Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 5, 1957 · Page 20
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 20

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 5, 1957
Page 20
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Twenty Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-1WI>une Ann Landers Females Do Men's Work and Must Compete for Bus Seat Dear Ann: My mother is 53 years of age and she must travel 55 minutes on the bus- to get to run a cooking column, but this is more tlian just a kitchen question —it's a real problem,' so I'm bring- work. Very often she has to ing it to you. stand all the way because Amer- Frequently, my husband wants ONE cup of coffee, I find myself throwing out half a pot because he'll drink only one cup and. I don't know how to make one cup of gO'Od coffee. Please don't tell me to write to the Food Editor. I want an answer from YOU.—GROUND-DOWN Dear Ground: I don't know of a sure-fire recipe for ONE cup of good coffee—but I will ask. Does anyone within eyeshot know how to make a single cup o.i good coffee? Please send the word along and I'll try to perk up "Ground Down". # * * CONFIDENTIALLY: SINCERELY BEWILDERED: What char.ce do you think your marriage will have when you are fighting like cats and dogs during the courtship? All your battles seem to be about money—a bad sign. Get outside help before you reach Ilie altar or you'll surely wind up in the divorce court. * * * UNCERTAIN F. R.: Don't jean men are such skunks they wouldn't think of giving their seat to a woman. Mom stands on her feet all day and is veiy tired when 5:00 o'clock rolls around. She has to fight her •way back on the bus and stand another 55 minutes to get home. It breaks my heart to see'her do this, but there seems to be no solution. I wish some of these men who are so comfortable in their seats •would look up once in a while and see the haggard faces of these •working women. Many times they are sick, but they don't wear a sign sayin? so. I hope you'll print this letter instead of some of those rid:cu!ous things written by morons.—D. J. K. Morons? Welcome to the fold. If your mother MUST work, she should try to find a. job nearer home. Since she is determined to hang or, to a situation that means two hours of grueling discomfort every day, worth it. she must think it's Holiday Time for Teens Josephine Lawman What Do You Really Know About Exercise? 8165 10-16 As exciting as the holiday sea- In the meantime when women'argue with your doctor. He prob-!son ahead is this stunning dress- put on overalls and went to work ably has "inside" information. If '"•> f'""t /-rpatprt f™- teen-tvnps In the factories, the notion that they were delicate little flowers •went out the window. Females •who are now competing with men In business must also compete for that seat on the bus. you are not satisfied s.ee another physician. Dear Ann: much older. I am 15 but I look I'm in love with a boy 20. He has been in trouble with the police but has straightened around and is now a law-abiding citizen. My folks won't let me go steady with him because they say if he gets into trouble again I may be involved. I think they are being unfair to both of us. His folks treat me as if I was their own daughter. They think I'm a wonderful influence on their son and have been encouraging our dating. They told me if my folks put me out of the house I could always stay with them. What can I do to make my parents see the light? They treat me as if I were a child instead of an almost grown woman. Please help me.