The Gazette from Montreal, Quebec, Canada on June 16, 1938 · 21
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The Gazette from Montreal, Quebec, Canada · 21

Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 16, 1938
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vol. clxvd. iso. 143 THE GAZETTE, MONTREAL. THURSDAY, .ttJXE 16. 1938. 21 CAPO LINE STEAMER VISITS HERE IN JULY Capo Orso, One of Two Italians Bought This Year, Coming From Cadiz SMALLER THAN OTHERS 3, 000-Ton Vessel Belonged to New York's Munson Steamship Line Kirk-pool Clears With Grain One of the two freighters purchased by the Italians this year to augment the Capo Line fleet of steamers is coming to Montreal fox the first time next month. She is Capo Orso, an oil-burning vessel of 3,000 tons gross, originally an American ship. The freighter , left Cadiz, Spain, June 7, after originally sailing from Genoa, and is coming here via St. Johns, Nfld. She is due July 4. Capor Orso is considerably smaller than the three Capo Line ships which operate regularly in the Mediterranean - Montreal service, Capo Noli, Capo Lena and Capo Olmo. This Italian fleet, during the few years it has operated, has grown fast. In 1930 the line owned three steamers, and this year the fleet has besn increased to ten. All the Capo freighters were bought from other countries, and up until this year the entire fleet was composed of ships built at British yards and formerly under British registry. The. two Purchased this year, however, Capo Orso and Capo Alga, were formerly owned by ihe Munson Steamship Line of New York. They were known respectively as Munsomo and Munbeaver, and were sold to the Italians under the plan to dispose of older Ameri-can tonnage. Capo Orso was built in 1916 by the Maryland Steel. Company at Sparrow Point, Md. She is 327 feet in length, with a breadth of 46 feet. The ship, like the other vessels in the fleet, is now registered in Genoa. With, the other Munson steamer purchased this year, she was overhauled and reconditioned for the Capo Line service. Montreal Shipping Company are agents for the Italian service locally. Montreal cleared one full cargo of grain for overseas yesterday, in the British tramp Kirkpool for Queenstown. Arrived at noon was the Blue Funnel liner Troilus, which was aground for three nights in the river near Pointe Citrouille. After discharging her cargo at Shed 19, the 7,000-ton freighter will enter Vickers drydock for complete inspection. Although no definite word was known as to the extent of the damage suffered in the grounding. if any, it was-understoBa ""ffiaTTTeTl cargo was not damaged. Two Cunarders Clearing The Cunard White Star liner Andania, under command Of Captain H. R. Oulsnam. R.D.I R.N.R., will .sail from Montreal tomorrow for Liverpool via Glasgow and Belfast. Montrealers sailing are: Mrs. L. W. Bond. Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Burton, Norman T. Burton, Mrs. A. Elliott. Mrs. C. F. Davis, James Stewart. Miss M. Rushton, Mrs. W. E. Copper, Miss Isobel Cooper, Miss Phyllis J. Williams. Mrs. Harold Mills. Canadians from other points include: Dr. W. M. Fisk. Mrs. W. M. Fisk, of Quebec: W. L. Veit, of Sayabec, P.Q.; J. Edgar, 'A. Bates, Mrs. A. McCormick, Miss J. Mc-Cormick. of Ottawa. Alaunia under command of Captain J. Foyster, sails at the same hour for London via Plymouth and Havre. Montrealers sailing in the Alaunia are: Mrs. J. F. Stairs, Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Norman, Miss M. Norman, Master Michael Norman, Master Francis Norman, Mrs. Florence B. Ames, Miss E. Caddy, Mrs. A. Everest, Mrs. F. E. B. Whitfield, Master Roger Whitfield. Master Whitfield. Miss A. Snead, Mr. W. H. Smith. Mrs. W. H. Smith, Mrs. R. G. Smith, Miss Virginia Smith, Miss C. Rootham, Miss Vera Phillips, Miss D. M. Orbell, Miss K. Neal, Mrs. E. G. Sharewood, Mr. and Mrs. Coles, G. Stoecker, Mrs. J. A. Villeneuve, Miss M. Ville-neuve, Mrs. Edithe Ruth Finfer, Miss Joan Finfer. Canadians from other points include H. L. Gilmour, of Ottawa. Bedford Sails Tomorrow , The Canadian Pacific liner Duchess of Bedford, Captain A.. R, Meikle, sails tomorrow morning with a large list for Glasgow, Bel-fast and Liverpool. Passengers in elude Dr. Lindsay Dey, prominent medical man, of Sydney, Australia; Brig.-Gen. A. E. Panet, C.B., C.M.G., D. S.O., of Crowthorne, Berks.; Aime Geoffrion, K.C., Philip R. Myers, Mrs. S. M. Beadel, Mrs. L. A. Vintcent and. her son, Anthony, Mr. and Mrs. J. Boyd McBride, K. B. S. Robertson, Mr. and Mrs. A. Baird, Mrs. Joseph E. Beaudry, Mrs. F. W. Dorr, Mrs; H. O'Sulli-van. Miss W. M. Christiansen, Mrs. E. Ramsay, Miss J. A. Rose, and Mrs. B. A. P. Dobson, of Montreal; Gripsholm's Summer Cruise Sailing from New York July 23, the Swedish American liner Grips-holm will visit Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, Russia and Finland, as well as the Isle of Gotland, on a 34-day summer cruise. The ship will call at Norheimsund, Vik, Gothenburg, Copenhagen, Visby. Tallinn, Leningrad, Hclsingfors and Stockholm. Vessel Movement! Halifax Ship Report ARRIVED. Zend 15, from Sydney, N.S. SAILED. Sarnolite, 19, for Saint John, N.B. Llsbeth, 15, for Garston, England, Magnhlld, , 15, for Newfoundland. Saint John Ship Report ARRIVED. Crawford' Ellli, 15, from Kingston, Fort William Repoit . Tort William, June 15.