Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 2, 1957 · Page 9
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 9

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, December 2, 1957
Page 9
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Monday Evening, December 2, 1957. Ann Landers Fiance Irked At Family's Commercialism of Wedding Dear Ann: I've had the shocklphy. Eventually you'd have'to set of my life and must check my! the record straight and if you reaction with a sensible person. ]wait it will look as if you've been Maybe I'm the one who is cracked. I mlsrepresentating. My girl friend's parents are|' Perhaps if you were more ju- planning a big wedding. I don't <HCJOU,S in your selection of gentle- object to this, hut the way they man friends you wouldn't wind up are issuing invitations is making with so many 30-handed jerks. me ill. They have a ledger book in which they've xept track of all the wedding, baby and anniversary gifts they've sent in the past 10 years. Each gift is described and the amount spent has been carefully recorded. They are inviting people they haven't seen in years merely to get a gift. I don't want people at a sacred ceremony just because they're good prospects for a present. My parents think this is outrageous but since they're not paying for the wedding they refuse to voice their fellings. My fiance has ,go:ie along with her folks. She says they've been very generous givers and • no'w is their chance to cash in. I say this is lousy. She says it's practical. What do YOU say?-MIKE I say it's "lousy", too. Is this girl getting married for love-or to get even? Such commercialism is nauseating. Since the folks have excellent records it's a wonder they don't -send a bill with the invitation, based on what THEY spent. Unfortunately, there's nothing you can do about it, since they're There must be some hint of a man's intentions before he declares open warfare in a laxicab. * * * Dear Ann: My husband's nephew is spoiling our marriage. 'Din's child is; the most destruetive and irritating brat I've ever seen. He tails- his grandparents to shut up and screams until he gets his way. He has walked on my furniture with muddy shoes, drawn pictures on the living room walls, driven his tricycle into my coffee table and put peanuts and candy in the fish-bowl. When I told my husband that I was going to grab that kid one of these days and teach him a thing or two, he said I'd better not lay a hand on him because he is NOT my child. Must I put up with this disgusting behavior forever? It's making a nervous wreck out of me. BETH P. Your husband should not expect you to sit in silence and permit this junior tornado to wreck your 'home. You have a right to tell your sister-to-law that this wild animal Josephine Lowmon Perfectionist in Make-up Grooming, Is Miss Dietrich putting on the raid—I mean wed- i she's raising is not welcome in. ding. Let's hope they operate this;your house until he learns to be- business at a profit or you'll never hear the end of it. * * * Dear Ann: You've answered lots of tough questions but I'll bet this one will slump you. I'm a good looking woman (not gorgeous) who wants very much to be married again. I've gone out with several likely prospects, but the minute they learn I'm a divorcee there's trouble. They dedicate themselves to breaking down my virtue. Why does a man figure that a woman who has been married should be grateful for any crumb'.' Why do they always say "you have nothing to lose!" I'm getting tired of wrestling matches in taxi-cabs. Do you think perhaps if I didn't mention my unfortunate marriage that these men would behave better? Please give me some help. VETERAN OF DOMESTIC WAiRS Dear Vet: It isn't fair to delete such a vital part of your biogra- A Decorative Tree! have—and your husband should support you to the hilt. He doe* 1 the nephew no favor when he keep;; qu.iot about such antics and permits the child to think his behavior is acceptable. Where did yon gay the parents -were, anyway? CONFuTDBNTIAIULY: SMAiRfl 1 out-smart yourself, Cookie. His "small cpro- naray" may spell the differiinc<! between a "life of ease" and sheer misery. Think it over. * # * (Ann Landers will be glad tti help you with your problems. Send