The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 9, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 9, 1931
Page 6
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six NKV.'S SATURDAY. MAY ;>. l< U BRUSHING UP SPORTS Local Independents l:.asy j Victims of Fast Semi-Pro | Team From Osccola. The Blytheville Red .Sox, re- ccr.tly oveanizcd independent team, treir first 'apiwaraiu'c b:-j fore the home fans j e.sterday; against the Osceola Indians and! were decisively walloped by thel fast semi-pro ctub from the smith j end of the county. The score was 12-to 4. . The Hose made a ball game of the contest for n l:w inn!n::s but after that it was Oscecla's all llr; way. The visitors got to Ihe of- fe[ln°s of Monk Wright for '21 safe blows including three home runs. However, Wright pitched creditable ball until his support became more than weak. Tiie niy- tlievillc boys did some fair Ivltlns themselves with 10 safeties but . could nol match the slusgin; ol .the visitors. Galdwcll, Foreman, Lowrance and Howerlon wielded the heavy b.its for the visitors with Senton Helling the longest hit cf the day on-his horn; run. Caldwell nnd Foreman also hit homers. Abernathy was the only Sox to get more than one hit. Happy Foreman, general utility nee of the Indians, started Ihe second inning with Ihe Mrs! scare of tlKt game. Foreman caught one ol Wright's fast balls and poled It into deep right field for the Initial inn of the game The Sox evened it lip in their half of Ihe second stanza when Phillips, Jenkins and Abernathy singled in a row. In Ihe third the visitors went Into the lead when Tarver singled air.! counted on Caldv,ell's base hit. The ; second run of the Inning was counted when T-owrance pushed Cntdwell over with another single. Sox Count in Fourth .. Blythevllle went scoreless in the third but forged ahead with a three run flurry in [lie fourth. KcM started with n triple to deep left field. Phillips walked and Aber- rialhy stapled. Erby Ledbetler followed suit but Abcrnnlhy was caught stretching his hit. lures 'scored I^dbetter with a hard double. The Indians tallied twice In the fifth Inning. Caldwell got aboard • with n single and Ixnvrance shoved him across with a two base clout. Foreman nokcri n double to center scoring Lowrance Taylor singled but was left stranded with URVEY ni;:.. 1 .- v.O' li.ivo .sent lo Haili. \7:i.v h :v:-:ri s.-mo of l!i» '. !• I i-.iph.T-ui/s l>.-::n ii':lo u do a; | -The While King of La aoiuv;" '; :s pui!lis:fd by noLblcilay. Derail ! and Co., and sells ta $1.03. '.: faille RcMs Phillies| W Fhnxl Slraichl Time Other Games off. lli-iri" tMrnliinrjIiim to rehash his recent scrap with • Wilh an . IJ.sho;) Miiiinlif.; of New York. Intelligent Account of l'.>'- II""' \ '•'•"'>" you may thlnX yju fall of Hi'- Aux'.ri.m;ili-v - i r' »v.' u'co::t Ira! famous c-ncoun- Jmlgc l.linbty TVII-, c: 1 I! ii Men- ' ler; H Is my noiion lint Jn:k-> vcr Court. nv HEci.'ci; cArroN NEA Servk-r Wiili-r "The Pnrc In Ileail." by F-a: 1 , '.WerfeX is about as line a n-.YL'l iis yen are likely lo cncuunirr -.ill yi-av Like must firs'.-L; J .'