Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 3, 1957 · Page 11
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 11

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 3, 1957
Page 11
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;, December 3, 1957. RETAIL TRADE RISES Jonupry-September department store JD | e , reoch new re{or Latest Market Reports JAN.-SIPT. MONTHLY AV1KAOI* l F.<fera> X.lorva Board Morrll Kotx Third Street Market Veals .20 Lambs 18 Veal Hides 12 Beef Hides 04" Eggs .31 PRODUCERS STOCKYARDS 190 to 230 No 1 18.50 190 to 220 18.01) 220 to 240 17.50 240 to 260 17.00 260 to 280 16.50 to strong; wooled lambs steady to 50 lower; good to prime wooled lambs 98-106 Ibs 21.00-23.00; choice and prime shorn lambs 21.25-22.25. Society Upsilon chapter of Gamma Nu sorority will hold a business meeting this evening at 7:30 o'clock at the home of Bonnie Nicoles. All members are urged to attend. Pulaski PTA will convene tonight at 7 o'clock at the school for a Christmas meeting at which time the grade and high school will hold a cake-baking contest. -*Mothers of World War 2, Unit W, will meet at Memorial home Friday evening at 7:30 o'clock at which time final plans for the sale of poinsettias Saturday will be made.. A party' for veterans will be held Wednesday afternoon at the State hospital with refreshments to be served. -&Naomi Shrine No. 9, Order of the White Shrine of Jerusalem, will hold a Christmas party Thursday evening at 8 o'clock at the IOOF hall. Members are asked to bring their families and a 50-ccnt gift. Farm Bureau Of Harrison Sets Meeting Officers of the Harrison township Farm Bureau will be installed Thursday at 6 p.m. at a ham supper in the Farm Bureau headquarters. Agnes Doyle will be in charge of the installation ceremonies. Members of the Pet and Hobby club will present a Christmas program after the supper. The committee in charge of the supper includes: Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Remley, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Brandt, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Roller, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Shideler, Mr. and Mrs. Everett Montgomery, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Manning, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Herd, Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Hirt, Mr. and Mrs. Orville Jones and Mrs. Maude Umbarger. 280 to 300 1G - 25 1 There will be a door prize and re- Sows 15.00 down|[ res hments. Boars 7.00-10.00 _-£-_ Stags 7.00-lO.OOj The Naomi circle of the Wheatland avenue Methodist church will meet at the church basement Thursday noon for a Christmas luncheon and 50-cent gift exchange. Members are asked to bring a gilt for the "adopted" member. The Women's Service Guild of the West Broadway Presbyterian church will hold a Christmas par- Hawkins Stockyards Meat type above quotations 190 to 220 17.75 220 to 240 17.50 240 to 260 17.15 260 to 280 16.85 280 to 300 16.60 Sows 15.25 down Boars 10.00 down Stags 10.00 down Veal 19.00 Popejoy Dressing Plant Leghorn Hens 11 Heavy Hens 15 Wayne's Produc* Leghorn Hens U Heavy Hens 15 CHICAGO CUP) — Produce:. Live poultry steady; 126,000 Ibs. No USDA price changes. Cheese single daisies and long ty Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock at the church. Roll call will be answered with a Christmas poem. There will be a • 50-cent gift exchange, and a program by Uie committee. • -it- Progressive HD club will hold a Christmas dinner at the Ben Hur Wednesday evening at 6:30 o'clock. —"it- Fletchers Lake WSCS will hold an all-day meeting Wednesday at the church with a 50-cent gift exchange to be featured. Seven Fined In City Court Seven persons were fined in city court Tuesday morning by Judge Harold Tuberty, while a window jeeping case was continued and ,wo drivers pleaded not guilty to raffic charges and faced trial at ater dates. Evidence was presented in the window