Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 2, 1957 · Page 14
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 14

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, December 2, 1957
Page 14
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Fourteen Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Cold Air Dips Into Florida; 40 Af Tampa Warming Trend East Of Mississippi; Cold In Dakota? By UNITED PRESS A cold air mass that" invaded the eastern half of the country during the weekend was confined to two widely separate sections today, northern Florida and New England. Tampa, Fla., registered an early morning low of 40, about 15 degrees cooler than at the same time Sunday. Elsewhere east of the Mississip, pi River, a warming. trend sent readings from 8 to 20 degrees higher than the: previous day. Nashville, Tenn., had a low today of 47 as compared with 27 the day before, and Fort Wayne had a low of 36 in contrast to its 16 Sunday morning. However, a new cold air mass knifed into the Dakotas today, dropping readings from 10 to 15 degrees throughout most of the area. The only major precipitation today was in the form of snow flurries in the Great Lakes and New England and a few rain showers in the Pacific Northwest. Most of the precipitation was light, and fair weather prevailed over the major portion of the nation. Fines Customers For 'Cussing'; To Aid New School CREVE COEUR, 111. CUP) — Any customer who "cusses" in Clovis Giovanetto's tavern has to contribute to a fund for a new Catholic school here at the rate of 10 cents per cuss word. Giovanetto said he had become alarmed recently at' the flow of profanity used by his customers, particularly so close to the Christmas season. So he posted a sign over his bar reading "No vulgar language allowed. Ten cents a word." Business has been booming, Giovanetto said, but he did not report how much he has collected. The first collections already have been turned over to the Rev. J.D. Shaughnessy, pastor of the Sacre Cpeur parish here, to be used in the church's school build. Ing fund. Giovanetto said, "Things had been getting out of hand, so we started collecting a dime a word. The first day we just went down $400,000,000 BRIDEGROOM— Texas oilman H. L. Hunt, 68. stands with, his new bride, i;he former Mrs. Ruth Wright, 36, in Dallas, Tex., after their marriage. Hunt is worth, say, $4.00,000,000. They had known each other for about 15 years, and she is a former Hunt employe. Hunt's'first wife died in May 1955. He has four sons and two dauehters. (International) Heartless New Yorkers Just Keep Rolling Along her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Howkinsor;, to Cedar Lake to visit Mr. Howkinson's parents. Rev. and Mrs. George Whipple and sons entertained a group of college students on Thanksgiving Day. A turkey dinner and carry-in supper was served at -the Christian church. Those present were Rev. and Mrs. Donald .Teagarden and two sons of Palestine, 111; Rev. and Mrs. Dick Flaner and two sons of Kokomo; Rev. and Mrs. Ray Lindley and three children of Oakford; Rev. Robert Powell, New Palatine; Rev. and Mrs. Floyd Councilman and family of near Huntington; and Rev. and Mrs. Ralph Helseth and three children of Wolcott. ... \ Mr. and Mrs. Opal Hopp and Mr. and Mrs. Orval Hopp of Kirklin were in Flora Wednesday to attend funeral .riles.for Thurman Wiles at the Christian church. •Misses Ruth.and Edith Hopp of Middle Point,. Ohio, spent Wednesday night with • their brother and wife, Mr. and Mrs.' Cecil Hopp, north of Flora, on Thanksgiving Day. They were guests in the home of Mrs. Emma Wiles. The Cub Scout den mothers will meet at the library clubroom on Dec. 2 in the afternoon. The evening of Dec. 11 is the time for the next Cub pack meeting at the Christian church. 