Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 26, 1958 · Page 40
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 40

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 26, 1958
Page 40
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PAGE SIXTEEN THE PHAROS-TRIBUNE *nd LOGANSPORT PRESS, LOGANSPORT, INDIANA SUNDAY, JANUARY M. 1SS8 A good, solid foundation base will hide crow's feet, wrinkles and circles around the eyes. But it is only temporary. Sleep and a good diet will help do .away with the circles. For the other wrinkles try an emollient cream every night. * * * Be tricky about dieting. Try eating your salad and drinking milk before the main course. This way you should eat less during the meal. This is important in losing weight since it Is the total amount of food a person eats that adds weight, not just one fattening food. * * # Tired feet and ankles may be soothed by propping feet up occasionally. Gentle massage also will ease the ache in some cases. Persons constantly troubled with painful or swelling feet and ankles should consult a doctor. * # * Salesmen may groan at women trying on pair after pair of shoes. Let them moan. This is the only way one is assured a perfict fit so your feet will be comfortable and there will be less chance of blisters, calluses or bunions. * * « Neat eyebrows give the face, a cleaner, more eared-Tor look. After deciding on a brow line, keep it in training, so to speak; iby plucking stray hairs. And this means those stragglers that creep In over the bride of the nose. * * » You've just bought a new dress but" haven't had time to nave it properly fitted? Don't give into the temptation to wear it before alternations have been made. It •will spoil both your feeling about the dress and the impression you make on others. * * « Fashions that belong in every wardrobe: the bulky white sweater; some simple straight skirts; a short evening dress; one pretty bedroom coat; a pair of frivolous mules; one wool jersey coat. * * * Those pearl necklaces that pull apart now come in a three-strand style joined with gold metal bar that can be removed. And they're offered in high fashion colors of orange and sun yellow for spring. * * * To hold a chiffon scarf securely in place: a pearl heart outline with your initial inside. * # * The secret of having a closet full of clothes that are ready to •wear is constant care. This involves both time and trouble but is worth it. It means no delay in sending clothes to the cleaner or in rinsing out lingerie. It means making small repairs at once. It means • keeping shoes polished and neat. It also means never having to turn down an invitation for lack of something to wear. Air force Approves Construction Funds For Bunker Hill AFB PERU — The Bunker Hill Air Force Base will receive $2,078,000 for the construction of ammunition storage facilities • and maintenance docks, according to word received from Congressman John V. Beamer. Beamer said the Air Force released that amount under its 1958 Military Construction Program and that work will probably get started on the projects this spring. The ammunition facilities will include several underground igloos, according to the Ohio Regional Office of the Air Force Installation department in Cincinnati. Pipe Creek Township To Get School Funds PERU — An immediate payment of $5,757 for school maintenance will be made to officials of Pipe Creek Township schools according to Rep. John V. Beamer of the Fifth District.' Fred Plothow, Jr., Pipe Creek Township Trustee said this amount is the same as received last year from the Office of Education, Department of Health, Education and Welfare. The funds for school operation are based on the number of federally connected children who attend. Weather Elsewhere By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Atlanta, cloudy'. 