-B Oared June 14, Aaalnlbola, Port McNlcoll, Hour. In port-Winnipeg, Westmount, waiting to load grain. . Vancouver Report ARRIVED. Pacific Ranxer, 14, from Glangow, Dinteldyk, 15, from Rotterdam, SAILED. ' PORT OF ARRIVED Ship Nat Master. Net Tons Belle Isle (Br.) B. Kristiansen . 1.539 Cordelia (Br.) G. Campion 5.005 Grelhead (Br.) J. J. Bedford ... 2.602 Troilua (Br.) 4.658 CLK AKtU-JUNE 15. Ship. Master. Net Tons For Agents. Kirkpool (Br.) W. G. Hewison . 3.017 Queenstown . . McLean Kennedy 271 Cairnglen (Br.) A. W. Melling. 3.015 Newcastle Furness. Withy 268 Lulea (Swed.) R. Westin ... . 2,819 Wabana Montreal Shipping .. OCEAN VESSELS IN PORT. Ship. Master. Net Cochrane B Wilkinson .... Can Constructor-W. a. Millar.. Llanfair Man. Citizen G. Mitchell Lagaholm J. G Anderson Cornwallis D. M. McLeod Beaverhill T. S. Blair Duchess of Bedford A. R. Meikle Cavelier E. A. Leblanc Dakotian J. Jack Alaunia J. Foyster Andania H. R. Oulsnam Sulairia W. Rennie Gullpool E. Snaith Stavros Coumantaros F. Pierros Man. Regiment E. W. Roper . . . Theodor N. Marthins Maud Mendocino P. Pedersen Treloske F. H. Parme Dalmore M. White Belle Isle B. Kristiansen Cordelia G. Campion Grelhead J. J. Bedford ... Troilus .. Tons 4.485 4.413 2.985 3.009 1,545 3.352 6,060 11.887 2,213 4,065 8.443 8,391 3,580 3,026 3,511 3,199 1,083 1,908 4,352 2,710 9,171 1,539 5,005 2.602 4,658 PASSENGER LINER MOVEMENTS Ship. Agents Duch of Atholl. CP.R. Athenia, Cunard W. S. Aurania, Cunard W. S. Lady Somers, C.N.S. .. Liverpool Glasgow Southampton Jamaica FOR EUROPE AND WEST INDIES. Ship. Agents From Left Due. Empress of Britain, CP.R Quebec June 11 Southampton, tomorrow Duchess of Richmond, CP it. Montreal June 10 Liverpool, tomorrow Letitia. Cunard W.S Montreal June 10 Liverpool, Saturday Ausqnia, Cunard W.S. Montreal June 10 , Plymouth, Saturday PASSENGER VESSELS DEPARTING (Agents' Srhediilps) FROM MONTREAL Ship Agents. Duchess of Bedford .. CP.R. Andania Cunard W.S. Alaunia Cunard W.S. Vessel Movements . ARRIVED. Santa Paula, La Guaira, 15, from New York. Carinthia, .Nassau, 14, from New York. Puerto Rico, New York, 15, from San Juan. Western World, New York, 15. from Buenos Aires. Gerolstein, New York, 15, from Antwerp. Bergfensfjord, Oslo 14. from New York. Mariposa, Sydney, N.S.W., 13, from San Francisco. SAILED. Europa, Cherbourg, 15, Santa Lucia, Callao, 15, Washington, Hamburg. York. Santa Rosa, Kingston, York. . Manhattan, New York, burg. Normandie, New York, Aquitania, New York, ampton. Vulcahia, Palermo, 14, for New York, for New York. 15, for New 15, for New 15 for Ham- 15, for Havre. 15, for South- for New York. Signal Service Report 3.30 P.M. MONTREAL TO QUEBEC. Longue Pointe, 5 Clear, calm. In 10.10 a.m., Maud; 11.20 a.m., Britam-oil 11.35 a.m., Troilus 12.40 p.m., Blue Cross; 10 a.m., Grelhead arrived in 8.45 a.m., Simcolite 11.30 a.m., Cordelia. Out 2.25 p.m., yacht Trident. Cap St. Michel. 14 Clear, calm. Out 11.40 a.m.. Cape Gaspe; 1 p.m., New York News 2.15 p.m., W. C. Warren; arrived out 10.30 a.m., C.G.S. Belle-chasse; left out- 11 a.m., Geo. M. Mc-Kee and tow. Sorel, 39 Clear, light west. In 1.30 p.m., Crane Island; 2.30 p.m., Gaspe County arrived in noon C.G.S. Safeguarded Out 11.10 a.m.. Judge Kene-fick; 1.40 p.m., International No. 1; I. 55 p.m., Cairnglen arrived, out 10 a.m., Kinmount; 1.20 p.m. Marguerite T. and tow; 2.35 p.m., Magog; left, out II. 50 a.m.. Barrie. Three Rivers, 74 Clear, light southwest. In 12.35 p.m.. Llandilo; 1.15 p.m., Bulkarier. Arrived, out 11 a.m., Ste. Therese. Pointe Citrouille, 84 Clear, west. In 11.45 a.m , J. de V. 11.50 a.m., Keynor. Grondines, 98 Clear west. Out 10.50 a.m., Maurice M., noon Havprins; 1.20 p.m., Rose Helene; 1.40 p.m., Lulea. St. Nicholas, 127 Clear, west. Out 1 p.m., Etoile du St. Laurent; 1 p.m., Ranshp and tnw l OK m ty .w.. , A .. ,,11,,, CCU water and Quinnette. Wueeec, 139 Clear, light northwest. Out 1.25 p.m., Chicoutimi and tow; 9.30 a.m. Kiiriiflfa- arrii.-oH 1ft in - . Trarisriver. ' ' " GULF. In 12.30 p.m., Lista, 109 miles east of Quebec, due 9 p.m. Crane Island, 31 In 12.30 p.m., Sure-water. Out 8.15 a.m.. Prins Maurits. Cape Salmon, 82 Cloudy, southwest. Out 11 a.m., Porsanger and Rose Castle; 11.10 a.m., Corabella. Pointe Noire. 103 Out 7 a.m., La Josuhee. In 5 a.m.. Watkins Nisbett; 11 p.m., yesterday, St. Michel Trader. Chirniltiml 1RS Ar,i,ud a n vidence Transport. MimousKi. 156 Left out 9.30 a.m.. Jean Brillant. Father Point, 157-Clear, west. In noon Firby, 89 miles-east; 1 p.m., Snar; left, in, noon, C.G.S. Saurel. Out 10 a.m., Rajabstan; 11.30 a.m., H. M. Flagler; 12.30 p.m., Stylianos Chandris. Matane, 202 Clear, west. Arrived, in noon, V. J. and Fleur de Mai.