Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 3, 1957 · Page 20
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 20

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 3, 1957
Page 20
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Twenty Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Shirley Jones Drops a Few Pounds, Picks Up New Roles HOLLYWOOD CUP) — Movie- land's greatest disappearing act features Shirley Jones, the blonde nifty who starred in the biggest movie musicals of all time—"Oklahoma" and "Carousel" — and then vanished as if through a trap door. Touted for.stardom and riches, Shirley's bovine good looks left the public cold. For more than a year after completing "Carousel" (which laid an egg) Shirley, was just another one of the Jones girls, A flash in the pan. She couldn't get a walk-on in a Bowery Boy epic. Purdue Wins Hew Honors At Stock Show Shorthorn Junior Yearling Captures Best-of-breed Ribbon CHICAGO (UP) — Breeders _ from big stock farms, representa- Now Shirley's back in business j lives of state universities and •with Pat Boone in a new picture 0 ,. d i nary farmers today saw their and her career is on the -upgrade prize an - mals advance toward the once again. judging that will pick the grand champion steer of the 58th annual How come? "I've lost my baby fat," Shirley ON DISPLAY AT THE AUTO SHOW International Live Stock Ex-posi- ' tion. answers frankly. Apple-Checked, Corn Fed "I used to be apple - cheeked,. p. ur( ] ue University's Shorthorn and corn-fed. The m ^ r ™ a ^ n ^ yl> j I junior yearling took best-of-breed looked 5 as'tf I'cTiust left the farm, [honors and the right to compete It's a disadvantage for a girl to'in the. finals for the top prize appear well-fed these days." _ i Tuesday. To compete with .the Audrey Hepburns and Ann Blyths, Shirley has lost seven pounds. Doesn't sound like much, but she's also managed to rearrange her curves. Two years ago her measurements were 35-2-1-36, Now -she's On, hand to winess he Purdue success was Indiana Gov. Harold Tuesday Evening, December 3, I93T. First Atomic Power Plant In Operation Central Station Begins Functioning In Pennsylvania WASHINGTON (UP) — The "world's first full - scale central station atomic power plant devoted exclusively to civilian pur- pases" went into operation at 4:30 a.m. today at Shippir.gport, Pa., the Atomic Energy Commission announced here. The nuclear reaction in the Du- j ^ ac ^ j 0 (. Smith, Peak Ask Appeals INDIANAPOLIS (UP) — Two figures. in the Indiana highway scandal, convicted of conspiracy to embezzle public money, filed motions for new trials today. Attorneys for former highway chairman Virgil (Red) Smith and Milan attorney Robert Peak filed Recalls Great Career Of Maurice J. Lewi NEW YORK (UP)—The 100th York Bridge-Whist Club (which he *'*-* *' .fc w*"» -~- i * • ,f\nf* I ~H nnrl^A m Artl _ birthday anniversary of one of the prodigious men of pur time founded in 1908), attended meetings of the Albany Society of New slipped by Sunday-and it was a York (which he founded in 1893) shame he couldn't have lived to and— celebrate it with his customary' jjost nights just before midi 90-page transcripts of errors they! cigars, scotch, wine, beer, and n \g\^ ha arrived at Tony's Italian said occurred during the trial, flavorful talk of high times past. • Kitchen, across the street from Both were sentenced to 2-14 years Dr. Maurice J. Lewi almost'his hotel, and hung out there for deals Involving Madison Ave. made it. He lived—and worked, i sometimes until closing.^rmxing back lot sales. Peak also filed a motion for a and pi He had olayed—into his 100th year., cheese, crackers, and scotch high- ad figured that when that• balls with beer.cocktails. "My as- rv birlhdav anniversary sociates know where to find me,' change of judge for his second century birthday anniversary trial, Dec. 9, on charges of, came around at last, the college'he would say. ;false notarization of a deed in the 1 which he had founded would! quesne Light Co. plant was started, before Criminal Court Judge Scott symbolically, on the anniversary of Enrico Fermi's 1942 success in The case is now! throw a lulu of a banquet for him.! ' TWO VIEWS OF THE EDSEL four-door hardtop in the Citation series dramatically illustrate the new styling concepts which make all Edscla so vitally different. The vertical grille, dual headlights and wraparound turn indicators which follow the bumper lines, plus the concave side scallop and horizontal taillights blended into the luggage compartment lid, present a completely integrated look of tailored elegance when viewed from any angle. producing the. first nuclear chain reaction. Construction started more than three years ago. After several weeks of tests, the plant is expected to begin sending 60,000 