peeping case against Norman Means, 1422 Erie avenue, and he case was continued for further evidence until Dec. 26. Robert Sheppard, 510 West Wabash avenue, city bus driver who struck a pedestrian at Fifth and last Market street last month, 'as arraigned and entered a formal plea of not guilty to the charge of failure to yield the right- of-way. His trial was scheduled 'or Dec. 19. Corn, Hay and Potato Show Dec. 16,17 , . Joseph Maish, of Frankfort, will Walter L. Irwin, route 2, Frank- be the judge at the annual CorJ1| fort, charged with operating _ a| Hay and Potato show to be held motor vehicle while under the m-| D6c . 16 and 17 at the Jackson- The Morning Forum of the Cal- horns 39-39%; processed loaf 36-37; vary Presbyterian church will meet 37-39. Butter steady; 991,000 Ibs; 93 and 92 score 59; 90 score SeVi; 89 score 57. Eggs easy; 16,500 cases; white large and mixed large extras 43 1 /2 mediums 40; standards 42%; current receipts 38. Live-INDIANAPOLIS (UP) stock: Hogs 7,000; steady; 180-250 Ib M.00-18.50, 18.75 top; 250-270 Ib 17.50-18.00; few down to 17.25; 130160 Ib 16.00-17.00. 9 o'clock Thursday ::'nurch. at the Division I, CWF, Ninth street Christian church, -will meet with Mrs. William Kiesling, 1229 High slreet, Thursday afternoon at 1:30 o'clock. There will be a 50-cent gift exchange. WHEATLAND AVENUE M.Y.F. The Wheatland Avenue M.Y.F. held a meeting, Sunday evening at the hom e of Rev. Weigand. The meeting was opened by Jane Lindley, president. Plans were dis- Oattle 2,500; calves 200; mostly , cusse d for a Christmas party which steady; good and choice steers 23.00-26.00; good and low choice heifers 22.00-24.50; vealers strong to 50 higher; good and choice 24.50-29.00, prime to 30.00. Sheep 1,000; steady; good and choice lambs 21.50-23.00. CHICAGO (-UP)-!Livestock: Hogs 11,000; steady to strong, in stances 10-15 higher; No. 1-3, 190220 Ibs 18.35-18.90; 240-260 Ibs 17.50 18.00. Cattle 12,000, calves 300; steers steady to 50 lower; heifers steady to weak, vealers steady; choice to prime steers 25.50-28.00; good to low choice 22.50-25.25; standard to low good 19.00-22.25; good to prime heifers 22.50-20.50; good and choice vealers 25.00-28.00. Sheep 3,000; shorn lambs steady will be held on Dec. 22, at five o'clock in the church basement. The lesson was on the "Road to War" which Barbara Carson led in discussion. For recreation, record? were played, and potato chips aw cokes were served by Gordon Wolf and Mrs. Weigand. REALTOR OFF1CEK At the annual meeting of the National Association of Real Es tate Boards held at the Conrad MARINU LAND FROM 'COPTH-Martae Infantrymen, long noted for their ability to make a landing anywhere, anytime, can now strike even where a helicopter can't be landed. Here, Marin* riflemen lower themselves to the ground on ropes from a helicopter as it hovers overhead. Maneuver demonstrates ability to land in remote areas and strike the enemy where he least cxp«ctt it. (U. S. Defense Department Photo from International) Court Notes CHICAGO (UP) — A veteran cattle judge from Kansas today LJ(r* (i will award the .International Live ™ rS ' W Stock Exposition's biggest prize, SuCCUmDS I Man Is Struck As Car Skids On Icy Road Onward Man Barely Escapes Injury In Peru Pile-up PERU, Infl. - A Miami emmty man was struck and injured by a car which slid on an icy highway and a Cass county man narrowly escaped serious injury just outside Peru • in accidents blamed, on icy roads Tuesday morning. Robert Ahlfeld, 43, route 3, Mexico, suffered a possible fracture of his left leg at 9:30 a.m. when he stepped from his parked car on U.S. 31 in Mexico and was hit by ford "and" Sliorthorn breed's, "walk a car driven by Mrs. Pauline quickly to one, tap him and settle Reardon, Macy. Ahlfeld was rush- ' ed to Dukes hospital by State Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribuno Eleven Vital Judging in Big Live Stock Show Today Welsrh YVeiSCn selection of the Grand Champion steer. Choice of the overlord «f tha ... , . „ cattle kingdom, which will climax jW. a retired dry craning spotter, the 58th Exposition, will follow a "" ~ morning of picking the three breed finalists •from among the nation's | S uf fer ' in ~ g ."" a " hearl atlack . plifp fnf. r,qMlp. At Peru Residence PERU. Ind.