Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 3, 1957 · Page 22
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 22

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 3, 1957
Page 22
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Twenty-two Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Natural 'Bottle 1 in Norway Holds Sea Water NEW YORK (UP) — Incredible i change of salt and freshwater, as it sounds to scientists (and as nor has there been since. Thus it will sound to you,) there isn't j salt water was "bottled" by na- much doubt-that 6,000-year-old se-a!ture. water is contained in a natural' Fre - h water took over the en"bottle" in Norway. ; u re s . ur f a ce, of course, and. this, Prof. Kaare Strom of the Uni- in effect, put a stopper in the bot- versity of Oslo revealed his own tie. Strom reported that in this desire to be skeptical in inviting portion of the lake there wa.s scientists of the world to partici-i semi-stagnant water beginning at pate in a thorough study of an]a depth of 262 feet and extend- astonishing phenomenon. The "bottle" is a portion of Lake Tokke which on the surface and in much of its depths is '• a iresh water lake strictly. It is a I ing downward to 432 feet. Beneath this water was the sea water. By every test, this water is sea water chemically, but with a nura- rery narrow lake but a very deep i her of interesting modifications, one, with a maximum depth of i For instance, there are no su;l- 482 feet. phates left in it. Since it is bot- Oncc Part of Sea .. tied as contained as a fluid in 1 . . , , , U ' UCH5111111IC HIS HJU^l VC CI1IU wiici.11^1 This lake was once part of the : a relort, its sulphates have been [ he understood the na t. ure O f his sea. Some 6,000 years ago, the,exhausted by chemical exchangesj action- Watson Gets Life Term For Murder EVANSVELLE (UP)—Clifford A. Watson, 42, who admitted killing his mother and burying her d s- rnembered body beneath the flooring of his home, was sentenced to life imprisonment today when he entered an .unexpected plea of guilty to a murder charge. Watson's trial on first-degree murder charges was scheduled to begin this morning. Insteady, Watson withdrew a previous plea of innocent by reason of insanity and entered a guilty plea. ON DISPLAY AT THE AUTO SHOW Tuesday Evening, December 3, 195T. Special Judge Addison Beavers o£ Boonville sentenced Watson in Vanderburgh Circuit Court after first questioning him intensively \a determine his motive and whether sea receded to its present level which is some 200 feet below the level of th lake. Evidently the sea water which ramained behind 5n that very ancient age of cataclysmic change, still is there.. "It is certainly difficult to admit the possibility of sea water still being left, but the complete analysis leaves no doubt as to the water being sea water," remarked Prof. Strom. He and his Norwegian colleagues in their intensive investigations, first though sea water must be bubbling up into the fresh water from salt springs in the lake bottom. and are now in hydrogen sulphide I Prosecutol: Pau i W ever, who and other sulphides. /previously said he would demand It also contains "enormous quan-. tne death penalty, approved Wat- tities" of methane which is a: son ' s change of plea, which made gaseous hydrocarbon that rises. a ]if e term mandatory, from the decomposition of organic: \Vatson w:is sentenced in the gun A NEW AND EXPANDED LINE OF STATION WAGONS BY FORD, producer of the most popular I wagons, is offered for 1958. New to the line is (he six-passenger Fordor Kanch Wagon (above), one of Ford's | six new models built on body shells entirety separate from the Ford passenger cars. lord spent $186,000,000 om changes, including safety dual headlights, new jet intake grille and massive bumper, sculptured metal treatment throughout the car's exterior, and twin safety taillighls as well as a «omj5le_telt.new powerjram frpm'engine 191 axle., »]l-new.Cru^^-jyiaJie_drive_»nd optional Ford-Aire suspension. But they disproved this theory! when they found that the bottom! u ji „ contained virtually none of the TH'liiey kinds of clay which could store Quiz OH the salty waters o£ the long-gone > L ^ PORTE matter, here, vegetation. In his communication to world scientists in the technical journal, "Nature," Strom said he and his colleagues were going to lift ."cores" of the old bottled sea through ice holes in the lake this winter. They would welcome scientists from anywhere who are interested in exploring the watery remains of the world as it was 6,000 years ago. i, (u;p) _ Goven , or Handley sidestepped a question! death three years ago of Mrs. Pearl HartUgc, 57. Mrs. Hartlage vanished and relatives said she moved away from Evansville. But although Watson was suspected of having something to do with her disappearance, no