Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 3, 1957 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 3, 1957
Page 7
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Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Electronic Brain Speaks Univac Rates Nation's Top Football Players PERU TIGERS WILL BATTLE MUNCIE BURRIS, HARTFORD CITY THIS WEEKEND Mulcado, Arizona State; tackle Charley Kreuger, Texas Aggies., Halfback Jim Shapely, Oregon; quarterback Jim Ninowski, Michigan State; tackle Ben Preston, Auburn; fullback Jim Jones, Washington; guard A! Ecuyer, CHICAGO (UP> — The nation's three most effective football players are linemen Dan Currie of Michigan State, Walt Michaels of Kentucky and Jim Phillips of Auburn, the. Football Coaches Assn., said today. The coaches made their choices N ° tr e Dame; tackle Jim McCus- not from ballots or statistics, : kc ™. pitt . and halfback Dick Chris •which they called "misleading," j' iy ' North Carolina State, but from a tally worked out by the' electronic brain of Univac. iMniofC fllTlh Association President George!'"»U JUI 3 \JIUU James, Cornell coach, said the system, tried for the first time this year, was superior to reliance on votes or statistics in picking the cream of the nation's collegiate football crop. "Statistics can be misleading." II Players in Baseball Draft he said. "A back who most yardage may be COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo, j afns The I <UP>— Bustling Frank Lane of. weak on I Cleveland was making trade offers; pass defense, and his overall value to the team may be loss than a guard who does a consistently fine job of blocking and tackling." Efficiency Rating System "Unfortunately, that hard-working guard doesn't get any credit in individual statistics which arc! in four different directions today, including one to Washingtor, for Roy Sievers and another to the Yankees for either Gil McDougald or Bobby Richardson. Lane also talked trade with the Red Sox and White Sox. Lane created considerable ex- Tuesday Evening, December 3, I95T. Beat $4,200,000 Suit Deadline NFL Grants Demands For Players 7 Group PHILADELPHIA (UP)-The N* • : Frank Rig " ey ' **• tional Football League, with ai le ' lowd - -.,,„__.„ RCa ._ gentle nudge from Congress,' had C llca f BCars all of the demands of the league I Charles Howlcy guard West Players' Association in its books '. Virginia; Wi lard Deuveall, end. today ahead of the deadline of a 'Southern Methodist; Ed COOK end, $4,200,000 suit threatened by the 1 Maryland; Don Healy, tackle. players' counsel. Maryland; Erich Barnes, back, The concessions included a Purdue - p la - blu . Bh S5.00J minimum salary for players ; ,. , *;. ... . ... selected from the college rolls, i . I '. arry15 £ r v ?f , k / f ok II' payment of $50 for exhibition if'™; BUI Krisher. guard. Okla- games and an injury clause in the noma contract protecting players hurt in i ,. _ San . ''•ancisco (he performance of their services. > Jjn ? P ?. cc ' back ; M , ' c I 1 S a " ; 1 ' . . . Charles Kruegcr. tackle, Texas A Commissioner Bert Bell who &M . Bob Ncwman _ back> washing- i made the recommendations and t g , , Bob H back Au . . 'who announced ha; the league ; b Jo ,; n V arone, back, Miami . nwnf'PS nnnnlPn Ihnm nnnnimnuc. ' __,. . Detroit Alex Karras, tackle, Iowa; Wayne Walker, center, Idaho. Baltimore ownurs adopted them unanimously, admitted freely they grew from suggestions made by Rep. Emanuel Celler (D-N.Y.i and members of Celler's Congressional committee. Leonard Lylcs, back, Louisville; The owners will toe the line so Bob stransky. hack, Colorado; Joe .o..