Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 15, 1896 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 15, 1896
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& YOL.XXI. LOflANSPORT, INDIANA, WEDNESDAY JULY 15, 18 V 96. NO, 169 SUCCeSS- upon our Big Shirt Waist Offer Saturday evening and by request we will continue same all day Monday offering choice of our $2.50, $3.00 and $1.59 Shirt Waists for One Dollar. I in yisitiiig relatives in the surrounding_ country.^. " '•, l v' : :'.;". '!'...' • ' '.•/.•' WILL; VISIT OHIO. Visit to His Old .Home Made Occasion for Big Demonstration!•• Wonderful July Bargains In Every Department. Special Imported 50 cent Onyx Hose .... 50 cent Wash Silks AH 60 and 75 cent nnd $1.00 Linens . . . . . . ." 500; 25 cent Organdies and Wash Goods . . . . . '^J^c 40 cent Linen Handkerchiefs ........ ipc $2.00 and $2.50 Shirtwaists ....... $1.00 400-411 BROADWAY. 306 FOURTH ST. Clothes up to Date . . /' Have been iu great favor at our establishment. Fact Is no one hai [a finer line, of woolens and worsteds to eeleot from than our?. Important Features . . . In the make-np" of our clothes work their superiority, We are not the'cheapest tailors but claim to be the best. CarlW. Keller, Tailor and Draper. 311 Market Street. LOST $15 By Paying $100 for your bicycle when you can get OUTINGS for $85 and $65, We have «n assortment of SECOND HAND MA. CHINES which must be Sold, Call and make an offer. CYCLOMETERS OILS CEMENT • ENAMEL TIRES "ENAMELING BELLS VULCANIZING LAMPS GRAPHITE REPAIR KITS SADDLES ..' " TOE CLIPS ; BRAZING LOCKS OLD TIRES Made Good as New : The Democratic-Candidate-for 'Pre«i- dent Anxious to Visit Ohio' and Debate with~'McKinley. ,'Salem, 111., July-/.. li.-r^-Sulem awoke -Tuesday.,.morning::to •."•the- realization'. 'ithat.^it'y'js a. piaceiof same importance; ,\ i'Vyjth'.-.'nj.ful-l fledgrod presidential-cand I^date/in jt'bwn ond that candidate a Suletu r, .-'-jthe'.feuling- of,the people is-one of" "".'.Monday nif*htjS ^demonstration '-to have been'<-th.e-greatest ever- --.-.--n.-jd 1 in here-,'nnd it. was truly one 3i'which' the citizens of Salem • oiui .-• talii: b themselves. 1 The clisplaj' of -fire- was lavish and- the procession '.Mfrcm the stiition to the Bryan res'tdenc''! 1 . ^.j'-.U^i's n continuous succession of enthu- 2OC"J •%'}j l .'? lf ' t! outbursts.'-Broad-way, 1 the priii- VI'-x'jjjJil thoroughfare, is 'like its name, and, wns plenty of room -for the ae(ion of tlie- 1 ,multitude' -who in the demonstration,-,either cs Vtictivti participants in line or-nlonp the :!'ii'll?»-/ilk(i. 'flip route of tlie.pi-ouessioji '.eojild be easily 1 traced'in.-the morning. bjv;'t]ie scores of explo'ded 'Roman ca:i- •d-Ips and skyrockets: fyui-'p- in-the road-- •'y.;n.yt?. Qandlc grease'- • harl-.loft a mark oj'ijiiiejirlv every window' sill; -find the trei,',s. still held' festoon's of Chinese hiiUeVn.s, :\vhieh had,' done service the •3))gHt before. . .. ."' •','• ...''. J j • , Stop nt tlio Old'llouiejitBnd. ily.Mj'j'.toji.d Mrs. Bryan- spent the night! 'ai.th > e. t! 'oJd fiiniily hoiffesiciid where the . rn't>t.6\'i' of the democratic candidate hod ;passed awuy ;i fortnighf-previously at. th^'age' ,o( 02 year's.' '-The'lB'ryaris are, u''large, family in Salenvuriol-its vicin-' .-itj-'.n-nd 1 arc well known throughout! 1 Mjiriou county. Mav Bry:ia,'s'- father/ .. •ix'-lp' 1 died ]C years"'iigb';-he-Id circuit; -.court here .for rnaiiy:ye;irs- and was n rasui of prominence.. -Mr.'Bryant's visits have been frequerit-'tb Ba-lem, and the friends of his .boyhood have .not. had' a chance to forget 'him- since he j left Illinois 13 years-'Hgo-io/'make his home in Nebraska.,. 