evidence could be found. The Watsons moved to a farmhouse near Waveland. Later they moved to/ Cincinnati. There, last •May 12, Watson was arrested and confessed the slaying. He directed police k> tiie hiding place of his mother's dismembered body beneath the Waveland farmhouse flooring. Bontrager Studying Senate Seat left, he said, for campaigning for delegate support to the state nominating convention next summer. Bontrager said he wants to talk with Handley because "I would want to find out what his own intentions are." must have happened was this: When the sea receded, it left the wini __ lake cavity filled with sea water. wulldm Later when a river formed, it ossed at him Saturday afternoon as to whether he would seek Sen. took in one end of the cavity as ipart of its channel. Salt Water Cornered This flow of fresh water cornered salt water in the rest of the cavity. In the down-most, farther-most, there was no inter- STUDENTS SENTENCED WARSAW, Poland (UP)—Six stu- E. Jenner's seat. | dents and a young wor k er have Returning from the Notre Dame-jb een given jail sentences of from Southern California football game at South Bend, Handley was contacted by a newsman who asked him if he would seek Jenner's seat. "It certainly was cold in that stadium today," Handley replied. one to three years for their part ELKHART PUP)—State Sen. D. Russell Bontrager said today he will decide in the next 30 days, whether he will seek Sen. William Association E. Jenner's seat. Elect Officers Of Farm Editors' Jenner announced Saturday he CHICAGO (UP) — Richard Orr, farm editor of the Chicago Trib- will not be a candidate for renom-'une, has been named president of l the National Newspaper Farm Ed- ination next year. 'I still want to know what's itors Assn. going on," Bontrager .-raid. One of the men mentioned most prominently as a potential candidate, Bontrager said he wants to talk "about a number of things" with Jenner, Governor Handley and Republican state chairman Robert Matthews. Among these, Bontrager said, was whether "any dezil has been made" about a successor tc Jenin street demonstrations last Oc- ner . although he doubted if there tober, it was announced today.— The seven were accused of throwing stones and bricks and using tear gas against police during the disturbance. . You Are Cordially Invited to Visit Us at The Logansport Jaycee Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, NATIONAL GUARD ARMORY You'll See a New and Expanded Line of Station Wagons by Ford New to the line is the six-passenger Fordor Ranch Wagon (above) Sweeping Styling Changes that arei apparent; inthe '58 Ford CajrLine Bontrager said he received "innumerable telephone calls from over the state urging me to run." He said the time element was a )ig factor. There is no; much time The Falrlane 5S5 Town Victoria (rlgnt) ana Fairlane Club Victoria (left) share with all new Fords such dramatic styling changes as new safety dual headlights, corrosion-proof anodizcd aluminum grille, power flow hood, slip stream roof, sculptured inverted V trunk, lid and twin safety taillights. Engineering and design advances include new engines, new Criiise-0-Mai.ie transmission and optional Ford-Aire suspension. Hope-Luxem Co. Inc. 718 S. Burlington Ave. Dial 3178 Also elected to office Sunday were Jim Colby of the Davenport, Rep. Ross Adair Is 'Interested' In Jenner's Spot FORT WAYNE <U!P)-<Rep, E. Open Court Fight to Oust James Hoffa WASHINGTON (UP)—A Federal Court battle opened today to dethrone James R. Hotfa as president-elect of the giant Teamsters Union. The suit was brought by 13 rebel rank-and-file Teamsters who charge that the bantam Hoffa was illegally elected at a stacked convention in Miami Beach, Fla., last October. There was a strong possibility that Hoffa, Dave Beck, the union's hold-over president, and other top- ranking teamster officials would | be called to testify. Start of the trial was delayed to permit attorneys for both sides to agree on the authenticity of documents the rank-and-file group expects to present as evidence. Such an agreement would cut down on the amount of testimony to be taken. •Hoffa will not be available to Ross Adair of Indiana's 4th Dis- take the stand immediately, how- trict said today he .s "definitely | ever. He is on trial in New York interested" in Sen. William. E. j on wire-tapping charges. Jenner's scat. ' • "I am definitely interested in the post if there is a reasonable chance of success, and I think there is a good chance (of Republican success) next November," Adair said in response to newsmen's queries. Adair said he was not announcing his candidacy now for a num- FRIENDSHIP MOVE — Reports are goinf; around that Mahmond Fa-.vzi (above), Esypt-'s foreign minister, is in the U. S. not only for UN sessions, but to seek financial aid lor Egypt via the