Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 9, 1895 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 9, 1895
Page 1
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YOL. XX LOGANSPORT, INDIANA. SATURDAY MORNING, MARCH 9. 1S95. NO- 59. \ Grand. penin A Paris Manufacturer of Ladies' Fine Cre- T Novelty and Swiss Suitings ranging in IP rice from $1O tO $1OO and Silk Waists from .50 to $45 t HAS A SHORTAGE. Jury in the Hay ward Murder Case Brings in Its Verdict. Finds That the Defendant Is Guilty as Charged in the Indictment. Will give a Grand Opening at our ANNEX CLOAKROOM TO-DflY! Every Lady in Logansport is invited to ;ome and view this display. Leave your order if you like, but come. !usy Bee Hive, 409-411 Broadway. 306 Fourth'St. Judge to Pass Sontenco Next Monday, 'Which Will Probably Be to Hangr. Closing Remarks of Lawyer Erwin and thG Judge's Charge to the Jury. Spring Suiting's, Spring Overcoatings, Spring Trouserings, Novelties all in waiting for you to come md select them. If you are hard to please >ur goods and prices will win you. 'IERCE, THE TAILOR. :UO See The Specialists Chronic and Private Diseases and Deformities. Djueasos of Women treated by tho new electrical method that has given wonderful results. Don't target that their vapor treatment for all Cbrouio Lang Troubles pots the remedies to tho diseased spots and. cures when everything else falls. Call'iird investigate anyway. It costs you nothing for consultation. Drs. Christopher & Longenecker, AtjTlie Medical and SurgicaUInstilute. U7 Market Si, - - Logansport. Ind, : or Fine Printing. You will find the Journal Job Rooms unsurpassed. -ETTERcHBflDS INVITATIONS NOTEIttEflDS, PROGRAMS, STATEMENTS, OrtRDS, TENVELOPES f\ SPECIALTY. You get our figures andjwe'll do thejwork. Do not fail to leal I on the JOURNAL for MiN-.VK.M'Ol.IS, M.inn., March 3.—The jury in the famous Giug murder case came into the courtroom at ;-:30 o'clock Fridiiy afternoon and rendered their verdict, which was that they found tlie defendant. Harry llayward, "Cmlty, -as charged.°' Ho V.'lll I'riilittbly We Uttiiffod. The judge will deliver sentence ou Monday, which will undoubtedly be hanging, :is conviction is murder in the. first degree. KIMVIU'H Closing Kmnurks. MlX-MSAI'liUS, Minn., March S.—In his remarks to the jury Friday morning, Mr. Ei-win said that this was the most monstrous persecution in history, and ended by .saying: "If you tiro ia obedience to Lho pressure •ouKht on you to tear down nil the rules of law; it fanaticism, und the monstrosity ot ;hls alliance botweun the perjurer and murtlcroriirc la iatiuooco you. then lull > r our artisans to remove i'rom all our lomos the statuo of Justice, Toll them o pnl In her place ;•„ Mp-jre of the 1:1,7 '}! lu'll. Taki- down your naij, ih'j thi;,- of yoiii- ri-|ii;:i;ii', Tho red and whito and b!'.ii'. '•.';'.::•.• .:, ..\.-n--tho old flux of freedom, ;,nd hitl .•,':'..1- rancors rear In its plncu t;i:;t udlishi'u. :i,e',;.face of hellish perjury. Vo-.i. ;, r ei::; • uo.'i o' the jury—you :a-y In tho JKitRih OL u<j.i. No power can mar or overthrow your verdict, Bew,iR> that you do not betray tlio conscience ot this niition." JudKu'H Chur^o to the Jury. It took .'fudge Seng-rave Smith forty minutes to read his charge to the jury. He declared that the verdict must be guilty as charged or not guilty. If the defendant was guilty, it was premeditated; the judge intimated that there could be no verdict of guilty less than murder in the first degree. He then explained the reasonable doubt tlieor}' at great length. Hu continued: "To what extent Uio 'defense b:is discredited Bltxt'ri testimony is for you, gentlemen, to say. They suy that- his testiruor.y "Was conflicting, and you Jiuvc a right to take into consideration the conditions of Blixt's mind that night, Ic is uscessiiry . for you to lie satisfied that Blixt kUlccl Miss Gin(T, second, '.ha: Hayward in- eltod. If, when you retire, you aro sat- Isilea thai Bllxt killed tho girl you :nay proceed; if not do not consider tho verdict further. But if Harry did indtu. as charged, your verdict will be xuiiiy. lUiist <liul£o fi-r.ni Kvl(l(!in*u. '".riie state is not relying on circ-.imstantia! •evidence, but has tho pu.iitlve testimony of Bl'.xt that he klllud Mi.