The Robesonian from Lumberton, North Carolina on August 18, 1903 · Page 3
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The Robesonian from Lumberton, North Carolina · Page 3

Lumberton, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 18, 1903
Page 3
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R O B E SON I AN. PUBLISHED TUK8DA.Y8 AflD FRIDAYS. TUESDAY, August iR, 1903. D1PAETMXXT. UJCA.L AND 'PHONE NUMBEK. 46. cents. Mr. Geo. G. French spent Sunday in Marion. Miss Lena McGeachy visited friends here Friday. Mr. G. E. Rancke, Jr., returned to Nichols this morning. Sheriff McLeod was iu Red Springs I last week on business. Miss Belle Tyner, of Lowe, spent yes| terday ia town shopping. Mrs Frank Gough, though still quite j sick, is slightly improved. Miss Mary McNeill, of Lowe, spent | Friday here visaing friends. Mr. A. L. Bullock, of Alfordsville, was | a caller at our office Friday. Miss Mollie McDougald, of Clarkton, [visited Mrs. Flora Smith last week. Mrs. Sallie McLean, of Wadesboro, is j visiting her sister, Mrs. W. J. Prevatt. Mr. N. A. Ratley, of Ashpole, was a welcome visitor to our office Saturday. Mr. Bert. Edmund was kept at home I by sickness for several days last week. Mr. H. L. Andrews, of Ashepole, was [a pleasant caller at this office Saturday. Mr. Mckeithan Rogers, of Dillon, S.C., I was a guest in tlv* --t"-' 4 »e of Mr. C. B. I Townsend last week. We regret lo hear that Mrs. Joseph Pre- j vatt is quite sick at her home at Cly! burne. The Misses Rowland school will open [at the Norment schoolhouse Septeinber | the yth. Mr. Rowland Hecigpeth, brother of Mr. L. Z. Hedgpeth, of Rowland, visited here I last week. Miss Baltic McQueen has been kept at [home on account of iickness during the (past week. Mr. T. C. McNeely left yesterday for j Hendersouville, where he will spend I some time. Air. D. P. Shaw has returned from a J trip to Raleigh and other points on professional business. Mr. X. W. McDuirmid arrived yester day for a visit in the home of Jus sister, ] Mrs. O. C. Normeut. Mr. Jus. McQueen after spending some I time with relatives here has returned to [his home in Maxtou. We are glad to report the condition of I Myrtle, the little child of Mr. R. E Lee, I somewhat improved. Judge T. A. McNeill, returned Sunday I from Wilkesboro, and will spend a week J here with his family. Miss Amelia Unkhaw expects to leave I this week for Baltimore, to purchase a I Fall stock of millinery. Mr and Mrs. W. P. Peele, of Raeford, I have been the guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. J J. Prevatt for several days. Mr. Ernest Ward, and sisters, Misses JMaljel and Myrtle, of Echo, have been | visiting relatives here for several days. Miss Mary Gilchrist McNeill returned Saturday morning from a visit t » her un* cle, Mr. Walter J. Smith, at Godwin. Miss Jessie Fuller left Friday afternoon j for Beunetlsville, where she will be the [guest of her uncle, Mr. H. B. Fuller. Mrs.T.A McNeill and daughter,Camte, j returned Thursday from Godwin, where jthey have been on a visit to relatives. We are glad to report the condition of Mrs. J. A. McAllister, who has been quite kick, considerably improved at present. Owing to the absence of the pastors of the different churches there was no service here Sunday,either morning or night. Rev. C. H. Durham and family leftFri Iday evening for Gastoma, where they will spend some time visiting Mrs. Durham's [people. Mrs. J. D. Norinent returned from Char- jlotte to-day, where she has leeu for sev eral days receiving treatment for throat I trouble. Sheriff G. B. McLeod and wife, and I Mrs. Lizzie Proctor, teft Saturday afternoon for Asheville, where they will spend (some time. Miss Mary McNeill and Mr. Mike Cald- Iwell returned yesterday from a few d*y's visit to the latter's sister, Mrs. Walker