The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 11, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, May 11, 1931
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Served bj/ the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS TUB DOMINANT NKWSPAPEH OP NORTHKAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XXVIII—-\0. 40 Blythevllle Coulter, BlrthevlUe Daily News, _B|ytherli!e Herald, Mississippi Valley leader. ULYTHFA'ILUO, ARKANSAS, MONDAY, MAY II, 10;!! HOMfEDITlON SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTO M.BIITT. HELD MM I. evere Damage Wrought Kentucky Millers-Gi'CCt Soldier* Moims in the East _ O'd Resident of Blythc- ville was Leader in Business ( and Civic Affairs. NEW YORK. May 11. <U[>> — Farmers and residents In the pa'.h oi a storm which swept tl:u east coast counted tlieir losb from damaged crops and buildings in hundreds of thousands ol dollars today. Hail stones two inc!\e5 in diameter were reported ai Windsor. N. C., where a woman intt death IBlythevillc lost one of Us most outstanding citizens in the death or | chickens. Arthur M. lintt. G2, who passed av.-ay at the family residence Saturday afternoon, 4:30 o'clock, following an illness from high blood pressure and complications. Funeral, services were conducted from the home Sunday afternoon by the Uev. P. Q. Horie. pastor of the First Methodist church, ami burial was made In the family lot at Maple Grove cemetery. The active pallbearers were: B. A. Lynch. E. B. Lyman, O. W. Cop- pcdge. W. I. Osborn, R. P. Pad- disou, Cecil Shane, A. n. Holland and Jcss'e Taylor. Tr.e honorary pallbearers were T. J. Mahan, J. H. Honey. W. W. Hollipeter, C. E. nnd a man was sL'i-lnusly Injured. I At Albany, N. Y., there was reported mat, rain and Imh'.iiin" which Inirncd buildings. hid bare' crops ond killed thousands of Crigger. J. H. Smart, P. E. Cooley, Sam T. Hnrdin, L. L. Ward, J. E. Critz, W. .M. Burns, James B. Clark and Ad Richards. Ha<J Many Business Interests • Since coming here from Ho'ly Springs, Miss.. 40 years ago Mr. Butt was closely identified v.iih many business, religious and civic activities which aidert in the pro- All lomobile, Airplane and Other Fatalities Reported from Man.y Points. Six (By United Prets) prisons were kill-ji in automobile accidents, three v.'crc drowned, two were fatally injured in nn airplane crash, one was b-.trnM to death, oiie died of fright, and man were Injured in the soalh over the week-end. At Lake Kabun, nsar Laken-.ou Ga.. J v P. Wall and Mr. and Mrs. Sharon Griffin, all of At!?nta. v:;ro drowned Sunday when a small boat ! National Cotton Week to Be Observed in June i»; Eagle Shot, Child Saved Industrialists Reaclj u s I Production Schedules lo Hnd Unemployment. IIDITOH'S NO'l'li: This- Is the r.rtviul uf five stories which sift anil summarize the thought of Ufrld [iitslnc-ss- U'LiilM-s and fiKts alicml (be depression as ilrvcl- thr recent lirji-llnj; nf WASHINGTON, Mny 11. (UP) — . p nir> fliat week in Juno will bo rcl- !el;r.>le(t throughout Hie country us "N'lUinnnl Cotton Week," accord- Ing to plnns forimiliik'd over (he •uerk-end nnd nnnounced today by 'Hubert 1'. Lninont, secretary o( commerce; Arthur M. Hyde, seure- lary of agriculture; C. J. Oallo- ! way. pre.sldeut of the American Cotton Manufacturers' Association.) ind Cieorgc A, Sloan, president of tin; Cotton Textile Institute. The movement has (lie backing of nnny of the largest distributors oi cotton and collon goods In tlie United States. Jobless the Harlan county, Kentucky, coal fields wher? several bloody battles with mine guards luive occurred arc shown here avnnnd the train as troops of the Kentucky National Guard pulled into Evurls, Ky., to rinell disorders. Notice the ling that the minfrs are carrying. llu^ Inlrrnatlonal Clninibrr foiium-rce at Washington. uf gross of Che city. HL-q first busi- swamped in mid-lake. ness connection was in the mercantile business with W. L. Smith and later for a number of years lie was in the insurance business with B. A. Lynch. Since that time