The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on July 23, 1919 · Page 2
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · Page 2

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 23, 1919
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'flJ5 VXlAVtA sJUU AltaVU WsUlfl0UelZt tVltf 20,111. M OPPORTUNITY FOR TREATY TALK ASKED BY GOV'T Urgiaf Necatsiiy tt DUoumm r f rucvTcm Bctort ; Gof FroxIaBUtka. MAT ADVANCrm DATE r FOR THE FALL SESSION ' Ratificatioa of s ' Treaty With t- Minor Fewer Not Necessary . ta Eael War Measart Act? - ParUameat will Oe In eeeelon aale before the War Measure Act expire and with II the nee-track batllne:, proaleltion. and other war-lima or-eers-ln-eounoll passed anasr IU provision. Bucb la tba understanding: htra n4 waa Cha nnaerstaodln, whea Jarllament prorogued a fort afcht ace. At that lima, tha flnal eomplele last of tha paaca traaty twith Germany had not beea recelveJ I In Ottawa and tharafora could not ba eubmllted to Parliament (or ratification. Draft aa prepared, haa baan recereed: ana ohanc maaa (J waa not till tha arrival Jn Ottawa S al Hon, a t. -Doherty. who," with ' Hon. A. U Blfton. elned tha traaty : aa Canadian plenipotentiaries,' that '4 tha text aa alcnad at Varaalllaa waa i; available. Tna vnaoretanaina wnn .'; tha Hrltlah Government whan Hlr Kobart Bardan. left London, waa that tharo would ba no proclama- -.tloa of paaoa by Greet Britain for aom tlma and at any rata not tilt ;i tha Canadian Parliament had full pponunity w . Adnait Tba Data. ?! feme than, however, greater na-.1 eeeelty baa apparanlly arlaaa In Great " UrlieleMor aa early proclamation that a state of war no fonfer exlata. i; It la understood that tha Oovarnment j; hara la In communication with tha Imperial authorities aa tba subject '.' and that ktreee la being laid an tba - ni oaaalty Tor full opportunity being V xlvea ta tha Dominion Parllamtnt ;.for dlscaesloa of tha treaty'a lerrea before formal proclamation of paaca tha Klnc. Notlaa haa already .': bean given of special analon In tha ' fall for ratification. While IheOouee. t- tloa haa not been dlaeuoaed la the Cabinet aa yet. II la probable that the S data ef opening will' be 'advanced a "week or two to avoid any unneceaaary t delay. But that peace will ba offl-fatally proclaimed before I ho Domln- Ion Parliament enn ba aummoned la regarded here aa annwly unlikely, j The point ralaed by air Allen J Arleewortb 4 hat the war-time or-S dera In eouncll. -. notwlthalandlng their own provisions, will -not be operative after expiry of the , War ' Measures Act la generally conceded. " A aimllar opinion we given by n : nommlllee oo legal expert In Ureal Britain with regard ta ordera-la-. roancll paaaad under the Defence of . the Realm Act ' - Uu nttarctnwla Time. ' tt la pointed eat that under the - treaty with Germany peace cannot ba proclaimed antll after ratification ;, by Oermany and by three of tha 'principal allied and aaaoclatad powers. The principal allied and ace ooiated powera are defined In the -treaty aat United atatea. Brltlah Em. ' plre. France, Italy and Japan. Rati-' neetloa of the treaty with Germany. :;1 aat regarded ae being aufllclent te end the war. and tha War Measures Act. There wonld dae need te be -ratification of peace with Austria. : 1'eace with oermany would be mere ''it partial peace. But whether rati-: flea lien of the peace with Bulgaria and Turkey would ft ret be neceaeary . in ae far aa the termination of the War Meat area Act ta concerned, la -regarded aa, aomewhat doubtful. -t There la little likelihood. In aotual uraotlos, et much difference In time ! betwaen the proclamation of peace In Oraat Britain and Ita proclamation ;:ln Canada by tha governor-general. FATTEST MAN IN WORLD ! STRICKEN . WITH . f ARALTSIS j apectal to The JoeroaL 'L W TortK. July M.