^^ -.. -•->, - t m nl . -i Wnndnv'i mainr Tlic vounff Peru Tigers pictured above, have two chances to register their first basketball victory this week, hosting Burris of Moneie on n Kense 5 ""he league draft when hf chos" 20- on Friday nltfht and traveling to Hartford City for a Saturday contest. Front row, left to right, are: Jaek McPhcr.0,. Ernie Range Gordon nn offense, ne VQ = r ol[ , Gei g pit -. nGr . Constable, Charles Grandstaff, Eddie Carriger. and. Fred Fcchtman. Back row, left lo right, are: Assistant Coach Jack Cruycraft, Tom outfielder from his former em-jSchoolman, Harry Dixon, George Moon, Toliu Cooke, Jim Maverick, Karl King and Coach lilay Gcycr. (Pharos-Tribune Photo-Engraving.) Coaches „!„„„„„ t.u,, c?*- T ,..,:.. n~H*i:«nif> —— • '; ' handle the ball on offense," he said. During the past season tuat ,,« i , th gt L ; cardinals worked with mathematicians a t!Q matla P |,,h Remington Rand on developing a player efficiency rating system, James said. "Although the system needs refining, we are confident it is basi gently that beginning next year, the "draw from the hat" for the bonus choice will be dropped on U;<i premise it smacks too much of a lottery. Boll will recommend at the midwinter meeting that the lowest! learn in the percentage standings: Only 11 players were drafted .in 11 at a total outlay of $135,000. The Washington Senators had first choice and selected second iiui£;, vit^ GLV i_uu*iu^itk. ii. J.P "wj.- i n , ally sound and will produce e [. baseman Bobby Matkmus, who ficiency ratings on plavcrs com- «t .291 with Wichita of the Amer- parable to major league baseball I"»» Association last season, averages," he said. j The other draft choices were: The new system rated the most! Pittsburgh — Pitchers Roger Os- effective backs as Walt Kowalczyk, • enbaugh from Sacramento and of Michigan State. John Crow of | Bob Thorpe from Portland of the Texas Aggies and King Hill of Pacific Coast League. Rice, James said. Eighty-nine coaches to:, part in Chili from Denver of the the experimental rating project can Association. Kansas City — Catcher Harry over an eight-game span, James said. List Top Players After reviewing weekly game movies the coaches rated their own players on both offense and defense, using a percentage system of 99-90 for outstanding, 89-90 Chicago Cubs — Third baseman Antonio Taylor from Dallas of the Texas League. Baltimore—Outfielder Bert Ham- ric'from Los Angeles of the Pacific Coast League. Philadelphia—Pitcher John Gray lem 01 ya-VU IU1 UUISLUIIUIUS, ucr-^u - -.. f t . for excellent, 79-70 average and 69j^rn SanJJiego of the or less, unsatisfactory. The reports were processed by Univac. The huge machine also rated the following as the 'Country's top play- I Coast League. Cincinnati — Pitcher Will Cade from St. Paul of the America::) Association. Boston—Pitcher Clarence Churn (from Hollywood of the Pacific S^-E" B.™™S.-S c "'" Sf - ™» •"•» """'S£S£ ^.« Kl^S-SirSSi- B™, Bryant Goes To Alabama COLLEGE STATIOK, Texas (UP)— Paul (Bear) Bryant, resigned his $15,000-a-yeai' post as head at Texas A&M Monday to go back to his alma mater, the University of Alabama, and take over the job of rebuilding its football fortunes. Bryant, a tall, stern football taskmaster who pulled Jie Aggies up frcmt he Sotuhwest Conference cellar to national ranking in four years, became the second coach to leave a Southwest Conference team since the r.d of th season. Bowling FRATERNAL & COMMERCIAL W L K of C 28Vi lOVi Western Tire 27 12 McCloskey - Hamilton ...26 13 Dutch Mill 23 16 Kroeger Funeral Home .22 17 Barney's Bar ,\.. ..21 18 Muehlhausen No. 7 .. ..IBte 20>A George Yardley New j Scoring Leader in ro Basketball Loop Buffalo c -, 7 Q™ ego K NEW YORK (U?) - George Springfield 68 MIT 67 Yardley oE the Detroit Pistons fi- Connecticut 84 American Int. 55 nally look over the National Bas- Temple 83 Delaware 38 ketball Association scoring lead Midwest this week when the Pistons ca,ught Loyola (111.) 