.O br»k-., :: i scveial things in one. that c:!'.y | To 1]e , in °,,- u ,, „ [iH'lofr.i'iH rc.u/trr v^iU-h bfTil n hi i:;;Abcf> t') m:i pr 1: h'! ih:> v.-fuL t :nth:u-'d ti'i.lay wit)) Ihf rf i J • i i u ijc^ui Aim, i; is •- i-i-- j three panics were played micer Ihe | t( ,, 1(icl . IK .J^ W I O ., ]CA ] ,....,•,;; ,,f •'•••• lops , _ . FerdiiiHiiU. sen cf an Aiiiirian Jinny lie Clt\ciami IJiLhan, n>*. l.; Ir | o M ccr orphaned as a c'.<iIJ. e:"v.-.ton He:l Sox, II f: 4 .11 CMr-vi'.a id. ' Li:i(l:=cy- do« hnnsolf sm-jil survive• by the treatment he nives II in his I boo^. It v.ould It; a b'l'.er b;»:-t if i Uiai uait hal bjen omitted. Thai, lioivcvcr .is a minor nMt- ler. As u whole, liie bo;!: is a we!!- SOME i nr.TKf'nvK SIOKM;S Lovers of jmrt.'iy navels will fui lh? IC:l:n''i:i;; 'Aovih roi'.llti-: "A'jv.K trie Munis.- of t;-,,> P!-, •/ /• Mississippi Cbunly Plays Baseball Legally Sunday Sunday bas-b.ill will he plnye-t i n UK; Mississippi county league Ihrouahoul Mississippi county lo- j ihe follo^ln^ (tunics uill be played, as in the past but for the i Kkron at llmiuindale. Liiljs nt i [li.^t liini! in many years wlili lejnl LRUe River. liunietle at Holbc-rl j approval. Voters of the county Lane! nt IVH. liijhtowf-r' a srecinl eteclicn Tuesday relumed lit Yarbro. 'Ihe unmplotc sched- a six to one vote In favor of i:tal- ; ule will be rclcar-ed Monday. r/in'4 tiie Sabbalh iiasthne. : The Trumann t-ram which plays The lllythcvilli; Rrd Sax will! ;]i? Hed Sox here lomerrow has 'n meet the 'ir.miann, Ark., nine hero it linley F3el<l. |itpul3llo!i for fan ball, according 'to Jolni Smith, manager ii^ ten teams of tire Mississippi of tVe local tali nirar^ntloii. Tlic Ci.unf; baseball league, an ama-' Eox lost to Ihe Osceola Indians, teur ball Icon, will o;:en Ihclr sm- • jnobably the best t<am In liils r.rc- lon's schedule tomorrow with game;; „„„ of ,, . , , Foreman when Tale grounded out a', five bmull communi'.ics In llu yesterday Mcmpliis Speedboats To Race al Bariicld MEMPHIS, May n IUP) — Four Memphis outboard speed beat cn'.husliist.s will take their boats lo iilytheville tomorrow to npct? in races on the Mlo- dr.slppl 11! liartlcld, near Bly- tlicvllk'. 'Ihey arc Knssell Hardwick. with the K-liO, Marvin Davis, with DIL- K-65. Charley Osterbrink, with Dixie Kid III., and Charles Onl!cr. with Nlze Baby. .s l-'i [•!•;!! wen ';iit l:i t::^ 1 first inn with a ::f;rc :i/!ii and !i?in v.h.i fo!ln\vo'l him. '.'.'ai credited .111': tiie Ura. V,jc:e was t'.:e nii:-( liiirlcr. 'in: Tlsi'is jmtiix'il o.i lo t.nt a win oier ihe Wai'iln;- t:)n .Senalors. H lo '2. The Timers IniiKhed their nine hils wi'.ii bel- (• r luck t ban'(-id the SeiuDrs. !:ilo':.ill \ !h^ wl'.u'.iny h'.irlcr. Wi'.h the i^ieran Jne Shiute in lip box tin- T!.'(."!:!y:i Dodgers c'e- fcafi'd tlio Phillies at Philadelphia y:-;'.ordiiy, -1 lo n. Quinn relieved Slrmtc in the ninth lo nip a rally. A double by Frederick in Ihe fourth dn:v.' m Ihrre Kibin The noJ^ers got four hils oil Holen but his wildncss proved his downfal!. The Pr.iladelphia-Sl.. Loui^ (jam? ai:'l the Chiciiyo-Now York game in Die Americnn league and the S:. l.oiiLs-PHlsbui'Rli Ki'in? in the N:i::i'niLl loop v:ere raincJ out. to lonely manhoo:! in |rc- Vienna. csri'ins wi"i '•''' "if:;'.!' 