-Jack WIlKin, -"the- fatteet man -m the World." weighing tie pounda, U In lha Hory Croaa HoeolUI. aaralvxed. He M atrtckeir taet nlght-whea-onJ .-xniouion hi eireua aideahow'at oner laland. The ambulance aum-jnoned waa too email for hla bulk, ko an aute truck waa obtained.' It took twelve men le carry Wlleoa. ' Wllaon bad been on exhibit at Coney lelard ahawa two year. Be-roro that he war wtth Barnnnt and Iialley'a. Ha ta II yeara eld. Hla mother weighed ll poundrafid-hle ather. I7. ' . pLAors or ixKXSTs. ! "RIO JANEIRO. Tueedar, Jury It. ' Thia elty and vicinity are auffer-inn today from a plague of loeuata. M n eassaai I j f V M L I 1 I II 1H ar , ' . few momenls. Iron while damp v with m warm iron and the daintiest, sheerest ' stockings look like new o LUX is so pure that it will harm nothing that pure water nay touch. ' There is no substitute for LUX Crocers and (Icpartioental etoree sell it. " .- , ; . crMnx?"7mtC Cloth-" mtilti ) !. ' . - . LCVER BROTHERS LIMITED, T0R0I JTO ' TO OFFIHALLT OPEN HUNT AND MOTOR CLUB Ererytliiaf Will Be las Readiaeu Fee ftext Satorday. The Ottawa Hunt and Motor Club, the name by which the amalgamated Ottawa Hunt and .Ottawa Motor Ctube will be known la future, will ae officially, .opened on .Maturday when the membera will aaaemble at the palatial elub houae en the Boweavllle road and celebrate the oecaatoa -te right royal gtyla. , Theaa gentlemen who negotiated the amalgamation will meet at dinner at the club tonight and will .appoint the committee for the year and probably elect officer. The committee appointed tonight will. arrange the programme lor Saturday. Tha new Inatluitioo already haa over III membera and it la confidently expected thle number will ba trebled before the eeaaou enda. Club la Fin bbapo. Bine lh announcement of the amalgamation a steward and com petent ita ft have beeniMcured and tha club houae Itaelf- put In first-clue ahape. Thle club houae. which waa formerly the homo of tba Ottawa Hunt Club.- waa widely known for the. perfection of Ita appointment, and - ewjng to the energy of the new aaeoclatlon la In flrat-claaa ahape for the entertain ing of the membera and t tbelr trlende. .. . . - Mr. David Black, the golf profea alonal of tha Rtvermead uolf Clubf haa laid out a temporary nine hole eourae which the . managing committee Intend te Improve to a Bret olaag permanent IS hole aeuree. A full-eeaortment of golf euulpment haa been ordered for the club and Will ba ready for uao en Baturday. . In order ' to improve certain etlona of the grounda It la plan ned to commence reforeetatioa on a email ecale. Urovee of pine, cedar and-aprnc -wiH be planted In the bar tretchee, and while much of the property la, already plentifully wooded. II la felt the natural beamy of tha grounda caa -ba Increaaed. Car will bo taken that Iba reforeetatioa doe not Interfere with the go!. course. The club will cooperate with the Experimental Farm In It reforeetatioa echeme. TRIES TO SAVE HORSES - AND IS ABUSED HIMSELF Willi hla arm In a sling and a much-bandaged head. William Har old Mouldb of Nepean Township weal to me uouniy uouri nouse thle morning te lay a ebarge of aaaaull agalnat H. A. Smith, of Ottawa. He looked badly beaten up the result, ha aald. of interfering with a au Dealing noraea. Ha himself waa rid tng a bicycle en. the Richmond road Tuesday afternoon, when Ihe Incident occurred. Smith. II la aald, waa bringing some beraea to the city when aioulo met mo, etouida claim that Smith waa chastising hi here aa, and ba aaked him to atop. Smith told him in the usual way that Is waan't any of hla bueinoee. He didnt own the horses. But Mould thought It waa ale buaineaa ic the noraea Buffered, and In taking that reaponolbtl. Ity Moulda Buffered what looked like rough handling. Judging from hla day-after appearance thle morning. Moulda. It la aald. was knocked down, and waa unconacloua whan ha waa carried into the Bank of Nov Bcoua, and for an hour afterward CITT EDITORS QUARREL T AND COURT CASE FOLLOWS Spectai as The torn ST. CATHARINES, . Julv It. Police Magistrate Jamea H. Camn- bell I out of tbd elty. and Mayor J. M. IClsea, proprietor . of the Evening Journal, ba been taking nia oiac en in oenen m tne police ConrU . The popular Mayor received the eusprlea of hla Ufa today, when en opening court he found arraigned before mm aa plaintiff and defetd- ant, reapaetlvely, hla own elty eMl- tor. Oewga T. Strong, and his for mer elty editor) W. Arthur Moore, now elty editor of the Dally Standard. . ;,:'".. Mr. Moor waa accused of aasault- ing. Mr.