he tccam? a planter and at the time of his deatli owned much business property. In business, he was at the time of his death, vice president ot the Farmers Bank, and Trust company. Lucian Dritton and his father. C. L. Britten \vcrc Ivil.lcd near Memphis when their car stalled on a roalroatl crossing and was smashed ,• a train. Bandits Club Watchman BandKs clubbed James McKr- rin, 23. to death attempting to rol> Ihe Bank and Trust company of Barrettville. Term. McFerrin was nijlit watchman ot the institution. presSJent of '"r •-^TI"'--lrir''iff-'UJj Th «- "'•"'• v '" r "^ torch oi the •-•••• - ty Building Loan association founded by Mr. Butt and Mr. Lynch, secretary and treasurer of the Biythe- vilic Gin company, a director In the Blythevllle Cotton Oil camnany and in the Cobb Undertaking company after having served as president for a number of years, and president of the Blytheville Beard ot Trade. Served County as Treasurer In past years he was county treasurer and served for several terms as alierma:i of this city. Pot- many years he lias heen a member of Hi board of stewards ol the First Methodist church. He was a c!ir;iT,-:r cf t!ie Bly.heville s-lioal disliict. He was a member ot the Masonic fratemi'.y. Mr. nutt was born at Potts Camp, Miss.. May 15, 1309, the ton of Dr and Mrs. William Butt. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Kate Cross Hull, nn:l three daughters. Mrs. Farnsv.Tirth Black, Misses Ruth and Sue Butt, and 0113 granddaughter. Betty Black, all of hero; a half sister. Mrs. P. A. Wrenn of Charleston, Miss., and three cousins. Mrs. Thomas Qulggins cf Holly Springs Miss.. Hugh Butt of Val-Jcn. Miss.! and John Murray of Grenada, Miss. Out of town people here for the funeral included the P.ev. and Mrs. George W. Pyles of Fort. Smith. Ed- exploded and set fire to tii3 build- n;. destroying one of (he principal business blocks ot the town. George Marshall Hoover jr., 23, and Henry Sink, both ol Thomis- villc, N. c., were instantly killed Sunday when their car b(t the highway near Saulsbury, N. C., and overturned. Charles Andersen. 22 ivas probably fa- HY UODNEV UUTCHKIl Ni:A Si-rvirc Writer WASHINGTON.-- Tlie maimne- ment of every kind of business en| terprise can exert some measure ot control over (he economic forces which produce intermittent iineiu- iilo.vmenl. There Is scarcely n line of Industry In which some American company has not effected an (appreciable reduction In Irregularity of employment. U is only within {he past year Kentucky National Guardsmen are shown here at Herlan, Ky,,. r.s they waited to board a train A f'^ii!:'e ther.'i to Evarts, cenior ot.^the tninihz region. Martial law has been declared in the area by Governor Sampson. of Thomasville tally Injured. When an automobile crashed into a telephone poie near Norfolk. Vo., Warren Hatch, attache of thr U. S. air station at Hampton Roads, Va., was killed. W. J. Conipton, also of the air station and aliened driver of tba car. is under arrest chained with murder. Two gins in '• the ear were harilv hurt. | A severe windstorm Psriotl for Paying Taxes Y/ilhout Peaalty Extended T!IE CAUSE The three principal types of Linemployment, as found by the international committee, nrei Seasonal, responsible for the major portion of unemployment in the long run. Cyclical, experienced in general business recessions nnd reducing employment Mow corresponding seasons of prosperous years. Technological, the displacement of. workers by machines. THE REMEDY , ^Principal methods adopted to rue:'- the problem of individual cin-jlcyineui security ar:>: Flexible working periods to provide more equitable dlstrihu- tion of available work. Inter-company transfer'-, of employes. Unemployment reserve funds. Dismissal wages nnd other financial assistance. . i LITTLE ROCK, May 11. (UP) -- j Time for paying- real nnd personal I taxes in Arkansas has been extend-' j ed to June 8 in all counties except; that in the United States the con! Pulaski where the extension is ef-' " ! fective to June 15. Tlie extension was granted ; Gov. Harvey Parnell late S: . Announced. : in a proclamation authorizin'j cnun- I The WASHINGTON. May 11—Masts- year 1931 may be expected ; ty judges, collectors nnd clerks to I Io mark the beginning of a perioi waive the delinquent penalties '.in- j in which a vast r.umbDr of em- WM -'s:ppi county has 40 industrial •:*- sor. N. C.. frightened Flo-a Winj- ; tab!!shmcnts. employing 1,405 work- burne, negro, to death Jim Gray: C rs, who receive Sl.10fi.061 yearly !,i v,-as S3ricusly injured when h is' wanes, according to the 1930 census horse was scared by tha storm and ' the day fixed delinquent lands. lor the sale of Tliese are among the findings ot ran away. I-oses Race for Life FORREST CITY. Ark.. May 11 (UP)—Desperate when his wife did • not reply to his entreaties to answer him following an automobile accident. J. C. Morris, living near here, placed liar body in the front seat of his machine and raced forty miles to a Memphis hospital to be told she had died either when of inanntncUires. results of which wore marie public (cdtiy by the census bureau Tne 40 factories pay $2.517.51"i for materials, fuel, and electrical Sheriff W. W. Shaver could not b? reached for a statement loday | a subcommittee on employment but attaches of his office here said | rcgulnrizMion of the American that the tax books ...... remain open until May 23rd. At b er of Commerce which Included Diversion of Business to Missouri Dealers Will Be Investigated. An investigation of the effect un^n gasoline sales hi Blythevillc of the 4-cent differential in Arkansas and Missouri gasoline (axes is lo IM made this week by a representative of David Gates, stale commissioner ot revenue, according to Information given to J. Mcll Brooks secretary of the local chamber of commerce. When It was found that the snv- inc of four cents per gallon offered Arkansas automobile owners by Missouri gasoline dealers was cut- tin? heavily Into the business of local ens nnd oil wholesalers 'and retailers Mr. Brooks placed the situation before Dwlght Blnckwood, chnlrman of the stale highway commission. Mr.. Blnckwood replied that he had no authority In th; | matter, but was referring it to Mr. [ Gales, whose department li a s ! charge of all stale revenue affair.*| Mr. Gates, it has been learned. Is sending n man here lo investigate, (presumably with a view io working lout a plan for wholly or partially I equalizing gasoline prices along the I Arkansas-Missouri border. | Claim Heavy Lotscs | Since (he Arkansas gasoline tnx was boosted (o six cents per gallon, wilh Missouri's remaining at two cents, local dealers have suffered substantial losses, rrp-oscnt- fng In-some cases ns much ns fo'ty per cent of their total volume. Vir- luallv no gasoline is being said to southbound tourists. It is snid. while many Arkansas residents bnvc developed the practice of makhur ploycrs will give concentrated at- their gasoline purchase's north tentlou to the amelioration of un-|the state line whenever convenient. The situation along the Missouri line Is much more serious along other slate boundaries, cause the tnx differentia! is greater. Most of the other states ad- Joining Arkansas have a tax of five Alleged Catholic Sympathy With Monarchist Cause Blamed For Trouble. MADRID. May H (UP)— Martini law wns proclaimed In Madrid Icday as rioting mobs attacked aud bn-:>"d churches and religious liou- pc. In nn oii'.brL-nk of nnti-mon- . f.ivhltil scutlnient. LM<? today seven religious lustl- . tutions hnd been set fttire, two of •/• whlcli were completely deslrovod. • .: The Jesuit church and convent in the Cnlle Flnr nnd the ne\v convent of St. Theresa of the Car- .-•-. melitc order were destroyed. Jamil HuiWln?s Flrftl The liiduslrinl schcol, a Jesuit 1 roller-' nnd a chief residence' of tlie; Jesuits in Madrid, was nlso -. I set afire. Another Jesuit church . In the suburb ot Quarto Cnmlnos wns ntli'd-'id and the priests beat- en. ,.. • • —j • The Spanish word cbhvento or • nonvent. designates a relislous i house for men." or women and • does not de nit!; 'o ""commMiilty- x for.