thrase, cffect!nf great eMeratlon In on Importud foreign goods, tho second levied on home producers. These produced during the past five year the following sum: im 17.7W,: 1H47 , tUUI.b. u ia.57;.4s n:.9 .... k.s'pXims 1DU0 88,24.223 Put another way tha collection of taxation while the Liberal have ben la power grew from $5.41 to 17.51 a head, or from 127.10 to 137. US a family. Among olher thluga the dull on ugar were raised by one-half, on many line of cotton good by one-alxth, on blacult by one-eighth; on tobacco by one-tenth, and j on. There waa no attempt, nor any pretence at an attempt, mad to live up to Its recorded main pledgee by the party, aa represented by the Liberal Government. The men who thua broke their most solemnly pledged word are now pledging their words anew In an effort to be kept where they are. Their acta show that their words are not those of men who regard their honor given to the publio aa sacred.; They are self-stamped aa men who are not to be believed. Canada doe not want that kind of men to longer direct br aftalr. If th. latest unnl be correct ttie recent el.x.tUnu gave Lord Itosobery a trlumjitx only lea marked than Lord Salisbury. Th LUU England 'element, whldt failed him when he wa prmlr, ha been w out up that It buhls Ita peace, and th men ot bread Uj In th Liberal party are turning to a man of biJta to v the organisation. Tender for lb erection of a post office at lirununondvJHe re being advertised for, and will be received up to Novwmbor 11 five day after tha election. That should ttiak three or four Voles safe lot t.i Liberal candidate. No prospective contractor wt'.l mil tit hand that Hokla out pleasant a loaf. , , Hlr Wllfr'd LaurUr In hla alcctlo aieecbcs urgva union and fraternity among the people. Lea Debat. on of bl party'a election organ, speak of the rollltla, ordered out tut aorvUe under the law to preserve the pec, aa "young goddam. " Th liberal hook I baited for all kind of flah. "The moat stone and stick are el- way, found under tha beat apple tree." retnark an admirer of thing a they are at Ottawa. The am mrMlle. i It 1 to be added, are always fjund flying In tlie direction of th yellowest our. The else of a ailck and alon . pile proves aothlnB. j Th Irlah Legue at Ita first meet- ! Ing after the parliamentary election, ) reaolved to atamp out mutiny. This will make the Basaenach and Sloody . II. If our smile. While the league 1 tamping out mutiny (whlcli mean Tim llealy) p;ioncnts ot bvwie rule , may Uk a d.y off. I Th Engllxii metropolis Iras a Cltiaea ' Sunday, on which clergymen ot aH ' denomination draw attention to thing that need righting. If w have not aurh an Institution In Mont real, It I not for lack of abuaia to call attention to. Sir Wilfrid Laurler Is announced t make another speech In Montreal, tbe third of the campaign. Ttil ts a sign that he thinks Montreal a riax needing attention. , It should encourage the Conservative, Melton Mowbray Pork Pics The g rat of th aeaion, to arrl v by E x pr.M today. W Leave your urJ'ii AMD , The Decrfoot Farm Little Sausages From th Cel.brated Deerfoot Purni. Huuthl.oro, Ms, W rert that w were nljllged i dlniplnt mny I'untomer. for dlliit little rtngu ou M.lurtUy ll, and would lmpruw upou lli.iu tU. ueeewliy o( lay lut .lanillu j utUer. ahutul lur aUUd tWUvurlB. Itwrft Farm LIUI. Bnii.Mb mt from the rhutreiit !) f