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The Gazette from Montreal, Quebec, Canada • Page 4
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The Gazette from Montreal, Quebec, Canada • Page 4

The Gazettei
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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FRIDAY MORNING Halving Time of Famous Show Is Landmark in Radio History Present Formula. Is Outcome of Experiences Gained During Eleven Years of Broadcasting From Concert to Variety By THOMAS ARCHER. CHLP (1120) News. Songs Musicale French Song Orchestra Classical Mus. Orchestra Commercial French Song Pianist Commercial CBM (960) New Do You Remember March Past (9.05) 'Happy Jack Miller Orch Musicale Man I Married Morn Serenade Unannounced Recordings Road" of' Symphonic Music CBF (910) New French Song Vocal Vogue 15 Minute With (9 05) Happy Jack Miller Orch, Song Vie de rmilie Courrier Jovett Bernier Musicale Vieux Maltre Sympnonic US Network CKAC (730) Music Resume Varieties Metrop.

Varieties Dejunier Mui. Voisinons News Andante Famille Gauthler. French Songs Heure Recreative Grande Soeur Cinema Revue Stars of the Week Big Sister Unannounced CFCF (600) 7.00 7.15 7.30 7.45 Morgan Orch 8.00 News. Mutlo 8.15 'Wife 8.30 'Vocal Vogues 8 45 'Harvey and Dell 9.00 New. 'B'fest Club 8.15 9.30 9.45 10.00 Homemaken 10.15 10.30 Women in the New 10.45 Old Refraim 11.00 Home Folks 11.15 Grofe 11.30 11.45 Rakov Orch ous rival, however, appears to have been Jimmy Durante who substituted in the summer of 1934.

It is worth noting that, during the Cantor regime, a guest singer was added to the program and Burns and Allen were used on one occasion and a dramatic actress on another. Here were tentative trials fit I1' i jhU rfH ii. a at the type of variety for which the Chase and Sanborn Hour be FRIDAY AFTERNOON came famous at a later date. Ruth Etting was also associated with the CHLP (1120) Ladies Hour Hour at that time. She might be taken as a prototype of Dorothy CBM (960) Balladeer Songs News Toronto Trio Happy Gang Lamour.

CBF (910) Reveil Rural Rakov Orch, New Toronto Trio Spinning Wheel Soloist Miniature Revua. Eddie Cantor retired from the program in November 1934. The News, Ladies' Kr. producers began a series oi experi ments in other lorms or radio en-tertainment. First, they tried cul ture with an opera series directed French Songs Rue Principale Musicale Silent Principals in the future Chase and Sanborn Hour which begins this Sunday as a half-hour show.

On the right is Donald Dickson, the young baritone who bears the burden of song on the program. On the left, of course, is the star and his mentor, this time at the piano. by Wilfred Pelletier with Deems Taylor as narrator. After 16 of thee operatic broadcasts it was Mus. Appreciation CFCF (600) Noon New.

Music 12.15 (12 25) Crier 12.30 Singing Sam 12.45 'Percy aod Potts 1.00 News 1.15 Music 1.30 'Miniature Revue 1.45 2.00 'Music Appreciation 2.15 2.30 2 45 3.00 Donald Novi 3.15 'Chase Twins 3.30 Affair of 3.45 'Between Bookends 4.00 Club Matinee 4.15 4.30 4.43 (4.55) Musicale 5.00 Tea Time Revue 5.15 5.30 Bud Barton 3.45 Musicale CKAC (730) C'est Parisien Musicale Farade du Midi. Varieties Stocks News. Music Feminine World Enigme Criminelle Musicale Symphonette Concert Orch. Martin Orch. At the Music Hal News, "Uncle Jona Richard Maxwell Time for Dancing Announcements Symphonette Tea Time Quiz Melodies Rue Principal Commentary Mus.