-:wo- . ncn onlj.',^ luvlhts country. •. ' -" ;: The- rrWjf^ of war Bordered'': Iroons .^WlcB^ strnteBlc points ' Here's John -Trout, farmer ol Manor. Pa., holding the gigantic .engle he shot when it swooped low and tiled to snatoh up Trout's five-year o!d dnugliter, ho says. The Wrd.- wlth n wing spread ol seven feet, fnllcd In its first attempt, to yet the child but soared low again and was killed. cepiion of unemployment ns a i primary responsibility of business ted by | meii 1ms received general nccept- iaturday ancc. BftSEBftLL LEGUL "Premature" Election Here: Legal Until Court Holds Invalid, Backers. Claim. Although reports from Little flock yesterday staled that the new Sunday baseball law doc 1 not become effective imtil June lOtli. backers of the move lo legalize Sunday ball 111 this co'.mtv.-which resulted in a. fi tn I virtory for the Sahbatii pastime in Mississippi county, con- in the city.'- Troops Puerto..del ?8of.' central plnza'of Madrid, at.'.2 JO P. M. and : 'the :•'.. proclamation"'ftif martial' law^wos r*ad. Croffds.Jchcerc:! nnd shouted . "long live tlic'repulilic." ' v' - - Crowd's-.Gb"ftr Destruction. '• .^ •The J<r,ul|/;church and convent :. wore, loot's* :n9fe-re being sct'-oflrc-:-' : nnr\ ^!v?rc*d'"objects, altar • furnish- ." ItYfri'arid other objects were 'thrown:'., the sired.' A crowd : of..'au.- '•" . . .j iproxipjntely • l.WO • carrvlri" ^arti-' JJTk& i/a6^-{''orr4 : Hie church' ;dem- dispersed.'- A-civil guard T-SS woi siu.-d bv a shot fired from the civ. ! : while thu mob was attacking it. ' • ... Huge crowds gathered to watch - tl:c Burning edifices, cheering the destruction..' The attacks were be- ltcvcd,to have been Inspired by the ' recent nastoria! letter of the cnr- din'nl.primate r 'jl-Sp;i'n which.was '-. Interpreted as slibwli:^ a. tendency 'toward Cathoilc support of .a movement for the 'return ol the monarchy. Draws Fine {<>•.• Carrying Court . . employment. i probably , section of the International Cham- that time, they pointed out, the | scra( , of the CD1m try's industrial I cents brnV^ ivtil litnlv linvt» \n Vin rlns^rt ! i i i _ _. i-,- . tended today that the sport will be legal here unlll a court decision do- ; was nned S50 by Judge W. D. Grav- elte in police court this morning charge of carrying a pistol. I bcoks will likely have to be closed j leaders ' iu order that a delinquent tax list power each year, the census report : j: shows, and produce nunnfarcturri ; mn y be prepared in time for two articles valued at $i,7!>7.3r.7. These , weekly publications of the lift be- figurrs are based on actual expen- | f 0: - 0 the tax sale on June 3th. diti'.res and production fn all of Arkansas. 192!). the report gar and Alonzo Blackwril of Ken- ' llis ""tomobile overturned or ning. Twin.. Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Robinson and family ot Reiser. The Cobb Undertaking company was in charge of arrangements. Plotted With Trusty to Effect Prison Break route. The accident occurred ns the couple was driving toward town. Mrs. shows 1.T31 ir.amifacturin? estab- : lishmmts. hp.vbj -1.541 salaried officers and employees whn get S9.- C70 02-1 in sair.ries. and employing •H.073 workers who receive as wag- A definite statement as to the time the books will be closed will be forthcoming soon. nnd highly qualified Adopt Stabilization Plans By 1930, according to the survey of this group, more than 200 com- Slidiiijr Scale Suggested While a complete equalization of the tax in cities on or near the border would result in complications through the probable disturb- jcrative extending authority clc stated, expressed thi belief that the recent referendum !n Mississippi may be premature and of no effect since the election was called and held before the act became oo- for panics had begun systematic pro- nnce of the gasoline business at! holding the elections on Ihe 0.11?:.