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Hutchinson, Kansas
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THE HUTCHINSON DAILY GAZETTE, SUNDAY MORNING, AUGUST 6, 1111. IK PAGE FOUR. CHARM OF PERSONALITY BEGOTTEN OF DEVOTION Faultless Flooring OPTIMISM IS TRUE SPIRIT AND WORD OF PROPHECY. All Teachers and Doer Bring Bene diction All True Living Proclaims the Soverignty of God, At the Universalist church today Rev. James Houghton will deliver a street.

O. P. Harr.ish, minister. Bible school at 9:45: G. C.

Little, superintendent. The Brotherhood Bible classes will meet at the same Church of the Brethren. Corner of Eleventh and Walnut. Sunday school 2:30 p. m.

preaching following. A. G. Miller, pastor. All are welcome.

sermon on "The Beautiful Wav. You May Take Your Choice for $7.50 Twenty-Two Silk Dresses Worth $19.50 to Thirty White Lingerie Dresses worth $10.00 to Four Cream Wool Suits worth $25.00 it's the Final Clean-Up of All Spring and Summer Styles The sizes are broken. We cannot fit everybody except in the lingerie dresses. Read carefully the description below and if your size is there be on hands early Monday morning. He will read the fifty-second chapter hour.

Morning worship at 11 o'clock subject of sermon. How to Spend Full Size End View Sunday." Junior Society at 3 p. Christian Endeavor at 7 p. topic for study "The Life of Job." For Universallst Church. Maple and Third streets.

Sunday school 10 a. Dr. G. W. Winans.

Bible school. Sermon 11 a. subject "The Beautiful James Houghton, minister. the evening service the congregation will unite in the open air service at the corner of Second and Poplar. A hearty welcome is assured at this The narrowest on the church.

market. Congregational Church. Sunday school at 10 o'clock, preaching at 11. The pastor will be back from his vacation and the regu of Isaiah and use the words of Paul bring glad tidings of good things." "How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of i eace and Romans 10:15. A part of the discourse follows: Fancy.

"The rhapsody of Isiaah abounds in beautiful figures and poetic fancies of which our scripture reading continues one of the most pleasing. It is so significant that Paul in his letter to the Romans makes an abridged quotation from it. A man is seen upon the mountain from which he commands the scene below, seeing the life of those in the valley as they can not see it themselves. He stands in brighter light and the sunbeams weave a garment of light about him. This man too, is a messenger who has brought from far tidings of good; he Lutheran Evangelical Church.

Corner Fifth avenue and Main lar service will be held. A Tooth- street. Our Sabbath school is grow aker, pastor. United Presbyterian Church. Corner Fourth and Poplar.

The Sabbath school will meet at 10 ing. The usual time of meeting 9:45 a. m. Subject for sermon Sunday morning) "The Burden of Dumah; He Called to Me Out of Sin." Watchman, what of the night? Isa. 21-11-12 No service in the evening.

Prayer service on Wednesday evening at 8 p. m. Strangers welcome to all services. Rev. W.

Calvert, pastor. 110 A East. o'clock. Young People's meeting at 7 p. m.

No preaching service. All are cordially invited to these services. assures jlwti oi peace ana salvation from her enemies, for Jehovah is on the throne. It is this message that means a very halo of glory about the messenger until it seems that his feet foil ow a path of light. How beautiful upon the mountain are the feet First Christian Church.

Corner of Main and Fifth. O. L. Cook minister. Bible school 9:45 a.

morning service 11 a. m. Bro. St. Clair, evangelist of the Eighth district will preach.

Union meeting in the evening. All are kindly invited. Always dry. No shrinkage. No troublesome, unsightly cracks.

Costs less than any other Flooring of the same grade and purpose, and is easier to lay because of its narrowness, no cracks due to warped boards. For Sale Only by SNYDER'S MILL AND LUMBER YARD of him that bringeth good tidings. Glad Tidings. How the hearts of all Americans First Avenue Baptist Church. Corner of First avenue east and Maple street.

Sunday school 9:30 a. followed by communion service. Subject of sermon, "The Song at the Feast." B. Y. P.

