The Daily Journal from Flat River, Missouri on April 24, 1973 · 1
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The Daily Journal from Flat River, Missouri · 1

Flat River, Missouri
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 24, 1973
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Ste. Genevieve is not taking anything for granted this time around, ; Civil Defense Director Francis Samples said late Monday, as it girds for the worst flood in 200 years to crest late this week. Three weeks ago many residents accepted earlv crest predictions and lost thousands of dollars in property to the flooding Mississippi River because they did not take-added precautions. This time sandbags are being piled higher and higher and everything of value is being removed from the potential flood area that can be transported. While volunteer help is still a very important part of the operation, Samples said an Army National Guard unit from Jackson is playing a key role in getting ready for the .new crests. Lt. Michael Glenn of the 1140th Engineers said late Monday that 50 men were mobilized Sunday, another 10 came in Monday and 40 more that had been on standby would be on the scene today to help in various phases of the operation at both Ste. Genevieve and SL Marys. Working with Chief of Police Ray Fadler, the guardsmen were providing sentries and patrols through much of the flood area. Only residents and persons with authorized passes were, being allowed to move in and out of at least one section of the community. In addition, the U.S. Coast Guard was to have two boats in the city to patrol at night and help in the flood control operation during the day. There were indications this morning that more guard and possibly Reserve units might be called in today as more concentrated operations will ' be initiated due to even higher crest predictions. The Weather Service had earlier predicted a 42.5 foot crest for it. Louis on Thursday, but now the prediction has gone up twice and it stands at 43.5 feet. Guardsmen and volunteers were being kept busy Monday and today in helping many townspeople evacuate their homes, hauling all that they could feasibly move in the large trucks that A Company out of Jackson was providing. The militia men . were also involved in the filling and placing of sandbags around homes and business places. Most of Ste. Genevieve's sandbags from the last rise in ' the river three weeks ago were still in place and in view of predictions that high water could be a problem through the end of June, residents said they will be there until the Mississippi goes back in its banks. Samples said that at this point there is not a great deal of need for volunteer workers from outside Ste. Genevieve County, but told a reporter for The Daily Journal that the one thing that they do need is pumps. He said that they can Heavy Rafrs Damage Roads Easter weekend rains proved to be damage producers as water soaked surfaces could absorb no more and flash-floods were reported in widely separated areas of the county. The County Court on Monday received reports, especially in southern St. Francois County, about damage to county roads, driveways and ditches. Primarily, the damage occurred Sunday evening in south St. Francois County but the north portions had heavy rains Saturday night with some damage including the Turkey Creek Road between Bonne Terre and Big River. Damage reports to county roads included the Pendleton Road, brightstone Road, Madison Road, Possum Hollow Road, Rock Creek Road and several roads in the commun-.ity of Cross Roads. use all of the three, four, five and six inch pumps that could be provided to fight the seep water that sandbags cannot hold. back. . Persons who have pumps that would make them available should contact Samples or city officials at the Ste. Genevieve City Hall as soon as possible. Lt. Gov. William Phelps announced Monday that arrangements have been made . for - opening an emergency flood relief center at Ste. Genevieve by Wednesday morning. This center will deal with victims of the initial flooding under which much of the state was declared a disaster area by President Richard Nixon last week upon request of Gov. Christopher Bond. Lt. Gov. Phelps was named administrator of the program and the centers, seven across the state, will provide a. one-stop location , to contact all federal agencies such as the Small Business Administration and the - ' v: s IMPROVISED FERRY-The Corps of Engineers have once again pressed this boat and barge into use as a ferry between St. Marys and Kaskaskia Island as the only overland route has been cut off by the flooding Mississippi River. This trip involved a farm trailer loaded with sand for sandbagging (continued on page 6) operations along the St. Marys' business district. Levee workers are hauled to and from the island by the barge while residents are also using it to get their belongings from threatened homes. Nearly 300 residents have evacuated the island, which is in danger of being washed away. ' Daily Journal Staff Photo - - ' " : 1 VWVU V V I III IU I II II I If lJ OffvFrTir-U ST 8 ''Li Tuesday, April 24, 1973 Hi J i.. 1-:! r !!rlwi.aMi iiiiii i wi itiiiiiik iiwwa " " . vt 0 m, , nJ - t Vol. 43, No. 81 r m rroar St. Francois County, Missouri Single Copy Prict iCc UFO Watchers 0 Have Busy Night CYCLING UP 11 Chuck Rhmehart ud Jeff Roth pedal rather than paddle their way np Highway 61 and the Mississippi River at the iame time at the south edge of Ste. Genevieve. Trying to pedal through 20 inches of water is no easy task, as they can testify, but it beats wading. The highway between Ste. Genevieve and St, Marys is closed because of high water. Dally Journal Staff Photo A Obj ect Quitter line Skyways What may be the longest sighting of a UFO yet recorded was reported today by a family from Flat River. The Weather SHOWERS JT1 . . ... .... . 