—Mrs. Goldw Welsch, a died at 2:30 p.m. Tuesday at her d I home, IGLVi North Broadway, after elite fat cattle. Dr. A.D. Weber, Dean of Agrl Born June 6, 1885, at Percys- cullure 'at Kansas Stale College,! burg, to George and Ada (Skinner) will pick the champ for the 10th straight year. Thousands of spectators will watch as Weber sizes up the leaders in the Aberdeen Angus, Here- Trooper John R-usie. Rusie said Mrs. Reardon was headed north when the car began sliding. Ahlfeld saw the car sliding toward him and tried bo get back into his car, but failed to escape. Ruse and Trooper Mike Flinn investigated. Omor 0. Enyeart, 60, Onward, narrowly escaped injury and Sl.OOO damage was done to his 1956 model station, wagon in a four-vehicle pile-up at 9:30 a.m. on the Kelley avenue bridge on U.S. 31, just west of the Peru city limits. Enyeart was following a semi driven -by H«rschel McWilliams, 30, Indianapolis, and a car driven by Leonard Cusino, 24, of the Bunker Hill air base, north on 31, and was followed by a refrigera- The complaint of John Gale and tm . sern .; driven by Fred M. Gore, Asa Corn against Charles and Mar-1 3I Dorchester, Mass, tlia Downhour was set for trial j c . j d to avoid a dog on January 29 by Judge Clifford Wild snow . {ree bridge, but the driv- in the Cass circuit court Tuesday., fo r, ow ,i n g on the icy highway fluence, pleaded not guilty in a case taken to city court from the ocal justice of the peace court. ^Jo date was set for a hearing. Drivers fined were John Uchytil, 1201 Chicago street, $10 fine and 514.75 costs for reckless driving; Verlin McGonigal, route 6, $5 and costs for speeding; and Arthur Lucas, Roodhouse, 111., $1 and costs [or going the wrong way on a one- way street. Arthur Waddups, Grass Creek, was fined $1 and costs and sentenced to live days in jail for failure to provide. He was arrested on an affidavit filed by his wife, charging him with failure to support their three children. Three defendants were fined $5 and $13 costs apiece when they pleaded guilty to public intoxication. Kitchel farm implement store, according to Gus Thias, county agricultural agent, Thias said judging would be conducted among exhibits from both 4-H members and open class exhibitors. Cash premiums and ribbons for the .4-H class will be sponsored by the local Kiwanis club, he said. There will be ten categories for displays in the 4-H class and six- Mrs. Carol Noyce Williams, 217% were unable to stop, piling up with ...... - - the Enyeart vehicle sandwiched Twelfth street, asks custody of Between the two semis. ,.!,„!,. H™ ^hiWr»n in n «M f™- ^^ ^^^ Wflrd (Jj]].,^ w])0 said Enyeart might have been seriously injured or killed if both truckers had not swung to the left as they slid into the vehicles in front of them, charged Cusino with stopping on the traveled portion of a highway. two children in a suit for divorce from Jack Williams in the Cass circuit court, charging cruelty. The couple was married Nov. 5, 1954, and separated Dec. 1, this year, according to the complaint filed through the law firm of O'Neill and O'Neill. The damage suit of Evelyn Swinehart, administratrix of the estate of the late William Swine- teen categories for the open class. l ™ rt ' a & inst Jerr y f^^Se City Building Hits $543,086 Construction in Logansport for which building permits were filed during November totaled $543,086, according to the monthly report issued by Robert Buck, building commissioner. Buck reported 21 permits filed, including two for new homes at an estimated cost of $33,460; one for a garage, estimated cost $1,470; six for. industrial or business construction, estimated $449,446; and-12 for