1 .!'i Ihrou^h'.nl Ihe World W-ir. ju'n-! iip Hie dual mctmchy and •.'.in:i-' doctor nn a. .\!e;lit.Tra.r:i'i ii2 ; .v-n-| for liner. It is n!so n .study of Ferdinand';. , niirsp. Rarb:ir.i Ihe "ir.ire in hr.i::.' j a woman \vho ins a 5er;-:;iiv. a fi- . delily nu;l. truly, a pmily cf I-.:'irt thai, are nol of this w:::d. a w >man \vln:n ii'.'i:lr.'r "--ar """ r?vc- j lutinn nor any earthly cis.i;);>3:nt- ! incut can shake. I In addition. It is a vciy excellent , depiction cf ihe old Ait,'.yo-Hungarian society, a ^raplii; 1 povtrayal of thai society's dn\vnri!i. and an' Intelligent summary c:f an 1m- \ iwrtant asjject oi Enrcpejn L'ivillr.i- lion. In oilier words, i; i.s :: boDk o' major proporlinns. The Austrian e::ip:r» ihv. this T'XHJfytift J $k$) >'«& ^,f^ W ^•*> Y& .-/* 1 Worrell, aiilbnr of "Tho in Heart." r.->:ic!!".l ri'h:'.^! of Ihe Ilall-Miiti Ica-e. with ti'.e snr nil" nhiyed by bin. T hi'i;i, a erca: .'.-5 ;:pr>:;:i- : ' T.~e Hynox M'.irdcr Myv.cry," by F:.i!ip MauDo:la::l iC:i::l" C:Ub;- v :;i ViMih cf :>. I. in lr,:i finmeir-. vvlt'.i an txi raordjnriril/ c!:!>ivo 1 "Tiie D:ilh 1'col," bv V?:nan L~- jder <Willii:ni M.rro'v f.'ul Co.; •:.•'. Three corps"? in a pr-::! on a :-.i i- clsui F?;'.°bUi estate, '.nth a fi'o (<;.i:ili:lr'i« a-, chief smpect. D;-.l he. or cidr.'t l:c? Ji^t try to HSU.V it on'.! "An End (o Mirth," by Em Am?.5 Williams ilJ. V. Dutton: $21. A nn- vi" ; lar :n'ls don~ in rtivl a ]ni';r.i-" V?!;>> S.TO; the murderc-H. En- I^Maii:'.^. bill no'. n«ite n;i l-> Mr. < "Clo'.vr.s nn;l Crimlinls." by K Piiillili: O;i]i?r.licini "Li:lie. and Co.: S250). Five Op.>:n:i?r:i yarns !;i one bDo!;. Need I say mo;.»V balanced account of a very! Hen . AsSliniPS Nursemaid's fiyiit for intelligence and duc:'r.L-y. If, perchanee, you are in'.f< r-jMnl j in these things, you'll find Ihe 'o: well worth your money. Role Toward Kittens I back describes eo:i' .\iiii"! self lh» rlcnu'iiis of i:i ov:i destruction. They b",:o:uo vi.=iljl.' aqnin and a^ain; in (I 1 , (he war, in Ibe 1 hc-ad(|u:iriers of Ihe ^rn^rals, in : the cafes cf Vicnnn. A:]'! at las 1 .! v. p e TCP Itie en'.n'.re's do'.vnfi!!—i .do'A-nfull thai rri^ic 1 mt b^cis'.re of ia wild whirlwind o: riiman anto:;- HO\V A lIAItlNi: WAS KING O1' ,VV ISIiANIJ CANON CITY. Cr>lo. ICi'l—A Cancn City tabby cat i.s enjoy;: 1 .'; (he luxury of a nurdsiiuid lor I;:. "The Whilcijjiivs of. La Oonm'i 1 ," The l:if.e:is ivcre barn in r,: • written by FaiiStin Wirkus in col- : nb-xn'oi'-d 1'e'i'? n"-i W-e'i i ; -i "nrly d.ivs ol j i abOT:>Ucm witll Tar.ey Dudley, tcKs | 1P;) lii^nveiTd the n-.v .-rcup.r,;'. •!ic.!p<!. 111 the; now wirkL-s. as sergeant of Unit:(' jof i!^ isrsi. she !i:w in. ilufml cu '" """"'"'* '".Stales marine 1 .-, was appointed t.i' ] le r 1 .;- anj IKJIU lo mother '.!:i i the military command of :•.! • ; ; ;ti •;;«.' cd;lly ciio,:2h, '.vlirn :!•. I lEland oil the coast of Haiti, and m'j'.'