- Riv. a La Martre, 263 Clear, east. Cape Magdalen, 299 Clear, variable. County m" Rutenfje11'' 11 am-. Pictou Fame Point, 330 Clear, southwest. In 9 a.m., Idefjord, 90 miles east; 11 a.m., Heroy, 170 miles southeast, bound Port Alfred; 1.20 p.m., Oakworth; noon, Baden. Out 12.30 p.m., Hellen. Point Escuminac, 466 Clear, south. at pm- yesterday, Marie Leonhardt Ste. Ann Des Monts Arrived out 8.30 a.m., North Gaspe, and left 11 a.m. Shelter Bay, 272 Arrived out 8 a.m.. Chemong. North Sydney, 575-In 11.30 a.m., Chomedy, 300 miles southeast, bound Quebec. Sydney, 595-Clear, variable. Left In 3 a.m Domby; 11 a.m., Sirikishna; B p.m. yesterday, Oakton; arrived in 1 a.m. today. Sire, Arrived out 2 a.m., wif.etS. de farrinaga; 5.30 p.m. yester-day, Taygetos. MONTREAL AND ABOVE, Lachlne, 8 Clear, southeast. Eastward 10.25 .m., Grainmotor; 1 p.m.. Sioux; 11.13 a.m., Glenallen; 1.40 p.m.! p. G. Campbell; 11 a.m., Supertest; 2.35 p.m., Kenora. Cascades, 21 Cyear, southeast. Eastward 1.50 p.m., Trenora, Up 10.50 a.m.. Lachlnedoc; 1U a.m.. City of Windsor; 11.40 a.m., J, A, McDougald; 12.35 p.m., Vee Vee. r Cotcau, 33-Clcar, southeast. Eastward 8.40 a.m., Brown Beaver; 9 20 a.m., Winona; 10.30 a.m., Donald Stewart; 11.10 i.m., Lawrendoc; noon, Vfi'i A2'50 p m" Stewart; 11.35 a m, Elgin; 12.1J p.m., Ottawallte; 12.30 p.m. Acadian, Cornwall, 82 Clear, calm. Eastward 1110 a.m., Chs. Huntley; noon, Wm. Schupn; 12.50 p.m., Cedarton; 1.20 p.m., HamlMoc. Up 8.10 a.m., Novadoc; 10 a.m., Coteaudoe. Dickinsons, 72 Clear, west. Eastward 10.15 .m Cvclo Warrior; 10.45 f r.fty Bo,v5r, a.m., Knowl-ton; 12.50 p.m., City of Montreal. Galops, 9-C!ear, Welt, Eastward 11.20 a.m., Judge Hart; 11.35 a.m., Edmonton, Up 11.50 a.m., John O, Mo-Kellarj 1.05 p.m., John Irwin, Port Waller, 298-Eastward 11.10 a.m. Cheyenne. Up 10.20 a.m., Yorkton. Port Colborne, 321 Clear, southeast, Eastward 8 a.m., Sarnladoc. Up 8 50 a.m.; J, B. Eades; t a.m., Coalfax; 11.50 a m Acadlallte; cleared 10 a.m., Alexander Holley. Sault Ste. Marlt, 820-CIear, itrong southeast. Up 10 i.m., Stadacona; 10.15 a m Margaret W. and Alfred J,; 10.15 a m., Casco; noon, Sprucebay; 1 p.m., Hamomc. A single oyster may have 60 million eggs. MONTREAL JUNE 15. From St. Johns. NCd. .. Agents. Furness Withy port Arthur. Tex- .. ShiDDing Ltd. Rotterdam Canadian Import Far East Robert Reford Afents Berth. Elder Dempster Shed 25 Manx Line Shed H Montreal Shipping Sect. 40 Furness Withy Shed 16 Swed.-Amer.-Mex. Line ... Shed 6 Canadian National Shed 12 Canadian Pacific Shed 9 Canadian Pacific Shed 8 Canadian National Shed 14 Cunard White Star Sect. lOe Cunard White Star Shed 2 Cunard White Star Shed 3 Cunard White Star Shed 5 McLean Kennedy Jetty 1 Canadian Import Sect. 71 Furness Withy Shed 17 Furness Withy Sect. 45 Ocean Dominion Shed 27 Shipping Limited Sect. 106 New Zealand Shipping Shed 7 T. W. Tinmouth Sect. 47 Furness Withy Shed 6 Shipping Limited Canadian Import Sect. 9e Robert Reford Shed 19 (Datea Fnrnlshed bjr Agents.) FOR MONTREAL. From Lett Due. June 10 Saturday June 10 Sunday June 10 ., Sunday June 8 Sunday For Departs (U.S.T.) Liverpool tomorrow 11 a.m. Liverpool tomorrow, 11.30 a.m. London tomorrow, 11.30 a.m. REALTY TRANSFERS The following 20 sales took place yesterday: Mrs. A. Decarie, et al. es-qual, sold to L. Durand lot No. 179-347, part of 348, Notre Dame de Grace ward, measuring 55 by 108 feet, with buildings bearing the civic No. 5453, fronting on Cote St. Antoine road, for $15,000. Mrs. W. Dagenais. et al, sold to Mrs. L. Desjardins lot No. 228-722, Ahuntsic ward, measuring 3,400 square feet, with buildings bearing the civic No. 906, fronting on Perras boulevard or (Grand boulevard), for $4,200. H. Sicard sold to A. Belair lot No. 5-438, St. Edward ward, with buildings bearing the civic No. 6622, fronting on Christopher Columbus street, for $4,100, A. Belair sold to A. Asselin lot No. 5-438, St. Edward ward, with buildings bearing the civic No. 6622. fronting on Christopher Columbus street, for $4,000. P. Madore sold to G. F. Leclair lot No. 383-54b, City of Westmount, measuring 28 by 85 feet, with buildings bearing the civic No. 21, fronting on Prospect avenue, for $3,700. Mrs. W. Dagenais, et al, sold to Mrs. R. Desjardins, et al, lot No. 50-28, Town of Montreal North, with buildings bearing the civic Nos. 4718 to 4722, fronting on Gouin boulevard, for $3,500. W. Lajeunesse sold to C. A. Fortin lot No. 3407-67 St. Paul's ward, measuring 699 by 132.8 feet, with buildings bearing the civic Nos. 1776 fo 1806, fronting on Roberval street, for $3,000. H. Stolovitch sold to L. Syrek lot No. 199 St. Jean Baptiste ward, measuring 34 by 76.10 feet, with buildings bearing the civic No. 4452. fronting on DeBullion street, for $2,000. Mrs.