50 34 Bismarck, snow 31 22 Boston, rain 42 36 Chicago, snow 34 29 Cincinnati, cloudy 31 30 Cleveland, cloudy 38 30 Denver, clear 41 19 Des flfoines, rain 33 20 Detroit, cloudy 34 32 Fargo, cloudy 30 23 Fort Worth, clear • 62 40 Indianapolis, cloudy 35 29 Jacksonville, clear 60 42 Kansas City, cloudy 46 30 Los Angeles, rain 63 52 Memphis, cloudy 44 27 Miami, cloudy 65 58 Milwaukee, cloudy 29 26 Mpls-St. Paul, snow 30 21 MfDline, snow 28 23 Ne.w Orleans, clear 61 37 New York, rain 39 36 Omaha, rain 39 30 Phoenix, clear 66 36 San Diego, cloudy 62 54 San Francisco, rain 62 42 Seattle, cloudy 51 42 Tampa, clear 62 49 Washington, cloudy 47 38 Winnipeg, cloudy ' 28 24 (M—Missing) Delphi Beta Psi Chapter Of Psi lota Xi Sorority Plan Convention Meets Son Stolen From Her As Baby EAST CHICAGO, Ind. WV-Tears, laughter and rapid Polish mingled End Anxiety, Live To A Ripe Old Age DETROIT OR — A psychiatrist said Saturday that man's age span is limitless if designers will do away with "anxiety and frustration." Dr. A. S. Church described Saturday night as the family of "putting up and taking down of Mrs. Antonia Gzik helped her eel-1 storm windows" as an example ebrate her reunion with a son I of frustration that prematurely stolen from her in Poland when he ages a man. was three days old. Mrs. Gzik met her son, Waclow "Why can't architects design design push- button windows for Debicki, 51, at the Baltimore &j homes?" he asked. Ohio Railroad station. A nine- By eliminating frustrations, Dr. course breakfast, the menu built | Church said, "Methuselah's span ui-mm/1 "PnlicTi linrrt oufav! .rt/1 liiro nf ncr\ .,„««» ... A .,U n*nlm Uirvt around Polish ham, awailed him at her modest four-room home. Debicki's joy was marred only by the fact that his wife and their of 969 years would make him seem like a piker in comparison to what could be achieved." Dr. Church spoke at the annual Final plans are being made by Delphi's Beta Psi chapter of Psi Iota Xi Sorority for the Mid-year convention to be held February 8 at the Murat Temple, Indianapolis, Indiana. Delphi will be the hostess chapter to an expected crowd of 1,200 members. Shown above, left to right, are Mrs. Ted Brown, chairman of the invitation committee; Mrs. William Duff, co-chairman; Mrs. Charles Melson, advisor, and Mrs. Joe Henderson, general chairman, all of Delphi. The theme of the day will be "Mood, Music, and Motion." A coffee hour will precede the luncheon, at which time the honorary members of the local. Delphi unit will pour and serve. Members of the Delphi chapter assisted by the Flora chapter will be hostesses at each table during the luncheon. The program winll feature the premier performance of the Jordan College Ballet accompanied by the Little Symphony orchestra composed of students and faculty members of Jordan College as well as guest members of the Indianapolis Symphony. There will be three twenty-minute presentations by the Jordan College Ballet and the Little Symphony. Guests will be sealed at 150 tables of eight. Each table will be centered with white slyrotoam ballerina dancers using three different positions at the various tables. The ballerina dancers will be wearing turquoise blue skirts with gold glitter. These three colors will be featured ill all the decor. The speaker's table at which members cf Grand Council and honored guests will be seated will have a backdrop of musical notes with the table centered 'with styrofoam pianos and violins. Attending from Logansport's Alpha Xi chapter will be Mrs. Edgar Closson and Mrs. Robert Kitchell, official delegates, and Mesdames Robert Kreuzberger, Holland Johnson, Leland L, Smith, Gardner Abner, John Hiatt, Edward Smith, Jack Fairman, John Davis, James Myers, and Robert White and the Misses Gertha Sturgeon, Mary Ellen Mull, and Thelma Sines. Miss Sines, past grand president, will be seated at the past grand president's table while Mrs. Robert White, Northern Province chairman, will sit with the .Grand Council. (Staff Photo-Engraving.) Pattern Rejection By Russia Indicated by officials here