Masterpieces Musicale 'Muse and Music. Musicale London Calling Mary Marlin Ma Perkin Pepper Young Guiding Light Stella Dallas "Pottery" Vic and Sade BBC New Roosevelt Broadcast Bernardino Molinari to Direct NBC Symphony Concert Tomorrow Femina For Shut-in BBC New News, Songs Cocktail Caper. Radio Special Indication of the White House stand on the approaching 1940 campaign is expected to be given during President Franklin D. Roosevelt's address to the annual Jackson Day Dinner of the Democratic party on Monday, at 10 p.m. over NBC and CFCF.

Postmaster General James A. Farley, presiding at the main dinner at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, will introduce the President. French New Resume Stocks Resume Virginia Fair Stock FRIDAY EVENING living Chase and Sanborn! Hcmr this Sunday is a landmark ta the history cf radio because any crans cf policy in a program of ruch calibre is bound to set a trend which others will fallow. The chie! reason for the change r-ld feem to be that the producers of the Hmir believe that they can just as well give the public what it -a-ants in thirty minutes as they can in sixty. According to this, the public wants to hear Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy, a TveeklT JCueSt and a song or two from Donald Dickson with Robert Armbruster's orchestra in support.

Ciueflv. it is suspected, it wants to hear CharLe McCarthy. The Chase Sanborn Hour in its present form is the result of no mere haphazard grouping of talent. As long ago as 1931. the producers were -searching for a which would win the public ear.

It took them a long time and nar.v experi.Tier.ts before they evolved shows with which no other retwork seems so far to have been to compete at the same hour. The beeinninss of the Hour date Hack to 1923. This was when Ruay Vallee was setting the pattern for rad: entertainment with his Val-lee Varieties. The Vallee show was r-rre or less a Major Bowes professional hour and. significantly enough, it was from two of Vallee's discoveries that the Chase and Sar.bem Hour was to derive its createst stars.

Edgar Bergen end Cantor were both radio graduates from Rudy Vallees trial turns. The Chase and Sanborn Hour ac-t-iillv began its career on Sunday, September 8. 1929 as a 30-minute rrcgrarr on the NBC-Red Network. It was little mnre than a variety with Gustave Haenschen rd Dr Frank Black (now NBC Music Director) as the At the beginning of 1S31. Rubinoff i he of the magic violin) took over ml the head of an orchestra, and.

on March 8. the time was extended to 6-3 minutes, a period kept until the present change. A big step was taken on February 8. 1331. when the producers engaged Maurice Chevalier for four rronths.

Here was the beginning of variety, the program headed by a tar entertainer. Seven months later, on September 13. Eddie Cantor joined the program and the Chase and Sanborn Hour became one cf the leading shows on the air. Cantor was associated with the Hur. cff and on.

for over three rears. Bergen has yet to beat this "record although actually he has any more broadcasts than Cantor to hi credit, broadcasting was all done in York the days and Canter was often called away on tour or to Hollywood to make pictures. Illustrious "names were engaged as substitutes, including George Jes-seL Harry Richman, Georgie Price Bert" Lahr. Cantor only seri Chamberlain Speech the first half of Dr. Walter Dam-rosch's Music Appreciation Hour today at .2 p.m., over NBC and CFCF.

Examples of the subject will be taken from the Prelude to Bizet's "L'Arlesienne" Suite No, 1 and Tchaikovsky's Suite No. 3. The latter half of the hour will be devoted to the works of Mozart including his Overture to "The Marriage of Figaro," the First Movement from his Serenade for Four Orchestras and the Second and Fourth Movements from the Symphony No. 40 in Minor. Lily Pons, noted coloratura soprano, will sing the lead role in Delibes' "Lakme." during the broadcast from the stage of the Metropolitan Opera House tomorrow at 1.55 p.m., over NBC, CFCF and CBF.