remodeling projects, estimated cost $8,710, The building commissioner pointed out that 'Ifie large figure in the The 4-H categories are: Single ear market corn, first year or advanced; ten ears market corn, first year or advanced; ten ears single cross hybrid corn, I'irst year or advanced; one peck shelled market corn; first year or advanced; one peck soybeans, first year or advanced; one peck oats, one peck wheat, one peck potatoes, sample of mixed hay and sample of alfalfa. The open elass categories are: Single ear market corn, ten ears! market corn,'longest ear of corn, ten ears single cross hybrid corn, one peck shelled corn, ten ears popcorn, peck of Clinton type oats, :k of other oats, - peck of Knox wheat, peck of other wheat, peck of soybeans, peck of potatoes, one pint clover seed, sample of mixed hay and sample of alfalfa. Thias said all exhibits must be at the store before 10 a.m. Dee. 16. Dingledein was sent to the Car- roil circuit court on a change of venue requested, by the defend ants in the Cass circuit court. the giant show's major issue. A major contender for the most coveted of all livestock titles was a 1,000-pound Hereford named Honeymoon, which won the junior grand championship last Saturday Bryant, she was married in 1902 to Vein Carl, who preceded her in death. She was married in 1P27 to George Welsch, who survives. Tiie deceased was a member of the Spiritualist church here, the Women's Benefit Association, the Protective Home Circle and the Moose Lodge Auxiliary. Surviving with the husband are a daughter, Mrs. George Anderson, Prentice, Wis.; three grandchildren, including Mrs. Herbert F'ce for his owner, Mrs. Sue L. Se-j an d Mrs _ Phillip Nolle of Lo- condino, 19, Terre Haute. Ind. jgaiisporl; eight great-grandchild- The blocky summer yearling ren; and two sisters, Mrs. Louis look another major otep Monday by topping. 46 other entries in his class of white faces. He also has history on his side in the bid for the grand title, since most junior winners have gone on to take the championship. Mrs. Secondino made history by becoming the first married woman to show a champ at the show. The attractive farm wife said she and her husband bought Honeymoon Hurd of Mishawaka and Mrs. Laura Edwards, Macy. Three brothers arid a sister are deceased. Friends may call afler 10 a.m. Wednesday at the Drake-Flower.s chapel, where funeral rites will be held at l p.m. Thursday. The Moose Auxilary will hold services there Wednesday evening. Burial will be in the Five Corners cemetery. for $100 last summer while honey- November Accidents . mooning in Texas. Hike'57 Total to 491 The grand champion steer is «-1 rt> 1S5? ffi flcd . peeled to bnng its owner a hand- « ™.-rtn iMin/iin ^r pain T.nsr vpar s .. . . __ some bundle of cash. Las: . litlist was sold for a record price I monllis of the year climbed to 491, | seven more than the number recorded in the same period last year, although the November total of 44 accidents was three less than the number reported in the same month of 1956. Accident injuries reached 120 for the year with eight persons hurt last month in wrecks. Fatalities remained at two. Spain, ceded Florida to the United States Feb. 22, 1819. The American Cyanamid Co. was granted judgment for S233.40 against Martin Schreyer, doing business as the Culligan Soft Water company, by Judge Wild on its complaint for money had and received. The law firm of Landis and Michael represented the plaintiff. Hilton Hotel. Chicago; the Board'industrial or business classifica- of Governors of NIFB named tion included permits issued for George Deamer, Jr., Rochester Realtor a Regional Vice-President for the year 1958. His region covers Indiana, Illinois, and Wiscon- IASY, SAYS MAMIE—Anybody can learn trick riding, says actress Mamie Van Doren as she goes through these paces in Newhall, Calif, She's doing it for a new film, "Born Reckless," and, no doubt, hope» it will turn out "wreckless." Mary Boss, world