Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 3, 1957 · Page 16
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 16

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 3, 1957
Page 16
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Sixteen Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Triune Atomic Age Started 15 Years Ago Today CHICAGO ('UP) — Fifteen years- ago today a group of scientists' • climbed up to a balcony overlooking a squash court to witness the start of the atomic age. At the opposite end of the huge room stood a 21-foot cube of graphite blocks and uranium. A man waited near the pile to operate control rods, which when withdrawn would start an atomic chain reaction. On a platform over a corner of the pile a three-man "suicide squad" waited tensely with buckets _ of cadmium solution. It was their job to slow the reaction if it began to get out of control. On the balcony, the men gathered around banks of meters that began to jump as the late Enrico Fermi ordered the control rods withdrawn. A hundred feet behind the balcony, shielded by two concrete .Walls, another knot of scientists , watched their instruments. If 'everyone in the room with the pile £were disabled, this group could in- -jsert a safety rod by remote eon- :-trol. -"' All this took place inside Stagg ^Field, the University of Chicago, \ -"on Dec. 2, 1942. Outside, a raw Vwind blew and the temperature - ; stood at 10 degrees. ! The Allies were - in air combat •"with -the Axis in North Africa, ',;Mussolini was attempting to boost ;-the sagging morale of the Italian i'army, and the American civilians ;-were counting gas rationing cou- Ipons. ;-. After a morning of careful testing, as the clicking from counters ;-of radioactivity increased and •'.meters indicated the danger ; was nearer, Fermi decided to try - a sustained, but controlled, nuclear ;.;Chain reaction. - . At 3:15 p.m., he ordered the ••main control rod withdrawn an- Patrick J. Killen Named United Press Chief at Pakistan KARACHI ('UP) — T:..e appointment of Patrick J. Killen as United Press manager for Pakistan was announced here today by Earnest Hoberecht, United Press vice president and general • manager for Asia. Killen has arrived in Karachi and assumed his new duties. Hoberecht is visiting the tT.P. Karachi bureau as one stop on a tour of all United Press Asia bu- | Trim Lines Mark Restyled 1958 Oldsmobile Deaths in News LONDON — Leslie Henson, 66, stage and television comedian, died Monday at his Middlesex home following a heart attack. He was president of the Royal General Theatrical Fund. NEW YORK — Dr. Manfred J. Sakel, Ji7, originator of insulin shock therapy for schizophrenia, died of s\ heart attack at his home here Monday. Sakelfirst shoacked a schizophrenic into a coma with sugar and brought him back to sanity in 1S28 at Berlin's Lichterfelde Hospital. The 30th anniversary of .:iis earliest insulin experiments was marked by an interna. donal ; symposium in Vienna last September. "Killen will immediately put into action extensive plans lor expanding United Press coverage in this area and plans to expand distribution of the ynited Press world news report and pictures to all news media in this area," Hoberecht said.. Before coming .to Pakistan Killen was a member of the United Press staffs in. San Francisco and Horio- In Honolulu he served as news manager for the central Trim flowing lines of the 1958 Oldsmobile are well exemplified in this "98" convertible coupe with its tastefully designed decorative moulding on the side panels. From the new four-beam headlamps in the front to the sweeping, twin blades on the rear fender;;, the 1958 Oldsmobile iis an entirely new automobile. The body, rear quarter panels, front end, rear deck and rear appointments all are completely restyled. Complementing the new headlamps are a new recess- type grille with thin aluminum, toners, a lower sleek hood line and a new contour bumper with parking lights at each end. The genuine leather! upholstery is finished in a thair design and is offered in bright and attractive colors. The top can be automatically raised or lowered. Choice of three Rocket engines with improved economy is offered in the 1958 Oldsmobile. Jetaway Hydra- Matic Drive is smoother and New-Matic Ride, the true air suspcnsion,_is ji desirable option, _ The 28-year-old newsman was jorn in Carbondale, 111. He grow in California and received a iachelor of arts degree in economics from Colorado College and a master of science degree i™ journalism from the University of California. He served as a lieutenant in the U.S. Navy during the Korean War and joined U.P. at completion .of his military duty. •'Other foot. The