them to her in care of this newspaper and enclose a stamped self' addressed envelope.) Copyright 1957, Field Enterprises, Inc. Marlene Dietrich is believed by many to be a perfectionist in 8 Children Perish in Quebec Fire SHEiRBROOKE, Que. (UP)— Fireman today believed a faulty oil stove triggered the inferno which engulfed an eight-room tame house Sunday, burning to death eight young children. The fire apparently started shortly after Mrs. Marie-Ange Denault, 32, had left for 7:30 a.m. Mass with her 13-year-old son Robert, leiaving the other eight children with their -sleeping father. Mrs. .Denault had turned up the stove at her husband Lionel's request shortly before leaving the house. Denault, 38-year-old pulp and paper worker, suffered , third degree burns and cuts in trying to save the children. He had two of them, in his arms at one point, but he was so badly burned they managed to wriggle loose' in their panic. Denault escaped through a ground floor window. M!rs. Denault knew nothing of the tragedy until she and her son returned from church to see the i one-and-a-half story building blazing. Style News for You beauty care. I asked M-ax Factor, advisor to Hollywood stars, to give me a few of his observations concerning beauteous Marlene Dietrich, We all can learn from them. Mr. Factor said: 1. "Marlene is a perfectionist. Regardless of how many times some women are told that beauty and glamour are composed al- David M. Wheelson, Pennsy Conductor, Begins Retirement A career that began in 1910 came to an end Sunday when David M. Wheeldon completed his last trip j s t a ncl-up collar. Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune NUJ* Temperatures Moderating In Indiana Today Short Cold Spell Chased By Warming Trend In State By UNITED PRESS the normal situation. Snow flurries were S'=en as possible today in the Lake Michigan area. Elsewhere, no precipitation was expected before Friday, when rain averaging near one-fourth inch north to around one-half inch south was due. The five-day outlook for the period ending Saturday called for temperatures averaging near normal highs from the mid 30s to the upper 4fls and normal lows from the 2Js north and central to the low 30s south. _ , . , , , ., "M.nor temperature variations Temperatures moderated further ul £ al warming about today in Indiana after a one-day, Thnrsdayi Vning co i dor ° again cod wave vanished almost as| abou| Sa ' wrdav/ . the oullook said . quickly as it arrived. The mercury was expected to crest in the 40s and 50s today, i completing a warm-up which began early Sunday at a time when tie season's chilliest marks were mpposed to be recorded. Instead of lows ranging from 8 to 16 Saturday night, as forecast , , — ' . , w« tt* '*o at* i;ci, " oa ail vvi-tu «" by the weatherman, Hqosierland • 1:I5 p _ m . , or going t]le wrong way got readings ranging from 14 at' on a one . way street after he was South Bend to 29 at Evansville. observed going northeast on Eel 8164 10-20 The newest pet of fashion this season—the striking chemise dress that flatters a slim figure. This version has off-center closing, new There are no mismatches in her wardrobe. Whether sh« is wearing a casual dress, slacks, or a beau- liful evening gown, her hose, shoes, gloves, headdress and wraps are color coordinated. She claims fiat she had rather have one complete costume in her wardrobe than a dozen which are incomplete. as a passenger conductor with the Pennsylvania Railroad. Wheeldon, who is S3 years old and lives at 604 Sunset drive, >-e- tired under the Railroad Retirement Act after arriving from Chicago at 1:30 a.m. Sunday. He had a total of 41 years service with the railroad. He began working for the railroad June 10, 1910 as a caller on Arrest Driver Headed Wrong Way on Street City police arresled two drivers • on traffic charges Sunday and •both were slated for city court. Dudley Waiters, 18, of 136 West 0!tawa strert, was arrested at Sunday's highs, instead of being n the 20s and 30s, were in a range Tom 44 at South Bend to 54 at Evansville. '-v The weekend temperatures and a bright sun melted most of the snow which fell Friday night and Saturday, creating brief traffic lazards particularly in the north portion where two or more inches of snow