Toung TIB and rur.Klof M4m.,l.oiiiitvly liii-ioiWi.liM.HlJ.lf I(JHMNU. Zimmerman's, New York, Vienna 5auag and Dolognas, I'ra.h Praakfurtar, I'reah Ring Snuaages, fresh 5alomy Sauaages, Cholc Smokc4 lrat of Utef, Select 5mokcd Tongue. frff Loav yusr urdurs, " ;; FRABER, VWER CO. "1 Hallowe'en Apples. , "FAnEUSU" and 44 QRAVENSTEINS." Mixed batkuts of th r.mtue. aud Nova Hootla Oraveu.Ulna, Mc pur lakot. FmnuiiM A l'pl4, V; i) r biuk-l. uraveii'jln Appl.s, mo per btuket. Th luiiaa Warehouse will be rioted at 7 e'rleeh .Uarp flallowo'eaw Leave yar orders early. Fall and Winter Stores. SEASON OP 1 000-1 90 1, We ronpsolully Invite tbe atUntloa f enuauiuere threunhoul Canada to ouf aiiequtbMl .Una. of raney ami Mtapl Uroewloa, 1'rovl.looa, frulla, Wlue. muoreU, Mblpplag order promptly and tai-efally alteudud to. Hallowe'en! Hallowe'en 1 Another I'M barrel, of th famou. Nova Rrolla Mo. 1 iiMAVI WBTHJI ArPLE) for our Hallowe'en Trad. H"lo'Ul (J raven Uiln Apple. b lucU'tu Apples. Kotooti d Orvn1i(n Applee for olty delivery. Hsineb-fl rirav.nitatn Apple. )IIVMrl rre t.jr rr.l.lil, oil rhr prefeld by us to an rail oal landing lu Oularto or tJueW. .. SAo par baok.t ,..jAmr barrel ft M per brrl road .uifoa or atearo- SAFETY Ii the First Consideration of Cautions Men and Wcnaa. Borety Deposit Vault". Special department tor jjaaica. Whether the next President of tbe United State I a Democrat or a Republican, it la settled that there ar to be great extension to the White House at Watting ton, so that ofllclal functions will no longer be dliturbcd by the appearance of tha garbage man or tlie family grocer or nutcner at the President's front tduor. What ki known a "Mr. Harrison' plan," la to be carried out, Involving construction of an east and west wing In White marble, wUh alt modern Improvements, coating about a million dollars. It 1 possible that If Bryan get In, lie will veto thl expenditure aa Inoonsiatent with democratic sim plicity; but It I not likely. Father Strubbe, In a sermon on election obligation, pointed out, among other thing, that deputy re turning ofllcer should be alert and faithful tn thalr duties to prevent batlot-4ox lulling. There was no mure important advice gJven la an address full of sound sense. Much of the fraud that makes election con tests disreputable 1 duo to deputy-returning ofllcer' lack of apprecia tion of the faot that It 1 part of Ihclr buwlnea to prevent wrongdoing. When on ot them knowingly .How a fraudulent vote to be cast he commits a crime and Is on a foot ing of equality with the rascal Whoee offence he participates In. In Trustor Max Muller tbe world has lost on of the greatest philolo gists of tihis century. ' He knew more about Sanskrit literature than the wine men of India, who came to Bit at his feet. He united profound scholarship with brilliant gifts of exposi tion, and knew tiow to make philology of popular interest. His books are a solid monument of his achievements for the advancement of knowledge, and be bad, beeldo all thla, at klrudly and Impressive personality wWch will not soon be forgotten. Itorden and politics fcave dii re markable things for, the mllllla during the past four years, and publio opinion was prepared for nuwth. It will be sixnewlmt staggered, however, at tihe apeotaclit ot a lieutenant-col onel refusing to obey his superior orders tUl he was assured that he