in the speech of! Soviet Communist party boss Nikita Khrushchev broadcast Saturday by Moscow radio. Khrushchev, according to the report of his speech, expressed readiness to discuss a ban on intercontinental ballistic missiles as part of a general disarmament agreement—but on condition that the West first agree to ban nuclear weapons, to end nuclear FIRST GAS USAGE First practical use of manufactured gas was in England, about 1800, when William Murdock, an engineer, lighted a factory with gas distilled from coal. SSn WE HANDLE ONLY THE BEST INVISIBLE NYLON SURGICAL ELASTIC STOCKINGS « TWO-WAY STRETCH f • IAUNDER EASILY \/'.\ » WEAR LONGER • INVISIBLE • SEAMLESS NO fWlR WEIGHT STOCKING MAC* BUSJAHN'S DRUG STORE 308 Fourth St. Phone 3774 Romance or whimsy . . . whatever you want in a Valentin* cord, you'll find ir in our wide selection. By JOHN M. HtGHTOWER WASHINGTON UH-Moscow apparently is preparing to reject President Eisenhower's proposal j military bases, for peaceful control of outer space j Khrushchev also charged that by requiring^ impossible t e r m s | the purpose «f the President's pro- even to consider it. jposal is to eliminate weapons — That was the significance seen I that is long-range missiles—which could threaten U.S. territory, but to avoid eliminating weapons with which Khrushchev said the United States "would like to keep the whole world in a state of fear." This was the first authoritative Russian reaction to the key section of the letter which Eisenhower sent Jan. 12 to Soviet Premier Nikolai Bulganin. In his message to Bulganin, Eisenhower asked whether it Seek funds To Send Mayflower To Lakes WASHINGTON liD—Backers of a proposal to send the Mayflower n through the St. Lawrence Seaway to visit Great Lakes ports will start talking about money Feb. 17. Sen. Potter (R-Mich) announced ^Saturday representatives of the j"'ship's owners and of Michigan three children could not make the meeting of the Michigan Stale trip with him. He is here on a j Assn. of Industrial Nurses, three-month visa. The family lives : • n Zgorzelc, near Breslau. Debicki's stepfather and his sister, Mrs. Mary Poulston of Gary, met him on his arrival in New York Tuesday. Before returning here they took him to Washington to visit his brother, Vincent Frost, a Secret Service agent in President Eisenhower's personal guard. "Frost In English Frost is a translation of the Polish name Mroz. Mrs. Gzik's first husband was Michael Mroz. Wac'.ow was born in Karsinak, Poland, in 1906 afier Mroz had come to the United Slates to prepare a new home for the family. Three days later a beggar woman hired by Mrs. Mroz to help her disappeared with the baby. | Waclow, using the surname pfj his foster parents, was traced finally, but the Debickis refused to give him up although they admitted hiring the servant to steal j him. Mrs. Mroz had joined her hus band in South Chicago, 111. Long liligalion, World \Yar I and tight immigration restrictions prevented a reunion, and then Waclow j married and started rearing his] own family. Letters were exchanged but reunion plans were dropped. Mroz died, and Mrs. Mroz married Martin Gzik. Years went by, Waclow's I family was grown, and reunion plans were revived. Fulton Court Decides Case, Venues Another ROCHESTER—A judgment totaling $316.84 plus costs has been handed down in Fulton circuit court in favor of the Logan Auto Parts and Service Inc., plaintiff in the n The logical accompaniment for seamless stockings Is the seamless shoe. We show it here in a satin version by Evins. There's a band of rhinestones inserted at the heel and repeated at the toe. Seamless stockings by Hanes are in a misty blue shade.—By GA1LE DTJGAS, NBA Women'* Editor, FOR HER VALENTINE A heart shaped box of that delicious Kitchen Made Russell Stovers Candy HIATFS Next To Logan Theatre EXCLUSIVE AT Timberlake's Gift Shop SPECIAL -ALL WEEK- KIAIN jm jm SKIRTS 44 PLAIN EA. EXTRA SPECIAL!! SCARFS ..... 