-fltrong In connection with dupute of aome kind they had bad, the nature of which 1 not vet public.. - --Th ayor decided that aa the axlgenclea of a fair trial for all eonvl cvrnco requirea me omce or a neu tral magistrate, no had better ad journ " the" eas onttt -Maglatratal campoeira return. .. In the meantime the nubile are anxiously awaiting Information as to what the two , aawsnaoer men quarreled about. . - ar ives at tmaiprtoi; CHuAoa, Ilia,, July II. A cablegram received here announces the arrival at Liverpool- of th take Oranby, a ateel steamer built here, and the Shipping Board's first sal carrying cargo from Chicago reeaa by way of the Oraat take, -i... ....... . r, . SOUJEB tUKldB&'-W cvt-aoonest 1 LUX-washed f stockingt laat the longest., ilte so simple anrJ easy to wash. : them in the quickly inade,CTefirny . : UUX lather. Do it without twist-irrgor rubbing. - Da It iVi reryv"' MEN J7ECEIVE LONG SENTENCES FOR HAVING &fk m m -m l -jlsfAa... es i i,A,v...ei .Vet aa wf 4 I it-sl a d V a ' Above are the See anra who errew rc-amtmred b y Magbdrnte CntMa nt Toronto for havlnai banned tltrr-atnre la thrir poeewaaloo. Tbry em Brat erainered by Maertatnue Klngafurd and srrre grantrd a arw trial by Jualero Kelly al ejagunde Hall, r'roea Irft la right vet th tlirtr arateaano, ilary am Jolia Boyrhnck, 1 1 montlial Hadvey Blaahhow, II anonthal Ocorgc Vlatak, 11 mm jmi yhewter Clark. II snoxtha and Boa Uavas, 17 months. MANY PAY RESPECTS TO LATEKSPECTOR Denis Ho;sa, f epalar Dominion Police Officer, Laid e Rett ; The ' funeral of vChlef Inspector Denis ttogan, of the Dominion Pol-Ice, look place this morning. Burial waa In Notre Dame cemetery and the cortege waa very large, testifying to the high esteem in which the deoeaa-ad waa held. Membera of the Dominion Police Force attended In a body along with a large representation from IheCity Police Department and the rira Department, Ihe Knights of Columbus, and Kmarald Lodge of the Order of Koreoters, and Hibernians. - Tha cortege left the realdence, 70 Somerset atreat, at I. II a-m.. for St. Patrick' church, where a very Im-pi-eeetve burial service and maaa for the dead waa conducted by the rec tor, Rev. Father M. J. Whelan. Mem ber of the Fire Department beaded tha oorteaa. and tha nall-baarara were membere of the Dominion Police. They were: Bats. R. M. Argue. F.-Little Held, J. (JulnnP. Kavanagn, A. Mareoux and W. Charron. Quite a number of floral offerings were - received, Kiwuoma wreatna from the Dominion Police; City Police. Fire Department and the Knlghta of Columbua. The number of splrltusl offerings waa also vary large.. Among those noticed at the funeral were: A. J. Cawdren, Fire Chief Oraham. ' Jamea Vaughan. V. "X. Laderoute, Ji H, Lubjr. U R. O'Coa-nell, P. O'Connor, Thoa. Kealey, Dr. J. S. O. Olashan. P. D. McDonald, W., J. McCaffrey, Wm. Kearne, K, J. Daly, and many other. . '" The chief mourner ar twe alsttrs and on brother. Mary and Annie and Patrick Hogan, ail of II Somerset street. .- . , HENRY FORD SAYS SON WANTED TO FIGHT FOE Declares He Pentuded Him to Stay at Hone. Associated Free by t,aed Wire. MOUNT CLEMENS, Mich., July St. According to the teetlmony of Mr. rord today hie eon asosei wish ed to go to war. but waa dleauaded by hla father, Mr. Ford s attorney brought up tna auoject ot tne examination of Edeel Ford, which haa figured In tha recent speeches In the United States Beaate.