The Daily Standard from Red Bank, New Jersey on May 25, 1939 · 2
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The Daily Standard from Red Bank, New Jersey · 2

Red Bank, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 25, 1939
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THURSDAY, MAY 25, 1839. Page 2 - THE DAILY STANDARD uirvivoir INTERVIEWED SAILOR TELLS OF By HENRY MeLEMORE United Prttt Staff Correnpomdant PORTSMOUTH, N. H. HEROIC DEED SUB Up from Davey Jones' locker, . i from the sticky, blue mud "'. bottom of the Atlantic, a young electrician's mate came . . last night to tell of more than 30 urs imprisonment in the sunken submarine, Squalus. Saved, along with 32 others, from entombment 40 fathoms down Judson T. Bland, speak- - -tug in a calm, quiet voice, told of the heroic rescue of him and .. fits fellows, and the death of 26 companions on the long, black, vnderseas fighter. , " . Bland was a rider in the second ascension of the rescue bell . -that brought the living from -the water-lodged Squalus, resting on the bed of the Atlantic, sixteen miles off shore, after she bad dived with a ventilation valve un closed. Seated in a swivel chair in the administration building of the -Portsmouth navy yard a build - "ng where, even as he spoke, could be heard the sobbing of wives and 'children of the men who died in the Squalus Bland gave a brief, to the point account of the sinking of the $5,000,000 submersible. Under, restricted questioning, with high ranking naval officers close y to stop him should he tread on controversial grounds, Bland told of the ship's adventures from the start of the routine practice dive until he was lifted from the depths in the great diving bell. There was no panic at any time, e said. . "We knew something had gone wrong aft a minute after we dived," Bland said. "The captain eame below, as water began coming in through ventilation lines. .The men already were working .fast to shut off the flow of water. .The instant the standing officer - kuew water was coming in, he gave word to 'blow the tanks.' , This' order was carried out immediately."- v As the water poured in, Bland explained, the ship took a "ter rific up angle in my judgment, about 45 degrees." He said that ue sailor pounced upon and slammed the water-tight door leading to the affected area. , . "It took . super-strength to do that," Bland said. "I don't know how he did it." .- No one asked Bland if this ac lion sealed the doom of those, in the flooded quarters, but his in Jterviewers felt that this must have fceen the case. a , Following the slamming of this door other valves were closed to fjtjotect the dry, forward parts of the ship. ' "We .lost all power almost irri tnediately, and all communication with the aft part of the . ship, Bland said. "I am not afraid to say that there wasn't one man at one time thinking they wouldn't :get out They knew they would be saved." - 'Speaking so surely that he gave ' the impression of having been re- Hfiearsed, Bland told , of chlorine gas during his last hour on , the ' toat. - , i - "The chlorine gas was in the -forward battery room," Bland said. We . kept . gas , masks ready to put. on in case they were need d." . "LOST," SEES FILM THRICE LORAIN, O. - (UP) Thirteen-year-old Robert Lee Kinney didn't arrive home . from ' the theater. H worried mother called police. "I liked the show so much I saw three -times," Robert told police svhen they found him, entranced, etill at the theater. , ofSqy&TaasleJIls Sidelights-of Xaval Rescue WASHINGTON (UP) Navy officials, although saddened over the disaster . which overtook the submarine Squalus, last night ex pressed satisfaction over opera' tion of the metal rescue chamber which enabled survivors to be carried to safety from the- ocean floor. They pointed out that the huge diving bell made possible the first large-scale rescue of men from a sunken submarine in the history of the world. . The heir, which was unknown at the time of the S-51 and S-4 disasters, is a huge, metal cylindrical chamber. 