Bernardino Molinari, for 28 years director of the Augrjsteo concerts in Rome, and well-known on this continent through frequent guest appearances with American orchestras, will be heard tomorrow at 10 p.m., over NBC and CBF. in the first of five concerts which he will conduct with the NBC Symphony Orchestra. Molinari completed his 35th Atlantic crossing on December 23, when he arrived in New York aboard the Italian liner Conte di Savoia. Since his last appearance with the NBC Symphony, in June, 1938. he has conducted concerts at the Augusteo.

and in addition has appeared in Berlin, Dresden, Bucharest, Budapest, Munich and Mannheim. The program includes Dvoraks Symphony No. 5 in minor, Richard Strauss's "Death and Transfiguration" and the Overture to Rossini's "Semiramide." MUSIC THIS WEEK-END. A musical discussion of the Theme and Variations form will occupy decided that the public had had enough. Besides there was a big show waiting to take over.

Not "Tne Big Show" but Major Bowes' Amateur Hour, one of the most successful programs ever to strike the air. The Major and his bell dominated the Hour and the public from March 24. 1935, to September 13. 1936. The amateur hour beat even Cantor in popularity.

It became a weekly appointment for the family to keep beside the receiver. When Bowes shifted his time, it took eight months to find a real successor. In the interim the producers secured the Good Will Court. It seemed to have all the makings of a surefire success. But, for reasons which need not be quoted here, the producers dropped it in less than three months.

"So You Want to be an Actor" followed, dangling movie contracts before the eyes of aspiring amateurs. This show in retrospect is chiefly remarkable for being the cause of a move to Hollywood where the Hour has been staged ever since. The biggest date until now in the entire history of the Chase and Sanborn Hour is May 9. 1937. The producers had decided to return to the variety formula.

W. C. Fields was engaged as the star comedian in succession to Eddy Cantor. Dor Ameche was made M.C. There were to be famous guests.

For comedy contrast the producers engaged Edgar Bergen, a ventriloquist who had made some successful appearances in Rudy Vallee's Varieties. Nelson Eddy was added during the summer. The result, of course, is well known. It soon became evident that the odd comedy act was stealing the show. W.

C. Fields retired and the Hour soon became primarily associated with Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy. Bergen's capture and retention of first place on the most popular radio hour of the day was a radio coup d'etat. He has dominated it for two and a half years. Now it is being made to measure for him.

Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, who recently made, an inspection tour of the western front, reports to the British Empire on "The War, Its Progress and Prospects." His statement will be heard over CFCF. CBM and CBF on Tuesday at 9.45 a.m. The broadcast originates in Mansion House, official residence of the Lord Mayor of London. Walter O'Hearn will comment on General Freyberg, who commands the armed forces of New Zealand, during his broadcast tonight at 7.55 p.m. over CFCF.

Tomorrow evening Mr. O'Hearn takes ex-King Alfonso of Spain as his subject. CKAC (730) CBM (960) CHLP (1120) CBF (910) CKAC. Organ 'Lazzaro Orch. Recordings Mus.

Voyage A. Montmarte Music, Sports News Music. Sport De la Vie New Musicale News French News Lucio French Songs French Sketch Amos Andy The Collegians Pension Velder Light Up Talk Nazaire-Barnabe Violin Recital Sports Folklora French Songs Coons Cameras Sketch "Un Homme" C'est la Vie Miss Trent Unannounced C'est la Vie Lasalle Orch Concert Trio Sinfonietta Radio Comedy 'Sinfonietta Jean Forget Varieties 'Waltz Time Pianist 'Waltz Tim Unannounced Dance Orch "Gourdineau" Reyes Orch Comedy Duo Galetes Montreal Trio Alouette Journal Parle Canada at Quartet "Mon Metier" Lajoie Orch Turner Orch Turner OTch. Sports. News New, Silent New Dance Orch Stardust Sports.

Song Kay Orch Nor. Messenger Dance Orch. Bono Orch. Silent Silent Nobie New. Silent CFCF (600) 6.00 Sketch, Briefcase 6.15 (6.20) New 6.30 Lone Ranger 6.45 7.00 Ski Cast 7.15 Light Up and Listen.