I Finnegan, of Lalta, S. C. Mrs. Ora Porter, after spending some It me visiting relatives here and at othe J places in the county, will return to [Georgetown. S. C., this week. Miss Martha Roberts returned Thurs- Jday from Xempcr, S. C., where she has been spending a few days with her sister, who has been seriously sick for some I time. Miss Goldie Ritchie arrived here Sun I day from Wilmington, and will spend J several days with her friend. Miss Dora ~p«ulk, before returning to her home in Charlotte. Mrs. Dore, of Georgetown, S. C.. was I the guest cf her sister, Miss Margaret I Boone, last week. She is now visiting her parents at Clyburne, where she ex [ pects to spend several weeks. Mr. John Millsaps, after spending sev- i eral weeks here visiting his brother, Mr Dr. W. Millsaps, left Saturday for Row [ land, where he will spend some time with ' his sister, Mrs. Leggett. We regret io I slate that he is very poor health. Rev. J. P. McMillan left Friday after noon for Acfcworth, Ga., where he wil spend several days vacation. He requests us to announce that there will be no preaching at Baker's Chapel on the 4tl Sunday in this month, but that there wil be ou U*e t'oljowiug Sunday, tbe Miss Lottie Kinlaw, is visiting relatives it Clyburne this week. Mr, Walter Bethuue spent Sunday with elative.s at Roz-er, N. C. Mrs. Effie Caldwell is visiting at the home of Dr. R. M. Norment. We are glad to report the condition of Mrs. Frank Gough much improved. Mr. and Mrs. D C Sinclair left Satur- lay for Elizabethtown for a visit bo rela- ives. Miss Sallie Prevatt, of Howellsville, spent Saturday at the home of Mrs. L. J. Birthright. Rev. J. W. Cobh, of Lumber Bridge, is holding a meeting at Clyburne Baptist Iburch this week. Mr. John D. Walker, of Durham, has arrived and will he in the tobacco business here this season. Mr. H. M. McAllister, of Charlotte, arrived here Sunday from Jackson Springs and will spend a few days with his parents. Misses Isabel Teskey, of Charleston, S. C., and Miss Mattie McLean, of Maxton, are visiting at the home of Col. N. A. McLean this week. We are glad to note that Dr. H. T. Pope, who has leen confined to his home by sickness for a week past, is able to be out again. Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Pannele passed hrough here Saturday on their return to Wilmington from Jackson Springs,where they have been spending some time. Mrs. W. D. Rogers after leing kept at home by sickness for some time past, is again at her post m the store of Mr. W. J. Prevatt, where she will be glad to see her friends. While little Miss Irene McLeod, with several other children, were playing in the yard and trying to walk the fence around the home of Judge T. A. McNeill, ;he fell and broke her wrist. The Teachers' Institute opened yester- ay morning with about 40 teachers pres- :ut. It will last two weeks, and will be xmiucted by Prof. Watson, of the Bap- .ist University, of Raleigh. We go to press too early to give any particulars. An "At Home." One of the moat enjoyable occasions of the season was an "At Home" given by Miss Ila Humphrey at her home last night, in honor of her guest, Mies Flora Thompson. Elaborate refreshments were eerved, and the large crowd present, were unanymoua in i.he expressions of their thanks to their charming entertainers for a moat d e l i g h t f u l evening. Support Four The Sunday-schools at Lumberton and at Scotland Neck support four children each at the Orphanage, and fined great joy iu so doing. They do not name the children, but send along the money and leave the distribution of it in the hands of the people who areou the ground and know the need or the children. The above is taken from Charity Children. .Knife Slipped and Cut Him. Rowland Pate, the voung son of Mr. W. Pate was so u n f o r t u n