Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 26, 1958 · Page 36
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 36

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 26, 1958
Page 36
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PAGE TWEIVB THE PHAROS-TRIBUNE and LOGANSPORT PRESS, LOGANSPORT, INDIANA SUNDAY, JANUARY Hi, 1»5*. MUST PROTECT BALD SPOT Senators Fussy About Their Heads WASHINGTON (Up)—The light er side of Congress: With most of our lawmakers each day more deeply involved in problems of space, photographers around the Senate are wrestling with a matter that is merely, but increasingly, global. ... It has to do with a senator's bead. "Don't shoot the bald spot," Democratic Leader Lyndon B. Johnson of Texas has been warning them lately. Johnson laughs, but this is not to be mistaken to mean he is kidding. Officially, Johnson is not running for president. But he'll have a hard time making the picture men believe it. On occasion, Johnson has stopped a press conference until he got all the photogs around up In front of him. So far they haven't had too much trouble cooperating. But they wonder how long they can remain in his good . . . graces and still take their pic-1 about parlaying the overdue hair the scalp. In 20 or 30 years we tures. Bald spots have a way of I cut into a seat in the Senate. will let you know how that works. currently can't boast a single good example of what used to be thought of as the classic senatorial haircut — either the long, flowing mane, with ducktails in the back, or the mostly bald dome, with wispy strands hopefully swept across the top, fooling nobody except possibly the man who combed it that *ay. The "new look" in senatorial appearance seems to be running these days more toward the handsome, suave, successful-businessman-type. Iron gray hair, neatly clipped; chiseled features; and just enough lines in ihe lace. Sens. Stuart Symington (D-Mo.) and Prescott Bush CR-Conn.), for instance? The best current examples of the Senate since 1353, not only has not succumbed to the uninhibited Senatetype haircut but lately has been wearing his noticeably shorter. "It's not Madison Avenue," he claims. "It's Martin of the Senate barber shop." Barber Martin, Nixon reports, has been cutting his hair for years. Lately, Martin decided it would look better shorter. It used to be that a man's wife made important decisions like that. Sen. George Smathers (D-Fla.), has a full last problems with hair years ago, was posing for pictures this week with Rep. Howard W. Robison (R-N.Y.) who 'nad just taken his seat in the House. Raybur.n introduced the ubiquitous picture men to the • new member as follows: "They're nice fellows, but sort of like warts. They are all over Adenauer Makes Bid To Ease World Tension F°reign News Commentary By CHARLES M. McCANN United Press Staff Correspondent of black wavy hair, with a nice touch of gray at the temples. It is beautiful, and he aims to keep it that way. Smathers takes all kinds of pre- Pet Chimp Goes To Zoo At Ivansville EVANSVJLLE, Ind. I.B — The week-old baby hippopotamus in the Mesker Park Zoo may prove to be a cupid for—of all things— the chimpanzee house. matterVlacT arrbeing^p^yed ca=^alnsf getting bald ; He j h jfer reading news about the old female chimpanzee. Mrs. Tal- epreaamg. Speaking of hair, the Senate Vice President Richard M. Nixon, who has been presiding over Speaker Sam Rayburn, a man who as everybody knows had his 587 Students Are Members Of National Honor Society Here Since 1935, outstanding students at Logansport high school have been awarded for their efforts by being inducted into the Logan Chapter of the National Honor So ciety. At present there are 18 students in the society, which selects its members on the basis of scholar ship, leadership, character and service to the school. Miss Lois Eldridge, chairman of the faculty committee which selects members, said that a total of 587 students have been members of the chapter since its 'beginning here. Some of these past members, the said, now are holding promi- Fannie May Chocolates nent positiones here and in oftier cities. Students are selected twice a year by a -committee consisting of Mary Pitman, Norbert Kniesly, ijack tflmer, Marian Baade, Ar- jthur Pruitt and Lois Eldridge, 'Miss Eldridge is chairman and J. JH. Mertz, high school principal, is •an ex-of£icio member. It was through Mertz's efforts that the society was reactivated here in 1949 after it had been inactive for seven years. The original charter was granted in 1935 after the faculty had worked for two years to organize the chapter. Baird Cox, who was principal at that