'The CWF will hold their Christmas meeting the night of Dec. 5 in the home of Mrs. Nbla Finney. (-—~ There will be a gift exchange. ; •Mr. and Mrs. Russel Mochermanj and granddaughter of near Cutler, formerly of Flora, and Mr. and Mrs. Tom Murray and Tommy of near Winamac were among relatives who attended a family gathering on Thanksgiving Day in By DOC QUIGG [suddenly approached and asked United Press Staff Correspondent I you: "Where in Jersey am 1 the bar and took a dime from each customer. It helped.'* NEW YORK CUP)—Sometimes, around .this doughty burg, un accident happens which causes a foreigner from . some such place as Indiana to develop—and utter —th« off-base opinion that the town, is so stuffy that it doesn't even want to be loved. At such times, we don't feel so much muffed as hurt — terribly, terribly hurt. Howard Houghton, editor and publisher of the Huntington find.) Herald - Press, has come forth with an editorial about poor old New York City and its ingrown talent for being sadly misunderstood. He starts off this way; "Doc Quigg, who writes for the newspapers, is trying to make the rest of the country feel sorry I'or New York. It doesn't seem to bother him that New York has been described as just a big hick Six Students of Illinois College Hurt in Accident LINCOLN, 111. (UP)-Six MacMurray College students, five town. He' more or less accepts that, but he does seem to want us to believe that New York is very sad because it is misunderstood so very much." . Hoosiers Get Lost Then he recounts the harrowing tale of a Huntington couple who came to New York last summer search of romance and advcn- them from Indiana, were injured t ure _ or whatever it is that tour- Sunday night when their automobile struck the rear of a truck on 1J.S. 66 near the Logan-Sangamon County line. Injured, none seriously, were Thomas Ramsey, 20, South Bend, Ind., the driver; John Van Aman, 19, South Bend; Bill Williams, 19, Mishawaka, Ind.; Janet Michalsky, 19, and Barbara Drake, 18, South Bend, and Grace Wood, 19, Minneapolis, Minn. The truck was driven by Albert Leverson, 30, Chicago, who was not injured. WHO'S ON FIRST? GETTYSBURG, Pa. (UP)—Presidential Press Secretary James C. Hagerty told the big city reporters the President went out Sunday to look at four sides of beef. It went something like this: Q.—What's four sections of beef? Hagerty—Those are sections of beef that have been slaughtered and hung up for food. Q.—Four quarters? Hagerty—Quarters, sections — I don't know. I am a city boy. Q.—What did he do, take four and have them slaughtered? Q.—Four quarters then? That makes one. Hagerty—Half a steer — I don't know — maybe. Q.—Four sides? Hagerty—Sides, all right. Ists hanker for when they set out for Gotham. They drove as far as a motel on U.S. 22 in New Jersey, stayed the night, and took a bus next morning into New York. At the building where they boarded the bus, a sign said "Somerset Bus Terminal," and they took due note of that. They spent the day seeing the NKW York sights and at nightfall went to the ticket cage and asked lor two tickets to Somerset. "Yiss, what station?" the ticket nun replied. Told again, he said: "'Somerset is the bus line. What station do you want?" The visitor said, in that case — he didn't know. After some back and forth,, it dawned on the man from Indiana 'that he hot only didn't know where he came from, but he also didn't know where he'd left the family car and family luggage— except somewhere in the trackless wilds of Jersey. There ensued some frantic moments in which the couple were repulsed by the information desk and sundry scurrying New Yorkers in efforts to learn where they were from, Key Ends Panic After a period of panic, things turned out'' happily when the. viiii- tor found in his pocket the motel key with the town name on it. But does this accident of tourism from?" This incident may give you a small indication of what we have to put up with from the rest of the country. People come in here every day who not only don't know where they're from — they expect the bus drivers to smile, instead of snarling the way they do every day at.us