The Kokomo Tribune from Kokomo, Indiana on December 16, 1953 · Page 9
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The Kokomo Tribune from Kokomo, Indiana · Page 9

Kokomo, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 16, 1953
Page 9
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Christmas Pageant Presented At Meeting of Grace WSCS An impressive . Christmas- patr-| cant highlighted the general meet- Society of tho dining room of Graco Methodist Church Tuesday afternoon. ing of the Women's Christian Service in was present after a long absence on account ofillness. T.he entertaining committee was composed of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Lytle, Mr. and Mrs. Austin. Klcheson, , . . An altar .arrangement with light-; Mrs. John Chapln and Mrs. Wiled trees on cither side formed thojUam Summers. The next" meeting background for the candlelight program which wns opened by Mrs. Kalph Long I'rom Isaiah. who used a verse "For unto us a child is horn." Mrs. E. P. Miltenberger's songs. "O, Holy Night" and "Sweet Little Jesus," added to the bpauty of the occasion: She was accompanied by Mrs. Harry Patton who played during the entire program. A pageant. entitled "Gracious Gifts Are Given," told of the true blessedness of the Christmas season. Mrs. W, R. Nolan presented "Gifts of the Nation. One to Another." which described Christmas customs from other countries. "Gifts of the Master," by Mrs. E. H. Edwards told of gifts of art, music and poetry, and Mrs. F. P. Chapel presented "Gifts of Mothers as Sowers of Good Seeds," which related to a mother's influence on her children. "Silent Night" was sung by the entire group to conclude the program. The attractive dessert table was centered by tall blue candles rising from a base of filmy angel- hair in which were nestled large blue and silver ornaments. Scal- 1-ops of angel-hair around the border 01 the cloth were gathered with clusters of ornaments. Members of Miriam Circle who served were Mcsdames Charles Ingels, M. E. Woodard, Frank Dillon, Harry Wright, Ralph Ryan, Ward Ingels and J. E. James. Mrs. Wright, missionary education secretary, announced tho study class -on Jeremiah will begin Jan. 7 at her home. Coffee will preccdo'the lesson from 9:30 to 11 a. m. Magazine* of the church were distributed to bo taken to shutin members of the church. The next program Jan. 19 will be presented by the Caravan, a ^'roup of three or more district officers, who will visit in the Kokomo area at that time. . * * * Forty-twO' members and friends of the FELLOWSHIP Class of the First Baptist Church were enter' tained in the lower auditorium of the church -Tuesday night. Tables for the potluck supper forming a cross, were decorated in keeping with the season. After invocation by George Shepard, supper was served. The group sang carols arid prayer was offered by the Rev. J. M. Newsom. A clever playlet, "Helping .To Celebrate Christ's Birthday," was presented by Mea- damos Garfiold Hankins, Lotus Warden and Raymond Smith; Miss Marlanna Shepard, Margie Adams, Vickie Pyke, Richard Webster, John Warden and Roy Fife. will be at the home of Mr. and Mrs: Webster Jan, 19. v * * Twenty-one members of the CHILD STUDY Club met in the. home of Mrs. Ernest Fawcett Tuesday night for a. Christmas dinner and party. A former member, Mrs. Parker Haywood, now living in Detroit, Mich., was a guest. The buffet was decorated with a white styrofoam sleigh filled with colored Christmas balls, flanked at either end by pine cones and balls. The backdrop was large white styro- foam stars and a tree. The tables \vere set with red and green cloths and poinsettia centerpieces with double red candles in popcorn holders at either end. Individual favors were miniature red candles In popcorn holders and fitar-decorat- ed Christmas napkins. After dinner, Christmas games were played and carols sung. The highlight of the occasion was the "give and take" Christmas exchange around the tree. Mrs. Edward Gilbert was welcomed as a new member. The hostess was assisted by Mesdames Edwin Plank. Lester Kelly, Wc!don Coles and Francis Edson. The of the g«i;ip. Devotions were presented by Mrs, Howard Alvey, and Miss June Alley won the attendance priie. During the social hour, members enjoyed a gift exchange. Assisting Mrs. Shepherd with host- essing were Mrs. Max Chapman, Mrs. Bob Etherlngton and Miss Alley. The group will next meet Jan. 19 at . the Bussiaville Community Bulldinj-. * » * FRIENDSHIP. Needle Circle met Tuesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Florence Welch. The house was 'decorated throughout' with