time, was instrumental in securing the charter. The society was created by the •National Education — Principals Association, of which Cox was a member. His efforts to organize the local chapter were successful and the group was active until 1942. In 1949, when Mertz came to the school, the chapter was again ec- tivated and 'has been in operation continually since that time. Candidates for membership are selected in the spring from the upper, five per cent of the.junior class, and in the fall from the up- Beauty That Abides Through All Time The beauty of the spirit is not dimmed by its earthly passing, Rather it shines all the more brightly in the transcendent realm of eternity. John W. Fisher Funeral Director Lady Attendant Mary E. (Kesling) Fisher AMBULANCE SERVICE Fisher Funeral Home 303 West Market per ten -per cent of the senior class. Since 1949 new members have been voted on by the'faculty and student members of .the society. This year 11 new members were indNeted into the organization in a ceremony attended by the senior class. The new members are Terry Hershberger, Joe Sumpter, Bill Hichter, Tom Jolmson, Jerry Bentz, .Don Lutes, Rose Ann Williams, Patricia White, Nancy Luxem, Rosalie Rusehkofski and Verna Raikes. Other active members who were inducted earlier are Susie Smith, Sandy Ulbrich, Margaret Huff, Dave Baker, Ardell Price, Jan Eisert and Carolyn Grube. There are 5,064 such chapters :n high schools throughout the United States. The purpose of the society is to create enthusiasm for scholarship, stimulate desire for knowledge, render service, promote leadership and develop character in -students of secondaj-y schools-. mont, a 61-year-old widow, said she's no longer able to care for the animal and decided Mesker would -give it a good home. Blount Wagner, zoo director, said he'd be delighted to pick up the chimp this weekend. The zoo's male chimpanzee,, Freddy, now has a mate who is older and larger than Freddy and "really puts the fear into Freddy." CieottPTA Votes Several Purchases LAKE CICOTT-Members of the Lake Cicott PTA met recently and voted to purchase several items for the school. Items. include a table for Miss Powell's third grade room, a rail for the lunch room serving table and more .uniforms and a suitcase for the basketball t good and bad ews th international balance shee t : Chancellor K o n r a d Adenauer proposed this week" that West Germany and Soviet Russia start direct talks on easing world ten- ion. It was the first direct move by an Allied leader to use old-fashioned secret diplomacy in seeking a basis for broad "cold war" negotiations between Russia and the North Atlantic treaty powers. Adenauer suggested, in a letter to Soviet Premier Nikolai A. Bul- ganin, that the current Russian- German trade discussions in Moscow might be turned into cold war talks. Alternatively, he said, Similar blasts had been issued by the Kremlin just before the North Atlantic treaty "summit" meeting in Paris and President Eisenhower's State of the Union message to Congress. "any other promising point departure" might be chosen. of President Eisenhower opened the diplomatic week by replying in just 44 words to a 10,000-word letter from Bulganin proposing that a conference of leaders of countries of every political slant be called to discuss world problems. - ' Eisenhower said that B-uIganin's letter contained nothing which he had not covered in his reply to a previous Bulganin. communication from QUOTES FROM NEWS By UNITED PRESS VIENTIANE, Laos—Prince Sou» JJUll iif^ilJO, Juaua -L 1JUVC wwu- • -IQCO fl phanou Bong whose two provinces! Catalogue 1958 ec New Books At Local Library Adams, Triumph Over Odds. Scott, Standard Postage Stamp President Marcos Perez Jiminez, one of Latin America's leading "strong men," was thrown out as the result of a dramatic revolt . after nearly 10 years as his country's dictator. Army leaders, workers, intellectuals and the Homan Catholic Church combined against Perez Jiminez. A general strike in protest against dictatorial rule marked the beginning of the end. Wild disorders broke out in Caracas, the 'capital, and other cities. Casualties were estimated at from 145 . to several hundred killed and more than 1,000 persons wounded. Perez Jiminez fled in his private airliner to the Republican, where he lum by that regime. Dominican asked asy- country's "strong French Premier Felix Gaillard are being merged into pro-West Laos, in declaring he no longer is an enemy ot the United States: "Now that integration (of the two provinces with the rest of Laos) is complete, we no longer are anti-American." ALTON, 111. — Harold Cooper, 43, after it was