750 Uncle Troy 7.45 Sports (7.55) O'Hearn 8.00 "Don't Forget 8.15 8.30 Christopher Elli 8.45 Unannounced 9.00 Unannounced 9, 9.30 Studio 9.45 10.00 Unannounced 10.15 10.30 10.45 11.00 Sports. New 11.15 Talking Drum 11.30 Himbr Orch 11.45 12.00 'Dorsey Orch 12.15 12.30 'Herman Orch 12.45 1.00 News. Silent in the supporting cast will be Irra Petina, Annamary Dickey, Helen Olheim, Ezio Pinza, and Lucille Browning. Wilfred Pelletier will conduct. The American debut of Andor Foldes, Hungarian pianist, and the world premiere of Domenico Sa-vino's symphonic poem "Madrilcna" will be heard on Radio City Music Hall broadcast on Sunday at Noon over NBC and CBF.

Foldes will be heard in the second and third movements of Beethoven's Fourth Concerto. Handel's Water Music and tenor songs by Jan Peerce will also be heard. Schumann's Piano Quintet, opus 41, will be played by Dr. Frank Black and a choir off strings over NBC and CBC on Sunday at 2 p.m. Igor Stravinsky, eminent Russian composer, is gue-st conductor of New York Philharmonic-Symphony Orchestra in an all-Tchaikovsky program over CBS and CKAC on Sunday at 3 p.m.

Of interest is Stravinsky's selection of the Symphony No. 2, in minor which is virtually AMERICAN and SHORTWAVE New report. WJZ. News: danc music (to 1). WABC, Paul Sullivan, comments 11.05 WEAF.

Baukhage, comments: music. 11.15 WOR. Arthur J. Altmeyer. chairman.

SSB, interviewed by Raymond Swing, news commentator. WABC. Dance music, 11.30 WOR, Dance music. 1.30 WOR. News; music (off at 2).

1.55 WABC, News (sign off at 2). Drama Offers Major Portion of Schedule of Shows Next Week tra; WOR, Col. Stoopnaele's Quiz; WJZ. Don't Forget quiz; WABC, Variety; Kate Smith, songs; Abbott and Cos-tello, comedy. 8.30 WOR.

Sinfonietta Concert, Alfred Wallenstein, conductor; WJZ, Carson Roblson Buckaroos. 8.55 WABC, Elmer Davis, comment. 9 00 WEAF. Frank Munn, tenor; Orchestra; WOR, Gabriel Heatter, comments; WJZ, Plantation Party Variety; WABC, Green Orchestra; Soloists. 9.15 WOR, Donahue Orchestra.

9.30 WEAF. George Jessel, comedian; WOR, Benay Venuta's Program; WJZ, Mr. President, Here's How To Balance the BudsL Senator Robert A. Taft, at Chicago Bar Association Meeting; WABC, First Nighter drama. 10.00 WEAF.

Guy Lombardo Orchestra. WOR, Raymond Swing, comments. WJZ. Boxing. Melio Bettina-Fre Apostoli.

at Madison Square Garden. WABC, Grand Central Station, play. 10.15 WOR, News; From Paris; Waver! Root, writer. 10.30 WEAF. Cesar Saerchinffer, comment.

WOH. Fulton Lewi, comments. WABC, Dance music. 10 45 WEAF. Frank Miller, 'cellist.

WOR. Ted Steele, sons'. 1 1 .00 WEAF, News; reports. WOR, AMERICAN STATIONS. WEAF (660), WOR (710), WJZ (760), WABC (860).

600 p.m. WEAF, Torch of Progress Dr. Edward Howard GriRRs. WOR, Uncle Don. WJZt News; Women' Program.

WABC, News; Talk Edwin C. Hill. 6 15 WEAF. News: Sports Miley. WJZ.

