The Gazette from Montreal, Quebec, Canada on August 13, 1959 · 16
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The Gazette from Montreal, Quebec, Canada · 16

Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 13, 1959
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VgytTigyJle4yM 16 THE GAZETTE, THURSDAY, AUGUST 13, 1959 s Jjlllll DEPARTMENTAL STORE 865 St. Cotherins St. E. VI. 2-5131 MAIL ORDER DIVISION 780 Brewster St. "TUNIC" LOOK for fall at the facts and Fancies And So Back Home For Journey's End Harriet Hill Says; iff Pexm IS-' t l! 4 AND SO BACK HOME. Every ourney eomei to an end. Oori had flow and iati. tying wind-up. It took ui ten deyt to tail from Lisbon to Montreal. Before that we had called at Mar.eillei and gone clou enough to Gibraltar, which tailort call Hit Maiv'i Shin Rock, to throw ttono at it. Or to it teemed. On the way we had patted it at night. In tht tarly morning It rote imprettive and ttark and the photo-graphert were buty with their eamerat. At Litbon we had picked up three mora pattengert. Of the original 1 who had tailed with ut from Montreal only eight were left to new pattengert meant new excitement. Two were Mr. and Mrt. Jamet Nicoll of Calgary. They had been tpending tome montht painting in Sicily. Marion Nicoll It on a Canada Council grant of $2,700. The other wat a Dr. Roienda of Litbon who it In charge of the famout Botanical Cardent there and who It in Canada to tpeak at an international meeting of botanittt. "ft & ' & LIKE MOST PEOPLE who are nearing the end of a fascinating journey we (and most of the other passengers too) tried to pretend it never would end. We swam in the pool, sun-tanned, exchanged addresses, took one another's pictures. We remembered that when our guide met us in Beirut he had said, "Five weeks together' and still speaking to one another." Actually by the time we walked down the gangplank in Montreal East for the, last time only one passenger was not speaking to the others. Which, it seems to us, is something of a record. ft & WE HAD SHARED SO MUCH-those night in Cairo when wa tat on the terrace of the Semlramit Hotel having our dinner while y, . fi. the imported French tinger tang love tongt, the noon wo nearly fainted from the Sahara heat on our way to Sakkara, the afternoon we tpent at the Aeropolit In Athent while the archaeology ttudent from the Univertity of Athent, who wat our guide, wrapped ut with hit own enthutiasm for thit wonder of ancient Greece. We had driven together along the mountainout road to Baalbek in Lebanon and peered into the courtyard of an Arab home where the family wah wat drying. We had been more then nine weekt together. Old, young or middle-aged, none of ut would forget the thingt we had teen together, the experieneet we had had. ft & - & WE KEPT CONSOL'"G OURSELVES by saying, "We have seen too much to absorb it all. Now we will go home and think about it, digest it." We promised to exchange snapshots. We had come from different parts of the North American continent and some of us knew we never would see one another again. But one of the officers had a note of cheer. "There's a saying in Arabic," he said. "It is, "Two mountains meet never. Two men do.' " Then it was over. We began to think of what had happened at home since we had left. We had read no Canadian newspaper until we arrived at Father Point. We had heard Canadian news only as we came close to the shores of Canada. As we walked down the gangplank on to Canadian ground we paused to wave good-bye to our friends on the ship. We were home but we knew, after all we had seen and heard, we never would be quite the same again. -k & t5t Flpase address communications to this column fo Farts and Fancies, The Gazette, or telephone after 2 p.m. week days. ConversatiorT in a MIRACLE blend cotton and Arnel fabric, hand-washable, crease-resistant. Button closing ot front, 2 large pockets, smart belt, narrow skirt. The white overcollar gives neckline interest. black green brown in Sizes 10 to 16. "NEEDLE V t Sorry No 'Phone Order! Pease Moil RAYMOND DUPUIS, Preiident Store Hours: 9.30 to 5 30 Open Friday till 9 p.m. Soturday till 5. JO tfetler'ee Metleatie No. 225 Marking Hem Alone When marking the front of a skirt, facing the long mirror, you can probably mark a few inches of the skirt back, behind each side seam, while looking in the same mirror. To mark across the back of the skirt, you may have to turn to face the second mir-row in which you see the reflection of your back from, the first mirror. If you must work with only one mirror, mark from one side seam along to center back. Then mark from the other side seam to center back. . You'll have to turn your head a good deal in order to watch the hem marker as it approaches center back. Try to turn your head only, without bending your body or changing the set of your shoulders, because such movements change the position of the skirt in relation to the floor and the hem marker. As you mark the back of the skirt, you will have to change the bulb of the marker from one nana to tne otner somewhere along the line. You may have to move the marker itself once or twice, to keep it facing the skirt. As you manipulate the marker, be careful- not to let your body bend backward he- cause that will make the skirt drop at the back and then the hem line will not be marked correctly. Girl Builds Sets For B.C. Theatre Vancouver.