- Morris was pitched from the car. Her husband, unhurt, righicd ttc [ ' nuto and then attempted to revive '" his wife. authorities believe the woman died cu routo. es about S39.223.333. Materials for all the factories in '. state cost S110.7au.S51 in 1929.. ' Wins Divorce A Her Thirty Years of Married Life grams (o provide maximum con- ! points further removed from the _ tinuity a', employment. Early In I border, local gnrallne dealers be- 11930. with the depression well be- lieve it o;ight to be possible to WASHINGTON. May 11. I UP) — and fuel and energy co;; S-1.233.6GO. : A wedding that startled the social value of prc'.luds mnmifncc- world of two nations 31 years ago gun. more than 300 Industrial establishments in New York state work o:it n sliding scale, based on distance from the state line, which It was further slated clared ineffective ed. since held prior to the Sunday baseball law becoming effective. Jefferson county hnd planned (o hold nn election on the question this week but has abandoned tiie employment regulnrizallon pro-In state line town might be permit- ' ' )la11 since learning that the law- were found to have adopted stabit-1 would reduce the tnx differential in Ization policies nnd hundreds of others Ihe country. But |i u admitted that i lions. Thus an Arkansas dealer In there were [ a degree proportionate to the ac- throughotit icessibilily ,-f Missouri gasoline sta- tion. The referendum A charge of petit krceny against Will Jackscn, negro, was cantin- ued. The case of Bobbie Bell, charged with vaijroncy. was turned over to the constable's office. Four finos were meted out 0:1 charges of public drunkenness. In this county,! ed was SVj3P.97.CD3. showing the , ended In n divorce court Plane Crash Fatal lo Two ' va!i:o a<* J «i tv manufacture M b° ; when a decree nici was granted to '.'•j,. i Brains have been fnr too limited in ' (ed to collect a tax little if any ^ ! rnnpn nnH fr^nf trt hnvf, on or,-,,-,.- I nKm.n tv.,, >ri^^r,,.^l + ~i- ...ul*—.., , , , . , I™'- 8 - 0 alld sccpe lo h: " c nn above the Missouri tax. witrf'an employ-!extra cerjt or more added at specl- Iflcd distances up to 12 or 15 mlbs from the border, where the full Arkansas tax ivojild become applicable. Such a plan, it Is argued. ndniitlcd lavinj arranged wllh Strve Williams, trusty guard, to escape, even to (lie point of slug- gais \V:ll;air.s. Reeves was to s'pMt with Williams $1.800 which he ia:d ho had buried in Newton county. Tlie money allegedly was taken from the Jasper bank, for the robbery of which Rcc-vcs was convicted early this year. is net yet In -force. D. Fred Taylor. Negro Bov Killed by Truck on Highway 61 LUXORA, Ark.—Friday .night a seven-year-old negro boy, the son of tcnsnls on Godfrey White's plantation en Highway 61, wns.fa- ta 1 ':• injured when he ran from'be- u. rit-il l;l>lyr, USJCUIU UilUrHOV V I -\ \-nnn- 1*^., and buslness'manager or the Os- ^..^'-^ mil ceoli indinns. semi-pro bnl club. | BTms wore brokfn mr , „ exhibited today what he said was j a sb , n ; r ,, lllre . Hc diert twc ivc - recovering, said his plan? struck air pocket after t:-e lake off and then crashed whm he v,-;>s attcmp'.- ing to ncjc'.iatc a latuiii:;. "jxteen Lives Lost In Colomhia Election , Arhansas Fire Loss In April Was $331,000 \ cpm!uct * lth TOmcn - rent one and rcd;;c!:i5 employment 12 lo 18 per cent below ccrrcspond- seasons of more prosperous s nnd fi^urmx in the 21.5 per would free Arkansas dcabrs fro;n j morc population the handicap under which they now sutfer and at Ihe same time would probably actually increase •asoline tnx revenue; in tile parts competition. represented to him as n com- of tre act giving counties or oO.COO or r;si;:t!Xl from Firemen Find Quilt Afire in Ernpty House IS • lives. An unoccupied liouss at 1629 Sovih Ci-arYne street was slightly da:u.i!--'d by fire of an unknown or- l:in Kitiirjay night. The blare was e\;;n.":-s:icd with only small loss, j Th? hy. ?e is t':c property ot Emma ; H:S-s. r.ngress. Firemen found a quilt in the BOGOTA. Colombia. May 11 (UP) i— The newspaper E! TIempo l!s'.