<s Gins, and the positive sf.iLemeni of AUry Hay «-ard, a few days before the tvuirder, that Harry said fcc was colng 10' kill bar. This tesiluiony is also supported, us it must be, by such circumstantial evidence. You must decide how far this evidence Is worthy of credence ;md how fat- It is corroborative. The testimony of an accomplice must he accepted with extreme care. o"Jn jiidKlu;; of the credibility of these witnesses tho jury was entitled to consider thelv attitudes on tho stand, the reasonableness o! their statements and the conditions under which they testllied. If it was uelieved that any witness had testilled falsely. It was at liberty to discard his evidence, except wheretu cor- roboralion from other reliable sources established its credibility." If it was apparent that any witness -was possessed of Ill-feeling against tho accused, that also might be takviu into consideration. If the jury found that any wi'-ness had given testimony on a promLso of Immunity from pur.isha'.ent, that also must bo cur&dilly weighed. ' This caso was to bo tried on tho same principles precisely as any criminal caso, no matter how slight its Importance, The jury had nothing to do with the purJsh- meni ,to be inf.lctod. No attention was to bo' paid lo tho utterances, of attorneys ou either side eicept as based on the testimony, but .-when the 'evidence was placed in ihe jury's hands it was the duty of tho jury to decide, after weiKhlr.fr "it carefully, whether i: was suf- ticiont to sustain the caurco against the defendant. American Churcli Missionary Society'* Trust Uctmycd by It* Secretary. NBIV Yor.ic, March S.—The alleged deficiencies in the accounts of the American Church Missionary society and which have resulted so far in .the secretary of the body. lle\V AV. A. Xewbold. severing his connection with it. promises to be brimful of scandal. The deficit amounts to some $1!).000 and the chairman of the finance committee, George C. White, made a statement Thursday afternoon in the mutter. When he concluded it he declined to say whether Or not proceedings would be instituted against the alleged offender. Mr. White detailed the circumstances which led to the dis'coveiy of irregularities in keeping the books of the secretary's office, and said that an expert accountant was put to svork to further investigate the condition of affairs. At the end of a few days Mr. Xewbold sent his keys to the linn nee committee and announced that he had severed his connection with the societv. DON r T LIKE HIM. Consul General Williams Tells Wh He Is in Disfavor in Cuba, Insisted on American Citizens Having Civil Trials —Would Not Be Bullied. 1! era Id'; llavaju AFTER HORSE THIEVES. Fiu-mecK Turn Out ICn .-Mutisc to Hunt for a <;:ih{; of Crlmhml* Axnunsox. Ind., March S.—One hundred farmers, on horseback and afoot, with Sheriif Starr and his deputies and newspaper men, followed the trail of bloodhounds from Seymour until nearly daylight Friday morning, and went over .'JO miles in .search of a gang of barn burners a:id horse thieves. The hounds went through the towns of Chesterfield and Daleville into Delaware county. There the hounds ended tho trail a.t a. saloon, depot and one or two residences. It i-. believed that tlie men wanted are from the gang ol Delaware county whiteeaps. All work is suspended and the neighborhood it highly excited. HAD A NARROW ESCAPE. Knfjlneer In Frljihl.fiil Kullruitd U'rtv.-lc in MMCIOO Ty]Js of Uin Ac-cidi'HJ. ST. touts, March S.—A special from Laredo, Tex., says tha* Engineer John Kult'er. the American who is held responsible by many in Mexico for the terrible wreck 'on the Inter-Oceanic. railway February 2$ last, arrived in Laredo Thursday, lie had; a narrow escape for his life, beiny shot and wounded, by relatives of persons killed ia the wreck. lie claims the tra.in was not running at a high rate of speed, and that the accident was due to the breaking of .an axle, on the fourth coach, o leave the track. SHOUP IS CHOSEN. 'I'llo [••Inlin StiiLX-Minnt to the BOISE CITS', Idaho, March 3.