tfcamg trick ridtr, i* teacher. (International Soundfhotos), electrical work in the new special education school, and in Memorial wspital, where a new wing is be- ng added. One sewer inspection was made, according to the report, and fees collected totaled $181.50. Meter Receipts Total $5,363.80 in November Parking meter -receipts for November totaled $5,363.80, just $94.95 less than for the same month last year, it was reported Tuesday by Laura Glasson, city controller. Last year 163 persons displayed exhibits in the 4-H class and 51 persons took part in the open class display. The damage suit of Ruth Perkins against John I. Shafer Hardwood company has been set by Special Judge Russell Gordon for Lrjal in the Cass circuit court on March 24, 1958. Request Vacation Of Local Alley A petition for the vacation of a north and south alley between their properties was filed Tuesday in the Cass circuit court by Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Bauer of 2112 Mur- dook street and Mr. and Mrs. John E. Fettig of 2118 Murdock street. The petition, filed through Attorney Leland Smith, alleges that the 10-foot-wide strip of ground never has been used as- an alley although it was platted as such. The city of Logansport was named defendant in the petition. Hearing was set by Judge Clifford 0. Wild for December 26. E. W. Gangloff, defendant in a damage suit brought by Norma h'moot, requested a change of venue from the regular judge in circuit 'Court. Read the Classified Ads of $20.50 per pound. The Secondinos plan to buy a farm if Honeymoon takes the top prize. The show's first grand champion was named Monday—the pick of the wethers. Winner of the major sheep crown was a 90-pound southdown named OSU 953, exhibited by Ohio State University. The sleek titleholder was put through his paces by John Judge, 30, chief shepherd and instructor at the University. And the hog judges continued their search fort he grand cham- , .. . j j n i r iu n J.iur;iry in n HIIOJI, jimaiiiii. at. pion barrow, third and last of the| 7;00 r-M-i c 3. T.. Friday Docem- livesfock royalty crowned each J lj ,^.| 1i3th ' n j;',^ lot ° n f 0 " s j' " ' ' year. It will be selected Wednes- ^-'."i,. 1 ^ arV' considered day. There was a strong likelihood! the top barrow would be Indiana- bred following domination of the showings Monday by entries from Purdue University and B. Parker Newsom of Columbus, Ind. Purdue won the breed champion pen and reserve champion pen wilh lightweight Berkshires and also had the champion pen of Durocs. Newsom had the top pen of Chester whites. NOTICIS TO TAXPAYERS The Walton and Tlplon Town- Fhlp PuMIr library Bo.ircl ot "Walton, Indiana, will meet at tho J.ibr;iry in "\Vallon, Indiana, at ,7:00 I'.M., C S. T.. Friday Dccem- each IHT 13th, J957 to consider the fol- additional appropriations rr* considered rmcef^ary meet the exiraordinary enier- To 212 Postage To 231 Advertising To 312 Stationery and Printing To 313 Other office aup- Peru Collects $340 In Dystrophy Drive PERU—-About $340 was collected on Sunday in the house-to-house and Uieir parents, Mr. and Mrs. . qcncy exiMinp; at tills time: To 33 To -,r, To 73 plies OpcratinB expense Social Sec. Books, newsp., period. 16.00 1C.00 10.00 25 00 ISiOO 75.00 Personals First Lt. Wendell Gish has returned to the Vincent Air Force Base ' Y, uma > Arizona, following a visit with his wife, Mrs. Nina Gish, TOTAL ALL, REQUESTS S158.00 Taxpayers appearing at such irfctlne shall have a rlpbt to bo lizard thereon. The additional appropriation an finally made will b«? automatically referred to the Plate Board of Tax Commls- ;-•(«. ncrz, which Commission will ho'.d l further hearlnff within, days at the County Audl- - "- tor's Office of Cass County, Indiana, or at such other place as de*ii,"nated. At such hoar- Muscular Dystrophy campaign, according to drive chairman George Guyer. Th^re was $1,079 collected last year. Guyer attributed this year's smaller collection to the fact