-W. Dagenais. et al. sold to R. Fortin ,i of lots Nos. 331-93, 94, St. Denis ward, measuring 50 by 86 feet, with buildings bearing the civic No. 5242. fronting on Chambord street, for $1,500. Mrs. W. Dagenais, et al, sold to Mrs. R. Desjardins, et al, lot No. 38-827, 828, Town of Montreal North, with buildings bearing the civic No. 11871, fronting on L'Archeveque street, for $1,500. Mrs. W. Dagenais, et al, sold to Mrs. R. Desjardins, el al, lots Nos. 36-209, 210, Town of Montreal North, measuring 50 by 89 feet, with buildings bearing the civic No. 11845. fronting on Heneault street, for $1,400. Hampstead Land and Construction Company sold to J. H. Maher lot No. 69.60, Town of Hampstead, without buildings, and fronting on Stratford road, for $1,327.03. The Sheriff of Montreal sold to T. Leonard lot No. 480, 479, Mercier ward, measuring 110 by 92 feet, with buildings fronting on St. Leonard de Port Maurice road, for $1,200. H. W. Davies sold to H. Hubbard lot No. 865-157, Town of Dorval, without buildings and fronting on Petunia avenue, for $1.00 and considerations. J. Duchastel sold to L. Duchastel parts of lots Nos. 44-5-2, 44-4-3. City of Outremont, measuring 37 by 136 feet, without buildings, and fronting on Kelvin avenue, for $1.00 and considerations. Mrs. J. B. Lefebvre sold to J. R. Lefebvre lots Nos. 882-54 to 57, City of Lachlne, without buildings, and fronting on 56th avenue, for $1.00 and considerations. Mrs. R. Miller sold to The Town of Pointe aux Trembles lots Nos. 206-600, 601, 602, Town of Pointe aux Trembles, measuring 8,010 square feet, without buildings, and fronting on 42nd avenue, for $60. Estate of the late N. Lebrun fold to E. Guertln lot No. 397-45, 46 Mercier ward, without buildings, and fronting on Mercier avenue, for $50. The Town of Pointe aux Trembles sold to Mrs. H. Pepin lot No. 184-50, Town of Pointe aux Trembles, without buildings, and fronting on the public road, for $31. The Town of Mount Royal sold to J. A.- Legault lots Nos. 623-809 to 806, Town of Mount Royal, measuring 27,093 square feet, without buildings, and fronting on Canora, Laird and Balfour avenues, for $1.00 and considerations. International Pete May Production Up (Special to The Gazette.) Toronto, June 15. South American crude production of International Petroleum Company Limited, for May totalled 2,620,170 bbls. against 2,097,947 bbls. in April. Total for May of this year was made of 1,116,059 bbls. from Peru and 1,804.111 bbls. from Colombia. Total South American crude for first five months of 1038 was 14,-039,321 bbls. against 14,396.984 bbls. for first five month of 1937. CASTLE TRETHEWEY Virtuallj Holding Company Now, Meeting Told (Special to Tha Gazette.) Toronto, June 15 J. P. Blrkell, E resident of Castle Trethiwey Mines td told stockholders at annual meeting that tha company Is now practically a holding company with Its main operating Interests In Omega Gold Mines Ltd. Castl has a comfortable financial position amounting to approximately 11,865,000 It the present time, Since tha end of tha fiscal year Omega has repaid $25,000 of Its loan by Castle, Directors were re-elected and all business approved, New York Money Rates New York, June 15. Money on call, 1 per cent.; time loans AO days-fl months. iy-lH per cent.; prime commit clal paper, ,1 per cent. TEXTILE WORKERS TO TAKE COURSES Over Thousand Will Train for Posts of Greater Responsibility Final details for a comprehensive plan of technical education for more than one thousand textile workers in Quebec and Ontario have been completed and classes are expected to start in September and October, continuing through the autumn and winter months, It was learned yesterday from W. King, chairman of the education committee of the Textile Society of Canada. The latter has played a prominent part in organizing the classes in co-operation with officials of the Dominion Textile Company and other prominent textile concerns with mills in eastern Canada. Tuition on the principles of cotton manufacturing will be given in Montreal, Sherbrooke, Drummondville. Magog and Montmorency Falls for employees of the Dominion Textile Company as well as students from other manufacturing plants in the province. The course will be taught in French and a new text book on the subject, which has been In preparation for the past nine months, will be ready for use about the end of June. Classes will also be held m Cornwall, Ont for employees of Canadian Cottons, "Limited, which has three large plants there. About 100 students are expected to enroll for the course on principles of cotton manufacturing, and an cngnsn edition ot the volume mentioned above will be available for the students. It is very likely that classes will be organized for employees at the Hamilton plant of tne company. Classes are being organized by Beld-ing-Corticelli, Limited, for employees in St. Johns, on various phases of textile manufacture and also for teaching English to French-speaking students. The Woods Manufacturing Company is also making arrangements for classes on cotton manufacturing at its plant at Wetland. The object is to train workers for positions of greater responsibility. Until recently trained technicians for textile mills in Canada were imported from abroad. It is also expected that the training will improve the already high standard of operative efficiency in the industry. World Copper Stocks Increase During May (Special to The Gazette.) New York, June 15. World stocks of refined copper increased 12,700 tons in May to 554,350 tons from 541,570 tons at the end of April. Domestic stocks of refined copper increased 14,-140 tons during May from 355,663 tons in April to 369,800 tons. Following table gives the copper statistics for May (in approximate short tons) with comparisons: May April May, "37 World refined stocks 554,350 541,579 291,450 Domestic 369.800 ai5,663 108,590 Foreign 184,550 185,916 187,860 World apparent Consumption 136,560 161,260 196,060 Domestic 28,040 31,680 81,350 Foreign 108,520 129,580 114,710 World output 156,210 155,000 209,100 By mines 132.780 132,970 184,630 By smelters. 