-. . , . "Will yau etate whathsr your eon had become neoeaaary to tba work of yobr factory' when - the i Cnlted StatAi entered the war In order to reWeve you of the detail of it?" "We have women tog'ttner an nia life,? aald the wttneea, and declared that Kdael bad 'reached poaltlon where he waa a great relief to him In looking after the war work. "He personally waa willing lo go to warT"-, ...'-. . "Yea" - - r .. . "You felt you, needed him la tha factory?" "Yea." - . .'' '. ' ' . ..' "Waa he offered eornmlaalona In the army although be would atay-ln the factory r' ' . ......... : "Tea" , . ; ' " 1 "On wr workf" ';-"Yea. but ha declined them." I JDo you remember eeyllig iharront I oiu not care to see mm. wear a unl- form and appear to ha In the service -vehea-Tie waa aulualty-atiendln'g TO necessary war work In the faeloryT" -v Attorney Bteveneon aeked Mr Ford If he assumed all reapohalbiUty fnr hla can nnt enllsflne r Yea, I think X did." reniETtneT manufacturer. . Ha waa more oxefut ta vou in the factory r' - . .. ... . Yea." The"cR3ooaroriaagreed with yonf" lthln1t.ea.--f t. 0. DEPARTMENT UNAWARE o pF.THREATENED STRIKE Beyond a letter asking the Department for explanation, no notice of the threatened mail earrleni' atrlke In Toronto ba bean received nere. . : . , . ', The men demanded wage Increases and bo n usee, according to a despatch from Toronto. Their bonua haa already been granted, and will be paid ahortly. . t The wag Increaeea are' taken care et In the-claaalflcallon ef Ihe. Civil Service, which te lo cone before Parliament again at it next erosion. ONLT ONE WOMAN VOTES -SO FAR ON BEER AND WINE ' At- one-thirty o'clock . thle afternoon, the number of vote cast In Hull en the beer and wine queetlon amounted to SOS, -1 -The voting has aiackened up considerably, and Inter. eat m I he matter la at a low ebb. . The expectation by does follower of th voting I that th result will show that there will be nine vote east for beer and win id every one agalhet - '- r;W The alenry baa not taken any tn- teres! In the referendum, and Only one womaa. ita gone to-the-fo". If the voting doee not become brisker thle afteniAA the - ... etoeed, and tbjkeountlnc ef ballou eommcncedt . . . c. mr- aiDxrt T. RAT. , , Word haa been received la the elty i iew oeam at iapeer, allchlgan, oa July 11. of Sidney T. Orav fourth son of Ihe late Jamea LVOray. oi snurao, isue ana brother of Mm. Theenae RllloU. S Victorl Mreet. Ottawa. The deceased was well knowa In Ottawa, hla laat visit here being at Chrlatmaa. 1117. .While In the Capital with her husband. Mra. Gray euatalned a fraoture ot a hip and died last summer. Th Ut Mr. Orx fWU IllTllI lllll iss - RKACH PARIS FRIDAY". ' - PARIS. July tt. Th Bulgnrlah peace delegation, which left Sofia on July teih tor Parle at expected te arrive bar on Frldny. The delKga-tlon le travelling by way of Bucharest. - ', . . . MOST OF THE MINES STIIL INOPERATION Ceaeral Strike ef Cobalt Mitten r Expected Teday Howerer. Aaaocwird Pre by Leaacd V Ire. . COBALT, Ont., July tt. While moot ef ihe mines were still In op eration this morning, preparation had been made In expaotatlon tor a general strlks of miners today lo remove the maohlne and pumps from Ihe workings. At one property, about It, SOS of gltmee were allowed to run away. Th chief anxiety In th town thla morning waa over the water, light,. and atreet oar' systems. , No definite acrangem nt to aup-ply power for these utllltle had been made by the municipal heada VP to thla morning and many of tha cltlaana are stocking up with water anticipating at Wast a temporary ahortaga. -Tne mayor utnd raavee ef five municipalities aat until late laat night- without accomplishing anything and were In aesaloa again to- oay at tna aown nail. . The union officiate had not renlled thla morning to Senator Robertson's auggaatlon of a Conciliation Board. PAPER SHORTAGE CURBS BELA HUN x Far That Return He Caaiot Itiae New "Moaey." . rv Asaaelated Preaa by Leased Wire. .. VIKMNA.