kilowatts of electricity into the private power company's lines. Handley. The governor oongraulated Mrs. Sue Secondino, the 10-year-old farm wife from West Terre Haute, wh(j gran£ , slimmed down to a less buxom 34- 21 ^T "I'was only 19 years old when \ pionship 'of the junior show with' I made 'Oklahoma,'" she laughed, j her 1,000-pound Hereford steer,' "and I still had some of that; "Honeymoon." teenage chubbinesis. I didn't have | Her steer t(X)k another step lo . much acting experience, either. Theater, TV Preparation ward a grand championship today "Since then I've studied drama when it won first place in the and worked in New York theater Hereford summer yearling class, and TV to help prepare me for The next hurdle would ^e judging the movies. iin Hereford classes generally. "I'm grateful to Rodgers andj North Da k 0 ta Agricultural Col- Harrvmerstein for those two big pictures, but there were problems, too. They typed me so much it was impossible for producers to see me in anything but a musical comedy. "It's a wonder I didn't disap- lege, Fargo, placed second in the Shorthorn junior yearling division and also moved ahead to the finals. ' In the Herford division. Billy and Gene Hawkins, Oakland, 111., won the best-of-breed with Daryl Vollmen, Howell, Neb., placing second. Donald Explorer Advisor of Scout Troop Named Dr. Russell Morrical was elected as explorer advisor'of boy scout troop No. 2 at a committee meeting Friday at the home of Daniel Drompp, 125 East Main street. The committee also decided to Democratic chairman Charles E.'hold a court of honor at the Jef- Skillen hinted today that Sen. Wil-'ferson school Dec. 9 at 7:30 p. m. ' L. K. Morrical will speak on astronomy at the court. A winter caftping trip will be •nade by the troop later in De- Demo Says Jenner Aims To Be Drafted INDIANAPOLIS (UP)—Indiana pear altogether after 'Carousel.' But thank goodness I had faith and confidence in myself to keep trying." Having finished "April Love" with Boone, Shirley now is starring with Jimmy Cagney in "Never Steal Anything Small" at Universal-International. "This part doesn't call for me to wear period costumes with those horrible full skirts and high necklines," Shirley exclaimed. "No wonder I looked like a peasant girl. Those outfits never gave, me a chance to show off a curve ; night. At first the ailment was not j year. Hartter, Carlock, 111., displayed the first place winner in the Aberdeen-Angus steei division and the Curtin Angus Farm of Blue Mound, 111., was judged second. The J. Garrett Tolan Farms suffered a tragedy when its three- time champion bull, Eileenmere 1425, died Sunday night; The prize Ham E. Jenner withdrew as a 1958 candidate for renomination so he could be drafted for another term. Skillen issued a prepared statement saying that Jenner's brief announcement he will not be a candidate did not contain "any specific reason for not being a candidate, which leaves him in a position to be drafted as a candidate." "He (Jenner) feels by making such a statement at this time will giv.e his lieutenants the opportunity to lay he ground work for a 'Draft Jenner' movement," Skillen said. Skillen said Jenner made his announcement after being back in Indiana for a couple of months. Jenner found, Sltillen said, "a great deal of dissension and dissatisfaction among the voters here at home which has brought about his decision not to be a candidate at this time." Skillen also said that he wrote in the party's official publication I last May that State Sen. D. Russell Bontrager would be a possible cember, committee members cided. tie- Hijackers Gel 2 Year Terms INDIANAPOLIS (UP) - A federal judge sentenced three Shelby- McDonald. Hobnobbed with Editors Dr. Lewi was a wit of repute. . . He would have made it. too, ' He hobnobbed with newspaper ed. except for an accident at his of- itors and once wrote editorials, Both Peak and Smith are freelfice. He slipped and broke his Just as a sideline to medicine, m on appeal bond. arm. Three months later, he felMiis native Albany, N. Y. He knew — stepping from a taxi and broke;six U. S. presidents personally, T -the same arm and became 'bed-'two of them intimately, and was I QX ridden. He died last May 27, two mentioned in Teddy Roosevelt's Cut for Next Five Years NEW YORK (UP)—A key congressional Democrat declared today that Soviet scientific advances probably'have ruled out a tax cut for the American people for the weeks after having addressed a autobiography, dinner by amplified telephone. ; When he was eight, he saw His Activity Amazing ! Abraham Lincoln' in his coffin— His activity was amazing. Until "probably the most spiritual near the end, he presided daily,thing in my. life—I can see that as head of the New York College; face yet," he told me once, „_ _ ..... . ville