23,430 22,030 24,470 Domestic output 49.070 50,610 88,140 By mines .... 38,350 41.690 72,580 By smelters . . 10,720 8,920 15,560 Foreign output 107,130 104,390 120,950 By mines .... 94,420 91.260 112,040 By smelters .. 12,710 13,030 8,910 World refined output 149,340 162,580 204,140 Domestic 47,300 55,570 95,260 Foreign 102,040 106,830 108,830 Domestic duty free exports 6,110 11,190 4,920 LABRADOR M. & E. CO. 0. M. Barnett New President; Jos. Simard on Board Charles M." Barnett, of New York, was elected president of Labrador Mining & Exploration Company, Limited, at a meeting of directors held here yesterday. Mr. Barnett succeeds J. H. Colville of Toronto. At the same tme, Joseph Simard, president of General Dredging Contractors and other Sorel companies, was elected a director. Following the meeting It was announced that company's crews have arrived at Seven Islands, Quebec, from which point they will be flown In to open the summer's exploration and development season in Labrador by planes operated by Newfoundland Skyways, subsidiary of Labrador Mining & Exploration. Work will again be under the direction of Dr. J. A. Retty, formerly of the Geological Survey of Canada. Company has concessions from the Commission Government of Newfoundland of approximately 25,000 square miles of land in the Interior of the country. Work was started two years ago and has since opened up large potential iron deposits. Operations this season, It is understood, will be a continuation of this work. Some of the ore encountered to date has graded as high as 69 per cent., the company states. HOLD CHEESE MEETING Montreal and Ontario Officials Confer on Problems Members of the Montreal Provision Trades Association interested in the cheese end of the business held an interesting meeting here yesterday with directors of the Ontario Cheese Patrons Association. The latter included A. W. Mclntyre, president, of Finch: R. H. Mayberry, of Ingersoll; J. T. Bertrand, of Hammond: E. J. Pyear, of Sterling, and M. Perkins, K. H. Olive, president of the Montreal Provision Trades Association, gave out the following statement after the meeting: "We held our meeting at the Canada Club, where a pleasant and satisfactory discussion was held on subjects relating to the producing and marketing of cheese. It Is felt that considerable headway was made in the matters brought forward. Suggestions from the exporters and buyers here wert well received by the Ontario board. The whole tone of the meeting was gratify, ing, evidencing a splendid spirit of cooperation on the part of all." METAL MARKETS FIRM Export Copper Sales Report-ed Improved (Special to The Gazette.) New York, June 15. Export copper sales today improved as consumers abroad bought about 2,-700 tons in a price range of 8.675c to 8.72c a pound, C.I.F. European base ports. Domestic copper remained firm and unchanged at 0 cenU pound, valley base delivered. Lead buying remained good with price unchanged and firm it 4 centi pound, New York, 3.85c St. Louis. Most of the buying was for June delivery. Zinc was quiet and unchanged at 4 cents a pound for prime western at East St. Louis. WORK DISAPPOINTING Temiikaming; Operations Reviewed at Meeting (Special to The,) Toronto, June 15. J. P. Bickell, president of Temlskaming Mining Co, told atorkhnlders at annual meeting that recent work on the prnrwtrty was disappointing. Diamond drilling carried , out to a depth of around 1,500 feet failed to disclose anything of importance. The ground should be tested at depths of between 2,000 and 2,500 feet, it was stated, where it is expected the favorable structure will be intersected Diamond drilling to this depth is not practical and sinking of a shaft too costly so that future exploration plans are held in abeyance. It was stated that several casual talks between Dome and Temiskammg were made regarding attacking the property at depth from the Dome workings but nothing was decided as Dome is working at the present time in opening up their own property. An offer from Dome was made to purchase the ground, it was disclosed at the meeting, but the terms were not considered satisfactory. Dome is at present drifting along the southern end of the property. Directors were re-elected and all business approved. Frontier Well Seen As Valley's Largest (Special to The Gazette.) Calgary, June 14. Frontier Royalties of the Anglo-Canadian group after being acidized produced 1,062 barrels