90 Ripon 72 up in number of games played. Del'aul 71 Neb. Wesleyan 45 .1(5 .18 .18 21 21 21 ?.Joose No. 2 ... Logan Legion .. Borman's Supply Spencer Mobiloil Coca Cola 6 33 Three games .were won by .ifc- 21oskey-Hamilton over Dutch Mill; Only, last week personable Jack]two games were won by K of C, Mitchell of Arkansas resigned to take over as head coach at Kansas, President T. M. Harrington of A&M announced the school would Muehlhausen, Moose, Logan Legion and Berman's. 600 Series — Harry Smith 61D 1191-215-213) Nicely, guard, West Virginia; Les Walters, end, Peiin Stale. New York Phil King, back, V anderbilt; Frank Youso, tackle, Minnesota; Don Caraway, back, Houston. Cleveland Jim Shofner, back, Texas Chris- Yardley took a solid lead over Bob Pettit of the St. Louis Hawks, 176 points to 437. He racked up 158 points in games during the past week and has been scoring an average of 23.0 points per game according to official league statistics announced today. The only tiling that was holding him back :"rom the overall point, lead was the fact that Detroit had played fewer games than any other team until this week. Adolph Schayes of the Syracuse Wisconsin 63 S. Dakota 56 Kansas 63 Oklahoma State 56 Evansville 92 Louisville 82 Bethany 60 Western Reserve 58 Purdue 79 Miami (0.) 66 Mich. State 74 Butler 55 Ohio U. 75 Indiana 68 Iowa State 62 Drake 55 Northwestern 97 West. Mich. 78 Minnesota 66 Southern Meth. 52 Illinois IOC Marquette 90 ««» tt ,,H Uul ,, eu ure *^u. w 550 Scries - T. Sundy 568, C. j Nats was third in scoring with 419 release Bryant from the final sev- Rodgers 558, J. Minglin 551, R. i points and moved within one point en years of his 10-year contract! Chapman 570. "with regret," but no official wordj 200 Games — R. E. Laymon 204, of becoming the all-time league scoring leader. Ed Macauley of St. Wllll lU£l.t:l., wuu I1U Ullll-lal wulu --- ------ --- -- -- •* ------ --- T . , j .... n nn • I iv, on the hiring of Bryant has come' Sundy 212, H. Rivers 224, Chap- Louis has scored ..0,393 points n ... - — --- nnn \1T T> „ II ~™ „;„„ n/l= T '• - U) 0316 Wflllfi from Alabama as of yet. man 222, W. Reiteineier 205, J. Alabama President Dr. Frank Eiickson 224, S. Erickson. end Dick Wallen, UCLA; tackle Gene Hickerson, Mississippi; end Jim Gibbons, Iowa; halfback Bob an from Indianapoljs of the A. Rose said at'Lexington, Ky., ,„„„;„.,„ Aconniotinn thgj- Bryant's announcement came as a surprise to him. Giants, Dodgers, Tigers. He said he hoped to talk to • Bryant 'sometime late Monday night or early today about succeeding Alabama coach J. B. (Ears) Whitworth. Bryant's request for release Indians attacked Deerfield, Mass., in 1704, killing 40 settlers and abducting 100. ' Capt. James Cook of England, from 1773 to 1775, sailed around Antarctica without seeing land. from his contract asked tha f it be effective Jan. 1, 1958, four days after he leads the Aggies for the final lime in their Gator Bowl clash against Tennessee. Schayes now has 10,392. get the free pick, and that system tian; Charles Mitchell, University will be continued each year'of Florida; Mel Guy, tackle, Duke; marked by the systematic elim-Uim Ninowski, back, Michigan ination from the percentage list|State. any team which had the bonus; ChicnSo Cardinals choice. I Bonus choice King Hall, quar- Crcighton Miller counsel for the ; lerback. Rice; John Crow, back, players, had no comment when lTeya ? A&M; Jim Mc,Cuskcr, tack- told in Cleveland that the player tle - Pittsburgh; Bobby Jack Oliver, demands had been met. |} a( ; kl £ Ba y lor ; Larr y Cowarl, cen- The Chicago Cardinals, the last r ' >-.