- Wedneoda-r- Jn! v ' J e Bsla Kun'a stock of print paper ie owinoiing, tnua limiting nie billboard campaign aaklng for confidence. and Interfering with the output of new money. The bride of Tibor . Bxamnely. who la the daughter of a prominent lawyer earned Uoeatnnj, haa been appointed directress of money presses. The lack of paper haa caused a discontinuance, ot the new laaue of Comtminlat noataee itsmna The few original thousand of these siampe nave oeea - taaea . up by etamp collectors. - . It Svlll be noted that' Use above deapatch waa filed In Vienna orlor to tha downfall of Bala Kun, Baam- ueiy, mentioned In Ihe deepatch. Is one ot the triumvirate which succeeded Bela Kun aa head of-the Budapest Soviet Government TROOPS SENT TO THE. .0D1REC0AL AREA Are For Ftetectioa of Nary Mea Workiog the Pumps, Aaaesaalid Pvese by I eaeed Wire. , LONDO.V, July tt. Troops were moved todey into the Yorkshire area affected by th coal atrlke. Sir Brio Oeddaa, the Oovsrnment's represent- auve. explained that the move was tor tne protection of the Navy men engaged In keeping the mini pump working. - i ...... . . ffKNIPEO P 0. MEN -AlUMAIRSESS AaaoeHatcd Preaa by teased Ware, Wl.V.VU't-aMan, JuJyty.. Repreeentatlves of the Postal Workers' Union appeared before th Robeon commlaalok today and mad a statement protecting agalnat th discrimination ehowa -by the Government la aot -relnautlng: the worker who had beea on atrlke. and also putting on tha record of the ' commission aa emphatic denial that th postal -workers. In declar ing tor tne sympathetic etrlke did eo to. support a movement for a Soviet form of government tn this city or for any reactionary . prin ciple oi aa unconstitutional - nature. . . ' - ... '; Th statement was mad by J. A. Elllck, general secretary of the Postal Workers' Union, who war supported by J. B. Johnson, one of the delegation who went to Ottawa, and W. J. Boyd, a member of tha executive of the union. Ernest Robinson, secretary for the Tradek and Labor Council of Winnipeg, alee appeared befor the commission and made a statement In which he condemned the -discrimination being shown by employ-era la Winnipeg Including the City of Winnipeg agalnat men who had held official poeltlone In the union before the strlks and wio had beea strikers. . . - Th . wltneasee - war cross-examined by c P. Wllsoa, K.C.. who la assisting Commissioner Robeon In' taking evidence. None of them. -however, were placed nn-der oath,. ' SONS FIND FATHER DEAD RESULT v GUN ACCIDENT Mr lyaaed Wire is Tha JoeamaL ORILLIA. OnL, Jalr It Alfred Ooea, a farmer, whose home waa at Baaa Lake, three aillee weet ef Orll-lla. eras accidentally ahot and killed esterdar- mornln. Hearlnc the report of a iran hla Iwn sons entered Ihe building end found their father Ijrin dead, with the iran suspended oa the wall by one nail. He evidently had been taklnc the ,aa down with the m oasis tr-aard him when It was llsslisiatfU. the shot enterlnr brr heert, - H waa MTmty:ah.e "year, f at. XOT niitIMTDr3 VK. MAX. Mr. Jamea Chllestl. of Oladetena avenae. la nol lha .. . Chlleotl, street railway employe, who appear, eo I Tollee Court oa Tueaaay. BANNED LTTERATUEE, JUDGE TELLS DUTIES REGISTRATION BOARD Makc-Dp f Couty Board For Rcfereiduo iianoanced. Th Voter' Baltratton Board, County of Carl ton, for th prohlbf-Uon rcfartadam met todar at the Court KpuM with the chairman, JudK Gunn, pri(llng. Tha other membera are: Sheriff Rlchardaon, Locat Haider John Blahop, Crown Attorney J. A. Ritchie, and City Registrar . Khher. Mr. T. A. Bu.