in the first five hours of open flow or at the rate of 5,090 barrels daily. It now appears definite that Frontier will be Turner Valley's largest producer, surpassing Prairie Royalties, also of the Anglo-Canadian group. Vulcan Brown before acidizing produced 1,200 barrels in 15 hours or at the rate of 80 barrels per hour or over 1.900 barrels daily. Vulcan Brown extends the northern area of south Turner Valley by over a mile. BEAR EXPLORATION Control of Company Taken Over by New Group (Special to The Gazette.) i Toronto. June 15. A new group has taken over control of the Bear Exploration and Radium Company, it is learned officially and a complete new board of directors will be announced in a few days. In the meantime. Charles Hershman has been engaged to examine the company's nine groups of claims in the Yellowknife district and diamond drilling will be underway on some of these groups very shortly. At the silver property at Great Bear Lake, E. J. Walli, superintendent at Eldorado Gold Mines will act as consulting engineer. Plans are to have the mill in operation on a 24-hour basis with production netting the B.E.AR. Company about $8,000 per month. This will be stepped up at a later date. Company also has three groups of claims in the Gordon Lake area which are to be investigated. Under the new deal, financing has been arranged to carry out the development programmes planned and also to clean up all the old debts of the company. VANCOUVER GOLDS UP Senior Issues Post Good-sized Gains Oils Ease Vancouver. June 15. f(R Senior golds posted substantial gains at the close on Vancouver Stock Exchange today while oils were liwer and base metals unchanged. Trailing was confined chiefly to the yellow metal section. .Transfers totalled 91,5711 shares. Bralorne, with more than 1,800 shares traded closed 30 cents higher at $10.00, highest since 1935. Premier gained 4 at 2.05 and Hedley Mascot 3 at 1.08. Gold Belt at 37, Island Mountain at 80 and Sheep Creek at 99 each firmed. Nicola at. and Whitewater at 4 '.4 were up fractions. Other leading base metals were unchanged. Royalite Oil declined 50 at $37.50 and Anglo Canadian at 1.38 and Brown at 33'i each eased 1. Home was off 2 at 1.05. CALGARY OIL NEWS Commoil 1 Rate 7,440 Barrels Daily (Special to The Gazette.) Calgary, June 15. Commoil No. 1 In its first hour of open flow after acidizing produced 310 barrels or at the rate of 7.440 barrels daily. Royalite report their various wells drilling at the following depths: No. 31 at 6,495 feet; No. 32 at 6,004 feet; No 33 at 3,721 feet; Lethbridge South at 3.122 feet. Anglo-Canadian report Coronation drilling at 7.209 feet and 107 feet lime making 22 feet yesterday. Anglo No. 1 drilling at 1,080 feet and Anglo No. 2 still rigging. Sundance well is still on the Government 10-day test. Commoil No. 2 is drilling at 5,129 feet in the lower Benton formation. York Oils is drilling at 5,824 feet. Commodity 'Change Visitors Directors of the Ontario Cheese Patrons Association, including R. H. Mayberry of Ingersoll, Ont J. F. Bertrand of Hammond, Ont and E, J. Pyear of Sterling. Ont., and accompanied by Mr. Perkins, today were visitors to the Canadian Commodity Exchange. K. H. Olive, president of the Exchange, together with E. H. Hodgson of Hodeson. Rowson & Co.. John Freeman of Lovell & Christmas, and W. R. Leroux of P. W. McLagen, Ltd.. welcomed the visitors and Mr. Olive explained the operations of the Exchange. The guests subsequently attended a luncheon meeting of the Montreal Provisions Trades Association of which Mr. Olive is also president. The Paris Bourse Paris, June 15. WP) Price move ments in the Bourse were irregular with Government bonds exceptionally heavy. Rentes finished with losses ranging from 25 to 43 cen-1 times and BanK of France issue was off about 30 francs. Suez Canal! dropped more than 300 francs and , Royal Dutch was down 60 francs. ' Europe with Cook's As Low As $10.85 a Day ' Com In end It) "The Man ot Cook's" show you real vacation bargains in European travail You can tail July 9th In tha Empraii of Britain (Third Clou) and spend 57 days viilting Franca, Swltsarland, Italy, Germany, Holland, Belgium, England and Scotland ... for $616.00 ... lass than $10,85 dayl Other Thrift Toun at low as $371.75 for 32 days. Spaclol lata lummar tours ... 