- monthly report of H. 1 ltd today 16 deaths and 80 wountcd chlct of the division of disturbances, :K. May n. (UP >_;Turk,156 Years Old.Takcs j ™ t cf faftory emillovmcnt from Ride In Airplane! Jul >'. i^a. to January, 1931. j Technological, the displacement May ll| ot workers by machines, referred lir:s ov;r the state according to the B. Savage. BROOKLANDS. En?., (UP)—Paro Agha, 158 wountcd cnlcl ol tne "ivisian oi conserve- : Turk, took his first flying lesson yesterday incl- ^ " on °f tr - c Arkansas fire prevcn- | today. It lasted the election of 118 mcm-- tl(m bureau. • i on landinj Paro appeared the chamber ot represents- j !11 ' ui Ascribed tlw fitsht Complete calm had b:cn! n i n -i r n i I erc!lt tmlc " restored the newspaper s.Md. • DiCTilS OpKier fOY Ueath ! ' i BriantJ Will Make Race I May 1J. <UP>-A siv.- MANILA. Ark.-Gid LD'.t was o][ )'. to as a readjustment problem which .>„> ...... .,-,son| 110 j; cau W5 «• m-Vo-«. v of affected a half ho"r Up- n ' 0 ^ers to go for long ptrlods wlth- sppearcd delighted' Ollt work ' although theoretically of Harrisburg Farmer $50 fo>- n°s°rtion ' " eventually creating n-.ore Jobs than I It destroys. Most Halt Flurl-J.ltion Regularlzatlon of employment Is right to le- Sunday baseball by vote. If.? pointed out a clause In ti'e crny which stated that the electl'i might be held In connection with the municipal elections in April and also w^s attached an emergency clause. hou: . 5 aftcr , ha -, ccijrat driv . er of the ln:ck vrvi not p.rr»stei as the accident wns univoidi'cl?. Holland Han May Lose Eye Kit By. Baseball Clauda Edwards. 35. of Holland, Stills on State Line North of Manila Raided hospital last night. ball In a gom; played at ito struck Edwards' loft down. He slated that In view of the eye. H« may suffer the loss of his , v , , lhe ^ *>n tav. - MANILA, Ark.—CcnstaMc Wright, nlla, and a deputy from Blythevllle, and Sheriff Tom Donaldson of Dunfclin county. Mo., raided three stills on the Arkansas-Missouri line, ten mite? north of here, Saturday. „„ ,j * ,. ,. , * _ . . ' „ „ • could not be reached for a state-, Tlie officers watched the stills all'menl today. The election was hell I night nnd at daylight_raided them, .after (he prosecutor had stated fl-e : WEATHER f!oy" fire that .v?irenne the house. chief, In.-lirilhvi PARIS, riand fieiallv for French Presidency d or'^ b»uevc,i to hn- causal death of A. S. Bradshsr. G9. retired Pcac: Oene Aistcn on a ch.r:ao of --•. O mni i«.uiiv/ii «i L ".- •••».••» to - • - ...»ii_i tiiupiw3k.^iiiLri 11 jii r>\ j i*. a ' i.i; • ... .- i .. ,. achieved or nDpror.chcd hv cn-or- The 5 r r <>u»d 1,5^) gahcns of nm!i: spDrt wcuM r . Khfr ll( , vc to ^ •... j pos'l'ily hpht frost In i dlnating prodnc!lc-n snd distribn- an <l 50 gallons of liquor. They pour- .galized or banned ! nortl ; lotion If weather tton policies so ns to l»iel off vto-; e<1 "« liquor over the stills and set ; .tonight; Tt.esday fair. ARKANSAa — Generally fair, extreme clears ,-„.... . . . , ,. , ,, ; unum.u,i> u,.,. in volume them aflre. « • E.O and costs by Justice of the 0 , outpul nnd [0 . M fa| . :s ,„„ co . n . Three men bo the owners house which was afire, according to Briand. for^n ,^1^^ [^^^^^0^ '^''^^1£S^^'^^^^^ ^C%ZS£l&^ . .. . , - acc'ptcd an invUalion to local hospital for treatment Sun-; Loit' was alrtvlv utri"'- tond ',' had bran sleeping candidate for (ho presidency of ( ,ay. The kind =f r.pider that bit! acting Wai at Blytheviile for i | him could not be ascertained. doping wilh another man's wife. named Young, said to!Eaithquake Shocks i and operators of (h.-! p , M«~M. i nllnlml »" temperature here Reported at Manila lcrtav Wils H ' dcrri i Acccrdir to the cfCrlal w?atb:r |obs:r\i'i-. Chnr^es Phillips Jr., ;he ycs- j France. Systematic sales forecasting (Continued on Page Three) MANILA, Aik.—Sllpht earthquake idcnts of Arkansas but the stills!shocks «re felt here about 1 a. m. tr.nvimvm, 71 degrees, partly cloudy. To-h.v a year ngo the mln- wcrc on tire Missouri side of the i Sunday. No damage has teen re-' Imiini kmixirature was 62 degrees, Hne. Iported, ' clrviidy villi .40 lnrhr« of rulni

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