U. at 7 p. led by Frank S. Perkins. Srbject.

"Lessons from the Life of Job." We join the union outdoor service in the evening. The public cordially invited to all services. Strangers especially made welcome. Wm. B.

Hutchinson pastor. rejoiced at the close of the Civil war. and all the world was glad at the peace whivh followed the war be Grace Episcopal Church. Eighth Sunday after trinity. Sunday school at 10 o'clock.

Matins at 11 o'clock. It is hoped to have a priest here from SaHna to administer the Holy Eucharist, it being the first Sunday in the month, but if not, the Ante-Encharist will be read. tween Russia and Japan. The news of peace now reaches us from the ends of the earth on the next day, but in the days of Isaiah the messenger must journey across desert and' mountain. Then when he came with KINGS VALET PUBLISHES MEMOIRS OF MASTER the assurance that hostile armies retreated or that no foe threatened the peace of the country his coming was Brussels, Aug.

4. Henri Bataille, most welcome. Here we have a valet to the late King Leopold Hadley Methodist Episcopal Church. Corner of Elm and F. Streets.

Regular services conducted by the pastor Rev. J. A. Holmes both morning and evening. Morning subject "True Ownership," evening, "The Two Temples." Class meeting 12 m.

Prayer meeting Wednesday evening, 8 o'clock. The Sunday school meets at 9:30, C. D. Forby superintendent. will shortly publish his memoirs.

He it was who had the late King's confidence in his more intimate affairs, CLAIM STATUE MOVES. especially with regard to his Majesty's attachment to Baroness Vaughan, and the book will contain many interesting details of the King's private life. "King Leopold, says Bataille, fine symbol for the prophet who proclaimed salvation for Israel. She shall purge herself fro midolatry, she shall recover from her affliction and shall be satisfied with good. The Mountain.

The prophet has gained the heights, mounting above the things that hinder spiritual growth and that dwarf and ruin the man and the community. He is always an optimist for he sees the good and he speaks the cheerful and hopeful word. He is not blind to evil, indeed he alone sees it in all its hideousness. Xor does he fail to warn his people of its blighting results, even if need be from the house Yet beyond the pain is ever the healing and be who was in the last years of his life, most unwilling to put on new clothes. He preferred his old but more com First Presbyterian Church.

Corner Sherman and Poplar streets. No preaching service tomorrow, but all other services as usual. Bible school at 9:45, Mr. D. E.

Richards, superintendent. Brotherhood Bible class for men at the same hour, Air. B. S. Hoagland, leader.

Senior Endeavor at 6:45 p. m. Mid-week service on Wednesday evening. All are cordially invited these services. fortable garments, and when he met the Kaiser at Wiesbaden he was at tired in anything but fashionable Now Cemetery is Scene of Many Pilgrimages Many See Miracle.

Paris, Aug. 4. Great excitement prevails at Oran, (Algeria), owing to an alleged miracle which occurs daily in the cemetery there. A few days ago the rumor spread that the figure of an angel surmounting one of the tombstones, had moved assuming a different attitude from that designed by the sculptor. Large crowds flocked to the graveyard the next day in the hope of seeing the Figtire move, and since then the cemetery has been the scene of daily pilgrimages.

Most of the people who visit the cemetery come away convinced that they have sceen the anel actually move. dress. The King was most unwilling to accept the Kaiser's invitation, pre ferring to remain in the pump-house. The public appetite has been whet ted by such details which have been allowed to look out, and the pub lication of the memoirs is eagerly awaited. Applications for assistant librarian First Methodist Episcopal Church.

Corner Walnut and First avenue. Milton Emory Nethercut, pastor. Preaching at 11 by the pastor. Subject, "The Christian's Credentials" Sunday school 9:30 a. Mr.

Sherman L'loughe, superintendent. Music by Prof. Jlinshaws orchestra. Ep-worth League 7 p. m.

We join in the union open air meetings corner Poplar street and Second avenue at 8 p. m. for public librarv may be sent this week to Mrs. Geo. W.