that he did not have as many persons canvassing the area. Carl Ferguson, Indianapolis, an'1 Mr. and Mrs. Jack Gish, route 2, Galveston. ma-" be heard and interested taxpayers may Inquire o£ the County Auditor when and where, such JioarinR will bo held. Floyd Rush, Pros. Beulah Hall, Sec. S-IO SALE CALENDAR Dec. 4-5-6—Knouff Flrniture Co Hoy Grume Dec. 6—Joe's Auction Teel 'Dec. 6—Mrs. Chester Martin Roy Grume Begins Battle For Children Mrs. Gertrude Harmon of Daer Creek is seeking to regain custody of her two sons by a former marriage in a petition for a writ of habeas corpus filed Tuesday in the Cass circuit court. Named as defendant is Mrs. Rebecca Mayhew, Noble township, stepmother of the two boys. Mrs. Harmon asserts in her petition that when she was divorced from Keith Mayhew in 1952 she was awarded custody of their . . , ,, , , , , The month's receipts brought the 1 faugnter and he was awardedI cus- tal collected in meters'thus far,H y HW™ «™;I n i! 5 . 5 ^ total in 1957 to $59,768.05, a healthy $2,100.79 higher than for the corresponding period last year. Expenses paid from the parking meter funds in November totaled $1,376.88, bring the total for the first 11 months of the year to $54,.25.34. Expenses in November of :956 were $15,414.78, but the total | for the first 11 months last year was only $37,309.81. was married to Robert Harmon. Since her ex-husband was killed in an auto crash on Nov. 22, 1S57, she has asked Mrs. Mayhew for her two sons, but she has refused to surrender them, Mrs. Harmon alleges. She asks that the stepmother be required to deliver the children to her. The'petition was Sets $1,000 Bond On Check Charge A fraudulent check charge was filed Monday in the Cass circuit court by Deputy Prosecutor Frank Tolbert against Mrs. Cay Amir- Sehi. who is alleged to have passed checks at three local stores. na and Small. Daniel Eiler, Age 2, Dies at Peru Hospital PERU, Ind. — Daniel Leroy Eiler, two-year-old son of Earl and Mary (Overfield) Eilcr, 407 Washington avenue, died at 4:95 a.m. Tuesday at Dukes hospital. The child had been ill since its Her bond was set at 91,000 byj bi £ th ™. 0ct - 3 .-. 1 «j- at fester. ,A OO niiffrvrH n wild ' Surviving with the parents are Judge Clifford 0. Wild. She is charged with passing a fraudulent check for $35.75 at a local clothing store. She has been held in the county jail since her arrest by city police. the grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Millard Overfield, Mexico; Quinter Eiler, Argos; and Mr. arid Mrs. Charles Foster, Dayton, Ohio. Friends may call at the Drake- Flowers mortuary after 10 a.m. Wednesday and funeral services will be held at 3 p.m. Thursday at the Assembly of God church Exchange Club Hears Boy Scouts Two local scouts who attended j here. The Rev. Frank Fortier will the International Scout Jubilee in officiate. Europe last summer showed colored slides of their trip at a meeting of the Exchange club Monday. The scouts, Glen Bodinson and Lyle Durbin, talked on their travels through England, France, Switzerland, Italy, Monte Carlo. Canada and Telephone Bequest INDIANAPOLIS (UP)— General Telephone Co. and the former owners of the Arlington Telephone Co. today asked permission for General to absorb Arlington into ,its property network. YOU CAN WRITE YOUR OWN PROFIT MAKING WANT AD! CLIP AND MAIL TO PHAROS-TRIBUNE & PRESS LOGANSPORT, INDIANA Please insert this Want Ad for. days. I prefer to start my Want Ad on ..: Write your ad in the spaces below. If you want your name and address in- cluded in the ad, WRITE THEM IN ALSO. Write only one word to a space. Pleaso print. Words (10 Words Minimum) 10 15 20 25 Figure Your Own Cost 10 Words—1 Time — 90c 10 Words—3 times—$1.60 10 Words^-6 Times—$2.20 15 Words—3 Times—$2.40 15 Words—6 Times—$3.30 TAKE 10% DISCOUNT FOR CASH WITH ORDER! Clip and Mail to Classified Department, Pharos-Tribune & Press Your Name Your Address.

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