would ba paid fr what he was re oulred to &o. -, The newest recruit, doing soiitiy at the Valleyneld "bar racks," is'more a credit to the mllllla fore thin, thl commander Of a regi ment, 'Mr. Mulock, the "minister of Intor," aoks the parties to the dispute at V.llpyfidld to linruer sip proceedings UU he la throuh wllh. $h eiectlou campaign. The gangs which undertook; for th ' of Five roll nr. and enwn-4. you can plac your friamoniU aud other valuMil9.l(lirtprlant ldi,eie, ,tn tna vauK. beyond tb rink of or Fir. Storage for Trunks, Silvtrwar ana Pictures. TRUST DEPARTMENT. Th attention of Bankers Lawyer, Whole. ml. and )ltall Butln". klua 1 rexpocllully ewllwd to nolle, kuut thl. Company acts ai iretv In Civil Ctrnt, raror irnf"r Table Raisins Table l lga Table Prune Table Prult and Nuts New Aklly Filberts (extra large) Choice Ore noble Walnut Soft Shell Almonds Fecaa Nuts Drazll Nuts, Etc., He. Too I'loeat unltr Table ItaUlo. In boxM, qnurter bos. (.Inl. layer.), and loOe by the pound The I'laeat tins Illy Table oad Cook log rigs riioli-4-at pHimHrn Tall. Klg. to S lb., 4 Hi and lb knook down boxes t ko ri'it Lnynr Tub:, yig. In lar aud malt bus. The t'holeeet Table and htewlog Pro naa In gltJr, tlu. and boxes The Famous IJar-Le-Duc Jelly And Neufchatcl Cheese. Genuine Ilar-I lue It1 f orrent J.-lly tsuiia Hi Iua W blui t'urraul J'lly Ilvnimia Uur-LA Uji w.werry jeni N"af' liai' l ( tifN-w .' Th. " V lirrr" t'tain Obeiiae , Ovuulne IiuuorUd t'amuiiiliert CIh-omi l'irynii Cliif-fl ltoU.lorl C'heea. V'lum Choor I'nt.-h IUII kdalii t baea. ,,..,.. .. I'm. Ala I'hww , J' ln l I'm Apil ( hi--..... ....... m. i'lo-Nk! .! l lu. Anlu tliitii'. .Lartf .1. - ...... sin ...Iu ta ......... .IU IHV teecnuearh an eaut. ou 4U cent, vault .... Keenl. arlt olei-oU eanh .... IScnllL.atU , a&eaott Hnglish Stiltons I Hngllsh Stiltons 1 Tim Orit-'.na! M. H. n Mowbray'." (leanln Ku.ll.h btllUin Cheeaa. 1 eaMa, U Ckolcual Ln.luli b-liluu lu i i. aud K arrive, I I HT EXTRA qt ALITT CALIFORNIA TABLE FRUITS New Pack. let full welahl lb. raoa. Season ot 1 900. From the Odder. Oate State. Now In .tore, 140 rate THE GOLDEN OATE FACKINtJ CO.H Extra Qunllty Tabl.a'iaua. (lol.U n Out. Al-rlioU tn t lb. can..... Ool.l, n Oata (K'iyl Arm) White Cbarriea, in t lb. can..... Ferean. Perdoa, GoMob U i. Ilartltt I'var. (tul loq Gat Fua ftiliii. jui'it,u Vfaia ifHiiin.),, f iiiiii .......... ... Gold n Out. ltro.ngnn plum. tnin Gate Uol.lmi lr l'luiii. Goldun Gat I-mon Clin. 1'eaclia. , tldea not. Yellow frwl(iiw I'ta4-he. Golden Gate While U'-ath IVacUc... Id. can..... .In I lb. can.... ...In I lb. ciua.... ...In I lb run..... ,..'.n t lb. cn..... S lb. cuiih.... 3 lb. caiia..M 4-KI Xl 4x 40 0 -'0 4,0 4u0 4 M W J 4 M 4 04 ' 4 54 4 M SIM 6 is eallwd to nolle, iuul this Com Curitiof to lnar.lvenl Elt tor of EftMin., Juairlal Hur.ty Kxasutor Undur Willi, R-.tV A.ut (or C'orporatloDi. and th Inveatro.ut lrum Moniv. onaor tn curroilon of lis lurd, Company Uusi anUelng Principal and lrrt. BOARD Of DIRECTORS Oeorte Tlagu, Pre.ldanti lion. L. J. Fnrf!," J'lne-pre.ldUt: n, Wllkon Bnittli, Klwla anion, H't'ir Maxksnile, Allan It. Mo-on.ll.Vrank W. Hum and J. A. I.gtratliy. Montreal Trust & Deposit Ca'y 1707 NOTES DAIiE ST. Th oldest T. at D. to. ia thla city. 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Keua. $1 ir month. THOS. SOHr2E,Sr. MANUFACTUnKB Of mm, wi suns, ml ri.ACIN OF Al l. NATIOW. WIWU IOVIRH, IIO HIS N UIVKHS, loaltio Mprtng Holler HbttUe. 