International bank, and to confer with top U. S. officials in a friendship move. Egypt and the U. S: have been, on an. unfriendly basis for a yc;ir. (International). ber of reasons, including the fact he has an obligation to devote his Iowa, Democrat, vice president,! energies to his congressional work. rin/3 To r>\f TJiifm nn nf +na Tiilea Propose Lengthening Reynolds School Term and Jack Putman, of the Tulsa, Okla., World, secretary-treasurer. Robert C. Bjorklund of the Wis- Madison, Brenner, Wis., State and Journal, Bernard United Press, Washington, D.C., were named directors. The farm editors are holding their annual meeting in conjunction with the. International Live Stock Exposition at the International Amphitheatre. Read the Classified Ads REYNOLDS—A proposal to increase the Reynold's school term from 8% to 9 months may be placed on the primary election ballet next May. Decision to place the proposal on the ballot will be up to the election commissioners. An affirmative vote o£ the proposal would not compel school officials to extend the term. Monticello HD School A county officers' training school for Home Demonstration Club officers was scheduled today at the Monticello Methodist Church, Miss Alice Nickel, White County Home Agent, announced. At 10 o'clock there will be council meeting for all club presidents followed by a covered dish dinner at 11:45 o'clock. At 1 o'clock a training session will be held for presidents, vice presidents and secretary-treasurers. The hostess committee is Mrs. Rex Kendrick, Mrs. Robert Burke, Mrs. Harold Reiff and Mrs. Wayne Showaller, with registration in charge of Mrs. Harold Lawson and ?vlrs. Ke:ineth Luse. The dining room committee will be Mrs. Eliz- abeth Miller, Mrs. Mary Misch. Mrs. Bloke Earner and Mrs. Kd Princell. In charge of the training'session for presidents and vice presidents will be Mrs. Sam Sites, past coun- ly president, and Miss Nickel, Home Agent and Mrs. Robert Brown lor the secretary-treasurers. Mrs. Cash Clawson, district ex- pculive member, from Attica, will be a guest. MOVIE "MADDENS" KIDS RICHMOND (UP)—Agnes Connell, 57. Richmond, wa.? recovering today from injuries sustained Sunday when a gang of children | charged out of a local movie and ran over her. The movie was "Operation Mad Ball." In 1756, the Viceroy of Bengal attacked the British East India Co. and threw 14fi Englishmen into the Black Hole of- Calcutta. Only 23 lived out the night in the area 20 feet square. Here's why there's Nothing newer in the world than the 58 FORD APPROVED FOR ITS CLASSIC BEAJTY IN ROME. ITALY 1. Ford bring* you tomorrow's look ... and for many tomorrows to cornel Such new styling highlights as that Power-Flow hood and Slipstream roof, those new Safety-Twin headlights and taillights, that new Honeycombed grille . . . accent the newest looking car in the world. See it »nd you'll say: "Pay more? What for?" PROVED IN THE HIGH PASSES OF THE SWISS ALPS Naw Interceptor V-8 introduces Precision Fuel Induction. Up to 300 hp! Smootlier power! More power... from lens gas! The secret; is Precision Fuel Induction, a remarkable new fuel feeding system. Fuel is routed to machined combustion chambers more directly so each cylinder does the same work, the most work! PROVED IN THE NARROW STREETS OF DELHI, INDIA 3. You'll get up to 15% more gas savings with new Cruiie-O-Maflc Drive teamed with the new Interceptor V-8.'New Dl position, used for all normal driving, lets you move smoothly, automatically—with just a touch of your ton—from brisk, solid-feeling take-offs right up to superhighway cruising speeds. There's nothing newerl To say that the 58 Ford is "new" is an understatement. For there's nothing newer in the world! To prove it, the 58 Ford was taken on a precedent-shattering road test around the world. Up and over the Swiss Alps . . . over the rugged coast line of Yugoslavia ... through the dust of Iran's Great Salt Desert... across three continents, the 58 Ford was proved and approved like no other car before it! Why not see your Ford Dealer soon and let him show you the great new Ford for 58? Proved mnd approved around the world PROVED IN THE RUGGED MOUNTAINS OF THE WEST. U. S. A. New Ford-Air* fuipention—a true air ride. The shock of a bump is lost in four automatically controlled cushions of air ... before it reaches you! Ford-Aire Suspensipn is always at work leveling the car, too. The road clearance always stays the same, no matter what the load or how it's loaded! Truly, .this is the way you've always dreamed of driving— foaling on air! An extra cost option, Ford-Aire Suspension can be yours in most models for 1958 at lorn Ford crices. The flrit ««r ever te use the whele world » > t»»t trick HOPE-LUXEM CO., Inc. 718 Burlington Ave. Ford Sales and Service Phone 3178

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