--CP) Susan Stock-bridge would rather build Juliet's balcony than speak from it. In love with the theatre, but only as a craftsman, Miss Stockbridge is technical assistant at the University of British Columbia's summer school of the theatre. When interviewed at the barnlike scenery shop, she was hard at work on scenes for the next production. She says contemporary plays are more stimulating for stage designers than the traditional ones. Woman's World Peach Relish Adds Spice To Roast Beef Two good reasons for making peach chili sauoe are that it smells wonderful while cooking and it's wonderfully good to eat. This relish combines canned peaches with vinegar, sugar and spices. Serve it with roast beef it's delicious. Peach Cnili Sauce 1 No. 2'4 can sliced peaches, drained Vs green pepper 1 onion Vt cup syrup from peaches 34 cup vinegar Vi cup sugar ' 1'4 teaspoons salt l'-i teaspoons cinnamon teaspoon cloves V teaspoon allspice Put peaches, pepper and onion through food chopper, using medium blade. Add remaining ingredients and simmer about 1 hour, stirring often. Makes 2 pints of sauce. HOUSEHOLD HINT It's easy to trim your calories and your figure when you choose delicious low-calorie summer dishes crisp salads, tasty fresh vegetables and refreshing fruits. ? - 7 " f . -' v f 7 f V f t ' ., , k Why Grow Old? Good Posture Prevents Much Strain, Fatigue By JOSEPHINE LOWMAN Many women have an incorrectly balanced pplvis. Th tendency is to stick the hips out in the back. Yet the balance of the pelvis is of the greatest importance. In the first place, when the hips ride out in back like a trailer an otherwise lovely, silhouette is ruined. Then, too, this poor posture causes strain and fatigue. This is a very prevalent feminine figure fault and very woman would be wise to check on it. You may have fallen into this poor posture habit without realizing it. Exercise Just Testing: Pretty Lise Jorry turned soup-tester momentarily this week aboard the S.S. Homeric, tied up in' Montreal harbor. Miss Jarry's expression shows her approval of soup which will be on the menu for a ball to be held oboard the Homeric Sept. 17. The ball is being arranged by the Junior Com mittee of the 'Montreal Symphony Orchestra and funds raised will be used for the benefit of the orchestra. Shown v with' Miss Jarry, who is ticket convener for the ball, are Mario Retto of Genoa, Italy, the Homeric's chef de cuisine, and Mrs. Andre Charron, vice-chairman Of the ball. (Geiette Photo Service) Scout Overhears Criticism Now Has Lost All Confidence The Question: damage to Johnny's self-confidence, even if Johnny was mistaken in feeling hit. On the other hand, supposing Johnny heard correctly, and Mr. B. did criticize him as quoted, then Mr. B. ought to acquaint you with the boy's shortcom- 60 DEAR MABY HAWORTH: One of my sons, I'll call him John, is an A-Student and very interested in scouting. After a year and a half of scouts he is well on his way to becoming a star scout and has been patrol leader for about a year. He has taken his responsibilities very seriously, devoting much time to them; and as a result his patrol has often led in competitions. John's father has been working in Europe the past six months, and I was very happy to have John look up to Mr. B., the troop leader, in his absence. However, last night John accidentally overheard his beloved Mr. B. scolding another scout's mother, because the boy wasn't making any advancement. Mr. B. told this woman that her son has had a good leader in his patrol "not," he said, "like that John Doe who is so dumb, he doesn't know anything: or if he does, never shows it!" Lad, Being Small, Lacks Self-Esteem ' r Mr. B. had always been very friendly to John, and these un-exppcted words, voiced behind his back, were a cruel blow to him. Since John is very small for his age we have always had a hard time kepping up his self-confidence, and I find the situation very hard to deal with alone. I would appreciate any advice you can give me. as he is heartbroken. Sincerely, -Mrs. M. The Answer: Overall View Of The Problem DEAR MRS. M.: In your shoes, I would have got in touch with Mr. B. as soon as possible out of Johnny's hearing, however, and without his knowing I was making the call. And I would have got down to cases with Mr. B., in a frank friendly way, to learn the scout troop leader's version of the conversation that Johnny overheard. I would have conceded that overheard conversations are almost never heard correctly. A vast amount of mischievous misinformation gets into circulation via this faulty transmission system. Further, I would have .considered the possibility that Johnny's name didn't even figure in the colloquy that made him heartsick. As we know, many hypersensitive persons tend to imagine they're