New Yorkers. They expect taxi drivers to change the habit of a lifetime and refrain from hollering at them that they are stupid oafs. They are surprised when waiters are surly, salesgirls snooty, and a young man in a leather jacket takes' their money at switchblade point in Central Park. It's too much, really. We do, too, want to be loved. But we ain't gonna be sweet to nobody. The effort would kill us. Flora The Carroll County 4-H and FFA crop show will be held at the Delphi REMC auditorium from Dec. 18-21. Judging of exhibits will start Wednesday noon. All classes will be limited to 4-H and FFA members. The crop judging will be held on Thursday, Dec. 19. A crops' school for the public will be held on Friday, Dec. 20. At the school, Ralph Tyler, ASC office manager, will discuss ASC assistance to farmers. A Purdue extension specialist will discuss crop varieties, fertilizer practices, and low-cost grain handling methods. HOW n TAP* a? rit HOLIDAY SHIPMENTS " TAPINO AL FLAP Acmas CENTER. USf AT LEAVT 2" WlWc GUMMED TAPB WITH IV OVEHLAPOH SIDK5. EACH END, ONE- HALF Of TAPE ON SIDES AND ONE-HALF EXTENDED UP, HAVEA THREE OVERLAP BEYCND EACH CORNER, BEND ^. OVERLAP /iroUWD SIOES-HaNO FIRMLY PRESS POWN TO ADHERE To CARTON. .USE RAMP SPOUSE \ TO MOI5TEM TAPS. / PO NOT SOAK! . VfnH ITS 6LOSSY LEAVfS T ™r t CORAL BERRIES WAS A SACKED PLANTDfJWe SACK IDAHCJEHTMAH. Wf MtY USE LAUREL OK BAYLEAVES. CROWSfOOT Cia SMILAX. OR POTS OF POINSETTIA. BUT ALWAYS WE USE HOLLY TO SYMBOLIZE THE , SPIRIT OF CHftlSTMAS. MISTLETOE c/< »»«/:* m-w) fOUNP GROWIH6 OH OAK TREES WAS CONSIDERED SO SACRED TO THE DRUIDS THAT IT WAS HEVER ALLOWED TO TOUCH THE6RCVHR AT HEW YEARS THE I-ISH PRICSTCUT IT. fROM THE OAK WITH A OOLDEUSICKLE: TO BE -CAUGHT IN A WHITS CLOTH. ITS SUPPOSED MARVELLOUS POWERS Of fEALIHb SICKNESS. AVERTIHS MISFCRWHL /MJ PftlV,la7JM6 FERTILITYflNP PROSPERITY WELCOMED ITIIJ HUMBLE HOUSE. MAHOR OR CASTLE.TOBAY WE INHERIT THE MEMORY- OF THOUSANDS Of YEARS AHO KEEP ALIVE THE REVEREMCE. FOR THE 6OLOEN BOUGH. KNOT IMP Of STHONS TWINE LOOP COBP AROUND 6IRTH MAKE SIMPLE KNOT ANB •TRONG TWINE... op p ACK AGE,MAKE SLIP - - - — KNOT AND PULL TICfHT... PUU TO KEEP TWINE- TAUT AROUND PACKAGE,.. RUN TWINE AROUND LEN6TH Op BACKA&E, PULL TAUT... MAKE KNOT OM .BOTTOM 6RIM& TWINE BACH TO AS TWINE CROSSES LOOR ORI&INAL POINT ON Monday Evening, December 2, 1957. fie irons or vacuum cleaners;" he said. "Throughout our 24 - year his- TOO REALISTIC CARNIKE, England (UP) — Inhabitants of this Cornish village lory we've resisted passing out complained today that civil^ do- anything. In a way it helps the fense workers were too , , . , , , when they signalled the show a good deal because when | a housewife oomes up on our stage, she can feel relaxed and conversational. She knows she's not competing for anything." Inevitably, admits McNeill, the word "cornball" has been used by some critics to describe nib show. "But frankly I consider the word 'Corny' a compliment," said Me- Neiil. "By corny, I mean earthy American humor and if that's what the 'Breakfast Club' is, I'm delighted." HOW TO WRAP—The Railway Express Agency gives one and all, directions for wrapping Christmas packages. (International) the home of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hieliter at Camden. The family of Mrs. Claude Prills met Thanksgiving D'ay for a turkey dinner in tiie home of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Prittjs and family. Present were Mrs. Claude Pritts of Flora; Mr. and Mrs. Russell Pritts of Kalamazoo, Mich; Mr. and Mrs. John Robertson and r'a'mily of Indianapolis; Mr. and Mrs. Joe Pritts, Camden; Richard Pearson, Logansport; Miss Beverly Pritts and Marci'e Carson of Kokomo. Mr. and Mrs. Russell Prills of Kalamazoo are spending several days here with relatives. His mother, Mrs. Claude Prilts, will return home with them on Sunday for an indefinite visit. Rev. and Mrs. Donald Teagarden and sons of Palestine, 111. were guests