— George b. Shonp (rep.) was reclected United States senator on Thursday. On the first ballot hi received the entire Morgan vote. Idaho's capital was a scene of. great rejoicing and convival- ity. Guns boomed and flags floated from every business and public house. Senator Shoup received the congratulations of his friends, who are leg-ion in Idaho, A grand celebration took place Thursday night in honor of his election. lie will leave for. Washington and other eastern points in a few days. __ ' ___ _____ FIFTEEN THOUSAND OUT. Xi:\v YOJ:K, March S.—The special cable dispatch from says: When United States Consul General Williams was informed of the news from Madrid that Capt. lien. Calleja had asked the Spanish government to demand his recall, and that the Spanish cabinet had supported the demand, he was greatly surprised, and said: CHIISL- of rho Ti-oublo. • "Tlicre h:is been inucb trouble in tho past u"itb ibu f;ove,-ii:no:it on vim'ous matters. I would liuve TOslifiii'il loo;: siffo but for my !:irai- ly. A t the conference held some timo neo I w;is accused of i;iyii!;; aluriiilas reports to tho press, i deuiod iL'ouiph:itic.i]ly. "The latest troulilo arises from the prisoners of W;ir, 5!:;nqiii!ly, AlJllilTC, ClliiJlo ;llid Ternzo. Tliey nil hold cit:/.enshi]> in lliu Unlieti States. The (.'Upturn geuunil insisted that they should be tried by i-oim-rn;iruru. wlnJe 1 de:n:iniieil that their eusu^i bo (U'ttei'iilined by tho civil courts and bd allowed to U.ivo lawyers to dc- iL'acl than. ;\. "'l'h(!re have bcon scventl eonti-nversics over this question, but 1 liavu been aclInK under jLi-tioles 1 ;.nd ^ of .the couvenlion of January U.\ ]. v "r. wlilrii say.s. ;n suLstauce, tliui Amcrl- (.•aii OjLi/.ens anx-.sti'd in ^uain shall be iried In civil courts unless they arc captured -with anus in h::nd. Won't, I!e Iliilitt'il. •These four pi-lsonors were captured in pursuit of Hieir ordiiiiiry iivocations. They cnn- not buiiy me. U host; men t;ot their ciiuonslilp paix-rs in New ^'urlt, :ind they cannot bo que.s- liu.-.oJ, "1 anj ready tu leave at nay thnc, buc I will protect Arneriean citijens as far as possible, whilo i sun here. I: 1 had not beea dol'enilinj,- tliesc met I would have resigned a \veel; ago." Causes (.;iv:tt siii-prlso in UJLYICIIII. There \vas. no audiei^ee with the eaplaio general Thursday night, lioth sides have many partisans here. The news ol the demand for the recall of the consul general causes jyreat .surprise in Havana. It.-ll.'lK Dl-fC»tKll. HAVANA. .March S. — (ieii. l>arricli, "iiiiding ',hat the rebels had left JJaire, started in pursuit nnd overtook them a short distance from the town. He attacked the band and dispersed them, capturing their Jla.g, provisions, etc.. and killing h've of their number. The government force had two men wounded. At Maya.rd, two bands have surrendered to the authorities. The other bands in the province of Santia- gi have become discouraged and it is expected that many of their men will surrender. Order and confidence are being restored in the province of Santiago. Given ViillinitOfl Credit. MADRID, March S.—-The chamber of deputies Thursday evening adopted a bill granting the government unlimited credit for the purpose of conducting the campaign against the insurgents in Cuba. OVER THE STATE. Briefly Told from Various Towns in Indiana. ny L'nruvol it ,"\rynrery. Aroi.is. ]nd., March $.—Sixteen yo:irs njro Frank Osborue, the leading merchant in the villnjje of Brooklyn. JS miles southwest of this city, left town with t\vo strangers and was never soon :i;r:>in. Tho strangers ivtumo>d and whon quostinm-d about Osborr.e s;tid lh:it lie went '••i-'-.v:-. tho crook.'' While it. exci'.ed mi.,.: .N;V_H- hition at the time, the in;itier dropped out of siyht. Wednesday evening 1 , while a boy \v;is walking on the banks of the crock, ho discovered :v hmu:m skull sticking out of tlie o:irth where the eroek b:mk luul caved. An examination uncovered an entire skeleton with part of the clothing- still wrapped . about it, Lying- with the skeletoji was a whetstone, which A. T. Miller positively identified as one carried by Osborne. It. is said that the men who wei'e with Osborne c:m still be found, and an effort will be nuide to unravel the my.sk-ry surrounding his disappear- jueo. Mini 1H.S Slstor, SKV.MOI.T., Ind.. March $.