-tMM waa appointed clerk - of the board, "' After the board had met. Judge Gunn Ueued an offlcial atatt?ment of their appointment and the dutlea oonneetei with rectstration. - It fallow: "Tha Votera Reclatratlon Board for the County of Carleton met at tha call ot- the hair man. Judge Ounn. at the Court Houae today In- atead of yeaterday becaua of Hia Honor abaenr at Metcalfa Division Court- The membera of the Board are Sheriff Rlchardaon. Locil Matter John Rlahop. Crown Attorney J. A. Ritchie, and City Registrar Mr. T. A. Burgeaa waa appointed clerk of the board. Hla office will ba la tha library annex, aeoond floor of the County Court Houae. All not-Icea, papera, documents and letters for the board or Its aecratary may ba left or directed there whera he can be aeen by those Intereated. The chief enumerators for tha city and oounry are required to Ala with tha chairman forthwith after appoint ment -the names and addreaaea of each enumerator appointed by them. bo that the datea for hold tna; courts or revision may be nxed without dehr.'""v tf" " ' " -- "Tha other dutlea of tha board are being carried Into effect I aa speedily aa tha law permit. Theaa will be: the dividing of tha differ ent electoral districts In tha county imo convenient aivisions for tne purpose of the revision of tha list in tha Several polling subdivisions: Laomlna; revising dicers and fixing ana places lor nomine; court. or revision; and outlining tha procedure to bo followed to carry the provisions of -the act Into effect and secure accurate votera' Hats, , Notice of the results wilt be published fully In due course.' CANADIAN SCORES AT B1SLL7 MATCHES Great Britain Lcadinf ia Two First Stages f Empire Mitco. B18I.ET CAMP. Julyil. For the Sewar Kuttlng Deer competition, Alexander scored II points and won one round. '-".'-' Clear, dry weather drevalled for lh Empire Mated in the afternoon. Pealtlona In th, 100 yarda ahoot are: Great Britain. T01; Australia. 7(; New Zealand, 117; Canada, ft!. Canadian scores were; Utton, 40; Rlchardaon. 45: Morrla, Martin. aad Balfour, !; Mclnnea, dli Ooodhouae. l;Har.--lMotal. at - yarda, 44t The mplre alatcb. scores ar .00 ataire showed the following scores: oreat Britain, 1.041; Australia. l.Olti Canada. 017: New Zealand. . - Indlrldunr scores and - arareaTate ecoree werel aforrla. 4a, ltt; Utlon. 44r-4t-Hay4 4. JlliJJcJnneeJ !U tzi; atartin, ai, -iz;-uairour, 44, 117: Good house, 41. 111:. Richard- son. e. 12. The match concludes tomorrow at lone rancee. FRANCE PLANS TO AID . o BELGIUM IN. METALS BRUSSELS, July t The. French Minister -of Commerce, M. elemen tal, ta eomlnff to Brnesel at an early date to.aecoHate a commercial oon- rentlon baaed eo a neullnrcical al' Uance between Belgium. France, and Luxemburg, and. free entrance ot - French wlnea. ' - Tha Belgium metal Industry. It la reported, will be constitutes into a trust, with a capital of 000,000,000 franca, the aim being to help reconatruetlon, and abolish competition. SASsUTUHEWAM ELECTIONS. REOntA, task.,' July IS.-C. it. amllton. Liberal, of McTaggart, waa elected by acolamatloa to the provincial eeat ef Weyburn. today. being the only candidate nominated. In-trre-byeleotlon of Felly, the candidate nominated were Mra' M. O. Rasnelend, Liberal, and Mr. .Whelan, a returnee eoiaier. 0 IN II ii . ' I I. HaSS3SgBS! Underwood rTypewriter Deliveries Not Affected by Striking Finishers at Hairtford Factory It Takes 41,000 Factory Employees to Supply the x Demand for '''..' ;.;;r,Underwood Typewriters f'.