fell. Lows tonight will range from the upper 20s to the mid 30s with River avenue between Broadway and Bast Market, nearly colliding with a taxi. John Uchylil, 20. of 1201 Chicago street, was picked up early Sunday on a warrant charging him with reckless driving. He was released on $25 cash bond. The nine planets in the solar system are: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Ur- Tuesday's highs raging from* anus. Neptune and Pluto, north to the low 50s south. j Today's early - morning lows ! ranged from 27 at Evansvil'.e to 33 at South. Bend, a turnabout from! Sie says that when women say! the old Vandalia line, He left bhe mo'st enUrely'of1aultlessVoo"ming ««y have nothing to »vear it is railroad in 1911 to go back to and cleanliness, they never learn. I because they have no clothes which, scho ol, and returned in 1916 as a Marlene didn't have to be told.! are completely co-ordinated to r oad brakeman. Hospital Notes MEMORIAL Births: Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dillon, Akron, girl. Admitted: Mrs. Virginia Hunter,, Culver; Alfred Frye, Bunker Hill; Max Frye, Peru; Mrs. Martha Smith, Burnettsville; Mrs. Goldyn JeBoy, 2426 East Broadway; Mr*'. Marie Hennesey, W30 Sipear; Mri;. Evelyn Roller, 514 Franklin. Dismissed: Mrs. Donna Agnes!;, Bunker Hill; Mrs. Susie Ault, 1806 Knowlton: Leonard Grant, 2116 Jsher; Mrs. Josephine Sumrnerj;, route 5; Mrs. Walter Freele and son, route 3. ST. JOSEPH'S Admitted: Robert Boyd, 1309 George; J. E. Montgomery, Flora; She knew! When this glamorous woman is preparing ifor a picture she spends three months getting her clothing and make-up ready for two weeks work." (We can't all do that but most of us could improve our grooming and give more .thought to the details of our wardrobes than we do.) 2. "Her coiffures are perfect. Even though Miss Dietrich has excellently textures and beautiful hair herself, she often wears wigs which duplicate her hair exactly so that her motion pictures will be right in every detail. In real life, she has her hair shampooed and set every few days so that she never has that 'almosl-ready- for-the-beauty-shop' look which so many women have." wear together. 1 (Even on a moderate budget, a woman can correlate her accessories and costumes, i * * * Tomorrow: "Marlene Dietrich is Alert to New Ideas in Make-Up." (Released by The Register and Tribune Syndicate, 1S67) Driver's License Suspended 2 Years Lewis W. Binion, 1428W Wright street, was arrested Thursday eve- In 1930 he was promoted to freight conductor, and in 1946 he became a passenger conductor, assigned to runs between Logansport and Chicago. Along with his railroad career, he aliio spent four years, from 1933 to 19;:6, as treasurer of Blackford count;i', Whoeldon plans to begin his retirement by spending the winter in Florida. STEAL DUBOIS CAR NEW ALBANY (UP)—John D. Hale, 19, Ruda, III., and 'Franklin No. 8164 with PATT-0-RAMA is in si;:es 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20. Size 12, 32 bust, with collar and sleeves, 3% yards of 35-inch. For this pattern, send 35c in COlNii, your name, address, sfee desire'J, and the PATTERN NUMBER lo Sue Burnett, Pharos-Tribune 372 W. Quincy Street, Chicago 6, 11). Ser.d 25 cents more with your pattern order for the new Fall & Winter '57 issue of our pattern magazine Basic FASHION. Inspiring ard so practical for every home sewer. ning by State Trooper Richard .Chambers, 23, Pemberlon, N.J. 2597 A few hours of time and a minimum of cost is all that is necessary to create this decorative Christmas tree for door, window or wall. (P.S. Also make your Christmas cards easily and quickly for that warm, personal feeling at this time of the year.) Pattern No. 2597 contains pattern pieces for trees and trim; full finishing directions. Send 25c in COINS, your name, address and the PATTERN NUMBER to ANNE CABOT, Pharos- Tribune, 372 W. Quincy Street, Chicago 6, Illinois. Have you a copy of our 1957 Needlework ALBUM? It contains fifty- six colorful pages showing many pretty designs; plus directions for making 3 crochet items and a quilt.' Only 25c a copy! Demerly, 1523 Smead. Dismissed: Mrs. Alan Walters and daughter, 2216 Smead; Mr;;. Olive Shanks, route 4, Monticeilo: Mrs! Russell Neil! and son, Albuquerque, N. M., Miss Martha Reeser, 429 Miner; Clarence Gill, route 1, Camden; Mrs. Rosalee Rinehart, 2227 George; Robert Grady, 1214 Smead; Mrs. Eula Wilson, ffill North Third street. STEEL CHIEF DIBS GARY (UF)-John H. Vohr, 6!, general superintendent of the huj'e Gary Works of U.S. Steel Corp., died during the weekend in Mercy Hospital here, Vohr held the position since 1949. He was a former vice president of the Indiana Sta;e Chamber of Commerce. so perfectly and naturally that few people have ever seen her in the unflattering process of touch- ups. She is so meticulous with her make-up technique and application Chat it lasts for hours. 