Christmas articles, and each member told a story, pointing out various ways that different countries celebrate the Christmas season. Afterward, members had a gift exchange. Mrs. Ed Shearer received the attendance prize. Mrs. · Mario Rody, 1323 N. Purdum St., will entertain at the next meeting-. The WOMEN' BELIEF CORPS elected officers at a. meeting Tuesday afternoon at the home of the president, Mrs. William Coon. Mrs. Coon was re-elected president and others named wore Mrs. Ethel Campbell, senior vice; Mrs. W. L. Stewart, chaplain; Mrs. Martha Thomson, conductor; Mrs.. Alice West, guard S.nd Mrs. Belle Bentley, treasurer. Other officers will be appointed in January. The- next meeting will be at Republican Headquarters Jan. 19. P.-T.A. Activities LINCOLN Many patrons of Lincoln PTA Per fume-the Gift Supreme Decorated for Christmas, this sparkling tree shows some of a leading perfumer's enchanting gifst for that certain touch that aays "Just for You." On the Christmas tree are a Mr. and. Mrs, Snowman holding twin bottles of cologne. On the right ie the 1 perfume angel .with the purse _^ perfume arid, centered "in tho mid-! j»?-;S die is cologne, done in majestic' j = " " wrapping, representing '"Arc do Trlorophe." On the top right hand side is a 1 celebration trio with perfume and I cologne. All arc attractively wrap- pod to present a -glamorous gift under the Christmas tree and later on the 'dressing table. And no better way can be found to spread ^ Christmas happiness than to give perfume "gifts can be the gilt *u- . a world fragrance to the woman of your choice. luxurious r They are pleasing to the eye, too, because all have colorful Christmas wrappings. RUTH MILLETT. Here's How To Catch Wife's Subtle Christmas Gift Hints "Could you please ,c\plain one thing to me?" a husband asks. "Why is it a woman will never come right out and say what she'd were present in Pettit Park audi-|Uke for Christmas? Jan. 5 meeting will be in the home'torium Tuesday night, where pu-; "Every year we go through the of Mrs. Raymond B. Mehlig * « * JI.-s. Claude Christie entertained members of TA-WA-SI Club in her home Tuesday afternoon. Euchre was played and prizes went to Mrs. William Frazee, Mrs, Ben Yount, Mrs. Harold Baugher and Mrs. Ed Morgan. The meeting will be at the Dec. home Mrs. Frazec. Officers will be elected at that time. HABRISOX Club No. 2 Tho members of Homo Demonstration wore present at the.home of Mrs.. Donald Shepherd Tuesday night for a potluck dinner. Members discussed a program for the coming year, and Miss Mattie White was appointed health and safety leader, Mrs. Ernest Fernunjr was guest MAK f RIENDS. pils of the school presented Christmas program. It was opened with a reading- of "Why the Chhne* Rang," given by Mrs. Paul Wartenbe. A group of pupils then presented a playlet, "The Meaning of Christmas." Those taking part were Molly Walser, Beck Sargeant, Bruce Harrison, Margaret Thompson, Robert Strawbridge, Delmar Sandberg, Kobrrt Snow, Gerald Fivecoate, Jack Walser, John Lods, Richard McClain, Patricia Goodnight, Melissa Paudice, Carolyn Brewer, Connie Grober, Pritzio same routine. I ask my wife what she wants, and ahe acts mysterious and tells me nothing. So finally in desperation I go down and buy something I hope she'll like. "Why won't she make it easy for e by telling me what she wants?" me by Because ig she is a woman, and ---like to combine getting what they prised. want with being sur- "Mother," asked the tcn-year- Gifts were placed around tho il-j old, being reminded of his manners lurninated tree and a dedication! before he had a chance to rtimcm- seryicc was conducted by Mrs. ber them himself, "don't you think Russell Flora and Mrs. Robert 1 1 know AXYTHTNG?" It isn't very Bellamy. Gifts -will be given later I good manners, is it, to keep re- a needy family. The class pro-! minding a child not to forget to do ' scnted gifts to Mr. and Mrs. Newsom, -Marshall Webster, teacher and G:\rfield Hankins, president. One a thing long after the reminder is no" longer necessary? · Sometimes it's our children who member, Mrs. George Shepard, (have to remind us of OUR manners. NYLON Ponli.I ....... 1. 00 to 1.59 Half Slip. ..... 2.98 to 7.98 Full Slipi ...... 3.98 to 8,98 Gowns ...... 5. 