News Record from North Hills, Pennsylvania on July 24, 1994 · Page 30
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News Record from North Hills, Pennsylvania · Page 30

North Hills, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 24, 1994
Page 30
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Sunday: July 24. tgw --03 No. 0703 POP CHAJtT EfAJfCY SCANMCTT lOSS / E0FTCT BT WlU. SBOTTZ i 500. e^, S Hubby, 9 Mountain in Turkey 15 Rifle peephole t9 21 or over. 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Call 1-900-420-5656 FezKruHr JUfflfrf ttmd wirfa 72- Across 89 Hawthorne locale 90 Vaunt 91 Match, in poker 93 Suffix with dud or drunk 94 Actress with an affectation? 98 Take ottt 102 Tolkien's The - of of if t LlfllT 1M Clear of vermin 105 Uninspiring 106 Does a brake job 108 The Windsors, e* 1 10 Fr. holy women HI Parenthetkal comment musical 113 PatandDebby 115 Ex-Met Rusty 117 Finely appointed 118 Some PC's 119 In with 120 Singer with * Latin beat? fyt Washington V.I?, in Dakar? t27 Assayed fonrajner US Sporcscascer's details 129- - dhe picture* 130 Frog 131 Fine name in coJfcge football 132 Santa 133 The opposition 134 Wooigarmenzs 135 Recogmze 136 Angora notables. OOWIi . I Proportionate 2 Struggles (over) 3 "The Country Girt* up north? 4 Susa's country 6 Hunk 8 Live (enjoy the good 9 Without 10 Way to go 11 Supplement 12 Irani money 13 Benzoyl peroxide target 14 Artist Gerard - Borch 15 Carboys 16 Singer/actress in Africa? 17 1946 Bikini event 18 LB.J. chronicler Kearns 21 27 French wing 29 30 Home run * hitter of die 35Commedb 36 Neighbor of kr. 39 Boxes Show" regntir 42 Touchdown abbr. 43 Earfy astronomical instrument 44 Screenplay 45 Ember 47 Protein in Wheaties 48 Hakeem Objuwon e.g. 51 Weld 52 - of the guard 53 Lunatic 56 Looked wide-eyed 60 Hopper 61 Papal letter 62 Lotion ingredient 63 "60 Minutes" D-Day reporter? 65 Toupee-. . 66 Red Cross hero 67 Dubai lexers 70 Flicks 71 Novelist Tyler 73'God b : : Fuller 74 Absorb abuse · 75 Acclivitous 76 1964 Lome Greene song hie 79 ' you know the . muHm mm" (children's lyric, 82 Reluctant tlier at home' 84 Bugs ind Buddy 85 mater 86 Gold b»d 89 Artist/author Siherstein 90 Dramatic fashion look 92 Long fish 95 Suhanas" rooms 96 Ignes marsh lights! 97 Handcuff, m slang 99 Asiatic Turkey 100 Two-handed hoop attempts 101 Double twist 103 Browning works 107 Come back 109 Peterman 110 People o* interest!- I l l 1976 rebellion site 113 Sink 114 The end 115 Hillside 116Trne 117 Enliven 120 Muffed 121 Arch molding 122 Superior ones? 123 Final Four org, 124 Washington power grp. 126 Inclined (to) The Backnobber is an S-shaped steel bar with a small wooden ball on each end and « available through the Making Ufe Better catalog Easter Seals issues catalog of products for the disabled Gannett News Service The National Easter Seal Society. which' helps more than a million people a year, also acts as an advocate for people with disabilities Now it's taking that mission a step further with the launching of M a k i n g Life Better catalog I t ' s genially a catalog full of catalogs t o h e l p people l i v e a s m d e p e n dentry as possible "We decided that putting together a catalog would be the easiest way to do that," says the society's CEO James Williams The catalog c o v e r s e v e r y k i n d of d i s a b i l i t y from mobility problems and hear ing loss to learning disabilities " The problem for many people. W i l l i a m s e m p h a s i z e s , is b e i n g able to find products in one place "We discovered there wan no s i n g l e p l a c e t o g o f o r t h i n g s a« s i m p l e as an a d d - o n to a door k n o b as well as o t h e r k m d « of low-tech things " he savs Arnnruj the catalogs you 11 see · Tny« for Shopping · The Pressure Positive Company ("2 IS) ' 54-6204 · Dan mar Special Products for Special To o r d e r the 85 catalog ( c u s - tomers receive a 85 c e r t i f i c a t e toward any Easter Seal product) C a l l 1-800-221-6827. or w r i t e to National Easter Seal Society. 