a t e as to badly cut himsef Friday afternoon. He had a watermelon in hi» lap which he was trying to cut, when the knife slipped, penetrated bin right thigh, severing a small artery. While his wound was being dressed by Or.Norment, rfr., he fainted from loss of blood' and had to be carried home. The wound is by no means a dangerous one, bur. it was deep and exceedingly painful. A "Quotation Contest." Mrs. T. A. N'lrment, Jr., gave an at home Tuesday night complimentary to her guest. Miss Nell Smyra. The game feature of the evening was a "Quotation Contest." The pnztf for excellency was won by Miss Annie Neill McLean, w h i l e Mr. J. P. Stansel was the happy recipient of the booby prize. ^Refreshments were served at 11 o'clock. The occasion was enjoyed to tho fullest extent by ail present and all felt deeply indebted to their cordial boat and charming hostess for a most del i g h t f u l evening. Collision at fUxton. News reached here Thursday morning of a collision between Mr. Frank Gough's excursion, which went from Rutherfordton to Wil- rxnugtou and returned Wednesday, and freight train at Maxtou. The engine of the freight train had been detached and carried to Lan- nuburg to get water, leaving tb cars on the mam track. Flagman L. F. Jones, brother of our townsman, Mr. John Jones, had been left to protect the freight train, and went to sleep, as his body was found badly mangled, jammed between the excursion engine and the caboose, up near the headlight. His body was literally cot pieces. The excursion train cs..- ned eleven well filled cars at the time of the accident and waa going as the rate of 15 miles an hour, which was perhaps the cause oi many lives being sa^ed. The excursion engine was badly damaged and. the caboose on the freight train caught fire and was totally consumed. Tom Gardner, a colored passenger, of Stanley Creek, N. C., was f juud crushed to death between the tender and the firsl coach of the excursion. The number of wounded, all colored, waa six. The wrecking crew reached the scene of the sad accident ear- lv Thursday morning, and in a few tut* track WM clbared, THE SEMI-WEEKLY ROBESQ^IAN. TUESDAY, AUGUST~18~l90a The Cause of Matty Sudden Deaths. fhere b a dittase prevalHnp fn this country most dangerous because so decep- k ~ ~ J l i r I ! Eil~i! tive. Many sudden deaths are. caused by It -- heart disease, pneumonia, heart _ failure or apoplexy f- are often the result of kidney disease. [{ kidney trouble is al- j_ lowed to advance the _ k i d n e y - p o i s o n e d - blood will attack the t u ^.«-----««~«*m vita! organs or the kidneys themselves break down and waste away cell by cell. Bladder troubles most always result from derangement of the kidneys and a cure ia obtained quickest by a proper treatment of the kidneys. . If you are feeling badly you can make no mistake by taking Dr. Kilmer's i»wamp-Root, the great kidney, liver and bladder remedy. It corrects inability to hold urine and scald- g pain in passing it, and overcomes that unpleasant necessity of being compelled to £0 often during the day, and to get up many times during the night. The mild and the extraordinary effect of Swamp-Root is soon realized. It stands th* highest for its wonderful cures of the most distressing cases. Swamp-Root Is pleasant to take and sold by all druggists in fifty-cent and one-dollar sized bottles. You may -- -lave a sample bo 1 tie of this wonderful new discovery and a. book that tells all about it, both "' i*uioa of awajnp-Kooc. sent free by mail. Address Dr. Kilmer Co Binghamton, N. Y. When writing mention reading this generous offer In this paper. Don't make any mistake, but remember ^ e name, Swamp-Root. Dr. Kilmer's iwamp-Root. and the address, Binghamton ^ Y., on every bottle. Escaped Injuries. ^ Capt. W. S. Norment returned Sunday from