93 10 10.98 The more lace on her lingerie, the merrier she'll be ... so pay her many a pretty compliment with our frothy slips, gowns, petticoats and panties! They cauldrt'f b» lacier or lovelier! THE FASHION 106 West Walnut That's why they refuse to look a man in the eye and say, "This year for Christmas I would like «. pale-blue dressing gown, size 12-, a n d ( please, no lace'or ruffles." Rozo, Jeri Morris and Linda Nulf. j That may be what a woman The Lincoln_Choir, directed by| wants an d what she hopes to get, but it wouldn't be any fun to get it on order. She would rather drop subtle hints and hope you'll get the idea, It you do, she'll feel loved and cherished, and she'll be able to say and almost believe, "Darling, how did you know it was exactly what I wanted when I naver gave you a single hint?" THE ANSWER IS IN GOING Miss Natalie. Graham and accompanied hy Miss Franccfi Smith, sang- several caols. Jwarra-tor for the choir was Bob Ferguson. Those In the choir were Stephanie Faulkner, Karen Frazer, Hank Wright, Carol Cottingham, Kathy Krieg, Frank Pierson, Jet Pence, Harold Snodgrass, Don Piorson, Pag-e Bryant, Prudy Wilkinson, Judy Has- kctt. Candy Anderson,' Chester Brown, Sue Hall. Lynda Lynns, Judy Smith and Pat Lamb. Also Patty Patterson, Jackie Bertram, Janice Standt. Patty Sproal, Joe Coop, Shcrrill Frier, Larry Coe, Judy Scott, Marjoric Tobln and Billy Stockdale. game on gifts is all part of being a good husband. But II you're not to good at catching hints, here is a sure-fire method of finding out just what it is your wile wants you to surprise her with this year. Go shopping with her. She'll find an excuse to lead you right up to the Item she has set her heart on. You'll see a yearning look on her face as she lingers before what she hopes will be her big surprise this year. Don't ask, "Would you like that for Christmas?" That is against tho rules. Just sneak back to the atore and buy the thing she led you to in such an offhand manner. If you do, you'll rate as the most wonderful husband in the world, at least for a little while. Household Hints CENTRAL Central PTA met Tuesday night for its annual Christmas program. Devotions were led by Mrs. James Spradling, who used the Christmas story as told in St. Luke as her theme. It was announced that Central's radio program will be heard Dec. 2-1 over WIOU from 11 to 11:15 ,.m. A Christmas play, "Red Candles," was presented by tho seventh and eighth grade pupils. Principal parts were taken by Joy Ann Chaney. Mike Rush, Ann Stockdale. Barbara Ehrman, Patricia Spradling, David Harpold. Floyd Allen, Sara iHowell. Marilyn Stover, Juar.ita Wilson, Wilma McAnriich and Mike Jarvis. Refreshments in keeping with the Christmas season were served in the main hallway. The sixth grade pupils, 1 grouped like a revolving Christmas tree, sang carols during the social hour. Room awards were given. The next meeting will be Jan. 5. at which time the fathers will have charge. ROOSEVELT The Roosevelt PTA met Monday night in thr school auditorium u-here a playlet. "Getting Ready for Christmas." was presented by j Miss Olive Lamb's second grade ;room. Children acted out-and sang "Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer," "The Christmas Tree Angel" and "Silver Bella." The Junior High Choir sang a group of numbers and Shirley Milner sang "O, Holy Night," assisted by the choir. Mrs. Edra Smiley directed group. Capt. Salvation Army gave the devotions, using the theme "The Christmas Gift from the Bible." Charles Goranson of the South Kokomo Civic Association demonstrated the new blinker light. Ralph Willoughby, city councilman of that district brought the patrons' attention to the destruction of street lights in tho north end. Mrs. Howard Wysongr. president of the PTA thanked Mr. Wil- ioughby for his attention in getting more street lights around Roosevelt. Miss Lamb's j-oom won the attendance prize. Patrons toured the new building to look at the Christmas decora-jg- tions. Quick, easy and effective svay to shine up windows is to squirt the cleaning agent on the glass, then polish with crumpled newspapers. Saves washing out dust cloths, eliminates line streaks. Before the rainy weather starts an emergency hunt for rubbers and overshoes, scout the closets. SHOPPIXG WITH HER i Wash ruo bors. Brush and vacuum So, you see, playing the guessing! pilli _ lined overshoes. Clip the mates together with clothas-pins. Small hands can grip plastic tumblers better than glasses, and should they fall, there wor.'t be any cut fingers. Make roller towels for your bathroom by sewing snap fasteners to the cornei-s and closing j t h e tou'elr around the rack. It's !a novelty for the youngsters that will result in a tidier bathroom. Brou-n rice must be cooked longer than white rice if you want it to bo tender. AAUW Lists Newly Accredited Colleges And Universities The addition of 10 collegM and universltiei to the list of institutions meeting requirements