230 West Monroe Suite 1800 Chicago, HI 60606 Video catalog offers wide selection Critics' Choice catalog is boasting of 449 new movies in its summer c a t a l o g A series of " L i t t l e H o u s e o n t h e P r a i r i e " t a p e s (S12 95 each) are available along w i t h s u c h t i t l e s a s "War a n d R e m e m b r a n c e F i n a l C h a p t e r " ( S 9 9 9 5 ) a n d " B l i n d F a i t h " (S2995) J a c q u e l i n e K e n n e d y O n a s « i s C o l l e c t o r s E d i t i o n (Sl'l 95) and J a c q u e l i n e K e n n e d y O n a s s i s Remembered (814 9fl) are also among the new video offerings To order ra-tf l-flOMfl" r?«S or * n t e t o C r i t i c s C h o i c e V i d e o P O B o x ~ 4 P I t s a c a I I ! 60141 0-40 (412) 935-1622 ADULT CHILDREN'S FASHIONS + + -iXD MOREII DRASTIC REDUCTIONS * * * fi("i Rranrli Rriari Costumer has designs on glitzy restaurant By Ken Beck Gannett Newi Service For 45 years Amy Brissler had her designs on Hollywood She dressed some of Tinseltown's greatest stars in some of its greatest films. How great 5 Try "Gone With Wind" on for size. Or how about The Wizard of Oz" or ·Hello. DoDyr Among others, costume designer Brissler sized up Clark Gable. John Wayne, Marilyn Monroe. Rita Hayworth, Ginger Rogers. EMs Presley, Mae West, Barbra Streisand. Erro] Fhrm and Elizabeth Taylor. She has a memory for every celebrity she hemmed in. "Errol Flynn would invite us to parties at his house. He'd wjdk into the studio with his shirt only buttoned up one button and say, 'Now who's gonna fit my beautiful bod y "He was flamboyant, let me tell y o u , " says Brissler. with a laugh just a notch below that of PhylliXMer The rings on her hands are eye- catching. One ring boasts a diamond given to her by Elvis Presley; Liberace helped her design another of her rings On her wrist is a bracelet given to her by Tyrone Power that he wore in "Blood and Sand " The lady with the magic touch in her f i n g e r s has b u i l t a Hollywood palace in Crossville, the middle of rural Tennessee She calls it Talav era de la R e i n a . or T a v e r n of the During the 1940s and '50s, Brissler's handiwork was seen in a multitude of films. She made the white apron and blue dress that Judy Garland wore in "The Wizard of Oz.* Queen. A reservations-only, private restaurant, her establishment is filled with Hollywood memorabilia, mainly some gorgeous costumes once worn by Hollywood's most gor geous starlets. In a room she calls the Red Room, t h e r e are red drapes and carpets and, displayed on shelves, silver cups given Brissler by N e i l Diamond, silver goblets from Liberace and silver pieces from Mae West In another dining hall, one wall is covered with dozens of Brissler's colorful sketches of costumes "I w o r k e d w i t h Cable on "Gone W i t h t h e W i n d " a n d " C a l l o f t h e W i l d . " w h i c h also s t a r r e d Loretta Young "Those two ( G a b l e and Y o u n g ) were so in love with each other You could j u s t tell they were in love thf way they looked at each other " Hollywood yesteryear remains in full bloom at Brissler's Talevera de La Reina. A stage is loaded with fabulous. garments: dresses worn by Jane Pow- eD. Carole Lombard. Elizabeth Taylor and Shirley Jones. The piece de resistance; a luscious, slipper satin, hand- embroidered lace dress worn in "Gone With the Wind." There's even a black cocktail dress given to Brissler by Marilyn Monroe. The sewing skills and show-biz savvy came through natural birthright, "Mother was a showgirl." says Brissler. who was bern in Overton County near Livingston. Tenn.. 80 years ago. "My grandfather had a production play that came through Nashville in 1907 ' In 1935. at the age of 19. Brissler traveled to C a l i f o r n i a lo see her grandparents Once there, she stayed put. "Right away, grandfather