23 days for $289.00. Graat variety of escorted trips using Tourist and Cabin Class. Independent itineraries arranged as you with. Make it Europa this year . , . and ramambar It costs no mora to book your paiiaga at Cook's. THOS. COOK & SON LIMITED Morgan Trust Bldg., 1455 Union Ava., Montreal. Talaphonat MArquatt 9219 Stocks of Crude Oil In U.S. Show Drop rsruxi'nl to The Gazette I Washington, June 15. Stocks of domestic and foreign cruae petroleum at June 4 totalled 298,266 barrels, a decrease of 2.720,000 barrels from previous week, the Bureau of Mines reports. This net decrease was comprised of decreases of 2.422,000 barrels in dom. estic crude and 198.000 barrels in stocks of foreign crude. Bureau noted that this marked 'the first week since April, 1937. that total stocks of refinable crude have fallen below 300.000,000 barrels. Daily average crude runs to stills during week ended June 4 were 3.120,-000 barrels against 3.165,000 barrels in previous week, the Bureau said. Income Tax Receipts Show Increase in May (Special to The Gazette.) Ottawa, June 15. May income tax collections totalled $77,600,454 against $65,431,043 in May last year. Two month total was $96,733,307 against total collections for corresponding period of last fiscal year of $76,568,974. Customs and excise revenue receipts during May totalled $26,210,-143 compared with $28,621,771 for the corresponding month last year, a decrease of 8.4 per cent. The two month total was $41,947,267 against $45,780,238 for the same period a year ago. . , NET PROFIT $152,807 Macassa Earns 5.7c Per Share in First Quarter (Special to The Gazette.) Toronto, June 15. Net profit, after all charges including taxes, depreciation and deferred development, of $152,807 equal to 5.7 cents per share on an approximate issued capital of 2,680.824 shares of $1 par, is reported by Macassa Mines. Limited, for the quarter ended March 31, 1938. During the period 24.164 tons of ore were milled for production of $388,454. Sundry revenue of $1,735 brought total income for the period to $390,188. Operating charges absorbed $159,595 and taxes $25,402, leaving operating profit Of $205,191. Depreciation and deferred development written off totalled $52,384. INVESTMENT TRUSTS Compiled by Abbott, Proctor & Paine Bid. Asked British Type lnv 20 30 Can.-Amer. Tr. 2nd. S...2.50 Can Intl. Tr. "Modified" 4',4 S4 Commonwealth Int'l C...2.52 2.77 Cumulative T.S 3?4 4 Fundamental lnv. Inc. .. 1314 134 Do. T.S. "A" 4 44 Do. T.S. "B" 3'i W, Independence Trust 2 2 ',4 Quarterly Inc. S 814 9 United Fixed 2 214 United Insurance T. , . 4 1 United N.Y. B. Trust .. Hi Vt AMERICAN DEPOSITOR CORP New Corp. T.S. Accum. 2.20 2.30 Do. Old T.S 1.92 2.02 CALVIW BULLOCK ISSUES Can. Investment Fund . . 3.45 3.80 Nation Wide Sec. "B".. 2i 2 Nation Wide Sec. Voting 1.04 1.12 U.S. El. L. & P. "A" .. 12 124 Do. "B" Hi 13J Do. Voting 79 85 DISTRIBUTORS' GROUP INC. North Amer. T.S. 1953 2.00 2.10 Do. 1935 2,17 2 27 Do. 1956 2.13 2.26 Do. 1358 2.00 -U.S. funds. U.S. Electric Output In Week Declines 10 (Special to The Gazette.) New York, June 15. Production of electricity by the electric light and power industry of U.S. for the week ended June 11 was 1,991,787,-000 k.w.h. against 2,214,166,000 in the 1937 week, a decrease of 10 per cent, according to Edison Electric Institute. Output in week ended June 4 totalled 1.878,851,000 k.w.h. against EATON ' S Burberry Topcoats 45.00 and 55.00 Men's Clothing Second Floor T. EATON C$mt Or MONTMIAl NOTICE TO CONSIGNEES The S.S. BELLE ISLE, Captain B, Kristiansson, from St. John's, St. Piprrfl nnH Mnrth Svrinev ia w. entered inward at the 'Customs nouse. consignees will please pass their Entries without delay. FURNESS, WITHY & CO., Limited . Pack up and go! 2.131,032.000 in the like week of 1937. a decrease of 1141 per cent and in the week ended May 23 came to 1,973,278,000 kw.h. against 2,206,718,000 in the similar 1937 period, a decrease of 10.6 per cent. $200,000 ADVANCED N. A. Mines Gets Options From Gold Belt Toronto, June 15. B North American Mines Inc., has agreed to advance S200.000 in Canadian funds to Gold Belt Mining Company Limited repayable within two years with interest at six per cent., the Toronto Stock Exchange ha been Informed. The advance is to be made within 30 days of the signing of an agreement on May 25, 1933. In consideration Cold Belt Company gave North American Mines Inc.. an option on 500,000 treasury shares at 30 cents a share to be taken up within two years. FANNY FARMER SHOPS John D. Hayes Succeeds Sen. O'Connor as President Rochester, N.Y., June 15. IP Announcement was made today of the election of John D. Hayes, former first vice-president and manager to the presidency of Fanny Farmer Candy Shops, Inc. Hayes was elected by the boara of directors when Senator Frank P. kROM MONTREAL ATHENIA B'fast, L'pn. G'gow AURANIA Ply. Havre, London ANTON1A G'gow. B'Ft, L'p'l ASCAN1A Ply. Havre. London LETITIA B'fast L'pl, G'gow AUSON1A Ply. Havre. London ANDANIA G'gow. B'f't. L'p'l ALAUNIA Ply. Havre, London AURANIA Ply, Havre, London ATHENIA B'fast. L'p'l. G'gow ANTONIA G'gow, B'f't. L'p'l ASCANIA Ply, Havre. London LETITIA B'fast, L'p'l, G'gow AUSONIA Ply, Havre, London June 24 June 24 July 1 July 1 July 8 July 8 July 15 July 15 Jul 22 July 25 July 29 July 29 Aug. 5 Aug. 5 FROM MONTREAL to GLASGOW to BRISTOL CHANNEL t'Delilian. . July 1 Sulairia. .July 15 IDakotian. June 22 Norwegian. .July 8 Refrigerated. iFreight only 230 Hospital Street (MA. S6S1) or 1312 Sherbrooke SL W. (PL. 6935) or any Steamship Agent From mm. . from Rotterdam ROTTERDAM Montreal June 1 Lista June 24 June 8 Urey County June 3d June 20 Flint 2 July 14 July 2 Hada County July 26 Antwerp ANTWERP Montreal May 31 Brant County June IS June 13 August Julv 5 June 25 Hada County July 26 From Havre HAVRE From Montreal