74 and HIGH LOW FORECAST: Showers possibly thundershowers likely . tonight and early .Wednesday; low tonight around 50; winds north to northeast at 8 to 15 mph; partial clearing and cooler Wednesday afternoon with high in mid 60s; probability of rain 70 per cent tonight, 50 per -cent Wednesday. - : ''-" 'V. Leadwood Board Hires Bunch As Engineer The . City of Leadwood resolved the problem of having elected an underage mayor as the . board of aldermen on Monday night , created by ordinance a new job of city engineer and then appointed 24 year old Richard Lynn Bunch to fill the position. May 15 will be special election Spradling Fund Is Over $1500 The fund for the two-year-old boy burned in a fire at his home continues to grow as - residents of the area once more prove the size of their hearts. ' - The Larry Spradling Fund, established to aid the mother of the youth from Bonne : Terrer" has "grown- to over $1,500 in a little more than one week. This, however, is not the end of the fund drive. Several events have been planned to. add to the total during the next . few weeks. ; r . The group has put out an appeal for cakes to be sold at a bake sale that is planned lor Saturday, April 28, at the Bonneville Plaza. The cakes should be taken to the small where a table will be set up for the event. The sale will start at noon on Saturday. To add to the event two bands will be providing music Scout Leaders To Have Meet Ttyere will be an orientation meeting for the new Girl Scout . .leaders of Neighborhood 5 (Bonne Terre, Esther, Desloge, Flat River, Elvins, ; Frankclay and Leadwood) April 25 at 1 p.m. In the drive-in facility of the Commerce Bank of Bonne Terre. during the sale. From noon until 3 p.m. a band called the . "Stone Henge' will play. Taking over at 3 p.m. will be Larry Stotler and his group. Persons wishing to make donations to the trust fund may do so by sending their money to The Larry Spradling . Trust Fund in care of the Commerce Bank of Bonne Terre. All checks should be made to The Larry Spradling Fund. day for electing a new mayor for the city. R. L. Bunch was elected mayor during the city election on April 3 by a majority vote of 307 to 88 over the incumbent mayor, Richard (Dick) Hall. Then it was discovered that the minimum age for the position of mayor is 25 years and Bunch r subsequently -resigned at a special meeting of the council on April 16. At that special meeting the aldermen elected Alderman Clarence Van Lear as Acting President of the Board of Aldermen to preside over city affairs until a mayor could be elected. Last night the aldermen set May 15 as the date for a special election for the purpose of electing a mayor. Candidates for' the office of mayor will be accepted by City Clerk Mrs. Jerry Taylor from April 30 through May 9, 1973. : The boar d named the polling places as the Elementary School in Ward One and the City Hall in Ward Two. Three ' judges were authorized for each polling place and pay fixed at $15 for each official. Acting President Clarence Van Lear introduced a new ordinance establishing an office of City Engineer for the City of Leadwood. The or-(continued on page 6) The object, which was described to be too fast for an airplane and too large for a star, was sighted at 10 p.m. last night while family members were on the back porch of their home on Tyler Street in Flat River. Viewing the object through binoculars,' " the family reported that the object changed in colors from red to green. The color change was described as "very distinct", . After spending some time watching the object from their home, the group decided to move out to the area where they felt the object was located. This turned out to be on Hillsboro Road near the St. Francois Country Club. Here,, they felt the object was moving toward their car and stopped to get a better look. After a short period of observation,' the object disappeared. They then left and returned to their home only to spot the UFO again. At. this point they saw what they described as four or five dots just below the larger object. In all, the group said they viewed the object for a little more than two hours. This is the longest sighting yet reported to the newspaper. It was not the only sighting jl last night, however. Several, If calls came in from Leadwood Nr1, where an object went across the sky of the community at about 8 p.m., according to one of the viewers. The object, this source said, stayed in view for a little more than one to two minutes. - Several other reports came in from the Leadwood area.