discovered that a bullet in the head was causing severe headaches he has suffered for the past three months: "Doa't know how it got there." ROQUEBRUNE - CAP MARTIN, France — A spokesman for Day. White, The Desire of Ages. Richards, What Jesus Said. Burl, The One That Got Away. Remmers, T!i e American Tecn- "Vkane, Beyond the Cabin Door. Ascher, Journey to Israel. Muller, The World is Full of Wonders. Ostenso, And They Shall Walk. Resnik, Life Without Father. Halm, Spousery. Melvill, Magic of Make-up. Collins. The Radio Amateur's Handbook. Frommer, Europe on 5 Dollars a won a vote of confidence by 334 .ahead. We'll do Sir Winston Churchill on reports j that the 83-year-old former British : prime minister was ill: "We cannot understand stories abroad that Sir Winston is spending much time in bed when actually he is enjoying himself immensely." PLAINFIELD, N.J. — Paul Miller, president of the Gannett Newspapers, commenting on the space race with- Russia: "We have been behind before i and we have caught up and gone Following its new propaganda technique, the Soviet government alleged that the United States would use the meeting of the Middle Eastern Treaty Organization, which starts in Ankara, Turkey, Monday, 'to try to get METO members to set up nuclear missile bases on their territory. The allegation was made in a statement issued by the Soviet Foreign Ministry. It proposed the establishment of a missile - free to 226 from his National Assembly, the controlling liouse of Parliament, after a two-day debate on foreign policy. It was the second vote of confidence in six days. The first, which Gaillard won by a majority of only 20—253 to 23S—came on the budget. He still faces critical votes on plans for Algerian home rule and for constitutional changes intended to make it harder for the Indeed, we are back and fast." National Assembly its premiers. to overthrow France got itself into an argument with Communist Yugoslavia when its warships intercepted, in it in this case, already coming Chicago's New Horizons. Gruenberg, Let's Read a Story. Fin", How to be Accepted by the College of Your Choice. Stinnett, Will Not Run February 22nd. West, To See the Dream. LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Superin- 1 tendent of Schools Virgil Blossom | on another telephoned warning i that integrated Central High! School would be bombed: ! "As far as we know, there was nothing to it." small Yugoslav merchantman en route for Morocco. ship was escorted The Yugoslav to Oran, Algeria, -where ISO tons of arms were taken from it. France said the weapons were destined for the Algerian rebels. Yugoslavia denied it and called KOOL-VENT of Logansport AWNINGS AND CANOPIES "Capital" Aluminum Comb. Storm Doors and Windows 511 Erie Phone 3650 Wh.n You're Downtown relax ... hove COFFEE COKE LUNCH ot the CENTRAL DRUG SODA FOUNTAIN 4th at Broadway CURE YOUR COLD IN A HURRY Busjahn's Flu Caps 60c and $1.00 Nothing So Dependable for the Most Obstinate Coughs BROWN COUGH SYRUP $1.00 and $1.45 Busjahn's Drug Store BURNmSVHLE BURNETTSVILLE — Roy Stewart, of Fort Wayne, spent,.the weekend with his mother, Bertha Stewart and his sister, Mrs. Raymond Stangle. • ...-•.. Mrs. Stewart has been seriously ill but is now improving. Other weekend guests were Mrs. Earl Parish, Joe Klafen, af IdavUle, Claude Stewart and daughter, Dorothy, of Logansport. Mr. and Mrs. Jay Thompson and family, of Logansport, were supper guests recently of Mr. and Mrs. Galen Davidson. Mr. and Mrs. David Tobias entertained the euchre club last : week. Rev. and Mrs. Derwood Troxel entertained the AAC class of the Brethren church Wednesday evening. Mrs. Winifred Troxel is spending a few days in Chicago. MT. and Mrs. Frank Durkes, of Mexico' called on Mr. and Mrs. Charles Brechbiel recently. Mrs. James Haddock was confined to St. Joseph's hospital following an auto accident in Logansport last week. Gary Felker, who has been stationed with the Army in Alaska, spent a month with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Felker. BARGAINS IN C<HD WAVES 4.95 H*gr*< 11:30 «.m. t» I f.m. No Appointment Neeenarf LOGANSPORT BEAUTY SHOP Chwd All Day Wech»M»»r Slh and Rroa4w«y OVW lAILIY'l WEEK-END BARGAIN BUYS! Cut those bills . . . JAII .PRICI sky-high fuel 99c With easy to use Rock Wool Pouring Insulation.— Reg. $1.10. New stock is in on all popular sizes. These redi- made Redwood cornices will add that decorator touch to your home. Assembled in minutei by anyone. These art complete with hangers, SI" ...ONIY 79c Use our complete tool rental to make those home jobs easy. Our rates are lowest. . 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