'STALL KIN IHS OK TKNT8 ON HIHW-Hfll TIRPIUUNS AND OIL-SKIN CLOTHINIS. Hotal HoeantMl sip shortest HoUeo CHKAP rinR F.rlU'AFK. 193 COMMISSIONERS ST. m.m Hull Tl llel. UOXTKF.AL. Canada Aetal Co., William Street,' Toronto, siakis CABBi7T FOR CHINpSE C r REQUIREMENTS. Have you tried the new "nOUNT ROYAL, niLLS" brand . . . It Is especially adapted to Chl oese oeeds. 0. W. ROSS CO'Y, AGENTS. , ii THE MONTREAL CONSERVATORY or Musia foaoded ISM by O. K. BatrsnT, the Dlrerlof . SSS 4 Pereheales St., near Uountala roackeei Vol-a,, Violin. OrfB. tbe 1 naory or Mu.te,4.A. g.nd (or rroietua, HlmiutUa !xinrtmont now open. Pupil may enlnr at any lline. ST. ANTOINE DVSON, the Canadian bank of commerce. DIVIDEND No. 87. NOTICE l barflby .Iron tlol a PIVIDEJTD Or- TllllfcK AM) ONE II LV PUK I'KNT. neon INaraplial .'.jca of thl. lo'tita 'Inn baa baB (l.-lr.l tor lha i-orint half y. ar, and that In aauia will ha n.rM at u,. JJaiilt and IU Bramshm on ana .iirr Siturdat, t.i First day of December teit ThTraft r U-l will b'cbwd fr,ra th Hth of N'lvembHr t. the rtb of Novnuibur,' botn day. Inclualv. B. E. WAI.KKR. Toronto. October. Uonoral Mutiaaer. BANQUE D'HOCHELAGA. Nolle. I. btreby el.on tha' a DWld .ndof mraa and Una-baU IVr Otnt. (3aj fur ttw -orrt-nl h.lf-yaar, aqual to B -vn Pvr Cent, rr r ' I Pr annum, on tb. I'al.l-up Capital Ht'wk Of Ihla loatltulton ha. Umh iWlarwl. iiid that tb. aaraa will b. nayoula at U llvad ufflr or at III Braoehaa on aod aftur SATURDAY, the 1st d:j of Deeesbsr ml Th. Trnnifor Bonk, will be eloMtd rrnm lha I U toth. Xb of November, bulb day. lu- liy onler of tb. Board, U. J. A. 1'RE.WDER 1A8T, General Managoa CONVEYANCES. Friends willing to aa"lat Dr. Roddick by loaning eonveyancea for polling day, will kindly communicate with Col. Whitehead, Conservative committee room, t Cathcart street. THE BANK OF TORONTO. DIVIDEND Na 83. NOTICE l Irareby rlvon thatantVIDEMD OK KIVK PKK t'KST fr the cnrr"ut half- yar, linj al the rni of TKN KKR CENT 'Kit A N.N I'M. um tbe paid up ranltal or i . 1 1 .. i .. . . . i . u i . i " t :. i ...... 111. UllHli IIH .III. Uaj 'Jr.. UlTI.ICUt .UU thn tho mine will be puvabu al the Bank aud 1U Bra'ti'baon ana alter Saturdai, tti First day ot Dacarnber teit. Tb. TRANSFER I O KS will be eloaed from tha .lxnth Ui tha IhlrtluUi day. of Koveruber, both day. tncludrd. isy oruur oi me innm, P. CutTt.H')!. Ut!nurai Munuaor. Tna Bark or Toaos-ro, Toronto, 1UB Uelobar, Harbor Commisslcr.ars OF MONTREAL. TENDERS For Timber and Planks. Baalcd T.ndi-r, for upplv In llinrx-r and riiink for lmil, .dtlraaaml to the nndor .lfnA.I. aikd niliMaMArl h'r.nil, for Thiiiier," will b. reeelvml at thl. uiflre mi t.)i U o'clock noon, ou Monday, Sth No- vombor, lw. HiMMilrtnatlon. and nrlntl iorm. of tendor nuiy be obtained from Mr. .Toltii ..onnly, ajr Chlof Kiwlueer of the Harbor Comiiilnnton In.taut. era, at tbl. olllue, on aud aflur Friday, 351b The Harbor Oommlwilnner. do not bind hnmasivei to accaril tne loweat or any tn dur DAVID BEATH, BeoreUry. Ifurbor Com m I ..Inner.' O ffloe, Montruul, lUrd (Atober, UM. I RICE Voters in soaroh of information ooncorning votos, polling plaoos, eta, ctr, in Maisonnouva Divinion aro requested to oull at tbo offlotrof Aid. Oulmot, IS St. Lambert Hill. CTATE OFRHOTMC