Lista May 24 Brant County June 3 August June 20 Hada County June 24 July 1 July 26 From Dunkirk DUNKIRK June 11 Flint 2 July 6 Brant County Aug. 23 Lista Bo'deux BORDEAUX July 15 Grey County For Fretoht information apply to CANADA STEAMSHIP LINES Joint Cargo Service HAMBURG AND BREMEN From From Hamburg Montreal June 15 MS Memel (N.D.L.) July July 13 SS Bocbum(H.A.L.) July 29 Four days earlier from Bremen. Manchester Liners Ltd. Manchester From From Manchester Montreal June 4 M. Regiment June 23 June 11 tM. Division June 30 June 18 tM. Port July 7 June 25 tM. Commerce July 14 July 2 tM. City July 21 Accommodation for Passengers Cairn -Thomson Line (Cairn Line of Steamships Ltd.) Newcastle and Leith From East From Coast Ports Montreal June 10 tCalrnesk June 19 June 17 tCairnmona July June 24 tCalrnross July 11 July 1 xtCalrnvalona July 20 Accommodation tor Passengers tCold Storage. xAlso Loads for Dundee. BRISTOL CITY-DOMINION LINE Joint Service CARDIFF, BRISTOL SWANSEA From Bristol From Channel Montreal June Nw York City June June 25 tBoston City July IS tTan Ventilation. Vancouver St. Lawrence Line Victoria and Vancouver From Montreal Darlington Court July 11 Newfoundland Canada Steamships Ltd. Sydney, St Pierre, St. John's. Nfld. From St. From John's Nfld. Montreal June 10 Belle lilt June It June 24 Belle lite July n 115 St Sacrament St, MA. 1321 " ' a n From Montreal June 19 Aug. 5 From Montreal June 30 2E O'Connor, of Toronto, officially tendered his resignation; ending an association dating back to inception of the company in 1919, Other changes in the personnel include the promotion of Michael I Farrell to the vice-presidency and of W. E. McFadden to the office of secretary-treasurer. Both of the men are from Rochester. Senator O'Connor disposed of his stock, which was re-sold to the public. The company was incorporated here in 1919 with $50,000 paid in capita, and was patterned after the Laura Secord Candy Shops of Canada, in which Senator O'Connor was a major stockholder. The company has six factories with 220 outlets and in 1937 reported sales of approximately $6,600,000. Opemiska Share Offering In order to avoid further financing of the company's dormant property by personal loans from directors, shareholders of Opemiska Mines, Lim- i-Jted, of record June 20, 1938, are of fered the right to subscribe to one share of company's holdings of Ope-milim Mining Company, Limited (Opemiska's Quebec incorporation) for each 200 shares -of Opemiska held, according to a letter just forwarded to shareholders by O. E. Culbert, secretary. (Offering is made in view of the fact that company's debts now amount to over $4,000 and that further charges are again due to maintain claims in good standing. The peculiarly personal aspects of character are initiative, resolution, fortitude, intelligence and genius. FROM NEW YORK QUEEN MARY PTy.ChTs'g. Southampton SCYTH1A G'way. B'fast. L'p'l GEORGIC Cobb, Southampton Havre. London AQUITANIA Ch'b'g. S'mpton CARINTHIA G'gow.Dblln.L'p1 QUEEN MARY Ply, ChTj'g, S'mpton LACON1A G'way, B'fast, L'p'l BRITANNIC Cobh, S'thampton, Havre. London AQUITANIA Ch'b'g. S'mpton SAMARIA G'gow. Dublin, L'p'l QUEEN MARY Ch'b'e. S'mnton SCYTHIA G'way. B'fast. L'p'l GEORGIC Cobh.S'mpton.Havre, London June 22 June 24 June 25 June 29 July 2 July 6 July 8 July 9 July 13 July 15 July 20 July 22 July 23 MONTREAL to Santo and Buenos Aires M.S. "KARMT" July 2 Tk. ROBT. REFORD CO. ImMi Ctntret Afentt no howitai men Scandinavian, Baltic Ports Prom Montreal S.S. BRAHEHOLM July 29 M.S. LAGAHOLM Aug. 16 Swedish America Mexico Line Canadian Service 276 St. James St IV. MA. 120S t1i!(ii if nA I kiiliiewfj Canada Mediterraneo Joint Services to Mediterranean Ports Fast Direct Service from Montreal S.S. Capo Lena July 2 raiting cargo for Marseilles. Genoa, Naples. Messina, Palermo Good Accommodation for Passinger Aients: Montreal Shionina Co. Ltd. 124 Corlitine Bldg. Montreal Tel. PL 9531 From Montreal BELFAST S.S. Fanad Head ........ Abt. -Tune 25 S.S. Dunaff Head Abt. July 5 S.S. Melmore Head ...... Abt July 22. DUBLIN S.S. Kenbane Head Abt. June 25 8.S. Fanad Head Abt, June 28 S.S. Dunaff Head Abt. July 5 S.S. Melmore Head Abt. July 22 Mrl rto n KannaArr I imStn1 uivuvuu uuiuw;i ajuiiiicu 119 Corntine Bldj, Montreal. CANADA INDIA Alexandria, Port Sold, Aden and India Ports Prom Montreal CITY OF KHIOS June 2S Cargo accepted for transhipment to Levant Ports, East Africa. Persian uuij ana straits settlement, air.r r i . . luxjucan ivenneay, Limited General Canadian Agents Corlitine Bldg. leL MA. Sill, GARDIAZ LINES Canadian Express Cargo Services from Montreal, to BRAZIL URUGUAY ARGENTINA M.V. Nordforer. .abt. June 20 To Montevideo and Buenos Aires McLean Kennedy, Limited Montreal and Saint John. N.B. OARCIA DIAZ, 11 Battery Place, Mew Votk city. m: mm m FROM MONTREAL TO HULL ABERDEEN From From Hull Montreal June II S.S. CONSUELO June 28 June IS S.S. BASSANO July IS ran Ventilation. Retrtferatori SB to and to 40 COR1STIMI BLDO. MA. Slit.

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