—Thursday morning Kdgar Holmes, while quarrel- over property- left him by their uotlior, slice and fatally wounded his ister, Florence Holmes, keeper of adis- •eputable house in tbiseity. The woman vas armed with a revolver and lired wiee at her brother, who, while at- emplii.ig- to prevent, her from tiring- tho hird shot, accidentally discharged his wn weapon, the ball, taking effect ijiiiijei'.KLloly behind, her left ear, killing her almost instantly. J\Io]>i'<l \vlt.M II<T Stepfather. I'/j, I'OISTB. Jnd.. March S. — Peter Blair, aged '2!i. and Mrs. frank Bazaa, ayetl 17, luive elopod. Mrs. l^ixau. was a bride of two weeks and lilair is her stepfather. Klair married a widow with seven children some years ago she. bein^f ten years his senior. After the marriage of her daughter to Bazaa Blair became insanely jealous. The elopement wa,s the .sequel. Will 1'1-oM'M. AXUEHSON, fnd.. March S.—Business men of this city have called a- meeting to protest against, the action of correspondents there of out-of-town papers in sending out reports of the receut pas explosion which exaggerated tho accident. The loss, it is said, will not exceed SSO.OOO. instead of S-100,00'.). County Sent, \\nr JK On. SAI.EM. hid.. March S.—The Crawford county seat trial is in fnjl blast. About thirty witnesses have been examined, representing Leaven worth, the prescjit county seat. From present outlook Mnn-lish has the best prospect. It is estimated 2,01)0 men will be hero before the ease is finished. A LABOR BULLETIN, Sltu.ition Vnnsylv'an]:! Coal I r iel<Jn— Mincr.s ;\ rn I'Jrin. PiTTsBur.Gir. Pa., March 6. —Seven coal operators in the Pittsburgh district, engaged in supplying the local market, have granted the 09-cens rate demanded by the miners. President Cairns, of the Miners' union, ill summing up the situation Friday, stated that 15,OOC men are actually out on a strike; over 1,000 are receiving the price demanded, and about -1,000 are working- at the old figures. The miners' officials expect to make a strong fig-ht, but as yet none will venture an opinion as to the duration or outcome of the contest. . DANA INDICTED. It Vi'iil JJo rnhli.-ht'd IJImoiulily After the New l-'lNCitl Your. WASIHSOTO.V, March S.—The issuance of a bimonthly bulletin of the department of labor will be commenced at the beginning- of. the next fiscal year. The publication is authorized, by an act passed last month, and each issue will embrace about 100 octave pages. The bulletins will be restricted to current facts as to the conditions of labor in this and other countries, condensations of state and foreign labor reports, the condition of employment and other matters of importance. The inauguration of the scheme is in line with plans already adopted by four foreign governments—England, France, Russia and IS'ew Zealand—all of which are now publishing- labor gazettes. ASKED TO LEAVE. E,'<?:ith of :i lMi>iio?r. VAl.PAr.Ai.--n. lud.. .March ,S. — Josephus Wolfe, one of the first, settlers of Portage township. Mild the wealthiest man in Porter comity, died Thursday a.fternoon, ajed ~'.', yeavs. Ila came to this county in is.'l-l and had resided on the same farm ever since. Ua owned 5,000 acres of land. Job Pn'DtiDg. Jumped Into His Own \Vpll. WBST ELKTOX, 0., March 8.—John Block, a wealthy farmer, committed suicide under sensational circumstances. He belonged to the Omish church, which prohibits members from suing: each other. Block had business troubles with his brother-in-law, and sued -for his rights. The brother-in- law carried the case t» the church, lilock was suspended from fellowship, whereupon lie jumped into his own well. Novel C«n.*A ol OcAth. UitiBEFor.n, ile., March S. — ALrs. Shea of St. Cloud, Minn;, died here Wcdn_ % sday. She was one of tlie heirs of tae. late Luther Hr\-ant, the Biddeford millionaire, and it is presumed that her death was due to the 'excitement and nervous shock occasioned by the sudden coming- into possession of wealth. One of her sisters who resides here is ill from that cause. Editor of the Xcw York Min Charged with Criminal Libel. WASHINGTON, March S.—The grand jury for the supreme court of the District of Columbia has returned an indictment for criminal libel ajjainst Charles A. Dana, editor, and William M. Laffan, publisher, of the 2S r ew York Sun. They are charged with criminally libeling- Frank B, Zsoyes, ol Washing-ton, proprietor of . the Evening- Star, and one of the board ol directors and of the executive committee of the Associated Press. A City ill Distress. For.T WAYSE, Ind., March S.