Jackson Springs, here he has been spending sometime. The cause of hie returning 30 early was that he slipped and fell from the hotel portico and was afraid he had sustained internal injuries. After his arrival here, on being examined by hin physician, he found t h a t he had escaped a n y injury and returned Sunday afternoon. Educational Rallies. We are advised by Superintend- ut J. R. Puole that educational rallies will be held in the oouuty as follows: Centenary, August 27th. Mt. Moriab, »* 28th. Barker's, " 29th. Educational addresses w i l l be delivered on these occasions b\ Hon. R. F. Beasley, of Monroft, and other speakers. Everybody ie uvited to attend and bring a basket. Antony Ray Captured. From the Fayetteville Observer of the 15th,we take the f o l l o w i n g : Last n i g h t Deputy Sheriff Mona- gbau, Deputy HoloieR.of Flea Hill township, Deputy United State* Marshal Aventt and O. F. Goddard, representing U. S. govern ment. arrested Antony Ray in Quewh:ffh township, a" very desperate negro, notorious for defying and resisting officers, the leader of a baud of outlaws known as the "Blue gat,g." He has been wanted foi the past five years in Cum berland, Robeson and Moore counties. ALL MINISTERS should remember we give a liberal quantity of the Longman Martinez Puro Paints toward ihe painting of Churches, parsonages or institutions supported by voluntary contributions. · NOTE: Have done so for twenty-seven years. Sales : Tens of millions gallons ; painted nearly two million houses tinder guarantee to repaint :F not satisfactory. The paint wears for periods up to eighteen years. Unseed Oil must be added lo the paint (done in two minutes). Actual cost then about |r.25 a gallon. The LM. paints are sold by onr agents and by Dr. R. G. Rozier. Lumberton, N. C. Shooting at Pate*. Sham. Bullard was shot bv Wm. Goins or Dial, near Pates, Saturday afternoon about four o'clock. There was no difficulty between ihe men and Bullardeays he dot-a not know why Goius shot h i m and Goius aays he did it by accident. The bullet penetrated the abdo.nen and ranged around to the back. It was removed by CaLherine Low rie who was present soon after the Turkets S "" r *** 1° shonr.incr r. f. KeyS SO to shooting. His doctor does not think Tn f h* V/Tf ' y 29th » 1903 lo the Editor of the Robesonian, \*~ -n m · ^ Lumberton, N. C., My Dear Friend. ' I am at present in New York. I have been buying bargains for the last six weeks. I wish you or any of the staff would be here to see the won derful bargains lam buying for the good people of £fro?£l e and Robes ? n co ^y, so you cSuSTteU through your much read paper the real truth abont what bargains are, but as it is impossible for any of you to be here, and as I wish to inform £ £!f n ? ai £ P at ~ n ? °f the great bargains we will have for them, I will ask you to put tins letter mas an ad. and give a good "local." My clerks mil have opened up the store in Ashpole in time when you have this in hand. I will also soon be there myself. Send me a paper to S. Dunie, 1020 E. Baltimore street, Baltimore, Md. Respectnlly yours, S. DUNIE, of Dunie Bros. K. M. BIGGS' NEW STORE, IN FRONT OF COLUMBIA HOTEL Is the place for anybody to buy anything they need for every day use. Goods arriving each day. PRICE LOW. I invite your inspection of the following lines : Dry Goods, Notions and Shoes. Big assortment of GOOD JEWELRY. Well assorted stock of FURNITURE. Complete line of BAGS, VALISES and ROLLERTRAY TRUNKS. Special bargains in COOK STOVES. Nice lot of SOIvE AND HARNESS LEATHER. Anything you want in HARDWARE, WHITE LEAD, OIL AND WINDOW GLASS. Last but not least, a stock of FRESH GROCERIES Give me a trial and I will try my best to serve you. Yours truly, T v. 4. XT ^ T K M - BIGGS. Lumberton, N. C., July 31, 19O3. Nice line of CRACKERS SOCIAL TEAS PINEAPPLE SLICED TEA SARATOGA CHIPS BEEF HAM NABISCOS FROZEN BUTTER AND SHREDDED COCOA SLICED HAM CHEESE BISCUITS FULL CREAM CHEESE OLIVE OIL COFFEE © 7^ to 40 cts SLICED BEEF BREAKFAST BACON CLAM CHOWDER In fact everything you need in HEAVY FANCY GROCERIES Quick Delivery. Phone T. Next door to Post Office. J. H. WISHART. To Cur* m Cokl in One Day Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets.- A1I druggists refund tbe money if it fails to cure. E. W. Grove's signature ia on each box 25c. wound serious, but has requ^stf-d that G-ius be kept iu confinment to await the devolopementa of the wound. So far, uo cause for the shooting has been discovered. The truth of the matter ig they were all drunk, presumably, on hard oider and the reckless handdling of A 88 caliber, Smith Wesson pistol did the damage. Sheriff McLeod heard of the shooting in Maxton and wvred Deputy Sheriff Barker to apprehend Gijins. Mr. Barker went at once to Pate?,-! tracked Goins to the home of Jno. A. Locklear, where he waa found in bed asleep and waa taken with- Lumberton Markets. Reported by Messrs. Caldwell Cai- tytei general merchants: Peas 75 Corn ?5 to 85 Fodder r QQ Hams jc Shoulders . Iz Sides 2II_ 12 5£ Eggs "~~~ I0 Chickens 22 iz to 21 f-f- *··' **^j **O t.O OG Butter" I_II.I 201035 Sweet Potatoes 401050 Beeswax TalJow "" Hav BUSINESS LOCALS. MURESCO IS NOT ONLY A DIS infectant but the best \vater paint made for use on hard as well as rough finish walls. Ask for color card. TheMcAllis ter Hardware Company. FULL CAR LOAD BEST TOBACCO Baskets at L. H. CALDWELL'S. Also Tobacco Twine. TOBACCO FIELD BASKETS have just received full car-kxid 1 Baskets. Best made, at ordinary Caldwell Carlyle. _ -WE Tobaco price* out resistance. to escape. He made DO effort List of Letters Remaining iu the Lamberton, N. G. t post office, Aug. ISth, 1903, it not called for in one week, will be sent to the Dead Letter office, Washington, D. C. Parties calling will please say advertised: B. T. Davia, Mase Peguer, Miss Swanieton, Aahprry WoodctalL R- M NORMENT, Postmaster. Vow Know What Ym Are Taking When you take Grove's Tasteless Chill ! Tonic, because the formula is plainly j printed on every bottle showing that it is simply Iron and Quinine in a tasteless I form. No cure, no p«y. FRANK GOUGH WILL RUN HIS last excursion of the season of the season to Wilmington on next Friday, the aist Train will leave at it o'clock, a. m.,; returning leave Wilmington at 7:00 p m.. Saturday, the 22d. The fare is only one dollar for the round trip, for white people only. EEIZABETH TURNBOW.--We want thehe:rsof Elizabeth Tnrnbow, a widow, who came to Texas from North Carolina in 1834 or 1835. Address J. W. Lawrence S: Son, laud agents, Austin, Texas. augiS-3t FOR RENT--SEVERAL ACRES OF good land, suitable for trucking, near town. Apply toH. J. Wessel. augi4-3t ONE PORTABLE KANE MILL Stack at K. M. Biggs'. ONE TWENTY-FIVE HORSE POW- er engine for sale. Applj to J. M. Butler, Lumbertoa, N. C. FOR SALE AT PUBLIC AUCTION for cash. About 2,000 linear feet of Fencing at Fuller Bros' Stables, gust 31 st. Date, Au- WANTED-A HOUSEKEEPER--reasonable price paid per tnonih. Address H. B. Ashlev, Red Springs, N. C. WANTED and Engine. Buie. N. C. TO RENT--A Apply to I. D. BOILER Johnsoit, ONE FINE JERSEY MILCH COW for sale. Apply to Graham McKinnon. Rowland, N r .C, · WANTED.--A TRAVELING S xLES- man, to work retail trade in this, and four adjoining counties. Good salary and permanent position to right man. Address with references. Ixck Box 167 Bedford City, Va. ' IF IT IS A PICTURE HAVB IT framed by The McAllister Hardware Co. Over 100 different patterns of picture molding. COOK WANTED.