Park Orchestra. WABC. Hollywood Hedda Hopper. 6.30 WEAF. Stamps Tim Healy.

WJZ, Serenaders Music. WOR, News Reports. WABC, Elmer Davis. Comments. 6.45 WEAF, Li'l Abner Sketch.

WOR. Tucker Orchestra. WJZ. Lowell Thomas. Commentator.

WABC, European News. 7 00 WEAF, Fred Waring Orchestra. WOR. Sports Comments. WJZ.

Joseph Marias. Songs. WABC, Amos 'n Andy Sketch. 7.15 WEAF, I Love a Mystery-Sketch. WOR.

The Answer Man. WABC, Lum and Abner Sketch. 7.30 WEAF. Revelers Quartet: Orchestra; WOR. Lone Ranger sketch; WJZ, Yesterday's Children drama; John Selby, guoat; WABC, Professor Qui.

7.45 WEAF. Magic Waves drama; Orextes H. Caldwell, comments. 8.00 WEAF, Lucille Manners, so. prano: Ross Graham, baritone; Orches FOREIGN STATIONS.

(Due to the European war. program scheduled from warring countries are subject to change without notice.) Moscow. 5.30 p.m. News in English; Music. RNE, 12 25 m.

Budapest, 7.00 Military March. HAT4. 9.12 32 8 m. Rome. 7.30 News in English; Guest Night; "Rome's Midnight Voice." 2RO.

11.81 25.4 IRF, 9 83 meg 30.5 m. Madrid, 8 25 New In English. EAQ. 986 30.4 m. Tokyo.

8.30 Dance Orchestra. J2K. 15 .16 19.7 m. Berlin 9 00 Current Event (English). DXB.

961 31.1 DJC. 6.02 49.8 m. Pans 9 15 Lyrics. TPB11, 11 88 25.5 TPA4, 11.71 25.6 Berlin 10.50 Talk (English). DXB.

9fil .31.2 nv; DJC. 6 02 meg 498 m. Paris 12 15 am. New In TPB1I. 1188 25.2 TPA4.

11.71 25.6 m. Tokyo 12 20 Light Music. JZL 9 53 314 m. Known to modern conccrt-goters. The Violin Concerto in major, in which Erica Morini will be soloist, and the "Nutcracker" Suite will also be heard.

Charles Kullman, tenor of the Metropolitan Opera Company, will be guest speaker during Metropolitan Onera Auditions on Sunday at 5 30 p.m. over NBC and CFCF. Ann Heath, soprano, and Alfred Drake, baritone, will be soloists. MUSIC NEXT WEEK. Andre Kostelanetz will direct his arrangement of "London Bridge is Falling Down" on "Tune-Up Time" over CBS and CKAC on Monday at 8 p.m.

Mary Small and Tony Martin are soloists. The Brahms Symphony No. 3, in F. Major, and Liszt's "Tasso, La-mento Trionfo" will be played by the Toronto Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Sir Ernest MacMillan over CBM and CBF on Tuesday at 10 p.m. Jose Iturbi will direct the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra in an American Composer's concert over NBC and CFCF on Thursday at 9 p.m.

the Radio Guild program on Wednesday at 9 p.m. over NBC and CFCF. Hilda Bare. Metropolitan Opera soprano whose overnight rise to fame resulted when she stepped into a leading role in "Cavalleria Rus-ticana" after the star suddenly became ill, will be guest of Bing Crosby and Boa Burns on the Kraft Music Hall program. Thursday at 10 p.m.

over NBC and CBM. William Saroyans stage play, "My Heart's in the Highlands." which almost started a civil war among Broadway drama critics last April, is to be presented in radio form by the "Columbia Workshop" on Thursday at 10.15 p.m. over CBS and WABC. Canadian Notes You Must Buy Quality TO OBTAIN PERFECT SATISFACTION British Broadcasts Next Week's Highlights (Subject to Change.) CFCF 600 CKAC 730 CBM 960 CBF SIO WEAF (NPC Red) 660 WJZ (NBC Blue) 760 WABC (Columbia) 860 WOR (Mutual) 710 k. FRIDAY, JANUARY 5 2.00 m.