.:or i-j; v.;n in i'ir> n» = i. t;-j I how. by exercising ordinary go:d obPcin'j biddy s'.re:-;!ie-.l lier v.i;i; i sense and tact, he mads the lu- -sntTicientlv :o ir.r:i;:!e her. obblcs Beat Marines R c - °" i " ms ; b "l, c!liM % b - l ! : " nf n l"«^ « 3 ard him so mini-, n . . . .jreneiai. ai.-i^.\.'.:hn. .0 i,i.n-'ss l they tried to FCC in him t mild I' 1 II C niching; i". nrt n f« Ink of C3he-! incarnation of Chicks Lose to Pels. ' S '°-' tl:;U tho re- a lon»-:lei:l l:in.:. The book is a goad sidelight Yet it is not only Austria iiiat is j the American occupation of Haili. (condemned. II is Europe as we!!, wirkus saw plrniy ons incrcas- iWe in Amerio.i h.ive hr.irri n <;oo.-l : [) lc Haitian junijle bc - ot ar.ic:i Seaton crashed n homer to deep right firtd, a prcdisous blow, in the sixtli with Howcrton aboard to increase Ihe Indians' margin. In the eighth the Indians concentrated their attack on Wrleht. Ttatc started it with a single but was caught off base. Howoton and . Tnrvcr singled in succession. Seaton was out and with two down Caldwell rede a fast one for four bases. Lowrance doubled and : Smead arid Foreman singled but Foreman went out off base. The final tally came in the ninth when Taylor doubled and counted on Tote's two base blow. Howcrton singled but Tarver and Seaton went out. A fair size crowd turned out to the, game which started after n delay of thirty minutes past, the announced game time. Rain Mirea tened to spoil the game several times but the showers held off Al! K II JOimly will also have Sinalny base- ! 5 ball. " | wi sh tea they dumped it in Boston larbar. British golfers mlcht hold a Gathering al Liverpool and dump a ro'ipl" of crates of the pesky p>lets into the riv:r. Just as a pro- esl. Ohio is apAin to be the scene of i heavyweight champloiuOiiu ntzht.j I,(1W he first since Dempsey taimred i O. Ledbetter ss Brogdon 2b Acock 2b Reed Ib Phillips c Jenkins rf Abernathy If E. Ledbetter 3b Hires cf Wright p xThrasher ZMarlow .Totals 5 0 2 0 2 0 4 1 2 2 4 0 4. 0 3 1 3 0 200 1 0 1 000 :ount.v. The laiijcr lowns In the but have liijh h<vx>s of doln-' bet asainsl Tnimann. The Rame | l sl.irl at. i o'clock. as 'ifis STARS , Ptoy it- /VPT Kh F..VZ HOW STAND The Tiirmiti'litim Barons incrcas-|V/e in America h.ive hr.irri n <;oo.-l i [) lc Haitian jungle bcfm-s goinj ed their marqin in the Southern Idea! about tbe siincrinrilv of F-irn- j i a oonivc. and he tell-, cf l.eai;i!c chaj? Friday by bc.itim: thejpeans culture, nt hi": Ilerr Worfe:! ft good, readable stvle. T.-j bes: Lookouts as Die second p'.ace Chicks prcsDiils il ir. a dillorenl Hijlit and . part, however, is tliat whicli ;l3als to-nk a dive before Ihe Pel allack.; lels one belicv? K it :s de- i with his activities as an auniinis- nii'mhiyham used lh::r b.ils for | dining, as 'hey s.iy it Is, one rtee:l j trator. Hie right purpose in trimming (be J not mciirn. | One finishes tbn beek v.ith t!:c Lr.oknuts at Birmingham. 