Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 6, 1957 · Page 15
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 15

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, December 6, 1957
Page 15
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Friday Evening, December 6, 1957. Ann Landers "Fun-Loving" Boy Will Now Have to Pay for His "Kicks" Dear Ann: My son if- a handsome, 19-year-old fun-loving boy. A certain miss in town chased him shamelessly for over a year. She is a girl of low morals and poor reputation. I warned him about her but you know how kids are today. You can't tell them anything. I'm sorry to say, the worst happened. The girl's mother phoned yesterday and said her daughter is pregnant and in six months my son will become a father. She suggested that my husband and I bring the boy over and discuss plans for a wading or financial support for the child. They had already talked to a lawyer. The boy says he • would never marry a girl of this type and that he told her repeatedly he was only going with her for kicks. He's certain she planned this to hook him. Since marriage was never promised I believe the girl has no hold on him legally, financially or otherwise. If she can collect anything. I'll eat my hat. What do you say? —N.T. I say you'd better start nibblin', Mother. Maybe your son was interested only in '"Kicks" but the circumstances indicate he may be the drugstore lately and I know he can't be getting it at home. Shall I tell the teacher who h» is? My mother says yes. My father says no. What do you say'?— UNDECIDED I say no. Don't be an informer. The guilty party will betray himself one fine day and'he will be caught. People who take it upon themselves to play amateur detec- live are sometimes mistaken. Don't risk having such, a thing on your conscience. * * * CONFIDENTIALLY: DISGUSTED: Soap is cheap. Tell hor and don't pull any punches. Silent ,'ju.:- fering will solve nothing. f * Kt GAY BLADE: The trouble with this kind of "living it up" is that it may be- difficult to "live it down" later. Use your head. Rn- member that today was tomorrow . . . yesterday. * * * SUNK: See your clergyman at once. This is more than just a financial and legal problem. 02ZZC22ZO* Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Fifteen Says Tax Cut Big Boost For Business NEW YORK (UP)—Chairman Harry F. Byrd of the Senate Finance Committee said today that a tax reduction next year would provide a "stimulant to business improvement." The Virginia Democrat, leader of the Senate economy bloc, also said it was essential to "retrench" in all "non-essential" military and civilian federal expenditures because of the possibility the government may go into the red this fiscal year. Byrd said he was not optimistic for a tax cut. But he said "stern enough reductions in federal expenditures could produce justification for tax reduction consideration." "I firmly believe a sour.d tax (Ann Landers will be glad to! reduction would be a stimulant ^ Josephine Lowinon Diet, Exercise Suggested For Overweight Teenager help you with your problems. Send kicking himself for a long time to. them to her in care of this new.j- ' paper and enclose a stamped self j addressed envelope.) Copyright 1957, Field Enterprises, Inc. There's no law in the land that can force a fellow into marriage, but support is another matter. Your lawyer will spell it out for you. * * * Dear Ann: I'm writing to you not because I need advice, but because 1 want to ease an aching heart. Please listen and give me a word. I'm a widow in my early 40's although people take me for young-1 er. I became acquainted with a gentleman my own age who had lost his wife. Our first date was wonderful. He was so decent and kind—everything I admired in a man. Then he moved to another part of the country and the letters started. Each one was poetic and beautiful. I was certain it was love for both of us. last week he came to see me. To my disgust he tried to get intimate, just like all the other men I'd known.. This was such a terrible blow I never want to look at a man again. My mother used to say "all men are interested in only me thing". I am heartbroken because I know now that Mother was right. Please comment.