counters began to click faster and produced a steady rat/tie of sound. Inside the pile, atoms -. splintered to give off the first con- strolled atomic energy. • • "Throw in the safety rods," Fer' mi ordered, and the counters became quiet. The scientists had probed the atom for energy. The first crude controls over a powerful new power source had worked. UP Man Named to Fill Syndicate Post NEW YORK (UP)— Fred J. Green, superintendent of bureaus of United Press, has been appointed to represent he United Features Syndicate on the Pacific Coast. The announcement was made today by Laurence Rutman, vice president and general manager of the syndicate. The syndicate is expanding in Recall Statement Issued by Jenner Back in 1948 INDIANAPOLIS {'UP) — Sen. William' E. Jenner's surprise announcement he will not run for reelection next year reminded po- Wilbur Bitzd's Life Sentence Is Commuted Let Contract For Printing The contract for all five classes of printing supplies for the county for 1958 was awarded to the Hend± ™** J=,± ^« in. 1945 foT inlucUngln^ INDIANAPOLIS CUP) _ Governor Handley todaf Commuted the life sentence of Wilbur Bitzel, who was sentenced in Huntington Cass county commissioners their regular monthly meeting Monday in the office of County 'Auditor Richard Gohl. Only part of the bids on highway supplies were opened during the morning. The remainder were scheduled to be opened during the afternoon. It is customary [or the board to take those bids under advisement until they can be tabulated and studied. The contract for providing the county home with milk for the next three months was awarded to the Tanguy dairy, and the con- awarded to Small's bakery. Mrs. Personal Edward Bender, 1015 litical observers of Jenner's fa- tract for bread for the . county mous statement in 1948 that hejr.ome during_the_same period was would accept the Indiana governor nomination. On March 23, 1948, little more than a year after he was elected senator, Jenner issued a statement saying he was available for governor but "not seeking as such, this high honor." "Where you want me to serve, there I will be," Jenner said then in a statement "to the people of Indiana." "If I can serve my party and my state by washing the steps of the Soldiers and Sailors Monument, there I am willing to serve." Jenner was not nominated, however. That nomination in 1948 went to Hobart Creighton, Warsaw, who n commission of a robbery Potts, sentenced in 1940 in Wabash County to life for murder, and Donald Lang, sentenced in 1944 in Wayne County to life for kidnap ing. Tuesday Evening, December 3, IT* Arrest Suspect In Attack Cases At Fort Wayne FORT WAYNE (-UP) A fingerprint smudge on a kitchen table slashed in a rape attempt Nov. 3. But he denied that crime. Prosecutor Glen Beam raid he may file multiple charges of rape, attempted rape, burglary and breaking and entering. He said he would file a holding charge today ended a three-month search for an|and ask that bond of S20.000 be set: elusive rapist who terrorized more than half a dozen Fort Wayne Richard H. Butler, 23. a Churubusco factory worker who lives in _ ?"' S!' w i s . a , r . re £?..?u tu r. WASHINGTON CUP)- A court. Sentence of Gl Reduced day afternoon on tiie strength of fingerprints found in a woman's InL^—> WS » «" ch^^ an Indiana.id^-wi. martial sentence of nine months in prison and a bad conduct dis- at the police station. ishot a Korean youth has been re- Butler s prints were found as po-! duccd a spokesman for Rep. lice delved nearly halfway through' cec ! l Harden (R-lnd.) reported 10,000 sets on file. Police said Butler had a police record. BOSTON, Mass. — Dr. Eugene ,. Swan, 82. psychiatrist and authority on boy's camping, died at the Veterans' Hospital here Monday of cancer. Swan practiced medicine for many years in Brook Monday. The aide said the Army in- for Pratt Institute. WAYOROSS, Ga.— Johnson Williams, 78, editor and publisher of the Waycross Journal-Herald, died at his home here Monday after a long illness. He headed the campaign to build the $100,000 little White House for President Franklin D. Koosevelt in Warm Springs, Ga. -. ,-. , .1 IJ1J aiUC ,3UiU im_ *...--,/ Ollicers said Butler confessed formed her Raymond Bailey of raping two women and molesting | Brownburg Ind.. would have to s;x others. Some of the victims \ serve on i y ' six months and the wed within a few blocks of hisi n i aU]s ot j,; s discharge will be de- llome - jciucd after his term is over. With The print was found in a home.good behavior, the spokesman without Thursday morning. The print was the bad conduct blot on his recon a table on which an intruder ord. climbed through a window hej Bailey u-as convicted by court opened to gain entry to the house. ! ma riial of negligent homicide in Butler was identified by a 25-1shooting a 15-year-old Korean boy. year-old housewife who was' He was or. guard duty at the time. *;„;„> mr mn nv vp-it-.: m urn™ , NY wh^re he wL pbys dan where a Thanksgiving Day guest said. Bailey can be free in -N.