--APPLY TO P. C. McLean, Luuiler Bridge. QUICK AS LIGHTNING to FREEZE cream with the Phroso or Lightning Freezer. Examine them at The McAllis- er Hardware Companv. WE WANT TO DO YOUR WATCH. Clock, Jewelry and Spectacle repriiring, and guarantee to give you satisfaction. H. C. Boylin, at E. K, Proctor's old stand, one door north of Columbia L»ottl. SAW MILL FOR SALE--For lack of time to look after it--I will sell cheap on reasonable terms, one 25 H. P. Saw Mill outfit all complete and in running order. 12 Mules, wuh Harness, c., 2 Timber Wagons, 2 Log Girts, with all chains and too s complete. J. T DENNEY, Cro martie, N. C. 3x24-41 WANTED.--LIGHT WOOD, STUMPS, box facings, sawed shingles by the car load. For further information write Alfred A McKethan, General Manager Pine Product Construction Companv Fayetteville, N. C. WE BOyr7irT~TH~EE. K. PROCTOR stock of Watches, Jewelry and Spectacles, and want to sell the same. Can "ive yon a bargain in a watch. -II. C. Boylin at K. K, Proctor's Old Store. PARTIES DESIRING A ;"opl\ SAFE investment for small sums of money wita an excellent rate of interest wrilc us for particulars. A resident solicitor wanted Pennsylvania Improvement In vestment Company, No. 703 B«er Building, Reading, Pa, JUST RECEIVED. 1 Car Fancy Patent Flour. 1 " Fruit Jars, qts. and half gallons. 1 " Salt, sacks and barrels. 100 Cases New Pack Sardines. 100O Small Boxes Smoked Herrings. 180 Cases Parrot Monkey Baking Powders 50 " "Cracker Jack" 25 " Hosford's 71 Sacks Green Coffee (all grades). 22 Cases Roasted Coffee, spoon withea. pkg 65 Boxes Crackers. 25OO Ibs. Palmatina. Call and see us. We have the price. We want your business. The French Grocery Company, GEO. G. FRENCH, President. Lumbertoa, N. C. A FREE ROUND TRIP TO THE ST. LOUIS JWORLD'S FAIR ! Offered to wearers of "HEART and ARROW" brand shoes by tbe I.aPrelle Shoe Company, of St. Louis, Mo. $2,000 IN PRIZES ,K u« ,,«,r«t correct e s ,in,, te mh,,a«e ,,, the when, crop of the C You get a coupon with every puir of " I I H \ R T mid AttKOW" K -, i t. s^^ TOWNSEND BROTHERS LUMIJKRTON. N 1 C. ^^^^^^^^^···^^^·^^^^···^·^·^·····^M^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Necessity, Comlort, Appearance All these features enter into the matters of goods 11 are considered when purchasing \Vehavemadespecialeffortsto meet every to whai Ktteut - -s FASHIONABLE DRESS FASHIONABLE MILLINERY.- ·""' frah THP - GRANCE of Spring is suggested. Embroideries and Laces-- "· oo °* ards H nm b UrK * and ' broi CLOTHING," A $I ° 00 ° StOCk ° f Men ' 5 ' B °Y S and Children's Cloth- broideries. CoUon, Linen and Silk Laces. . Underwear, Shirts, c. E, COM- FURNITURE - Ve can FURNISH THE HOME COMPLETE, FROM TO KITCHEN. FARM SUPPLIES.- ,. -- ',000 BUSHELS CORN. 300 BOXES TOBACCO 25 Bbls. Molasses 200 Bhls. Anchor Brand Lime. " Now. we invite you to come to see our Superb Stock of MerchandLse \X e emleavor lo pK-.^e in goods and prices. P Respectfully * UCTCllanfllse CALDWELL CARLYLE. L u m ' - r Lum'-erton, N. C., March 13, 1903. Special Attention ! WHEN YOU AKH BUYING YOUR Spring and Summer Goods I my store * Nice Line oi Organdies and Dimities. :: Also a line of : '. White Goods, lor Dresses and Waists. \ \ A beautiful line of SLIPPERS. I have the Celebrated W. B. Corsets :: For all figures. ,, MEDIUM. SLIGHT AND STOUT j WITH 02. WITHOUT SUPPORTERS. : ; MY MILLINERY DEPARTMENT as right in th* front, with everything new and pretty YOU want in this line !: Miss Gibbs will be glad to see her friends who need anything in lha line of Drew Making. Yours truly, * Lumberton, N. C., April 7th, 1903. S.B.LEWIS. a*»»H«KHhXh»-»^^ Cares D urrhoea,Dvscntcry, and the Bowel troubles of Chi Wren cfAny Agf. Ctsfc Only 25 ceats st Drijgfcts, « ~.U U C. O. M O F r M . D, \oart, etc., IX W XcIVKK. EditTM and Proprietor Tuafces** ( JU*.i Scwa, . For sale by R. G. ROZIER and all good druggists.

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