-" ' Phones Queen 192-969 TEN PERSONS If ERE SHOT AT THIS Oairs, Beer Bottles aej Tables -Aloe Used1 as Mioilo at K- ) Berlu'Catlterai. .. AUDIENCE TRIED" TO ' LYNCH MAN WITH GUN - - - i . Bcrna Papers bdlfMat Over Afair aad CaD k Practically Ciil War. v a Aafa4iji44 reaa f T,ased mire. BKRUN, July . Ten persous were ahot durinf disorders which at- i tended the breafclns up of Uatjor-Ity Socialist meelina by CommunUta and Spartacane here- yesterday. Those attend inc (V mtln- which waa net a in tne i-raaea union uuwa- i Inn, attempted to lynch: tha man who fired the shots. . but ha was saved -by hospital helpers who were in tne building. At countless me tines the Major ity Socialist apeakers cava up attempting to sorak after half an hour of shouting;, and (n the Tradea Union uulldlne;, where the biggest meeting was held, chairs, beer bottles. glasses and even tables were flung about In a successful attempt to break up the gathering. Made Counter Hpcccta. Tha agitator responsible for the uproar In .the trades' union building Jumped on tht stage while Erlsh Kuttner, editor of the Vorwaerta, waa apaaklng. and made a counter apeeeh. - . The ball Instantly waa transfer- re! Into a bedlam, which Increased aa the men .began to throw glaases ana eeise chairs with wnicn to belabor each other. Sudd-.;ly shots were fired. Some ten persona were wounded, including JJerr Kuttner. Tha audience tried to lynch the shooter, who also was save by the hospital helpers, Government troops had to iuell wordy rlota In other halls. , . MANY REBEL BANDS ARE OPERATING IN MEXICO Aasorlatrd Pre by Lraaeat Were.' WAHHtNOTO.V. July U. Twenty- fire distinct bands of rebels wltb a atrength of about ti.000 men, now are operating in Mexico, according to a tabulation which naa juat oeen publlahed In Ileilco City. Oppoaing them-. Carranaa Aaa a force Of about 00.0,0. which, howerer. la able to control little more lhan the railway lines with a narrow strip along the Pacific coast from Ouyamaa to Ran Blae and the territory around Tam- plco. The report asserts mere is a certain degree of co-operation between the arloua rebel forcee In the north, aa well as In the south. Villa .and Angela are ehown frith eTHbula- tlon to nave ,,loo men; -reur mas, 1. 100; Manuel Petaeaj-SiOOer-Land General Cantu 1.000. WILL CONVERT PRISON INTO NATIONAL MUSEUM AasoMlsitedfl Frew Leased Wire. WARSAW, Friday, July It (delayed).- The prison known aa VThe Tenti ravuien". win oa transformed inte a national museunu- Oen era! Joseph Pilsudsk), the chief of state, today guided a number of officer and representatives of - th1 authorities through . ..the . building which had been the scene of martyrdom of- Polish national Heroes. . General Pllsudakt showed the cell where ha himself waa In hrlaon. The visitors also had pointed out to them the gallows at tha foot of the citadel where tha Russians executed jfolca. - ' . 80MIKI.ff RETTRX. Returned eoldiera arriving from overseas on the -Montreal tralne at 11.41 a.m. and It. 10 p.m. todsy were: Major Wr Warne, Torontq. He weara tha lfle-lS atar and came from Enxlnd. onthe S.8.. Roya: Oeorae. -Thdiw others were:. Pte. J. YL McCorraack. til Mcleod atreet: woflffarnne: Cpt. Roberr Kinr. Renfrew, and sgt H. Parr.vaneon- rT-- Won. TIRKD l-OPIal Htnlarfi Aetd Ffcssphaf Is hsaeflaial tor navrD us tx- haastlon. Insomnia. Indlgtatlon and the many Ills so prevalent lit summer ame-"4i4res au,, ovtrw-orx worry. .A wholesome atimulant. " OtUwa'a Bmartcat Btwp For Womem. A Memorable Occasion A.rentarkabl, collection of Ladles' Charming Dresses In lha latest style and season's materials at one rlc. v $10.50 IN CANADAS . 11 -13,0 Connor St. ' ; :. IMward Grand, Jr, lVIanager r- ? t 98c "Shoe That In small alaea only in Patent Kid, Veleet, Suede,. White Caavaa. Blses 1 t t .. 3M 8park Stmt EXAMINATI0N MR. FORD WAS CONCLUDED. TODAY Associated Preaa by LeaaraV Wire.' liOUNT CLKMt.NH. Mich..' July SI. Examination of Henry Ford, who la aulng tha Chicago Ually Tribune for 11,000,000 on a charge of libel wae concluded today. II waa lha manufacturer a eighth day aa a witness. Alfred Lucking, his counsel, asked only a few minor questions and witness waa. turned over to Attorney Bievonaon. repre senting tne defendant. uo you mean oy any or your ro pllea to Mr. Lucking to change or qualify any of your olrect admissions to me?" aaked the Tribune lawyer. "No sir. anawarea tne witness. EMPIIUC -MATCH RESUMED. . . LONDON. July I The Empire match waa resumed today In null, windy weather. The aggregate cores at eight ana nine nunarea yarda, ten ahota, were: Ureal uniun, ,iea; j.uu4i, 1,111; New Zealand, 1,050; Canada, 1,040 - .,, The uanaojan lnamouai ecorea were: Morrla. 