8 lo 3.] plcaso den 1 ', think, thoutch. ti;at! thought lhat administering a dp- jTl:-j liarons got IF, bin-les while the | this bdiik is a hi^torir-il or s:o?io-' pendency suc'.i ,o«a learn (jot 13 oir Rsvy trealis?. II is. nr'.t onl .. ' Caldwell bu;, didn't hit 'cm in t;-.e; a novel—an ii:v.Miiimon!y gold o:i". sec i Pinches. | A kce ,, h-.tcilisence is apparent o-.ijiin The Birds flnisl-.ed .strong al- N'ov 7 1 every ])3?e. Oileans to beat the Memphh 1 "T]ii- Pure ill Henri" ii pi v bli^r Chicks, 8 to 6. Hie visitors wen! in- jbv Simon and Chiller nt SS. 71 'I he owners of the pots, in an mouJ. n:ov<vl l':e ea: and iier babies t:> anntiier bulldin'r. Tlv lien soon discovered her charges and resumed her supervision. I'rsfs (lost Farmers Huge Rum NttV YORK, i UP) — Anicr;ra fr.:;ner';- lo;: SG'37.C-oa.G01 throuj'L 1 '. 1 il'.e ' c!cst:wtif)n of growir.x Ci-op; 1-y' ln-:ect pests in IH30. acrnrJinj :D the American Research Fcu:i(l-i- .1:011. Tne cunt of n::\in[u : nL::p dr- Ilaili may not' ; , ruc ; he j,. LSec . ls 011 ih; , „,.,,.,-, be quite such s diHicul'. job as i: •; American f:nm nnioimicd to S'ni seems. V/irkus, an urdinary ma- seigcant. m^ie a record thir ier i'.s inmianity. iu fairness i isc yrar. the Foundation estimates. The In-js Sr-.m crop de r trn::ion ii :hi v;.riciis states vang;c;l ail the S-iS.OCO.OilC in T:>:H3, to !o the le.iti in Ihe t'.'iiui innintj an:! the Mav choice of the Book Lea'ju: i of JCFS - Wiilard nrour.d at To'.edo. | ��I. 11 years aso. IjOt.s o! ! Why dianup-s in It years! D.'snnscy, • ""• a rofcree. is Ihrouih witli fi?htin3. ' W'llnrd. a real estate operator in ' I nirmlngham • Memphis'.le Hock Atlanta j Nashville ' BLOW BKSTiNcw Orleans .... SHOT I Mobile Itrrp Ilir rlnli low and i Cha!t!\noo;a the ground at Ihe start of [ ckbwinir? ' I National Southern League W. I,. 10 8 13 n 10 II 12 U 11 in 7 PC' .007 .512 .524 execute a gooil golf sliot, Lcs An^elc?, is through with light- : H-e club must hit the ball a fr. too. ! sutnpitr: blow There will te no Tex Rickard to isillco l ' lc clll! ' head must come wntch crowds pouilnt; Inlo (hr hu^e dcwn in the sa:-,ie urc In which It SI. Louis .. j Mew York directly behind It.' Chii-ago ... 1 lioslon Piltshm-Rh new stadium al Cleveland on the, tovs b^ck to Ihe (op of th; back-! Philadelphia. Caldwclt rf Lovrrance If Smead 2b Foreman Ib Taylor 3b Tate ss Howerton cf Tarver c Seaton p 33 4 10 AR u II 533 4 2 5' 0 4 1 5 1 5 0 5 2 5 2 5 1 I Totals 43 12 21 x batted for E. Ledbetter in ninth. z batted for Hires in ninth. Umpires—Kramer and Biill'.r. ntehl of .luly 3. nnd to exclaim! "Never reed nuthlu' like It!" Instead of the plclnresiiue wood-, en cctacon. filKl will: Ihe rumb'.e of the thousand'; of frel. n p.indT- j ous bowl of slerl and concrete v.-iil: house the spectacle Ibis year. Illffrrcnl. Cast Insfad of a lithe vomit; liji-r from Colorado nnd a pian: from Kansas there will be a slim yomiR Georgian pitted against the su'arlliv nrrman chanipir.n win won his" wrrld title throiich a foul. ; How different nre the condition-.'. tro! in that tlav. lioxiir: was just ' on Ihe threshold rf a Iroinenthm nvival Will.ird had won Ihe title i frrm Jack Johnson under a hot Havana sun. Dcmpscv. the Man Manl r er. had just be^im to reveal the oower of l-.h terrific attack. The tbcu'ands of ft>ht Wlaivcrs Demn- I rry was lo tbrill in his battles with Br-nmn. Fir|X>. Tunnev and 111" nth"rs. were 'u^t b:2innini to s'n-e lha'. the brov.