22ceoch "The Quiality Dry Cleaning You long For" CLEANERS AND LAUNDERERS 17th d Broadway 3rd & 'Linden erating in outer space, as long- range missiles do. Eisenhower also asked whether outer space should not be "dedicated to the peaceful uses of mankind." U HAUL IT NASHVILLE, T e n n. OTP )— Thieves broke into a feed mill Friday, stole a safe containing $5,000 and took one of the firm's trucks, to haul it away when they found their own transportation was inadequate. RIVER'S FLOW Enough water flows through the Detroit River from Lakes Superior, Michigan and Huron to supply the entire needs of the United States every day of the year. Needlecraft ' Sunbonnet Set Old-fashioned girls add new charm and color to your kitchen Think how fast you could em broi'der them on a set of towels. Towels in gayest colors that wil please. Pattern TO3: transfer of six motifs, 6x9% inches, color suggestions, directions. Send Thirty-five Cents (coins) for this pattern —add 5 cents for each pattern for Ist-class mailing. Send to Logansport Press 333 Needlecraft Dept., P, 0. Box ] Old Chelsea Station, New York 11, N. Y. Print plainly PATTERN NUMBER, NAME, ADDRESS and ZONE. ' As a-bonus, TWO complete patterns are printed right in our ILAURA WHEELER Needlecraft Book. Dozens of other designs you'll want to order — easy fascinating handwork for yourself, your home, gifts, bazaar items. Send 25 cents for your copy of this book today! proposed trip will confer in his Johnson. office. Also, the $200,000 damage suit of Potter proposed last July that' Glenn E. Criswell, against Armour the replica of the Pilgrim ship,' and Company, Elson J. Zumbaugh make the seaway voyage. The idea and Lamar Zumbaugh has been has been endorsed by the State granted a change of venue to Pu Department. Peru Men Leaving for Europe Monday PERU—The Rev. Gary AUbritten, pastor of the First Baptist church, and Willard Redmon, Peru manufacturer, will leave Monday for 'few York where they will board the Queen Elizabeth for Europe and the Holy Land. They expect to be gone six weeks and plan to visit France, Italy, Sgypt, Palestine, Turkey, Greece, Switzerland and England. laski circuit court. The suit filed Jan. 23, 1957, is the outgrowth of an accident involving Bumbaugh'sj milk truck and Criswell's auto near Idaville Sept. 29, 1958. Criswell seeks damages for injuries suffered in the crash. Jiffy Wrap-on This pretty dress wraps and ties —slip Lnto it in a jiffy. Sew-saly, gay casual-halter neck-line is flattering, cool for summer. Opens flat — speedy ironing too. Choose braid, rick rack, or binding to trim the bodice, skirt. Printed Pattern 9048: Misses* Sizes 12, 14, 16, 18, 20. Size 18 JUST LOOKING SALEM, 111. CDF)—Two would- be burglars knew the "ins" of their profession, but flunked miserably on the "outs." Floyd Weber, 39, and his nephew, James Melton, 29, stuck their heads out of a service station window Fri- 4Vi yards 35-inch fabric. Printed directions on each pattern part. Easier, accurate. Send FIFTY CENTS (coins) for this pattern—add 5 cents for each pattern for Ist-class mailing. Send to Marian Martin, care of Logansport Press 365 Pattern Dcpt., 232 West 18th St., Now York M, N.Y., Print plainly NAME, ADDRESS with ZOJJE, SIZE and STOTLE NUMBER. Valances and cornice boards day to see if the coast was clear, should measure in depth about Instead they looked down the bar-! one-sixth of the total length of the rel of a policeman's revolver. ' drapes. PATS, S¥JUmM6 Get a Beautiful 5x7" Picture of Your Baby One or two children in any one family wiM be photographed singly at 49c each for the first picture. Each additional child under five, J1.50 for tbe ftrat >» fof &nfy 49p» TOV w^H ltd jt& bvt tt yew wWi yo» con b«y MM miiuMiiu pfcotog KM tor Hw An*, « for 4w >M) <MM» 96( tft «•»•*» BOVQMT M TIMI 9tQftt HERTS Ml YOV DO: * Jv0t vrMif yo^w MMpy to fvuntff& camera, no-gtare Kghfci. To. w«.W noMed wfae*

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