CFCF NBC Music Appreciation Hour. 8.00 WABC Kate Smith Hour. 800 CFCF Don't Forget. 8.30 CBM and CBF Wallenstein's Sinfonietta. 9.00 CBM and CBF Waltz Time, with Frank Munn.

10.00 WJZ Boxing bout between Bettina and Apostoli. 11.30 CBM The Northern Messenger. SATURDAY. JANUARY Noon CBM Eastman School of Music. 1.55 CFCF and CBF Metropolitan Opera, "Lakme." 7.00 CBM What's My Name? 8.00 CFCF "Green Hornet," drama.

7.45 p.m. CBM "The United States Today," comment by Raymond Gram Swing. 8.30 CKAC Wayne King's Music. 8.30 CFCF "Youth vs. Age," quiz.

8.30 CBM and CBF Hawaii Calls. 900 CFCF Hockey: Canadiens at Toronto. 9.30 CBM Wallenstein's Symphonic Strings. 1000 CBF NBC Symphony, directed by Bernardino Molinari. 10.00 CBM "Swift Centuries," story of transportation.

SUNDAY, JANUARY 11.00 and 7.30 p.m. CBM Services from St. Andrew's, Westmount. 11.30 CKAC Capitol Family. Noon CBF Radio City Music Hall.

1.30 CBM "And It Came to Pass," Biblical'drama. 1.30 CFCF Ernest Seitz, pianist. 2.00 CFCF Great Plays. 2.00 CBF NBC String Orchestra. 2.30 CKAC So You Think You Know Music.

300 CBF' Hockey Broadcast, Senators and Quebec Aces. 3.00 CKAC Philharmonic-Symphony Orchestra of New York. 4.30 CKAC Pursuit of Happiness. 5.30 CFCF Metropolitan Auditions. 6 00 CKAC Silver Theatre.

7.00 CBM Jack Benny and Co. 7 00 CBF Bach Cantata Series. 8.00 CFCF Chase and Sanborn Hour. Edgar Bergen and others. 8.00 CKAC Campbell Playhouse, with Orson Welles.

8.00 CBF "Cyrano de Bergerac." 3.30 CFCF One Man's Family 9.00 CBM Hon. C. D. Howe will speak. 9.00 WABC Ford Hour: soloist.

Lawrence Tibbett, baritone. 9.30 CBM Chuhaldin's String Orchestra. 1000 CBM 17." radio serial. 1030 CBF Primrose String Quartet 10.30 CFCF Cheerioh. MONDAY.

JANUARY 8 1.30 pm. CBM Canadian Club meeting. 8 00 CKAC Tune-Up Time. 8.00 CBM Quaker Variety Show. 8 30 CBM Voice of Firestone.

8.30 CFCF True or FaLse. 9.00 CKAC Lux Radio Theatre. 9.00 CFCF Rochester Civic Orchestra. 10.00 CBM and CBF Contented Hour. 10.00 CFCF President Roosevelt at Jackson Day Dinner.

TUESDAY, JANUARY 9.45 a.m. CFCF, CBM and CBF Prime Minister Chamberlain will speak. 1.30 p.m. CFCF and CBF Rochester Civic Orchestra. 2.00 CFCF "Gallant American Women." 8 00 CKAC Edward G.

Robinson In 'Big Town." 8.00 CBF "Mademosoille Satan." play by Robert Choquette. 8.30 CFCF Information Please. 8.30 CKAC and CBM The Family Man. 9.30 CBM Fibber McGee's Show. 10.00 CBM and CBF Toronto Symphony Orcheetra.