—BERNICE Look, Woman, a 15-year-old girl is no proper parole officer for a 2n-year-old boy—even if she DOES look older! Your folks are right. You should not be going steady with THIS boy— or any other, for that matter. If he has learned his lesson, he'll prove it by .staying out of trouble. In the meantime, let the young man's folks keep him on! the straight and narrow. Date others and have some teen age fun. Now is the time for going places with different ones and maiking comparisons. Don't be like that fly in the vinegar jug who thought it was the sweetset place in the world—because it was the only place he'd ever been. * * * Dear Ann: I know you don't (Ann Landers will be glad to (Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problems. Send them to her in care of this newspaper and enclose a stamped self-addressed envelope.) Copyright 1957, Field Enterprises, Inc. Admit Halleck's Son To Practice Before State Supreme Court INDIANAPOLIS (UP) — Rep. Charles A. Halleck's son was among 71 attorneys admitted today to practice before the Indiana Supreme Court. The group included Charles White Halleck, Rensselaer, wfc.ose father has represented the 2nd District in Congress since 1Q33. up frock created for teen-types Have it with a bow, or sweetheart neckline. No. 8165 with PATT-0-RAMA is in sizes 10, 12, 14, 16. Size 12, 32 bust, bow neck. 4% yards of 35- inch for short sleeve. For this pattern, ser.d 35c in COINS, your name, address, size desired, and the PATTERN NUMBER to Sue Burnett (Pharos- Tribune) 372 W. Quincy Street, Chicago 6, 111. Send 25 cents more with your pattern order for the new Fall & Winter '57 issue of our pattern magazine Basic FASHION, Inspiring and so practical for every home sewer. People have so many misconceptions concerning exercise and ask so many questions about it that I am going to answer some of the most usual ones in the column today. I feel sure that many readers would like to know the answers to many, of these queries. 1. How are figure molding exercises different from others? In a way all exercises are figure molding in that all of them affect the figure. However, there are some exercises which are especial 4 ly effective in distributing our weight nearer to our heart's desire. It is entirely possible to lose inches in the waist arid hips and over the abdomen without losing pounds. You also can build up the chest and calf muscles so that you increase the bust measurement and the size of the calves of the legs. So, when I say, "figure molding" exercises, I mean those which I have found to be most effective in correcting figure defects., 20, 30 Minutes Helps 2. I have heard that on« must do exercises for at least an hour a day in order to make a difference in one's silhouette. This is not true. You will see a big difference if you do your exercises for 20 to SO minutes daily. The important thing is to be regular—do not do the exercises for a few days and then miss for the next few. Naturally you will get results more quickly if you can do them for 30 minutes morning and night. Also, it takes longer to increase a measurement than to reduce it. In the former situation you actually are building muscle. 3. I have heard that a woman should not start exercises after the age of 40. Is this true? You can begn regular exercises at any age unless there is some abnormality or systemic trouble which makes it unwise. Of course your exercises should suit your physical capacity. The older you, are the more slowly you will have ; to begin, and the less strenuous i the exercises should be. It is also' even more important that you have a physical examination before < starting exercise. However, you al- i ways should have your blood pres- j sure and heart checked at any age, and get your doctor's permission, before beginning. 4. You say a woman can increase her bust, but my doctor says it is impossible to do. I did not say that you can increase your bust, but you can increase your bust measurement. By this I mean that you can increase the size of the chest muscles which lie underneath the bust, and there- fore make that measurement larger and your bust more prominent. It is "like wearing natural falsies under your bust, instead 1 of artificial ones on top of it. If you would like to have my bust development routine, send a stamped, self-adrtressed envelope with your request for leaflet No. 7. Address Josephine Lownum in care of this newspaper. Tomorrow: "35-28-40" is Overweight—Should Trim Hips, Too." (Released by The ..Register and Tribune Syndicate, 1957) "UNIFORM TIME" LAW INDIANAPOLIS (UP)—A hearing will be held Jan. 14 on a suit to stop