-NEW ORLEANS Would you give up eating eggs forever because you happened to let a bad one? Well???? Mother was NOT right. Mother was bitter. Don't let her twisted philosophy spoil your life. A woman who is convinced that all men are rotten won't recognize a good one when she meets him. Dear Ann: My mom said I should write to you about my problem. I am a boy who is 12 years old and something is worrying me. A certain boy in our room at school has been taking things out of the teacher's desk. She announced in class that money has See How Slim It Looks WITH THt NEW PATT-0-RAMA You'll like the charm and ease of wearing when you sew pattern 8109. Collarless and with a sleeve choice, it buttons down the siae has contrasting trim. No. 8109 with PATT-0-RAMA is in sizes 1214, 14'/2, 16'/2, WVi, 2014, 2214, 24'/ 2 , 26'A. Size 14'/ 2 , 35 bust, business improvement," he said. Byrd said in a speech prepared for delivery to a meeting of the National Association of Manufacturers that government spending on missiles and rockets was certain to go up next year. But he said "If the missile crisis forces us to spend more in one direction, we must find ways to spend less in other directions." Byrd gave the business leaders a pessimistic account of the White House meetings he attended this week between President Eisn- hower and congressional leaders to discuss domestic and foreign policy plans. "Never in my long experience as a United States senator have Expect Larger Teaching Staffs at State Colleges BLOOMIXGTON (UP)—A sur-j school graduates have ample op- vey conducted by the Indiana Con-l portunities for at least two years ference of Higher Education today! of college locally, they arc not revealed that good teaching for j availing themselves of this oppor- future students in the state's pri-l tunity," the report said, vate and public colleges and uni-j TI )(? committee's reporl will be versities will require doubling the; presented Saturday to the Cover- number of instructors and an aver- jnor's Conference on Education age increase of S3.000 in salaries, i Beyond the High School. The survey committee, headed! by Wendell W. Wright, vice presi-; Evdtiqelist At unemployment claims for the week' dent of Indiana University, and » r , , just eixJed were about 10,000 more' composed of representatives of the LOCQI v-nurtn I than for the corresponding' weekj™a.ior colleges and universities in Rev. Ray Price, -cvange.isl. will 1 in 1958 the Employment Security Indiana, also said there "is no', hold a weeks Evangelistic Crusade Division reported today. ' need" for any additional colleges at the Helm S'reel Church of God -... ' or junior colleges in the sta'.c. j beginning Sunday morning De' ' The survey report said "the task : comber 8 with services each night of first importance in the immedi-lal 7:30 thru Friday December 13. ate future" is to develop, discover! Rev. Price is a graduate of An- Jobless Claims Up INDIANAPOLIS (UP)—Indiana Claims totaled 45,108, with of that figure from persors who had just lost their jobs. Th;.; other 37,607 had been out of work a week or longer. The total compared with 43.111 for the previous week anc 34,737 during the last week of November, 1956. William C. Stalnaker, division director, blamed the increase on S, s'zsr. indues x:; e saiari -':, ihe ™ •"?.• the season slowdown in outdoor work." . and conserve good teaching. i del-son College and Theological "The coHeges are obligated to , ^nih^.^n Ander.0,, Ind. La,l ±L'n= =?