10 00 CFCF Roy Shield Revue. 10.30 CFCF Brent House. WFDNEvSDAY, JANUARY 10 2.00 pm. CFCF Music for Young Liirtenera. 2.15 CFCF Echoes of History.

7.30 WABC Tyrone Power, Joan Bennett and Humphrey Bogart in "The Petrified Forest." 8 00 CBM Canadian Snapshot. 8.00 WEAF Hollywood Playhouse, wi Chorleg Boyer. 8.30 CFCF Quicksilver Quiz. 9.00 CFCF Radio Guild Drama. 9.00 CKAC Le Train de Plaisir.

9.00 WABC Sir Cedric Hardwicke in "The Amazing Dr. Clitter- house." 9.30 CBM and CBF Music by Faith. 10.30 CFCF Adventures in Photography. 11.30 CBM Cathedral Singers. THURSDAY, JANUARY 11 2.00 p.m.

CFCF Ideas That Came True. 430 CFCF Medicine in the News. 8.00 CFCF "The Green Hornet." drama. 8.00 CBM Miss Trent's Children. 8 00 CBF "Maria Chapdelaine," sketch.

8.30 CBM Canadian Grenadier Guards Band in "On Parade." 9.00 CFCF Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra. 1 9.00 CBM Good News of 1940. Arch Oboler. who has renewed h.s contract ith the National Broadcasting Company as an au-tror-prod jeer and joined the scenario writing staff of Metro-Goldwyr'-Mayer Pictures, will present "Money Money Money" with Edmund MacDonald in the leading role, as hi first original drama of 1V4 over NBC and CBM on Saturday at 8 p.m. Tnt rUy.

tlf'MTibrd as a modern jrhot storv in which money jingles if chains, was first by the British Broadcasting Crrpr rati 'n last year while Oboler as viMtmg England. "The Rivals." Richard Brinsley "Sheridan's comedy drama about hfe. which was based on tH author's elopement LinJcy and written in ie.vs tfrm six weeks, will be the Great Play heard over NBC and CfCF on Sunday at 2 p.m. James Church of the NBC production ptsif, will direct-Orson Welles and Helen Hayes will be heard "Becky Sharp," adapted from Thackerav's "Vanity Fair," over CBS and CKAC on Sunday at 8 p.m. The broadcast marks M-M Haves' performance in tfte 1933-40 Campbell Playhouse teres.

Grant, the film star, will play the lead in the Silver Theatre production of Romeo for Julie" over CBS and CKAC on Sunday at 6 pm. Conrad Nagel directs. One Man's Family." the popular of l.fe in tne typically an Barbour Family, makes its ecnl move in the radio schedule within the past year when it goes from Thursday to Sunday the broadcast of January 7 at B.30 pm. over NBC and locally from CBM to CFCF. The Barbours will act out their life fnes ri future during the Sund.iy half hour immediately fl-1--irg The Chise and Sanborn Bette Davis as a girl who has cr.iv six months to live and Spencer Tracy as the brain specialist who falls in love with his patient, will star Cecil B.

DeMille's adap-wtTn of "Dark Victory." one of Hollywood's groat dramatic hits, on "Iazx over CBS and CKAC on Monday at 9 p.m. Edna Ferber, American novelist whose literary contributions include -Snow Boat." "Cimarron." "Dinner at Eight." "Stage Door" and the auto-biography. "A Peculiar Treasure." will joint the board of exrert5 on Information Please over NBC and CFCF Tuesday at 8 30 pm With Ferber will be Oscar Lex-ant. Franklin P. Adams and John Kieran and Chfton Fadiman.

Waller Huston will be starred in L.urk cf the Pilgrims." second pro-gra i cf the new "Cavalcade of Anenca" series over NBC and WJZ on Tuesday, at 9 p.m. The drama will depict the struggles and hardships of America's early their determination to life in the New World. H-s Brother's Keeper," original radio drama by Ben Lee a conscientious taxi driver attempts to take the blame for a crime committed by his cocksure your.g brother, will be presented as Transmission One. 12 57 a m. Announcements.