—Friday morning- a pipe in the main natural gas line burst 12 miles north of this city. The entire city was without ftel from 3 till 31 o'clock. Hotels, restaurants and "private houses were unable to serve warm meals! Fires in nearly all of the stores in the city went out. Eicnsio>~6, Va., Marcn S. — 'me women of the Southern Memorial and Literary societj- have decided to spend S'S,booin making the Jefferson Davis mansion fireproof and to convert it at ouce into a museum for confederate relics. Theatrical Company IVrecked. OKLE.VXS, March 3.—A dispatch eotlau^sJj-a., says that Roland s companJIpas -wrecked in an ac"'it_ Miss Bush, the leading- lady, -jeriously hurt. The company has ' to Atlanta. Frc»ld<;ut of Venezuela GIvcK Minister* of Franco and Ilclfirlnm Their 1'n.HAports. NEW YOKK, March S.—A Herald cable dispatch from Caracas, Venezuela, says: President Crespo has g-iven their passports to the ministers of France and Uelg-ium to Venezuela. This action is due to statements published ia the Italian Ctreen Book, in which it appears that the French,-Belgian. German and Spanish ministers here discredited the institutions of this republic. Reputation Malt Be (jood. WisriD.-GTOX, March S. — Further amendments have been made in the Civil service rules, with the approval of the president. One of the amendments pives the commission authority to reject the application of an applicant •who has been guilty of infamous or of notoriously disgraceful conduct. Prior to this amendment the commission only had the power to refuse certifications in such r.ases. Buckcl-Sln>i> P»t.ron» Out tpO.OOO. MUXCIE, Ind., March S.—It has been discovered that a lur^-e number of prominent citizens were victimized by the absconding of C. F. Sheldon, of the stock exchange "bucket-shop." :ind that instead of ^ettins- nwuy with SL'OO lie g-ot about $(i,00(), one man losing over S'JOU. ^___ The Jc<; <:<>«* Out. TEJIHE HAUTE, lud.. March S.—The ice has g-om: out of the \Vabnsh river and the steamer .lanie Kac has made her first trip south from this city ot the season. Oldest river men do not remember ;i. year when the river cleared of ice so quickly and without damage. Tost Olllcp Itoblu-u 1 . BUKSA. VIST.*. Jnd., March »'.—-The post office and Anderson's general store were visited in the night by thieves, who carried off $.100 in money and anumber of revolvers, knives and razors. f'atiilly i:arii«:(i. MJEXTOXE, Ind., Marsh S.—Mrs. W. S. Charles was fatally burned here Thursday. She was rendering 1 lard, which boiled over and ignited. Death, of Cnpt. KUliff JIe(J£«*. .TEFFERSO-VVII.I,E, Ind., March 8.— Capt Elias Hedges. 90 years old, a veteran of the Mexican war. died here. Another Amputation Necennary. DtTBUQL'K, Ia., March 8.—Congressman Henderson's left las' is to be amputated ag-ain, this time at the thigh. The operation will be performed at Washington in a few days. The first operation, performed at Shiloh, was amnutation above the ankle. Tei?er Predict* a New Party. CiSTOS. 0., March S.—Senator Peffer. of Kansas, addressed a political meeting- here in the interest of kJSemu- nicipal campaign of Canton populists. In an interview the senator said that he expects the populist party finally to be absorbedl>y a new party. Millionaire^ Will Broken. JOSE, Cal.. March S.—The Barron will contest for the 82,000,000 estate of Edward Barron closed with a verdict in favor of the contestant, Georg-e. Barron, who was disinherited by his father, the property being- be- quca.tbed to Edward liarron's second wife. _________^__^_ Grocery Firm Fail*. Crxcix>'ATr, March &. —The wholesale grocery firm of Anmd, Schuer- meyer & ifeyker. made an assignment Friday morning-. An estimate of the financial condition of the concern places the assets and liabilities as about the same figure—S30.UOO. Couirs Into 1U» Itanlt nod Till.:. LONTXIN, March 6.—The new crciva' prince 'of Siam. Cowfs Maha Vig^ira- vat,"who was solemnly proclaimed heir to the throne in Bangkok on January 17, was Friday formally inves.ted with the rank and title...

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