4. "Costumes and make-up always agree," says Factor. "If Miss Dietrich steps into the Hollywood salon in slacks in the morning, her ma'ke-up is far different from that you wilt find her wearing at a Hollywood Premiere. Likewise, when she comes into the salon in the late after noon, .added touches of glamour accompany her dress. She has this knowledge because she has studied her beauty with care. 5. "Every stitch of clothing Marlene wears becomes the costume. Keyes on a charge of operating a tor vehicle while under the in- 'luence of intoxicating liquor. He was fined |25 and costs and lis right to operate a motor ve- licle was suspended for two years on his plea of guilty in the local justice court. NEED CASH? SELL THINGS FOR A HAPPY CHRISTMAS THROUGH CLASSIFIED ADS DIAL 4141 Wonderful feel. . . Wonderful Fti. . . Wonderful Price 1.50 Famous Style 502 were arrested near here Saturday on charges of stealing an automo- )ile at Birdseye. They were taken o Jasper for questioning by state police. H»r»'j the firm uplift and •xquitil* fit you'd expect to 'C^'^/flnd in only the mojf expensive bratl It's Hitched under the cupi... reinforced to retain if: shop* and give you the shape you want, at the price you wont fo payl Fin* broadcloth, in pink, white or black 32-36 A; 32-40 B; 32-42C Only'l" 34-44 D,t2.00 V) white or black FOUNDATION DEPT. - SECOND ipUOOR DECEMBER SALE Coats-Suits Dresses Juniors, Misses, Petites, Women's SAVE ON FASHION COATS Our stock is overflowing with new styles—fine fabrics — lavish fur-trims! All priced at dollars less than you'd expect! GROUP I Were $49.95 $69.95 Now $37.88 $51.88 GROUP 2 Were $75.00 $99.50 Now $55.88 $71.88 GROUP 3 Were $105.00 $150.00 Mow $78.00 $112.00 TODAY—"Hi* and Run" ft "Coma n eh*" ROXY Tues., Wed. and Thursday Box Office Oponi At 5:30 p. m. NOW SHOWrNG C»mrng Wtd., Elvis Pretley in "JAIL HOUSE ROCK" STATE Op.n Doily 1 p. m. 50e Til * 2 COLOR FEATURES TODAY & TUESDAY JOCKMAHONEV lUUEADAMS-TlMHOVEY fERlSA WRIGHT-CAMERON MITCHELL W*tt«rn Thrilli Clark Gable in "THE TALL MEN" V« Open T p. m. Fun At Night "lei's Be Happy" with LA ELLEN Group of Wool Dresses Regular Fall & Winter Wooli: SPECIALLY PRICED FOR CLEARANCE Up to '/3 off dress shop 326 East Broadway erf r/MBMLMf'S a gift and price selection for every name on your list! SHEAFFERS^ SNORKEL PEN <> tlie finest fotmtem pen tot can give « world-famous for modem, clean filling • nothing to take apart lo fM | • point and barrel st»y clean i each pen is custom-fitted with the point style best for the individual's handwriting i your choice of models, colors and pricec... all handsomely gift-boxed Snorkle Pern from $7.95 up Other S*i*affer's $2.95 up COMI IN TODAYI TEST "SNOIWCi*" YOUWBlf Your nanra in gold letter* free on •ach p«n and pencil Hundreds to cFrooi* from. "Headquarter! for Fine Fountain Pens and Pencils" Timberlake's Gift Shop Open Friday and Saturday—8 a.m. to 9 p.m. - • Sunday—7 a.m. to 1 p.m. for your convenience Opim Saturday Nite until 9 MOHLMAN'S Above left: Goddett of Time with two diamond* $49.50 Above right: Automatic 17-j American Clipper I49.5O for the tame watchmaking (kill that hat made Bulovfl a buy-teotd goes into inexpensive Buhuat as well at the expensive ones! If you want to spend only forty or fifty dollar* on a watch that will give Iff dime satisfaction, you can't do better ihanBulovnl Price* include Federal tux . Martha Washington twenty-one jewels: timed to five precision adjustment* $39.7* USE MOHLMAN'S BUDGET PLAN Small Down Payment—Balance Weekly or Monthly MOHLMANS 309 FOURTH #t#A VIUKtlR

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