Thursday of Rev. and-Mrs. George WMpple ami son. Max Snider, son of Mr. and Mrs. Junior Snider of Carrollton township, has been awarded a $25 savings bond for being one of seven state winners in the 4-H farm shop achievement competition, John Murray who entered the Home Hospital at Lafayette for back treatment has been returned to his home. Rev. Elbert Smith went to the home of his wife's parents in, Southern Indiana on Thanksgiving Day. Mrs. Smith and the family had been there visiling for several days. They will all return home the first of the week. The Flora Ministerial. Association and their families and a-few guests will meet at the Church of the Brethren on Monday night for their annual Christmas party and carry-in supper. Mr. and Mrs. Nola Finney attended a family gathering at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Gardner Martin near Burrows on Thanksgiving Day; 20 attended. Jan Howlcinson of Monticello is spending from Thursday to Sunday Marion Editor Back on Three Meals a Day MARION (UP)—Newspaper editor Paul D. Hillsamer was back on a three-mea!s-a-day schedule today, ending his 64-hour hunaer strike protesting plans to close the Grant County orphanage. Hillsamer quit a coffee and cigarette diet Saturday noon with a steak dinner. He quit eating Wednesday night, saying he wouldn't eat until his health was affected or the county council reversed a decision to abandon the children's home. Hillsamer said he felt "fine" jusi, before he resumed eating, and nobody on the council changed his mind. But he said "I have succeeded in focusing the attention of the people of Indiana on their action." "Whether I have been right, I don't know," he said. Don McNeill Gives Big Cheer for the Midwest NEW YORK ('UP) — Don McNeill roots is a performer who in the Midwest. He has also roots for it. Fo:r 24 years. McNeill has been almost as familiar a part of the American breakfast scene as burnt toast. He emcees radio's "Breakfast Club," a one - hour klatsch that ABN beams out of Chicago, a city of much wind and whistle. "I'm a Windy City man from complains that he's allergic to all your sponsors' products. "But it keeps things casual and relaxed—what, in television, they used to call the Chicago school. You remember the old Dave Gar- rc'way show out of Chicago — not much budget, but a lot of imagination. "Generally, I guess you could ssiy that's the opposite of the way Madison Ave. thinks. That's where everything must be a big produc- way back," said McNeill on a re-jtion. You know the kind of ap- cent visit to observe the natives' proach—where you can't present in Manhattan. "I don't t h i n k;a singer on TV unless you have at there's any doubt that one of the ' least four dancers moving around big reasons for 'Breakfast Club' kept it in Chicago. the sucess of : him." is that we've! Abhors Giveaway Show* Many daytime shows give away .... f ff JU ' " i...nw utivrrr^ ^IVC o vr dj "Ive had lots of offers over the g ifts to mern bers of the audience years to move to TV and' into. but it is a practice McNeil ab- New York, but I've resisted them: nors all. I have a home and roots in "We get an audience in to see than that—Chicago gives the show its flavor, it helps us stay close to the heart of this country." Launched Show In 1933 McNeill, born in Galena, 111., and raised in Sheboygan, Wis., launched the "Breakfast Club" on Jun.s 23, thousand 1933, more than breakfasts ago. six- The show, a mixture of music and chatter, has helped hatch such future stars as Johnny Desmond, Fibber McGee and Molly, the Merry Macs, Johnny Johnston, Betty Johnson, Alice Lon and Fran Allison. McNeill .also has featured just- plai:n-fo!ks kind of people on his show, a custom which adds juice to Elfairs, he feels. • "Anybody coming out of an audience onto a stage adds unpredictability to a show—and interest," said McNeill. "Of course, it can be .unnerving when you get an old fellow who slides into an off-color joke. Or when you get a kid on . stage, as we did, who DR. W. RAY DAVIS Your Chiropractor for 25 Years, Sayi: "Your Aches and Pains are a warning 1 ' of something more serious to follow. The wise person will have the cause of DIS-EASE corrected now. My method aligns the entire spine and restores the condition of health. 