-All were at about the same time. In general, the description of the object was about the same. In Bonne Terre there was a sighting that thef person viewing the object said he just was not sure what it was. He said it made no noise and was moving from north to south. This sighting took place at about 8 p.m. This time the object seemed to be lower and had red and blue lights on the sides of it It also had a white light come from the underside of the object It moved very quickly over the sky. Still another sighting was reported last night in the area pest'Of Farmington. Here two -people were alone in a house when the power went off. They ran out to get into an auto and head for Farmington when a "Larger red ball" came across the tree tops in the area. - : . ' They jumped into the car " (continued on page 6) Jark Permit Refunds Should Be Applied For Civil Suits Filed To Retain Rail Service The Missouri Pacific tinued indefinitely to the" Railroad has won approval factory site adjacent to HTgh- from the Interstate Com- Four Charged With Illegal Drug Sales After the arrest of a fourth suspect Friday, Prosecuting Attorney Hugh C. Roberts Jr. has revealed a six-month undercover campaign in this area by special agents of the Missouri Highway Patrol resulting in charges filed against four young men for selling marijuana, hashish and LSD. Roberts indicated that, special undercover agents made purchases, from the defendants between October in 1972 and January 2, 1973 and the charges filed are based on evidence gathered by the Highway Patrol agents. Three of the accused are from Bonne Terre and avfourth was formerly a resident of Flat River. Mike Faircloth . Bonne Terre, was arrested Friday and has been released on $3000 bond. He is charged with unlawful sale of marijuana and unlawful sale of LSD with purchases having been made on several occasions. - Vernon Griffin of Bonne Terre was arrested previously and released on $500 bond. He is charged with sale of LSD. Ted Nickels "btBonne -Terre is free on $2500 bond on a charge merce Commission to abandon the Belmont Branch between Bismarck and Whitewater, Mo., but two separate civil suits have been filed by businessmen seeking to retain at least a portion of Jhe former railroad service. L. J. Miller otS.F.C Homes Incorporated at Farmington has filed suit in the Circuit , Court in St. Francois County seeking an injunction to forbid the abandoning of service between Bismarck and his home factory just west of Highway 67 south of Farmington. Another suit has been filed by a Joint Committee For Transportation in Madison County which is a cooperative organization formed to oppose the abandoning of the Belmont Branch. ' Success of the L.J. Miller suit to keep the tracks down and service between Bismarck and Highway 67 would provide a valuable railroad spur to the S.F.C. Home factory, to Ozark Steel . Fabricators and to the M.F.A. Fertilizer plant at Delassus. The S.F.C. Homes suit is based on what Miller claims was a verbal assurance that the rail line would be con- way 67 and alsoa promise to install a sidetrack into the factory site. He - has claimed that he talked with the division manager at Little Rock, prior to building the S.F.C. Homes factory, and was assured railroad service would con tinue as a spur from Bismarck for as long as the three businesses needed. After receiving the verbal assurance, Miller says in the suit, the factory was built at an approximate cost of $250,000. In addition to the suit to retain service, Miller is asking' $5000 in damages and costs of the suit. r The Missouri State Park Board announced today that refunds for user fee permits are now being processed. The user fee, which was cancelled February 11,1973, was to be charged on each motor vehicle using state park roads as follows: $10.00 for an annual permit to all state parks; $3.00 for an annual permit for individual parks; and $1.00 for a daily permit. Proceeds from the user fee were to be used for capital improvements in state parks. It was noted at the timethe fee was withdrawn by Gerald L. Rowan, Chairman of the Missouri State Park Board, that funds from federal revenue sharing, not anticipated at the time the user fee plan was adopted, would ' provide an amount for capital improvements equal to . the proceeds of the user fee. -- James L. Wilson Director of Missouri State Parks, noted, "Over $5,000 was collected from the sale of user fee permits, while requests for refunds amount to just over $1,000. Money appropriated for -refunds will only be available until June 30, 1973;, 'therefore, it is imperative that those who have not already done so apply for their refund as soon as possible." A formal application may be r made by sending- either a receipt or a permit, along with a return address, to the Missouri State Park Board, P. O. Box 176, Jefferson City, Missouri 65101. On The Inside Classified .......... Pg. Comics .............. Pg. Crossword . Horoscope , Obituaries ..... Helen Help Us Sports.......... Editorials . . Woman's Page TV Programs . . . Pg. .". Pg. .Pg. .Pg. ..Pg. . Pg. Pg. .Pg. 'V t J fell ' hf lie A,t?f U'Ss ' L -ill , ; -V) ri -Otg' y jj, t Yll I T" HUM I ' mm " - i ... r mt, in SECOND TIME AROUND-Using a tractor loader to haul sandbags through the rising flood waters, workers hurriedly reinforce a sandbag dike around a Ste. Genevieve warehouse. More than four feet of water is expected to be lap ping at this Improvised levee, about 2 feet more than during the flood of three weeks ago. The plastic apron on the levee is nsed to reduce seepage through the sandbags. D&Qy Journal Staff Photo. V

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