-n baltier al Toledo was one of the mightleil rhampinns Ihe pri» rin; hid ever kr.own. ROLWO 1 Rrcnklyn W. 13 12 11 11 . 9 . 7 . 7 tim u.s- WALKEQ COP TE«V IN 050, IS A FIRrt TAKING THE CLU8 BACK. LOW >W CL056 TO "WE Cincinnati 2 American League \V. ! Clcvi'bud 12 New York 11 Phil.v.elphia !> 12 Wa=h'.:istcn 10 Chic.i;j fl ~i'\ 7 St. I,Mils 6 held it until the seventh whe.i th? Pels hopped on GrifFm for five runs in two innings. jjvnnr. I.TNnSF.Y TELLS OF Old Eddie Barnabe let the Mo-i irts I-Tr.HT I-'OIl DF.CF.N'CY bile Marines down with four hits Tl:"re ousht to be a ra'.rer larze .and the Pebbles won a shutout- vie- aMdiFiico for "The Dangerous Life." i lory over the Marines. 2 lo 0. Burns! written by Ju-:he Ben B. Lindsay j hurled good ball for Mobile but' ( ,-i!!i (he col!a!:iration of Rube ^1 could not match the performance , lioronch nnd p-.iblished bv Horace of Barnabe. French of the Pebs got ' Liverrieht. Inc.. at $:i. In it the thrci! hils - ! famous Denver jurist recounts the Tlle Crackers hit the offering* i sory of his r.nsmificcm .iuvenib •=•=- of Willis for 12 safeties and won | cour i wor i : . tp )i in!: ho ., v ^ human- 500.° VDr " 1C Nns!lvirllp Vn!s al Atlanta, ijjOTi v.-lint hart been one of Ameri- -^'-hil:.' oil Jlfsscn?cr and Gregory, icxnlainin-rr in delail. thr--fTect that J1 ' 1 | of the Crax homered. jorihwry human kindi-.-s and com! lmr)3i ha-j on Ihe lives of way- pet WLW Announcer Studies r ard fbi!(lrm 813 r* M LI T ' T' 1 - 1 * part cf the book is as in- .M7 TOT Wat'olc 1 OUrnament • splrins and fine as anything von 047 | will sen iii a lone w'.:ile. UnforUm- .575 CINCINNATI. O. (OP)—Robert | al -'V- Jll[i -^ Lir.d=cy i.s an iinms- .450 Brown, announcer for radio station ] S;PI!(II! fighter, and hi? c~:nha:ivr- .389 WLW here, has been "reading iro' i' 1(lss B e!s IIlc b -" t ' r of him toward! .WS'on the rules of Kir.ger lately. ' ! t!lc clld °- tllc b ~r'*- a ™' induces! .118] Ringer will be the official game ! of tbe city championship marble i tournament to be held here Ji;w G. P:- ! Station WLW will broadcast ihe .GOO ^ final games and Brown will be at .S7;" 1 ] the microphone givinj m.irKe .n03 shooters a "shot by shot" descriji- .fik" '' iion of t!ie event. .-IT*:; Winner of the city c'namp:oir-hip .-Kl.will go to Ocean Cily. N'. J.. l!ie .K i'last week in June to take'par; ir. jThe. IMiraelc Picture is her ay torn: of the diplomats an:! ad- i <- 23f , coo in Rhode island. MM^ RITZ THEATER HOMETiffiATRE I,aGl Time Today Tom Tyler in 'A Rider of the Plains' Last Time Today Wallace Beery in 'Secret Six' Creator than in the " IIOUKC'". .M;iiineo—10 iintl 30c. t—10 and 3iip. SunJay and Monday Clara Bow Soi'ip.l—"Inilian.s arc Coniimj" No, 11 ami Cartoon. Adin.—Alatineo and Niofbt— 10 and 25c. R1T7 TO ATP Tuesday. Wcdr.psilny and Thursd.iv Kick In' Her LatiiKl Picture—and iior bcsl one. Sunday and Monday Mary As tor • in 'Office Wives' Matinee—10, 25 and '10c. i Adm.