1.15 ull News. 1 .45 "Backgnound to the Newt' 3 00 News Summary. 4.00 Full News. Transmission Two. 5 40 a m.

Announcements. 8.45 News Summary. ft.30 Full News. 700 Talk. 8.15 News Summary.

8.30 Discussion. Transmission Three. 9.15 Announcements, Variety. 10.00 "In Encland 11.00 Full News. Transmission Four.

1 00 m. Full News. 1.45 "World Affairs." 2 30 Variety. 2.43 To be announred. 3.50 News Summary.

4 45 Full News. 8 45 "In England Now." Transmission Five. 8 22 pm. Announcements. 6 30 News Summary.

7.30 Full News. 8.00 Discussion. 8.15 Unannounced. Transmission ix. 9 37 m.

Announcements. 9.45 News Summary. 11.00 Full News. That is why you should see and have demonstrated to you the NEW LINDSAY "AIRLINE" There are a number of models, ranging in price from $19.95 up to $159.50. The Model CI 0-40, illustrated here, is a ten-tube superheterodyne with automatic tuning on six stations.

It has selector switch, automatic volume control, tone control, long and short wave reception, cathode rav tuning all the latest improvements. Price $12995 The Story of David. Part 1. will be heard on the series. "And It Came To Pass." over CBM on Sunday at 1.30 p.m.

"Number 17" a new dramatic serial by J. Jefferson Farjeon starring Rupert Lucas, will be inaugurated over CBM on Sunday at 10 p.m. Ernest Scitz, Canadian composer and pianist, will be guest on the program. "Canadian over CBM on Wednesday at 8 p.m. The music of George Gershwin will be featured by Percy Faith on his program, "Music by Faith." over CBM on Wednesday at 9.30 p.m.

"France Today" will be discussed by Felix Walter, Professor of French at Toronto University over CBM on Wednesday at 10.30 p.m. The March Past of the Royal Canadian Dragoons will be played by the Band of His Majesty's Canadian Grenadier Guards under the direction of Cant. J. Gagnier during "On Paraoo" over CBM on at 8 30 p.m. The Five Singing Guardsmen.

Evangeline and Gerry Wilmot will take part. A "Tune Detector," nominated on week's program, will be asked to guess the Mystery Tune of the Week over the long distance telephone. The Band and the Guardsmen will conclude with their military march past of tunes. Antipodes Shortwave The Australian Broadcasting Commission has commenced the presentation of a daily shortwave world program on behalf of the Commonwealth Department of Information. This series began last week and was formally Inaugurated with a speech by the Prime Minister, the Right Hon.

R. G. Menzies. The transmission of these broadcasts from the Antipodes is directed to Canada between 5.00 and 6 p.m. E.S.T..

and will operate in a frequency of 9.615 megacycles. The call letter is VLQ and the wave lengih is 31.2 metres. These times have been selected by the Australian Broadcasting Commission on the advice of experts who consider that the service would be unlikely to gain adequate hearing during the evening hours when listeners are catered to by local stations in Canada. I 1 1 i 1 EASY TERMS AS LOW AS $5 MONTHLY OPEN LATE TO-NIGHT TRADE IN YOUR OLD RADIO C.W.LINDSAY CO. LIMITED Feundsd IS77 PIANOS RADIOS'ORGANS 1112 St.

Catherine Street Watt (Just West of Peel) 4232 Wellington Streat Verdun 6885 St. Hubert Street Near Belonger iipmhiii ihihiiiibi nirfifii I 580 I St. Catherine Street East I (At St. Hubert) MONTREAL 10.00 CBM Kraft Music Hall. 10.15 WABC Columbia Workshop.

10.30 CBF Henry Weber's Revue. The Four oi Us. well known radio quartet, starred with the Lizht Up and Listen Club..

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