got me a job at the studios because I knew about patterns and costumes " D u r i n g the 1940s and '50s Brissler's handiwork was" seen in a m u l t i t u d e o f f i l m s S h e m a d e t h e white apron and blue dress that Judy Garland wore in The Wizard of Oz." and she helped Howard Hughes put together the bra that he designed for Jane Russell m The Outlaw " T h e n , i n the l a t e 1950s. B r i s s l e r moved into television For 17 years she worked on CBS television show* with such stars as Ijjcille Ball. Red S k e l t o n R o b e r t *Mark a n d J i m Nabors Brissler also began designing costumes for singers and musicians Her works were worn by Gordon and Sheila MacRae and Neil Diamond, and for nine years she designed aD of Bobbie Gentry's costumes, including a vest-jacket studded with $1.25 million in diamonds. Yet over the years, Brissler began to grow homesick for Tennessee. She and her husband bought some land on Jim Garrett Road (named after her father), and beginning in the 1960s she would come home in the summers and work the land. "I took a mule and pulled all the stumps out and plowed the ground,' said Brissler. who has a daughter, three grandchildren and nine great- grandchildren. Eventually she and her husband built her palace and moved there permanently in 1980 Brissler's hus- b a n d of 53 years. Dan. died two years ago "I r e a l l y d i d n ' t know what going to do with this It was just a d r e a m My d a u g h t e r came said. 'Mama, you ought to open for b u s i n e s s Y o u ' r e the best M a k e it private You ran operate it when you want to," So. the T a v e r n of the Q u e opened for business Last year she held six private parties Among her c l i e n t s have been C l i n t Eastwood. t h e J u d d s J o h n n y C a s Gentry and former governor Lamar Alexander Magazine covers adoption issues By Susan R. Pollack Gajinett News Service P e r s o n a l i t y c o n f l i c t s c h i l d r e n « misconceptions about adoption how to answer nosy questions birth-par ent fears -- many of the things families want to know about adoption are f e a t u r e d i n t h e p r e m i e r i s s u e o f Adoptive Families Joining the (rrowing ranks nf specialty magazines this bimonthly pub- l i c a t i o n p r o m i s e s t o c o v e r e v e r y t h i n g from legal b r e a k t h r o u g h s i n t h e a d o p t i o n f i e l d tn f a m o u s adoptee* who have succeeded such 99 Mtss Teen \ i fA Charlotte Lope* The new full-color magazine is an o u t g r o w t h of n o n e - p a g e m i m e o graphed newsletter started neaj-h 2" To subscribe zing s ava^abie o^iy y sut SC"D1'OI- at $ ' 9 95 0' S'» ssues c o r a '-ee sa^-D'e CODV a"^ a Ooo^e' o r 'x* 'c adoc' a^d et h ~ r ^e r 'age SS^PS ca" 1 800 3?2 330C vears ago tn aervp families adoptinc children from overseas «av» Susan F r e i v a l d a e x e c u t i v e d i r e c t o r n f AdoD'uve Faimljes oi A m e r i c a , a national nonprofit support g ^o* !he majfunnp K mme1 af all families -- w h i c h make ur about 2 2 percent or some 1 5 mil lion nf the n a t i o n « families The m a g a / m r has a b o u t I T (~OP s u b « c n h e r s hul r r p i v a l d * antu i pates the OP** formal will boost rir rulatinn id nearK So 000 bv vear s end 'This is kind nf ii for adoptive (am ihes This IB ;he nntv majrazmr nf it« kind " she sa\ s SHAPE DOWN NEW CLASSES BEGINNING /eig 1 " o» d "'t beg "- "g A^gui' ' 3 · 004 t. on . · oo o 2 3C c - Lo'-t'a Call "58 6" o- 4 8 " 3 9 8 " ynvC d ' » ( "Q Hippo 1 -' a' J Beverly A. Jaramillo, M.D. Board Certified Gynecology-Oncology · La*er Surgery · Menopause · Pal vie Pain · Abnormal Pap Smaart · Laparoacopy · Gynecology New wH* Cr»nb»rry Billing Information »r*J ·pf»atrrirn»nt* Call 369-0611 105 Braunllch Dr. Suite 220 Pittsburgh, PA 15237 · Endometrlosla · Abnormal Bleeding · Dysplaala · Pal vie Tumor · · Gynecological Cancers

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