—Matinee and Xight-j '\ Ni^lit—15 and 'iOc. | iQ and 2oc. ilie national marble Icurr.anier.'. IM1SK HAS CLOCK SI'RlSTi JOiiXSON CITY. Teilll. 'Ui'i A fiiriy.7 which emits wa'.er for sr\- er. iiilnuios and then goes dry i- SI'V-.T. minutes, thereafter civil fc:lh vale;' again, is one of t k« of nature to be seen in :' 'it Smoky ^folUlta!ll Na'.Si;: P.irk. I Carriers Find Census Slmrlav EDFXTON 1 , N. C. (UP)—Mail - carriers of E:l!'n:on have nr.covr i '- cd a discrepancy of more than 501 ; persons in the ci;y for 1S30, wh!c'.i i- officially siio-.ved ^.536. wlierea? they n assert it really should be 4.037. Of- j '1 ficials are cnnsiderin? application! for a recount. The greatest of lures! suing, it is essential thai ll-.r c!ub head rj» hark closo n 11; • tiround. Tills is the flm d;-p.n-.- pcntls men: ot the proper pivo: .n;d 113 'Xin-: ha-- fn'.lcn upon evil I SJ'f" <=»" P ivot coirertlv. by Tea anrt Golf Balls British golfers who have bee: trylns for the Ryder Cup lean that comes to America in early summer for jousts with the Amcri cans have found trouble controllin the new lighter-larger golf ball on their native links^ A slid zephyr from the sea, say they, sends the ball In strange directions, willy- nilly. The British should take a lesson from early American history.! 03&0,000.(WO for WtKM P»« «filAHt|t<i llrth't 1tl» *W*-1 Much Drpcmls Xou 1 bo: days. flghfs and an epidemic of fouls and setups have disgusted the fans whn u<r-d lo y In nemoscy's rrcatncsj. Rac- feeterrs. chiselers an^ mu-cle-men have seized the panic, twisie:! it to j their own profitable de-signs and I caused It to be looked upon In the light of n racket—as much of a racket as beer rimninc. Much depends upnn the fichl at' Cleveland. Gchmclinz ai-.d ?lrib- •in? can make or bfak bosin; by the conduct of the ba'.tlo. If ihe I nffair is a frost, it w:-l freeze the business of f.stioufTs .-.'.iff a:id raid. If it Ls a crfat it \\ili do . much to bring boxing bach. Automobile ownets pay faso'.ir.c taxes of S500.000.000 a year In quickly lining the club h r.-.!. MONHAV — Why iimst risis l>c avoided in Ibr GAM1ESTODAY Southern I.racur Memphis r.t New Orleans. Cliattanocga at llirminr.l',A!r,. Lit!'.- 1 liock at Jlobl'.i-. Nailivilk at Atlanta. Anifrkan i.casue New Ycrk at Chir.iao. Philadelphia at SI. i.f.ii.v V/aslilngto:i at Uclrnit. Boslou at Cleveland. National ths Unlled Slatrs. in aridition lo j Brocklyn at Philadelphia. iTgiMratiiin and i SI. Louis at Pillsbm ,h. Bt No-*- York. i BALL Blythevillc SUNDAY, MAY 10th Haley Field Blytheville vs. Trumann Kc-d SUN IndenendcnU Truniaiin lias -, ;' : , S | \ M \\ c \ u ] } , Tiie Local Twin will IK' --;in:t.-',;.i nod for tiie jranis; Suinlny. Coino out ami ,- 1T : .,, ; - : ,. f ns t ij ; i||. Game Called 3 O'clock A Beautiful I.ove Story sweeping through an nrtia 1 '.- (li'iinia of a savage workl in ( u mini uv u m i! t 'n any language/ Cherry & Railroad Phone 123 Only .2 Show- Daily — 2 o'clock Ailm. — 25 and 50e.. Chicago Mill ^ Lumber Corporation Cri'dvcn— All on Mat- — Admitted for 25c. — 50e To All Time— 8 O'clnek.

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