Winans, as the acting president. c-9 Twenty-Two Silk Dresses To Colorado and California via the Still Use It. "How old methods are dropped! Doctors never bleed people now as they used to." "Oh, yes, they do, in their bills." First United Brethren. Corner Fifth avenue and Walnut Hutchinson Central Park Fifth Article of a Series on Present and Future of the City, Written by James Houghton. 2 Blue and white stripe silk 1-38 1-42 former price $25.00 2 Black and White Check Silk 1-40 1-44 former price $25.00 1 light Blue Foulard Stfk, size 46, former price $32.50 1 Reseda Green Pongee Silk, size 16, former price $19.50 1 White Wool Dress, size 16, former price $20.00 1 Cream Messaline Silk, size 40, former price 1 Light Blue Foulard, size 40, former price $25.00 1 Brown Messaline, size 36, former price $39.50 1 Natural Pongee, size 40, former price $30.00 Six Black Pongee Silk 1-36, 1-38, 1-40, 1-42, 1-44, 1-43, former price $25.00 1 Black Messaline Silk, size 38, former price $39.50 2 Black and.

White Stripe 1-36, 1-42, former price $25.00 1 Black Habutal Silk, size 36, former price $25.00 1 Black Habutal Silk, size 36, former price $30.00 yond the shadow is the light of the day of God. The people usually do not hear him, for he is far above them his voice is lost though all the babble of their life reaches him. Beautiful Feet There is a beauty peculiar to prophet souls, for the truths that burn themselves into the 'consciousness look from the eyes and modulate the voice. There is a kindliness which softens the most rugged outlines and makes the plainest features attractive. Hope lights the countenance and gives grace to every motion, while peace gives a charm and dignity.

However it is the service of the prophet rathef than his personality that impresses with its loveliness. Oh. the glory of rising above self and living for others, and suffering at their hands for the service rendered them! The beauty of serving transcends all loveliness, for no one can appear ugly while doing love's errands to men but the plainest soul becomes transformed into an angel of light, breathing the perfume of Paradise. Gospel of Peace. Treadling helps "rthe preacher if the preaching is what it should be, but the preacher is not always a prophet.

His message is not always one of gladness. The true prophet is found in every walk of life. A man's gospel may be some splendid work that he is doing to help men to better things. Man j- lives are beautiful, hopeful, eloquent gospels, rebukinsj our littleness by their fnagnaminity. and revealing in their splendor the possibilities of the soul.

Strife and discord fall ba in the presence of such spirits and peace abides. God Reigns. The sovereignty of God is the heart and soul of the gospel, for is just that which gives us the assurance of all good things. And it is that which has brought us all good, all progress, all development and innovation, all the light of science and the refinement of art. How beautiful were the lives of the prophets of old giving themselves to the service of men! How beautiful are the lives today which are given for truth and for humanity! May we not join the number of those who live for God and his truth, and walk in the way that transcends in beauty.

dening, such art, historic and other museums as could be established. Here too would be an ampitheater where would be held the union, out-of-door, Sunday evening services of the churches, and other meetings in the interest of civics, morals and the spiritual life of the people. This is the last opportunity for the city to secure suitable land for a park close in where it will benefit those who need it most and where it will be of most worth to the city in every way. This land should be secured at once, and surveyed so that trees could be planted. Other improvements could be made from time to time as the necessary expense could be met.

It will be a misfortune from which the city would never recover to let this opportunity pass. This would be a park of which any city would be proud. The writer does not insist that the city through its commission shall pur-linco tViic Innrl tlmiin-h if it can have TWO TRAINS DAILY No. 403 leaves Hutchinson 4:57 p. connects at Geneseo with No.

3, arrives Pueblo 8 a. Denver 12:35 p. m. No. 401 Hutchinson 11:50 p.

connects at Geneseo with No. 1, arrives at Pueblo 12:35 p. Denver 5:05 p. m. Both trains have through sleepeis Hutchinson to Denver.

Dining cars on trains No. 1 and No. 3. Low round trip rates to Colorado, California, Oregon and Washington. Long limit for return; liberal stop-overs both ways.