40, 41; utton, 4. ; Hay. 45, l: Mclnnea, 40, 10; Martin. 44. It: Balfour, 45. 4t; Ooodhouae, 44. tt;, Richardson. 41, 41. MIIS. UAUPE.IV IMPROVK8. Mr. Oallpeau. 155 Notre lame street. Hull, who waa hit by an automobile driven by Emtio Beauregard and who sustained a severe fraotnre of the right leg. la reported Improv ed. Mra Gallpeau waa crossing tha corner of Notre Daiaa and Victoria streets laat night when she saw the aatomoblle approaching. It la al leged that Instead oZ continuing over to the pavement Ihe woman turned and aa aha did eo waa struca oy tne MAT NOT SK.ND DELKUATEsT VANCOUVER. B.C.. July 1. II Is unlikely that tha Vancouver Tradea and Labor Counoll will eend delegatee to the annual Tradea and Labor congress of Canada, lo be held In Hamilton, Ont. The principle reason for thla la that the local Tradea and Labor council a losing Ha money toe other pi AN APOLOGY The" management of the IMPEEIAL - THEATRE wish to aolodxe to the hundreds . who were unable to gain admission Monday and Tuesday evenings to see "CHOOSING A WIFE", the production that Causes a sensation wherever shown. We would ask them to come again, but come to the matinees, If possible, and. avoid disappointment. We are showing it the entire week. The production is in seven parts, is both instructive and amusing and will be the talk of the city. Both sexes of all ages should not miss seeing it. ' ' ' . ' ' IMPERIAL "oomethint bettar. -Tna ball point concentrate the current ' ; and intenaifie the heat. . Youeabimr.botterars:,quick-' cr ignition- ana mora) complet com-- buatioii. anrjaava laooline. . fy:;: Sena price at all dealara; 90c. - : Mawtiat and arorhnsssajin full (oaeaa. ' . iwhter Wa Cloee At t pjm. , ". Belnrtlay. , , : $3.5(3 nt." Colonial! In Grey Kid, Brown Kid. Patent Colt and Black Kid. . Hlse I to 1. Kegular price tS.09 .ta $0-00, Hear Bank Btreat TWILIGHT FIELD MEET . KIWANLS PUYCROUND On Thursday, July . ft Twilight Field Meat will be held at the Klwanta Playground ' A programme of sports haa bten arranged' which includes l-leggod .races, socle races, J potato raoae In all series; There Hi also be two novelty stunts, a quarter mile dash, apple eating, and aenlor and intermediate quoits. Ona entry la to be made from each play ground, and the results Of these . events will be taken Into account in determining playground and.- Individual championships. The next meet 4Jl tnke place on Thursday, . July 11, at Plouffe Park. ' GUIIaldETT REMANDED. Wilfred Hector Gulllett. who haa several aliases, appeared befor ' Magistrate Ask with today on charge of obtaining money under' falsa pretences, Richard Faulkner, who la the plaintiff, atatea that Gull. iett purchased a buggy, hora and harness from him and In payment gave him a check for $t09. The amount ot the purchase came ta Jut and Faulkner gava him IS , change. The chick turned out to be worthleea and Gulllett waa arreeted. He waa remanded until July 10. STRIKE AT aUNGHTOX. JAMAICA. AswoseUtra PreM by lesawoj Wle. KINGSTON. Jamaica. July II. The entire locomotive suit of tha Jamaica Government Railway, numbering , want on strike today. The men are demanding an Increaae of U.M per can L In wigea. ' i . . - - . , BODIES JXJt'ND IS fiEUXn. MONTREAL July 31, Two UtUa naked bodies, apparently about one week old." -wTwfownda.avaewer mannoi n ins corner ok ener-brooke street west and Benny atreet by a cleaner thla morning. TOO LATE FOR CIdASMKlOATlON. Fbr GKNTLEMAN, IOOM AND hreskfsst In arlvats famll. een tral; wm of telephone, etc. Rte reacts ouroau 14-j TT 0 sf a.. 0 I u I ; -il I I -51 1 t t i t ie-5 ar S- J NT. I IB - lmiron ii . I " '

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