„.,.. Rav of the 12 teams to get the "draw: * from the hat' bonus, and the ow- g Jjm T ' , ^ k £. esl team percentagewise, look . ' „, , nit-'* VliristJ ban* King Hill of Rice, the ZlO^und,^ 81 ^^^ '^ yb «£ jack-of-all-trades quarterback, as ^ back injnoj • Jerly * Krae . its bonus pick. Here is the player selection list mer, guard, Idaho. Washington by teams the first four rounds ofj M j' Ke Sommer back George the draft completed today. The re, Washington; Stan Flowers, back, maining 26 selections by the| Georgia Tech; Bill Anderson, back- league teams will be made at the j Tennessee; Dan Nolan, back, Le- NFL mid-winter meeting. 'high. Because of earlier trades of to d day e same " Umber ° £ Playm '58 College All Stars The list: Los Angeles CHURCH IS DAMAGED EDPNBURG (UP) — Vandals fired air rifle pellets through every stained glass window in Holy Trinity Catholic Church, the Rev. Lawrence Moran reported to authorities. .and he H still have enough left to play santa Here f s how you can dress the way you—and the women in your life— want. Dress up in an Alpagora sport coat and outercoat. For here you have the season's brightest fashion ideas...tailored smartly und with care...and in fine imported and domestic fabrics that will iierve you well for many a year. Best of all, Alpagora prices are so down-to-earth. They won't put a crimp in your budget at ail. P.S. Ladies, if you're thinking of a different kind of way to Christmas gift him, why not make it an Alpa- gora coat. It's as easy as picking up one of our gift certificates. Outer-coats from $22.50 to $65 Sport Coats from $25 to $39.50 ALPAGORA XXCLUSIVJCX-TT COAT-MAKERS -STORE HOUWS- Mon thru Thurs. 9 to 5 fri. ASat. 9 to 9 Jim Phillips, end, Auburn; Lou CHICAGO (UP)-OUo Graham, former star quarterback of the Cleveland Browns, will be head Nebraska 64 S. Dakota State 52!draft choices, not all teams select-] OftO Graham To Coach South The: Citadel GO Newberry 46 William & Mary 73 Virginia 69 Wake Forsst 68 Davidson 61 Phillips Oilers 93 Richmond 76 Ter.nessee 81 Furman 61 Kentucky 78 Duke 74 Florida St. 74 Tennessee Tech 71 N. Carolina St. 72 Allan. Christ. 44 Miami (Fla.) 89 Jacksonville 87 Alabama 36 Jacksonville T. 31 Vanderbilt 91 Sewanee i>3 ,oyola (La.) 94 St. Mary's 63 Tlorida 97 Jacksonville Naval 56 South Carolina 95 Georgia 87 Mrklo Konturkv Hen- coach ° r lhe 1938 C^SO All Star Thomaf^back'Oklahoma; ij^ m , ^ |." .ft™ with the Na' - - -- 'tional FootoaJl League champions in Soldier Field next Aug. 15, it was announced Monday. . Graham succeeds Curly Lambeau, who tutored the collegians for the last three games. Lambeau's teams won their first game, but lost the next two. don Jim Jones, ban Henry, tackle, Georgia Tech; John Gruzik, guard, Pittsburgh; Frank Ryan, back, Rice. Philadelphia Walt Kowalczyk, back, Michigan State; Proverb Jacobs, tack TOMORROW-FOR 5 DAYS ONLY WARDS FABULOUS, 313-315 Market Stree} HERE ARE 9 EXAMPLES j HURRY. . .THEY'LL GO FAST I BAKERY FRESH 5 LB. FRUIT CAKE 1.99 Traditional yummy holiday deiiert. Gift boxed and ready to give. Buy leveral. 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