10 feet high, weighing nine tons and having a maximum diameter near the top. of 93 inches, tapering to 60 inches at its base. , WASHINGTON . (UP) The rescue ship Falcon today radioed the navy department that the rescue, of "all known survivors" on the submarine Squalus was complete. ' 1 ' " -' The message, relayed . by the Portsmouth navy yard, said: , "Completed rescue of all known survivors. Investigation of flooded compartments will proceed as expeditiously as possible, ' Sus pending operations for night due to damage to . rescue chamber which must be repaired before further use."; PORTSMOUTH, N. H. (UP) The rescue tug Falcon's diving bell bringing the last eight survivors to the surface from the submarine Squalus stalled at a depth of 150 feet last night A diver was sent down to assist in clearing the bell, which apparently became fouled in some lines. Lt. Commander John D. Long -staff said the trouble- was minor and undoubtedly could be cleared up by the diver. IPass DDeiritEioM HB5M TRENTON The New Jersey state Senate approved the measure last night," sponsored by Assemblyman Harold ' McDermott, Republican of Monmouth County, which would provide that the general solicitor of the State High way Department would have ten ure-of office. The bill, it was., ex plained, is aimed particularly to benefit Benjamin Van Tine; of Long Branch, present highway department counsel, by providing a life time job for him during good behavior. Progress in Congress By United Press - '"' . - ' " - -r - TODAY'S SCHEDULE r - saw axis: continues aebate on water carrier bill; Committees: Interstate commerce subcommittee on .prlae; fight nlms1)lll sponsored by Sen. W. Warren' Barbour, R., N. J. HOUSE: Omnibus claims bill; Committees: labor on Wagner Act amendmente; immigration oa child refugee bill-: iy'j-, ;- i YESTERDAY'S PROGRESS SENATE recessed at 5:11 P. ML until' noon-, today;' considered Wheeler omnibus railroad bill; commerce coinintttl&heard maritime, commission Chairman Land oppose . ICC regulation of water carriers, . HOUSE adjourned. at 3:59 P. ML until noon today; 'adjourned In respect to late Bepj Bert Lord? labor committee questioned NLRB Chairman -MfaddeB"On Wagner act ammendments; immigration committee resumed Clearing, on child refugee bUL i.x HOME MADEdCE CREAM ' -29c-quart -RED BANK CANDY, IHTCHEN; --adv. 5-10-tfx Eog of Squalus ISescuc BVuttad Pmt TUESDAY .." . A. M. Squalus leaves Ferts-monta far routine testa. t:4t A ML JSuala fails to rise . after ne hour's divine test submersion. , Sister submarine Sculpbt ordered to search.. 1:41 P. ML Sculpin picks up. buoy marking Squalus submersion spot-; Converses .with Sqnalns commander' but telephone line snaps Assistance ordered from Boston, New London, Brooklyn, Washington 9:44 P. ML Code tapped from Squalus sars "Condition satisfac tory but cold." , . WEDNESDAYS' A. ML Rescue ship Falcon arrives from New London 19:15 At ML. Diver hears faint topping, from Squalus hulL . lfeM A. ML, Sqaalns reporto "things- oomfortoblc and very sat isfactory." 11:4$ A. ML Down-haul line of rescue- chamber, : fastened to Squalus, Rescue chamber lower ed. , ... 1:28-P. ML Rescue chamber rises with first seven survivors 3:45 P. ML Chamber descends on second rescue trip,. 4:50 P. ML Chamber returns with nine rescued,- . 5:30 P. ML Chamber goes down for third group. 6:50 P. ML Chamber. returns with nine more survivors. 8:51 P. ML Chamber starts last trip with remaining elgir survivors; becomes fouled after ascending 90 feet and . divers- work to free "down-hair line.; 12:38 A. ML Bell breaks surface on last trip with Commander Naquin and seven other survivors. Rumson Firemen Rescue Cat Marooned in Tree RUMSON Members of the Rumson fire company rallied to rescue a cat high in a tree at 7:55 last night, after remaining there throughout the day finally draw ing attention by a call of distress. The firemen were, called into action by Mrs. Harry ZobeL who reported that the cat was lodged in a tree in the woods back of their home on The' Avenue of Two Rivers. Walter Neuhauser, driver of . the Rumson company hook and ladder, headed the rescue party and he-was assisted-by Fireman West, Daniel Shea and Walter Hiltbrun-er. , At the Movies. - CARLTON Tast and Loose." STRAND "Mystery of the White Room" and "Winner Take All." Atlantic Highlands- - ATLANTIC "The Hound of .) the Baskervilles" and "Everybody's Rahv" ' I Long Branch PARAMOUNT "F a s t and Loose." - STRAND "Mystery of . the White Room" and "Winner Take ailw; . , : Asbury Park. . i MAYFAIR "Dark Victory.", i ST. JAMES -1 ."Sergeant Mad den." . . LYRIC "Lady and the Mob." oft - Crevs SIM - AS BELL IS RUlD (Continued from page 1) S. C; Eugene D. Cravens, Thayer, Ma; Charles S. Kuney, Tulare, Calif.; Dona to Persico, Amsterdam, N. Y.; Carol N. Pierce, Kansas City, ra" &nd Charles - A. Powell, Leesville, La. Operations were suspended for the night, after the fourth ascent because it will be necessary to re pair the belL To Enter Flooded Ship "Investigation of the flooded compartments will proceed