'Th'iit his former towns-people are'proud.'of his success; was shown in many ways Monday .night when he was being-conveyed, amid amass of flreworksi;-to;|the. old Brya>i residence. They forgot his,'newjy-ac- quired: prominence in thfc desire to give him hearty welcome; ftnd'it was "Hello Billy,", and "God bless ! you, WUVVon all sides. "What did:I tell you two years, ago?" cried one man. as-'he grasped the candidate's hand. "That'* so," answered Mr.Bryan, smiling. "You did make the prediction.!'; .'..." -Tho Bryan,Children. The" three children of Mr.' and Mrs. Bryan have been at the BryanTesldjsjjce .here, while father. and;mother"were.in .Chicago. It was largely to see the chll" ^dren 'that Mr.-Bryan decided to Jnglfa his personal visit to Salemi Ruth Bryan, the eldest child, a'tal}:.llt'fle'Wl«s''PJ4) •ye.a'rs, was'the only 'one' of-'the .iliree awake Monday night when Her parents, arrived, "and'.she : clung'cl6sely to her mother during the dembnstratlon'about the house. 'The younger, ones;. William and Grace, slept soundly through all Bryan Sala to Be Anilou» fora Joint D*.: ,-....,. Wte'.with lUkKlnley. Toledo; 0., July_l4. — The Bee says: If William'J. Bryan- has his own way Ohio will be the storm center of the ensuing campaign. The democratic, candidate promises, to stump this state and to deliver at least one address in Toledo. Mr. Bryan is desirous of .having 1 a Joint debate'oh: the currency question with ex-Gov. Mckinlej 1 -, and he will let Mr.'McEInlcy select the time and place. Among 1 the callers upon the distinguished nominee just niter the nomin'a* tion was Peter H. Degnan, of this city, alternate at large. ' "Ciin we hope, to see you in Ohio dtir- any the. .'crinipaign, Mr. Bryan?" he asked. "You certainlj* can," was the prompt reply. '-'T expect to make a number of speeches in Ohio between now nud eloc- tion." "What, im-ade the home of 'M'cKin- ley?" : "! ' "' ' "I know i\t.v. Mclvinley very well," returned' Mr. Bryan, "and esteem him ; .vcry hin-llly ns'n man. We were together in cong-ress ::nd worked togqther in the whys .and intaris,committee. He is an. sxcellent'geuHemaa, thoroughly honest .in all lv;Kaj-.s,;ni'(l-fIoes." "H you cpine to-'Onio youmay happen to meet him"J"Va<: suggested. ,. ...... •"I would iioj'ask.anything better th:in' to meet ^Ir, MeKmley in joint debate." said Mr v 13ry;ib,'hbeyeskindlihgv"right In his own' 1 state and right at home." The oiM.voi-.satioi) was continued in nn informal vay, for some time, and Mr.. Bi'ynn several' times referred to his de- s)i-c fo meet ,^rr.:McKinley. Sowall to Be Given n Reception,. ' Bath, MKY'Jnly 14.—At a meeting of •citizens Monday evening it'was voted .that an--,elaborale reception should be given to'Hon. 'Arthur Sewall upon his rel-nrn to this eity..-"-!he republican and democratic city coramittees have been given full power to act and will '.a- bor top-ether to make the occasion a ".nieniornble o:ie. . IN RRpSPEROUS CONDITION. National Cuiuentlon^o' Ancient Order of . • Wlbernlmn »t Detroit, Mich. :• Detroit,.Mich,,'July 14.—The national .cphyentioh of .the Aj.cient Order of Hi- Ireraians pp"oned\airthe Catholic club i •here at rioon'TuesUay, nearly 1 4ub dele-' SHOT AT FAUEE. French President the Center of a Sensational Scene, During a' Review of Troops a Man Discharges a Revolver at Him— Said: to Have Been a Blank. Paris, JuJy.'.j'f. — While President JTaure was entering- the grounds at Long-champs,Tuesday for the purpose of reviewing 1 troops, a man j^andin;* near him fired a revolver. Great excitement ensued, and the innn was immediately seized aaid disarmed. He declared INDIANA NEWS. Told la Brief by Dispatches front Various Localities. .'.'