* "1" timnis trough M sla-es, Cuba, and volve their faculty members im—---—---«--. . . , studies and experiments designed I Old .Mexico in evangelistic WOIK. to establish a more realistic re-!H« >* at the present enoLoflI m lalionship between course offer- |thc School of Theology at Andei- ings, class size, quality education,! son. doing graduate work .. cn jH i There will also be special sinj- very much if you could tell me how to get rid of the double chin and how to lose weight from my face." A. The only way to lose weight from the face is to lose pounds generally. Since you do not need ° * . .. to lose weight, make your face appear slimmer with hair-styling and make-up. Apply it with a light touch and in light, shades. It showed that the 27 colleges ' ing and music each service with , .. f , , :'.he Rev. Eugene Gra'er, pastor and universities of the state as f 0 H , s ^ reel c]lurch of God> year had 5,485 academe staff " L J" c oelisl members. By 1970, they will need as son ° exan » ellsl ' 10,619. The survey said • average salaries now range from $4,200 for instructors to S7.BOO for full profes- SOCIALIZED BOOGIE WOOGIE BERLIN" (UP)—The Kasl German Communists today announced the acceptance of a "soci.ili.st" ver- sors. It pointed out that instructor • sion of boogie woogic. The Soviet salaries were "lower than salaries zone newspaper National Zcitung of public school teachers in the!reported that the Communist re- larger cities." It said college has lifted its ban .on any 'is near at hand"!dance livelier than a waltz or fox- Hip-slimming exercises suggested while counting calories. Q. "I am a girl of 15, five feet 8 inches tall and weigh 153 pounds. I think I am overweight and would ,. receded''so "much disappointing appreciate your opinion as to my information in such a short time," weight and measurements. Would said. • y° u suggest a diet? My bust Byrd said the United States is, measures 35, waist, 28 and hips 40 "engaged in the most colossal struggle in world history" with the Soviet Union. "The situation has svorsened" in recent weeks, he added. Q. "I am 5 feet 6 inches tall and 20 years old. I weigh 146 pounds, and have a medium build. Am I overweight, and, if so, how much? Everyone tells me I am fat. What can I do to lose weight?" A. You are about six to eight A. You are overweight. If you have a medium frame, you are about 15 pounds too fat. If you have a very heavy frame, you probably should lose 'only about Another. Gas Price War in Indianapolis INDIANAPOLIS — UP—Another 'gasoline war" shaped up today in the Indianapolis area where roller-coaster prices have prevailed for many months, , ,•*<.• Tank truck wholesale prices' causes one to &°'" faclal ha 'f- dropped up to four cents a gallon, Please tell me whether or not this and retail prices at major com- ' s true." five. Take hip-slimming exercises while counting your calories. Your hips are out of proportion. Q. "I used a crenm which contained wax and likel it a lot. Now m * sist f tells . m , e l ' lat , slle has heard that tins k:nd of cream for almost all Hoosier high school Ural- East Germans now may ... ,,,,,, ,, graduates. The survey revealed dance such western imports as You will feel lucky later on be-l*^. * , lhe mam b 0 cha-cha, calypso and cause you have a slim f'.gure and.! Ninc , y . one pcr ccnt of , he high! boogie woogie, if danced "rhyth- a fairly fat face. You will look sc ,, ool gradualcs in (he s|a(e Iast!m jcally and aesthetically" with youthful for many years longer year u , ere wjthjn 2 - mi , M Qf a j "capitalist" features discarded.^ ' college, university or extension' center. Sixty-nine per cent of these than other types. Exercise Daily Q. "Should I do the bust measurement development exercises daily or every other day'.' Also are hormone creams injurious? I have reconditioned my abdominal muscles since my babies arrived, but the skin on my stomach is wrink- ley. Could I use one of these creams on it?" A. First, do the exercises daily. graduates were'within 25 miles of two or more colleges. Fifty-three per cent had a choice of three or more colleges within' 25 miles of their homes. Forty per cent were within 25 miles of i'our or more colleges. | "Even though Indiana high 1 CADDIE LADDIE pounds overweight. Lose those ex- Hormone creams are not harmful tras by counting the calories inj your food. Use