for membership in the American As-j soclatlon of University Women was j announced Wednesday by Mrs. | Carmen Rybolt, membership chair- 1 man of the Kokomo AAUW branch. This addition; she said, was approved at the November national, board meeting and brings the number of Institutions on the AAUW; membership-approved list to 349. The recently added institutions 'are: Central Washington College of Education, Ellensburg; East Carolina College, Greenville, N. C.; Fort Hays Kansas State College, Haya; Gettysburg College, Gettysburg, Pa.; Kent State University, Kent, Ohio; North Dakota. Agricultural College, Fargo; Queens College, Charlotte, N. C.; Southwestern at Memphis, Tenn.; State Teachers College, St. Cloud, Minn.; and Western Maryland College, Westminister. I Degrees that meet the AAUWJ requirement ot a background of general education will admit graduates o£ these institutions to mem- bersri'lp in the association, Mrs. Ry- boit pointed out. Any local graduates of the recently added Institutions, or any other college graduates in the community, are invited to call Mrs. Rybolt, phone 5585. for information about branch membership. "Membership in the AAUW," Mrs. Rybolt pointed out, "gives an opportunity to join with more than 125,800 other women college graduates in a practical, constructive contribution to the functioning of democracy." Organized in 1,257 branches in every state and in Hawaii and Alaska, the association has developed a strong program of "Putting education to work practically." Daal Right With Courtright! "This Christmas, say it with furs. You don't have to sptnd a fortune to be the most important Santa in the world." BAUM'S FUR STORE Wednesday, Dec. 16, 1953 KOKOMO (Ind.) TRIBUNE 9 Touch-tempting knVs to hit any lady's soft spot! Our beautifully tailored classic and batwing sweater* com* in butttr-ioft Orion . . . Nylon . . . Ca»hm«r« . . . Wool Zephyr. Such fine labels oj Hadley, Helen Harper, Majestic! SLIP-ONS 3.98 to 5.98 CARDIGANS 5.98 to 8.98 Hadley Cashmeres Slip-Ons Cardigans 17 98 DON'T DOODLE ... You wouldn't draw pictursi on your fab!»cloth ot horn*. Show th» lame contjdera- tion (or rutaurunt linen. BULLETIN REMEMBER CLASSIFIED SATURDAY DEADLINE 9:15 Phone 3J31 What o wonderful way to say Merry Christmasl and accompanied the Hubert Rawlin of the MEBIDIAX Meridian PTA held a Christmas program «t the school gym Monday night. The principal, Floyd Miller, stated that the rooms wore so beautifully decorated that parents were invited to inspect them. He then v.-iahcd everyone a Merry Christ- rnas. Mrs. Earl Hendrix urged patrons and teachers to attend the remaining sessions of tho study ftroup. Mrs. Paul Kellar, -finance chairman, showed the T-shirts and scarves to be sold by the PTA to furnish and equip a kitchen at Meridian school. Miss Mary Compton save the invocation. The program was a tableau, "The Gift of Christmas," presented by pupils ot the sixth grade under the direction ot Miss Twyla Tansey. Miss Bach el Woolen was pianist for the program. The meeting was closed with everyone einglng "Silent Nijrht" Refreshments were lerved by the following committee: Mesdames James West, Ralph Long-, Key Chaplin, Thomas Adams, Frank Massa. Walter ·Campden, Dale Smith. Manuel Guy, Leslie Colter, 60 GAUGE... 15 DENIER STOCKINGS -THE SUPER TWIST NYIONS THAT WEAR AND WEARI gift cottons And such a pretty way to look when holiday guests come! In one of Nelly Don's superb dressmaker cottons designed with a fresh, new-season look. So. typically Nelly Don, in styling, quality and price. You'll want several for your gift list and to have yourself for now and the First spring days! C. Max McClain. Jessie Trecce. Carl Allnjan and These gossamer-sheer luxury stockings arc Super-economical, too! . . . because Balletwist Stockings are made of a super twist nylon. That means more resilience and a long, long life because they actually fight off snags and runs. And for sheer lasting beauty, you can't .beat the "second akin" look of the misty Soft Focus Finish. 60 GAUGE BALLET SHEERS . . . $1.35 The New Super Sheer · 66 GAUGE, 12 DENIER . . . $1.65 Ballet Brand Fine Nylons . . . Only at the CARL-ANN ^«BaaK»ssaa«B=cS5£Ea:sa: A Th» peplum suit, top in woven-check gingham with piping trim. Brown, green, black, navy. 12 to 40 and 12V4 to 20Vi . . . 14.98 B. Chambroy-stripod cooldrett, with a fresh uncluttered look. Aqua, brown, rose, grey. 12 to 40 and 12Vi to 22Vi 10.98 C. Suburbanite fonucker, above. Solid broadcloth banding outlines neck and sleeves. Brown, red, grey. 8 fo 76 '. . 10.98

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