•• -that he had not fired n't the president, and that ,1ie had only fired a blank cartridge. v>When, it was seen that'the prcsident v had not been injured tin crowd cheered him tig-a.in and again. When the sho.tywas fired President I'aure was seated' 1 in his. carriage, Ee- •-.At nine o'clock) Tuesday morning Bishop Foley.r.ithelJiational chaplain, celebrated -.pontifical ; high mass'in 'the. cBihedral, for.^the - benefit .of. the/ dele' ZINN & COMPANY. 203 Sixth Street. Straws That Show Which Wajf the Wind Blows » Show that lit must.have blown.a tre-: meDdoua gale . towards. J'Isher'a, for they have straws 1 of o:ll the new, shapes and sizes, straws to straw .color and .any other color you wteh piled on their' : the noise-made by cxplodingflre cracli- ers, anvil .salutes; :i lii88ing skyrockets and cheering people. v-:,,:{ '',-'. •••' , The Bryan house is 'a-modestcottage very .tastefully designed,,- situated oil Main street a few blocks frohvits junction with Broad way;:-"The house where Mr. Bryan was born'iB'StiHjstanding, nnd it has acquired nn-nddilional interest since last Friday 'to; -the 'Snlem peo- .pie. It is'one of those plain frames with firabled'/ g ro'of, so'familiar-in 1;he older \parts ."^t.the west. '• ''•'•"'' ••'-..'. ' . pid-Tlme FrlBodn bf ; Mr, Bryan. -•. V People.tfrom the surrounding coun-. \try-; camevin Monday -nigftt; to. help the iSalemec^ilzens' celcbrate;--:and .as a eoi\- ':Keq,u.ence. ,the two, hotels: .in-.'the :little JilpwriYare'.crowded. ,Many. oC those'who .'firJE/yisiting here are old friends.of Mr. , Bry,ffi>,. ' "and they ;have flocked to. the ,j[ous'e of 'his-Eister -to pay their respects'.' >3}ryan, badges are seen everywhere and Vri-n™ +KA present enthusiastic feeling of foon appropriate' to .the occasion. The convention was opened wirh en address of welcome,- which.was replied to by President Pitf. O'Connor.' The're^ port^of'-ifatioriar Seci-etary M. J. Slat- teryy.for the.'two years ending Decem- ber^JSlasJvywas !read.' .It shows a total membership .'of 89,90], : This is an np- r)arent:decrease of membership of 3.97? slnce^Jthe/irepor-tSmade in 1S94. This seeming/ loss''iTi^nienil)ership is caused. jy the discrepancies in : the reports from' )hio ''ahd l 'I'e'nnsylvania as furnished/by ;he respective'secretiiries two'j'ears ago as compared with the report.^of.the )resent"''secretaries for two years ago. This: cause'being eliminated, tho" •PRESIDENT PAURE, OF FRANCE.' Ing driven over-the reviewing ground:) -to the stajid/-' He was surrounded by a line of troops. The president was unmoved, and appeared to take no notice of the shot;': lieports are in. circulation that the .man fired 1 his revolver twice, but these statements are denied. The prisoner's- iiissert.ion that 'he fired .a blank cartridges-is generally credited, as no trace of v a bullet, can be found. Anyhow, if there''was-a bullet in the cartridge he.' exploded it went wide of the-roark. _ \ x / BAPTISJ YOUNG PEOPLE. 'Fifteen Ibouiand Delegate* Will Attend . th« Mllw»ulc«e Conrentlon. . Milwaukee, July 14.—The convention of the. Baptist Young People's union, -.-.«,.,. w ji]'Jassemble in this city next' •order. sHows an •'•inc.i;cnse. of 3,290 meni'f .bers.' The; number of members en^o^;-> •ing insur'nncebeiieflts is 7,430.' ' During 'the' past' two years $345,753 were paid outin sick benefits and. SS39 1 ,-. : 838 were "paifl for 'charitable and. othei!,' purposes,'- -.the. . total expenditures : f or .the : period- .being' $1,02.1.980. vj '$ ' •The • receipte '. duxing. the two ypnts from .all' sources were $l;075,48p, nnd tho Border ha's.'a : i>atlRnc'c.on hnncl of $54S,2i!5. OAL.uc.ro. .Canton, the Centur of Attraction :for,Many;.:BepiibHo»nii. '' — Maj. McKinley shelves and waiting <a be, Called, "tiie-. l,tiy •tbwnS'-peopIeitwoiiMTiofb.e strange '."Jo thie newest Style bought -ji^^* legislature wen-' nsked: to- allow aine of Salem to 1 ' .l;e uhangedjtb Mr., Bryan has.