Indiana officials from enforcing the state's 1957 "uniform time" law. Thursday Evening, December 5, 1957. It's not too late! your selection '' Christmas Cards CUSTOM HAND'IMPRINTED with your name HI ATI'S NEXT TO LOGAN THEATRE Read the Classified Ads THE STRAW THAT BROKE. . . LOS ANGELES (UP) -- Two names on his passport, two marriages to his wife under his legal i and professional name and justi plain legal confusion was too much for Leif Erickson. The 46-year-old I actor, declaring that the name was the thing, appeared in court Tuesday to have his legal name of Wycliffe Anderson changed to Erickson. • Now—2 Features 35cTil6 •WESTERN THRIUS Clark Gable "THE"TALl MEN" Fun At Night Open 1 p. m. "Let's Be Happy" with VERA EUEN uHOBT^^ ^^ ^« '•• e^M HHH ^*^ '^^1 THEATRE NOW Playing Weeks Engagement ELVIS HITS A NEW HIGH ... AN ACTOR OF SURPRISING TALENT! M-G-M prtienh j ELVIS PRESLEY* OAIIHOUSE Bflftft* CINEMASCOPE j K" v BT co-starring JUDY TYLER- , *? Mickey SHAUGHNESSY Dean JONES Jennifer HOLDEN Box Office Opens at 5:30 TOOAY-"FO'SlBi|DDEN INTERLUDE" & "GREAT MAN" FRI.&SAT. OPEN DAILY 1 P. M. 1 FEATURES 50e'TIL6 WHITE SQUAW STOIEN FROM APACHE CHIEF TROOPER HOOK McCREA 'BARBARA STANWYCK PLUS TECHNICOLOR JUNGLE HIT emu WILDE ^>Lfi6fHN, SUN. - 'TIME LIMIT" AND "BOP GI'RL" INTRODUCTORY OFFER! Christ mas Candy * "to give and enjoy CHOCOLATES * 1 lb. box. $1.35 2 lb. box 2.6O 3 lb. box 3.85 ' 5 lb. box 6.35 Fresh, delicious Assorted Chocolates made of the very finest ingredients . . . creams, fruits, nuts, caramel •and crisp centers to tempt anyone ... to Please everyone! Exclusively at Timberloke's —Place your Order Now for this Wonderful Candyl Distinctly Fresher . . . Definitely finer — Also o complete assortment of Whitman's fine Boxed Candy. Hundreds of Boxes to Choose From When You Want Fine Candy —Come To TIMBERLAKE'S GIFT SHOP "The Store For Fine Candies" Every Box You Buy Here Is Guaranteed Fresh MOHLMAN'S $3!iO 3450 $300 $200 of being engaged is the diamond - tor the diamond is the age-old symbol of romantic faith - a beautiful. scintillating gem to be cherished through the years. Each of the rings sliown is worthy of conveying one of life's finest sentiments to the one you love. Prices include Federal tax Illustrations slightly enlarged USE MOHLMAN'S BUDGET PLAN Small Down Payment—Balance Weekly or Monthly MOHLMANS 309 FOURTH STREET »£RA HtmitTlH CfHTUXf on your first can of NEW LUCKY WHIP The amazing new whipped topping with real homemade flavor New Lucky Whip stays fresh for six long weeks when refrigerated... contains only IS calories per serving... and conies in a Giant Economy Size can I • MEDIIM THII COUPON AT YOUR OROCOTS TODAY! Save 2O4 on your first can of Lucky Whip TO You * Clip the cc upon on the right and put it in your pocketbook. Right now! It's worth twenty cents toward your first can of New- Lucky Wiiip. Here is the amazing new whipped topping that gives you real hopiemade flavor. On pies. Puddings. Ice cream. All your favorite desserts. And that's not all. New Lucky Whip stays fresh for six long weeks when refrigerated. A generous serving contains only 18 calories. And New Lucky Whip comes in a Giant EconomySize can-gives you up to ten extra servings. Look for New Lucky Whip at your grocer's. Today. Neiu lucky tUhip FOR REAL HOMEMADE FLAVOR 1 ^^^^^!^^^^^^^^^^^^^f(smm^ **"" l<Kk » *W> i« mmndlMiMHy |iMnM»Md by Uv.r Irotkm. Pi»ck.M^riu7«f«i^ViiVc<Ml£i*I7r-i."^ n •uUiortwd to »ct «• our *f»nl m l ,. our ul.Mn.r, will r««m u,|. e you lor tot flu* a« for hindlinr provided you KM u> h.v. complin wiih ibf Urn,, O f th* •ff-riPr. ™nUUo to dfmjrtlon wllnoui Mch compliance eeniUluWi Fraud. Inv*lc*j prurnl*4 muit b* chown upon nqutit and fitlur* u> do M may n. «ubmltt*d tor mlwipllmt fgr which *hown. Thl. coupon li Hon. poclO»d. Vt , bnkrra. or *o MV Mot null dUUibuton o« our rn.wb.iwl.,, «rf will b» roW wtitn «• »r»»»Mt*d. Any utr* t*« mutl IM y cuiunwr. Void In »«y »Uc* whir* lu u*» i« .rohlbltrt. or r»trleu<j by i.w. c«,K T.IU* | /ao W If/L 3*0 r«rk A»... N«r Tort. H. 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