^ •.where he was physician |was molesled as she slept , ast momhs and discha rged wi Handley continued the case o£j John Sims, a lifer sent up from Marion County in, 1939 for murder. Other denials of commutation were for: Robert E. Turner, sentenced in Handley also commuted to time .Monroe County in 1953 to 19 to 25 served the 10 to 20 year sentence I years for robbery. of Max Becraft, sentenced in 1952 from Allen County on burglary charges. But the goverror turned down clemency for two murderers, a kidnaper, a rajist, an Adams County bank rob! er, and 16 other ic'n. Bitzcl's term was commuted'to 13 years 6 months to life. Clemency was denied Richard E. Clark, who was sentenced in Adams County in 1954 to 10 years for the $12,000 holdup of the Berne bank on May 28, 1954. James Schultz, LaPorte, 1952, 1025, robbery. Billie Lee Church, Vigo, 1955, 10, auto banditry. Roger Suess, Allen, 1953, 10, armed robbery. Kenneth A. Cunning, Wabash, 1954, 10, 4123 E. BROADWAY PHOE 4193 CHICAGO — Requiem Mass for Richard F. McPartlin, 75, former co-owner of the Big Bear grocery j chain Michigan, Illinois, Indiana and will be held here Wednesday. McPartlin died Sunday in little Company of Mary Hospital Illinois Plant to Make Rocket Fuel ST. LOUIS (UP) — Olin Malhie- son Chtimical Company's new re- 20, BODY FOUND IN WABASH ATTICA (UP)—The body o£ Charles Linn, 80, Attica, was found in the Wabash River near The governor also rejected ap- Tecumseh in Vigo County Monday. the West to meet the tremendous was defeated by former Gov, growth there, Rutman said, and Henry F. Schricker, and Jenner stayed in Washington. Green will work with Frank B. Knapp who for many years has represented the syndicate in that area. Twentieth street, and Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bender and ahildren, 1S29 Smead street, have returned home from a weekend visit with Mr. and Mrs. Willis Wood, Ponti- nc, Michigan, and Mr. and Mrs. William P. Cook, Grand Rapids, Michigan. Mayor and Mrs. Ralph Eberts spent Thanksgiving with the lat- te*'s daughter and family, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Van Briggle, 1524 Treen street. Sam H. Johnson, ..116 West. Clay street, a patient at Tipton hos- peals for clemency Vjy John Hampton Pogue, senterced in 1944 from Miami County to life for the rape of an ll-year-old_ girl; Eugene Dixon, sentenced in 1942 in Lake Authorities said Linn's body had been in the river a couple of weeks. A note in his pocket said a suicide note would be found in arme'd robbery.' ? : ^ J^?™!^ ™L%^1 AUen> plete," J.J. O'Neal, assistant manager of the explosives division, announced today. 0'Nea.l said he hoped to an- nounce'plans for dedication of the facility, known as the Ordill Works, around the first of the year. O'Neal declined to give cost and size estimates of the plant which has as its purpose to develop and County to life fo" murder; Frank ill health for his action. his home. The second note blamed produce new high.- energy solid WARDS® PRE-CHRISTMAS SALE! Jr's., Misses, Women's Dresses TOP STYLES AND FA01UGS KEGUK'AR $7.98 TO $12.98 NOW REDUCED TO $5-$648 TWO BIG HACKS JAMBGD FUU propellents for rockets. pital for the past three weeks, recently underwent surgery and is reported in "fair" condition. His Read the Classified AdS |room number is 113. Visit the Logansport Auto Show Meet OtDSmobiViFy of (he show in the brilliant new Hin^ty-Eight Holiday Sedan for '58 / Here'* a totally new "Mobile .Look" — distinctive, exciting ,,, deiigned io reflect your own goad tastel ..THE NEW ACTION-WAY TO a great feeling! A new car... soundly financed. Save money with low-cost auto financing at The National Bank. •roadway o+ Fowriei Mx>n*>4!37 NATIONAL BANK lMpMHJMMMMM^^^ k4e,k9 WELCOME! MEMBER FDIC Super 88 Holiday Coup* ... gtarcd for wper performance! Discover all the new features of OLDSmobi.lity on a thrilling "Rocket Test" at your dealer's. You'll find Rocket Engine peri formance that's better than ever : i : and offering you greatly improved gas mileage! There's New-Matic Ride* (Oldsmobile's true air suspension) for a super-smooth, on-the-level ride! See your dealer now! Get acquainted with OLDSmobility! 'optioni o> >*ira CM* SEE YOUR AUTHORIZED IN/I QUALITY DEALER VISIT THE OLDS EXHIBIT AT THE AUTO SHOW — ARMORY — DECEMBER 5, 6, 7 and 8

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