-.sonie tousiness- to' 1 tohere.and he wants to clearithlai lore leaving for. Lineoin'Thursday .He wenti-to;CerttraIla, the last straTv.",3B the nawestTstyle bought] nt Ftoher's by eyery. pleasefl, _.....,. of Logaosport. tight Derby/a,: ,Ught,M nobby straw, bate and Janntj; handsome '" bicycle caps are wlhat w» hare .a b!g ran -on F1ORRIS FISHER - THE HATTER. * Invitations «• •lj: Are.alway* appreciated and especially- so when ;they»ro ,.,.,";.;• • . tutet ally gotten up. *."•'. -•-. ' ... ••.'•••,- • . . ;•..-. - : , .-.. - . |THE JOCTANALIJob Prlnttni; Department Is making a . •', •, : /'•'-. ipeelaUy-of. :; •'. .-' ';..- ': • . : "••'• ..'.' : '.:••'; -•;••'-' neatesfclarg'e townjTuesday evening.to del^er ,an .address -.:.and '• Wednesday, nigit he-will .inake a speech, to" the Salem people on Iss!ue» o£..the campaig-n. : Saleni is getting ready .for the occasion; ; 'BJad^wlll outdo. even;the deinonstratlbn: 'iit^onday: night. 'rMr.rBry.an say» ho jjfftli make -his headcjuartera in Xihcoln: - ''' ;\ltad. not';&xis]ied;-.-': breakfast Tnesdii-y morning. bpfpre''caiJers began to arrive. \Vheu. he"carafe :put on the veranda to eirioke -his morning•• cigar -all of the ichnirs'were-occupied and a fringe .of .men were.iitting 1 around on the edge;of ';,the porch, and.several were ori the steps •'•lending.iip to it.! 1 . • "Thiirsday and. will'.continue until th? following. Sunday\. proiniaCB ; to be 1 the largest denominational convention which baSyCver. bejjn'held.- The committees, which have /charge of the arrangements for thevborivention have already received assurances that there will be upwards of 1'9;000 delegates, in. attend- f-nce. It will-be ihersixth convention of the union, and'the showjng.which the organization has made during the five .years of its existence is one of-the wonders', of the religious life of America; The Exposition building, where the ''convention-.meets;: is one of the finest halls -in the United States for convention purposes. The hall is 340 feet In length and 140 feet In width, not In- .oljidingf a large wing on the west side 100x100 and. a corresponding wing on the east side used as a'grand entrance. This great auditorium .will hold 80,000 people .and has' v been fitted up with a platform at the soutl^end large enongrh to accommodate 1JSOO people, including the speakers, Chorus, orchestra, bpwd of'managers'and many prominent pastors and, laymen. .. Their f.ivei Are In D»ngnr. Elwood, Ind., July 14.~The burning of the barn of Dr. W. H. Kbert, one ol the most prominent farmers of thil county, a week ago, has brought to light a conspiracy on the part of un- • Known parties to kill the entire family, • ; consisting of Dr. Ebert, wife, daughter .' nnd granddaughter. The couple ar« past 70 years old, and for two yeari their unknown enemies have be^n trying to poison them. Two years ago thf well wns poisoned, but the fact was discovered in time to save the lives of tha..-! family. Since that time the well' has :" been poisoned six times. Abouta month .. rgo a letter was slipped under the dooi • tiireatening to ki.U the granddaughtei. and telling- that the barn would be, burned, which was done a few day* • -.. luter. Other letters were found latei :' , threatening to murder 1he entire family, who are now bciiifr guarded. Death of thn TVhlt* River Hermit. Anderson, bid., July 34.—Joe Mix, the famous seer of. White River, known all ever the middle states as a most remark- nbJe man with mysterious powers, is dead, aged 7.T years. In the last few years his fame spread so that people called from all slntes (o have him solve mysteries nnd locate stolen or lost goods for thorn. He was a hermit. Death was cine to lunacy superinduced by a peculiar incident. 