ISLAND A Vl O iROVll)liNv:K PLANT ATIOKS, rwoviu.Hon, bo. Whereaa, Horner K. Merahall, of Paw- tui'knt. In aald eountv and atale. baa Slad a petition for In the Clerk'. Orno. of th. A nnallate HWUIon nr tbe Hupreni. Court la tbe county of provtdnime, In aald .tat., praytni for a divoroo lrum OUalla U. Mar-llinll. Notlo I hereby liven (under an order ef nld Court) to the .aid Odalla O. Mardinll. that dopnaltlon. to bo utd In the trial of laid pott tion will be tuken on th. Hlitbof Movcmhar, A.U., IW"1, at 10 o olonk at theomc of W llMdJ. Proala, noUry.UHI. J.IUM nrwii MODirHI. lieiure ma, W. 4, fHOur.X. Notary, IS ot, jame. street. Wi .m UPHOLSTERERS ..r,J- CECDIK3 UUHFiCTURERS. A.11 our wor Is BttM"",1 rRIOCa are ItiaUT ..TBT r;t... STEEL St BRUNBT wmMrrvaB And ui)mo, 1(13 INO I0IS II OT RE DAiTi! $THEIT, Ring jp tlolt Tel. Main M1T rlivi taetals SPARHAM FIREPROOF CEMENT ROGF protocted by Trade Mark aud TaUnt. Th only reliable rxf for our elliuate "ADTAKTAOES. rtreproof. No (ravel to AH drain or pout.. Mmoolhl nixiw blow.oirlt. Any da. Rooi. guoraniovio vu yuan i niiMHMi o year. llool'. a ii are n lend 6 yeur. IjIVABawtsb. Price Aceordiugiy. A enarnnlee U worth only what I. behind It to lv It vale 'Mio Hpnrhoiu t lro- jpnii7, uaiuvm .ir,i'ln'i u e wiiii in with Ihu roof, and Apply UottSt. j sane. til. nvoof ItooHow A ilv. a wvllloii HUiU'Hy Unit 1. Hub.tuutuU. Ap m SPARHAM FIREPROOF R00FIH8 CO'Y, W. L. MALTUYi Man. plmotor. , . QAl&l'DXLL A CIHiDAY, Agents Ruction Salcc. Ey TJENNINQ & BARSALOU. Important Trade Sale or DRY GOODS WOOUMCN8 and WORSVEtW. BEAV ERS. FttKlZbH, CHEVIOT, WACKINAWH. RRADY-MADB CLOTH1NO, HOUHKKKJKPlNa JjlNICNS. FELT HATS. MILLINo MIY, RIBBONS, I'NDKUVYISAR, BM AtiLWARB, NOTIONS.. FURS, BOOTS and BHOES, ETC., BY AUCTION At our SaJeaxm. No. (i Et Pciier Htreet, Oa Wednesday October tha 31st, At 10 O'clock, a m. Bala in tots to suit tha trade. Terms liberal. ZiES SfSii B.kRNAI.Iir, Anetlonesrs. SOLDIERS' BANQUET COMMITTEE An urgent meeting of Montreal ladles Is called for Tuesday afternoon tn Karn Hall, to five organised assistance at the Banquet whioh the Cltv Council I rtvl.-.g- to our returning aol- dlers. About 200 young- ladies are re- Quired, anl abxut 100 chaperona. The Ctiurrhea, philanthropic and national (Societies, and all ladle Interested, both French and English, ar earnest ly requested to attend. The chair will be taken at I o'clock by Mrs. Clark Murray, and in view of tha shortneas of time Jid th Interesting; ooraalon. a largo attendance la requested. Huction Sales , By WALTER M. KEARN3, SALE by AUCTION ....OF TUB.... Well Situated Residential Property, 16 BISHOP ST. Ron ah fttowo front Honao, wlto Cut biomo larluiv llnv wui'luw" on two HhU. Uatwl by Uolay t'urnaeo. The .ubarrlber hiw received Instruction, to wll the alve Uwrlhi'il proper. y at bl. anlearoom, IS SI Kulro Ilituie atreet, on MONDAY, Gil NOVEMBER. Tbl. building wi crntrnpl under tlie , most cantui I npi vUlon, and laavwry cou-vlenily .Uuntud for vttlior a pro.un.lunul or bii- lv" inmi. PniSnlu i vlw. ami partloalar., may be had from the un.lriinsl. Bala at Klovoa o)'CIk. WALTER Si. KKAUXS, " Awlhin'T. FIRE BRICKS. PORTLAND CGMENT, CALCINED PLASTER, MORTAR COLOR, LWSEr.D OIL. GASOLINE. BENZINE ALEX. BREMNER, DLKti'BtT SJT REKIi nVMVMBAIW aji.uwj "m" '. ii ii n l. nm

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