For full information as to rates, routes and connections, call on or address, P. J. Leimbach Thirty White Lingerie Dresses Since the publication of my last article some interest has been manifested in the suggestion contained therein, namely to locate and develop, a park between the Rock Island railway and Avenue and between Plum street and Cleveland. This tract lies between Elmdale and the cemeter3r, and contains eight or nine acres exclusive of what lies west of the Missouri Pacific railway, and which should probably be included. The writer does not wish to be understood as opposing the other suggestions that have been made the improving of Elmdale and the establishing of a large park along the river south of the city.

He favors both. But the city should have a park much larger than the former and nearer than the latter. Central park, as I shall call this proposed park, is in walking distance of the heart of the city, is touched by two of its railways, and is quite near a car line. It is large enough for walks, drives, a lake, amusements and museums, and yet it is not so large but that the city should be able to secure and improve it. This is the only piece of land close in.

that could be purchased for a reasonable price, and the only piece that has natural beauty and advantages. For some distance from Cleveland it is level, then there is a depression, beginning near the southeast and extending in a compound curve to the north, the west and the north, ending at the north boundary just east of Ford street. Then the land rises to the former level and near the west limit falls into quite a depression. This latter contains a little plateau which suggests a lagoon and an island. This would require very little 1 1 1 1 at its disposal a sufficient sum of i 3 Dresses, former price $20.00 2 Dresses, former price $22.50 5 Dresses, former price $25.00 2 Dresses, former price $30.00 2 Dresses, former price $32.50 3 Dresses, former price $10.00 4 Dresses, former price $12.50 2 Dresses, former price $15.00 3 Dresses, former price $16.50 1 Dress, former price $18.50 3 Dresses, former price $19.50 Phone No.

54. Agent. All Very Dainty, Pretty Styles money it can not use it to better Very probablv the administration feels itself unable to do this. The city has incurred great expense al-readv for improvement. People of wealth in the citv who are interested in the commercial crrowth, the culture, the social and moral welfare of the community hould place with the commission a fund of at least ten thousand dollars with which to begin this enterprise.

This I am confident would assure its success, and would be the greatest thing that has ever been done for the city. Even from a mercenary viewpoint this proposition should appeal to owners of property. The writer thinks that he could name individuals who could contribute half the money required for this improvement, and find as soon as the park is established that they had made a splendid investment in the increased value Four Cream The Rock Millig Elevator Co. Pays the highest market price for your wheat, corn and oats, ami will sell you threshing coal at per ton. For over twenty years we have been serving the public in our line.

It has always been our aim to produce the highest quality of work and ervice. We solicit your business. Phone 107. c-6 AMERICAN STEAM LAUNDRY. Just four large size cream serge suits left, sizes 2-40, 1-42, 1-44.

If you can wear a large size, you may have a $25.00 suit Monday for $7.50. Serg Duits In all just 56 garments ranging in value from $10.00 to $39.50. The sale will begin promptly at eight o'clock Monday morning and there should not be a garment left by noon. Read the descript ion carefully, select the garment you want and be on hands early. 3 excavation and the water would be lifted by pumps at very little expense.

On the swell of land on the east side of the lake the drives and walks would lead through groves, flower beds, playgrounds, swings and other means of recreation. The depression, so easily irrigated, would be devoted to flowers while a drive would follow the contour of the rise of land on either side. At the east between this depression and Cleveland the quiet section of of real estate. I appeal to the business judgment and enterprise of our people, to their city pride, patriotism, to their appreciation of the to their love for their kind! Come friends, fellow ritiVe-ns let ours be the proud city GLASSWARE HOT WEATHER SPECIALS. Colonial Tumblers 5c Each Blown Table Tumblers 5c Each Footed Sherbets 12c Each Colonial Goblets 12c Each AND MANY OTHERS.

SEE OUR WINDOWS. Hutchinson China Store EVANS BROS. 19 North Main which can boast one of the finest i parks in the west, which can offer to its people all the physical renewing and all the moral uplift of na- iiiiiMiit the park, would be in luture years,.

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