1 Another Jbspehr Mix sold his wife for $2." to a neighbor. The snle wns curried out to the letter •..>': and attracted a groat deal of attention. Peaple became perplexed by the name and thought it was the seer. He considered it such a disgrace that be brooded ; over it until it dethroned his jeason. Haul of Olamondu for Robber*. Indianapolis, Ind., July .14.—Gu» Eahke, a.prominent sporting man of this city, wns awakened by the pr'.f=enc« of two masked burglars standing be« Bide his couch. They warned him to be quiet,' and suggested that 1 to /avoid trouble he should call to Mrs. Rahke, sleeping in an adjoining apartment,, and advise her to the same effect. Mr». .Knhke obeyed perforce^ 'The burglar* .then robbed her husband of $80 cash, a gold watch studded'with diamonds, five diamond studs, which they extract* ed from his shirt bosom, and a cluster ,of diamonds, altogether Invoicing' over $3,500. ' . : : A Brutal Murder. . Sullivan, Ind., July 14,—Bill Johnion •coo'ly -and deliberately.-walked up to Fred Medaris while the.streets-/ . crowded and fntally.shot him and •made good his escape. Johnson, a barber, had until lately been in the employ of Medaris, but was discharged. 'Meet* ing Medaris on the street,without warai ing 'Johnson opened: fire, emptying hi* revolver at Medaris, two shots taking effect. Johnson has served a term At the reform school a( PlaJnfleld. Officer)! are scouring -the country for him, and should he be captured'he will hflj" small chances of being tried by a; Ju g^f;:^'! Tuesday; fliere'wai.'a'great •; .of ", tip- . , • Buffalo.- was among the early visitors. ;He' talked for an hour'with.the major "and rehearsed his; article in one of the 'leading reviews on ; th'e money question. ;Mnj; : McKinley complimented the arti- 'cle -highly.,; My^Mahany, was accom-; :panicd' by e«>i,-.Sheph ; ard, of Albany, •who; wan in^'the consular service under; tho laist'republicDn. administration and ••for' eight) ye'ars bef ore 'that time..' Both : . mon asEure'd- -Ma j. ;>rclvinley that-ITew •'York; would give hini a. majority. wltfip VoutprecedenV=ln' the 'history 'of ,Ewi : pire. statieJpoHtica.:'' William. C, Shlrps,. ' k,-,whocqlled a'few:moments ' : - ;lateri ; '' "'•'• , 1 ter,.6f;Mr,.Bryaoa'8.»nother,'bpp6«ite:thQ; •/'J * gf.' those who^sat./.da'B'jili.at 1 tobleS .th« candidate and ^his: wife were;: : PROGRAMS. LETTER HEADS, ? VOTE HEADS, BILL HEADS^ CARDS; CIRCULARS, ETC.vETO. _., , . . ;•; I 'I|razili!tlnd'.i : : July^H.-^-Jaiines 'Trunk- 1 :iio ; iiseT,;,)viilJe iariying.intolthe^ wes ' • ' ,w^seld.i)p by.three miin; ; •one <».u^ht;lthe;,h|prse while •the-others ;.;Sprnng:^'n*to.;.ihe(.b,u^gy .and 'beat him ib.ver the.he&^with'a sand bag, then is 1 by;.'. soi n \- Bpn, -and J Pollwinen Hummonrd. ; . jirre^.-Haute^]^^'July IferrSuperin'-' , ,, 'tend^ht ; ot>P,bllce : 'Mc;afe-her, who'•is'prefclT' ^^^^A-^'^^^^^'^^^'''^^^^! 0 ^- j.vSt^M:'. !;chie'te;.'ariii?i6^'MaCThaJs,,-'has:'ciiiled.;, \'• ftO'tt^nf^^' '•'* •"'"'*- '."-— jV^^'l-i^i-.ti''^'—'!.jj'_ ; _ij.'i i* ; ,'.J_!_L P .T.^'• • , n^ sisters ,'pf •.Mri--|iry.ian;; • '• l .?/,£^'';'<:£'; er'.'dlnn'er 1 , : Mr;-; ( nnd;;J'Mr8:.f;>Bryan!; clejfk -of >the!|iS^uselito: : change: a : record *^.t;'^i.-^.-.'it.v*. i'viJni 'i,-« j"v««U nAMAA ^-^«j NEW ITALIAN' CABINET. Rncllnl SucccecU In tho Formation of th« ,-.... Mlnlitry. Home, • July 14.