304'/2 4th St. (Over 'Central Drug Store) 4th Si. 'Entrance —PHONE 3365 ^ § I >PEN ALL DAY WEDNESDAY! AZLE CASH MARKET HO I C E 410 Broadway 5ATISFACTIO tUARANTE F with her grandparents Mr. and What would you think if you were Mrs. Nola Finney. On Sunday, she OPEN ALL DAY WEDNESDAY Read the Classified Ads :=_:• New Yorker and . a stranger and the Finneys will accompany COUPON ~ Good Tuesday & Wednesday .Dec. 3 and 4th BAZLEY FRESH CREAMERY BUTTER With Coupon Only PEN ALL DAY WEDNESDAY want to see our show. Not be c.iuse we're handing out free waf- 'Myers Greenhouse. Dial 3996. CRUSHED BY TRACTOR MULBERRY (UP) — Services were held here today for Harry Davi&on, who was crushed to dealh Friday in a farm tractor accident near Attica. Jim While Fire Insurance Ph. 2491 WINTER WONDERLAND BAZAAR Thursday, Dec. 5lh 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Montlccllo Presbyterian Church a civil defense exercise by touching off an explosion to simulate a "misguided" nuclear missile. The explosion shattered the windows of the post office, Methodist church, and the ceilings and windows of several private dwellings. It also scared the daylights out of the villagers. It's Cold Outside!! For your saving and comfort, call on us for prices on "Capitol" the finest and most competitive Aluminum Combination Doors and Windows.- Why pay more? Vou can't afford t« be without them— KOOL-VENT OF LOGANSPORT 511 Erie Phone 3650 RUBBER STAMPS Made In Our Own Plant 2-DAY DELIVERY CHRONICLE PH'NTING CO. 417 Market Ph. 4362 ORDER YOUR Personalized Christmas Cards QUICK SERVICE 50 for $1.95 and up Hallmark Cards "The most beautiful in the World" Exclusive with us. TIMBERLAKE'S CHICKEN ROYAL and POT PIE Deer Creek Presbyterian Church Wed., Dec. 4th—11:15 to 1Z:45 DICK & LILL'S BARBER SHOP Barbwing—M*n, V/omtn and Childr.n APPOINTMENTS TAKEN FOX TUESDAYS Open Fridayi 'till 7 p.m. Ph. 2302 TWO CHAIRS Take Tim* Out Front Christmas Shopping efax . . , • COFFEE • COKE • LUNCH at the CENTRAL DRUG SODA FOUNTAIN 4th at Broadway Card Of Thanks We express our thanks to Dr. Newciomb, St. Joseph Hospital Staff, Harrison Funeral Home, Hev. Russell Strong, Rev. Howard Western Methodist Church, Adsum Class of EUB Church, Business Men, Town Trustees, Knights of Pythias Lodge, Dale Fickle and Employees, friends, neighbors and others for their many acts of-kind-, r.ess, extended to us during th.» illness and loss of our beloved husband and father. Mrs. Pearl Pugh and Jim Mr. & Mrs. Don Pugh Mr. & Mrs. James Kitchell CHRISTMAS TREES Scotch Pine and Red Pine ALL MICHIGAN GROWN Large Scotch 'Pine For Churches and Business Houtet GIFT FRUIT BASKETS FOR CHRISTMAS Made To Order-All Orders Must Be In By December 23 Open Sunday and Daily 8 a. m. to 10 p. m. 17th STREET FRUIT MARKET 17th & Erie Ave. Plenty Free Parking Space Phone 4251 Sure CURE lor your Christmas Shopping Headache! (gift Certificate Drive-In Package Liquors fot metc/utndto cfyottt tobcUcn to AUTHORIZED BY. ~< <•".>/ $ Available for any specific merchandise or in any denomination. BISCHOFF'S IMPORTED CORDIALS ' In Beautiful Venetian Glass > from The Isle of Murano Available in Multiple Designs and Colors. • Open Daily 10 a. m. to 12 p. m. • UPSY DA SY-Senator Lyndon Johnson (D), Texas, chairman of the preparedness subcommittee, Uhes a look in Washington at . model of the U. S. earth satellite which is scheduled to be launched «oon by Project Vanguard. , tnternattonai aounapnoioj EACH DECANTER .: is a Collectors Item Of Exquisite Beauty. IRRMft DRIVE-INN PACKAGE LIQUORS U.S. 24 AT WFSI L'INOEM AVE U. S. 24 and West Linden Ave. Phone 21162

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