as exDediliouslT as possible," said Rear Admiral Cyrus Cole, com mandant of the yard, who has been directing operations at the scene. ' It was believed that the bell could be repaired some time during the day. The bell broke through the surface on its last trip, splashing into the brilliant glare of the Falcon's searchlights, at 12:38 A.M. EOT. . - The men were removed and placed immediately in .a decompression chamber on the Falcon. It was expected that they would be kept there most of the night, since they required longer decompression because-of theit experience in the belL . In its three previous trips to the escape hatch of the foundered submarine, the Falcon's bell, first such device to be used in submarine rescue work in U. S. naVal history, brought up, the survivors in groups of seven, nine and nine.. It took the weakest men first. The . bell started on its fourth and last trip with the living at 8:51 P. M. last night but had ascended about 90 feet when the "down-haul" line, extending from CHATTER splatter By JOHNNY BARBERIO Address all communications to "Chatter Splatter," The Daily Standard Building, 170 Monmouth Street. (Red Bank 3700) TRUTH is so often stranger than fiction. Working daily on the new building at CAMP HAPPINESS, club . house of the NJ Blind Men's Club at Leonardoi (which, by ; the by, is goin' up all 'cause 45 hi school grid stars battled in mud to aid the fund) is a blind carpenter. Yjesshya totally blind hammer" wielder wha saws wood, hammers nails, and in no way indicates his affliction, is on the. job. But that's not the strangest part of the tale, ; no,; indeed. Tis me . carpenter is verry, verry proud of his artificial glass eyes. They look extremely, natural. Yesti'day one of his eyes' was brownj and the other blue. A visitor was; quite surprised, to say the; least........It s unusual for a sighted person td never had he seen this in a blind :. . . ... . - INQUIRY brought out the story: The carpenter has two sets of eyes, one Blue and the other set brown He changes 'em W match his necktie (believe it or not, Mr. Ripley). Yesti'da morning, he was late fer work, and grabbed his eyes hurried ly, and in doing so got 'em mixed up. Who says truth isn't stranger than fiction? The wildest gagster would never dare think upf an incident like this, which actually occurred, on the authority of popular Bill Roache, who more than any other individual is responsible for success of Camp Happi ness.. MAYBE, hope, hope, hope Tony" Allen (Sharab'ba) our veddfl (Continued on page 15) -IKl3irSsm the bell's bottom to the submarine, became fouled. Diver Frees Line . Diver J. E. Duncan was sent down from the Falcon as soon at the bell was stalled to free it No official announcement was made immediately after the bell came up as to the manner in which it was freed but it was thought likely that the "down-haul" line had been severed inasmuch as the last of the known survivors had beea taken off the submarine. In the bell on its last trip with the eight men from the Squalus were J. H. McDonald and J. Mi- halowski of the Falcon, who comprised the bell's rescue crew. Mechanics were working the rest of the eight readying the bell for further work. When it is repaired, it will be sent down later today and fastened to the aft hatch over the flooded compartments. A diver will go down in the bell and, once it has been secured to the hatch, he will drop into the flooded compartments and search for bodies. Salvare is Planned The diver , probably will wear only;. light gear consisting of a helmet because when the bell is attached to the natcn the pressure of the submarine's chamber will be brought to that inside the bell, which is the same as the pressure on the surface. - There are four flooded compartments and no one here at the scene expects anyone to be found alive in any of them. If all of those still in the Squal us are dead, it is planned to leave the bodies in the boat, seal the hatch and bring up the submarine by use of pontoons. . . Naval officers said that even if the. water in the Squalus did not rise above the heads of the men in the; flooded compartments the terrific rush of. water when the ship - tilted , upward undoubtedly all but crushed .them. Any who might have survived immediate drowning or fatal injury undoubtedly succumbed to exposure. Temperature of the water at .the surface was 56 degrees and divers said it was 36 at the bottom. have eyes of dif . color, but man with artificial eyes...:.... v. . c : ft

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