—The Marquis di Eudini .has., reeonstr.uctec 1 , the Italian ministry by'-,the election of Marquis Visconti-Venostn 'as. - minster of foreign affaji|s;' s Sifi:nor Luzzatti : as rriin- is'ter of thef treasury,'Gen. Pelloux as minister ot^war, Signor Sinea as minister of posts und telegraphs and Signor Prinetti as- minister, of public works. Otherwise the personnel of the cabinet 'remains as biforeY'Marquis di KudinI retaining the premiership and the ministry of the interior, Admiral, Brin the ministry of marine, Signer: Branca this ministry of flnance.Signor Cuicci^rdini the ministry of. .agriculture, • Signor Costa the ministry o'f justice,and Signor Galntrurco; the minister of public in-' structton. •'•; '- v - v '' :'• • . : . I/ondondtrry'i Hone Wlni. (.'London, July 14.—The Newmarket second July.^iheetbag opened Tuesday, The all aged''selling; plato of 103 soverj eigns, five furlongs,:was won by Lord 'Londonderry^.,/ Maryborough. Lord Shrewsbury'B -Pc^rte Bonheur was second. Mr. E noch ^tshard's Damsel was one of .the starters, but was 'not placed; 1 Healtb^CoDdltlon of Terk Crui. Vera, 1 Cruz, yia Galveston/Tex., July 14.—There-is not ;a ! ca'se"pf. yellow fever iii -Vera Cruzjat- present'and the health of the city was never better considering ,the time of the-year.' Great heat am lesa moisture is snid to be the cause 61 this : usual Unto, the End. Shelbyville, Ind., JnJy 14.—Alfred M^ Cray, o wealthy and aged widower, -went to an undertaking establishmenton Saturday last and ordered a coffin and 4 burial robe. He then went to a marble cutter's: shop and ptirchosed a $1,500 monument, leaving full directions as tb: : the lettering. Xext he went.to the officp of the Forest Hill cetaet^ry, where h« purchased a lot, and then returned, home, went to bed and died Monday- morning of what the -doctor pronounced senility. Pat PnUer Qnnmntloa. , Crown Point, Ind., July 14.—The entire city of Hebron, cust of here, is.under quarantine, an epidemic of diphtheria having broken out. .Three deaths have been reported in the last 24 hours. 3<V.Iy. 3,000 people have been exposed, as the children who brought the disease'into •the city took part in the Fourth of July exercises. Kb meetings xv'ere held' 'u nny of the fihurcbes Sunday. Ch«ndl« to Oppoie Ludi*. Frankfort, Ind., July M.—Joseph 1 B.' Cheadle, of this city, ,whb for two termi represented <he Ninth district'-.j'n congress as a republican, announces that h«. will be nn independent free-silver candidate for congress against" Charles B. Lnndis ,the republican nominee. Th» democrats and populists will be ask^d to indorse him. . Oppmltlon Made Him Wild. Shelbyville, Ind., Julj' 14.—William Critzer went to the house of Maggie Albright and found John Lacey thefc. For satisfaction Critzer demolished.. ..everything in the'housc and .attempted to '"kill the inmates with an ax. After .this he inet Lacej' and brained him with ,' a brick. . Critzer has escaped and Laccj^J- Will die. ":•:': .'-• " •• '£ A Cbnntjr Recorder Sued. Petersburg 1 ,'Ind., July.14.—Consider* :oo, uluiabULC'ia euju LV uc: LUC I.CLUDC Ul !iia and the/oi.ty is much clea,ner 'than sual. '-• "-•'""*'•• . • - •- •• .. Columbu8,;;bVJtily"i*;—Ex-StateSen- ''' "\, of Newark,-and John Quincy, ' AijbottV"- °*^ McConnellsville, have been gentenced' to 1 .two years, eacl] "ii'lthe penitentiary.': vlden solicited the able excitement was occasioned here Kyi *» the tiling of a suit fof^uardiunship- jj money, to: .the amount of over $l,QOp ^ against Levfis Siimner,. who is counte recorder. .Sumner's >bboks are , also [ being investigated by order of the poun* ty commissioners.' .*•',.••.. A, .'.Washington, July 14.—;Thc reportof f the navigation bureau showsi-that du» T 'l ' ing the year,ending,J.uni.30, 1896; 709|' vessels of 204^000^68* to us were bull tig ' the'United 1 'Stales, and bfficiaUy 1 " bered: t by :the bureau 'of, nayigatiohj compared with C8fi veBsels : ,of V 133;006 ton's -for-last year; an increase of 71,000 'if^^S^'' : ^^-^-< r .^'^^f'H^ s ^^.^i:^' -.

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