men to two years imprison-! next four or five years and pos ment today, for hijacking a- $50,000 , sibly longer. cargo of liquor from an interstate shipment. The assertion came from Rep. Wilbur D. Mills (Ark.), second- Judge Cale Holder ordered iden- ranking Democrat 'on the House tical prison terms for Richard J Wilrox, 31, Charles R. Pile, 33, and Wilbur E. Higgins, 35. They were convicted Nov. 1 by a jury that deliberated about three hours. The sentences were to begin Dec. 9. Federal authorities said the three had 10 days' in which to appeal. s Ways and Means Committee which originates all tax legislation. of Podiatry, which he, an M. D., founded in 1912. A gracious gentleman with clear blue eyes, old- fashioned stand-up collar, cigar a Haunt .homely .but there was something in it really spiritual, even in'death." To go into Dr. Lewi's achieve- jiggle between Two fingers, he !menls and experiences would take rocked in a swivel chair at his a book. He wrote medical trcat- rolltop desk and. spoke in well- ises, as secretary of the State rounded sentences, as if reading Board of Medical Examiners in from a book. ; I892 cleaned up New York City He was the oldest active prac-'of illegal practitioners, attended titioncr of medicine and'education! the post mortem of. McKinlcy's in the United Slates. Into his 100th | assassin after being a medical A "close adviser onTax policy to! year he: lived'alone in a hotel,; witness at the execution, wrote Speaker Sam Rayburn (D-Tex.), ! took a bus to work, made speech-;verse, created jokes. . . . Mills played a major role in per-inr, smoked eight cigars a day,! "I hope," he wrote me suading Democratic leaders to I ate "everything," had scotches; "you. will experience the me once, yen at cancel plans for a tax - cutting!before, and dry chablis during, Jan early date to pay me a social drive m the last session of Con- dinner; played poker and whist .visit." His language had a charm gress. three times weekly at the New of its o>vn. animal, insured for 520,000, suf-1. - - . fered a respiratory ailment Friday i candidate for Jenner s seat next anyhow." TO TOUR OAK RIDGE KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (UP)—Ger- rr.an Labor leader Willi Richter visited the Oak Ridge National Laboratory today to see how the Atomic Energy Commission deals with labor problems. Richter, head of the German Trade Federation, toured installations of the Tennessee Valley Authority Monday. considered serious and it was thought the animal was recovering. The Tolan entry, a 3-year-old Aberdeen-Angus, had taken three consecutive blue ribbons at the Illinois State Fair and was one of the favorites to win the top prize for breeding cattle at this year's international. Tolan had twice refused $50,000 offers for the bull. Water Works Hearing INDIANAPOLIS (UP) The Terre Haute Water Works Corp. filed a brief with the Indiana Public Service Commission today saying the city's motion to dismiss a petition for a rate increase is "a move calculated to delay still further any hearing in this case." A hearing in the case is scheduled for Jan. 14. While at the LOGANSPORT AUTO SHOW SHILLING AUTO SALES Invites You to See The EDSEL The One Cor That's Really New for 1958 • New Teletouch Drive—It Puts the Shift Buttons Where They Belong . '.. ' , . ; • Newest Engines in the World—Highest Compression, Greatest Efficiency • Many. Many Other Exclusive Features That Will Delight You SHILLING AUTO SALES Highway 24 at West Linden Ave., Logansport, Ind. The Edsel outperforms any medium-priced car you've ever driven Yet the one that's really new is the lowest-priced, too! Accelerating, cruising, or cornering, you'll like the way the Edsel outperforms the rest. You'll thrill to the already- faraous response of the big, new V-8 Edsel Engines—with u-p to 345 horsepower. You'll enjoy the finger-tip ease of exclusive new Teletouch Drive. And you'll take pride in the fact that the elegantly-styled Edsel is the newest-looking car on the road today. Yet, with all, the 1958 Edsel has to offer you, Edsel prices are actually the lowest of the entire medium-price^ field! Compare—car for car. See your Edsel Dealer now. EDSEL DIVISION • FORD MOTOR COMPANY 1958 You can shift without lifting a hand from the wheel! Edsel's exclusive Teletouch Drive puts the buttons where they belong—makes shifting , super-smooth because it's electric! EDSEL tBased on actual comparison of suggested retail delivered prices of lite Edsel Ranger and similarly equipped cars in the medium-price field. Edsel Citation 2-door Hardtop See your Edsel Dealer and road-check 1958's most remarkable automobile" SHILLING AUTO SALES Highway 24 at W. Linden Ave., Logansport, Ind. • IN OTHER AKfA* SCI YOU* LOCAL tDtlL DtALKIt

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