a calorie chart. Q. "I am 15 years old and I have a double chine and a fat face. I am not really fat but if you just look at my face it looks like I £..m. I would appreciate it and you can massage one- on your abdomen. Tomorrow: "Are You a Bean Pole? Read This to Fill Out." (Released by The Register and Tribune Syndicate, 1957) pany stations quickly reflected the decrease. Prices dropped from 29.9 to 25.9 cents a gallon for regular. Columbus is the largest city areawise in Ohio, the city having almos-; 100 square miles of land within its boundaries. is true." A. It is not true. Nothing you put on your face will cause hair to grow. Q. "Please tell me what a girl of 19, who is 5 feet 8 inches tall, with a medium frame, should A. Around 145 pounds. to our teacher. Also, been spending a lot of money Making Headlines! 3- W. Quincy Street, CM* IM^ ^ i.s filled with smart, new styles for all sizes; special features. It's colorful, stimulating and so useful. 25 cents. FILES BRIEF IN CASE INDIANAPOLIS (UP)—Indiana Atty. Gen. Edwin Steers filed a brief today with the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago replying to a brief which Leslie Irvin hopes will save him from the electric chair for one of six siay- ings in Indiana and Kentucky. BRING IN THE HOLIDAYS WITH GLORIOUS HIGH-FIDELITY MUSIC What better way to celebrate the holiday season! What better time than Christmas to fulfill your dream of owning high-fidelity equipment! Give your family one of the greatest gifts of all— V-M—THE VOICE OF MUSIC TAPE KECORDER Plays Stacked and Staggered Stereophonic Tape Recordings. Here is true three-dimensional sound. Records and plays back monaurally as well. We also have Stromberg-Carlson High Fidelity Equipment. Can be purchased on easy terms. Call or see HILL & SON SOUND ENGINEERING CO. 2221 Spear St. Logansport, Ind. Phone 3326 WARD 413 E. Broadway Phon. 4191 NOTICE! Charitable Institutions! WARDS will give you BIG DISCOUNTS on TOY PURCHASES CALL 4193 AND ASK FOR MR. CRANE There's nothing so toasty-warm •and comfortable as a crocheted tarn! The pattern stitch used in making this style Is the lovely shell-stitch. Use different trim for a different look. Pattern No. 5530 contains crochet directions; material requirements: stitch illustrations; trim suggestions. Send 25c in COIN'S, your name, address and the PATTERN NUMBER to ANNE CABOT, Pharos- Tribune, 372 W. Quincy Street, Chicago 6, Illinois. Have you a copy of our 1957 Needlework ALBUM? It contains fifty-six colorful pages showing many pretty designs; plus directions for making 3 crochet items Mhd * guilt. Only 25c *. copy! To Attend A Demonstration of At Our Store from 9:00 a. m. to 5:00 p. m. SATURDAY, DECEMBER Tth Stop in any time Saturday and see the famous Sunbeam Frypan and Sunbeam Coffeemaster being demonstrated ... by a factory-trained Sunbeam expert. Nothing to buy—no obligations. Be our guest. MOHLMAN'S PRE-CHRISTMAS SPECIAL ^1 ^REMINGTON M= k NOW SHOWING Bo* Office Oponi at 5:30 P.M. ELVIS PRESLEY ai; his greatest! *wv Singing! Fighting! Dancing! Romancing! in CwmiStcpt ta A<on Novel Dresser &$O.95 Desk Accessory ** • Holds wallet, watch, [ewelry, coins, keys, cigarettes, matches, pens and pencils. • Keeps drcssor or desk top perfectly neat. • 100% ceramic—colors baked and glazed. ROX Y 6 Lt.i A NCE TODAY & SAT. 2 Features 3 Stooges. Open T p.m.—35c 'til 6 'FLIGHT TO HONG KONG FREE COFFEE AND CAKE" DAVIDS a? J 516-518 Eort Broadway Sfoi»n>MmM>»i»iMi»iniiKnim> Phone 3167 *** Remington Rollectric Formerly $31.50 NOW While They Last $1.00 DOWN-$1.00 WEEK 'SHAVES CLEANER FASTER AMD WITH COMPLETE COMPORT MOHLMANS 309 fotami srseer *t»* enure* aimer NOW THRU SAT. OPEN DAILY 1 P. M.-.50C 'Tit 6-KIDD1ES 25e "GET MORE OUT OF UFE, GO TO A MOVilE" BIG STAR WESTERN TROOPER HOOK — SNUB Kdemd Itira Uniled VtisU JUNGLE THRILLS IN COLOR cnKiWlLK-iimlUEI-iuSEM BEYOND MOMBASA TtCHNICOUOR* SATURDAY MIDNIGHT SUN.--MON.-TUES. 2 -FEATURES -2 PLUS ROCX AMD ROLLER!!

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