being noticed, discussed and disparaged in instances when they're not. So much for preface. As a Scoutmaster, Mr. B. should be man enough to repair the ings, as he sees them, so that you may do what you can to help the lad, and lighten the Scout leader's load a little. I imagine a heart-to-heart talk between Mr. B. and Johnny, with the man instructing the boy on points of performance that he needs to improve, would put them back on a comfortable footing with one another. Especially if Mr. B. makes some passing apologetic or explanatory reference to the overheard comment that shook the lad. M.H. Mary H a w or t h counsels through her column, not by mail or personal interview. Write her in care of The Gazette. In order to get the feeling do the following exercises. Stand tall. Pull the hips under as you bend the knees about one-third down. Hold while you count to five slowly. Straighten lees and continue. Weak, lax abdominal muscles are often a contributing factor to swayback. This is a splendid exercise for strengthening these important elastic bands so that they can do the work they should. Lie on the floor. Bend both knees and place the feet on the floor. Your arms should rest on the floor overhead. Keep the knees bent and the feet on the floor as you raise your trunk and touch the floor with the fingers on each side of you. Lower trunk to the floor and return arms to overhead position. Continue. Relax Kneei It also will be helpful to you if you will keep your knees relaxed when you stand or walk. In other words do not hyper-extend them at the end of each step. If you do this you are almost certain to develop sway-back. If you would like to have my tested abdominal exercises send a stamped, self-addressed envelope with your request for leaflet No. 2 to Josephine Low-man in care of The Gazette. Launder Blankets With Great Care Summer camping means wool blankets at night and special laundering. Wool requires minimum agitation during laundering, so reduce the washing and spin dry-ing time in the washer. Excessive bleach will dissolve wool. Long periods of agitation may felt good blankets. If they are excessively dirty, it's better to launder dry and then rewash a second time. ' HOUSEHOLD HINT For an appealing and interesting salad cut a slice of cantaloupe crosswise and place on lettuce leaf. Then add a mound of cottage cheese and sprinkle with chopped nuts. HOUSEHOLD HINT Deep drawers in kitchen cabinets make handy places to store pots and pans if the drawers are fitted with slanted dividers large enough to hold specific utensils. HOUSEHOLD HINT Check your food supply before going to the market. It 'will save you time and money also a trip back to the store to get some forgotten item. h iv 7 s Our Justly Famous MR. EMILE "Softy" Permonent known for the gentle, true permononce it imparts to your hair. Good too, for bleached and tinted hair, $10.00 1347 GREENE AVE. Phone WE. I-0S42; WE. I-24M Mitiile IbIAUTT SALON HOUSEHOLD HINT Chill candles in the refrigerator for 24 hours before using. They will burn evenly and not drip. HOUSEHOLD HINT Keep cut flowers fresh by adding a lump of sugar to the water. Summer Sale of Fine Furs FURS 2025 Mountain St. Queen Elizabeth Hotel VI. 9-5641 UN. 1-6685 HOMES ALREADY SOLD (PROJECTS 1 fr 2) BERT HART OPENS PROJECT NO, 3 BERT HART SAYS: : : " i f-.. " - r , .: "WHY PA VRENT? when I can help you buy a home in beautiful DELSON GARDENS ON THE SOUTH SHORE?" A home of your dreami in a planned csmmunity of 300 homel with a SHOPPING CENTRE FROM: $ 150 RESERVES YOURS NOW CENTRAL MORTGAGE . HOUSING LOANS MINIMUM DOWN PAYMENT 10 w ir c.m.h.c. MONTH PAYMENTS OCCUPANCY: IMMEDIATE OR LATER CHOOSE YOUR HOME FROM 5 MODELS RANGING FROM $12,250 to $15,500. Stone Brick Cenitruction a Ploittr Wolli Arbor IH Counters Optional Garagt or Carport CHECK THESE EASY-LIVING FEATURES: High Comont Baitmtnt Till Bathroom! Hardwood Floort a Largo Lot! MILES FROM THE HEART OF MONTREAL CELSON GARDENS ll leeattd on th South Shore facing Montreal. From Mercler Bridge, eo mllei along Highway C, turn right at the Tetace Station and follow th ligm to our Model Home!. You can also (o by Jocquei Cortier Bridge, and the new bridge under comtruction will loon moke travel even eauler. Aluminum Window! a Choice Paint Colour Automatic OR Heating Syitem Picture Wlndowe GUARANTEE There'! every convenience for comfortable living at beautiful DELSON GARDENS. Street! and lewen are In, and the water ll turned on. Shopping will be handy at the neorbv Shooolna Centre; Proteitont and Catholic School! are available; and MODEL HOMES OPEN there'! train and bui eervlce for the ihort trip to town. d? AII BERT HART Development sales are S backed by a 30-DAY UNCONDITIONAL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE 7 t t m. la t p.m. week dare. 10 e m. I 1(1 p.m. wpekenda. For Informotion Or Appointment Call HUDSON DEVELOPMENT CORP. 720 Jeanne Mance St., Montreal Tel.: DU. 1-9231 Sirs: Please lena1 full details. HAMt ADDMSS CITY Date TIL. ANOTHER BERT HART DEVELOPMENT TBfflpTCSi

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